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26493Eight ELVIS PRESLEY 45rpm Records with Photo Sleeves. All in VG/Excellent condition. Great Photos. All for one price1960s$85

26491Six 1960s MAD Paperback Books. All in really nice shape. 'Mad Frontier' has spine taped. 1960s$30

26483Vintage Mod 1960s EVE Litho Big Eyes Kids Print Two Girls Listening To, Playing Records on a Record Player Print. Original in it's 11 x 14 inches in a wooden frame with glass. Excellent!1960s$30

26480DRAG CARTOONS MAGAZINES - 3 from 1967. All good condition. Intact but edge tear, here and there. Neat content & ads, photos. All for one price!1967$28

26479Vintage 1960s JADE Transisitor Radio. MINT. NEVER USED. Still wrapped. Battery still sealed. Complete in Excellent box. Hong Kong.1960s$30

26475Late 1950s, early 1960s Kid's Baseball Cap. Larger size about 7". Rayon & Acetate. Teams Listed: REDS, GIANTS, CUBS, DODGERS, BRAVES, CARDINALS. Excellent.1960s$38

264741950s, early 1960s Kid's Baseball Cap. 7.5" long. Cotton with w/felt 'baseballs' applied. Teams listed are: SENATORS, INDIAN, GIANTS, PIRATES,YANKEES, BRAVES, DODGERS, ORIOLES, TIGERS, PHILLIES, RED SOX,CARDINALS.1960s$28

264721914 Candy Containers by West Brothers Co. 6 Detailed tin litho buildings, measuring approx. 2.5" x 2.5" x 2". Purchased from estate. All are Excellent Condition! Nice Lot. FREE Priority Mail Shipping in US.1914$150

264661969 SUBARU Dealership Pin. 2.25" diameter. 1969$18

26464SUPERMARKET MINIATURES CHARMS by Shackman Novelty Co. All Mint, 16 gumball machine type charms in 2" x 1.5" x 1" box. (also mint). Food, Beverage, Cigarettes & teacup. Free Shipping in USA.1960$60

264631960s Trading Cards Lot. All are Minty condition! 4-1965 Topps Ugly Stickers, 7 - 1964 Leaf WHAT'S MY JOB?, 5 - 1965 Fleer WEIRD OHS. 16 cards. FREE Shipping in USA1960s$35

26455Vintage SMILEY HAPPY FACE TERRYCLOTH TOWEL. 22" x 14". Slight wear. Bright & Clean!1970s$24

26454Vintage Chalkware CAT STAPLER by Holiday Fair. Japan. Mint and works. 4" long. Fluorescent - hand painted. 1969$20

264431965 UNKNOWN WORLDS Comic. 12 center. All excellent. No writing or tears!1965$12

26423Two Large Pinbacks. Budweiser Beer 4", Novelty 3". Both Excellent!1960s$18

26422Mini Metal Tool Charms. Each about 1" long. Free Shipping1960s$15

26420IMPERIAL SIX-TWENTY Film Camera. Herbert George Co. 3.5" x 3" x 2.75". Flash is 4.75" diameter. Mint and works. Comes with 4 Unused bulbs.1950s$30

264011960s Vintage NEW YORK CITY 25" Felt Pennant. Excellent/Mint1960s$18

26400Vintage JUMBO DRINKING 'CHIRMY' BIRD. MINT Condition and works! In Original Excellent box with original straw & instructions. He is 16" tall. Plastic & Glass. I have never seen this large one.1960s$40

263711960s MARKY MAYPO Advertising Rubber Doll from Maypo Cereal. All Very Good. Measures 9" tall. 1961$30

26370Big Nosed Monster in Grecian Urn Bank by Play Pal Plastics. 14" hard plastic. Sign reads, 'A Penny Urned is a Penny Saved.' Plug intact. Nose has some scratches. 1971$60

263421960s LUNAR COMMAND PHONES from Buster Brown Shoes. Mint Sealed 5" x 5" sealed bag. Never used. Plastic parts are all intact. 1960s$30

263361950s PET GUIDE Booklets. 9" x 5". All Excellent. No writing or tears. Parakeets - Budgies, Guppies, Guinea Pigs & Chicks. All 4 for one price!1950s$20

26333THE GOLDEN BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA Complete Set of 16. All Excellent. These are all bright & CLEAN. Beautiful graphics inside & out! Each measures 10.5" x 7.5" x 1". Weight is 18 lbs. Must order & Ship alone. FREE Shipping by Media Mail in USA.1960$75

263301963 Post Cereal Premiums. 2 Kicking & Passing Football Players. Both complete with the footballs and original bags. Each player is about 3" tall. No breaks. Both for one price! FREE Shipping in USA.1963$40

26270HAI KARATE Aftershave. Still has some contents! 2oz Bottle. 4" tall.1972$18

26259GIANT Ripley's Believe It Or Not Book. Paperback 14.5" x 10.5". What fun to go through! A great coffee table book. Very good, no tears, slight age. 1976$20

262491960s Smoking Dog Novelty with Miniature Cigarettes. The painted clay? dog is almost 2" long, there is a hole to hold a cigarette. These special cigarettes automatically blow smoke rings. Mint in sealed envelope. I used a google photo to show what contents look like, mine is still sealed. Free Shipping. 1960s$20

26246The Telephone News. Customer Magazine. Info on Telephone. 9" x 12". All excellent. No tears or writing.1959$18

26241Triad Electronic Tube for TV. All intact in cool box. Atomic Design.1966$28

26238Yogi Bear Shoe Advertising Comic. 7" x 5". Free shipping.1968$12

26222GOOFY GRAMS Statue by R. Dakin. 7" tall. Hard Plastic. Mint in sealed bag. This one is the Lion, "Sorry You're Feeling Beastly."1971$18

26221GOOFY GRAMS Statue by R. Dakin. 7" tall. Hard Plastic. Mint in sealed bag. This one is the Bull "I'm Mad About You." 1971$18

26219Two 1950s Magic Instruction Booklets. 6" x 8". Mint condition. Great tricks!1950s$18

26200Vintage Tubular Extension Speaker TS-25 for Transistor Radios. Made in Japan. All excellent. Works. 9.5" long. Wire taped, may need easy re-splice.1960s$28

261621970s Mercedes Car Liquor Decanter. 16" x 6" x 6". Metal, Wood & Plastic. Glass Decanter and 4 Glasses all perfect. Car shows slight age. Roof hinge is all there and needs to be re-attached. Has a music box that should play, "IF I WERE A RICH MAN" - but does not work. Possibly could be fixed? weight is 5 lb. 1970s$75

26123Captain Kidd brand BLACK MAGIC SNAKES. 6 Mint in Mint Box. 1960s$24

2611036 Large Plastic Pennies. 2.5" diameter. 1972 on all of them1970s$18

26102Ballet Brand Panty Hose. Mint & Sealed. by Burlington. Mint Box. 9" x 2.5" x .5"1969$18

261013 1960,61 & 62 Magazines pertaining to JFK & Jackie. All very good1960s$18

261002 Chalkware Swans Wall Decor. 10" x 6.5" little chips and wear. Original. 1960s$18

26099Vintage 1960s Lamp. Original all working and excellent. Plastic shade, metal base. 16" tall. 1960s$35

26046Civil War Union Officer Wool Hat. Original 1960s. 'Super Western Band, Benay-Acree brand, Bk'lyn NY' 12" long. Excellent1960s$24

259977 Vintage Batteries. D cell is NORTH STAR Japan, 2 YUASA Brand, 9 Volt is Hong Kong British Crown & AA is Japan, PROVEN 9 Volt is Japan,KENT C cell Japan, 2 Burgess AA USA. All for one price1960$30

25986Vintage Campbell's Soup & Salad Promo Display. Tomato soup in a bowl, salad on a plate with croutons, cucumber, onions, radish and tomatoes. All is attached to a Prolon Ware plate, which is a 1960s Melmac Melamine casual tableware. The bowl is glued to the plate as well as salad and spoon. Plate measures approx. 12" x 8". All Mint Condition! 1960s$85

25980Happy Birthday Candle. 'From Cradle to College.' 16" tall. Never Used. Mint in fair box with card. Also included 2 vintage small boxes of birthday candles.1960s$28

25979Chiquita Banana Plastic Dish. Mint condition. 9" x 3.5" x 3". 1970s$20

25967Chrome Can Top Ashtray. Mint in Box & 'Black Magi' bug remover pad. both items for one pirce1950s$20

25953Magic Re-Lighting Trick Birthday Candles. Nice early set, made in Japan. when they first came out! Card is 5.5" x 4.45"1960s$12

25939Vintage Tensor High-Intensity Desk Lamp. Metal wood grain design. Goose neck. All like new with mint box.1970s$45

25922Vintage Battery Operated 5" Metal Lamp. Mint in worn torn box. 1950s$30

25921HIS & HERS FERTILITY TESTOMETER. MINT condition and works! Cardboard with glass, 12" long. Box has edge wear and tear. 1969$24

25890Vintage Movie Pins 3" - 1.5". Star Trek, 2 Close Encounters, Exorcist, The Deep & Universal. All excellent. 1970s$28

25866HAIR DO TOTE - Vinyl Bag. Japan. 9" x 6" Minty. Previous owner name written inside. No tears. Drawstring intact & 2 zippered compartments. 1960s$28

25863Juliette - JAPAN Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. Motor works with 4 'C' batteries. No cracks or chips. Measures 8.5" x 5.5" x 2.5". 5 Transistors. 1960s$35

25819Vtg STUDIO COLORAMA DRIP CANDLE KIT. All Mint and complete in Vg box. Original candles still sealed. Bottle is unbreakable and 9" tall.1960s$28

25804Girl Scout Mint Cookies Box. approx. 8" x 8" x 8". All excellent. writing on one side. 1960s$24

2566450 Dresser Box items here from same estate. items dating from 1920s to 1990s. There are 2 jewelry hearts, one religious, the other with photo of couple inside, mans ring with blue stone, 2 plastic gumball charms, 1 plastic owl ring, 1940s Swifts Premium Ham Charm, JFK medallion, NY Subway, NYS Medallion fob, 3 Ladies pins, Bowling Medallion, 'GOOD DOG' Award Necklace, 1939 Brass Match Box cover, Vol. Fire Dept Token, Foreign Coins, Souvenir Medallions, etc. All for one price1950s$24

256351975 GLACIAL GLIDER Foam Flyer Toy- premium from Burger King. It represented Ice Brr Grr, which was a frozen dessert treat they had back then. There's the polar bear character who was their logo for the treat. Small knick out of edge, otherwise all intact.1975$28

25626Vintage 1970s Desk Accessory. 3" containers in rack which you can place on desk or hang on wall. Plastic. All Mint condition. Hong Kong1970s$30

256191962 Medical Model of Human Knee Joint by Merck Pharmaceuticals. 7" x 4". Complete in plastic case. Excellent!1962$45

25614Black is Beautiful Lot. All MINT Original, Un-used. Pick Comb & 2 Patches. 1960s$30

256134 Vintage EC Comic Book Cover Art Posters. Copies of 1950s WEIRD SCIENCE & WEIRD FANTASY. #9,10,12,16. All Mint. Measures 9 1/4" x 13 3/8". Suitable for framing.1980s$20

255931970 Ronald McDonald Comic Book. All Excellent!1970$18

25573PETER MAX - The Different Drummer 24" x 36" store poster mounted on board with wood strips on back, to allow hanging. Dated 1968. Copyright Peter Max Poster Corp. NYC. Shows age wear & stains. FREE SHIPPING IN USA1968$235

255593 Vintage Detective Magazines. 1958,59,60. One has tears on cover. All for one price.1950s$10

25557Indianapolis 500 Speedway Seat Cushion. 14" x 13". Worn and Torn. 1960s$20

255493M Scotch Tape Dispenser. Tin Litho about 3" long with original card. Cool Vtg desk accessory. 1960s$15

255163 Vintage Halloween Witch Books. 1963 HC 'Georgie & The Robbers' with record, 1953 HC 'Little Witch', 1972 'Little Witch's Black Magic Cookbook". All excellent. All for one price!1960$28

254481971 Betty Crocker Recipe File Card Library. COMPLETE in Beautiful Mint Orange Box. Set even includes a batch of neatly written recipes by previous owner. PLUS a bunch of blank cards, for you to make your own. Weighs 6.5 lbs to ship. If you prefer media mail (cheap but slow), let me know - and I will refund most of shipping fee. 1971$30

25434Mr. Peanut Mailaway Promo Pen. Original box and all paperwork too.1950s$30

25425Official BOY SCOUTS Signal Set. Mint & Complete in Box. 1950s$28

25417CLOWN Flashlight 8" long. Plastic. With original box, end flap missing. 1960s$24

253371979 USA License Plate Stickers. All mint in store display box.1979$30

253322 Vintage Kid's Halloween Masks. Hard rubber with mechanical, moving mouths. PLUS 2 Animal Noses. Minty! 1960s$18

25307Soap Box Derby Helmet. All excellent. 10" long, 7" wide. All intact with all straps.1960s$22

253012 Boxing Films. 8mm Home Movies. MINT, Still Sealed. Sugar Ray Robinson, Forman, Frazier, etc. 1970s$20

25300Vintage Desktop Radio & Pen Holders. All excellent. Radio works when you press the bar and top pops up. Solid wood base. 11" x 6". 1960s$30

252703 Wooden Bobble Head Dolls. Hand Painted. 2.5" - 3" tall. All excellent. All for one price. 1960s$18

25237Polaroid THE SWINGER Model 20. Mint in Good box. box has wear, tear.1960s$24

25236Catskill Game Farm (NY) Souvenir Tin Tray. 7" x 6". Mint Condition. Old Store Stock1960s$15

251831970s Magazine Lot from Estate 1971 Hee Haw & 2 Mad Mags from 1974. All excellent1970s$18

25090Vintage 1960s SEAHORSE Ceramic Wall Decor. MINT Condition. No cracks or chips! 12" long. Beautiful paint design.1960s$24

250391960s Blue Rubber Swimming Bathing Cap. Fits all sizes. Mint condition. Sculpted design. by Playtex.1960s$18

250351960s Vintage Patio Candle. Frosted Glass 5" tall with fishnet covering. Minty. Plastic base with original sticker. Match holder included. 1960s$24

25034Vintage Desk Pen Cup with Calendar. Mint. 1960s$24

249806 Vintage Comics - 1946 Rip Van Winkle & The Headless Horseman, 1950s Classic Illustrated Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Classic Illustrated The Invisible Man. 1948 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, 1957 Journey To The Center of the Earth, 1949 The Toilers of the Sea. All good with some spine wear, etc.1950s$28

249671960s Lucite Acrylic Jewelry Tower with Drawer. When drawer is opened, music box plays, MY FAVORITE THINGS. 8" tall. MINT Condition. made by Sankyo, JAPAN. 1960s$60

24961SIX A DAY Cigarette Case. Metal. Excellent in original box. Holds 6 regular size. 3.5" x 2.25". cigarettes not included. 1960s$18

24795Vintage 1970s Stars & Stripes Glass Tumblers. 6.5" tall. All are MINT condition.1970s$24

24773Vintage 1960s Firemen & Truck Wall Plaque Clothes hanger. Nice Litho heavy duty Cardboard material. 20" x 18". Excellent. Must order & ship along due to size. 1960s$28

247694 Vintage 1960s Scrapbooks - All from same estate. First 3 are Famous people, TV & Movie Stars, Misc. Clippings Articles, Animals, Interesting Places. Last book is all dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II & Family. 1951 to 1960s. All in Great Shape! All for one price. Weight is 7 lbs, I can ship by media mail if you prefer. 1960s$30

24753Roth Greeting Card Plaques. Heavy Stock Cardboard with great color and felt accents. 9" x 7" can be hung or displayed. All for one price!1969$35

24421TIG'RRR Soap on A Rope. Never Used. Mint in original package. Hole in box on one side. Measures approx 4" tall1960s$18

24402Vintage SnapShooter Camera. Mint in box with directions. You would attach the film cartridge right to the camera. Camera is about 3" wide. 1970s$15

243143 Vintage Lighthers. Silver Keywoodie brand, frozen needs oil, Punch sparks, needs fluid. And the best one BUGATTI Lighter with Cigar Punch. Works! Still has gas in it. The Bugatti B-1 Single Flame Torch Lighter with Punch Cutter. Includes fold-out punch cutter with two gauge options, an ergonomic side-squeeze trigger, large fuel tank, a flip top lid for protection and a blazing hot, single-flame. All for one price! 1970s, 1980s.1970s$28

24308Deli Cream Cheese - Fake Food Display. Plastic container is 4.5" diameter with metal knife molded into it. 1970s$22

24307Hamburger & French Fries - Fake Food Display. Ceramic plate. Molded clay material. Plate is 10" x 7". 1970s$45

24244Vintage RACING SHIRT - Racing Flags on Pocket. Men's size Medium. Montgomery Wards. Polyester/Cotton. Neck size 15-15 1/2. Long sleeve. MINT Never used or opened.1970$24

24130Photo Cube - The Original. 4" x 4". Mint in Box1970s$18

24128PET SHELL - MINT in Minty Box with straw & care booklet. 1975$28

23955PROFITABLE HOBBIES Magazine Lot. All EXCELLENT> 11" x 8.5". All 8 for one price. Dating from 1948 to 19511950s$20

23878SURFER BOY Ceramic Statue. Dated 1977. approx. 12" tall. All Excellent+ no cracks. small area in back on edge, needs touch up. 1977$35

23499THE VENTURES Lp Record Albums lot of 4. All excellent. 1960s$28

23395Vintage Strawberry Milk Shake - Restaurant Counter - Fake Food Display. 9" tall. Mint Condition in Glass. 1960s$65

23371Vintage Food Display & Lustro Ware Plastic Storage Dish. Fake Corn inside. MINT 4" x 4" x 3". 1960s$35

23370Vintage Restaurant - Food Display Glasses of Apple & Tomato Juice. Real Glass. 4" x 2". Both MINT Condition.1960s$40

23326Vietnam Era - Jane Fonda Protest Bumper Sticker. Minty and Unused. Backing is intact. 11" x 3".1972$28

23208Vintage Chalkware Shaggy Dog Bank. Large 18" tall, 6" wide. by Silvestri Brothers. Some dings here and there. Due to size, may have to order & ship along. weighs 7 lbs. 1965$30

22936Chocolate Cream Pie - Store Display. 9" Diameter. Mint. 1960s$28

22932Instant Graphics. Vinyl Room Decoration Stickers. by Vija Nelson Designs. MOD. Box measures 18" 3" x 3"1978$30

22906Mod Wide Watchband. Minty and beautiful green color. 8.5" long, 1.5" wide.1970$18

22885Vintage NYC Restaurants Advertising Item. Tin tambourine, missing one clang part. 6" diameter. Flash glare in photo1960s$28

22765Learn Spanish at Home. All from same estate. All excellent. Records, flash cards, workbooks. 1960s$18

22689Lady Remington Electric Hair Curler. Works perfectly. Groovy sides. MINT Condition. Booklet too. Measures 12" x 8" x 4"1969$30

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