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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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15692Fisher Price Tiny Teddy Musical Bear #636. Wood. 8" x 6". Works! Very Nice.


15519Two early Keystone Toys. Peg Pictures . All Excellent, complete. Perforated picture cards for you to put colored pegs in. Each pictures is 8" x 8". AND Tot Railroad. All Excellent. Large plastic track with 3 car wooden train. Both for one price!


15518Skier Penguin by MM - Japan. Windup Mechanical Penguin with switch you flip to flap his wings and have him roll along (ski). Very cute and works great! In excellent box too! He measures 5" tall. Tin & Plush.


15517WHOOPS! Fake Vomit by H. Fishlove & Co. Novelty Toy. One of the first big hits designed by Marvin Glass! Mint in packaging. 7" wide.


15514Britains Zoo - Panda Family #9011. Nice rare set to find. Painted Lead Figures. Giant Panda is 1 3/8" tall, 2 3/8" long. Seated baby 1" tall, Standing 3/4" tall. Comes with original wrapping paper and Mint Box.


15511Scotty Dog Key Chain Take-Apart Puzzle. Measures 1.75" long. All mint with chain. 


15510Golf Cart "Round-O-Golf" Kids Metal & Cardboard. Measures 26" tall. Has 2 original plastic golf clubs& 1 ball. A little beat up and worn, but still holds the charm. Very cute.


15433Willy The Penguin Inflatable Doll. by Vanguard. 13" tall vinyl. No tears. Press his foot and he squeaks.


154161950s Santa Pin. 2 1/2" long. Hard Plastic Head of Santa with a flocked beard. When you pull the little bell attached to string, his nose would light up. How I loved these as a kid! He has no battery in him, I believe he takes a "N" size 1.5 volt battery. these are a little shorter than the AAA batteries.


15411Radio Station by Remco. "Send & Receive Voice & Code up to half mile." All Excellent. complete, except one of the fake knobs is missing.


15397Ideola Juke Box Coin Bank & Music Box. First one I have had, that works! You open the coin slot. Wind it up in back, put in a penny, or any coin - and the music plays. Simple and so cute. Nice Bakelit plastic, 6" x 4" x 2". No cracks or chips.


15315Totsy Tunes Piano Book. All Works and Complete. Nice old wooden piano with attached song book. No torn or missing pages. Measures approx. 8.5" x 16"


15299Wind Up Bear by Modern Toys. 5" long. Plush on metal. Mechanical. Works. Original paper label intact.


15298PETE THE PUP by Noma. He is 11.5" tall, with over-sized composition head, googly-eyed with white face mask,black floppy ears,red nose,wide beaming smile,on all-wooden body with jointing at shoulders,elbows,wrists,waist,hips,knees and ankles,oversized feet for balancing; his body with painted green and black costume,yellow gloves. A label "Pete,des. & Copr by J.L. Kallus"is on his chest. The series Hot-Dog Cartoons featuring Pete the Pup was created by Walter Lantz for Bray Studios which went bankrupt in 1927 before the cartoons could be created,Lantz later went on to Hollywood and created Woody Woodpecker. A doll model of the Pup was designed and produced by Joseph Kallus for Cameo,circa 1927. His composition head shows chipping and wear. His body joints are still tight.Decal on torso all intact.


15260Lido TV Screen Play set. Beautiful 11.5" x 7" tin litho board to color on or use the magnetic letters. Made by Lido Toy Co.


15189Dizzy Doodler Early Drawing Designing Toy. Metal apparatus. Box is 14" x 14".


15177Adams Salted Mixed Nuts Novelty Joke Toy. Excellent+ Condition. Tin screw top can looks great, when opened - a 24" cloth covered spring snake pops out! Can is 3.5" tall. Inside is a compartment with something that rattles around, so that is sounds like a real can of nuts! Very cool. Still a great joke to play on someone. This is the early version.


15067Gilbert Chemistry Experiment Lab #12015. Nice early one. Tin Litho case measures 13.5" x 9.5" x 1.75". Very Good - looks complete.


15060Early Metal Wire Puzzle Set, also a wood puzzle. All found in estate in neat little paper litho box. Directions are here too. May be as early as 1930s. Made by Geo. E. Schweig & Sons.


14985Comic Rotor Toy. Unusual item, that I have never seen! Measures approx. 6.5" tall and 3.75" wide. Tin Can that opens on top and the outside has round strips of litho cardboard - that you can turn to make 3 different funny characters,with many different combinations. A little beat up but still workable and unique! dated 1949


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1960's Toys

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15704Paint For Fun Art Kit by Grumbacher, NY. Oil Color Painting Set. All Complete and Unused. Metal Table Easel, 4 unused Canvas, tubes of paint, (some have pealing of outside), Art Directions. Painters brush. Never Used! Large 24" x 17" x 4" box.


157031960s 28" Wood Deck Skateboard. Clay wheels, marked ROLLER DERBY.


15702Tenderfoot Skateboard by Nash. 20" long. Wood deck with steel wheels. ON HOLD


15696Ed Roth Custom Monster MR. GASSER Revell Model. 6.5" tall. Missing the piece from shifter in hand to car.. and stem from steering wheel


15693Marx Presidents Set - Washington up to Eisenhower with Maime. All Mint. All complete. approx. 3" tall. Unpainted version.


15686Twiddler Marble Maze by Parker Brothers. Mint & Complete in Box. Measures approx. 8" diam. Very nice box. Another great toy design by Marvin Glass!


15677Caravelle Transmitter - Receiver Radio by Remco. Large set - about 2 feet wide. All excellent & complete with no breaks or cracks! Box shows age. Also included are two SPACE PHONE Walkie Talkies that were found in the box at the estate. 


15676Aussie Boomerang by Wham-O. All excellent condition. No chips or cracks. "Guaranteed to Return." Measures 16.5" long. Sticker is still there.. directions on back.


15675Doodle Poodle by Smethport. Magnetic Drawing Toy. All excellent with original magnet wand. 9" x 7". 


15674Melode Bells by Knickerbocker. Bells are all excellent with no cracks or chips. in good box. "Learn Music by Color"


15662Doodle Poodle by Smethport. Magnetic Drawing Toy. All excellent with original magnet wand. 9" x 7". 


15642Flintstones Interlocking Building Boulders. 100+ pieces. Styrofoam. NO breaks! nubs are all intact. 2 Boulder Balls too. Complete set with directions in Excellent box.


15629Emenee Color Tune Little Accordian. 5.5" x 5" x 3". Mint condition in very good box with directions and Emenee catalog of their toys! Works Great! First one I have had.


15628Gaylord the Walking Dog by Ideal. 20" long and all Mint Condition. NO Cracks or chips. He takes 4 D batteries and works great. When you squeeze his leash is squeaks. When you pull up on the leash he walks, pull up again and he stops..Then, pull again - he walks backwards! He also has his bone which he can pick up with his magnetic nose. Works perfectly.Another great invention by Marvin Glass. Free Shipping in USA.


15624Delicious Detestables Thingmaker type toy by Pressman. OLD STORE STOCK. Still Factory Sealed, never used. Mix ingredients in molds so you can eat candy Bugs. etc. Box is approx. 12" x 14".


15623Luscious Limbs Thingmaker type toy by Pressman. OLD STORE STOCK. Still Factory Sealed, never used. Mix ingredients in molds so you can eat candy body parts. Feet, arms, legs.. etc. Box is approx. 12" x 14". No Cooking necessary. "Eat A Lively Lunch of Limbs."


15617Brain Drain Puzzles by Mattel. All 4 for one price. 3 Mint Old Store Stock, never played, 1 excellent. All different. 9" x 6"


15613Fortune Locket. Tells your fortune. by Transogram. 3" diameter on 11" x 6" card. All Mint still sealed, never opened. Old Store Stock!


15612Metal Jacks and Ball Set. Mint on original card. Never used. by Chemtoy


15545Frisbee by Wham-O. This is the early version with planet names around the top edge. Blue. 9" diameter. Normal scratches. Slight fading in one area. "patent pending"


155442 Wood Yo-Yo's Lg. Royal, Marked "Sweden" on back. Smaller is Duncan. 


15543Siren Whistle Ring. Made in Japan. Mint in Unopened Package. These are the original ones we got back in the 1960s in the Candy Store or Five & Dime. Makes the cool sound and ring is all metal with the elephant cut out on top. 


15540Americana Guitar by Emenee. Awesome - MINT - Like-New Condition! No cracks or chips. Full Size. Very nice display box. Contains all original song books PLUS little catalog of all the Emenee instruments & toys. 


15473Big Magnet. Large 8" Plastic Magnet on original display card. Torn cellophane. Mint.


15464Tiny Toon A Vision by Lakeside. Just like the earlier - larger one by Amsco..but this measures only 9" x 8". There is a lot of edge taping..but I couldn't resist this, since I haven't seen one in so long. All knobs work great!


15462Marble Bag filled with vintage marbles. 1960s 5" vinyl Bag. All Mint condition.


15438Johnny Astro Space Vehicle Toy. Works. Has original Balloon template and undercarriage. No balloons. Box is good. No battery cover. by Topper Toys


15425Nauga Monster. Naugahyde. These were made in the late 1960s early 70s to advertise the new Naugahyde material furniture, Invented by Uniroyal. In fact, this is one of the first ones, has the Uniroyal name AND dated 1967. WOWEE!! Naugahyde (what we now call 'Pleather'), was "an artificial material to resemble leather made from fabric coated with a vinyl resin". He looks like brown color on body in dim lighting, but in bright light in photo, dark Olive Green color. He is Mint condition. 11" tall and 15" wide. FREE Ship USA.


15422Monkey Stix by Ideal. Little Monkeys and sticks. Build neat stuff. Mint - Never opened. Snap together building toy.


15408Slurp Stuffed Animal. Like my website mascot, but this one has arms and legs. Bright Orange! His body is 9" tall, overall length is 14". Hard plastic eyes, with veins showing. Underneath, someone wrote to the previous owner. Made by Esther Miller Creations, Brooklyn, NY FREE Shipping in USA


15390Mighty Tiny Record Player - "The Tinniest Record Player in the World." All Minty and WORKS. There was some battery residue on the one post.. cleaned and works. LOUD.. and tinny sounding, but that is how they sounded. Comes with 4 records. No cracks, chips or breaks. Made in Japan


15385Whee-lo - The Magnetic Spinning Wheel by Maggie Industries. All Mint and works great. Wheelo


15382Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog - 1966. Excellent Condition. No tears or pages missing. This is packed with great toys!


15381Voodoo Puzzle. Brain Teaser. Complete, Mint in Excellent box. 


15380Slide Puzzle Brain Teaser - Map of United States. Mint on Original Card. Never used. Made in Hong Kong. Puzzle measures approx. 3" x 5". 


15378Something's Fishy Puzzle. Brain Teaser. Neat Sardines in Can. All Minty and complete. It even has the solution!


15377Vintage Mail-Away Diode Crystal Radio Kit. All put together. All excellent. Measures approx. 4" x 2.5. Comes with directions and original mailer box. 


15376JUKEPET Jukebox Musical Bank. Made in Japan. 5.5" x 3" x 2.5". When you put in a coin, it would play a little record inside. Unfortunately, the previous owner left the battery in.. one of the contacts inside is really corroded. If you are handy, you could replace or clean it up. But I am selling AS IS. This is only the 2nd one I have found in 20 yrs. Has original worn, torn box and directions. 


15373Showboat by Remco. 4 - 3act plays. Heidi, Pinocchio, Wizard of Oz & Cinderella. All Complete with excellent script book, scenery, figures & stands. Boat is 25" long. Must ship alone due to size. Has chips on top of one smokestack and also on front side edge.


15364Squirman Herman Pet. Soft Plush 11" long with special backing that causes it to squirm, wiggle & jump when you pet or stroke it. Mint, Never used! In Mint box. He has Flicker - VariVue eyes. Blue Fur.


15362Wiz-z-zer Top by Mattel. Mint and complete in Excellent+ box. Never Played with! Wedge Top. Swipe on floor to make it spin.


15330RARE! Penny Bank Shooting Gallery by Hasbro. All Mint - Use a real penny to shoot the targets. Bottles or ringing bell. Complete and works great! If you miss the target, the penny goes into the bank, if you hit targets - the penny comes back to you. Measures 20" x 6" x 5". No cracks looks new, in beautiful box. Designed by Marvin Glass! This is the first one I have seen.. and I just finished a book on his toys, unfortunately this won't make it in my book, but maybe an update. 


15328Caravelle Transmitter - Receiver Radio by Remco. Large set - about 2 feet wide. All excellent & complete with no breaks or cracks! Box shows age. Also included are two SPACE PHONE Walkie Talkies that were found in the box at the estate. 


152931960s Traffic Signal- Light. Made in a vocational school in Pennsylvania. Found in estate. Measures 29" tall 7" x 7" square. Metal with wiring. All wiring looks good. Remote takes 2 "D" batteries. It WORKS! Twist the bottom of control and it buzzes and you twist slightly to change to STOP, WAIT or GO. The STOP-WAIT-GO lenses are plastic and slide nicely into place.. the STOP is crooked in photo. Comes with original box. Must order and ship alone due to size.


15292Fort Knox Combination Safe. This is the largest version they made 8" x 7" x 5.5". Metal. Has a few scratches and wear. comes with the original box. Works great. Combination inside box. Original owner put 2 Green Hornet stickers inside.


15291Skat Skoota Ride on Toy. by Empire. All Excellent Condition. No cracks or breaks. Comes with original box. Box shows age and wear. Must order and ship alone due to size. Scat Scoota


15281Vintage 1960s Leather Tool Belt by Sears. "Genuine Top Grain Leather". Belt part measures approx 30" long. Looks Unused. Mint. The electrical tape is still wrapped, never used. Real metal tools. Sharp saw.


152763 Kids Gumball Machine Plastic Rings. One Devil and two flicker - Vari-Vue Flasher Rings. Mike from the Monkees & Tarzan. All Excellent condition. No breaks. Flickers work great too. All for one price


15269Lego Master Builder Set by Samsonite. Nice early set. Large Box 20" x 12" x 4". Has gears and wheels. All Mint in good box. Front shows wear and tape tears.


15236Baseball Pitching Toy. Wood & Plastic 20" long. Works great. Step on end to launch your ball.


15231Two Mattel Picture Maker Kits. Hot Wheels & Barbie. Both were found all mint and complete in the Barbie Box. All for one price. Draw designs with the stencils.


15216Fun Flowers Thingmaker Toy by Mattel. Make your own Plastic flowers with the molds and working heat machine. Bottles are mostly filled with plastigoop & you can also buy the goop now at Toys R Us. Excellent set and beautiful box.


15203Peg Board Play Tiles by Halsam. Make all kinds of designs on pegboard with the multi colored and shaped plastic pieces. Mint in Excellent box.


15178Super Balls by Wham-O. Original 1965. Large 2" and Small 3/4". Made with Zectron. High Bounce Balls. The large one has some splits in back, but still works like new! Both for same price


151751960s Gyroscope by Hurst. 3.5" tall metal. Worn torn box.


15170Scrooge McDuck Ball Toss Target Game. by Transogram. All excellent and works great! Measures 18" tall, 11" wide. Toss ball and his eyes move, automatic scoring works and has ball return. Nice. no tears. Molded plastic on heavy cardboard. First one of these I have seen ever! How often do you see Scrooge McDuck items?


151681960s Kids Cowboy Coat Rack. Sad L Rac -by Walt Disney. Beautiful litho on board. Bright & Clean - Looks NEW! Measures 19" x 22". Has slots in back to hang on wall. Missing one peg.


15162Marx Go Go Play Tire. Nice heavy plastic, molded tire. Large 21" diameter. used to just roll around or make a tire swing out of it. First one I have ever seen!


15150Lite Brite by Hasbro. All Mint and works. Comes with all the supplies. 4 boxes of pegs. Box is crisp, clean and bright!Another great toy design by Marvin Glass!


15146Magnetic Read 'N Rite Board by Child Guidance. MINT and COMPLETE! Looks new! Tin litho is great. Board measures 20" x 14". Has all the magnetic letters, and cards, Excellent Box. One end flap is off, but in the box.


15143Super Spirograph Drawing Toy by Kenner. The largest Set! All Minty and looks great! Only 1 item missing, the red pen. All paperwork here, etc. Box is bright, crisp and clean!


15141V-8 Visible Engine by Renwal. Built up model All excellent+ condition. I couldn't see any broken or missing pieces. Very impressive job! 1/4 Scale. Measures 14" long and 10" tall. You would hook this up to batteries and it would run.. this one looks like it will too! The original owner even mounted the stand on a nice board, which can be removed.


15131Rat Fink Ring - Red. Large 1 3/8". Original 1960s Vending Gumball Machine Charm. Ring can be removed.


15129Rat Fink Ring - Blue. Large 1 3/8". Original 1960s Vending Gumball Machine Charm. Ring can be removed.


15127Rat Fink Ring - Yellow. Large 1 3/8". Original 1960s Vending Gumball Machine Charm. Ring can be removed.


15126Rat Fink Ring - Orange. Large 1 3/8". Original 1960s Vending Gumball Machine Charm. Ring can be removed.


15118Chicken in the Egg Nesting Toy by Child Craft. Largest Egg is 3.5". All Mint - little chicken is in the smallest egg.


15097Take Apart Phone by Child Guidance. All Mint and complete. Measures 6" x 4" x 4". Nice box too.


15096Gum Machine by Hasbro BOX LID & items shown only. Sorry, no machine. But here is a beautiful lid and all original gums, never opened (gum all inside).. and two parts and directions. (glare in photo)


15088Remco Science Kit Light Optical Engineering #436. Mint and Complete, Parts still sealed. Never Assembled. Also included is the empty tin for Solar System #432. These are the Large Science Kits 11" x 6".


15013Mold Master Set by Kenner. Kit for injection molding of real plastic toys. This is the nicest one I have had. Large 22" x 16" x 5" Box. Has all the items the previous kid made.. they did a good job too. Plus lots of extra plastic chips.. and you can buy replacement plastic at craft stores. All directions and the working heat machine. Nice box too!


15011Rock'em Sock'em Robots by Marx. First Version with large box. Box has bright clean graphics. Robots and arena are all Mint, no cracks or chips & Robots work perfectly. They even make the zinging noise when you knock their block off. Another great toy design by Marvin Glass!Free Shipping in USA.


14997Frustration Ball. Maze Skill Toy. NOT easy to do. by Remco. MINT in Mint Box. approx. 6" diameter.


14988Deelie Bobbers Building Set by Parker Brothers. Little slotted 1" flower shapes allow you to build things. The hard plastic tag ad reads: "This May Be The Road Back to Serenity". All excellent.


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15698Union Skates - by Stevens Mfg. Mint Unused in Excellent+ Box. All Complete. Leather straps, original key. All Pristine. Fits shoe size 3 and up.


15697Water Wiennie by Wham-O. Mint in Package NEVER Opened or used! 6" x 8" card. Power Tube squirts water great distances. Crazy Water Fun!


15618Four Square Cube Puzzle. Brain Teaser. Lucite Geometric Puzzle. Mint in Box.


15616Phony Baloney - Brain Teaser Puzzle. Another cool toy designed by Marvin Glass! You get two! One Mint, Still Sealed, old store stock and one complete and not wrapped that you can play with. Each is 7.5" long. Both for one price.


15537Doodle Balls Magnetic Toy by Smethport Specialty Co. Use the Magnetic Wand to move the balls to draw and make designs. Measures 16" x 11.5". All Excellent. 


15536Nerf Disk by Parker Brothers. 8.5" Mint in Fair Box. Disk is mint condition and soft! Artwork on back by Jack Davis -from Mad Magazine.


15533Wiggle Waggles by Chemtoy. Three businessmen - Oily Rubber Jigglers. Two 8" and one 6". Comes with the original display box..which shows some wear and tear. All for one price. 


15532Tee Bird Flying Disc. Toss & Catch Toy. Frisbee type toy with a handle. Mint with original box. "As Seen On TV"


15531Magical Musical Thing by Mattel. Electronic Musical Toy. Works great! Measures 21" long. Comes with song book and box too. 


15530Trouble Bubble - Pop O Matic Skill Toy by Kohner. Try to pop the colored balls onto the matching platform. All Mint in Very Good box. 


15528Madcap Molly by Kenner. Mechanical Windup "Do It All Dolly" She Skis, Shops and rides a Scooter. Missing the 2 ski poles and scooter handle. Measures approx. 10" tall. She works great. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass!  


15527Color Machine by Play-Doh. Greeting Cards maker. Has all that is shown. Missing the paper and stencils. Works. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass! 


15526Flip Your Top by Kenner. All Mint & Complete in Excellent Box. Fast Action Gyro Top has launcher & 2 sided game board paddle. Skill toy. Tricks & fun. 


15525Snake Twist Puzzle. All Excellent. 17" long. 


15524Hat Full Of Magic by Reiss. "As Seen On TV". Complete & All Excellent in Very Good Box. 


15523Poopatroopers - Little 2" Sky Diving Paratroopers. Selling 3/$10. All Mint unused. Made by Imperial Toy co.


15522Steve Scout Lost In The High Country Camping Set. Items are all Mint in Good box. Missing the sleeping bag. by Kenner. 


15521Paramedic Toy Case. Measures about the size of a lunch box. Tin Litho toy by Ohio Art. Missing the little phones that were inside. Neat little display item though. 


15520Scrubby Puppy Soapster - Bath Toy by Kenner. Mint - Never Used IN MINT BOX! Cool little bath toy, measures 5.5" x 3". You insert a bar of soap inside, under the sponge rollers. Then you wet the rollers and scrub away! Alot more fun than a wash cloth! OLD Store Stock - Unused! Pristine condition.


15516Smurf Figures lot. All Excellent/Mint Condition. Each approx. 2.25" tall. Dated from 1977-1980. Schleich. Hong Kong. Plus 1979 Barber & Doctor Smurfs, All 14 for one price (Guitar Smurf Sold)


15421IMPUZZABLE Brain Teaser Puzzle by Lakeside. Another cool one. MINT still with wrapper. 2.5" x 2.5".


15420Rotten Apple Brain Teaser Puzzle by Lakeside. Made in Hong Kong. Mint - Still Sealed. Never opened. Approx. 3 inches tall.


15372Derry Daring & Her Trick Cycle. The female version of Evel Knievel - also made by Idea. This is dead MINT in MINT box. Never opened until found in estate to photograph. Never Assembled, all paperwork, parts, inserts intact. Doll still sealed. Free Shipping in USA. Side note, the stunt cycles were invented and patented by the great toy inventor Marvin Glass. SEE Video of Original Commercial


153583 Large Kids Activity Books. 14.5" x 11". All Mint Unused. 2 Dot Books, 1 Coloring book. All for one price.


149943 Vintage Windups. All work great. All made in Hong Kong. Godzilla is 4" tall. The other 2 are 4" wide. All for one price.


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