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24552Trutone Portable Record Player. All excellent condition. Measures 13" x 11" x 7.5". Works great. Weighs almost 10 lbs.1950s$60

245251947 Scrapbook. 11" x 7" with 18 pages packed. Includes NEW BABY, 1st CHRISTMAS, 4 pg. VALENTINES, EASTER. Also found large envelope with all loose Valentines! see last photo. ALL cards are excellent!1947$40

243661954 AIR PAK SUITCASE. Mint condition. Never Used. With original key and shipping box. 21" x 14" x 6.5". Will have to order and ship alone due to size. 1954$35

24131TWISTER - Novelty Dance Item, to do the 'TWIST' with. Mint with original packaging. 1950s$18

23955PROFITABLE HOBBIES Magazine Lot. All EXCELLENT> 11" x 8.5". All 8 for one price. Dating from 1948 to 19511950s$20

23856Vintage Pet Items. Dog Flea Power & Turtle Food Tin 3". 1950s$18

23797Vintage Battery Operated 5" Metal Lamp. Mint in worn torn box. 1950s$35

235791950s/60s Vintage Metal Hanging or Counter Rack - Kitchen Decor. Shape of Coffee Pot. Measures 14" x 13". x 2.5" deep. Excellent/Mint condition.1950s$18

234911950s Lunch Bag & Thermos. Look unused! Vinyl Plaid Bag with metal insert, matching thermos. Original cork stopper. Drawstring intact. 1950s$38

23372Vintage 1940s NESTLE Chocolate Lg. Candy Bar - Store Displays. Foil over particle board. Some edge tears. 7" x 3.5" x .5" Both.1950s$65

18148Baby Butler Child's Folding Chair. All excellent & sturdy. Wooden and metal. 21" tall, 12" x 12". Seat is 12" from floor. Nice to display a large doll in. 1950s$24


245621960s Original FREEDOMLAND Bronx NY Bumper Sticker. MINT, Never Peeled. 9" x 4". 1960s$60

24558Mr. Foney's Funnies Trading Cards. Advertising Parody. 6 Cards: 32,40, 48,56,63,711960$10

24555Vintage 1960s HOLY NATIVITY Made in Hong Kong. MINT 2" x 1.5" x 1.5". In original box!1960s$20

245543 Vintage Pinbacks from same estate. Zorro 7-up is 1.5" diameter. Elvis & Paul are 1". All for one price!1960s$24

24539Magic Mouse Mechanical Tin Windup Bank. Mint in Mint Box. 4" diameter. by Yone, Japan. Works GREAT.1960s$40

24538Hershey Bar Bank. Takes the mini size candy. Mint Condition, 7" x 4" x 3.5" WORKS1960s$40

245201969 Major League Baseball Photostamp American & National League Baseball Stars, both complete sets. Original 1969 Photostamp Sheets Complete 18 UNCUT/UNUSED Sheets, total of 216 American League Baseball Stars. No discolor, no tears. Beautiful.1969$95

24516BANK-O-MATIC Gumball Bank by Tarco. First Version. MINT, MINT Box. LIKE NEW. Never Used. Metal key still attached to directions. Measures 6.5" tall, Plastic. Box is MINT Too. Stunning Color!1960s$60

24513Slot Machine Bank. 6" x 4.5" x 3.5". Plastic & Works. with original Box and Metal Coins. Made in Japan.1960s$38

245121960s PARTY LINE Telephone Coin Bank. Still Sealed! 8" tall. Plastic & Metal.1960s$40

245111960s Record Box. These were store specials, held 15 45rpm records. All excllent. 7" x 7" x 1.5".1960s$18

24509LITTLE GUM Vendor Machine Bank with KEY. Carefree Gum Sample still there. Mint condition. No cracks or chips. Measures 8.5" x 4.5" x 4". works. 1960s$45

24483SMOKEY Bear Vinyl Lunch Box. All Very Good. slight splitting along edge. No thermos. 1960s$38

24480Musical Dancing Clown Bank. Mint and works great. Wood & Plastic. Wind Up, put in coin and he plays music and dances. No Key. Works great. With box. Made in Japan. 5" x 4" x 3"1967$60

24448PARKING METER Coin Bank. Another RARE one from collection. 29" long. MINT Condition with original Very Good Box. Works Perfectly. by HG TOYS. FREE Shipping in USA. Must order & ship alone due to size. Cannot combine with other items. 1960s$175

244441960s ACTION PISTOL BANK w/Belt & Holster. MINT in Box, still sealed. Gun 7" plastic in 9" x 8" x 2" box. by Cragstan. RARE! Made in British Crown Colony, Hong Kong. Glare in 2nd photo. FREE Shipping in USA1960s$175

244271966 Rare VINTAGE MASTERWORK MINI MICRO 12 TRANSISTOR RADIO MODEL M-100 MADE IN JAPAN. Condition is Used. Not tested all knobs turn. Radio measures 1.75" x 1.75" x 7/8"(not counting knobs on side).1966$30

24421TIG'RRR Soap on A Rope. Never Used. Mint in original package. Hole in box on one side. Measures approx 4" tall1960s$18

244037 Vintage 1960s Picture Sleeves for 45rpm records. NO Records - Just Sleeves. All for one price!1960s$18

24368Vintage Plaid Tin Lunchbox. Aladdin. 1963$18

243571969 WALK-A-MATIC Toy Pedometer. Wear on your belt. It really works! MINT in Box with directions.1969$18

24349GUN LIGHTER by Humane - Made in Japan. 3". WORKS! 1960s$34

24248KENNER GIVE A SHOW 45rpm Record. FIRST ONE I HAVE EVER SEEN! 18 stories, to go along with your slide show. Excellent!1960s$18

242461965 Gary Lewis Playboys 45 rpm record. "Doin' The Flake" Rare Kelloggs Giveaway. In the mid-60's you could order this 45rpm record from a coupon on a box of Corn Flakes. Gary Lewis And The Playboys record of "Doin' The Flake" plus two other Gary Lewis hits, "This Diamond Ring" and "Little Miss Go-Go". The record jacket included dance instructions for Doin' The Flake.1965$18

24153Vintage Fan-Made Batman 'Bat-O-Scope' - fashioned from an old film editing machine. Measures 10" x 10" x 7". Metal. AND the light still works. Made back in 1966 by an obvious Batman Fan! One of a Kind! Due to size and weight, must order & ship alone. weighs 8.5 lbs packed.1966$60

24113FRUIT LITES - Indoor or Outdoor Patio, etc. by Lidco. ALL MINT & Un-used. 7 Orange lights are blow mold 4" diameter. Wiring 20 ft., bulbs, all mint. NEVER USED! Pristine condition. Original Mesh bag is so cool. Bag Measures about 15" tall 12" wide. 1960s$60

24026Vintage Paper Dress. Kid Size 10-12. 36" long. Very Good. Un-used in original bag.1960s$24

24025Black is Beautiful Lot. All MINT Original, Un-used. Pick Comb & 2 Patches. 1960s$40

24023Rickie Tickie Stickies - Flower Power Vinyl Stickers. MINT Never used, In sealed package. 7 Stickers 9" & 7.5". 1960s$30

24005Scrapbook #3 - Famous People TV & Movie Stars. Presidents, etc. 1960s$18

24004Scrapbook #4 1960s Movie Stars, Famous People, Clippings. Annette Funicello, Lucy, Royalty, 50 pages. 1960s$18

24003Scrapbook #5 - 1960s. Miscellaneous Clippings, Articles. Animals, Interesting Places, Poetry. 1960s$18

24002Scrapbook #6 Dated 1951 - 1960s. Royalty, Queen Elizabeth 2 & Family. 1960s$18

237862 Vintage Kid's Halloween Masks. Hard rubber with mechanical, moving mouths. PLUS 2 Animal Noses. Minty! 1960s$24

23508UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE - Funny book on Big City Schools. Loved this book back then. paperback 350 pgs. 1964$18

23499THE VENTURES Lp Record Albums lot of 4. All excellent. 1960s$28

23498Miscellaneous LP Record Albums from estate. All records are excellent. ANATOMY OF A MURDER, THE FIRST FAMILY, JAY & THE AMERICANS, WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL Slight damage warping to cover. 1960s$24

23395Vintage Strawberry Milk Shake - Restaurant Counter - Fake Food Display. 9" tall. Mint Condition in Glass. 1960s$65

23371Vintage Food Display & Lustro Ware Plastic Storage Dish. Fake Corn inside. MINT 4" x 4" x 3". 1960s$35

23370Vintage Restaurant - Food Display Glasses of Apple & Tomato Juice. Real Glass. 4" x 2". Both MINT Condition.1960s$40

23330FLIP Magazine's GROOVY GUIDE TO GUYS. Paperback Book. 100 of the World's 'Grooviest Guys.' Photos, stories, facts, etc. 1969$18

23318Vintage Store Food Display. All are Chalkware. Cauliflower 7", Orange & Bag of Carrots 11" long. All Excellent/Mint.1960s$60

232192 Kids Cloth Patches, Found together in estate. 3.5" long. NRA 1968 & Army1960s$10

23208Vintage Chalkware Shaggy Dog Bank. Large 18" tall, 6" wide. by Silvestri Brothers. Some dings here and there. Due to size, may have to order & ship along. weighs 7 lbs. 1965$30

23112Vintage 1960s LARGE Stuffed Plush Poodle. 25" tall, 10" x 8" wide. Stands great on it's own. No stains, CLEAN, Like new. Purchased straight from original estate. Made in Japan tag intact. Stunning! This may need to be shipped alone, due to size & depending where you live. 1960s$45

23092Vintage Campbell's Soup & Salad Promo Display. Tomato soup in a bowl, salad on a plate with croutons, cucumber, onions, radish and tomatoes. All is attached to a Prolon Ware plate, which is a 1960s Melmac Melamine casual tableware. The bowl is glued to the plate as well as salad and spoon. Plate measures approx. 12" x 8". All Mint Condition! 1960s$145

23086FONE FLOWER - Cover for you Phone. "Make Dialing Fun, Flowerfy your Fone." 1960s$15

22936Chocolate Cream Pie - Store Display. 9" Diameter. Mint. 1960s$28

22885Vintage NYC Restaurants Advertising Item. Tin tambourine, missing one clang part. 6" diameter. Flash glare in photo1960s$28

22765Learn Spanish at Home. All from same estate. All excellent. Records, flash cards, workbooks. 1960s$18

22689Lady Remington Electric Hair Curler. Works perfectly. Groovy sides. MINT Condition. Booklet too. Measures 12" x 8" x 4"1969$30

21964Dakkochan Doll. Inflatable. 11" tall. MINT Condition. No holes or tears. Vari-Vue Flasher Eyes, The arms can wrap around your upper arm to carry around. These were a big thing in the 1960s. see last photo.1960s$30

21346Civil War Centennial Items: Kids Hat, Confederate Bills Reproductions, Civil War CSA - Cartridge Holder for kid's belt & Civil War Centennial Pin Back. 3.5" diameter. 1960sSOLD


24549Gooey Green Dragon Blood made by Imagineering in 1975. The tube is still sealed on an un-punched 7" x 2" card. Clean. 1975$85

24529ROBIE THE BANKER by Radio Shack. Battery Operated - 1 'AA'. Put coin in hand, he lift to mouth, sways, chomps on coin, eyes move and tongue comes out. WORKS PERFECTLY! Like NEW in Mint Box with all inserts and directions. He measures approx. 4" tall. 1980s item

See this bank in ActionRobie the Banker

245191970 Topps Baseball Posters, sometimes referred to as Pin-Ups or Mini Posters. Each measures approx. 8 1/2 x by 9 1/2", and is printed on thin paper with blank backs. I have 11 total posters, 3 are doubles, (Niekro, Bench, and Clemente with a small bottom tear). The rest are all in nice shape with no tears and sharp corners, etc. All for one price.1970$60

24501Gulping Frog Bank. 4.5" tall. MInt in Minty Box1970s$18

24498Doggy House Windup Mechanical Bank. Plastic 5" x 5" x 5". Still Sealed. Hong Kong1970s$18

24402Vintage SnapShooter Camera. Mint in box with directions. You would attach the film cartridge right to the camera. Camera is about 3" wide. 1970s$15

243701970s Case of 8 TAB SODA Glasses. 6 3/4" tall. All are mint in original shipping box. 'Hourglass' design to promote drinking TAB soda to achieve an hourglass figure.1970s$60

24364Groovy 1970s Lot. Little Phone Address Book Keychain (Hong Kong), Suction Cup Rubber items, LOVE IS Puzzle (mint & complete in 3.5" x 2.5" x 1" box). All for one price. 1970$18

24351THE UN-CANDLE by Corning. MINT Never Used! Complete. 4" diameter, 3.5" tall.1970$18

24348MINI-BIKE Glass After Shave Bottle (empty). by Avon. Mint Condition in Minty Box.1970s$15

24329Vintage 1972 *Rare* ZENITH Owl 'My Radio,' Ultra Miniature ROYAL AM Transistor Pendant Radio. Model RD-14. Measures 2" x 1.5" x .5". Made in Hong Kong. All excellent. Has wire you wear around neck with attached earphone. Uses 1.5v silver oxide battery, ZS76-G. I went to local store and purchased the equivalent, which I am including. I put in the battery & got static - We do not get AM stations here in the Catskill Mountains. But static is a good sign. But with all old electronics, no guarantee. Original instruction pamphlet included. Originally, these came with a pin you could slide in back, to wear as a brooch. it is missing. Amazing Yellow/Orange color. 1972$65

243143 Vintage Lighthers. Silver Keywoodie brand, frozen needs oil, Punch sparks, needs fluid. And the best one BUGATTI Lighter with Cigar Punch. Works! Still has gas in it. The Bugatti B-1 Single Flame Torch Lighter with Punch Cutter. Includes fold-out punch cutter with two gauge options, an ergonomic side-squeeze trigger, large fuel tank, a flip top lid for protection and a blazing hot, single-flame. All for one price! 1970s, 1980s.1970s$28

24308Deli Cream Cheese - Fake Food Display. Plastic container is 4.5" diameter with metal knife molded into it. 1970s$22

24307Hamburger & French Fries - Fake Food Display. Ceramic plate. Molded clay material. Plate is 10" x 7". 1970s$45

24245Vintage 'Mr. Teen' TIKI SHIRT. Mint NEVER Opened. Size 16, Neck 13 1/2. Short Sleeve. 1970$24

24244Vintage RACING SHIRT - Racing Flags on Pocket. Men's size Medium. Montgomery Wards. Polyester/Cotton. Neck size 15-15 1/2. Long sleeve. MINT Never used or opened.1970$24

24179WACKY PACKAGES CLOTH PATCH - 'Bullfroggs Sugar Frosted Snakes." Minty 3.5" x 2.75"1970s$20

24178SHIT Cloth Patch. Mint Condition. 3" x 3". 1970s$18

241774 Vintage EC Comic Book Cover Art Posters. Copies of 1950s WEIRD SCIENCE & WEIRD FANTASY. #9,10,12,16. All Mint. Measures 9 1/4" x 13 3/8". Suitable for framing.1980s$20

24174Super Rare! BIG SOUNDER CB SCANNER Wrist Radio. MINT in Box. Unused. 1976 Janex - Hong Kong. Box Measures approx. 12" long. 1976$75

24155Real working Vintage Telephone Purse. Just find an outlet and plug in your phone and dial your number. Made by Dallas Handbags back in 1970s Measures 11" high from the top of phone to the bottom of purse with a shoulder strap. Measures 10" wide by 3" wide across bottom. Excellent and works well. No tears. Nice! Made in Hong Kong. Rare!1970s$120

241387UP Uncola Promotional Items. MINT 6" Glass plus: stickers, Poster flyer & Postcard. All minty. 1971-19731971$28

24136BEADS - BEADS. Decorative 1970s Items. 2 Boxes, 3 strands of beads.1971$18

24130Photo Cube - The Original. 4" x 4". Mint in Box1970s$24

24128PET SHELL - MINT in Minty Box with straw & care booklet. 1975$28

241231971 Betty Crocker Recipe File Card Library. COMPLETE in Beautiful Mint Orange Box. Set even includes a batch of neatly written recipes by previous owner. PLUS a bunch of blank cards, for you to make your own. Weighs 6.5 lbs to ship. If you prefer media mail (cheap but slow), let me know - and I will refund most of shipping fee. 1971$40

23878SURFER BOY Ceramic Statue. Dated 1977. approx. 12" tall. All Excellent+ no cracks. small area in back on edge, needs touch up. 1977$40

234871976 VINTAGE McDONALD'S "PUNKIN MAKINS" THIS IS THE SET OF 3. All decoration pieces are here. Only tear is on Grimace's one eye white. Some of paper to left of tie is gone. I put in in plastic sleeves to keep flat. They were rolled up and stored all these years. A few parts have come apart where they tear off.. but again all intact. Each sheet measures approx. 17" x 12" . Will ship flat. They would be nice framed. *There is flash glare in some photos due to plastic. There is NO fading. All bright, like new graphics. 1976$24

23326Vietnam Era - Jane Fonda Protest Bumper Sticker. Minty and Unused. Backing is intact. 11" x 3".1972$28

23168Vintage Alka Seltzer Cooler. Bright and clean. Seam in back has separated, I will leave to new owner to re-glue. Measures 8" diameter, 11" tall not counting handle. 1970s$35

23166Vintage Heldak Amber with clear Spaghetti Lamp Light Globe 8" Fixture. New in Box Heldak Plastic 'Todays Look'. Can be used as a ceiling fixture, in a lamp or add a chain & socket to make a hanging lamp! Tested and works! Takes normal bulbs. Perfect - Mint condition in minty box!1970s$85

22932Instant Graphics. Vinyl Room Decoration Stickers. by Vija Nelson Designs. MOD. Box measures 18" 3" x 3"1978$30

22906Mod Wide Watchband. Minty and beautiful green color. 8.5" long, 1.5" wide.1970$18

22886Dreamy Color Promotional Item. Hair Color Advertising Toiletries Vinyl Case. Mint, complete with all original contents & Unused. about 9" long, 3" wide. Zipper works.1970s$24

22773Panasonic FM Stereo Headset. All Very Good & Works. Scratches and some age.1970s$40

22668WILD WATCH by Big Time. Neat one. Mint in box with extra strap. Needs new battery. Box has storage wear. 1970s$24

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