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The Amazing Toys of Marvin Glass

This page is dedicated to Marvin Glass (1914-1974).  Marvin Glass was an entrepreneur & toy designer. He opened his firm, Marvin Glass & Associates in 1941, a Chicago based toy designing firm. MGA would patent their toys & games  & license them  to the big toy makers, Ideal, Marx, Kenner, Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, etc.  They would collect a basic fee  plus  royalties on each item sold. 

Marvin Glass's business really took off with the introduction of Mr. Machine in 1960. After that, numerous popular toys - listed below - found it's way into the homes of baby boomers. All of the toys listed below are in my  Book,  AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS. Of course, since my book release in  October of 2016, I have found more Marvin Glass toys in my travels.  I hope to have them listed in my second edition. 

Marvin Glass founded the first independent toy designing  firm, which grew to be the largest in the world.  He  was also the only designer to have his company logo printed on the package. If you come across any of his toys or games , that I don't have listed - don't hesitate to Email Me.  thanks! - Joyce Grant

1950's Toys       

Busy Biddee Chicken Cry Baby Hungry Piggy
Merry Go Sip Cup Unimal Yakity Yak Teeth
Moody Mutt Cartoon-O-Scope Tumble Bug
Old Pal Ride On Horse Ric-O-Shay Cap Gun Super Specs
Hypo-Phony Yakety Yob Bottled Emotions

 1960's Toys     

Mr. Machine Robot Ideal 1960 Robot Commando Ideal 1961 Great Garloo Marx 1961
PopZaBall - Mattel 1961 Odd Ogg Ideal 1962 Tic Toy Clock Hubley 1962
Fireball Express Marx King Zor Ideal 1962 Gaylord Ideal 1962
Clancy the Great Ideal 1962 Dandy the Lion Irwin 1963 Razz-Ma-Tazz  Hubley 1963
Penny the Poodle Marx 1963 My Mixer Gilbert 1963 The Big Parade Marx 1963
Kissy Doll Ideal 1963 Bibsy Doll Ideal 1963 Monster Lab Ideal 1964
Time Bomb Milton Bradley 1964 Rock'em Sock'em Robots  Marx 1964 Smarty Bird Ideal 1964
Lite Brite Hasbro 1965 Tigeroo - Ideal 1965 James Bond 007 Toys - 1965
Rube Goldberg  Models Multiple Toy 1965 That Kid Talking Doll Hasbro 1967 Little Lost Baby Ideal 1968
Spirograph Kenner - 1969 Astrolite Hasbro 1969 Astrosound Hasbro 1969
Twiddler Marble Maze Parker Bros. 1969 Magic See Puzzles Whitman 1969 Power Mite Tools Ideal 1969

1970's Toys       

Mini Matic Kitchen Ideal 1970 Smash Up Derby Kenner 1970 The Color Machine Play-Doh 1970
SSP Cars -Kenner 1970 Sketch A Tune Ohio Art 1970s Madcap Molly Kenner 1970
Inchworm Hasbro 1971 Doodle Lite - Ohio Art 1970s Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle Ideal 1973
Blythe Doll Kenner 1972 Planet of the Apes Model Addair  1973 Hugo Man of A Thousand Faces  1974
  Ricochet Racers Hasbro 1974  

1960's  Games    

Miss Popularity Transogram 1961 Bop the Beetle Ideal 1962 King Zor Game 1962
Haunted House Ideal 1962 Golferino Milton Bradley 1962 Totem Game Transogram 1962
Mousetrap Ideal 1963 Jungle Hunt Hubley 1963 King of the Hill Schaper 1963
SHA-EE Game of Destiny Ideal 1963 Ambush! Hasbro 1963 Tip-It Ideal 1964
Crazy Clock Ideal 1964 Hands Down Ideal 1964 Mystic Skull Ideal 1964
Pow Cannon  M. Bradley 1964 Wow Pillow  M. Bradley 1964 Mystery Date M Bradley 1965
Jack & The Beanstalk Schaper 1965 Operation M. Bradley 1965 Fish Bait Ideal 1965
Monkeys & Coconuts Ideal 1965 Swap Ideal 1965 Stay Alive - M. Bradley 1965
Babysitter Ideal 1966 Mosquito Milton Bradley 1966 Watch Word Ideal 1966
Hoopla Ideal 1966 Message From M Ideal 1966 Chicken Out M Bradley 1966
Thing Ding - Schaper 1966 Koo Koo Choo Choo Marx 1967 Feeley Meeley M Bradley 1967
Clean Sweep Schaper 1967 Fang Bang Ideal 1967 Careful Ideal 1967
Tight Squeeze Mattel 1967 Big Mouth - Schaper 1968 Hippity Hop Ohio Art 1968
Who You? - Schaper 1968 Look Out Below Ideal 1968 Hip Flip Mattel 1968
Pie Face Hasbro 1968 Bucket of Fun M. Bradley 1968 Sandlot Slugger M.Bradley 1968
Hop Pop Schaper 1968 Situation 4 & 7 P. Brothers 1968 Cut-Up Shopping Spree M.B 1968
Rickety Raft Aurora 1968 Penguin Polo Hasbro 1968 Penguin Polo Hasbro 1968
Oh Nuts Ideal 1969 Kookie Carnival M. Bradley 1969 Get In That Tub Hasbro 1969
Finders Keepers M Bradley 1969 Leapin' Letters Parker Bros. 1969 Nuts To You Hasbro 1969
Limbo Legs Milton Bradley 1969 Ants In The Pants Schaper 1969 Dynamite Shack M Bradley 1969
Humor Rumor -Whitman 1969 Toss Across Ideal 1969 Pizza Pie Hasbro 1969

 1970's Games     

Pivot Pool Milton Bradley 1970 Mr. Mad- Ideal 1970 Moon Blast-Off -Schaper 1970
Scan Parker Bros. 1970 Horsin' Around P Brothers 1970 Don't Cook Your Goose Schaper 1970
Which Witch? - M Bradley 1970 Mind Maze Parker Brothers 1970 Rattle Battle Parker Bros 1970
Masterpiece P Brothers 1970 Sure Shot Games Ideal 1970 Mad Marbles Lakeside 1970
Quick Shoot Ideal 1970 Brink Ball Lakeside 1970  Beautiful Things P Bros 1970
Snoopy &  Red Baron M B 1970 Stay Alive M Bradley 1970 Stay Alive Milton Brad 1970
Gnip Gnop P. Brothers 1971 Shake A Leg Schaper 1971 Alley Up Hasbro 1971
Wing-It Schaper 1971 Ice Cube Game M Bradley 1972 Penny Pincher Schaper 1972
Happiness M Bradley 1972 Don't Blow Your Top Schaper 1972 Skittle Horseshoes Aurora 1972
Aurora Derby Aurora 1972 Flip It Slot Machine Aurora 1973 SCREECH! Game - P Bros 1972
Snap Bowling Ideal 1973 Super Sunday Football Hasbro 1973 Billionaire Parker Bros 1973
Trip Hammer M Bradley 1974 The Inventors P Brothers 1974 On Target M. Brad 1973
Tug Boat Parker Brothers 1974   Jack Be Nimble Schaper 1974


Amazing Toys of Marvin Glass - by Joyce Grant 

    Published by Schiffer Books 2016 - Available on Amazon.com - Click on Book for more info.

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