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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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19885Brickplayer - The Bricks & Mortar Building Kit. Real little bricks. Two old dried out tubes of cement. Metal trowel, Paperwork, Wood Roof Beams, Roofs, Blueprints, etc. Metal doors. Weight is 8 lbs. shipped. Made by Spears, England.1940sSOLD
19876King's Knights by Lido set. Plastic 2.75" knights, 3.5" long horses. 7 Horses, 7 Knights with accessories. All Mint. Box has wear and tear.1950s$30

19873Dexterity Puzzle. 2 sided. Mint condition. Made in Japan. 2.75" diameter. Cardboard & glass. 1950s$18

19860Jr. Champ Jump Rope. MINT in Box. Wood Handles & Braided Cord. Box excellent. 1950s$10

19822Popeye Slide Puzzle by Roalex. Mint 3" x 3" puzzle on 7" x 6.5" Excellent card. Nice early one. 1950s$85

198211930s League of Nations Dexterity Puzzle. (Early United Nations). This is very nice 4" diameter. Directions on back. Small area has the plastic pushed down a little, but all works ok. Great graphics & historical item! Other countries were trying to get the USA to join The League of Nations, which they never did. 1930s$85

19814Telephone Switchboard - Made in Western Germany. Plastic 11" x 7" x 3.5". All MINT. Battery Operated. It would light up and buzz. I don't have C batteries, but all looks great. Little flicker pictures on each switch. Original box is good. 1950s$38

19789Two Sets of Plastic 3" Indian figures with 13" hard plastic canoes. No makers mark. 1950s$40

19771Antique Handmade 3 Color Swirl Onionskin Marble. 1.5" diameter. Nice early one found in estate. Looks great, has a few air bubbles in it. Unfortunately, the one part chipped off, so there is a flat spot. Displays great, and you don't notice any damage. 1930s$18

19746Wooden Cash Register found in estate. 8" x 8.5" x 8". Drawer opens when you pull.. button kinda work, bells does not ring. 1950s$18

19618US Map Slide Puzzle by Roalex. Mint - Never removed from card. Puzzle is 5" x 3" on 7" x 6" card. Card is taped on seam, on back. 1950s$15

19581Magic Skull Brain Teaser Puzzle. MINT and complete with solution. 2.25" x 1.25" container. Dated 19531953$22

19511Large Tin Litho Frog Clicker. 3" long. Works great. My dog hates it. 1950s$10

19449Puzzle Package by Pressman. Metal Wire Puzzles. Mint and complete in 17" x 10" box. Little tin cups to hold each one. Directions too. 1940s$30

19438Paul Bunyan Giant Building Set. Made of 'Sturdy Kraft Board' 58 Giant Logs. They are lithoed strips of cardboard. Long pieces are about 38" long, with many different shaped smaller ones. You can build houses to go in. All in good condition. Box is large and must order alone due to size. 39" x 9" x 5". Made by Train-Rite Toys.1950s$60

194371950s Stacking Blocks. Each measures about 7" deep. Cardboard litho over thick cardboard. They show age and wear BUT each one has a squeaker under the cardboard! Each one works and is a different tone/sound to match the animal. 1950s$24

18508Early Stamps & Stamp Pad set. All found together in estate. Looks like Circus theme. All for one price.1930s$20

18440Kiddie Shoe Shine Bank by Amsco. Metal with decals. 9" x 6". Carrying Strap is intact. 1950s$18

18238Schoenhut Wood Piano. All Nice, all keys work. Measures 12" x 11" x 5".1950s$22

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1960's Toys

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19875King Tut's Pyramid Puzzle. All parts Mint and Complete. Box has some age and denting and wear. 8" x 7" x 3". by Milton Bradley1960s$28

19866'I'm Your Bippy' Stuffed Animal Carnival Prize. MINT condition. Clean! Beautiful colors! 17" tall, 11" wide. 1960s$120

19865Hot Rod Action Puzzle Toy. Mint in Sealed package. Car is 7" long. Take Apart - Put Together. 1960s$48

19861Steiff Monkey. Multi Color. All EXCELLENT and great looking. 12" tall. Button in ear. He is missing his tail. 1960s$28

198244 Items for one price! Stickler Puzzle - Brain Teaser. Mint and complete. Very good box, has age stains. PLUS> Twiddler Marble Maze by Parker Brothers. Mint & Complete in Box. Measures approx. 8" diam. Very nice box. Another great toy design by Marvin Glass! PLUS> What is You Score? Wood Puzzles by Shackman Co. 14" x 4" box holds 5 MINT Boxed puzzles. Brain Teasers All have directions. PLUS>1969 Brain Drain Puzzle by Mattel. 9" x 7". Mint and complete. Brain Teaser. All for one price1961$60

198233 Sets for one price! 1960s Tru-Vue Magic Eyes Set by Sawyer. Film and Stereoviewer. Bugs Bunny. Box approx. 10" x 8" x 3".Excellent. PLUS> Stori-Views Set. Bible Stories with 31 sets of slides - 6 different in each set. All excellent. 2 mint viewers.PLUS> Viewmaster Stereo Set. Mint bakelite viewer, with the battery operated - light up accessory. Works great.. there is a chip on the side though. Comes with some kids reels and worn, torn box. 1960s$40

19815Emenee Electric Pump Organ. MINT Condition. No cracks or chips. 19" x 9" x 8". Works great. Motor and bellows works perfect & all sounds terrific. 27 Keys and 6 Chords. Beautiful early marbleized plastic body. 1960s$60

19800Toy Battery Operated Washing Machine. All Minty Looking. Tin Litho looks great with neat graphics. Measures 7" x 4" x 4". Japan. Box is good. Motor runs, but I didn't see the agitator work. 1960s$45

19795Novelty Wooden Bowling Set by Shackman. All Mint and complete in cardboard box. Japan. 2" tall figures. 1960s$12

19787Crashmobile by Tri Play Toys. Looks like a 3" robot. Mint on Card. Never opened. 1960s$30

19774Blue Fuzzy GONK Stuffed Animal. All clean & Intact. 10" tall. Cardboard base. 1960s$45

19742Marx Disneyland Playset parts #5995. All found in estate attic. Selling all as one lot. 20 buildings, trees, Dumbo ride figures, carousel parts, 5 people, 7 animals, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & Ludwig figures, etc. You get all shown in photos. No breaks, cracks or damage. FREE Shipping in USA1961$150

19740Kids Toy Mower. 24" long. Metal, Wood and plastic. Made by US Metal Toy. 1960s$24

19671Gilbert Chemistry Lab 12080. Looks like it was hardly used, if at all. Includes all you need to do, Electro Plating, Grow Crystals, Grow Plants without Soil, Study Chromatography & do Chemical Magic Tricks. 1960s$60

19538Sure-Hit Baseball Bat by Irwin Toys. Flat bat measures 4" wide at top, and is 29" long. All Excellent. no cracks.1960s$10

19520Tom Thumb Metal Typewriter in plastic carrying case. Types fine, space bar needs help. Measures 12" x 11". weighs 9.5 lbs shipped. 1960s$24

19431Whirlee Twirlee Skill Toy by Wham-O. Mint old store stock. With disk, directions and stick. 9" disk. 2 colors available. BLUE OR YELLOW. Write in shopping cart - under your billing address which color you prefer. Priced each. 1968$28

19230Junior Mechanic Tool Set. Metal Tin Litho Case, 16" x 8" x 3". Metal tools and leather tool belt. Beautiful art & graphics, inside and out!1960s$35

19229Wonder Ball by Eagle Toys. 2" High Bounce Rubber Ball. Mint in unopened package. 1960s$22

19228Close 'N Play Record Player. All looks good except the battery contacts have residue on them.. Need more sanding. I could not get it to work. Selling for display or parts. 1960s$20

19213Clancy the Great Monkey - Chimp By Ideal. 19" tall. All MINT looking with no cracks or chips. He is missing his hat, and previous owner left batteries in, so he would have to have contacts cleaned to work. Selling for display, As Is.1962$40

18943King and Dragon Hand Puppets. No Markings. Both are excellent+ condition. 8" long. Both for one price. 1960s$15

18840Gerber Jingle Blox. Mint plastic - pyramid building blocks with a jingle bell inside. 14" tall when stacked. Never used. Neat box design.1960s$18

18454BLAZE - Unique Ride On Pinto Horse made by Mattel. Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses. Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made. When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." His string is no longer there. He is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips. Bright and Clean. Too Large to ship. I can meet Northeast US customers. Email me before ordering. timewarptoys@aol.com1961$150

16375Playskool Vacuum. 24" long. All excellent wood and plastic. The balls pop around inside when you roll it. 1960s$18

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19799Speed Ball - 2 Player Skill Game. Fun. Mint in Very good 6" x 4" x 3" box. 1976$30

19531Marx Snowmobile Ride on Toy. Front turns, slides along on the snow. All Excellent Condition. Looks like a Ski-Doo. Measures 26" x 9" x 10" tall. No Cracks or Chips. Oversize Item must ship alone.1970$60

19454Original 1960s/70s ZONKERS - Mint Unused, in original package. NEVER USED! Acrylic balls with sturdy string already attached through each ball and, with a ring to hold onto! These are translucent colors. Very nice. Bags are all excellent. I have several in stock, but quantities are limited. If you would like to order up to 3 bags, click BUY, go back and click BUY again. 1970s$30

19135Crystal Climbers - Lucite Building Set. Large box 16" x 12". Box is poor, but contents are all Mint and complete. 1970s$24

19134Hat Full Of Magic by Reiss. "As Seen On TV". Complete & All Excellent in Very Good Box. 1976$24

18897Doodle Balls Magnetic Toy by Smethport Specialty Co. Use the Magnetic Wand to move the balls to draw and make designs. Measures 16" x 11.5". All Excellent. 1976$15

17238See-Action Football Game by Kenner. All looks good. Need a new bulb. Missing the one yellow slide piece. 1973$35

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