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Missile Jarts - Lawn Darts

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20453Table Tennis Set by Coronet. 12" x 12" box. All Mint and unused. Box Excellent.1950s$30

204491950s Baseball Lot from estate. Includes all shown. Martin Marion Baseball, Vern Law Glove, Rawling's Fleetfoot Cleats. 1950s$40

20389Tiddle Tac Toe Game by Schaper. MINT and Complete . Box is good. A little dented on one side. 1955$18

20385David & Goliath Game by Saalfield. All excellent. 8" x 8". Looks all complete, one disc was replaced. Nice early one. 1957$18

20359Lil' Stinker Tile Game. MINT in MINT Box. Complete. Play like Old Maid. by Schaper. 10" x 8" box. 1956$18

20212NHL Pro Hockey - Tabletop Game by Eagle Toys. Large 36" x 17" x 4". Made out of fiber board, Masonite wood type material. Older version where the players are all same color and you twist the rods to move players, there are no grooves for them to slide around. All works as it should. A few of the rods are missing the end rubber pieces, but still work. BOX is POOR. Very brittle. MUST order and ship alone due to size and weight. 1950s$85

19884Little Orphan Annie Game by Milton Bradley. Contents complete and excellent. Box lid is detached, and previous owner wrapped it in plastic to preserve. I have never seen this version before. I am thinking it's from 1930s, but could be earlier. 1930s$35

19879Bonanza Card Game. Use a regular deck of cards (not included). Vinyl, oil cloth 29" x 29" cover has elastic on corners to put on card table. MINT condition. Excellent box. Early. by Parker Brothers.1942$15

19825Two 1940s Games for one price! Ranger Commandos Game by Parker Brothers. Box measures 11.5" x 13.5". Shows some wear, but contents are complete and mint. PLUS> Fire Fighters Came. by Saalfield. It may be missing some of the cardboard pieces, at least one of the fire helmets. Nice graphics. Box measures 10" x 10". One side flap missing on lid. 1942$30

198203 Western Games for one price. Rodeo game is the nicest, Mint, complete in nice box. The other two I will add in. they are mostly flattened boxes with some parts. 1950s$24

19093Quoits Lawn Game Set. Solid Rubber and wood parts. Complete 10 pc. set. No box. Heavy. 4.5 lbs. shipped.1950s$24

18806Jai-Alai Catch & Throw Set by Wham-O. Nice early set. and there is an extra set included! All mint in Very Good+ box. Measures 22" x 8" x 3.5"1950s$45

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20555Ambush Strategy Game by Hasbro. Designed by Marvin Glass. Mint Complete in Good box. 1963SOLD
20553Chips Are Down by Ideal. Mint and complete in good box. 1960sSOLD
205522 Word Games. Probe by Parker Brothers & Watch Word, with the motorized tower. Works! Both mint and complete. Both for one price.1960sSOLD
20539Silly Safari by Topper Toys. Neat Game you build to play. All complete with no breaks. 1966$49

20538Arnold Palmer Indoor Golf Course by Marx. MINT and complete in excellent box. Due to size 36" x 9", must order and ship alone. Does not qualify for free ship. 1960$60

20537Tudor Electric Horse Race Game. Mint and works great. Complete. Box excellent. Measures 26" x 15". Must order and ship alone due to size. Does not qualify for free shipping. 1963$60

20521King of the Hill Game by Schaper. Mint and Complete in Excellent box. Designed by Marvin Glass. Also has the Schaper Games brochure! 1965$60

20508NFL Electric Football by Tudor. 31" x 17" x 3". All excellent, complete & Works. Very nice box too. Must order and ship alone due to size. 1960s$65

20503Hocus Pocus Magic Game by Transogram. Glow in the Dark parts. This all is great looking with original box. But unfortunately I don't have the extra tips for the magic wand that will make the Hat pop up inside. Selling for Display or Parts.1968$30

20501Situation 4 Action Puzzle Game. Mint and complete in excellent box. Designed by Marvin Glass. Parker Bros.1968$24

20442Bop Baseball by Remco. Large Game measures 49" long by 22" x 2". MINT - Like NEW condition. Complete with all parts. Box shows age and stains, but still sturdy. MUST ship alone due to size. FREE Shipping in USA. 1961$165

20390Battle Cry Civil War Game by American Heritage. Mint and Complete in excellent box. 1961$40

20345Marble Roll by Amsco. Neat simple marble game, lots of fun. Original marbles from estate. Box has wear, end flaps missing on one side. 1960s$18

20340Tee Off Caddy Mat. All excellent. 9 foot long mat. Balls return automatically. Box is bent in from storage.1960s$18

20332Tally-Ho Game by Whitman. Beautiful art work. So much so, that previous owner had hung up the board at one point - 2 small holes in board with string. Complete.1962$18

20273Careful - Topping Tower Game by Ideal. MINT and complete in Good box. 1967$40

20268Mint and Complete in Good box. Published in 1961 as part of a campaign to promote the Diners' Club Credit Card (this promotion also included a film in 1962). The game contains a foldable board, paper money and player markers as well as charts for various repayment schedules. Players roll and move in turn investing money and making returns, with the first player to have made $5000 of investments, own a house and car, and have paid Diners' Club at least $5000 declared the winner. (from Board Game Geek).1961$60

20226Flippo - Fast Action Target Game by Amsco. All MINT condition and works great. I have never had this one - and it is pretty cool. Comes with all the marbles found in estate too. 24" long. 2 player.1966$38

20075Wrestle Around by Ideal. 2 Player skill game. FUN1969$30

20065Combat & GI Joe Game lot. No boxes, but the two boards with parts, insert & Combat! Card Game with just lid. PLUS Combat Tv Show Trading Cards. Lot of 12 cards. All have the tape residue on back. All for one price. Nice for display behind your army guys.1963$30

20063Auto Score Electric Pinball. All excellent. Scoring works. Light does not work, may need a new bulb. No cracks or breaks. Works as it should. No maker mark found. Measures 24" long, 12" wide. Complete. 1960s$30

19852Windigo Strategy Game with boats. All Mint and complete. Very good box. by RW Associates1968$30

19851Carl Yastrzemski Action Baseball Game. Beautiful tin litho, wood framed board. 19.5" x 14.5". Comes with some of the playing parts and the spring for the bat. Box shows some age. by Pressman.1962$28

19850Two Avalon Hill Sports Games. Baseball 1962 (box worn), and Football 1962. Both seem excellent inside. 1962$20

19849Avalon Hill Game Lot. All excellent and look complete. Selling all together. D-Day 1961, Waterloo 1962 & Anzio 1969. 1960s$35

19541Skittles Game by Carrom. All excellent. Solid wood. Approx. 3 feet long. All complete with all the parts. Box shows age, and wear, tear. Must ship alone due to size, unless you buy something that can fit inside the game. (board is all mint.. sun glare in photo)1960s$40

18077Tight Squeeze by Mattel. The "snuggle-struggle game". Fun party game. Mint and complete in worn, torn box. Box is large. Must order alone due to size.1967$18

16912Bop Baseball Lot by Remco. This includes the large 48" x 21" masonite board and all the parts shown. Only things missing are the ball - puck, directions and frame for outside edge of board. No box. Must ship alone. Cannot combine. 1961$40

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Lawn Darts - Jarts  

20376Missile Jarts - Lawn Darts. First Version. These are the weighted ones. Fins are all Mint with no tears. Complete Plus the set comes with the extra red fin. Box shows wear and stains. *FOR ADULTS ONLY! These have metal tips. FREE Shipping in USA.1960s$165

1970s Games

20558Billionaire - Game of Global Enterprise. Mint and Complete in very good box. Designed by Marvin Glass. 1973SOLD
20557Sure Shot Hockey by Ideal. Mint and complete. Great Fun. All works perfectly. Approx. 2 feet wide. 1970$30

20556Careers Game by Parker Brothers. Mint and Complete. Never Played! Mint box. 1971SOLD
20554Buckshot. World's Fastest Indoor Game. FUN! 1970$18

20551Alley Up Skill Game by Hasbro. Mint and complete. Fun, but hard to do. Designed by Marvin Glass. 1971SOLD
20542Horsin' Around Game by Play-doh. All Mint & Complete in Very Good Box. Another neat game by Marvin Glass. 1970s$18

20520Don't Dump the Daisies Game by Ideal. Inside all minty and complete. Box shows some age1970$24

20490TWO Frisbee Games for one price! Frisbee Horseshoes by Wham-O. Mint, Never Opened. In sealed box. Most of shrink wrap still intact. PLUS> Soft Frisbee Disc Game by Wham-O. All Mint and complete in very good box. Nice 8" foam Frisbees. Looks hardly played. Box measures 17" x 17" x 3".1978$40

20436The Godfather Game by Family Games. All excellent condition. 1971$18

20394Trouble Bubble by Kohner. Pop-O-Matic Skill Game. Mint and works in good box. 1971$30

20344Score Four by Lakeside. This is a great coffee table game! 2-4 players. This is MINT and Complete. Excellent box too. Fun skill game. 1971$28

20343Crossfire Game by Ideal. Fast Action Game. FUN. Large. Both Gun work great. All complete. Must order & ship alone due to size, can not combine shipping. 1971$60

20235Slap Shot Hockey. Large Playing Field Approx. 3 feet long. All Mint & Complete. Nice box too. Must ship alone due to size. 1970s$24

20234Skittle Horseshoes by Aurora. LARGE Indoor Horseshoe Pitching Game, about 30" long. Large box, may have to ship alone..depending on your zip code. All Mint & Complete in Good box. Another GREAT game designed by Marvin Glass. Endorsed by Don Adams from "Get Smart." Must order/ship alone - due to size. Item does not qualify for free shipping.1972$40

20220Computer Baseball Bagatelle Game. Measures 15" x 8". MINT and works all as it should. by Epoch - Japan. 1970s$30

20198Metradoms - Metric Dominoes. Mint and Complete with all directions. 1975$24

20023Snap Bowling by Ideal. MINT and Works Great. Complete. LARGE 41" long. Excellent box too. FUN. Must order and ship alone due to size. Cannot combine shipping for discount on this. 1973$65

20022Pursuit Air Strategy Game by Aurora.Vertical Game, approx. 20"x20". Mint & Complete. From BoardGameGeek.com> A duel between three German and three Allied fighters in World War I. The vertical game board is a clear plastic grid. The aircraft are mounted inside plastic blocks that hang on the grid and allow the aircraft to be rotated to the desired facing. Each turn, the players secretly set the facing of their aircraft. This is concealed from the opposing player by a rotating shield that is mounted inside the plastic blocks that hold the aircraft. Facing is revealed, and movement or combat occurs. DUE TO SIZE - Must order and ship alone, cannot combine shipping. 1973$24

19168Live Action Pro Hockey Game by Marx. LARGE Indoor or Outdoor game you set up to actually play Hockey on the 7 foot long field. All Mint & complete. 4 Hockey Sticks, 4 Pucks, Goals, Instructions and all pieces to construct 7' long playing field. Original Box too. Must ship alone due to size, not eligible for shipping discount.1970$45

18479Shifty Checkers by Aurora. All Mint condition and works. Endorsed by Don Adams. Fast action, Changing game. Game measures approx. 18" long. 1973$28

18478Hot Shot Game by Kenner. Fast action skill game. Mint & Complete in excellent box. 1977$14

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