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Rare Bullwinkle Item - From my personal collection

Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy with My Son & Grandson.  

Did you ever wonder? ~ ~ What is a Shmoo?
14806 Fisher Price #733 Mickey Mouse Safety Police Toy. Good and Siren works! Wooden. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1950s $30
14787 Porky Pig Bank by Ideal. 11" tall. Very cute, nice color. He has a scratch on right side of forehead. Hard plastic. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1950s $18
14567 Popeye Mechanical Pencil. 10.5" long. In original box. All excellent. dated 1929 by Eagle Pencil Co.  1929 $45
14560 Pogo Possum Plastic Cup - Walt Kelly. Mint 5" tall.  1960s $10
14558 Donald Duck - Disneyland in 15" x 5" Molded (Blow) Plastic Speed Boat.  All excellent. Rare. Dated on bottom. "Disneyland" molded on each side.  PHOTO2 1960 $60
14539 Wacky Witch - March of Comics - from Buster Brown Shoes. 5" x 7". All good.  1974 $8
14467 Yogi Bear Ball Toss Target Game. by Transogram. with 1 ball. Target has automatic scoring and ball return. Measures 20" tall, 11" wide.  1960s $30
14454 The Peanuts Philosophers Book Collection. 4 Mini 5" x 4" books in (poor) box.  by Hallmark.  1967 $18
14394 Huckleberry Hound - Cop - Police Rubber Figure.  by Dell. 10" tall. Good. No tears.  1960 $18
14355 Sylvester & Tweety Bubble Bath Soaky Bottles. 10" tall. Both excellent. Both for one price.  1960s $30
14325 Walt Disney Character Mold Set. All excellent with rubber 5" molds for Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy & Nephew (no tears). Has the paints and some other molds that were found in the box at estate.  1960s $28
14309 Peanuts Talking Bus by Chein. RARE! One of the best Peanuts items ever produced! Nice Display. This is a battery operated (1 D Cell), 14" long, 4" x 5" tall VW Tin Litho Bus. Bus design with slogans on side "Happiness Is An Annual Outing, Happiness Is Getting Off At The Right Stop"; roof has 7 word balloons from Charlie Brown "Good Grief! I Forgot My Glove", Lucy "You Blockhead! How Do You Expect To Pitch The Championship Game Without A Glove?", Snoopy, Linus "Sometimes, I Wish I Had A Strawberry Flavored Thumb", Pigpen and Schroeder and Sally. Chein 1966 United Features Syndicate. Charles Schulz last name facsimile signature on back corner of bus. Press the button and it has the kids voices saying phrases. I got the motor working.. but record isn't really playing. Selling as is. *Also listed on Toys1 pg.   PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 - PHOTO5  FREE Shipping in USA.

Fascinating story about this I found here >> HISTORY OF PEANUTS BUS

1966 $285
14303 Mickey Mouse Club - Duncan Yo-Yo. PHOTO2 1960s $18
14287 Donald Duck Plastic Bank. Excellent/Mint Bright. 10" tall.  1971 $30
14274 Two Peanuts Stuffed Character Dolls. Linus & Sally.both excellent. 6" tall. Both for one price.  PHOTO2 1960s $18
14248 Shmoo Clock - from Lil' Abner Comics.  Pendulett Wall Clock by Lux. 6" long - not counting pendulum. Pink Color. Comes with a key. I wound it 2 times - I didn't want it to overwind.. I couldn't get it to keep running.. but it hasn't run for over 50 yrs.. selling as is.  Also listed on Misc. page. WHAT IS A SHMOO? 1960s $60
14236 Flintstones - Hoppy the Hopparoo Kangaroo Pogo Stick by Blazon. Nice rare one! Measures 42" long. Still works great. Metal & Plastic. Due to size will have to ship alone. Free Shipping in USA.. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 1965 $150
14091 3 Marx RolykinsThree Disney Rolykins by Marx. Each measures about an inch tall and underneath it has a ball bearing.. so you can roll them across a flat surface. All are mint in original boxes. All for one price! Characters are Chip, Pinocchio & White Rabbit.  1960s $45
13729 Babar the Elephant Game. All Excellent & Complete in good box.  1968 $18
13714 Pogo Figures by Walt Kelly. Approx. 5" tall.  All for one price. These were a premium from Proctor & Gamble.  1969 $40
13226 1960s Alice In Wonderland Ice Capades Souvenir HatAlice In Wonderland Ice Capades  Souvenir hat with plumed feather.  Kids size large. Awesome little hat, no tears.  Also listed on Misc. pg. 


1960s $30
12973 Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Club Art & Drawing Easel Set. All Unused. All Looks great. No breaks. All Complete. Made by Pressman Toy Co. approx. 1955-56. Has original shipping box and store name it was shipped to ("Sundries" in name).  The Easel is wood with all the hardware. I put it together for photo. It measure 36" tall. Drawing area- Chalk Board  is 17" x 16". The board  has Disney character heads around the edge. The drawing/activity pad is mint -Unused also. The set also includes all the original UNUSED supplies : Glass jars of paint (dried up), box of chalk, box of crayons, board eraser.  1956 $60
13587 Snoopy Soaper Machine by Kenner. Mint Unused in Excellent Box. 1975 $35
13429 Cecil - from Beany & Cecil Bubble Bath Soaky Container. 8" tall. All excellent.  1960s $30

1970s Flintstones WagonFlintstones Wagon.  by AMF 30" long without handle. Handle measures 22" long. Neat Rare toy to find. It has alittle damage area on the one side. It also is missing the two side bars. Measures 16" wide and about 12" tall. First one I have seen! *Also listed on Cartoon pg.  *Price in shopping cart may not reflect the true price due to balloon rates if you live further from NYS.. there may be additional charge - email me with your zip code - for a more exact shipping price.

1970s $45
13497 Three Cartoon Handpuppets by Gund.  Mickey with Tweety & Sylvester. All for one price. PHOTO2 1960s $28
13428 1960s Bubble Bath Soaky Containers1960s Bubble Bath Soaky Containers - from same estate. All for one price. Each approx. 10" tall.  Punkin' Puss on Mush Mouse base, Sylvester Cat, Dick Tracy & Bozo.  1960s $45
13427 1960s Quick Draw McGraw Cowboy HatQuick Draw McGraw Cowboy Hat. Nice large vinyl hat measures 13" long and 7" tall. Shows some wear and tear. Originally this had a little water squirter attached.. you would press a bulb in back which had a tube attached to nozzle in front & squirt water out. The nozzle is still there..so a bulb and tube can still be added.   1960s $35
13353 Milt Neil Signed Howdy Doody PosterBeautiful Howdy Doody Poster by Milt Neil & Signed by him! Measures 24" x 18". All looks great. Color is awesome. I can ship with or without frame. Choose which you prefer below. Shipping with frame will add weight=more for shipping depending how far you are from NY state. *Also listed on TV/Movie page.

 Milt Neal (1914-1997) worked 9 yrs for Disney during the golden age of animation- He illustrated Dumbo-Fantasia-Snow White- der Fuhrers Face-Saludous Amigo - known as the "Duck Man" at the studio because of his Donald Duck animation- later worked for the Milton Bradley company designing Candyland- Battleship- During the early 1950s became one of the artists who designed Howdy Doody and the peanut gallery. 

1960s see below
  Milt Neil Howdy Doody Poster - With Frame - Weighs more so shipping cost will be higher - $60
  Milt Neil Howdy Doody Poster - Without Frame - Will ship in sturdy tube - $60
12729 1960s Harvey Cartoons BoardHarvey Cartoons Cardboard Insert Picture.  Old Original Art & most likely a panel from a toy cart made back then. Found in estate. Measures 24" x 18" & sturdy. Features Casper & his friends: Buzzy Crow, Katnip & Herman, Baby Huey & Little Audrey.  1960s $12


Donald Duck Nite Lite. All Mint & Works. by General Electric.




Peanuts - Linus Bathroom Suction Cup Backed - Holder.  by Avon  He can hang in your shower & hold your washcloth. Mint Condition.  6.5" tall. 



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Early 1970s Peanuts Linus PillowI WANT THIS PILLOW! Early 1970s. This is the one I had (Now Gone), & it Was Orange. Approx. 20" x 20". If you have one To Sell: Email Me 




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