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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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13114 Firebird 99 by Remco. Driving Dashboard. 13" wide, 9" tall.  LOOKS GREAT - NO Cracks, Chips or Repairs. Even the Glove box door is attached! Has original key & fob.  Battery Operated. This one has part of the battery bar worn off. When you hold down the end on the battery, it works - or you can put a piece of aluminum foil there, or if you are handy - can just attach another piece of copper strapping.  Will leave to new owner. The motor does work the wiper blade - as does the horn, light bulbs may need an adjustment or replacement for the directional signals. Box is mis-shapen but after I packed it.. it may help shape it up a little better. One side displays well. Also listed on Vehicles  pg.  PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 *FREE Shipping in USA 1958 $200
13110 Kathedral Bels by Kusan. Metal Bells are tuned to scale. Bells are 3" tall. Box shows tears and tape. Bells are excellent - complete.  1950s $40

Vintage Wind Up Plush DuckTwo for one! Vintage Plush Wind Up Duck - made in West Germany. All works great. He rolls along & flaps his wings. 6" tall.  (late 50s, early 60s). Also including a recent purchase - the 6" Windup Drinking Bear. Japan. Plush bear sitting on Tin Litho "Farm Milk" crate. He works great.. but you can see the metal rod has worn through his rubber wrist. Will include him with the duck - free. I think if you had a brown piece of duct tape, it will fix him just fine. Both for one price! 

1950s $24
13019 Adams Bingo Shooting MechanismAdams Bingo Shooting Mechanism Trick. On original card. 1950s or late 1940s. Adams was the king of novelty & magic tricks. The Bingo Shooting Device is a small mousetrap-like device used in novelty pranks and magic tricks. The device, invented by Sam S. Adams in 1907, consists of a hinge that is closed over a spring-loaded hammer. When the hinge is allowed to open, the hammer is released and strikes a percussion cap, causing a loud bang. The mechanism has been adapted to many prank items, including pens that explode when the cap is removed and toilet seats that explode when raised. This one is on the original card & never used. the metal round box still holds some original caps. Card measures 3.5" x 4.5".  The metal mechanism looks dirty and shows some rust. I have not removed it from the card to clean.  1950s $30 
13020 1950s Play Pen Rail Train ToyPlay-Pen Rail Train. Early wooden toy you would attach to the rail of the play pen or crib. Fiberboard & Wood measures 6" x 5". made by Childhood Interests Inc. Shows some age and wear.  1950s $10
12958 1950s Traveler BearTraveler Bear - Battery Operated. Measures 7.5" tall. Plush shows some wear and tear. Takes 2 "D" batteries.. Battery Box is like new but I could only get his eyes to light up. I will also include the MINT old 1950s Leakproof Eveready Batteries.. they were 20cents each.  1950s $28
12955 1950s Childs Golf CartGolf Cart "Round-O-Golf" Kids Metal & Cardboard. Measures 26" tall. Has 2 original plastic golf clubs& 1 ball.  A little beat up and worn, but still holds the charm.  Very cute.  1950s $24
12954 1950s Metal Roller SkatesChilds 1950s Metal Strap On Roller Skates with wooden wheels. All excellent with all straps intact. Adjustable. Measures 7" + long.  1950s $18
12775 1950s Shmoo Vinyl DollShmoo Vinyl Doll. 12" tall by U.F.S. Air inside as well as a bell. All Excellent no tears. Lil' Abner. Also listed on Cartoon pg.  1950s $75
12750 Precision Trophy Kit Model - Tiger.  All Excellent & Complete.  1958 $28
12630 Jacks Set Purse 1950sJack Set Purse. Mint - Never Opened. Metal Jacks & Soft Rubber Ball.   1950s $18
12541 1950s Toy Soldier Metal Casting Set1950s Toy Soldier Metal Casting Set.  All Excellent, complete  & Heater works.  Comes with the two sets of casting molds also. Metal Case measures approx. 14" x 10" x 3".  There are also some soldiers included that the previous owner made back in the 50s.  *Also listed on Building  pg. 



1950s Helio Flyer SeniorHelio Flyer Senior - Novelty Toy. All Mint & Complete on original card. Metal spiral rod with plastic propeller you launch into the sky. 

1950s $18

5 wooden Puzzles Gift Set 1950s5 Wooden Puzzles Gift Set. All MINT & COMPLETE. These are from Shackman Novelty Co. NYC. (The King of Novelty Toys back then!).  5 different neat puzzles with solutions, each in it's own mint box.. with paper labels.. inside a bigger box. Very neat.. never have seen a big set like this! Called "What Is Your Score Puzzles" Brain Teaser

1950s $18

1950s Milben MicroscopeMilben Microscope - White Version - Made in Japan. 100x - 300x power. All Excellent. 10" tall "For The Young Scientist."  Imported Precision Microscope with Beautiful Wood Dove Tailed Box. Stainless Steel Tools & All the boxes of Prepared Slides shown. All slides intact! Each box is different. 

1950s $40

Peter's Ski Skates. Childs Wood Skis measure 12" long. No straps. But comes with the original old box. No end flaps. 

1950s $18

1946 Song FluteSong Flute by Pitch Horn. Mint Condition. 9" long. Comes with the original song book. 

1946 $10
Monkey #7 - 22" tall. Yellow & Pink with Pink Polka Dot Dress. Big 1950s  $28


Monkey 26Monkey #26 - Red & Plaid. Under shoe: "Blue Ribbon".  Just a wet spot - not a stain on front. 20" tall. 1950s $22


Monkey #16Monkey #16 - Pink & Yellow. Nice Fur w/Banana. 16" tall.  Very Clean 1950s $28


Monkey #17 - Monkey w/Banana. Red Ribbon. 16" tallMonkey #17 $24


Vintage Monkey 14Monkey #14 Tear on shirt. Toe worn. 19" tall. $24


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1960's Toys

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13091 1960s Squirman HermanSquirman Herman - The Pet that Squirms, Wiggles & Jumps.  Mint in Very Good Box. He is plush & measures 11" long and 4" wide.  1960s $85
13092 1960s Cubes & TubesCubes & Tubes Building Set.  All Mint & Complete. Mint Box too. You can build all kinds of configurations.. and run your ball through it.  *Also listed on Building page.  1960s $60
WOW Two Deluxe Reading TIGER JOE TANKS - from Same estate! Both EXCELLENT Working Condition! Measures almost 3 feet long! I could find NO cracks or chips, or damage. Motors both are strong, controls work - go forward or backwards. Machine Gunner on top spins around as tank moves.  Shells fire great. All works as it should. Both are complete. I even added to each the bag of 25+ little green army soldiers I found in each box.  They weren't original to the set, but each boy had those with their tank - so I will include them also.  Both have, shells, flag,  directions, one has the guarantee, Each has had one of the machine gun pieces in the front replaced. Also #1 has a replacement radio man. (from redvenomrepros.com). Each comes with original box that is worn and torn. These are awesome! Each takes 4 "D" Batteries. *FREE Shipping in USA From Estate WOW
13089 Tiger Joe Tank #1 - This one is all complete works, looks great. This box looks Good. Has age, wear & tear but more sturdy.

 BOX1 - BOX2 - BOX3- BOX4

1961 $350
13090 Tiger Joe Tank #2 - This one is all complete works, looks great. This box looks Fair.  More wear & tear than #1, I had to reinforce inside of box with cardboard on sides & also the inside of top flap.

BOX1 - BOX2 - BOX3- BOX4

1961 $350
13083 Mold Master Set by Kenner.  Army.  Injector Molding of Plastic Toys. Set includes all shown. 6 Complete - 2 part molds and 2 extra parts, Directions, Plastic Chips & Working Heat Machine. Box is good with writing & age on it. *Also listed on Building pg.  1963 $45
13067 Nash Sidewalk Surfboard "Fifteen Toes" Skateboard. Measures 5 1/4" wide, 22" long.  All nice condition. Wood with metal wheels. No major problems.. no cracks or repairs.  Previous owner wrote his name on bottom. Also listed on Vehicles  pg 1962 $50
13041  Hot Rod Stick Shift Twin Fire Motor by Sears.  First one I have had. You would attach this to your bike. I would imagine it makes a motor noise.. but I put in 2 "D" batteries, and all it did was light up. It should make a motor noise.. but doesn't.. still cool looking. Measures 9" x 9" x 3.5".  Also listed on Vehicles pg.  1960s $28
13031 Wiz-z-zer Top by Mattel. Works Great. All excellent and complete in good box.  1969 $30
13030 Wiz-z-zer SUPER Competition Set. by Mattel.  Do neat tricks with your top. Two Tops.. I have had the regular Competition Set.. but don't think I have had this one! All Excellent & great box. Just missing one of the green stilts. wizzer.  1970 $60
13003 Two Chex Cereal Premium - Aircraft Carrier with Jet Plane Launcher. Each measures about 2" long. Both work too. Directions included. Also included is a Baking Soda Submarine.  1960s $40 All
13002 Chex Cereal Premium - Checkerboard Scarecrow - Magic Set.  All Excellent. Looks all complete. All items look great.  1960s $60
12964 Mr. Potato Head & Friends Lot. Includes all shown for one price.  All parts look good. Boxes are good. by Hasbro. Glare in photo.  1960s $30 All
12940 1961 Tony The Pony by Marx1961 Tony The Pony by MarxTony The Pony by Marx. Large 32" long, 23" tall  and 12" wide Battery Operated Motorized Ride On Horse.  This Tony is in Excellent Condition with no Cracks or Chips! Looks GREAT - Works GREAT!  Turn his head to change directions - Go forward AND Backwards by pressing his foot pedal. Wow. 6Volt Battery is needed and can be purchased at any Radio Shack. These are the large  lantern type batteries. A door under him swings open for the battery "shelf". With any of these old Batop Ride Ons, you can also use the rechargeable batteries available at toy stores, you just need to clip to the tabs underneath.  *FREE Shipping in USA. BUT, Customers in Western United States may have an additional Balloon Rate Shipping Charge.   1961 $235
12919 1963 Nutty Mads by MarxNutty Mad by Marx - ALL HEART HOGAN Police Officer. Mint Condition. 5" tall.  1963 $28
12738 1963 Nutty Mad by MarxManny the Mariner - Nutty Mad Figure by Marx. 6" . All Excellent & Complete with no damage.  1963 $22
12918 1960s Deelie Bobbers by Parker BrothersDeelie Bobbers 1" Slotted Flowers Building Set by Parker Brothers.  All Mint in excellent flowered drawstring bag. The plastic tag reads, "The Road To Serenity."  1960s $30
12917 Somthing's Fishy Sardine Can PuzzleSomething's Fishy Sardine Can Puzzle. All excellent & Complete. 4.5" x 3.5" x 1". You open with the "key" - dump out the little sardines ..then you  try to fit them all in so the lid closes.  It will come all together & I will provide you with the solution.  There is only one way to get them all to fit - each fish is embossed with a letter to match the solution.  1960s $28
12913 1968 Super Eyes by MattelSuper Eyes Microscopes by Mattel.  All Mint & Complete in Very Good box.  1968 $45
12896 1960s Marx Windup RabbitRabbit Hunt Target.  Mechanical Windup Rabbit by Marx.  9" long. Works great.  This is the target that came with the "Rabbit Hunt" Target Set. *Also listed on Toys3 pg.  1960s $38
12892 1962 Showboat by RemcoShowboat Theatre by Remco.  All Excellent Condition. Complete with all the Characters & Scenery as well as the Scripts for: Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio, Cinderella, and Heidi. Missing the little stands though to hold the cardboard figures.  1962 $60
12889 1960s Stuffed Animal I'm Your Bippy1960s Stuffed Animal I'm Your Bippy"I'm Your Bippy" Large Stuffed Animal Pillow -  These were made in response to the Laugh-In TV Show  they had a line "You Bet Your Sweet Bippy!". Nobody knew what a Bippy was so this company made these..  Excellent Condition. Measures 26" tall, 16" wide and 12" deep.  Very colorful and plush with long hair. Neat Plaid on back. No tears. Also listed on TV/Movies pg.  1960s $85
12834 Boy's Football Kit by Rawlings.  Philadelphia Eagles.  Includes Helmet, Shoulder Pads & Pants.  Box has wear & tear.  Youth size.  1960s $60
12886 1965 Zip Wing Rocket GliderZip Wing Rocket Glider by Lakeside Toys. Mint & Complete. Approx 10" long.  Wings fold and they open when in flight. Has the launcher too. Box is fair. "Launches Like a Rocket, Flies Like A Plane & Lands Like a Glider."  1965 $65
12882 1960s Siren Whistle RingSiren Whistle Ring - Made in Japan.  Metal Ring with siren you blow. Never used. Mint in Original package. This IS the 1960s version.  1960s $28
12869 1965 Foo Chu Fortune Telling SticksFOO CHU Ancient Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks.  All Mint & Compete with ALL 78 Bamboo sticks.  Book is mint. Label is Mint too. by Lakeside Toys. 1965 $35
12863 1960 Gilbert Microscope Mirro-Flector Microscope & Lab Set by Gilbert.  All MINT! Wow. Looks like never used or touched!  Clean bright & pristine. And what a great size. the box measures (closed), 9.5" x 6.5" x 5" deep. Complete too. Up to 650 power microscope. #13081. 1960 $60
12853 1968 Tricky Doodle Duck by RemcoTricky Doodle Duck by Remco.  Works! Remote Whistle Control.. He comes when you blow the whistle.. but I had a hard time doing it.. he did it once.. but he also has a switch to make him go.  No box. 12" tall.  1968 $38
12845 1963 Tru-Vue Gun by SawyerTru-Vue Picture Gun by Sawyer.  RARE! 14" long gun.  This was the Disney - Adventure Land Toy, when you pulled back the knob, a different picture inside of an animal would show.. and you would shoot at it.  Inside is a picture disc.  I finally got it to shoot.. but the disc still stays at same position. Just a neat item.  First one I have ever seen!  1963 $60
12844 1960s Kittie in the KegsKittie in the Kegs by Child Guidance #80.  All Excellent & Complete. No cracks.  1960s $30
12842 US Navy Fighter Plane Friction Gun.  Measures 8" long. All Excellent+  Condition. When you pull trigger the propeller spins and it makes machine gun sounds.  Made in Japan by TN.  1960s $38
12835 1969 Marvel the Mustang by MarxMarvel the Mustang by Marx.  Bounce Ride On Horse.  All Excellent - Complete & works great.  Bounce up and down to make him move forward.  His reigns & saddle are Mint condition also! Measures 24" tall & 24" long.  *Also listed on Vehicles pg.  Must ship alone due to size.  Western US customers may incur an additional USPS Balloon rate.  1969 $85
12833 1960s Tippy Toy TrainTippy Toy Train by TDS Japan.  Little 6" x 6" Tin Litho toy.  Has weight inside to move gears - that allows the trains to move around the track when child "tips" the toy sideways.  Was working.. but I think the rod inside isn't lined up right. All excellent looking. Train will go around when you spin it.  1960s $40
12796 1966 Johnny Speed by Topper ToysJohnny Speed Jaguar Remote Control Car by Topper Toys.  All Excellent & Works. No Cracks or Chips. Goes forward & backwards.. I didn't really try the steering.. didn't want to force it.. may need a spray of something. Box very good.  This car takes a 6Volt Lantern type battery - which you can buy at Radio Shack. Also listed on Vehicles pg. *FREE Shipping in USA.  1966 $200
12780 1967 Modulab Chemistry Set by GilbertSenior Chemical Modulab by Gilbert #8203. All Excellent Complete & LOOKS LIKE IT WAS NEVER Played with!  If it was, maybe once! This is a large set with 4 Modular Lab racks to hold all the supplies.. and you can arrange it different ways.  All chemicals and supplies are here.  Box measures 28" x 15" x 2".  I was thrilled to find this set - since it is the same version I had when I was 11 yr. old!  Awesome to see. No breaks or damage! *Also listed on Building page.  1967 $65
12773 1960s Slinky JuniorSlinky Jr. by James Industries.  Mint in Box. Amazing Walking Spring Toy.  Little version. Metal.  1960s $18
12771 1969 Wiz-z-zer TopWiz-z-zer Top by Mattel.  All Excellent & Works great. In torn box.  1969 $30
12737 Magilla Gorilla Push PuppetMagilla Gorilla Push Puppet by Kohner. Push bottom and he moves all around! All excellent & works great. 5" tall. *Also Listed on Cartoons pg.  1960s $28
12741 1965 Oop Stix GameOOP STIX - Tantalizing Balancing Toy by Transogram. All Mint - box shows age.  1965 $18
12735 Lovable Uglies Animal Troll Figure.. first time I have had these! Each measures approx. 4.5" long & 4" tall. One is a Lion & other is another Animal.  Both are excellent.. with what feels like rabbit fur hair. Both heads are jointed and move.  No damage or repairs. Marked Made in Hong Kong & a number. Selling each separately.  1960s Lion Troll $30


12734 Lovable Uglies 1960s Animal Troll.  4.5" long. All Excellent. Made in Hong Kong 1960s Animal Troll $30



1965 Sticky Finger by MasconSticky Finger - Ball Catch Toy by Mascon.   The suction cup on end of Finger catches it and you fling it while pressing the release switch to throw it. Measures 15" long. They both work - suction cups are both supple. One works better than the other...may need to be used alittle more. I replaced the ball with a 4" soft inflatable ball - the original set came with a 5" .. but will include this one.  SEE Video

1960s $60
12726 1960s Kookie Kombo by MarxKookie Kombo - One Man Band by Marx.  Put  it on & carry around while you play all these cool instruments.  Each one works! No breaks or cracks.  Measures approx 28" x 18" Comes with original good box.  1960s $95
12723 1961 Blaze by MattelBlaze by Mattel. Unique Ride On Pinto Horse.  Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses.  Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made.  When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." 

This Blaze is in EXCELLENT+ Condition. There are NO cracks or chips to his body and NO repairs. Reigns, handles & footrests are all intact. Body Paint looks great! He works all as he should with the galloping motion. His pull string still works too. He whinnies and I heard him say "I Want Hay."  He is large to ship and will be costly.   Due to size, shipping is extra.  I offer FREE LOCAL Pickup. I can meet customers in the Northeast. If you live elsewhere, Email me with your zip code & will let you know shipping. *Also listed on Vehicles pg. 

1960s $275
12690 The "Blue-Box" Zoo Animals Set. Made in Hong Kong. All complete with 16 animals & Palm Tree - Mint in Display box. Box measures 10" x 12".  Even has original lid attached.  1960s $35
12680 Fisher Price Jr. CircusFisher Price Jr. Circus Jr. Circus by Fisher Price - Set #902. All Excellent. Complete with all animals & figures, accessories. Missing the ball. Canister is nice. 1963 $60
12665 1960s Thingmaker Lot1960s Thingmaker Lot by Mattel.   Straight from the Estate!  All the items shown were found in this Mattel Thingmaker Picadoos Box. You have the WORKING Heat Machine, all the Creepy Crawler Molds, 2 Fighting Men Molds & All the Picadoo Molds. There is some plastigoop there as well as all the parts shown. Box is nice. Also there are some crawlies the previous owner made way back when! (You can now buy Plastigoop at Toy Stores!). All for one price.  1960s $75
12644 1960s Jukebox Jamboree by Emenee1960s Jukebox Jamboree by Emenee1960s Jukebox Jamboree by EmeneeGroovy 1960s Kids Record Player.  Jukebox Jamboree by Emenee.  This is really neat. Measures 35" tall, 22" wide and 12" deep. It plugs in and plays 45 rpm and 33 rpm records. Sounds great. Volume Control and Bass/Treble controls all work as they should.  These also would light up on the panel to left, but I opened it up and didn't see a light bulb socket..so maybe I am missing something..or you can replace if you are handy.  Normal age on paper backing. SEE: Video of this Jukebox working.

Shipping is not included in the price due to the size,  There may be additional Balloon charges, if you live further from NY State - they won't show up in my shopping cart. Email me your zip code and will let you know what shipping will be

1960s $300

12637 1964 Willie Furry Toy by Wham-O1964 Willie Furry Toy by Wham-O1964 Willie Furry Toy by Wham-OWILLIE Plush Toy by Wham-O. 18" long Loveable Fun You Can Twist Into Any Shape! Willie comes with his original card. The cellophane is torn, but card is intact with the membership card & disguises uncut.  Very Hard to find! First one I have seen in over 16 yrs!   1964 $95
12612 Golden Trumpet by Emenee.  Mint & Pristine condition. Unused. All Complete with all accessories!  Excellent box 1960s $48
12604 Map of the United States Inlaid Puzzle by Hassenfeld Bros. Hasbro. All Excellent, it is missing the two little plastic pieces depicting NY & MA. otherwise, looks great.  1960 $20
12579 1966 Crazee Cycle Crazee Cycle by Transogram. All Excellent & Complete. Large track layout for the motorcycle to run through. Like Trik Trak but for a motorcycle. *Also listed on Vehicles pg 1966 $60
12556 1960s Spin Art Set by RapcoSpin Art Painting Set by Rapco.  Nice Large battery operated machine you place your cardboard in - you add paint while it spins to create abstract paintings.  Works great! takes 2 "D" batteries.  You will need to add paint. Containers are empty but can be refilled. Good box too. *Also listed on Building pg. 1960s $40
12551 1960s Jupiter Jyro Set by TomyJupiter Jyro Set by Tomy - Japan EF White.  All Mint & Complete. Takes 2 'C' batteries. 5" diamter flying saucer. Works GREAT.  Continuous Gyroscope action allows you to do all these cool tricks with the accessories included.  Sorry, the box top is ripped..that's the way it was found in the estate. But all is mint inside! 1960s $60

Submarine Premium 1960sSmall Submarine Premium. Not sure what company it's from. Still Sealed in bag. Mint.  3" long. 

1960s $10

1965 Monster MagnetMonster Magnet by Wham-O.  8" tall. You can pick up big metal things.  Works Great. No chips or cracks. 

1965 $28

Big Loo Robot Instructions -  Reproduction of Original.  Framed. Measures 18" x 22".  Pretty Neat. there is a small corner break in glass.. the rest is intact. 

1960s $40

1960s The Crazy Cats BandThe Crazy Cats Band - Made in Hong Kong. Hand Painted, Plastic figures are all Mint. Heads and hands are movable. Each cat measures approx. 1.5" tall. There is a piano player and musicians with all their instruments. Nice 4" x 5" box too. 

1960s $18

T.Cohn Farm Set 1960sTin Litho Farm Set by T.Cohn.  All Excellent & Comes with all shown in photos.  Tin Litho barns & buildings are all Excellent condition.  Barns will be disassembled for shipping. Easy to put together. 

1960s $65

1960s Zing-A-Ring Toy by AmscoZing-A-Ring  Action Skill Toy  by Amsco. First one I have seen!  All Mint & Works Great. Comes with the Gun, 4 Hoops & the Catcher. 2 player, you shoot the ring up in the air & the other person tries to catch it. Fun! Box is worn. 

1960s $28

Submarine & Diver SetUnderwater Pop-Ups Submarine & Diver Novelty Toy. All Mint & Unopened. Card Measures 5" x 7". 

1960s $18

Emenee Americana Guitar 1961Americana Guitar by Emenee.  Awesome - MINT - Like-New Condition! No cracks or chips. Full Size. Very nice display box. Contains all original song books PLUS little catalog of all the Emenee instruments & toys. 

1961 $65

Magnus Saxophone 1960sSaxophone by Magnus. Mint & Works in Very Good Carrying Case - Cardboard box. 19" long

1960s $40

Magic Marxie Windup Toy Mailbox. by Marx Japan. 6" tall. Bright - Clean, No chips, Mint Condition. Works great. 

1969 $28

1960 Little Orby Wall WalkerLittle Orby Space Alien Wall Walker by Tigrett Toys.  Little Orby looks great with no cracks or chips.  BUT> he no longer can walk on walls, his suction cups have disintegrated due to age.  He still makes a great display item.  He measures about 5" long and 3" tall. 

1960 $40

Fire Chief Set by Deluxe Reading.  Nice Set comes with all shown. Fire Engine is missing 2 wheels. Has all the fireman figures and accessories, the helmet, badge & lantern. Original box shows some age. *Free Shipping in USA. 

1960s $125

Design-All by Marx.  Artistic Designing Toy.  All Mint & Very Neat. First one I have seen!  This is a toy that allows you make art objects out of ordinary things.  It looks just about complete with all the neat shapes and items you need. Just no pens. (any stick pen with work). Make designs on round objects! 

1960s $60

1960s Stori-ViewStori-View Set. 10 Little Slides with Stereo Viewer. All Excellent. 

1960s $18

1960s Bed Bug by Lakeside ToysLovable Bed Bug Plush Stuffed Toy by Lakeside Toys. All Excellent! No tears. Cutest thing. Measures 10.5" long, 8" wide & 7.5" tall.  Nice material. Tuft of hair on top. 6 Adjustable legs & Neck. Original Tag. Very popular - they made several different versions. 

1963 $40

1967Mini Frisbee by Wham-O. Nice old one. 4" diameter. 

1967 $10

OYO Novelty Toy 1960sOYO Novelty Toy by Fli-back. I have had so many people ask about this toy..but I never knew what they meant. This is Mint in package, never opened or used.  There is a 7" disk and you put a string through the round wooden piece on it..and you can do tricks with it. very cool & first one I have had. MINT too. wow. 

1960s $22

Zoom TopZoom Top "Fly Like A Saucer - Spin Like A Top"  Mint condition. You can also use a wood stick to balance it. 

1960s $18

Family Puppets 1968Family Hand Puppet Lot by Childcraft. All Excellent 7" - 9" tall. All for one price

1968 $20

Vintage Punching BagPunching Bag Vintage Kids Size. Adjustable. All excellent. Works great. Nice sturdy base too!

1960s $40

Kids Vintage SkisVintage Kids Wood Skis.  All Excellent+ No cracks! Like New! Leather straps. They measure alittle over 3 feet long.

1960s $35

1962 Play Puzzle City by Parker BrothersPlay Puzzle City by Parker Brothers.  Neat one I have never had. 15 Puzzles inside (98 pcs.), of vehicles & buildings.. After you assemble, you can play with them. All Mint inside & complete. Box has edge wear & tear. Designed by Arnold Arnold. Large 21" wide box. Nice artwork. PHOTO2

1962 $24

Wibbler Balancing Toy 1960sWibbler - Balancing - Walking Toy.  Mint - Never Used! Never removed from package! It measures 11.5" wide.. Try to stand - balance - walk - dance with it. HARD to do! "Scientifically Engineered & Built Like A Bridge." PHOTO2

1960 $18

1960s Sun PrintsSun Prints - Make pictures without a camera!  All Mint & Complete. Never Used in Mint box. 

1960s $18

1960s Magic See Puzzles Magic See Puzzles by Whitman.  Mint - Complete in Box.  Use the "Magic Viewer" to see the pictures change. Another cool toy I have never seen. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass!  

1969 $18

1960s Wooden FluteLucky Dragon Flute.  12" long wood flute. Mint in Original pkg. These are the flutes we could buy in the dime store when we were kids in the 60s.  Oriental motif. Made in Japan. 

1960s  $8

Krazy 8 Ball ToyKrazy 8 Ball - Balancing Skill Toy.  Mint - Never Played with! Still in original package. You put the two rods together and balance the cup with balls on top. 

1960s $12

2 1960s Troll ItemsTroll Planter - Ceramic 4" tall Mint with LP Record Album with Trolls on Cover.  2 Unique Troll Items! Both for one price.  Unique 60s Planter or Vase can also be used as a desk pen/pencil holder. No cracks or chips. Wishniks. 

1960s $18

1960s Keds Supersonic Space WhistleKeds Supersonic Space Whistle. 3 Available. Priced each. Your choice: All blue, All White or Blue/White.  Shaped like Apollo Spacecraft with Moon background. Secret compartment in back. Excellent+ *Also listed on Space  pg.  

1960s $18

*Looking for riding toys, flight or driving simulators, cars, etc.? Go to Vehicles page


Solid Clackers ORIGINAL OLD>> Vintage Late 1960s early 70s  Clackers! - Solid Matching  colors - very cool looking. Acrylic Plastic Balls.  Found in a storage building.. kept there all these years! Also>Guaranteed to be original! 

Mint UNUSED! These are the solid colors, mostly both balls match.  These have the sturdy, thicker string & little paddle to hold. Strings are already factory sealed in the balls! Package includes 2 balls & string & Paddle plus little caps on each ball.  Buy on Clackers page  >> Go to Clackers pg. 

1970's ToysShopping Cart


13043 Monkey See Electronic Calculator. Radio Shack Tandy. Made in Hong Kong. Measures 6" x 4". All Excellent+ and works great. Comes with the directions book and pouch.  1970s $24
13033 1970s Crystal ClimbersCrystal Climbers Building Set. by Pressman. Build all kinds of geometric designs with the lucite plastic squares, circles & cylinders. Set is all excellent with no cracks or breaks. Includes 51 of the 54 pieces. Also listed on Building pg 1970s $48
12722 1960 Crystal Climbers by PressmanCrystal Climbers Cylinders Building Set. by Pressman.  All Mint & Complete with 2" x 2.25" Lucite Colorful Interlocking Cylinders in Very Good+ Box. Also listed on Building page.  1960s $35
13012 Mattel-A-Time Talking Clock.  Nice large clock you can carry around. Takes one "D" battery. Works GREAT!  Tells the time on the 1/4 hour. Excellent+ Condition. No cracks or chips.  1970 $48
12910 1977 Foudini ToyFoudini - The Magic Unscrambler. 2,744 Puzzling Faces. Just missing the activity book.  1977 $22
12891 1971 Flying Lion by MattelFlying Lion by Mattel. "Big Game Throw & Catch Ball". Looks Unused.  3.5" ball with tail you grab to score points.  1971 $18
12816 Smurf Figures - Original Issue 1978-1979. Peyo. Schleich, Made in Hong Kong.  All Excellent+ Approx. 2" tall. Priced each at $12.  *Make note in Shopping Cart by address area, which one(s) you are ordering. BARBER, GIFT, DOCTOR, MAIL, BUILDER 1978 1979 $12 Each 
12805 1974 Steve Scout SetSteve Scout Lost In The High Country Camping Set. Items are all Mint in Good box. Missing the sleeping bag.  by Kenner.  1974 $24
12768 1970 Snake PuzzleSnake Twist Puzzle. All Excellent. 17" long.  1970s $18
12744 1970 All Pro Passer - Football MattelAll Pro Football Passer - Endorsed by Roger Staubach.  Football Passing Machine.  ALL MINT & Complete. Never Used. Parts still factory sealed!  Mechanism and parts all Mint.  by Mattel.  Large box. *Must ship alone due to size.  1979 $85
12740 1970 Drive Ya Nuts PuzzleDrive Ya Nuts Puzzle by Milton Bradley.  Brain Teaser. All Mint in Original Box. Complete. Solution provided too!  1970 $18
12711 1977 Mr. Quarterback by ColecoMr. Quarterback by Coleco.  Football Passer Machine.  Large neat contraption. Looks great and complete. I could get the thrower part back, timer works.. sounds like it releases.. but doesn't.  Not sure why. I am selling as is, maybe I am doing something wrong..or if you are handy can open it up. All complete with all the parts and directions and nice box.  1977 $60
12683 Waco Casino Crown Slot MachineCasino Crown Jackpot Slot Machine Toy Bank.  by Waco Japan.  All Excellent & Working Condition.  Metal Casing with plastic trim. One of the largest ones they made, 15" tall, 10" x 6".  Bells ring when you win & light goes on.  Original Excellent Box. This take quarters. Not for Gambling - Entertainment Only. Also listed on Misc. pg.  *FREE Shipping in USA.  1970s $125
12681 Hat Full Of Magic by ReissHat Full Of Magic by Reiss. "As Seen On TV". Complete & All Excellent in Very Good Box.  1976 $48
12652 1975 Tone-O-Graph by Kenner1975 Tone-O-Graph Design Toy Tone-O-Graph - Sonic Design Toy by Kenner.  Mint & Complete - Looks Unused. Has all the parts, sand & mostly still unwrapped! Use humming sound in the special apparatus to make designs on the discs. FIRST one I have had!  1975 $60
12609 1975 Hugo by KennerHUGO Man of A Thousand Faces by Kenner.  JUST Hugo & his shirt, no accessories or box.  He measures approx. 10" tall.  All excellent.  1975 $35
12563 1976 Wham WadsWham Wads Blow Dart Toy.  "As Seen On TV". You shoot the foam velcro dart at the target. Missing the red darts.  1976 $18
12544 1975 Milky The Cow by KennerMilky the Marvelous Milking Cow by Kenner.  Milky is all Excellent & Complete in Good box. He seems to work fine, but I could not get it to MOO.  1975 $85

Wham-O Super Balloon 1970Super Balloon by Wham-O.  All Mint inside & Never Opened. Original Card shows some age. 

1970 $48

1979 Big Bird ChairBig Bird Chair - Sesame Street.  He looks great and is all excellent. Measures 25" tall, 19" wide. Seat is 8" from floor. Must ship alone due to size.  

1979 $65

1976 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Weebles by HasbroMickey Mouse Clubhouse - Weebles by Hasbro Romper Room. All Mint Condition. No Breaks or cracks.  Has everything you see. Just missing the swing seat & the two kid weebles. Nice box too. 

1976 $35

1970s Tip Kick Cup Soccer GameTipp Kick Cup - by MIEG. Tabletop Soccer Game. Made in Germany. All MINT - Looks Unused! All Complete. There are cast metal articulated players with neat little control to kick, etc. Nice hard-to-find set!

1970s $60

Slinky Jr. by James IndustriesSlinky Junior  by James Industries.  Metal Slinky measures approx. 1.5" x 1.5" closed. Mint condition  in worn torn box. 

1970s $18

1975 Weebles Tree House by KennerWeebles Tree House by Kenner.  All Mint & Complete in Good box. 

1975 $65

1970 Live Action Pro Hockey Game by MarxLive Action Pro Hockey Game by Marx. LARGE Indoor or Outdoor game you set up to actually play Hockey on the 7 foot long field.  All Mint & complete. 4 Hockey Sticks, 4 Pucks, Goals, Instructions and all pieces to construct 7' long playing field. Original Box too. Must ship alone due to size. PHOTO2 ~ PHOTO3

1970 $85

1976 Doodle Balls ToysDoodle Balls Magnetic Toy.  Mint - Never Used. Card measures 7" x 9". Use magnetic wand to move balls to make pictures & designs. 

1976 $18

1977 Weebles CircusWeebles Circus by Hasbro. Nice shape - comes with all the accessories you see. No Weebles included. 

1977 $20

1970s Flintstones WagonFlintstones Wagon.  by AMF 30" long without handle. Handle measures 22" long. Neat Rare toy to find. It has alittle damage area on the one side. It also is missing the two side bars. Measures 16" wide and about 12" tall. First one I have seen! *Also listed on Cartoon pg.  *Price in shopping cart may not reflect the true price due to balloon rates if you live further from NYS.. there may be additional charge - email me with your zip code - for a more exact shipping price.

1970s $60

1975 PoopatroopersPoopatroopers - Little 2" Sky Diving Paratroopers. Selling 3/$10. All Mint unused. Made by Imperial Toy co.

1975 3/$10

1971 Playskool ZooPlayskool Zoo - Neat Playset. Very cool 70s colors. All Excellent with no breaks. All cage latches work and all intact. Comes with the Zoo, all the animals shown PLUS the Zoo Taxi with two men, trailer, cage & another elephant.. and the BOX for the Zoo Taxi set. All for one price! 

1971 $60

1970 Marx SnowmobileMarx Snowmobile Ride On Toy.  All Excellent Condition. Looks like a Ski-Doo. Front turns and you slide it on the snow.  Measures 26" x 9" x 10" tall. No Cracks or Chips. Oversize Item- must ship alone. Also listed on Vehicles pg.

1970 $85

1977 Scrubby Puppy Bath Toy - KennerScrubby Puppy Soapster - Bath Toy by Kenner.  Mint - Never Used IN MINT BOX! Cool little bath toy, measures 5.5" x 3". You insert a bar of soap inside, under the sponge rollers. Then you wet the rollers and scrub away! Alot more fun than a wash cloth! OLD Store Stock - Unused! Pristine condition. I do have a few of these in stock, if you would like to order more than one: Click BUY and go Back and click again. *Also listed on Misc. pg. PHOTO2

1977 $18

Salty Circus SealSalty Battery Operated Motorized Circus Seal - Water Toy. Swims through water & sprays water. Mint in Box. Still Sealed! Never Opened. 

1970s $10

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