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1950s 1960s & 70s Advertising ~ Decor ~ Banks ~ etc.

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22404Vintage 1970's GE UFO Sound Saucer AM Radio. Works GREAT! It comes with a Pedestal to display on & removable hand strap. takes a 9 volt battery. 5.5" wide, 4" tall. 1970sSOLD
22403Vintage 1950s Bakelite TV Antenna Atomic Mid Century. Rembrandt rabbit ears type TV antenna with atomic wire design. It measures about 15" in height without the antenna being extended to their 42". No cracks or chips.1950s$55

22402RARE VINTAGE 1962 "LES COUTURINES" DOLL LIPSTICK CASE BY REVLON INC. NO. 9208 - "Desiree." Vintage rare figural fashion doll lipstick holder case from their series of different dolls. All excellent! Never Used. Bottom of doll cylinder pops off like a lipstick, inside metal is in perfect condition. She wears a diagonally wrapped ribbon over a gold brocade design dress, a black pillbox hat with gold thread in loops in detail on top. No wear to face paint. She stands 4.5" high.1962$85

22401Rolling Stones, THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST 4 Track Reel to Reel Tape. All excellent in Very Good Box. 7" reel.1967SOLD
22400Pop Art Jigsaw Puzzle. Campbell's Soup Can. 1968$15

22399Pop-Art Inflatable hangers. Mint in package. Two. 16" long. 1960sSOLD
22398Middle Finger Statue or Ashtray. 7" tall. Mint condition. Made in Japan.1960sSOLD
22397Budweiser Football Helmet AM Transistor Radio. Works! 6" tall. 1973$18

223951950s Musical Bottle of Ambassador Deluxe Scotch. When you pull up on the neck of the bottle, 21 cigarettes are displayed, while the music plays "How dry I am." The cap on the bottle is really a cigarette lighter. Stands 11" tall when it's closed. It's in very good condition. All works! 1950sSOLD
22394Caribbean Cruiser Radio. AM Transistor Radio by WACO - Japan. Minty in original box. Works! One propeller underneath is missing. Box shows wear.1970s$60

223933 Vintage Novelty Radios Lot B from estate. Arrow Brand TV is a radio AND slide viewer, 4" x 3" x 3". Japan Non working. Guldens Mustard 5" tall - works!, Disco radio - works! - floor lights up when music plays. All 3 for one price1970s$45

22392Vintage 1985 Blabber Mouth Talking Lips AM/FM Radio Lip moves with music or speech played through this radio ! Lower lip is balanced and moves with the music or voices! Once the volume is turned up to the proper level, lip moves in synch to sound from your selected station.The FM antenna wire tucks neatly into its own section near the battery compartment during non-use if you desire. It operates with 4 AA batteries. Works great! 5" x 5" x 3".1981SOLD
223913 Vintage Novelty Radios Lot A from Estate. Arrow brand TV is a radio AND slide viewer 4" x 3" x 3.5". Westinghouse Soda Machine 7" tall, Gramophone has little record on top you move to change channels 4" x 3" x 3". All are non working..but I didn't try to clean contacts. All for one price.1970s$48

22390Vintage Ball Point Pen with Radio. Mint in Box. Needs new button battery. 5" long, looks great. Japa1960s$28

22389Vintage 8 Transistor Flashlight Radio. Non working. Could use contact cleaning. Japan. 1960s$24

22388Wristo Transistor AM Radio. Mint in Box. Never Used.by Amico Hong Kong.1970sSOLD
22387Two Space Shuttle AM Transistor Radios. Columbia, Radio Shack Hong Kong and Space Tech which was never removed from box. both complete -Both for one price1981SOLD
223865 Big Little Books for one price. 1941 Tailspin Tommy Very Good & 1938 Jim Craig State Trooper Very Good. AND 1949 Donald Duck -Excellent, 1944 Andy Panda Very Good, 1938 Charlie McCarthy Fair. 1940s$20

223851950s 1960s Paper Lot from Estate. Includes all shown. All excellent or mint condition. Mail ad for Ringling Brothers Circus, Smokey Bear, 10 Prints of Baby Animals, Booklets, etc. 1950s$15

223844 Vintage 1970s TAB Soda Glasses. Developed in 1963, Tab was marketed to consumers who wanted to "keep tabs" on their weight - Hence the 'Hourglass' designed glass to show you could lose weight drinking TAB. All are Mint condition.1970$18

22383Three World War II Books from estate. WW2. All dated 1940s. German 7" x 5" softcover, Japan Softcover, Flags Hardcover 5.5" x 4". All for one price.1940s$24

223823 Vintage books from Estate. Football - PLAYING THE LINE 1948, AMERICAN PATRIOT 1941 & WONDERS OF THE WORLD 1938. All for one price. 1940s$15

22381Surfer - Hot Rod Iron Cross Medallion. Aluminum. Large approx. 3" x 3". 1960s$18

22365Howard Johnson's Restaurant. Cloth with vinyl piping Airline Bag. Excellent. 7" x 4". Zipper intact and works fine.1950s$15

223641955 MAD Magazine #25. Shows wear and tear. Cover is loose. 1955$28

22361Dr. Zaius Plastic Blow Mold Bank. Large 17" tall. All excellent. Hole in back from previous owner. Piece is there, but taped on. by AJ Renzi.1967$60

22353275+ Vintage Matchbook Cover Collection. Includes Album. 1940s & 1950s. No matches. Set includes 8 WW2 1940s PEPSI Insignia Match covers depicting different Armed Forces Units. Designed by Walt Disney. The collection seems to be mostly of NE United States. Automotive, Advertising, Restaurants, etc.1940s$75

22351Vintage 6 Pop Art Pillows Collection. All from same estate. 4 by Pop-Arts Inc, NYC - 2 Ballantine Beer, Beefaroni 14",Tootsie Roll 18" (nice quality with zippered covers). No maker on Fig Newton 15" also high quality with zippered cover, Wheaties is a 1964 Premium -small tear on edge. All rest are excellent, no tears, zippers work. Selling all together, too cool to break up. 1970s$95

22350RARE 1950s - early 1960s Coke Bottle Plush Pillow. Measures 22" tall, 7" wide. Made by Art Anson, Inc. Original tag intact. Bright and clean graphics. No tears. Neat.1960s$75

2234811 1940s & 1950s Classic Illustrated Comics. 4 1940s - First Issues! All are excellent condition, except the 2nd Last of the Mohicans - which shows slight wear on cover. PLUS> 7 Classics Illustrated Comic Books. All are dated 1950s. All are excellent condition. No tears or writing. I photographed them while in plastic. All for one price!1940s$40

223471960s Idlewild NY Airport Pennant. 25" long. Excellent with metal 5" souvenir model of Empire State Bldg. Idlewild Airport was renamed JFK Airport in Dec. 1963.1960s$28

22346Vintage Kid's Baseball Jacket. All excellent. 21" long, sleeves 21" long. 16" shoulder to shoulder. No tears, snaps all work. Bright and Clean!1960s$75

22345A rare vintage LOVE tin printed with the famous LOVE graphic by pop culture artist Robert Indiana. The LOVE graphic appears on both sides of the tin This metal tin/pail was used in early 1970’s as a lunch pail. Measures 10" tall, 7" wide, not counting handle.1970$75

223241950s Salesman Samples - Store Caps. All Mint Unused. Regular Adult size. Some have material swatches or bulk pricing tags attached. 2 Schaefer Beer, one is regular, the other is lined and has ear flaps. All 12 for one price!1950s$75

22308Vintage IBM Selectric Typewriter Ball - Desk Accessory, for paper clips, rubber bands, etc. Plastic & is in excellent condition, No cracks or chips, measures about 3" in diameter and 2 1/4" high.1970s$40

22303The 19th Hole Golf Practice Putter. MINT and works. Bakelite. Complete. Automatic and Adjustable Ball Return. Mint box too!Complete.1950s$28

22302Wooden Soldiers Coaster Set. Approx 4" diameter. All wood.1950s$18

22292Vintage 1980s Paper Lot: 3 items. 1982 National Lampoon Magazine, Zippy Magazine 1980 & Gay Comix #3 1982. All excellent. No tears or writing. 1980s$30

222882 BIG EYE KID Framed Prints OZZ FRANCA DAC Lithograph on Cardboard and Wood frame. 26" x 11". Mint condition. Must order and ship alone due to size. 1960s$22

2228713 Mad Magazines 1968-1970. 1969 Special with badges all intact, 1968 Jan. & Dec, 1969 March,April, July, Sept, Oct. 1970 Jan, March, April, July & Sept. 1960s$48

222866 Mad Magazines 1964-1965. March,June,July Oct. 1964, Jan & April 1965. All very good to excellent. No writing or missing pages. 1964$30

22281Boat Outboard Motor - Novelty AM Transistor Radio. 9" Tall. All Mint. Made in Japan.1960s$60

22274Pennsylvania Common Rocks & Minerals. Mint in box. They are all there. Box is 5" x 4.5. The are 12 items.1960$18

22272Ray O Vac Battery - Novelty Transistor Radio. 4" tall. Mint Still Sealed!1970$30

22271DELCO Battery - Novelty Transistor Radio. MINT in Mint Box. Hong Kong1970$40

22269Corgi Disco Van by CorgiTronics. Novelty Transistor Radio. Hong Kong. MINT in Sealed Box. Never opened. 1979$28

22266POP OUT SANDAL SKATES. MINT Condition. They work Perfectly! Bottom is real hard wood. Size 8. Mint in very good box. 1970s$60

22265Vintage Lady Remington Princess Electric Razor. Mint and complete in excellent box. Works perfectly. Clean. and has little brush.1960s$18

22257Vintage 1970s 1980s Pinback Lot. 7 for one price.1970s$18

222032 Childcraft Hard cover books. "SCIENCE & INDUSTRY" & "ART & MUSIC". Both Mint condition. 1949$30

222026 Vintage Childrens Activities Magazines. Large 11" x 14". Dated 1949, 1950 & 1951. Very Good to Excellent. 1950s$18

22148Vintage Airline Lot. 2 Adult Plastic Pins (American Airlines & Eastern) & Metal Pan American Airlines Pocket Knife, made in Germany. All1960s$30

22147Jr. Stewardess Metal Pin. American Airlines. Mint. 1960s$15

22146Vintage Airlines. All Metal. Jr. Pilot Wings TWA, Jr. Pilot Ring AA, Jr. Stewardess Pin AA. All Mint.1960s$38

22141Peace Sign Medallion for necklace. Nice 2.5" diameter. Tubular. Silver color metal. Mint condition. Large! Straight from the estate!1970s$28

221352 - Original Large 1-3/8” Rat Fink Gumball Machine Charm - with sharp features, pointy noses, tails intact, and “RF” in front. Yellow & Orange with whiskers! Both for one price.1960s$30

22134Original Large 1-3/8” Rat Fink Gumball Machine Charm - with sharp features, pointy noses, tails intact, and “RF” in front. Dark Blue. AND Small Red Rat Fink with Ring. Both Mint. Ring can be used on either RF. Both for one price. 1960s$35

22111Book Shaped FLOWER BASKET Vintage Powder Compact - 'Beauty Hints by Zell' shaped like a book and has a flower basket design on the front. It measures about 2 15/16" by 2 1/16" by slightly over 7/16". The other is a Rouge compact & measures 1.25" diameter. Marked inside pat. 7-1-24, on back "Armand" PLUS> 1922 French Cosmetic - Fairystone - 2 Mint in Package. These are French Cosmetic - both un-used with original directions and envelopes. I found an old ad online where this was advertised in a 1922 cookbook. They consist of a little wooden square with a creamy substance on the one end..you would wet and apply to your face. Both Mint never used, wrapped in original tissue paper. Envelopes measure about 3.5" x 2". They originally cost 10cents. All for one price!1920s$35

22087Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Pictures. 12 sets Mint on Cards, 1 pkg loose and some extra pictures. 1960s$18

22086Vintage paper-mâché Santa Boot. Candy Container. 5" tall. No markings. 1960s$20

22085Roly Poly Santa Claus. 4" tall Mint, and he chimes! Fun World Inc. Hong Kong. 1960s$22

22083Vintage 1960s Chrysler Valiant Car Key Chain. All mint 3.5" long. 1960s$15

22057Winnie The Pooh Record Player - Phonograph. MINT in Excellent Box. Works great! Looks like it was hardly used! Measures 13" x 12" x 6". 1970s$75

22056Vintage Mushroom Tin Canister Set. Plastic tops. Tallest one is 9" tall. by Ransburg. All look great. Inside of two has slight rust. 1970s$28

219851970s Groovy Hard Plastic Table. MINT Condition. Great Graphics. 16" x 16" x 16" tall. Legs come off to store and ship.1970s$45

219824 Vintage Kids Handkerchiefs. All Mint. Approx. 8" x 8". Animals, Cowboys, Bunny & Baseball.1950s$15

219813 Vintage 1960s Souvenir Scarfs. All Mint condtion. approx. 28" x 28". Gettysburg PA, Florida & NYC.1960s$15

21964Dakkochan Doll. Inflatable. 11" tall. MINT Condition. No holes or tears. Vari-Vue Flasher Eyes, The arms can wrap around your upper arm to carry around. These were a big thing in the 1960s. see last photo.1960s$30

21953Estate Find. Boy's Hockey Skates. Size 5. All intact. Extra laces and blade guards, original box too. Leather is all excellent. 1950s$18

21952Fizz Nik - Mint in Package. Never Opened. Make your own instant ice cream float. 4 available, priced each. Different colors, I will surprise you. 1960s$18

218874 1960s Romance Comics. All very good. No tears or writing. All for one price. 1960s$18

218791950s Coconut Purse. All excellent. No breaks. 5" x 5". 1950s$18

21871JFK - Kennedy Jr Golden Guide Book 1966 & 1961 Presidential Matchbook. Unused but stained. Both for one price1960s$18

21849Esso Tiger Mug. Milk Glass perfect graphic of the Tiger. Mug is 3.5" tall. Fire King.1960s$15

21846American Flag Lighter. Unused. Made in Japan by Penguin. Metal is a little rough on one edge. Needs Flint.1960s$10

218434 Vintage 9" x 12" oversized reproduction posters of EC COMICS covers from the golden age classics, WEIRD SCIENCE & WEIRD FANTASY (1951-1955). On the backs are info on artists, etc. The posters are in Mint condition. Printed in 1981. Great for framing. I know they are 80s, but I couldn't resist - since they are so cool! You get ALL 4 for one price.1970s$24

21840Plan-It Kit. 3 Dimensional Furniture Arranging Kit. Nice set with all the styrofoam furniture, graph paper, instructions. Excellent.1965$30

218341962 Civil Defense Fallout Shelter Supply Drum. Holds Sanitation supplies. All complete with un-used items. Except originally there were 10 rolls of toilet paper, now there is 3. Commode Set, Sanitary Napkins, Can opener, tie, water hose, Iodine, Cups and covers, plastic bags, paperwork. Drum measures 23" tall, 17" diameter. Weighs 17 lbs. shipped. Must order and ship alone.1962$130

21826TOTE 45 - Record Cases. Both for one price. All Minty. Holds about 40 45rpm records each. 1960s$35

21791Early Large Skeleton Halloween Costume. 54" long. Some small tearing mostly by shoulder. Very Clean. Complete with head piece and mask too. 1940s$40

21750Vintage Heated & Flattened Coke Bottle. All Mint use as a wall hanging or spoon rest, etc. 8" tall. 1970s$18

217287Up Soda Bottle Bank. 24.5" tall. All excellent condition.1970s$40

217074 Humor books. Political & Celebrities. Allen & Rossi Meet the Great Society 1965 & What Goes On Here 1963. Also, 1964 BEAT IT KID,YOU CAN'T VOTE & 1967 LOOKS LIKE A LANDSLIDE.Each are 5" x 8". All Mint. All for one price. 1960s$18

21680Vintage Glassware Lot #1. 1970s- 2 CB Radio glasses 7" tall, 3" wide. 1 Large 7-Up, 1 7-Up Uncola, 4 Stars & Stripes. All MINT Condition, All for one price1970s$28

216524 NAVY Comics & 1 Guard Comic. Dated 1958-1960. All Mint. Giveaways. All different. History & Tradition Navy, and "I AM THE GUARD."1958$18

216515 Miscellaneous Kids books. All from same estate. All dated 1930s, 1940s Hard cover. All for one price1930s$10

21646Workbooks & Flashcards. Help Yourself Teaching Series - 12 School Work Books by Whitman. Home Schooling. ALL MINT PRISTINE. NEVER Used! No writing, no tears, Bright, CLEAN - Like NEW. ALSO 10 Boxes of Flashcards. Also like new! Combined weight is 19 lbs. I can ship these by media mail, which is included in the price. Cannot combine with other items for free shipping. 1950s$85

21556Pepsi Metal Serving Tray. 13.25" x 13.25". Normal scratches and wear. 1960s$24

21476Rubber Powder Keg - Barrel. All excellent+. 18" tall, 12" wide with 10" opening. Nice for your Western Display. Use as a seat, wastebasket or gun holder. (guns in photo not for sale).1960s$30

214222 1960s Mad Magazines (Oct.1967, Dec. 1968) & 2 Topps Wise Guy 1965 Tin Pinbacks. PLUS> 12 Mad Magazines from 1970s. NO front or back covers, magazines are otherwise like new. Issues are 150-152, 154, 155, 157-159, 162-165. Also included is a 1968 Cracked Magazine. All for one price.1960s$18

21363Tip-N-Rok Kid's Plastic Egg Shaped Chair. Approx. 24" tall. All excellent. Normal scratches. Rocking Swivel Action Chair. Must order and ship alone due to size. 1960s$85

21346Civil War Centennial Items: Kids Hat, Confederate Bills Reproductions, Civil War CSA - Cartridge Holder for kid's belt & Civil War Centennial Pin Back. 3.5" diameter. All for one price. 1960s$28

21251Flossie Bossie & Biff Barn & Figures. Cardboard Litho. All nice shape. Premiums from Nabisco Cereals. 1940s$38

211521940s - 1950s Wall Mount Hideaway Drying Rack. Measures 34" long, 7" wide and only 2.5" deep! Metal case - cabinet you hang on wall. Open up to reveal the wooden rods. VERY STURDY. There are NO breaks, all works as it should, it has a release button on bottom to pop it open, you pull cord to raise and it automatically opens. Very handy for behind a door, maybe in the bathroom..etc. Great for apartments, as I can attest to. My parents had one in NYC.. growing up in the 50s. . Previous owner painted yellow, you can paint it any color you want. Weighs 12 lbs. Only need 2 screws to install. Due to weight, must order and ship alone.1940s$65

210922 Novelty Plastic Toys. Nesting Dolls & Elephant bank. Elephant works, but tail does not hold the trunk in place. Box torn on elephant. Both for one price. 1970$18

20371Record Album Bowl. Made from an old Dean Martin Record. NO Cracks or chips. All excellent. 8" diameter 3" tall. 1960s$15

20094Cowboys Football Helmet. Kids size by Rawlings. All very good condition. 1970s$24

19199Boy Scout Scout Master Cornerstone Training Kit. Case with directions and Cassette Tapes. 19" x 11" x 4"1974$18

18148Baby Butler Child's Folding Chair. All excellent & sturdy. Wooden and metal. 21" tall, 12" x 12". Seat is 12" from floor. Nice to display a large doll in. 1950s$24

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