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Monday 10am - April 24, 2017 - All of yesterdays finds are listed on the site! Check Toys1, Toys3, Games, Cartoons, Hobbies, Misc., Cartoons & TV/Movies pages. Enjoy! -joyce

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - Up early and on the road by 7am. We were home by 8pm.  We went to two flea markets out in Massachusetts.. nothing at one, a few items at the second.  But I did get a lead on some dealer shops that had vintage toys.. made a few stops, got some more leads.. and below is our finds for the day. I felt like Columbo or some other detective.. getting leads on toys, though. lol.  

I was very happy to find another 1965 James Bond 007 Attache Case. I have sold quite a few over our 21yrs selling online and I am always just as excited.  I had one when I was 9 yrs. old.. And I LOVED IT! Yes, a girl had a cool "boys" toy. haha. This one will be complete. I found someone that had the replacement bullets and dagger.. so it will be all complete. Some really nice other finds too.. I love finding Beatle items! AND a MINT, Unused Pristine set of the 1960s - first version of Missile Jarts - Lawn Darts. I hope to have all on the website for sale - by mid morning tomorrow. Here are the sneak peak photos  -joyce

Vintage 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale Vintage 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale Vintage 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale Vintage 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale Vintage 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale Vintage 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale Vintage 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale  

Friday, April 21, 2017. Heading out to two flea markets on Sunday! Check back!

Heads UP! Tomorrow is a Wacky Wednesday Sale Day. Wed. 4/19/17

Update Noonish. Sunday. Just picked up Emenee Bongos at the flea market. Nothing else there for me!

UPDATE> Sunday 7am 4/16/17 - Got up early, all is on website. Check Toys1, Toys3, Games, Cartoons, Vehicles & Misc. pages. 

Saturday April 15, 2017 - 7:45 pm. We are home from the estate auction. A nice selection of  attic fresh 1940s and 1950s toys. Here are sneak peak photos below. All should be on the website for sale by tomorrow night, maybe earlier.  We are heading out to a flea market tomorrow.. will update any finds tomorrow when we are back. Enjoy! -Joyce

Friday April 14, 2017 - We are heading out early tomorrow morning to an estate auction with many attic fresh toys.. we hope to find some treasures for the website! We also plan to go to a huge flea market on Sunday.. so should  be busy all weekend. Check back for updates! Have a great weekend. -And if you order items over a few days, I will combine shipping - as long as I haven't shipped your order already. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017. Beautiful 60 degree weather here in the Catskills, great day to drive around looking for toys. And we found some. Listing on the site soon. Check Toys1, Hobbies & Vehicles page.  Enjoy the rest of your day! -joyce


Friday - April 7, 2017. Picked up 3 very cool items this afternoon. Attic Fresh!  1964 Rat Fink Costume, Working Odd Ogg and the 1973 Stars & Stripes Candlestick Telephone. Check Misc. and Toys1 pages. Going to a Flea Market Sunday if the weather holds! 


Update 10pm. All is on the website! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Vehicles, TV/Movies & Misc. pages. Enjoy! Sunday April 2, 2017- 5:30 pm - We are back home and have some great items we picked up. All are attic fresh toys!  Really nice condition too. Some rare items and all are fun, that's for sure. Will get some on the website by tonight, the rest tomorrow. Here are sneak peak photos:

Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale. Vintage Toys & Games For Sale.

March 31, 2017 - Friday-  Last day of our March Madness Sale!  All items on website are discounted by 25% in the Shopping Cart!  Check it out! 

25% Off Shopping Cart Total

We are heading out on Sunday to look at some attic fresh toys. Very excited. Hope we find some neat toys and games for the website. Check back later on Sunday. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!  -joyce

3/26/17 5:40pm. All our finds from yesterday are listed on the website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Building/Hobbies, Vehicles & Misc. Pages. *Remember all is 25% off the price shown - our March Madness Sale. Discount shows in the shopping cart.  Have a great week! - joyce

Update 11:55 am 3/26/17 - With the help of our grand daughter Faith, we were able to get all the item descriptions done and photos taken in only 3 hrs.... All is pre-wrapped too - for faster shipping. Whew. SO, downloading photos now to edit, then I have some family stuff to do.. later in afternoon I will be able to upload descriptions/photos and prices! Hope to have all on site by late afternoon.  OH>> and guess what? I found ANOTHER Marvin Glass toy - I knew nothing about.. It was not in my book on his toys. I have had the toy - many years ago.. But I found one MINT in Box and there on the back of the box is the famous Marvin Glass logo! WOWEE. so exciting! So this will also be in my 2nd edition of "AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS" >> 1972 Fury Wheel by Marx.

Fury Wheel by Marx - Designed by Marvin Glass 1972 Fury Wheel by Marx - Designed by Marvin Glass 1972

Saturday March 25, 2017 - 11pm.  We are home from the auction down in Pennsylvania.  Weather was good. Nice crowd. I got just about everything I bid on. Some nice early items! And some nice surprises.  Below are sneak peak photos, remember - all is first come, first serve through the website BUY Button. I don't post sneak peak photos on Facebook anymore due to all the messages about pricing and trying to buy before items are even listed.. which really wouldn't be fair. SO... will be working on listing all tomorrow. I hope to have items listed for sale on the site by the afternoon. 

Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys For Sale

Friday, March 24, 2017 - Heading to an estate auction early tomorrow morning. There are toys! Hope we come home with some treasures! Will update tomorrow afternoon. 

UPDATE>> 7:15pm All is on the website. Remember prices are 25% off this month - the discounted total will show in the shopping cart. 

March 19, 2017 - Met a really nice gentleman today.. about 1.5 hr. away. He has some great collection. MANY items from when he was a kid. Everything in just about perfect condition and CLEAN. I bought some fabulous  items from him.. will be posting all day today. Hope to get items uploaded onto  the site by tonight sometime. Check Toys1, Toys3, Cartoons, Space, TV/Movies, Vehicles & Misc. pages. Some nice rare items here!

  Vintage Toys For Sale! Vintage Toys For Sale! Vintage Toys For Sale! Vintage Toys For Sale! Vintage Toys For Sale! Vintage Toys For Sale! Vintage Toys For Sale!

March 18, 2017 - Sold my Rumbler Chopper Bike today. Lucky thing, someone who lives about 1/2 an hour away saw it on my site, called me and we met 1/2 way - over by Woodstock. YEA! I love when I don't have to ship LARGE items. It has gotten so expensive! SO, I do buy large cool items.. and offer local pickup. Works well.. and will ship, but may charge a fee depending where it is going. Got some more snow here today.. (enough already-lol). 

Tomorrow, we are going about 1.5 hr away to meet someone that has toys to sell.. they emailed me and will see what he has, hopefully will get a few neat things for the site. Fingers crossed! 

March 15, 2017 - Well, we survived Winter Storm Stella! we got 22" up here in Catskills NY. Looks beautiful and our long driveway just got plowed.. so heading to post office. (they were closed yesterday, not that I was going anywhere). 25% Off March Madness Sale is still going strong.. discount will show in Shopping Cart. Stay Warm!  

Here is Main St. Phoenicia, NY during the storm yesterday. Can't even see the mountains.. complete whiteout. 

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017. SNOW! Blizzard happening now here in the Catskills, NY. Orders placed last night or today  will go out on Wednesday.  My 'March Madness' Sale is ongoing. All on site is 25% off. The discount shows when you go into the shopping cart. As always, free US shipping on orders $125 and over. Enjoy. 

Northeast customers> stay safe! -joyce

Wednesday March 8th, 2017 - Spring is coming and need get rid of old inventory so I am having a MARCH MADNESS SALE! 25% off everything on the website! The savings will show in the sub total in the shopping cart... so have fun! Not much going on this weekend..but hope to get out next week to buy more cool stuff. - joyce

25% Off Shopping Cart Total

Friday, March 3, 2017 - Here is a nice note I received from a customer today.. It made me smile:

"My games arrived today - excellent condition, exactly as advertised - great price, super fast delivery.   Thanks for helping with the collection. My wife hates you."

Not much happening this weekend. I will have a set of nice old Jarts coming in this weekend. So, I will be having a FREAKY Friday & a  SUPER SATURDAY Sale! Everything on site 20% off All day Friday & Saturday, until Midnight Central US Time. PS Central US is the location of the server for my shopping cart, in case you were wondering.. and it goes by their time zone. 20% taken off the shopping cart total. 

Update Monday 2/27/17  5:10pm >All items from yesterday are listed on website! Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, TV/Movies,Vehicles pgs

Feb. 26, 2017 Sunday 9:15 pm. We are back from the auction. A lot of cool items! I will only be able to get one item on the site tonight - the coolest of the lot - 1959 Count Down Missile Control Set by Ideal.  This is the first one I have had. MINT Condition. I could not get it to work.. although it looks brand new. Usually with the older electronics I apply direct current to the motor to get it going (sitting for over 50 yrs. you know), but to do that I have to unscrew the piece around the motor area.. and I really don't want to break anything. Selling as is, if you are handy - you can get it going. I will have that on the site in a few minutes. Here is a sneak peak of our goodies! Will get more on tomorrow.

I am working on an updated 2nd edition to my Marvin Glass book.. Came across this patent for a battery operated Frying Pan - Skillet. Someone commented that her mom had one.. but that is all the info I have. I need to know what toy company sold it and a Photo of one would be fantastic. If you have an info please email me -joyce

Saturday February 25, 2017 - Heading out early tomorrow to an estate auction. Hope to come home with vintage toy treasures! 

Update 10:50 am 2/20/17 All is on the Website! Check Toys1, Games, Vehicles & Misc. pages. 

Sunday February 19, 2017 - We are back home. What a gorgeous day in the Northeast. Temp up to 61 degrees! We went to some flea markets and shops.. found some neat items> All will on the site tomorrow. Enjoy the long weekend!

Saturday February 18, 2017 - A beautiful day here in the Catskills! Spring is in the air. Tomorrow, we are heading out to some flea markets to hunt for toys. check back! -joyce

Friday - February 17, 2017 >> Everything on Website 20% Off - Until Midnight - Central Time USA. Enjoy! 

Discount will show in your shopping cart total. 


Saturday Feb. 11, 2017 - We went to some local places to search for toys.. came home with 1 item. Neatest little 1950s Cowboy "Little Sharpshooter" Set. See on Toys3 pg. Not much else going on this weekend.. we are preparing for another big snow storm here in the Catskill Mtns. NY. Have a great weekend and stay safe! -joyce

Wednesday - February 8, 2017 - Today is WACKY WEDNESDAY! Everything on the Site - 20% off. All day until Midnight Central US time.

Saturday February 4, 2017. 3:45 pm. All our finds from last nights estate auction are on the website! Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, Vehicles, Building, Misc & TV/Movies pages. whew. Now I can clean my house. lol. Have a great weekend! -joyce

February 3, 2017 - Almost Midnight. Went to an auction a few hours away.. just got home. . Here is a quick peak of our finds! A few neat items. I will work on getting all uploaded to site tomorrow. 

Vintage Toys For Sale Vintage Toys For Sale Vintage Toys For Sale Vintage Toys For Sale Vintage Toys For Sale Vintage Toys For Sale Vintage Toys For Sale Vintage Toys For Sale

January 30, 2017 - 6:45 pm - The 2nd half of all the toys from yesterday - are now up on the website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Building, Cartoons, TV/Movies & Misc. pages. 

Update 9:30pm - I could only get 1/2 of the items on tonight. will get the 2nd half on tomorrow night. Enjoy. 

1/29/17 - 4pm - We are home from the auction. We got the mother load! Yes, we fit all of this in our Subaru Forester! Great 60s & 70s selection. All set up for photos.. here is sneak peak. I will try to upload some onto the website by tonight (late). Will update here when items are uploaded to site for sale. Click to enlarge photos:

Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale Vintage Toys for Sale

Sunday, January 29, 2017. - Heading out to an estate auction shortly. Not too far from home! They have toys! I will update when we get home! 

Sunday January 22, 2017 - I finally got around to adding a new page on the website, dedicated to Marvin Glass!  

You can check it out here. or click photo below.

The Amazing Toys of Marvin Glass

Saturday - Jan. 21, 2017  5:45 pm My Website is back up. - .  I won't bore you with the details.. but keeping fingers crossed that they are done working on it!  ALSO>> I am extending the Freaky Friday Sale for the rest of the weekend - to make up for not having the site available! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. It is 54 degrees here in the Catskills NY! WOW!

Friday, January 20, 2017 - Not much going on this weekend. No auctions to go thought we would have some fun. Today I will have a FREAKY FRIDAY SALE> All on website is 20% Off .  Items will be discounted automatically in the Shopping Cart. ENJOY!

Update>> 10:50 pm All is on the website. Check Toys1, Toy2, Games, Cartoons, TV/Movies & Misc. pages. 

Sunday - January 15, 2017 - Left the house at 6am. Home at 3:30 this afternoon! JUST finished downloading photos, now I have to list items. I will update here when all is on the site -hopefully by 10pm. 

Here is sneak peak below. Also: the first photo is of our our Grand daughter, she  helps me when we get back. I picked up the Thing Ding Robot game by Marvin Glass. Faith thought is was sooo funny that I couldn't remember the year it was made (not dated), and she had to look it up in my book. lol

Saturday, January 14, 2017. - Busy packing and shipping to get to post office before they close at noon. Any orders after 11am will go out Tuesday due to holiday on Monday.  

We are leaving at 6am tomorrow to go down to Pennsylvania, to a huge flea market and meet up with some pickers we know down there. We never know what we will find - and it always is a fun day hunting for toys! 

I just listed the very rare and cool "Fly It Yourself Helicopter" on sale from $185 to $150. for the weekend only. Thought I would try something new. This, as you may know was the FIRST Vertibird (made by Mattel in the early 70s). Well, this was designed by Marvin Glass.. and never made it in my book on his toys, since I had never seen one - and all my research never revealed it! SO, I was thrilled to find this at an auction last week.  So, I really would like to approach the Rochester, NY  HOUSE OF PLAY MUSEUM, and see if they will make a display honoring Marvin Glass and his contribution to the toy industry.. And I was thinking of donating the helicopter to get them started.. so last chance.. If anyone wants this .. here it is. Listed on Toys1 pg. 

Monday - January 9, 2017 - Just In, Vintage Devil Halloween Costumes - Listed on Misc page! 

NOON Sunday January 8, 2017. All our cool finds from yesterday's estate auction is listed on the site! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Vehicles & Misc. pages. Have a great day!

PS>>I love the idea that a complete painting can be done in 30 seconds or less.. that is why I always loved the Morris Katz paintings. Morris Katz holds the Guinness book or records title as the "Worlds Fastest Artist". I picked up these two oil paintings at yesterday's estate auction. Both framed & Signed. They are listed on the Miscellaneous page!

Morris Katz Painting  Morris Katz Painting

Saturday January 7, 2017. We left at 5am this morning from the Catskills, NY - to go to an estate auction 3.5 hours away down in Pennsylvania. They had some nice items. I got a great selection. The best thing, I bought the "You Fly It Helicopter" by Knickerbocker - this is an early version Vertibird! I thought it was very cool and had never seen one. SO, I put it on the chair next to me and glanced over, saw the logo &  it was designed by MARVIN GLASS.. !! You should have seen my face. All my research, this never popped up. So this will be in my 2nd edition, updated  book AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS! Here is a sneak preview, I should have all on website for sale by Noon tomorrow! Enjoy


Wednesday, January 4, 2017 >> We have a winner! Thanks to all that submitted answers! 

So, I am doing my totals for the year... and thought of a fun contest! 

HOW MANY MILES DID WE DRIVE IN 2016 TO BUY TOYS? Closest guess with out going over, wins a $25 Gift Certificate to  Click on the ad below to take you to our facebook page to enter your answer in the comments. 

January 1st 2017. Happy New Year All! I really thought I would have a flying car by now! 

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