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14955 Beat Up old VW Beatle. Found in Estate. 10" long. Tin. Has some damage here and there.. No battery Cover. BUT - IT Works!  I taped in 2 batteries, the bump n go action worked as well as the light up engine.. and spinning of engine. So here it is - as is, but working great! PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $20
14925 Remote Control X-91 Futura by VRP (Vibro Roll Products). 8.5" long Battery Operated Remote Car. All Excellent & Works. Takes 2 "D" batteries. Goes forward and backwards and has this amazing 'dynamagic steering'. I am not sure if the steering was working.. it seemed to be but not positive. Original box & directions. FREE Shipping in USA. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 1950s $195
14852 Johnny Lightning Ricochet - Giant Loop Raceway by Topper Toys. All Excellent and complete. Even has the original Jaguar XKE with it. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $45
14843 Getaway Chase Game by AMF.  There is no lid to the box. Track looks great. It comes with the track switch controllers, 2 cars (they look great), and about 1/2 of the original cardboard scenery. Both Cars work, 1 "C" battery needed for each. Also listed on Vehicles pg.  PHOTO2 1960s $60
14771  Love Love Beetle VW - Tin Litho Battery Operated Non-Fall Mystery Bump N Go Action Car.  All Excellent/Minty and works perfectly. Comes with original box which is Fair condition. Car measures 10" x 4" takes 2 "D" batteries. Battery box looks new. Looks like hardly played. Free shipping in USA.


1970s $125
14766 Fighter Jet - Plastic Inflatable - Friction Toy.  Nice unusual US Navy Jet Toy. 16" long, 7" wide.  Holds air  well. Friction wheels underneath. Friction works fine. Made in Japan. An extra fun surprise> when you squeeze the wings, they squeak! (Each wing has a squeaker inside it).  PHOTO2  - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 1960s $60
14564 Plastic Molded Large US Army Airplane. All excellent. 24" wingspan, 20" long. Missing 1 of the wheels. PHOTO2 1960s $24
14357 The Big Alarm Fire Truck by MarxThe Big Alarm - Giant Fire Fighting Truck by Marx. Large measures 26" long, 9" wide and 12" tall.  Motorized and takes 4 "D" batteries. All functions work just great. Drives, ladders go up and down, they rotate, light flashes, alarm sounds. Wow. Really nice. FIRST one I have had in 20 yrs. All comes with box insert, directions, the two firemen.  Also, one fireman can be attached to ladder - to climb it by motor action! It has a working water pump.. hose is all there and looks great. Truck is shiny and new looking..battery box like new. Just amazing looking! - hardly played with condition. The one ladder has old repairs which were glued, I will leave to new owner to epoxy it. The bucket has stress cracks.. but all is intact. Comes with a beautiful box with just the one end having torn flaps. Also included is the original cardboard fire scene all nice and sturdy. Must ship/order alone due to size. There may be an additional balloon shipping rate if you live in western US. otherwise, shipping is included in price. *Also listed on Toys1 pg. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 - PHOTO5 - PHOTO6 - PHOTO7 - PHOTO8- PHOTO9 1966 $285
14338 1960s Mustang Mach 1 Motorized Model. All built up and looks great. 9.5" long. 1/20 Scale. Made in Japan by Nakamura for AHM. Nice estate find. Comes with box and directions too. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 - PHOTO5 1960s $60
14314 Johnny Lightning Rocket 500 Indy Race Set. All Complete. Just track no cars. No breaks or cracks. Box is worn torn and taped up like crazy on the back. front displays ok. May need to order alone due to size. PHOTO2 1960s $30
14301 Three Vintage 1950s Plastic Cars. 4.5" long. All Mint condition. All look same, except yellow one is marked LIONEL on bottom. All for one price.   PHOTO2 1950s $45
14282 Wacky Rod Cars by Remco. Motorized. Build all different ones. Mint and Complete in worn box.  1976 $40
14095 Atomic Mobile Unit Truck. All works. Load Missle, raise or lower, spring launch works. Missile is missing back part.. but any like size missile will work. Truck is plastic with metal undercarriage. No makers name found. 12" long.  1950s $35
14048 Amaze-A-Matic by Hasbro.. Computerized Car that moves the way the program card determines. All Excellent+ and works great. Missing one of the cones. There is an extra chassis inside also, that I couldn't get to work. *Also listed on Toys1 pg.  1969 $30
13439 Indy 500 Raceway  Postcards 1960sVintage 1960s Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Indy 500 Race Car Postcards. Large Glossy 9" x 6". Great to frame.  All from early 60s. One is signed by driver Jim Hurtibise. All for one price. Also listed on Misc. page. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 - PHOTO5 - PHOTO6 - PHOTO7 1960s $40
13422 1950s Chrome Bicycle Mirror by Elite - Made in Japan. All intact with box.  1960s $18
13362 1950s Bike Accessories from estate. Headlight & Horn you blow into. Both work great. Light takes 2 "D" batteries.  Both for one price. PLUS 1960s Directional Signal. Needs wire attached and lightbulbs. 1950s $30
13046 Dare Devil Trik Trak by Transogram.  All Mint & Car Works. Has all the cool stunt tracks. Just no cardboard scenery. Box is Excellent. Large item, must ship alone.  1965 $60
12760 1950s Motorcycle Helmet1950s Motorcycle/Vespa/Soap Box Derby Helmet. WFS HELMET MODEL No. 505 MADE IN JAPAN. Also sticker on inside SIZE S BRITISH PAT. No. 1133028. Inside can be removed with zipper. Visor snaps on. All works as it should. Complete. *Also listed on Misc. pg.  1950s $65
12579 1966 Crazee Cycle Crazee Cycle by Transogram. All Excellent & Complete. Large track layout for the motorcycle to run through. Like Trik Trak but for a motorcycle. *Also listed on Toys1 pg 1966 $60

1970sShopping Cart


14860 Marvel the Mustang by Marx. Ride on Horse.. buy jumping up and down slightly.. he moves forward. All Very Good, No breaks. Saddle all intact. 24" long, 22" tall. *Also listed on Toys1 PHOTO2 1969 $60
14186 Belt Blaster - Hot Rod Racers. Made in Hong Kong. Mint - un-opened on excellent 8" x 11" card. Clip launcher on belt. Wind up to launch your race car. PHOTO2 1970s $30
13938 Expand-O-Car by Remco. Super Wheelies. 11" long.  All excellent. Motorized with remote control. Works. Box has wear.  1972 $30
13825 SSP Racer by Kenner 1970SSP Racer by Kenner. Super Sonic Racer - Gyro Powered. Mint in Good box. 4.5" long. Dune Digger #8958. Another great toy by Marvin Glass. PHOTO2 1970 $40

Putt Putt Bump 'N Bash by Mattel 1975Putt Putt Bump 'N Bash Speedway by Mattel.  All is Mint condition & complete in Excellent box. Cars work great. 

1975 $30

My Daughter in 1979    Ride On Vehicles  My Granddaughter on her vintage Fisher Price horsie. 2004Shopping Cart


14825 Skateboard - Roller Derby Mustang 15. All Very good. Wood board with original wheels. 21" long. Also listed on Toys1 pg. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1960s $50
14824 1950s Ride on Horse. Solid Wood with hard plastic head. Rubber tires. All excellent and just super well-made. Measures 16" tall, 17" long, 9" wide. Beautiful original paint. No cracks, chips or breaks! *Also listed on Toys 1 pg. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 1950s $60
14768 Hoppity Horse by Sun Rubber Co. Ride On - Hopping Toy. All Excllent/Mint. Looks great. Holds air perfectly. 20" tall. *Also listed on Toys1 pg.  PHOTO2 1970s $60
14384 Tony The Pony by Marx - Vintage Ride On ToyTony The Pony Ride on by Marx. Large 32" long and 23" tall Battery Operated Ride On Horse. Turn his head toTony The Pony by Marx change directions - Go forward AND Backwards by pressing his foot pedal. Wow. 6Volt Battery is needed and can be purchased at any Radio Shack. These are the large  lantern type batteries. A door under him swings open for the battery "shelf". With any of these old Batop Ride Ons, you can also use the rechargeable batteries available at toy stores, you just need to add little clips to the end of Tony's wires. HE WORKS GREAT! No cracks or chips. Beautiful! *Must ship alone due to size. Shipping is included in price for US Shipping.. but Western US customers may have to pay additional "balloon rate" fee. Email me your zip and will let you know.  or can meet Northeast US Customers  PHOTO3 1961 $250
13890 1960s Silly CycleSilly Cycle by Mid-South Enterprises.  Not a very common one. Unicycle type vehicle, has 3 hard rubber wheels on bottom ring and the one large hard rubber tire in the middle. You hold onto the bar under the seat and pedal - use your body to steer. All solid and works great. Wheels are all fine. Shows age and wear. Body could use some sanding and paint, new pedals and seat cover.  Measures 24" diameter & 21" tall. Weighs 18 lbs so may cost a bit - the further you are from NY State.  1960s $60
13444 1950s Stick Horse1950s Stick Horse - Red  Head. 36" long. All excellent.  May have to ship alone due to size.  Also listed on Toys1 pg.   $30
13440 1960s Nash Skifer Ski Surfing Snow BoardVintage 1960s Nash Ski Surfing "Skifer" Snow Board. Real wood - 51" long and 6 3/4" wide. It no cracks & has grippy tread. All nice and solid. No cracks - just some paint wear. *Also listed on Toys1 pg. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3 - PHOTO4 - PHOTO5  

 *FREE Shipping in USA. 

1960s $135
12638 1970s AMF Rumbler Ride on Chopper Pedal Car1970s AMF Rumbler Ride on Chopper Pedal Car1970s AMF RUMBLER - Chopper Style Ride on Tricycle.  Vintage Pedal Car.  Measures 4 feet long and 2 feet tall.  All in sturdy, working condition.  One rubber back tire needs to be replaced.  Body shows normal age.  Pedals work great.  AMF also made a Evel Knievel model using the same body but adding a shield with "1" on the front of fork and "Evel" stickers.  *Local Pickup available. We are 2 hrs. from NYC - NY Thruway exit 19. Will ship if buyer pays packing & shipping. Nearest UPS store is Kingston NY zip code 12401.  Packed weight will probably be around 25 lbs.  (Shipping will not be calculated in cart). 1970s $150

Ride On Horse by Playskool.  All Wood.  Seat cover comes off for storage. 

1960s $45

1970 Marx SnowmobileMarx Snowmobile Ride on Toy.  Front turns, slides along on the snow. All Excellent Condition. Looks like a Ski-Doo. Measures 26" x 9" x 10" tall. No Cracks or Chips. Oversize Item. 

1970 $85

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