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204231950s - 60s Boys Mysteries Book Lot. All hardcover. 6 Hardy Boys 1955, 3 Power Boys 1964. All Excellent+ Condition. No writing, no tears. All for one price!1950s$24

20422Wizard of Oz hardcover book. 9" x 12.5". Published by Duell Sloan and Pearce. Excellent+ Condition. No writing, no tears. Like New!1958$18

20421Coolerama - Picnic Thermos Jug. Beautiful condition. Straight from the estate. Tin Litho is like new. Great color. NO dings. or wear, mint. cap works great. the insert for top is there with the rubber gasket. Inside is bright and clean. I tested and water comes out fine. Measures 10" tall to top of cap. Nice. 1950s$45

20417Tote-A-Tune Portable Organ by General Electric. MINT Condition and works great. Measures 15" x 8" x 3". Comes with directions and original song book. Takes batteries.1971$45

20395Vintage Santa Door Decoration. Large 19" x 13" by approx. 4" deep! Vacuum form molded. Two small tears at top and bottom. Great color. Very detailed. 1960s$24

20384Sunset Party Maker 110 Portable Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. ALL MINT. Measures 8" x 7" x 2". No reels. Box has tear. (Flash glare in first photo). Made in Japan. Has instructions, Microphone, empty reel box. 1960s$45

20381Dymo Labelmaker - Original and works. comes with two cartridges1960s$18

20380Original Large 1-3/8” Rat Fink Gumball Machine Charm - with sharp features, pointy noses, tails intact, and “RF” in front. Dark Blue1960s$28

20379Original Large 1-3/8” Rat Fink Gumball Machine Charm - with sharp features, pointy noses, tails intact, and “RF” in front. Yellow.1960s$28

20378Original Large 1-3/8” Rat Fink Gumball Machine Charm - with sharp features, pointy noses, tails intact, and “RF” in front. Orange with whiskers.1960s$28

20374These are the Original 1-3/8” Rat Fink Gumball Machine Charms - with sharp features, pointy noses, tails intact, and “RF” in front.The orange Fink with colored eyes has no ring hole in back and is near-mint. The orange Fink has ring hole and is missing the charm loop. Both for one price.1960s$45

20371Record Album Bowl. Made from an old Dean Martin Record. NO Cracks or chips. All excellent. 8" diameter 3" tall. 1960s$15

20370Aries the Ram framed Zodiac Print. Margot Johnson. 17" x 9". Nice.1968$24

203523 Hit Parader Music Magazines. Photos Stories, etc. All excellent. All for one price. 1966, 1967 & 1969.1966$30

20308Kid's Wall Safe by Suburban Toy. This originally came with an 8" x 10" cardboard picture of a locomotive train, but you can put any picture in it! Front swings open to reveal your safe. It is all MINT and the combination works as it should. Very cool! 1960s$45

202917 Mad Magazines 1969-1971. #126 - 131, 140. All for one price. 1960s$42

202908 Mad Magazines. 1968-1969. #118-125. All for one price. 1960s$48

202898 Mad Magazines. 1967-1968. #109, 111 - 117. All for one price. 1960s$48

202832 Hot Rod Comics. 1965 & 1966. Both for one price1960s$18

202806 Miscellaneous Comics. 2 Classic, Millie the Monster, Army, Marines, Bob Hope. 1960s$24

2027812 Mad Magazines from 1970s. NO front or back covers, magazines are otherwise like new. Also included is a 1968 Cracked Magazine. 150-152, 154, 155, 157-159, 162-165. All for one price. 1970s$18

20276Bird In Cage Music Box. All Excellent+ Condition and works perfectly. Metal Cage Measures 7" tall, 3.5" wide. Windup. Made in Japan. Plays theme from LOVE STORY.

SEE Video of This Music Box In Action

20274Crystal Radio Kit - Built up in original box. by Radio Shack. 1960s$10

202492 Easter Bunny Cardboard & Fuzzy Candy Containers. Both for one price. 8" tall. Spring necks. Made in Japan.1950s$35

20248Three 1950s - 60s 3 Ring Looseleaf Binders. 11" x 9". All for one price. 1950s$24

20246TV, Movie Star & Romance Magazines. All dated 1960s. Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Beatles. etc. All 7 for one price1960s$24

20245Three cloth? like Baby Books. 9" x 8.5". All Mint. All for one price1954$18

20180THE BIRD Hanging Mobile by Executive Games.7" Bouncing Bird on metal spring. All Mint condition in Excellent+ Box. 1971$65

20179Sports Cars Trading Cards by Topps. These are Exotic Sports Cars. #4,9,44 & 51. All excellent. All for one price. 1961$15

201681960s Kid's Confederate Rebel Souvenir Hat with feather. 1960s$18

20151Pair of Readylite Battery Candles. Mint in Box. Look just like batteries. 1978$18

20149Rite Hite Toy Chest. This is very cool. Made by Wolverine. Tin Litho, with sturdy metal shelves. Measures 41" tall, 18" wide & 15" deep. 3 shelves. I took it apart for shipping. Very easy. All intact. Has cardboard roof, the rest is metal. Excellent condition. No dents. Just amazing. Due to size, Shipping will be extra on this and will not be calculated in shopping cart. Box weighs 21 lbs. and measures 37" x 20" x 6". Estimated shipping in USA is $45 - $60. Email me if you want exact amt. (I can meet Northeast US customers to deliver)1960s$120

20138Beech-Nut Peppermint Gum - Jack Paar Advertising - Counter Display, Cardboard Bucket for penny gum. 5" x 5.5". Great color. Late 1950s - early 1960s.1960s$18

20137Beech-Nut Fruit Stripe Gum Counter Display, Cardboard Bucket for penny gum. 5" x 5.5". Great color. Late 1950s - early 1960s.1960s$18

20095New England Patriots Kids Football Helmet. Large size. All very good. Sticker is just on one side. 1970s$30

20094Cowboys Football Helmet. Kids size by Rawlings. All very good condition. 1970s$24

20074Casino Crown Slot Machine. Made by WACO - Japan. Large one 16" tall x 10" x 8". All excellent+ condition. Works GREAT! No breaks. You don't need batteries, but you can use 2 'C' batteries for the pop up light, (I didn't have C's). Takes quarters, or works without. Rings and has sounds. Payoff works great! Must order and ship alone due to weight. 1970$65

20073Surfer - Hot Rod Iron Cross Medallion. Aluminum. Large approx. 3" x 3". 1960s$24

20072Elvis Lot - 2 LP Record Albums. 1960s. PLUS 1956 Elvis 2.25" diameter Vari-vue Flicker Pinback. All good. All 3 items. Flash glare on album.1950s$45

200711950s Baseball Lot from estate. Includes all shown. Martin Marion Baseball, Vern Law Glove, Rawling's Fleetfoot Cleats. 1950s$45

200701968 Baseball Paper Lot. All for one price. Schedule, Carl Yastrzemski The Sporting News Trading card, 4 Topps Cards.1968$24

200441950s Leather Cowboy Boot & Spurs Lot from estate. These are beautiful. Measure about 8" tall and long. Excellent. And, they come with the kid spurs, which are mint! I am also adding in the one odd boot found in estate, I love the color. All for one price. 1950s$60

20014Teen Creed Felt Banner. 24" x 13". Mint condition. Plastic ends. 1960s$18

19960Child's Vinyl Rain Scarf. Mint Condition. 30" x 15". 'It's Raining Cats & Dogs.'1960s$18

199411950s early 1960s Child Size Table & 2 Chairs. Formica over wood with wrought iron legs. Chairs are padded vinyl with wrought iron legs. Vinyl looks great, with no major problems, buttons and piping all intact. Really well made set. The chair legs are attached to the part that goes up the back (which makes them very sturdy), but has also added height to the box when packed. Weight is 36 lb. Package dimensions are 26" x 19" x 18". A few dings here and there, but overall looks very nice. My own grand-kids have used it over the years.. but they are all too big now. Height of table is 21". Chair Seats are 13" from floor. Table top is 24" x 18". Chairs are 24" tall. Made by Scharco Mfg. Corp. "Grow-Rite Table and Chair Set." Shipping is extra on this, and won't be calculated in shopping cart. (Shipped est. $45 - $85)Or I can meet Northeast US Customers.1950s$95

19921AIWA TP-40 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. Japan. All Minty condition. Measures 9" x 8" x 2.5". Has ear phone, Styrofoam insert and nice box. Battery box looks new. 1960s$60

19914School Workbooks from estate. All for one price. Most are dated early 1960s. The Adventures in Arithmetic is dated 1950s. There are also 2 School Library book catalogs in lot. 1960s$18

19859Class of 1973. Original - from estate. 5.5" glass mug. Mint condition. 1973$18

19857The UN-Candle - Floating Candle Set of 2 large by Corning Glass. Both are 9" tall, mint and complete with extra floaters and wicks. Good box, shows edge wear from storage. ALSO> Included one mint in box small 4" size. with all supplies. ALL For one price!1970s$15

19856Little Professor Lot by Texas Instruments. 2 Sets, with boxes and booklets. All looks GREAT. There is one working calc, and the other non working. Selling all together. 1976$24

197611950s Kid's Scrapbook. 18" x 15". A few pages filled with 26 Valentines and other cards. Most are loose in book. 1950s$20

19689Mini Felt and 2 other Pennants lot PLUS Large NY pennants & school letters from estate. Some on original stick or large pencil. Pennants measure 7" to 18" long. All 14 for one price.1950s$18

19685Kellogg's Cereal Premium Freckles the Frog. Cloth Doll Pattern. 16" x 13". All very good. Normal age creases. 1935$18

19683Vintage Radio - Clock - High Intensity Lamp. 'Slumber Center' bedside radio unit, Hong Kong. Base measures 9" x 7". Lamp works and has 3 settings. AM & FM radio works too. I didn't see the clock working.. it may need a nudge. 1960s$24

19676Little Slugger Cleanup Kit. All mint and complete. Intact in nice 8" x 8" box. Never Used!1950$24

19459Estate Find. Boy's Hockey Skates. Size 5. All intact. Extra laces and blade guards, original box too. Leather is all excellent. 1950s$18

19457'Kiddie Notes' Box. Really neat Cardboard with paper litho box. 12" x 6" x 2". Excellent condition with slight age. All intact. Great early graphics. 1940s$18

19265Little Black Sambo Board (only),for game & The Little Black Sambo Story Book. by Platt & Munk. 10" x 8" Hardcover book. All excellent. No Tears, bright and clean. Looks hardly opened! Inscription to child on front page. Dust jacket is excellent. Small tear. Both for one price. 1953$45

19214WW2 Handpainted Silk Pillow Cover. US Navy. 20" x 20". Mint with no tears or damage. 1940s$24

19199Boy Scout Scout Master Cornerstone Training Kit. Case with directions and Cassette Tapes. 19" x 11" x 4"1974$18

19121Antique Stuffed Crane Bird. Very soft,, felt like material. Wire legs & wood beak. Hand Painted. 9" tall. All excellent. 1950s$18

190864 Vintage 'Men's' Magazines. All Good condition. 3 are 1960s, Leatherneck is 1970. War stories, WW2 - Vietnam. Crime, Racy Cartoons. All for one price. 1960s$18

19084Slot Machine Bank. by WACO - Japan. All excellent. Works most of the time. Has all the little 'dime size' coins. Box is worn and torn. One of the spinners is missing the paper, must be inside. 1970s$15

190328 Track Tape Lot. All look in decent shape. 16 for one price. Mellow music.1970s$15

18975Old West Trail Treasure Poke Souvenir Lot. Neat little 7" long bag with 10 Western Tokens inside. All for one price. 1970s$24

18969Wishin' Book Lot. Illustrated Story Books. 5.5" x 5". 12Pgs. 10 books. All excellent no missing pages. All for one price. 1950s$18

18830Two vintage packs of Presidential Cigarettes. Believed to be from JFK to Reagan era. The smaller is a cardboard sleeve with embossed emblem. Larger 100 size cigs, all unused in open pack, also embossed Presidential emblem and flag. Both for one price.1970s$28

18724Vintage Ceramic Tiki Mug. 7" tall. All excellent. Made by Jard Products for Hawaii Kai. 1960s$15

18711Chubby Checker - LET'S TWIST Lot. LP Record Album - Excellent+, and Large 4" Pin back. Both for one price! (Flash glare in photo).1960s$28

18682Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic Camera with unused Flashcubes mint in box. 1960s$18

184583 Vintage German Estate Items> 32 German Tree ID Cards. All Complete. Mint. 2 Stone People. Real stones and fun. mint. about 2.5" tall. Mouse Purse, All Mint. About 5" long. Leather & Plush.. with key ring too. All for one price. All Made in Germany.1960s$18

182721960s US Navy Enlistment School Book Covers. All Excellent - Never Used. Each measures 20" x 13". Glossy. Lot includes 4 of the Naval & Aviation & 1 of Nuclear Age Navy Sub. Dated 1965. All 5 for one price. I have a few sets available. If you would like to order more than one, click BUY, then go back to site and click BUY again. 1965$12

18148Baby Butler Child's Folding Chair. All excellent & sturdy. Wooden and metal. 21" tall, 12" x 12". Seat is 12" from floor. Nice to display a large doll in. 1950s$24

18146Vintage Cast Metal Empire State Building NYC Souvenir. Mint condition 8" tall. 1960s$15

18137Amazing Flying Wing Gliders. Hood Ice Cream Giveaways. All Mint. 8" x 5" cardboard. All Mint - Never used with string in cellophane bag. JET SOUND. Based on the Northrop Flying Wing 1949. 9 for $20. 1950s$20

17994Sweet Earth Fragrant Owl Powander by Coty. 4" tall. MINT ceramic owl. In original box. 1970s$15

17811Large Novelty Lighter. Made in Japan. Works. You will need to add flint & lighter fluid. Measures 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.5". Metal. 1960s$18

177923 Boy Scout Items from estate. Slide Carving Kit, used. Clay Wolf Head & Pinewood Derby Car. All for one price. 1960s$18

17668Polaroid's Party Pack. Games & Fun Ideas to use with your Polaroid Camera. Mint complete. Unused!1969$18

17214COMIN' 'ROUND THE KATZKILLS By Mickey Katz. Good condition. LP Record Album. 1960s$10

171174 Humor books. Political & Celebrities. Allen & Rossi Meet the Great Society 1965 & What Goes On Here 1963. Also, 1964 BEAT IT KID,YOU CAN'T VOTE & 1967 LOOKS LIKE A LANDSLIDE.Each are 5" x 8". All Mint. All for one price. 1960s$18

171151960s - 4 Who's In Charge Books & Playboy's Teevee Jeebies. Humor Books. All Mint. Funny quotes on real photos or TV scenes from the 60s. Each book is 5" x 8". No tears or missing pages or writing. 1962 - 1963. All 4 for one price. 1960s$18

Info - Great Northeast Power Blackout 1965 11/9/65 Flashback to 60s - 70s
Theme - Palisades Amusement Park Words to "Eve Of Destruction" Anti War Song
60s Public Service Commercial NYC Radio Freedomland Amusement Park Site
Mad Magazine Cover Site

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