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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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17993Space Spinning Top. Good condition tin litho. Great space graphics. Shows normal age and wear. 5" diameter, 5.5" tall.1950s$40

17930Vintage 1940s/1950s Vending Machine Gumball Charms. 50 Charms, All Mint, all different & from same estate. Plastic and metal, Celluloid. Some nice advertising charms, Devil with jewel eyes, Skeleton, Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Jiminy Cricket, Olive Oyl, Pepsi bottle, All for one price. Lot3 1950s$60

17929Vintage 1940s/1950s Vending Machine Gumball Charms. 50 Charms, All Mint, all different & from same estate. Plastic and metal, Celluloid. Nice older ones. Skeletons, Planters Peanuts Advertising and others, Donald Duck, Pinocchio, some celluloid ones. All for one price. Lot21950s$45

17928Vintage 1940s/1950s Vending Machine Gumball Charms. Rings & Charms, All Mint, all different & from same estate. Plastic and metal, Celluloid. Gabby Hayes, Howdy Doody, Pocohontas Rings. Some nice older charms. All for one price. Lot11950s$35

17927Wild West Express Wooden Train. Novelty Toy. Hand Made & Hand Painted. 7" long. Made in Japan.1950s$18

17926Ye Olde Post Road.Novelty Toy. Hand Made Hand Painted. Mint in Mint Box. 3" long Wooden, 1.25" tall. Made in Japan.1950s$18

17924Rag Time Band Figures. Novelty Toy. Hand Made, Hand Painted. Mint in Mint Box. Figures are approx. 1.25" - 2" tall. Made in Japan1950s$18

17923Wooden Knick-Knack Hand Carved Wagon. Novelty Toy. Approx. 3.5"long, 1.25" tall. Mint in Mint box. Made in Japan1950s$18

17865Early Solar System Presto Slate. 8" x 9". No stylus. All very good condition. Nice early one, these were later called 'Magic Slate'1950s$18

17861Child Guidance Learning Toy - Keys and Locks. All Mint, Works and complete in Excellent Box. Match the colored key to the block, unlock it to release the block. 16" long. Mint.1953$24

17774Skill Drive Magnetic Driving Toy by Tarco. Mint and complete inside! Works great too. Box has age spots. 1959$60

17740Shirley Temple's Magnetic TV Theater by Amsco. 3 Plays, Red Riding Hood, 3 Bears and Sleeping Beauty. All Complete! Stage area measures 18" x 15" x 11". Sturdy Metal framing. You use the magnets to move your characters around the stage. comes with the scripts for each play!1958$95

177181950s Exploding Tank & Bazooka Cereal Premium. Army figure holds a spring missile launcher- bazooka, you load the missile and pull the lever, missile hits side piece of tank, and it explodes. Spring works, Pieces are all mint and complete. The rubber band in tank has disintegrated from age and can be replaced. Tank measures approx. 5.5" long, 2.5" tall. Comes with directions and comic about Tanks. Return address on box Basically same return address on box as the Kellogg's Stage Coach box. New York 46, N.Y. RARE! This set is MINT & COMPLETE> works. (Last photo shows assembled tank - off internet - their barrel missing)1950s$150

177171950s Skin Diver Cereal Premium. 9" long. Original Mailing box. Return address on label Detroit 32, MICH.(Same as Kellogg's Atomic Sub). All looks complete. The red rubber ball (floating device?) has dried from age. All other parts Mint. RARE!1950s$150

177161950s Kellogg's "Western Stage Coach" Cereal Premium . This was a mail-a-way offer only, sending 35 cents along with a box top from Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Sugar Pops, or Sugar Smacks. Measures approx. 7" long, dark brown plastic with "Western Stage" on each door; no cracks, Mint condition. Includes spring on the inside with lever on the wheel you crank and let go to create propulsion. Mint in original Mailer box with original label attached. 1950s$85

17659Gilbert Science - Career Series Automatic Conveyor Erector Set. All Excellent in Large Metal Case. 18" x 10" x 3". Not complete, but a lot here AND two working motor parts! Build Rocket Lauchers, etc. FREE Shipping in USA. Heavy.1959$135

17619Marble King Bag with original marbles. Bag is plastic - measures 10" x 8". All intact with corded drawstring. Marbles are Cat's Eye, Shooter, Marine Crystals, Moonies, Rainbow. Over 150 Marbles in bag. 1950s$60

17080Romper Room Stick Horse. Superb condition. Best I have seen in awhile. 28" long wood stick with vinyl head on top. Great graphics. Bell still attached. MINT!1950s$30

17046Vintage 1950s Giant 4 foot long Mesh Christmas Stocking Filled with Toys - Sealed! (As tall as our grand daughter!)I counted 14 Toys including Auburn Rubber Saw and car, Plastic Horse, Model Kit, Trick Toy in box, Peep Show Box, Bubble Pipe, Marble Game, Coloring Books, Story books and more! Header card is Mint & never written on. Mesh stocking is still sealed - All contents are intact and in great shape, boxed items are not crushed, nothing broken! Small 1" tear in mesh down toward bottom. Comes with original shipping box too! Very rare to find such a large, intact one! FREE Shipping in USA. The box is larger than stocking.. must ship this alone due to size.1950s$185

17042WHOOPS! Fake Vomit by H. Fishlove & Co. Novelty Toy. One of the first big hits designed by Marvin Glass! Mint in packaging. 7" wide.1950s$22

16800Mister Funny Face. Early knockoff toy of Mr. Potato Head. Made by Peerless Playthings. All Good condition. No directions. 1953$18

16774Playskool Plastic Ball Rattle No. 70. Mint in Mint Box. Ball is 2.5" diameter1950s$20

16408Cow Pull Toy. All Mint - no cracks or chips. 14" long 8" tall. 1950s$20

15967Kurly The Rolling Hot Dog. Rubber Squeaky Pig about 6" long. Works. Shows some wear and age spots. Nice box. 1950s$18

15964Pop A Ball Rolling Toy. by Ohio Art. Wooden balls pop on the clowns mouth inside. Dome is fine with no cracks..just normal scratches. Tin Litho is beautiful with pixies all over. Dome is 6" x 6". Wood Handle 20" long. 1950s$35

15510Golf Cart "Round-O-Golf" Kids Metal & Cardboard. Measures 26" tall. Has 2 original plastic golf clubs& 1 ball. A little beat up and worn, but still holds the charm. Very cute.1950s$15

15433Willy The Penguin Inflatable Doll. by Vanguard. 13" tall vinyl. No tears. Press his foot and he squeaks.1950s$15

15315Totsy Tunes Piano Book. All Works and Complete. Nice old wooden piano with attached song book. No torn or missing pages. Measures approx. 8.5" x 16" 1956$12

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1960's Toys

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18017Magnus Chord Organ. MINT and works great. Large 27" x 10" x 10". Sounds perfect. LARGE and heave 23lb. Must order and ship alone due to weight. Cannot be combined for shipping discount. 1960s$65

18006Lite Brite by Hasbro. Make Pictures with Light! All Mint and complete. Works great. Box is good with wear and tear. Another great toy invention by Marvin Glass. 1967$30

18003Think A Dot Computer Game by ESR. Mint and complete. Works. Box shows slight age.

More Info at Think A Dot

17992Tulip Ballerina Spinning Tin Lihto Top by J. Chein. 9" tall. All excellent. No cracks to plastic dome. Once it gets spinning, the Tulip opens to reveal a Ballerina spinning inside. 1960s$60

17974A Strange Change - The Lost World by Mattel. Neat with working heat chamber. Compress your creatures, then let them grow. All Excellent with 12 creatures and tongs. Nice box. 1967$65

17963Digi-Comp 1 FIRST REAL OPERATING DIGITAL COMPUTER IN PLASTIC. By ESR. All mint and complete with all parts and directions. Repaired tear on lid. No breaks to any parts. More Info at Digi-Comp I1963$75

17962Digi-Comp II A BINARY COMPUTER YOU CAN PROGRAM IN MINUTES. By ESR. All Excellent and complete with all parts and directions. No breaks to any parts. Excellent, Beautiful box. Due to size must be ordered and shipped alone. Large 29" x 15" x 4" FREE Shipping in USA. More Info at Digi-Comp II1960s$185

17950Coke Dispenser by Chilton. No cracks or chips. MINT and Complete condition. Looks un-used! 11" x 12" x 5.5". Has the adapter too. Box is excellent. 1960s$60

17943Gerber Jingle Blox. Mint plastic - pyramid building blocks with a jingle bell inside. 14" tall when stacked. Never used. Neat box design.1960s$35

17939Hollywood Spectaculars - Giant Sunglasses. 11" long. MINT in Excellent+ box. Invented by Marvin Glass & Sold by H.Fishlove Novelty Co. (Glare in photo).1960$30

17938Blue Box Toys Lot. 12" x 9.5" Box of Mint Zoo animals. Never used. Also the small accessory pack of Farm Animals. Also unused, mint in package. All for one price. Hong Kong. 1960s$24

17931Secret Squirrel, Squiddly Diddly, Morocco Mole, Winsome Witch - Hanna Barbera. Slide Puzzle. Mint condition. 1960s$75

17916Two neat novelty toys from estate. Whee-Lo Magnetic Spinning toy AND Trombone metal Kazoo. Both excellent and work great. Both for one price. 1960s$30

17903Game A Rola Portable Crayon Game Box. All Complete. Measures 10" x 8" x 2". 1960s$18

17892Kids Toy Lot from estate. All for one price. Ball Skill Toy, Slip on Roller Skates 5", Mr. Gator & Slide Pencil case and the 12" Pinwheel. 1960s$18

17882Tonka Town Play Set for Tiny Tonka Vehicles. Nice Rare Find! This is a portable Vinyl set with Vacuum molded roads and scenery, and two garages with sliding doors. Bright, Clean and Beautiful Condition. Slight cracks on bridge area. Otherwise looks hardly used. Comes with original MINT Vehicles found in case. Opened, it measures 36" long and 32" wide. Closed is approx. 18" x 15" x 6" WOW. FREE Shipping in USA.1960s$175

17868TIP & SLIP Trapeze Marble Bagatelle Game. Mint condition. No cracks or chips. Works great. Skill Game. 10" x 10" by Hasbro.1960s$18

17862Child Guidance Toy Lot. All for one price. Railroad and Runaway Train (battery Operated), works. Train boxes have wear and tear. Runaway Train box is in better shape. All from same estate. 1960s$35

17838Arnold Palmer Table Golf by Ohio Art. Tin litho 29" playing area with all the accessories. Complete and mint condition. Very good box. Box measures 32" x 12" x 4". 1963$75

17819Kid's Miscellaneous Estate Lot of Novelty toys & premiums. 1960s - 1970s. All for one price! Advertising items include: Burger King, Kool Aid, McDonalds, Bobs Big Boy, Cocoa Puffs. Also a bunch of gum ball vending machine charms. Also included is vintage cigar box, that it all fits in. 1960s$35

17806Sooper Snooper 4-Way Scope. Look over and around things. MINT Condition. Works great. 18" tall. 1960s$30

17803Mr. Magician Set by Transogram. Looks mostly complete. Missing wand and magic pencil. Box is excellent. 1968$18

17801Slinky Soldiers by James Industries. Soldiers are MINT condition. 7.5" tall plastic. Box is good with storage wear. 1960s$45

17798Give A Show Projector Lot from estate. Lg box has wear and tear. Still has great graphics. Contents all excellent. Extra slides box is like new. All for one price1960$60

17794Jolly Cholly Magnetic Faces Toy by Peerless Playthings. All Mint & Complete. Very Good box. 1960$24

17784Stickler Puzzle - Brain Teaser. Mint and complete. Very good box, has age stains. 1961$18

17766Marble Tilt Labyrinth Maze. Wood & Plastic. Mint condition. works great. by Pressman. Excellent box too. Maneuver the marble through the maze by turning the knobs to tilt the maze. Yes there is a marble - just not shown. 1960s$28

17764Big Magnet. Large 8" Plastic Magnet on original display card. Torn cellophane. Mint. 1960s$15

17749Chinese Illusions of Magic Set by S.S. Adams Neptune NJ. Complete with all the original tricks plus one more! All are complete with directions. The pitcher is glass. All items MINT. RARE Set to find. Sold only by Sears. (Shipping Card inside box). 1960s$95

17741Golden Trumpet by Emenee. All Excellent and Complete in very good carrying case. Even the little music book holder is here!1960s$30

17737Donald Duck Lawn Sprinkler. This measures 4 1/2 feet tall. Donald's head at top with hole for water to shoot out of.. on bottom is the metal stake to put in ground and a side mount for screwing in your water hose. All excellent+ with no breaks. Bright & Clean. FREE Shipping In USA1960s$135

17731Rocket Shute Toy - Pretty cool little rocket toy. All Mint and Complete. Works. About 8" long. In Good box. Directions too. 1960s$30

17691Gilbert Microscope & Lab. All Minty and looks complete. All slides with animal parts are intact. Neat clear plastic - slide off lid. Approx 12" x 10" x 3". 1963$38

17688Totem Candy Dispenser. Made in Hong Kong. Pez knock off. 3.75" tall. Lemon Head Monster. Missing the insert - that would push the candy up.1960s$15

17662Yogi Bird Wall Walker Toy by Tigrett. Mint in original package. 5" long.1960$24

17597Bizzy Buzz Buzz Drawing Toy by Ohio Art. First Version - Patent Pending. Mint and works. No pens, but it takes the normal ball point refills. 1966$35

17596Delicious Detestables by Pressman. Mint & Sealed. Make your own creepy snacks. 1960s$30

17584Mr. Kelly's Car Wash by Remco. Battery Operated 25" long. All excellent and works! Originally came with 2 cars, has one car. The plastic top has normal warping from age, but not as bad as some I have seen. Box is beautiful. FREE Shipping in USA. Must order & ship alone due to size. Cannot combine shipping on this.1962$225

17579Jingle Jump by Jak Pak. Foot Action Novelty Toy. Mint in Very Good box. 1964$45

17549Marx Presidents set & Capitol Building. All mint and complete in good box. 1960s$60

17545Monster Magnet by Wham-O. 9" tall. All Very good. Pick up metal things with this. 1965$15

17468Spirograph by Kenner. No.401, first issue. All Mint and complete inside. excellent box. Also included are two different Refill kits, 1 still sealed. All found in estate. All for one price1967$60

17432Brain Teaser Puzzle Lot. All from same estate. Soma by Parker Brothers w/directions 1969, One Way & Instant Insanity (no directions - but videos on YouTube) Wit's End by Reiss Mint and complete 1971.All for one price!1960s$30

174313D Viewer Lot. All for one price. Stereomat with original cardboard, with slides, Tru Vue Viewer and Pocket Viewer for Viewmaster Reels. Hong Kong. 1960s$22

17377Mattel's Injector Western World Set. Has all the molds, directions, plastic parts, etc. Even has the advertising booklet from Mattel on their other sets. Box is fair, worn, torn, taped. 1968$35

173723 Vintage 1960s Slinky. Regular size and the Slinky Jr. Original metal ones! Boxes are very good, show some age. by James Industries.1960s$35

17360Double Dare Skill Puzzle by Transogram. Mint in original good box. This is the one where they offer you double your money back if you do the puzzle. You have to send them a color photo. Box has some wear and tear. 1969$28

17348Saf-T-Saw Electric Jig Saw. Battery Operated. Mint condition. Works Great. Really cuts through styrofoam, etc. 1960s$18

17307Try-It Maze by Milton Bradley. 4" cube maze with marble. All excellent, no cracks or chips. With original box, no lid.1960s$28

17290Crazy Maze by Lakeside Toys. MINT condition in Excellent Box. 12" diameter marble maze game.1966$28

17274Glow in the Dark Ping Pong Paddle. Mint with original label. 1960s$10

17261Doodle Lite Drawing Toy. Battery Operated. Use the Glo Worm to draw with light. Works. All mint inside in very good box. Another great toy designed by Marvin Glass.1960s$24

17241Astrolite - Build futuristic cities with light. Color wheel allows you to change colors too. Works. All mint in good box. Another great invention by Marvin Glass.1969$60

171903 Wind Up Spinning Fruit People - Made in Japan. Each about 4" tall. The Tomato & Lemon works, Watermelon does not. All for one price. Plastic. All great looking! 1960s$28

17167Skat-Skoota Ride on pedal toy. by Empire. Excellent+ with no cracks or chips. Works great. Clean.1960s$48

17130Periscope 18" long. All intact and works great. Paper litho has some slight age spots. 1960s$18

17113Hoppity Horse by Sun Rubber Co. Ride On - Hopping Toy. All Excllent/Mint. Looks great. Holds air perfectly. 20" tall.1969$35

16973Presidents of the USA Handpainted Figures lot in good box. Figures are all mint. 2" tall. Washington to Johnson. 35 figures. Made by Jajaco Hong Kong. Box approx. 10" x 14"1960s$38

16968Twiddler Marble Maze by Parker Brothers. Mint & Complete in Box. Measures approx. 8" diam. Very nice box. Another great toy design by Marvin Glass!1969$18

16887Busy Boy Tool Chest by Ohio Art. Tin Litho box with the tools shown. 8" x 3.5" x 1.5". All excellent. 1960s$15

16845Sure-Hit Baseball Bat by Irwin Toys. Flat bat measures 4" wide at top, and is 29" long. All Excellent. no cracks.1960s$24

166182 Party Punch Out Game Boards. One is used, the other Mint and unused. 3" x 2.5". 1960s$10

16427Spotty Rocking Horse. Advertisement toy by Gerber Baby Food. Measures 22" long, 14" tall, 7" deep. Solid wood. Nice paint. Very sturdy. Missing the peg handles. 1960s$22

164078" Piggy Bank. Marked Pat. Pend. Eyes & mouth move when you put in coins.. and bell rings. Has the plug. 1960s$15

16375Playskool Vacuum. 24" long. All excellent wood and plastic. The balls pop around inside when you roll it. 1960s$18

16193Yo Gun by Ideal. Neat little apparatus, you pull the trigger to bring the ball up. This was first patented in 1954 as an exercise & amusement toy for children. "There is always a need for an inexpensive device which will challenge the skill of or otherwise amuse a child so as to occupy his time and provide him with pleasant recreation." Mint & works great.1960s$60

16005Vintage Cardboard Toy box. Measures 20" x 12" x 12". This was in the estate.. have seen these before, this is the nicest I have seen. This one looks really great, except missing the lid. Great for your toy display! Very Sturdy.1960$22

15849Magic See Puzzles by Whitman. Mint - Complete in Box. Use the "Magic Viewer" to see the pictures change. Another cool toy I have never seen. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass!  1969$10

15789Sketch-O-Matic. Drawing Toy - Draw & Erase. By Kohner. All Mint with no cracks or chips. Works Great. 1960$24

15380Slide Puzzle Brain Teaser - Map of United States. Mint on Original Card. Never used. Made in Hong Kong. Puzzle measures approx. 3" x 5". 1960s$10

15118Chicken in the Egg Nesting Toy by Child Craft. Largest Egg is 3.5". All Mint - little chicken is in the smallest egg. 1960s$20

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17998Handy Andy Tool Set by Sil-Craft. Looks all Minty and Unused. All the tools are here too! Tin Litho Case is in great shape - measures 16" x 8" x 2". Bright and clean.1972$45

17988Playskool Camper. All Mint with no cracks or chips. Large 17.5" long by 7.5" x 8.5". Has all the accessories shown. 1970s$35

17964Vertibird Rescue Ship by Mattel. All Excellent+ Condition. No cracks or chips. Works GREAT! 41" long. Box is excellent. Has the accessories,no directions. Battery box looks new. Free Shipping in USA. Must order alone due to size. SEE Video of This Toy In Action1973$335

179365 Goofy Changeables Figures by Leaf. 2.5" tall. All are excellent. All for one price.1970s$40

17823Chutes Away!! the Air Rescue Target Game by Gabriel. All Mint and Complete, Works Great. Excellent box too. 1977$120

17820Skycrane Helicopter Set by Schaper. Motorized Toy, both motors work great! All is minty. One damaged piece, the handle on one bucket needs to be glued. All parts are here, directions, nice box too. FREE Shipping in USA.1974$135

17763Yo Yo Champ Linda Sengpiel Set Sealed on its original card. The card is 11-1/2 by 16 inches. Includes wooden yoyo, instruction book, club card, four pinback buttons, two stickers and two extra strings.1970s$20

17762Hat Full Of Magic by Reiss. "As Seen On TV". Complete & All Excellent in Very Good Box. 1976$28

17755Giant Tinker Toy Set. Round parts are 5.25" to 6.50" in diameter. There are 51 pieces. No cracks or chips. Heavy 18lb. must order & ship alone, cannot combine shipping with this. 1970s$60

17612Inchworm Ride On Toy by Empire Plastics. 24" long, 6" wide. All excellent. NO cracks or chips. 1972$45

17552Original 1960s/70s Klakers - Mint in original package. NEVER USED! Slight age and wear to header cards from storage. But contents are MINT. Acrylic balls with string, this brand did not come with a ring. (You can easily add your own ring to the string)These are translucent colors. I have several in stock, but quantities are limited. If you would like to order up to 3 sets, just go back and click the BUY button again. 1970s$30

17396Sky Diver by Norstar Toys. Hong Kong. 12" Parachutist with 42" diameter Parachute, no tears! (Goes up like a kite, down like a Parachute). Box is excellent+. Bright and clean! I will leave to new owner to untangle the string. All intact.1970$28

17336Funny Pumper by Play-Doh. All Mint and complete with all the molds. Works great. Empty vintage can of playdoh included. First one I have ever seen!1970s$30

17300Crystal Climbers - Lucite Building Set. Large box 16" x 12". Box is poor, but contents are all Mint and complete. 1970s$35

17238See-Action Football Game by Kenner. All looks good. Need a new bulb. Missing the one yellow slide piece. 1973$35

17230Playskool Take Apart Car. Wood and Plastic. All complete. Steering wheel is broken and missing the nut to hold in. Box has flap tears and tape. 1970s$30

17175Big Bird's Walking Letters Set. Nice MINT set. Complete. Ramp Walker Letters are about 3" tall. Folding ramp included. All pristine condition. Sesame Street - Jim Henson1971$60

16979Doodle Balls Magnetic Toy by Smethport Specialty Co. Use the Magnetic Wand to move the balls to draw and make designs. Measures 16" x 11.5". All Excellent. 1976$18

16823Playskool Computer Toy. Measures 14" x 12" x 4". Nice display. Non working.1972$10

16565Magic Rocks Set. Mint - Never Used in very good box. 1971$20

16559IMPUZZABLE Brain Teaser Puzzle by Lakeside. Another cool one. MINT still with wrapper. 2.5" x 2.5". 1970$15

16480Playmobil Farmers Deluxe Set - with pieces shown. Box has wear and tear.1979$18

15527Color Machine by Play-Doh. Greeting Cards maker. Has all that is shown. Missing the paper and stencils. Works. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass! 1970$18

15520Scrubby Puppy Soapster - Bath Toy by Kenner. Mint - Never Used IN MINT BOX! Cool little bath toy, measures 5.5" x 3". You insert a bar of soap inside, under the sponge rollers. Then you wet the rollers and scrub away! Alot more fun than a wash cloth! OLD Store Stock - Unused! Pristine condition.1977$10

153583 Large Kids Activity Books. 14.5" x 11". All Mint Unused. 2 Dot Books, 1 Coloring book. All for one price. 1970$10

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