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How do I find stuff on this site?  

Thanks for visiting TimeWarp Toys. First of all, MOST of the toys I sell are pre 1980 Toys. We JUST started a 1980s Toys & Collectibles pg in Feb. 2014 - managed by our daughter. Any 1980s Toys for Sale, would be on the 1980s page.

Search Engine is on the Index page and some of the inventory pages. .  I see many people have already used it by the logs.. and I can also see the items you are searching for.. so this will help me know what items I really need to find in my travels! *But when I view the logs.. I see a lot of misspellings of the names of toys and items are missed. That's why I am not too keen on search engines for this type site. 

*To search for an Exact Phrase, put "" quote marks around your phrase!  ex: if you just put in which witch, ALL the witch items on site will show up.. BUT if you do "which witch", just the game will show up. Make search as Narrow As Possible - ONE or Two words works best! ex: Don't request Hugo Man of A Thousand Faces.. All those words will pop up.. Just type in Hugo.  Don't add "vintage" or "toy" or "the" to the search phrase.. too many items will show! Also, it is not necessary to say what kind of toy it is.. ex. DAWN DOLL.  or Flintstone Building Boulders .. Just "Dawn" or "Boulders". On most items don't do plural search. ex. Rat Finks... it won't show up unless I am selling a bunch at one time, I usually list item as a singular.. ex Rat Fink. 

Remember, the search engine will show all references found on the site to the toy/item/word you are searching for. So obviously, if you are looking to actually buy it.. you wouldn't click the Search Result  link to any of the Gallery - Top Toys or Timeline pages.. where most cool toys are listed with info and photos - but not necessarily in stock. 

 Instead, you would click on Search Result link to one of the inventory pages. such as: TOYS1 - TOYS2 - TOYS3 - GAMES - BUILDING - CARTOONS - TV/MOVIES - MISC. - COWBOYS - 64 FAIR - SPACE - VEHICLES.  The price is listed AFTER the item description and may not show in the search description - you will see the price of item listed before it. If you can't find item, or you are not sure how to spell it.. just email me!  

Remember, the search engines aren't perfect.. You may have the name wrong or the search engine is just weird and not picking up something.. Play it safe and email me or scroll the inventory pages for the item you are looking for in the category it pertains to. 

*Newer additions to each category are put at top of category - so you don't have to scroll if you have already checked the category/section previously! 

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Email: Timewarptoys@aol.com

Joyce Grant
P.O. Box 632
Phoenicia, NY 12464

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