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YES! These are the ORIGINAL OLD Clackers! NOT new ones. These are for Adults only!

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We called them Klick Klacks when I was a kid. I could never get the hang of it. I was better with the paddle and ball toys! 

 Clackers came on the market in the late 60s and lasted into the early 70s. Clackers were never made of glass. The kinda looked like glass but they weren't. They were made with acrylic balls, (very dense type of plastic material) on a string with a ring or small handle in the middle. Some had no ring or paddle.. but just as easy to use. The point was to get the two balls going and have them "klick" against each other. You would build up momentum until they were hitting on the top and bottom in an arc. Very hard to do at first. I still have never done it! Then you would just keep going until you drove people around you crazy with the noise. 

Since the balls were so hard.. and heavy, there were many injuries reported. They could break apart after heavy use.. Also kids used them as weapons and wound up hurting other kids. Eventually, they were taken off the market. Smaller versions came out and they were discontinued also. In the 80s, when my kids were small, novelty companies came out with this chintzy version: Plastic (light weight) balls with plastic rods connected to them to hold them in place. You could klack them, but it took no skill & was boring after a few minutes.. but alot safer.  Listen to Clackers

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