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18546Vintage 1950s - early 1960s Pinback Lot from estate. All are excellent and have pins in back. All 5 for one price. Flash glare on Huck.1950s$20

18545Vintage Teak Wood Bookends. Metal & wood. Neat 3-D cats with mice. 5" x 5". All excellent!1960s$28

18537Kid's Hardcover Book Lot - All from same estate. All for one price. Some nice ones! 1950s to 1960s1950s$15

18505Tempest AM Tube Radio. Electric Plug In. MINT and works. 6.5" x 4.5" x 4". Made In Japan. Gray Color.1960s$60

18497Two Princess Telephone Advertising Keychains. Both mint. Both for one price. "It's Little, It's Lovely, It Lights." 1960s$18

184935 - 1950s Juice Glasses. All Mint condition. 3.5" tall. 1950s$10

1849112 Vintage Coca Cola Glasses by Libbey. 10 ounce size. approx 3.75" tall. All Mint. There are two that are different in the batch. All in original box with divider insert. All for one price!1960s$45

18490Bird In Cage Music Box. All Excellent+ Condition and works perfectly. Metal Cage Measures 7" tall, 3.5" wide. Windup. Made in Japan. Plays theme from LOVE STORY.

SEE Video of This Music Box In Action

18489Christmas Childs Santa Face Globe Lantern. Japan. Glass globe is double sided and mint. Lantern is tin. Takes 2 'C' batteries. Excellent+ with original box. No lid to box. 1950s$65

18488Black Baby Sitting with Oranges Bank. Nodder Bobblehead. Composition material. 1950s Florida souvenir. She has metal earrings. All excellent. A few surface scratches. But no cracks or chips. Plug is intact.6.5" tall, 5.5" wide.1950s$35

18487Indy Race Car Liquor Decanter. Beautiful Hand Painted in Italy by R.E.M. Originals. All Excellent+ condition. Wheels roll too. Measures 12" long. 1971$65

18483Rockwell 8 Digit Electronic Calculator. Measures approx. 5" x 3". Model 10R WORKS! Comes with case, directions booklet and box. 1974$18

184583 Vintage German Estate Items> 32 German Tree ID Cards. All Complete. Mint. 2 Stone People. Real stones and fun. mint. about 2.5" tall. Mouse Purse, All Mint. About 5" long. Leather & Plush.. with key ring too. All for one price. All Made in Germany.1960s$18

18457Chubby Checker - LET'S TWIST Lot. LP Record Album - Excellent+, and Large 4" Pin back. Both for one price! (Flash glare in photo).1960s$30

18447Jade 6 Transistor Radio. Mint in Box. Hong Kong. Excellent+ Box too.1966$28

18444Mini Label Maker - Radio Shack. Measures 4" long. Mint on card. Never used. 1970s$12

184321930s Small Book Lot. 2 Little Big Books G-Man & Royal Mounted and 2 smaller 3.5" x 2.5". All fair condition. All for one price1930s$10

18423Walt Disney GREMLINS Book. 1943 First Edition - The story of the Royal Air Force. Hard Cover, 46 pgs. I believe the back page is missing. Edge wear, some age, tearing, scratches. Nice Hard to Find book. Great Artwork throughout!1943$40

18418Zodiac Tin Litho Wastebasket by Chein. 13" x 10" x 6". Normal use. Still looks bright and colorful, great graphics. Flash glare spots in photos.1970$30

18400Estate Find. Boy's Hockey Skates. Size 5. All intact. Extra laces and blade guards, original box too. 1950s$24

18396Mr. Mixit Drink Mixer by Ideal. 12" tall. All Mint and complete. Works GREAT! Original sticker still readable.1960$48

18352Pyramid Power Set. Novelty Item. All Mint and complete. Pyramid is plastic, measures 9" x 9" x 7.5" tall. All instructions PLUS the paperback book on Pyramid Power! Box is very good, just the corner tears. 1976$60

18325The Ausable Chasm, NY Felt Beanie Cap. Mint condition. 7" diameter 1960s$10

183132 Rat Fink Gumball Vending Machine Charms. Orange color with Whiskers & Yellow. Both are the Large 1 3/8". Original 1960s Vending Gumball Machine Charm. Comes with 1 ring part. Both for one price. Both in excellent condition.1960s$40

183028 Track Tape Lot. All look in decent shape. 16 for one price. Mellow music.1970s$18

18283Chiquita Banana Premium. Cloth Doll Pattern. All very good. 16" x 11". 1930s$28

18282Kellogg's Cereal Premium Freckles the Frog. Cloth Doll Pattern. 16" x 13". All very good. Normal age creases. 1935$30

182721960s US Navy Enlistment School Book Covers. All Excellent - Never Used. Each measures 20" x 13". Glossy. Lot includes 4 of the Naval & Aviation & 1 of Nuclear Age Navy Sub. Dated 1965. All 5 for one price. I have a few sets available. If you would like to order more than one, click BUY, then go back to site and click BUY again. 1965$12

182641950s Adult Novelty Toy - Souvenir from Catalina. 2.5" diameter. Plastic with rubber native girl figure inside. Turn metal piece and she gyrates. I blacked out the top part. No cracks or tears. Works great. 1950s$60

18228Coke Dispenser by Chilton. No cracks or chips. MINT and Complete condition. Looks un-used! 11" x 12" x 5.5". Has the adapter too. Box is excellent. 1960s$60

18211Vintage 1960s Pillow Transistor Radio by Luxtone. Mint and works. Measures 11" x 10.5". Made in Hong Kong. Plush Pillow with original Bag. 1960s$18

182081950s Childs Chair that converts to desk. This is a great little chair. Have used it for my grand children, they used this up to age 7 or 8, now they are too big. Very sturdy. Seat is about 12" off the floor. Chair measures approx. 2'x 2' and about 14" wide. All excellent & Intact. Metal surface to write or play, eat on. Very handy. Neat 50s design in vinyl. No tears. Just lift back and it makes a desk! 1950s$40

18182Around The World In Bed Game. Adult Game. All very good, excellent. This is a sexual game with a target, dart gun and 3 darts. 1 dart1 is missing the rubber tip. Also complete with candle and dish to hold it. The dart gun works perfectly. Can't show the inside of board, but all excellent.. (my grandkids go on here)..lol. 1969$60

18158Mr. Florida Orange Nodder Bobblehead. All excellent. Small chip on top corner. 5" tall. Marked JAPAN.1950s$18

18156Ross Micro Solid State 7 Transistor Radio. Hong Kong. Mint with all paperwork and box. Model RE717. Measures 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"1960s$60

18154Toshiba Transistor Radio - Japan. Model 7TP-30. 7 Transistor. measures approx. 2.5" x 3" x 1". Has the faux alligator case, paperwork and cardboard box. 1962$60

18150Elvis Painting on Velvet. Wood framed. All Mint condition. Measures 22.5" x 13.5". Signed by artist.1970s$30

18148Baby Butler Child's Folding Chair. All excellent & sturdy. Wooden and metal. 21" tall, 12" x 12". Seat is 12" from floor. Nice to display a large doll in. 1950s$24

18146Vintage Cast Metal Empire State Building NYC Souvenir. Mint condition 8" tall. 1960s$15

18137Amazing Flying Wing Gliders. Hood Ice Cream Giveaways. All Mint. 8" x 5" cardboard. All Mint - Never used with string in cellophane bag. JET SOUND. Based on the Northrop Flying Wing 1949. 9 for $20. 1950s$20

181368 Chevy Car Dealership 8" Paper Plates Lot. All Mint. 1965 & 1966. All for one price. 1965$24

18113I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH Statue by Russ Berrie. LARGE 12" tall. MINT Condition. 1968$20

181061960s Oriental Girl Bobber Head - Nodder Doll. 6" Tall. All very good condition. Composition Material. Made in Japan sticker still intact. 1960s$20

18104Kite Cord Lot. Store Display Box (no lid) with all the unused/unopened kite cords still in it. All for one price. New old store stock!1960s$10

18071Glass Wax Stencils Set. Envelope is torn and taped, but stencils are all excellent. Neat old advertising/Christmas item. 1960s$10

180661950s Firecrackers Package. Measures approx. 3" x 2.5". Unopened. Label missing corner. Never Used. All intact inside. Buck-A-Roo brand. 'Supercharged Flashlight Crackers, Do Not Hold in Hand, Made in China' 24 firecrackers.1950s$28

18055Kodak Duaflex Camera. Nice Old one with Flash Attachment AND un-used large bulb. 1950s$28

18037ITA - Initial Teaching Alphabet Kid's Book. Paperback 9" x 7.5". 30+ pages. All excellent, no tears or writing. This was an experimental teaching method used back then for reading. Printed by Scholastic Books.1965$15

180191960s Christmas Lot. All for one price. Includes all shown: Vinyl 18" quilted stocking, Jingle Bells on card, Betty & Veronica Christmas Spectacular Comic & Lego Japan Santa Bank 5.5" tall. Paper Mache - Mint in original mailing box.1960s$24

18013Elect Frankenstein President Poster. "A Volt For Me is a Jolt for You." 21" x 15.5" Poster from 1984 Dynamite Magazine. No tears, light crease which a colored pencil will hide. Artwork by Walter Valez 1980.1984$30

17994Sweet Earth Fragrant Owl Powander by Coty. 4" tall. MINT ceramic owl. In original box. 1970s$15

17957Sky King Navajo Treasure Ring. 1950 Radio Show Premium from Peter Pan Peanut Butter - turquoise colored stone with silver colored metal ring - Size Adjustable. MINT Condition. Fits small Adult finger!1950$85

17949'Kiddie Notes' Box. Really neat Cardboard with paper litho box. 12" x 6" x 2". Excellent condition with slight age. All intact. Great early graphics. 1940s$30

17929Vintage 1940s/1950s Vending Machine Gumball Charms. 50 Charms, All Mint, all different & from same estate. Plastic and metal, Celluloid. Nice older ones with metal loops on top. Skeletons, Planters Peanuts Advertising and others, Donald Duck, Pinocchio, some celluloid ones. All for one price. Lot21950s$40

17928Vintage 1940s/1950s Vending Machine Gumball Charms. Rings & Charms, 50 All Mint, all different & from same estate. Plastic and metal, Celluloid. Gabby Hayes, Howdy Doody, Pocohontas Rings. Some nice older charms with metal loops on top. All for one price. Lot11950s$35

17927Wild West Express Wooden Train. Novelty Toy. Hand Made & Hand Painted. 7" long. Made in Japan. Mint in Mint Box. 1950s$15

17926Ye Olde Post Road.Novelty Toy. Hand Made Hand Painted. Mint in Mint Box. 3" long Wooden, 1.25" tall. Made in Japan.1950s$15

17924Rag Time Band Figures. Novelty Toy. Hand Made, Hand Painted. Mint in Mint Box. Figures are approx. 1.25" - 2" tall. Made in Japan1950s$15

17923Wooden Knick-Knack Hand Carved Wagon. Novelty Toy. Approx. 3.5"long, 1.25" tall. Mint in Mint box. Made in Japan1950s$15

17917Vintage Original 1960s Chicago Cubs Illinois Wrigley Field Baseball 3/4" Pinback Marked "Made in USA" on edge. Estate find!1960s$18

17894Freedomland Amusement Park. Short-lived destination in Bronx, NY. Nice Souvenir Booklet. Good shape, but original owner crossed out some of items on attractions list. 8" x 11". 16pg.1962$10

178901950s Metal Tin Litho Plaid Kids Case. 12" x 9" x 5". Has dings and dents. good condition. 1950s$18

17887Vintage 1950s/60s Vending Machine Gumball Charms. 100 Charms, All Mint, all different & from same estate. Plastic and metal. Some really neat ones. I especially like the metal fan that opens to reveal religious images - Jesus & Mary,the Egyptian Isis one, and the Monster Faces! All for one price!1950s$40

17875Groovy 1970s Tin Litho Floral File Box. Excellent+ Condition. Measures 12" x 10" x 9". With Key and works great. Nice storage box. 1970s$30

17850Paper Lot from estate. 1960s. The photo of country music group is autographed by them on back. All for one price. Advertising items. & Mini Pearl Magazine with photos and stories. 1960s$10

178311941 Automobile Value Review Booklets. 4" x 5". Lots of info. Approx. 30 pages each. Both for one price.1941$10

17812Vintage 1960s Kids Football Shoulder Pads. Straight from the estate. JC Higgins brand (early Sears).1960s$18

17811Large Novelty Lighter. Made in Japan. Works. You will need to add flint & lighter fluid. Measures 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.5". Metal. 1960s$18

177923 Boy Scout Items from estate. Slide Carving Kit, used. Clay Wolf Head & Pinewood Derby Car. All for one price. 1950s$22

17791Two Early Smokey the Bear Paper items. Estate Find. Early ones. Comic and Info Booklet. Both for one price.1959$10

177703 Vintage Avon Soap Dishes. All vinyl. All mint, all for one price. Panda, Frog & Snoopy.1970s$15

17738Vintage Japan Ceramic Figures. 1st man is 6" tall and a bank. The other is 5" tall. Both are mint and have "hair". Both for one price.1960s$18

177171950s Skin Diver Cereal Premium. 9" long. Original Mailing box. Return address on label Detroit 32, MICH.(Same as Kellogg's Atomic Sub). All looks complete. The red rubber ball (floating device?) has dried from age. All other parts Mint. RARE!1950s$60

177161950s Kellogg's "Western Stage Coach" Cereal Premium . This was a mail-a-way offer only, sending 35 cents along with a box top from Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Sugar Pops, or Sugar Smacks. Measures approx. 7" long, dark brown plastic with "Western Stage" on each door; no cracks, Mint condition. Includes spring on the inside with lever on the wheel you crank and let go to create propulsion. Mint in original Mailer box with original label attached. 1950s$45

17673Pocket Fisherman by Popeil. All Mint and complete in excellent box. Looks Unused! Spin Casting Outfit. Measures about 9" long. Folded up opens to about 18" long. 1975$28

17668Polaroid's Party Pack. Games & Fun Ideas to use with your Polaroid Camera. Mint complete. Unused!1969$18

17650The UN-Candle - Floating Candle Set of 2 by Corning Glass. Both are 9" tall, mint and complete with extra floaters and wicks. Good box, shows edge wear from storage. 1970s$18

17641Super Long Pencil. Really works with normal eraser. 58" long, just under 5 feet long. Mint. Novelty.1970s$18

17631Son of the Instant Button Book. All Excellent with 49 Instant sticker buttons. Each is 1.5" diameter. Book measures 10" x 3.5". Groovy.1969$15

17602Arcade Cards from the old Arcade Machines. 5" x 3". All mint - with sayings, stories on them. 12 different ones, some doubles. All for one price. 1942$10

17540Stars & Stripes Candlestick Telephone by Western Electric. 12" tall. All Excellent and works. Takes the normal modular plug we use today.1973$40

175204 Vintage NY State Felt Pennants. NYC and others PLUS 2 mint school letter patches. All from same estate, all for one price.1950s$18

1749211 Presidential Political Pins, From 1933 to 1960s. All excellent & original. From estate. Selling as one lot. 1960s$30

17491Two vintage packs of Presidential Cigarettes. Believed to be from JFK to Reagan era. The smaller is a cardboard sleeve with embossed emblem. Larger 100 size cigs, all unused in open pack, also embossed Presidential emblem and flag. Both for one price.1970s$30

17437GO METS 3" Pin Back by The NY News. Mint. Original 1960s. 1960s$18

173422 1960s Hard Cover books. The REAL BOOK ABOUT AIRPLANES & TOM SWIFT AND HIS REPELATRON SKYWAY. Both excellent condition. 1960s$10

17320Tab Soda Glass. Tab Diet Soft Drink Soda was invented in 1963. They used a IBM 1401 computer to come up with a name for it! Made by the Coca-Cola Company, The beverage is "marketed to consumers who want to keep 'tabs' on their weight." The hourglass design glasses were also a marketing tool for the soda, to remind you - it would help give you the "hourglass" figure. I have a few of these in stock.. if you want more than one, just click BUY and back out of shopping cart & click BUY again. All are Mint condition. 6.75" tall. Lettering is perfect. Very cool.  1960s$10

17214COMIN' 'ROUND THE KATZKILLS By Mickey Katz. Good condition. LP Record Album. 1960s$10

17184Nice early McDonald's Drive In Restaurant promotional item. "The Night Before Cbristmas" narrated by Ronald McDonald. 45 r.p.m.Excellent/Mint.1963$15

17134Fly-Tying Kit. Mint Complete and never used! Box shows age & wear. 1971$18

171174 Humor books. Political & Celebrities. Allen & Rossi Meet the Great Society 1965 & What Goes On Here 1963. Also, 1964 BEAT IT KID,YOU CAN'T VOTE & 1967 LOOKS LIKE A LANDSLIDE.Each are 5" x 8". All Mint. All for one price. 1960s$18

171162 News Reals 1960s Humor Books. Both Mint . 5" x 8". Political Humor. Paperback. Both for one price. 1960s$10

171151960s - 4 Who's In Charge Books & Playboy's Teevee Jeebies. Humor Books. All Mint. Funny quotes on real photos or TV scenes from the 60s. Each book is 5" x 8". No tears or missing pages or writing. 1962 - 1963. All 4 for one price. 1960s$18

17101Whistle Switch - "The Magic World of Sound Command." Mint in Box and complete. You plug this in wall, then plug your lamp or whatever into it. Squeeze the little whistle and it turns it off or on. 1960s$10

170981960s Vintage Ankh Medallion for a necklace. Metal All Mint. approx. 3" long. 1960s$10

17066Playboy's Ribald Classics. Adult Tales of Love and Laughter for Readers of Sophisticated Taste. Excellent. Paperback book.1966$10

17033Tiki Mug. 7" tall. All excellent. Made by Jard Products for Hawaii Kai. 1960s$18

16989Juv-O-Pedic Toddler Leather Shoes. in original box. PLUS> Kids Bunny Slippers. Nice old set. All clean. The bunny heads are rubber and at one time squeaked.. but the rubber is hard. Very cute. Both for one price!1950s$10

16950Talking Greeting Card, Christmas. 4" x 4". Still sealed. You would run your fingernail along the strip to hear it talk. 1950s$18

16899BIG TOP Circus Book. 10" tall, Opens to 14" diameter. Made in Holland. The book has six different 3D pop-up sections that unfold into a Big Top tent. A few little tears but the spine is intact. all pages are there. String to tie together is still intact. 1940s$30

16643Childs Book of Magic & 6 Hokus Pokus Tricks. Book is dated 1949 and 6" x 5". All excellent and intact. 2 bottom HP tricks are missing contents. 1949$15

165771950s Baby Exerciser Play Mate by Welsh. This is all intact and works. Metal & Vinyl bouncy chair for a baby. 28" tall by 24" long and 16" wide. Folds down to 8" tall. 1950s$18

16432Santa's Fun Book. 3 Dimentional with pop up pages. Comes with original box. All pages intact.10.5" x 8.5"1960s$15

16364Clown Mirror Clothes hanger. Found in estate. Missing a knob. Cute. Measures approx. 14" tall. 1962$12

16168Vintage Blow Mold Plastic Halloween Pumpkin with Black Cat and Witches. approx. 16" tall. All excellent. Incised on bottom "Empire." No cracks or chips. There is the normal hole in back where you can put a light bulb in. Also, the original owner put some rocks in the hole to weigh it down.1960s$28

16005Vintage Cardboard Toy box. Measures 20" x 12" x 12". This was in the estate.. have seen these before, this is the nicest I have seen. This one looks really great, except missing the lid. Great for your toy display! Very Sturdy.1960$18

15945Flasher Dog Light by Electric Animal Co. This is plastic and 6" tall. It does not work. 1950s$10

15809Seahorse Souvenir with Display Card. Seahorse is 3" long.1955$10

149951970s Snail or Turtle Salt & Pepper Shakers. Both mint. Made in Japan. Neon colors. 3.5" long. 2.75" tall. 1970s$15

Info - Great Northeast Power Blackout 1965 11/9/65 Flashback to 60s - 70s
Theme - Palisades Amusement Park Words to "Eve Of Destruction" Anti War Song
60s Public Service Commercial NYC Radio Freedomland Amusement Park Site
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