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12593 2 Wooden Slide Puzzles 1940s2 Wooden "15" Slide Puzzles. Nice early ones. Complete in original boxes. Both for one price.  Boxes measure 4" x 4". 1940s $18
12591 1930s Portable Chess SetPortable Chess Set. All Complete. Magnetic. Folds in half to 7" x 3.75 wallet size. Made in Germany. 1930s $18

1959 Winnie The Pooh Game by Parker BrothersWinnie The Pooh Game by Parker Brothers.  All Mint & Complete in Very Good + Box. Nice drawstring bag holds your tokens, Wood bases for playing pieces. Bright Clean Graphics! Also listed on Cartoons pg. 




Qubic 3-D Space GameQubic Strategy Game. 3-D Space Game. Blue Box Version. All Mint & Complete in Very Good Box. Steel  posts & Early Plastic Platforms. 



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12967 1963 The Game of 99The Game of 99 by Irwin Toy Co. All Excellent & Complete.  Pegboard & Card - challenging game.  1963 $28
12953 1962 Bop The Beetle by IdealBop The Beetle by Ideal.  All Mint & Complete.  Bop the Beetles into the Frog's mouth and he snaps shut. Works Great. No Box.  1962 $40
12951 CAREFUL - The Toppling Tower Game by Ideal.  All Mint & Complete in Very Good Box.  1967 $45
12948 Camp Granada by Milton Bradley. All Excellent.  Bus works. Has all the Bunk houses. Looks hardly used. Bus works great. All creepy crawlies are mint - but missing 2 frogs & 1 crawfish. PHOTO3 1965 $40
12952 Tight Squeeze Party Game by Mattel.  All Complete. Box Fair. Large Must ship alone 1967 $24

1963 Smack-A-RooSmack-A-Roo by Mattel.  Action Fun Game. Play Baseball, Bowling & other games. All complete and MINT in Excellent box!

1963 $35
12828 1968 Score Four GameScore Four by Funtastic.  Mint & Complete in Excellent Box.  This is a great "coffee table game." 1968 $30
12829 1960 The Game of LifeThe Game of Life by Milton Bradley. Endorsed by Art Linkletter.  All Excellent & Complete.  Box lid shows some age.  This is the original first version! 1960 $30
12821 Funny Bones by Parker Brothers.  All MINT & Complete.  Couples - Action Party Game - which is great fun.  1968 $18
12820 1968 Rickety Raft Game by AuroraRickety Raft Game by Aurora. RARE - First one I have seen!  This is just cool. The gameboard is a blue-aqua 12" square plastic bowl ('pond') about 2.5" deep with individual scoring tracks along each 
side lip. The 'pond' is filled with water before play and a plastic/polystyrene circular raft 5" wide is placed on the 
surface. The raft is divided into two different colored sections along its axis of symmetry. Each player starts with six 
(three pairs of) men of varying shape and weight (and value: 5 or 10 points) which must be placed on the raft without causing it to overbalance.

Players use a spinner to determine which particular weighted man must be placed on which side of the floating circular 
raft. When one player causes the raft to overbalance, their opponents receive points based on the number and type of their 
own men who were on the raft at that time. The first player to reach fifty points is the winner. 

 This set is missing most of the men and the box.. But very cool & hard to find. 

1968 $40
12792 1968 Battling Tops by IdealBattling Tops by Ideal.  Fun - Fast Action Game.  All Mint & Complete with ALL 6 Tops. All pegs and pullers.  Box is EXCELLENT! 1968 $65
12787 Electric Whiz Racing Game.  Neat little game. First one I have seen. It has a spinner that is battery operated.. I couldn't get it to work., but pretty cool little set. by Jim Prentice. 1960s $18
12782 Confucius Magnetic Quiz Game.  All Mint & Works in Very Good Box. by Pressman 1960s $22
12748 Pro Football Game by Milton Bradley. All Excellent & Complete.  1964 $24
12747 Shifty Gear Game by Schaper.  All Excellent & Complete.  Kinda neat.  1962 $24
12707 3M Bookshelf GamesBookshelf Games Lot by 3M.  All for one price!  All Excellent & Complete: Breakthru 1965, Feudal 1967, Quinto 1964, Twixt 1962.  All are Strategy Games.  1960s $75 All

Blue Line Hockey Game by 3MBlue Line Hockey Game A 3M Sports Game.  All Excellent+ & Complete. All Contained in the neat case which is also the playing field. 

1969 $24

Chips Are Down by Ideal.  All Mint & Complete. Unique one!

1960s $24

1962 Fascination CheckersFascination Checkers by Remco. Mint & Complete. Excellent box. 

1962 $24

Pop Za Ball by Mattel 1961POP-ZA-BALL  Roll & Catch Action Game by Mattel.  All Mint & Works GREAT! Comes with 3 balls. Wind it up, Roll the ball in, and it automatically throws it back at you. You can adjust the machine for short throw or long.  Fun one. Sticker intact. Has original box which also was your target.. shows age and wear to box.  PopZaBall.

1961 $60
12215 1965 Trouble GameTrouble Pop-O-Matic Game by Kohner. All Works & Complete in Good box.  1965 $18

1967 Bird Brain Game Bird Brain by Milton Bradley. Mint & Complete in Excellent Box.  Cagey Card Game. 

1966 $24

Shake Bingo by SchaperShake Bingo by Schaper.  Fast Action Game. Mint & Complete in Excellent box. 

1960s $22

1969 Bang Box by IdealBang Box by Ideal. All Excellent+ & complete - except you need to provide balloons. Excellent+ box too! (flash glare in photo)

1969 $35

14 Games Set14 Games Set.  Includes all pieces needed to play Chess, Checkers, Roulette, Horse Racing, etc. No breaks. 

1960s $18

1967 Hats Off by KohnerHat's Off Action Skill Game by Kohner. First Version - Patent Pending. All Mint & Complete in Mint Box!

1967 $24

Chinese CheckersMandarin Dams China - Chinese Checkers.  Cardboard playing board. Marbles are clay. Missing some. Neat graphics

1950s 1960s  $10

3 1960s Cards & Chips Games Lot1960s Games Bundle Lot. 3 for one price! These are all Games with Cards & Chips used in them: Po-Ke-No, Tripoly & Strategy Poker. All Excellent & Complete. 

1960s $18 All

1968 Situation 4 by Parker BrothersSituation 4 - Action Puzzle Game.  by Parker Brothers. Build your puzzle before the other players.. strategic moves will get you a higher score. Another wonderful game by Marvin Glass! All Mint & complete..but missing directions > But there are directions HERE.

1968 $24

Swish Basketball Game 1960Swish - All American Basketball Game.  An unusual Basketball game I have never seen before. Box lid has some age stains.. but inside is all Excellent+ Looks hardly played & is all complete! 

1960 $18

1960 Spin Wheel Dart GameSpin Wheel Dart Game by Transogram.  All Mint & works great! LARGE 23.5" diameter spinning target with built-in stand. Wood with Masonite target. 2 large original rubber tipped darts included. Box very good. PHOTO2

1960 $30

1966 Flip For Fun Car GameFlip For Fun Game.  Several Games in One! Advertised as a game "You can play in the car - with Seat Belts Buckled."  This was made - the year seat belt law legislation was started. 

1966 $18

1965 Multi Games by TransogramGolden Treasury of Games by Transogram.  Chess, Checkers, Roulette, Horse Race & Backgammon. All complete & Mint in nice box. 

1965 $18

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Lawn Darts - Jarts    


Missile Jarts - Lawn DartsMissile Jarts - Lawn Darts. First Version. All Excellent Condition, Complete  PLUS > this set comes with an extra set of fins - Blue & Red.  FOR ADULT USE ONLY! These have metal tips. Box is good with normal age.  *FREE Shipping in USA

1960s $150


1970s Games

12966 1975 Arkansas Bluff GameArkansas Bluff Game by Parker Brothers. Neat one I have never had. License Plate Card Game. All Excellent & Complete.  1975 $18
12929 1971 Whirl Out GameWhirl Out Game by Milton Bradley. Neat Marble Skill Game. All Mint & Complete in Excellent Box! It even has the magnetic wand & steel ball - which is usually missing.  1971 $30

1978 Frisbee Horse ShoesFrisbee Horse Shoes by Wham-O. Mint - Still Factory Sealed ! Never Opened. Never Played with! 

1978 $45
12914 1972 Pivot PoolPivot Pool by Milton Bradley & endorsed by Lucille Ball.  MINT & Complete in Excellent Box.  You can shoot the cue ball soft or hard.. the launcher works great.  Large Item  over 2 feet long. - Must ship alone.  1972 $40
12911 1978 Cat's Eye Game by MarxCat's Eye Marble Game by Marx.  All Mint & Complete in Excellent Box.  1978 $24
12909 1977 Obsession Game by MegoObsession Game by Mego. All Mint & Complete in Excellent box. "The Game You Can't Get Enough Of!" Obsession by Mego Toys is about rolling 2 dice, and moving your rings forward, or your opponent's rings backward, depending on the numbers that are rolled, and the numbers for the rings that are in play. Rings that are in your Safety Zone can't be moved by your opponent. Game ends when one player has 10 rings in the Safety Zone or at the top of his area. 1977 $35
12908 1975 Four Sight GameFour Sight Game. All Mint & Complete. by Invicta - the makers of Master Mind. Neat . 1975 $18
12907 1972 Outdoor Survival GameOutdoor Survivor Game.  A Bookshelf type game.  All Mint & Complete. Never Played! Wilderness Skills Game. Excellent Box.  1972 $45
12866 1978 Chutes Away !!! by GabrielChutes Away !! by Gabriel.  The Air Rescue Target Game.  Motorized Board works perfectly. Runs nice and long. You look through the scope and drop your parachutes into the targets on the moving board. All Complete, no cracks or chips and works great! Box is very good, directions included too.  1978 $85
12862 1976 Mr. MouthMr. Mouth Game by Tomy - Japan.  All Excellent & Works GREAT in good box. "Flip Your Chips Between The Moving Lips." Takes 1 "C" battery. A fun action game! 1976 $30
12856 1970 Sure Shot BaseballSure Shot Baseball by Ideal.  All Excellent & Works.  Looks complete.  Flash glare in photo 1970 $30
12826 1973 Perfection by LakesidePerfection by Lakeside.  All excellent & complete with all the cool shapes. You have to fit them in board before the timer goes off and they all pop out!  Not easy! 1973 $24
12827 1971 Perception GamePerception by Ideal. "A Mental Adventure in Psychological Strategy."  All Mint & Complete in Good box.  First one I have had!  Unique.  1971 $40
12817 1971 3D Chess Board3D Chess Board.  This is an awesome find.  Original Dated 1971 -  3 level Chess Board. You move your pieces vertically asw well as horizontally. Chrome & Plexiglass. All excellent. 12" tall & each level is 8" square. I found the rules for this specific game HERE.  Included is the wood 32 man chess set shown. complete.   1971 $65
12806 1978 Tomy Shorty ShootersShorty Shooters Basketball Game by Tomy. All Excellent & Works great. Measures 8" x 10" x 2".  1978 $30
12724 1970 Swing SwangSWING SWANG Skill Game by Milton Bradley.  All Complete & Works. Box is Fair.  1970 $24
12695 1972 Cascade Game by MatchboxCascade Game by Matchbox.  Super Action Thump A Drum Game. All Excellent & Motor works. All Complete. The balls don't bounce so well.. but maybe you can tighten up the drums.  Very neat game. Takes one "D" battery.  Good Box.  1972 $30
12668 1971 Crossfire Game by IdealCrossfire Action Game by Ideal. Measures almost 3 feet long. All Excellent, complete & works great !  FUN! Due to size may have to ship separately.  1971 $60
12586 1972 Batleboard by IdealBattleboard by Ideal.  All Mint & Complete in Good Box.  1972 $24

1971 Wing-It by SchaperWing-It - Shooting Target Game by Schaper.  All Mint & Complete.  Shoot the disks at the targets with the cool launcher.  This is one of the early Schaper Games, they came in the cool box with lid & handle.  Another wonderful game by Marvin Glass!

1971 $38

1972 Penny Pincher Game by SchaperPenny Pincher Skill Game by Schaper.  Mint - STILL FACTORY SEALED> This is one of the early Schaper Games, they came in the cool box with lid & handle. All MINT.   Another wonderful game by Marvin Glass!

1972 $40

1971 Gnip Gnop GameGnip Gnop - The Slap Happy Game by Paker Brothers. Mint - Complete and works great in Excellent box. 

1971 $40

UPSET - Bean Bag Toss Game. When you hit the release on your opponents side, it flings the bags. All Mint & Works Great

1971 $28

1975 Guinness GameGuinness Book of World Records Game. Looks all complete & hardly used!  Make your own World Records too. Another wonderful game by Marvin Glass!

1975 $18

Tic Tac Toe Portable Game. All complete & excellent in original box. 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5". 

1970s $10

1973 Flip It Twenty OneFlip It Twenty One by Aurora.  Endorsed by Flip Wilson. All Mint & Complete in Good box. due to size, must ship alone. 

1973 $30

1972 Swivel Body Action GameSwivel - Great Body Action Game. Party Game. Mint & Complete in Very Good Box

1972 $28

Connect Four GameConnect Four - Vertical Checkers Game. All Mint & Complete in good box. by Milton Bradley

1974 $22

1970 Rebound Game by IdealRebound Game by Ideal.  Fun Skill Game for 2 players.  All Mint condition & Complete in Excellent+ box. Large box,  must ship alone.  

1970 $60

1977 One Shot YottOne Shot Yott Dice Game. Mint & Complete. Play any poker game. Professional Dice allow any poker hand. 

1977 $18

1970 Skor Ball by MarxSkor Ball by Marx - Skee Ball type game.  Large, 24" long. "Double Blow Molded with Metal Stand & Spring Shooter. All Mint & complete. Has original box..which is a little bent. 

1970 $24

Space Checkers 1971Space Checkers - 3 Dimensional Checkers Game by Pleasantime.  All Mint & Complete in Excellent box. 

1971 $30

1971 CounterpointCounterpoint Strategy Game.  Mint & Complete in Very Good Box.

1971 $18

1973 Flip-It Jackpot GameFlip-It Jackpot Slot Machine Game by Aurora. Endorsed by Flip Wilson.  First one I have had & it is awesome! Large 18" tall, 12" wide & 8" deep.  Looks great & Works Perfectly! Nice graphics & colors. Has all the Tokens & Machine has no chips or breaks. PLUS>> Another wonderful game by Marvin Glass! Box is only Fair condition, but still nice to have - front looks pretty good. Large item, cannot combine shipping on this.  PHOTO2

1973 $45

Metric Dominoes 1975Metradoms - Game of Metric Dominoes. All Mint & Complete in neat plastic box. 

1975 $15

1973 Pursuit! by AuroraPursuit! Game by Aurora.  Large 3D Strategy Game with Flying Aces theme.  Cubes with planes in them. All Mint & Complete in Excellent box.  See Through Stand Up Board, Measures 17" x 17" x 10". 

1973 $24

1970 Up N' Over Game by IdealUp N' Over Game by Ideal. Mint & Complete in Excellent Box. Lightning Fast Action Game. 

1970 $28

Tornado Bowl 1971Tornado Bowl by Ideal. Wind up Top Spinner works perfectly. All parts are mint & complete. Fun Action game. Excellent Box. PHOTO2 

1971 $30

1971 Split Level AggravationSplit Level Aggravation by Lakeside. All Mint & Complete in Excellent box. 

1971 $24

1972 Chess TutorChess Tutor. "If you can read - you can learn to play Chess in 30 minutes!". Mint Pristine & Complete in Mint Box. 

1972 $18

Flight Captain Game 1972Flight Captain by E.S. Lowe.  "The Around The World Jetliner Racing Game."  Contents Mint & Complete in Very Good+ box. 

1972 $22

1971 Square Shooters by MarxSquare Shooters Game by Marx. Parts all mint. Missing 1 of the squares.. but can still play fine. Shoot your color square into the scoring area. 

1971 $18

Buckshot Game 1971Buckshot "Worlds Fastest Indoor Game." by Parker Brothers. Contents Mint & Complete in Very Good Box. PHOTO1 ~ PHOTO2

1971   $24

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