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14954 Jumbo Bubble Blowing Elephant. Plush & Tin Litho. 7" x 7" x 4". Battery Operated. I could not get him to do anything. As is. Japan 1950s $18
14857 Britains Zoo - Panda Family #9011. Nice rare set to find. Painted Lead Figures. Giant Panda is 1 3/8" tall, 2 3/8" long. Seated baby 1" tall, Standing 3/4" tall. Comes with original wrapping paper and Mint Box. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1930s $60
14824 1950s Ride on Horse. Solid Wood with hard plastic head. Rubber wheels, (all intact!). All excellent and just super well-made. Measures 16" tall, 17" long, 9" wide. Beautiful original paint. No cracks chips or breaks. Marked 'MECO' on tires. *Also listed on Vehicles pg. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1950s $60
14822 Fisher Price Tiny Teddy Musical Bear #636. Wood. 8" x 6". Works! Very Nice. PHOTO2 1950s $35
14764 Talking Payphone Bank by Ideal.  Nice old one. Plastic & Metal. 10" x 7" x 4". When you turn the crank, it talks.. well it kind of talks, I can't understand it.  But there is a little record of some type in there.  1950s $45


14463 Skier Penguin by MM - Japan.  Windup Mechanical Penguin with switch you flip to flap his wings and have him roll along (ski). Very cute and works great! In excellent box too! He measures 5" tall. Tin & Plush. 1950s $40
14473 WHOOPS! Fake Vomit by H. Fishlove & Co.  Novelty Toy. One of the first big hits designed by Marvin Glass!  Mint in packaging. 7" wide. 1950s $30
14418   City Trolley Tin Litho Vehicle by Cragstan. Great color and graphics. Measures 9" x 2" x 3". Not counting the lever on top. Lever action does not work. PHOTO2 1950s $65
14417 Magic Cage by Topic Toys. One of the wonderful toys designed by Marvin Glass!  Measures approx. 4" x 3".  When you press the cupid on the side, the animals move and change. The mechanism is stiff.. so I didn't get it to move. I don't want to break it. Mint in Minty box. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 1950s $30
14352 Peg Pictures by Keystone Toys. All Excellent, complete. Perforated picture cards for you to put colored pegs in. Each pictures is 8" x 8".  1950s $30
14351 Tot Railroad by Keystone Toys. All Excellent. Large plastic track with 3 car wooden train.  1950s $30
14217 Early - Antique Building Block Set. Architectural Building Blocks by American Manufacturing Concern. Jamestown NY. Measures approx. 5" x 9". Wood box shows age and wear.. slot edge mostly missing on top..back slat missing. Paper litho label shows wear. Wood blocks. *Also listed on Hobbies pg. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1920s $20
14071 Duo-Top. Atomic Duo Top, Spins 2 Tops at once. All Mint & Complete.  1950s $22
 13879 Finger Mouse Puppet. Mint in Package. Made in Japan. Body is approx. 3.5" long. Looks like rabbit fur, rubber tail.  1950s $10


13802 Scotty Dog Key Chain Take-Apart Puzzle.  Measures 1.75" long. All mint with chain.  1950s $18


1950s Childs Golf CartGolf Cart "Round-O-Golf" Kids Metal & Cardboard. Measures 26" tall. Has 2 original plastic golf clubs& 1 ball.  A little beat up and worn, but still holds the charm.  Very cute.  1950s $12


Peter's Ski Skates. Childs Wood Skis measure 12" long. No straps. But comes with the original old box. No end flaps. 

1950s $9
14524 1950s Monkey. 17" tall. All Very Good/Excellent.  No Markings. Rubber Face, hands and shoes. PHOTO2 1950s $38
13957 Steiff Monkey Jocko. No tags. He is mohair with glass eyes. 12" tall. Jointed. Has a few small holes in his feet. Plush is all excellent.  1950s $30
14406 1950s Plush Monkey with Rubber Face. Large 21" tall.  Cute with had with tie on collar and tie. PHOTO2 1950s $45

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1960's Toys

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14104 Vac-U-Form by Mattel. Neat molding machine. Plenty of molds .. with paint and directions. Working machine too in Very Good box. Refill Plastic Sheets available on Amazon. Also listed on Hobbies pg.  1962 $75
14973 Viewmaster Lot from estate. All for one price. Working bakelite Viewmaster PLUS 10 Packages of Reels. 9 of them are still sealed! Never Opened.  MINT. Vietnam one has been opened, but all complete. (There are 2 Goldilocks). 1960s $60
14965 Fisher Price Chubby Cub #164. 9" Roll-A-Long Musical Pull Toy. Swiveling Roly Poly Base. MINT Never Played with in  Box.  Old tape and tear on one seam. Also include is the 8 pg. Fisher price catalog - showing all the toys they made that year. PHOTO2 1960s $40
14962 3 Vintage Roly Poly Clowns.  Left in photo: 8" Hard Plastic Made in W.Germany, Middle 12" Hard plastic made by Knickerbocker, On right: Rubber - made in W.Germany 9" & Squeaks! All Excellent. No cracks or chips. All for one price. PHOTO2 1960s $45
14959 Tin Toys Lot+. 6 Neat little items found in estate. J.Chein Tin Litho Sand Bucket 4" tall. Great graphics, 6" tin Gypsy Tambourine, Tin Noisemaker works, 2 tin litho Friction Lady Bugs - both work (Japan) - 10 cent sticker still on one, And a neat hard plastic friction Toy Chicken pushing baby chick in carriage, 3" tall - Hong Kong. I see the parent replaced the one leg with a wooden one! The kid must have loved this toy. Very cute. All for one price. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 - PHOTO5 - PHOTO6 1960s $30
14956 1960s 10" Wood Chalk Board & items, Still Sealed - Never Opened - Plus 2 'Pizza Pie' 12" Puzzles by Ed-U-Cards. Both for one price.  1960s $20
14968 4 Disneykins for one price. All excellent. Dumbo Box has to top flap. Humpty Dumpty - Box is flattened. by Marx. Hong Kong.  1960 $30
14908 1960s Air Blaster Gun by Wham-OAir Blaster by Wham-O.  Mint in Excellent Display - Target Box. Gun works great. Pump it and it shoots a blast of air! Target box is all intact.  Love these. Haven't had one of these in a long time! Also listed on Toys3 pg. Free Shipping in USA. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $135
14899 Clippy Clowns by Norstar. 3" clown clips you can build with. Box shows some age and stain. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $24
14768 Hoppity Horse by Sun Rubber Co. Ride On - Hopping Toy. All Excllent/Mint. Looks great. Holds air perfectly. 20" tall. *Also listed on Vehicles  pg.  PHOTO2 1969 $60
14888 Duck Wagon. Mint Condition. Plastic. No makers mark. Large ! 14" long, 8" wide, 10" tall. Cute.  1960s $22
14883 2 Wood Yo-Yo's Lg. Royal, Marked "Sweden" on back. Smaller is Duncan.  1960s $15
14860 Marvel the Mustang by Marx. Ride on Horse.. buy jumping up and down slightly.. he moves forward. All Very Good, No breaks. Saddle all intact. 24" long, 22" tall. *Also listed on Vehicles pg.  PHOTO2 1969 $60
14830 Johnny Astro Space Vehicle Toy. Works. Has original Balloon template and undercarriage. No balloons. Box is good. No battery cover. by Topper Toys 1960s $45
14825 Skateboard - Roller Derby Mustang 15. All Very good. Wood board with original wheels. 21" long. Also listed on Vehicles pg. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $50
14818 Frisbee by Wham-O. This is the early version with planet names around the top edge. Blue. 9" diameter. Normal scratches. Slight fading in one area. "patent pending" 1960s $30
14817 Crazy Cuckoo Clock by Remco. First one I have had. 9" tall. Winding toy. Makes movements. Cuckoo door needs help to open. There were 3 tiny birds on roof, only one left & it will need to be glued. Box is Fair. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $38
14816 Melode Bells by Knickerbocker. Bells are all excellent with no cracks or chips. in good box. "Learn Music by Color" 1960s $40
14814 Give A Show Projector by Kenner.  All looks good. Films are wavy - as usual. They can be flatted in a big heavy book. I had to replace the pegs that hold the batteries in.  1964 $40
14788 Tom Thumb Cash Register. Good Condition - works. Fair box. Metal.  1960s $28
13798 1960s Small Plush Stuffed Bear with Collar & Chain Leash.  All Excellent+ Condition. Straight from the estate!  He measures 6" long, 5" tall. Fur is perfect, as is the vinyl collar and chain/vinyl leash.  Small tag on back marked "JAPAN". Also listed on Toys2 pg.  PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $28
14557 Hootenanny Guitar by Jefferson. Wooden. 29" x 11". A few dings here and there. Has all the strings and still plays. Displays nice. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $24
14122 Miscellaneous 1950s, 60s Toy Lot found in estate. All contents shown with old cigar box included! 5" plastic soldier, 4 vintage batteries, Flip Flop Blocks - trick box with directions and box, yo-yo, 3 Tiny Golden Books, Hopalong vinyl thing, Horseshoe Magnet, Toyland Harmonica, Plastic Figures, Real Rabbits Foot, 2 mini metal guns, metal steer tie bolo, plastic lips.  All for one price! 


1950s $30
14489 Siren Whistle Ring. Made in Japan. Mint in Unopened Package. These are the original ones we got back in the 1960s in the Candy Store or Five & Dime. Makes the cool sound and ring is all metal with  the elephant cut out on top.  1960s $30
14487 Doodle Poodle by Smethport. Magnetic Drawing Toy. All excellent with original magnet wand.  9" x 7".  1960s $24
14484 Two Bath Toys from same estate. Scrubble Bubble by Gilbert. Put soap inside. Also the Avon Soldier Bottle, "Clean As A Whistle" with the whistle on top. Both excellent.  1960 $22
14480 Big Magnet. Large 8" Plastic Magnet on original display card. Torn cellophane. Mint.  1960s $18
14475 Glow Globs by Kenner.  Neat Glow in the dark "stuff" in shape of Ghost, Alien & Skeleton. Molds looks great. Box measures 11" x 13".  3 figures are missing. The other 3 are still sealed. Graphics are great. Rare!   1967 $120
14474 1960s Monkey Doodles by NorstarMonkey Doodles by Norstar. Twelve 4" Plastic Monkeys you can hang anywhere. With original box. Side flaps torn and taped. First set I have had!  1960s $35
14471 Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap by Aerosol Co. It Grows Fur!  Inside the soap is a prize, I believe a Rat Fink. Soap measures 4" tall. Mint & Unused, in sealed bag -  in Box.  The soap is in the shape of an animal. Usually a monkey, poodle, rabbit, etc.  I have several available. There are different colors/animals  available - I will surprise you.  Limit 3 per customer. They have grown "fur" but you can rub off, if you wish. Also listed on Misc. page. 


1966 $30
14470 1966 Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap Display & SoapFuzzy Wuzzy Soap by Aerosol Co. Store Display Box, Shipping Box & 1 Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap.  All Minty.  Boxes are bright and clean. Soap Unused.. it has grown fuzz - like they usually do.  All for one price.  *Also listed on Misc. page.


1966 $85
14428 Windup Jumping Dog.  Rabbit Fur looks good. Windup and he does jump ! works great. Nice original box. Japan 1960s $18
14426 Large Barrel Of Monkeys by Lakeside. Barrel is 10" tall. Monkeys are over 4" wide. All Minty and complete.  1966 $22
14425 Toy Money Set by Milton Bradley. All Minty. Most coins unpunched from card.  1960s $18
14421 1960s Crayola Crayons by Binney & Smith. This is the box that first had the cool built in sharpener. All the crayons are here. Used. But cool set.  1960s $18
14407 Castle Warfare Play Set by Multiple Toys. MPC. All Nice condition in Very Good box.  A few broken insert tabs. Front drawbridge is missing the piece to hold it.  1960s $55
14384 Tony The Pony by Marx - Vintage Ride On ToyTony The Pony Ride on by Marx. Large 32" long and 23" tall Battery Operated Ride On Horse. Turn his head toTony The Pony by Marx change directions - Go forward AND Backwards by pressing his foot pedal. Wow. 6Volt Battery is needed and can be purchased at any Radio Shack. These are the large  lantern type batteries. A door under him swings open for the battery "shelf". With any of these old Batop Ride Ons, you can also use the rechargeable batteries available at toy stores, you just need to add little clips to the end of Tony's wires. HE WORKS GREAT! No cracks or chips. Beautiful! *Must ship alone due to size. Shipping is included in price for US Shipping.. but Western US customers may have to pay additional "balloon rate" fee. Email me your zip and will let you know.   PHOTO3 1961 $250
14330 "THE Little Pig Went To Market" Pull - Squeak Toy by Fisher Price. 15" long. Multi Colored Pigs. All squeak.  1960s $18
14316 Play Tiles by Halsam. All Mint & Complete in Fair box. Make pictures with multi colored plastic shapes on pegboard. glare in photo. 1960 $30
13622 Something's Fishy Puzzle. Neat Sardines in Can. All Minty and complete. It even has the solution! 1960s $28
14265 JUKEPET Jukebox Musical Bank. Made in Japan. 5.5" x 3" x 2.5". When you put in a coin, it would play a little record inside. Unfortunately, the previous owner left the battery in.. one of the contacts inside is really corroded. If you are handy, you could replace or clean it up. But I am selling AS IS. This is only the 2nd one I have found in 20 yrs. Has original worn, torn box and directions.  1960s $30
14257 Vintage Mail-Away Diode Crystal Radio Kit. All put together. All excellent. Measures approx. 4" x 2.5. Comes with directions and original mailer box.  1966 $30
14232 Kitty In The Kegs - Nesting Toy by Child Guidance. All complete. Very Good Condition. Largest Keg is 3" and smallest is 1" with a kitten inside.  1960 $30
14231 9 Cardboard Puzzle Blocks with paper litho. Vehicles. Each shows a different picture. One block is missing one of the litho sides. Each Measures 3" x 3" x 2".  PHOTO2 1960s $24
14221 Marx Presidents Set - Washington up to Eisenhower with Maime. All Mint. All complete. approx. 3" tall. Unpainted version. 1960s $30
14209 Go-Go Scotties Magnetic Toy. Mint in Original Card. by Chemtoy. Card measures approx. 3" x 4".  1965 $18
14187 Soma Cube Puzzle by Parker Brothers. approx. 3.5" cube. All Mint and complete - with directions.  1969 $24
14183 Sketch-O-Matic. Drawing Toy - Draw & Erase. By KohnerAll Mint with no cracks or chips. Works Great.  1960 $24
14107 Aussie Boomerang by Wham-O. All excellent condition. No chips or cracks. "Guaranteed to Return." Measures 16.5" long. Sticker is still there.. directions on back. PHOTO2  1965 $40
14097 Voodoo Puzzle. Complete, Mint in Excellent box.  1961 $18
14048 Amaze-A-Matic by Hasbro.. Computerized Car that moves the way the program card determines. All Excellent+ and works great. Missing one of the cones. There is an extra chassis inside also, that I couldn't get to work. *Also listed on Vehicles pg.  1969 $30
13916 Monster Magnet by Wham-O. 9" tall. All Very good. Pick up metal things with this.  1965 $28
13862 Playskool Young Builder Series - Jr. Workshop.  All Mint on Original Card! Measures 14" x 10" Wood parts too.  1960s $22
13848 1960s Frontier Play Set Powder Magazine with Hoist - Accessory for your Fort! Mint in Original Box. Powder Magazine is wooden and 8" tall, 6" x 6". Hoist works.  Comes with original lithographed box. Box is a little pushed in on one side. Made in German Democratic Republic. Nice Quality! PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $38
13844 Magic Electric Banjo by Emenee. Measures 22" tall. Takes 1 "D" battery. But does not work. Displays nice.  1960s $12
13795 Wind Up Fruit People - 1960s Made in JapanWind Up Spinning Fruit People  - Made in Japan. Each about 4" tall. The Tomato & Lemon works, Watermelon does not. All for one price. Plastic. All great looking!  1960s $35
13660 Colorgraph - 4 Color Printing Set - Magic Duplicator. Mint Unused. Complete.  1960s $30
13654 Kite Cord Lot. Store Display Box (no lid) with all the unused/unopened kite cords still in it. All for one price. New old store stock! 1960s $30
13650 Slide Puzzle - Map of United States. Mint on Original Card. Never used.  Made in Hong Kong. Puzzle measures approx. 3" x 5".  1960s $12

13647 Lite Brite Refills by HasbroLite Brite Pegs Refill Box. Bags are unopened, never used. Nice box. by Hasbro. *price lowered 1960s $18
13591 Penny The Poodle by Marx.  Penny is Mint condition & measures approx 12" tall.  No cracks or chips. Her spring mechanism in her leash no longer works.  Nice display box ! And >>Another great Toy design by Marvin Glass!  1963 $45
13440 1960s Nash Skifer Ski Surfing Snow BoardVintage 1960s Nash Ski Surfing "Skifer" Snow Board. Real wood - 51" long and 6 3/4" wide. It no cracks & has grippy tread. All nice and solid. No cracks - just some paint wear. Also listed on Vehicles pg. 


 *FREE Shipping in USA. 

1960s $135
13182 Kindergarten Blocks.  Real  Wood, LARGE Blocks by Playskool.  Complete. Box measures 22" x 14". All Excellent.  1960s $30
12913 1968 Super Eyes by MattelSuper Eyes Microscopes by Mattel.  All Mint & Complete in Very Good box.  1968 $22
12690 The "Blue-Box" Zoo Animals Set. Made in Hong Kong. All complete with 16 animals & Palm Tree - Mint in Display box. Box measures 10" x 12".  Even has original lid attached.  1960s $18
12579 1966 Crazee Cycle Crazee Cycle by Transogram. All Excellent & Complete. Large track layout for the motorcycle to run through. Like Trik Trak but for a motorcycle. *Also listed on Vehicles pg 1966 $30

Big Loo Robot Instructions -  Reproduction of Original.  Framed. Measures 18" x 22".  Pretty Neat. there is a small corner break in glass.. the rest is intact. 

1960s $20

Emenee Americana Guitar 1961Americana Guitar by Emenee.  Awesome - MINT - Like-New Condition! No cracks or chips. Full Size. Very nice display box. Contains all original song books PLUS little catalog of all the Emenee instruments & toys. 

1961 $30

Zoom TopZoom Top "Fly Like A Saucer - Spin Like A Top"  Mint condition. You can also use a wood stick to balance it. 

1960s $9

Kids Vintage SkisVintage Kids Wood Skis.  All Excellent+ No cracks! Like New! Leather straps. They measure alittle over 3 feet long.

1960s $35

1960s Magic See Puzzles Magic See Puzzles by Whitman.  Mint - Complete in Box.  Use the "Magic Viewer" to see the pictures change. Another cool toy I have never seen. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass!  

1969 $9

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14910 Doodle Balls Magnetic Toy by Smethport Specialty Co. Use the Magnetic Wand to move the balls to draw and make designs. Measures 16" x 11.5". All Excellent.  1976 $30
14519 Nerf Disk by Parker Brothers. 8.5" Mint in Fair Box. Disk is mint condition and soft!  PHOTO2 1970 $30
14482 Bugglies - Saker Maker Mold Set. All Complete in very good box. Mold your own bugs!  1972 $20
14204 Wall Walker by Kenner. All Mint - un-used on original Card.  Card Measures approx. 8" x 9". One of the cool toys designed by Marvin Glass! First one I have had! PHOTO2 1972 $35
13973 Wiggle Waggles by Chemtoy. Three businessmen - Oily Rubber Jigglers. Two 8" and one 6". Comes with the original display box..which shows some wear and tear. All for one price.  1970 $35All
13932 Tee Bird Flying Disc. Toss & Catch Toy. Frisbee type toy with a handle. Mint with original box. "As Seen On TV" PHOTO2 1972 $30
13920 1978 Magical Musical Thing by MattelMagical Musical Thing by Mattel.  Electronic Musical Toy. Works great! Measures 21" long. Comes with song book and box too.  1978 $35
13897 1971 Trouble BubbleTrouble Bubble - Pop O Matic Skill Toy by Kohner.  Try to pop the colored balls onto the matching platform. All Mint in Very Good box.  1971 $35
13824 NFL Mini Footbal Helmet Kit 1970sNFL Mini Sport Football  Helmet Lot.  Missing 1 helmet & top of rack has a broken part on left side. PHOTO2 1970s $18
13627 King Kong Action Figure by Mattel. Measures 8" tall. All Excellent & Works! When you turn the wheel in his back, his arms rotate around.  1973 $60
13547 Madcap Molly by Kenner.  Mechanical Windup "Do It All Dolly"  She Skis, Shops and rides a Scooter. Missing the 2 ski poles and scooter handle. Measures approx. 10" tall. She works great. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass!   1970 $30
13545 Color Machine by Play-Doh.  Greeting Cards maker. Has all that is shown. Missing the paper and stencils.  Works. And >>Another great Toy Invention by Marvin Glass!   1970 $24
13178 Flip Your Top by Kenner.  All Mint & Complete in Excellent Box. Fast Action Gyro Top has launcher & 2 sided game board paddle. Skill toy. Tricks & fun.  1970 $30
12816 Smurf Figures - Original Issue 1978-1979. Peyo. Schleich, Made in Hong Kong.  All Excellent+ Approx. 2" tall. Both for one price -Barber & Doctor Smurf  1978 1979 $20 
12768 1970 Snake PuzzleSnake Twist Puzzle. All Excellent. 17" long.  1970s $18
12681 Hat Full Of Magic by ReissHat Full Of Magic by Reiss. "As Seen On TV". Complete & All Excellent in Very Good Box.  1976 $40

1975 PoopatroopersPoopatroopers - Little 2" Sky Diving Paratroopers. Selling 3/$10. All Mint unused. Made by Imperial Toy co.

1975 3/$10
12805 1974 Steve Scout SetSteve Scout Lost In The High Country Camping Set. Items are all Mint in Good box. Missing the sleeping bag.  by Kenner.  1974 $12
13162 Paramedic Toy Case. Measures about the size of a lunch box. Tin Litho toy by Ohio Art. Missing the little phones that were inside. Neat little display item though.  1970s $15
12563 1976 Wham WadsWham Wads Blow Dart Toy.  "As Seen On TV". You shoot the foam velcro dart at the target. Missing the red darts.  1976 $9

1977 Scrubby Puppy Bath Toy - KennerScrubby Puppy Soapster - Bath Toy by Kenner.  Mint - Never Used IN MINT BOX! Cool little bath toy, measures 5.5" x 3". You insert a bar of soap inside, under the sponge rollers. Then you wet the rollers and scrub away! Alot more fun than a wash cloth! OLD Store Stock - Unused! Pristine condition. I do have a few of these in stock, if you would like to order more than one: Click BUY and go Back and click again. *Also listed on Misc. pg. PHOTO2

1977 $10

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