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1950s 1960s & 70s Board Games, Action & Outdoor Games For Sale

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28643Peter Pan Mini Playing Cards. 2.5" x 1.75". Good condition in poor box. Deck is complete.1950s$12

28640The JEEP BOARD. Portable Travel Game 3.5" square. Mint with original worn torn box. No instructions, but you can play checkers, cribbage, etc. 1943s$10

286311940 RAGGEDY ANN Game. By Milton Bradley. Has age wear & tear. May be missing parts. Nice early - first version game.1940$18

285741930s LATTA's TEACHING AIDS. Includes all shown, found together in estate. The 9.5" x 12" 287page Teachers Guide. The 22" long sentence cards with sleeve, The 6.5" x 3.5" Word & Number Cards with box. Nice Collection!1930s$60

28531Three Early Card Games. 1939 CONTACK - Mint & Complete. Plus 2 versions of PIT all complete. 1940$24

28401ROCKET RACE TO SATURN Game Board. 13" x 9.5" Cardboard by Lido. Has a built in spinner. Corner missing on top right. 1950s$18

27958SKIP BOWL Action Skill Game by Transogram. Wood Balls. Mint & Complete in good box. 1955$18

277861950s DOMINOES by Halsam. All excellent & complete in very good box. 1950s$15

27398Tiddledy Winks by Milton Bradley. 7" x 7" x 2" Box. Great Graphics on cover. Incomplete set1950s$10

270353 Vintage Games - All from Same estate. All in good shape.. Bingo, Tiddledy Winks - dated 1937, and Mosaic Design game (generic box), which is very neat and unusual!1930s$24

26571Estate Lot! 1940s - 1950s Games. 1949 Got To The Head of The Class. All complete. 1949 Trade Winds - no box. International Spy No box, Walt Disney Adventure Game 1950s, Poor box. 2 old card games.All for one price. 1950s$40

261791940s AC GILBERT Dexterity Puzzle. BALL & GEARS. All intact and works. Glass with cardboard & Metal Balls. 4.25" x 3.25" x 1"1940s$18

25653POOSH M UP Pinball Game. 'BIG 5' Sports depicted: Football, Baseball, Horses. Large Wood, Glass & Metal. 24" x 13" x 1.5". Spring & Balls work as they should. Glass all intact. There is battery spot and wiring for lights, but that looks like it needs some easy repair. Due to size & weight, must be ordered alone. 1933$45

20453Table Tennis Set by Coronet. 12" x 12" box. All Mint and unused. Box Excellent.1950s$30

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286651969 ANTS IN THE PANTS & 1970 DON'T SPILL THE BEANS Games by Schaper. Designed by Marvin Glass. Bot Mint & Complete in Excellent boxes. (Need new beans) Early - patent pending. Selling Both together! 1969$45

28619MONKEYS & COCONUTS by Schaper. All Minty and complete. I am even including the vintage suede bag the previous owner had in the box for the 'coconuts'.1965$35

285751966 BAS-KET Game by Cadaco. This is the first version. Box is bright & clean. Contents Mint. "Real Basketball in Miniature." Measures 12" x 20". Nicest one I have seen. 1966$40

28482SCRABBLE For JUNIORS. Mint & Complete in VG+ Box.1964$18

28481HEADACHE GAME By Kohner. Mint & Complete in Excellent box. Pop-o-Matic works perfectly!1968$22

28337CARROM Game Board. Solid wood. Double sided. All COMPLETE! Play over 100 Games! Instruction Booklet included. Looks Un-used. 28" x 28" x 3". Due to size, must order & ship alone. 1960s$60

28056SPACE CHECKERS 3D Game by Pacific Game Co. Mint and Complete in Excellent+ box. 1960s$35

28053BASH Game by Milton Bradley. Mint in Good box. Neat Game to let out your frustrations! 1965$30

28018The Game Is NIRTZ by Ideal. A really fun strategy game. All Mint and complete in fair box. 1961$24

27959CAREFUL The Toppling Tower Game by Ideal. All Mint and Complete in Good box. Lid shows wear and tear.1967$40

27925SKILL BALL By Marx. 26" x 10" x 15" tall. Very Good with slight age. Works Great. Due to size, must order & ship alone. 1960s$48

27637GRAVITATION Game by Pacific Game Co. All Excellent and works great. 21" long, hardwood with metal rods & steel ball. FUN Skill Game. Great Coffee Table Game. 1960s$40

26438Puff Ball Tic Tac Toe Game. All excellent and works. 12" x 7". Simple. Fun1960s$18

26418HANDS DOWN Game by Ideal. 'The SLAPHAPPIEST' Game. Fun! Mint and complete in Very Good Box.1964$30

26405PIE FACE Game by Hasbro. Designed by Marvin Glass. SUCH a Fun Game. This does work! Missing the chin rest and extended handles - but can with played regardless, with just as much fun. Nice box and graphics. 1968$40

26404MILL Game by Schaper. Challenging 2 person game. MINT and Complete in excellent box. 1960s$20

26378Jr. Quarterback Football Game by Built Rite. All Minty & Complete. Looks unplayed. Parts still un-punched. 1960$28

25567TORNADO BOWL Mint & Almost Complete with working spinning top. Has only 1 scoring peg. by Ideal. 1969$30

25564ON GUARD Dexterity 2 player game. Mint & Complete in excellent box. Parker Brothers.1967$24

25444GOLF PUTTING GAME by Transogram. Automatic ball return. All Excellent+ Condition in VG Box. Complete with the plastic golf balls. Works Great. Box 19" x 12" x 4.5"1960s$30

24869Tumble Bug by Schaper. Mint and Complete. In good box. Fun race game. 1960$28

24759TROKE 'Castle Checkers' Game. MINT & Complete in Excellent Box.1966$20

24754PUCK - LUCK Magnetic Hockey Game by Schaper. MINT & Complete in Mint Box. 10" x 15" rink. 1960s$38

24748SKILL-IT Frying Pan Maze Game. M. Bradley Mint & Complete in Excellent Box1966$20

24715Jungle Zip Flip Game. Magnetic Wand, skill game. I have never seen this one. 1964$28

24574TOP TEN PINS Bowling type game with a top. by Parker Brothers. Neat metal framed playing board. MINT & Complete in box with corner tears. weighs 4 lbs. shipped.1966$30

24126Mousie - Mousie Action Game. Mint and Complete in very good 5" x 4" box. 1960s$18

23451Travel Trio Game Set. 3 Travel Games in 12" x 4" box. Mint complete.1960s$18

22526Two Avalon Hill Sports Games. Baseball 1962 (box worn), and Football 1962. Both seem excellent inside. 1962$18

21333Little Chief Game by Whitman. All excellent. Age and wear to lid. Complete. Looks hardly used. 1960s$18

20814Animal Talk Game by Mattel. Box is poor. Game is in good shape. Pull string talking barn works. Board and parts excellent. Missing 1 moving piece, 2 rooster, 1 cow card.1963$18

18077Tight Squeeze by Mattel. The "snuggle-struggle game". Fun party game. Mint and complete in worn, torn box. Box is large. Must order alone due to size.1967$18

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1970s Games

28603CASINO KING JACKPOT SLOT MACHINE by WACO Japan. MINT IN BOX. Never Used. Was still wrapped in box, with inserts. Box looks great too. 16" tall, 12" wide, 9" deep. All paperwork. Late 1970s early 1980s. This takes any coins. Must order & ship alone due to size. Weighs 15 lb. FREE UPS Shipping in USA! Not a gambling device.1979$165

285261973 EXECUTION TENNIS Game. MINT - Never played! Still factory sealed. Small torn plastic area in back. Large 21" x 16" x 1.5". Bright Clean, like new!1973$60

28320GO - Oriental Game of Strategy & Conquest. Mint & Complete. by Pacific Gaming. Wood board. 1970s$28

28278BING-BANG-BOING by Ideal. Fun Game with all Mint Parts. It has one original drum cover & you can replace the other two with balloons. 1 Steel ball included for size,you will need to order more. Box Excellent1972$20

28223GNIP GNOP by Parker Brothers. Fast Action two player game. MINT in Excellent box.1971$30

28082AIR TRIX - The Airstream Game. MINT & COMPLETE> All Works. Race against the clock to score points in this fascinating action game. Maneuver the ball on a cushion of air through the rungs of the ladder, onto to barrel on the seal's nose, through the weather vane into the bucket and finally into the helicopter cockpit to pick up the mail. You score points for each stunt. The player with the highest score wins. Really Fun Game1976$60

27910Smethport Games - Self Contained. Largest Basketball 14" x 10". Plus Football & Magnetic Bldg set. All Minty and complete. All for one price.1970$30

27787PUZZLES Lot - Includes all shown. Rubik's Cube. SCRAMBLED EGG & IMPOSSI-BALL. (1982). All Mint.1970$18

27400Two White Knob Windup Games by Tomy. Both are Mint Condition, complete and work great. Portable 5.5" x 5.5" X 2" case that opens to a playing board. FUNNY FOOTBALL & STROLLING BOWLING.1970s$28

27191Vintage Dexterity Puzzles Lot. All Mint and complete. by Reiss, Pacific Gaming, etc. plus the neat wood puzzle block. All for one price!1970s$45

27142LARGE Barrel of Monkeys by Lakeside. 5" Monkeys in 9" x 6" Barrel. Minty. Complete with all the monkeys!1970$30

27119AMERICAN PACHINKO Game by Pressman. MINT and Complete. No cracks no chips. Works great. Large 25" x 17" x 3". Box shows slight storage wear. Due to size, must order & ship alone.1973$60

269761972 Ouija Board by Parker Brothers. Mint complete in Very Good box. Slight wear to lid1972$22

26825Sleuth Mystery Game by 3M. Mint and Complete. 6.5" x 5" x 1" Mint Box.1971$22

265791971 REBOUND GAME by Ideal. MINT & COMPLETE in Excellent Box. 32" x 12". Must order & ship alone. 1971$60

26289PASS-OUT Drinking Game. All complete in Good Box.1971$18

25390ROSE BOWL COMPUTERIZED FOOTBALL BY ES Lowe. MINT and complete. Excellent Box!1970$30

25385QUBIC 3D Tic Tac Toe Game. Mint and Complete in Very Good box.1972$24

25209TENNIS Card Game by Parker Brothers. MINT and Complete in excellent box. 1975$12

25117SURE SHOT HOCKEY by Ideal. All excellent, complete and works. 1970$30

25050Super Jock SUPER TOE FOOTBALL. All Mint and Complete in Good Box. some tape. by Schaper. Works Great!1975$40

25023LICORICE STIX - Brain Teaser Puzzle by Reiss. With cheat sheet too!1974$20

25006WING IT Target Game by Schaper. Designed by Marvin Glass. Neat & Both disc shooters work! Missing 1 plastic target. 1971$30

24934ANTS In The PANTS By Schaper. Mint and Complete in very good box. 1970$24

24844PONENTS Strategy Game by Reiss. All Mint Condition. Missing one of the moving pieces which does not hinder play.1974$18

24672Kwazy Quilt Puzzle Game by Kohner. Mint in excellent box. 8.5" x 5.5" box. 1970$15

23657Triple Play by Milton Bradley. Wind up Action Skill Game. Works GREAT. Mint & Complete.1978$30

22912Slap Shot Hockey. Large Playing Field Approx. 3 feet long. All Mint & Complete. Nice box too. Must ship alone due to size. 1970s$24

20711Deduction Strategy Game by Ideal. Mint and complete Excellent box. 1976$15

20589Perception Game by Ideal. Mint Complete in Good Box. Psychological Strategy Game.1971$18

20554Buckshot. World's Fastest Indoor Game. FUN! 1970$18


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