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27872Masterwork Model M-2201 Phonograph Solid State Record Player Portable Unit. Tested and working. All works fine. Sounds good. Normal edge wear and tear. Measures 13.5" x 10" x 6". Weighs 6.5 lbs. 1970s$65

278681950s SPACE LUNCH PAIL. Tin Litho. by Decoware. Insert is there. Shows age and wear. 7.5" x 5" x 4". Hard to find.1950$125

27848Vintage 1960s - 1970s LP Record Albums. All are excellent Condition. Lovin Spoonful, Jefferson Starship, The Cowsills, The Young Rascals, John Denver, Peter Paul & Mary. Terrific Selection! All for one price1960s$48

27845Elvis Presley Magazine by Charlton. 16pgs. Articles, Photos, letters. Minty condition. 8" x 11.No Tears or writing.1965$28

27843Polaroid SWINGER Model 20 Camera - Mint in Minty Box with directions. 1965$30

27842Vintage Large PEPSI Uniform Patch. Mint Condition. 6" diameter1960s$22

27841Vintage TAB SODA Uniform Patches. 6 of them. Mint condition. 3" diameter.1960s$24

27840Vintage Childs Flight Attendant Felt Cap. 7" x 4". American Airlines metal pin on side. Mint Condition.1960s$30

27835DYNA AMP 450 VF - Amplifier. Neat psychedelic op art design. This is Cardboard & measures 12" x 10" x 3". Directions inside. Looks interesting. Normal age and wear. 1970s$30

27833PIRATE CHEST BANK. Metal. Excellent! Comes with lock & 2 keys. Measures 4" x 3" x 3"1960$30

278231948 FIREBALL TWIGG EXPLORER RING • RARE! SUN DIAL 'Sun Watch' & Compass that Glows in the Dark. Premium from Post Grape Nuts Cereal. Original directions are complete, but apart on seams.1948$85

27821Vintage HOLIDAY DECOR - Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. 1930s - 1960s. Straight from the estate1950sMORE INFO
27812Vintage 60s Platter-Pac 45rpm Record Case. Nice groovy design. Top is a little faded. Otherwise nice!1960s$24

27807GHOSTS - 1974 DC King Size Comic. 13.5" x 10". 80 pgs. Good Condition. Some edge tears & wear. All pages intact.1974$15

27798Vintage 1960s Lawn Flamingos. All excellent, no cracks or chips. Blow Mold Plastic with metal stands. Look un-used. 34" tall. Box shows normal storage wear. 1960s$60

277941950s TV ANTENNA. Measures 15" tall, 12" wide. All intact, even the wire is still there 1950s$40

27772Avon VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE> Aftershave. Contents are full. Measures 5.75" long. Mint condition with excellent box & insert.1970s$18

277641971 PETER MAX Looseleaf 3-Ring Notebook - Binder. 11.5" x 10.5" x 2.5" closed. Bright Clean. Minimal wear. Psychedelic Pop-Art1971$60

27761Vintage 1969 U.S. Mail United States Post Office Original Dome Metal Lunchbox by ALADDIN INDUSTRIES. This is fully intact with minimal wear. The inside is very clean and is showing some wear on bottom. The handle is fully intact and the lunchbox snaps shut properly.1969$45

277601946 Vintage Automatic Pistol Candy Container with Candy. Mfg. by J.H. Millstein Co., Jeannete, PA. A red, plastic or bakelite? automatic with a glass container insert in the grip. 5-5/8" long & 3-1/2" high. Marked both sides over trigger "Automatic" and on left base of grip "Patents - Pending" and on the right side of grip "Mfg. J.H. Millstein Co., Jeannette, PA. Rare one to find especially with no cracks or chips. Looks like never opened!1946$60

276811960s Gumball Vending Machine Charms Prizes. All Items Mint Condition. Smiley Face 8 Rings, 1 Plastic Flag in capsule. FREE Shipping in USA. Lot161960s$24

276801960s Round Playing Cards 1". Vending Gumball Machine Prize. Mint Complete. Hong Kong. Free shipping in USA1960s$18

276791960s Gumball Vending Machine Charms Prizes. These are 1" Metal Stick Pins with Plastic Flowers on Top. 15 pins. FREE Shipping in USA. Lot151960s$15

276781960s The TWIST - 5 Vari-Vue Flicker Rings plus 2 TWIST Flicker Charms. Gumball - Vending Prizes. The man and woman take turns moving to front when you turn ring. All Mint Condition. Free Shipping in USA. 1960s$28

27672Vintage 1960s High Intensity Lamp. Works Great. Hi & Lo Beams. New Bulb. Base is 4.5" x 3" x 2.5". Lamp extends to 16". Made in Japan1960s$30

276631972 AMA MOTORCYCLE 32 Trading Cards. BY Donruss. All Mint condition. No creases. Sharp corners. Clean! There are 19 Photo Cards & 13 Stickers. Free shipping in USA.1972s$30

276591949 Donald Duck 'Living Toy Ring.' Cereal Premium from Kelloggs Pep Cereal. All Excellent. His mouth moves!1949$60

27656Novelty Ruler Vintage Lighter. 13" long. Chrome. Made in Japan. Unique!1960s$24

27623Vintage MAGIC SNAKES & GLOW WORMS Mint in Boxes. 2.5" x 1.5". All Intact, Never Used. Tokyo, Japan. Both for one price!1960s$40

276161954 THE F.B.I. Hardcover book. Excellent. 180 Pages. with dust jacket, shows wear tear. Forward by J.Edgar Hoover. Photos. 1954$10

27586Vintage Midcentury Hourglass shaped Musical Liquor Decanter. Features Spaghetti String Glass with gold accents with metal brass mesh overlay with red undertone. The cork is fully intact and the music box is fully functional. Measures approximately 12" tallH with a base diameter of 4 1/4". Play 'Auld Lang Syne'1960$60

275801950s Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin Tin Litho TUCK Tape Dispenser. Some tape still remains! Minty conditiion. 2.5" x 1.5" x .75" 1950s$22

274821973 SPIEGEL CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE. All excellent! No writing or torn pages. 11" x 8" x 1". Toys, Games, Barbie, GI Joe, Slot Cars, Decor, Fashion!1973$35

27474Birthday Cards 18 Cards, All from same estate. Dated 1939-1943 Postmark. All excellent, No tears. 1940s$15

27468Vintage chalkware "Owl" notepad, 1970 Miller Studios Inc. This chalkware notepad is in Minty condition with the original pad, wooden pencil, & staples on back will allow a wire through to hang. In vivid colors of yellow, orange, green and black these notepads were often used in the kitchen to decorate and for usefulness. Measures 7" x 7" x 1".1970$30

27451Vintage Groovy Travel Case. 12" diameter. Zipper works great. Original strap was replaced with Shoe laces. Travel graphics inside. Clean!1960s$28

274501960s Piggy Bank. Chalkware with Neon colors. No cracks or chips. Beautiful. Made by Enesco JAPAN. 9" x 7" x 5". 1960s$40

2742560's 70's Pop Art Type NABISCO FIG NEWTONS Pillow. Zippered cover, foam all excellent. 14" x 7" x 3.5".1970s$45

274203 Vintage 1960s Catalogs. 2 Mail Order: Sunset House & Hanover House. 1967 Both Excellent! No missing page, etc. Also Salesman catalog of gifts. No Cover. Jewelry, novelty gifts, toys, gadgets, household, etc. Everything! 1960s$15

27393Vintage 1950s Art Deco Atomic Aluminum Pepsi Cola Metal Cooler Ice Chest. Measures 23" x 13" x 13". Has both handles, side bottle opener & screw drain all intact, hinges are perfect. Also has the sliding tray insert. All clean, slows slight use, some dings & wear on sticker on top latch. Price includes FREE UPS Shipping in USA. Must order & ship alone. Weight is 15 lbs. 1950s$135

273881961 Toshiba BASEBALL RADIO. 2.75" diameter. No Breaks. WORKS! (Of course it works, it's a Toshiba). First one I have ever had. Model 6TP-515, AM Band, 6 Transistors, Made In Japan.1961$60

273381960s Mini CACTUS - Wood, Hand Painted, JAPAN. 1.5" tall. Mint in Original paper litho box. 1960s$28

27259Queen Mary Model Premium, by Kellogg's Cereal. Reprint. It's a huge (8.5" x 32.5")detailed look at the Queen Mary,on quality card stock,enabling you to construct a 16 inch long model of the famous ocean liner. Originally produced in the 1930's, but I know that it was only available in the 1970's at the Queen Mary souvenir store. Previous owner framed, which adds shipping weight, if you don't want the frame - email me. 1970s$60

27234Mineral Specimens in 2-layer Case approx 11" x 7.5" x 2". All in good shape. about 90 specimens. All but about 8 still have the corresponding number on them. 1940s 1940s$85

272181971 Betty Crocker Recipe File Card Library. COMPLETE in Beautiful Mint Orange Box. Set even includes a batch of neatly written recipes by previous owner. PLUS a bunch of blank cards, for you to make your own. Weighs 6.5 lbs to ship. If you prefer media mail (cheap but slow), let me know - and I will refund most of shipping fee. 1971$30

27211HOT AIR BALLOON Lamp by Dolly Toy Co. 18" tall, 11" wide. All excellent, no breaks or chips, wiring perfect, & works great. Has 3 way lighting. (regular, night light or both). Comes with original Excellent box. Must order & ship alone due to size. 1970s$85

272101950s Elephant Night Light, Wall Hanging Light. 8" x 6" x 1.75" deep. All Metal. No makers mark found. Works Great!1950s$60

27189Instant Graphics. Vinyl Room Decoration Stickers. by Vija Nelson Designs. MOD. Box measures 18" 3" x 3"1978$24

27130SMOKEY BEAR Canteen 7" x 6" plus 45rpm record. All Excellent!1960s$60

27101LAUGH IN Lot. SOCK IT TO ME Beer Bottle Ashtray, flattened. Mint Condition. Plus> 1969 Paperback Book, all excellent. Plus 19 Assorted Trading Cards. All in VG+ shape. All for one price.1969$60

271001970s Vintage Paperbacks from estate. All for one price1970s$15

27094FAMILY DOG HOUSE. All excellent & Complete. Early one, Made in Japan. 11" x 5". 1960s$22

27093Hawk Shot by Sminoff Ceramic Cup. 5" tall. Mint Condition. Recipe on bottom. 1970$15

270862 Vintage Jewelry Pieces from same estate. 1950s BETSY ROSS HOUSE Metal Bracelet & THIS IS YOUR LIFE TV Show Necklace, Locket. Room for 2 photos inside. Both are Minty condition. 1950s$24

270811973 CIGARET-O-MAT Electronic Mechanical Cigarette Dispensing Machine by Royal London Made in JAPAN. On top there is tobacco in a clear cylinder that spins, and the paper is on a roll. It looks like the machine is making a cigarette. You actually put your cigarettes in the top and push the lever on the side and the machine emits noise and the gears go around and pistons go up and down while levers with springs rock back and forth.... after about 10 or 15 seconds your cigarette is dispensed out of the end. I could not get it to work, but battery box is like new. Comes with original box with one end flap missing. Measures 8.5" x 4.5" x 4"1970s$48

27070TOPO GIGIO 3" Tin Pinback with Lenticular Flicker Google Eyes. Cardboard back. Excellent. FREE Ship USA.1960s$24

27043Vintage 1960s Party Serving Piece. Metal rack 12" diameter, holds 3 plastic bowls by Peoria Plastic Co. Bowls are 5" diameter. One bowl has slight crack.1960s$30

270421960s 7 Soda Bottle Caps. 2 Cott, 7up, Fuller Brush Adv.,Arco, Saratoga Vichy, Coca-Cola. All excellent. Free shipping in US.1960s$20

270299 Vintage 1950s-60s Pet Books. 8" x 5" Paperback. All excellent1950s$28

270134 Vintage Westab Inc. General Zoology Raised Relief Molded Plastic 3D Scientific Charts. 12" x 9". Made in Italy. General Zoology. Insects, Birds, Fish, Protozoa. Slight damage on two of them. 1950s$30

269441950s Storage Hassock by Pearl-Wick. 24" x 15" x 16" tall. Excellent. Stunning Condition. Mid Century Modern. Pink Gold Black Geometric Design. All intact. Top is cushioned to use for a seat. Metal trim all around, top and bottom. Sturdy. Weighs about 15 lbs. FREE UPS Shipping in USA. Must order & Ship Alone - unless extra items will fit inside. 1950s$150

26925CASINO CROWN Slot Machine. Large 16" x 10" x 9" Toy, not for gambling purposes. Metal & Plastic. by Waco. JAPAN. Works! Bell rings. I didn't try the batteries in light, but all is clean. Metal face part has darkened from age. Must order & ship alone. Weighs 13 lbs.1970s$60

26919MAKE LOVE NOT WAR - Viking Statue 4" Resin. MINT in Original Gift - Shipping Box. Hong Kong. by Wallace - Russ Berrie Co.1970$28

269151960s Telephone 3 Minute Acrylic Lucite Timer. Timer used to limit talking on the phone. 3" x 1.5" x .75".1960s$18

26892Vintage 1970s Wide Vinyl Watch Bands. All excellent. 1.5" width. Found in the groovy box - which is included!1970s$30

268881971 Godspell Rock Opera World Tour Program Booklet. 8.5" x 11". Mint Condition.1971$22

26883The BIG RED Ball Point Pen by Parker Brothers. Excellent. Still works. Advertising on side. 1970$18

26782MINOLTA 16Ps Instant Load Sub Miniature Camera w/Rokkor Lens. Japan. All works. Has leather case, extra lenses, Box and manual. 1964$35

267691970s HAPPY SMILEY Face CANDLE. Un-Used. 8.5" x 7" x 1.5". Looks great. Heavy. 2 lbs.1970s$30

267561960s VTG Question Mark Seymour Mann Mirror MCM Wall Art Blue & Green Enamel Paint. Made in Japan 13" x 9.75". Excellent! RARE! FREE SHIPPING IN USA1960s$175

26716Three Princess Phone Advertising Items. 2 Key chains & one Soda bottle stopper. FREE shipping in USA1960s$22

266243 Peter, Paul & Mary Song, Music & Guitar Books. Good to VG condition. All for one price. 1960s$18

26594Misc. Vintage 45 rpm 6 Records: Bobby Vinton with picture sleeve, Rolling Stones, Village People (Macho Man), Nancy Sinatra (See The Little Children). PLUS Top Hits 2 Record Set w/Picture Sleeve!1960s$18

265471962 Seattle World's Fair! It's a tote seat that you can sit on carry things in and even pack a lunch in!! The box is in great shape. Measures 16 1/2" tall 10 1/2" wide by 6 1/2 long.1962$40

26542Baseball & Sports Paper Place-mats (4). All Mint condition. 13" x 10". Nice onionskin type paper. Dated 1946.1946$18

26541Apollo Missions 9" Carafe and a 4" Glass. by Libby. Both Mint Condition.1960s$22

26539Vintage 3 - 45rpm Records. Annette Funicello, Hayley Mills & Art Linkletter.18$18

264661969 SUBARU Dealership Pin. 2.25" diameter. 1969$18

26200Vintage Tubular Extension Speaker TS-25 for Transistor Radios. Made in Japan. All excellent. Works. 9.5" long. Wire taped, may need easy re-splice.1960s$28

26099Vintage 1960s Lamp. Original all working and excellent. Plastic shade, metal base. 16" tall. 1960s$30

25980Happy Birthday Candle. 'From Cradle to College.' 16" tall. Never Used. Mint in fair box with card. Also included 2 vintage small boxes of birthday candles.1960s$28

25921HIS & HERS FERTILITY TESTOMETER. MINT condition and works! Cardboard with glass, 12" long. Box has edge wear and tear. 1969$24

25819Vtg STUDIO COLORAMA DRIP CANDLE KIT. All Mint and complete in Vg box. Original candles still sealed. Bottle is unbreakable and 9" tall.1960s$28

25804Girl Scout Mint Cookies Box. approx. 8" x 8" x 8". All excellent. writing on one side. 1960s$24

25626Vintage 1970s Desk Accessory. 3" containers in rack which you can place on desk or hang on wall. Plastic. All Mint condition. Hong Kong1970s$30

256191962 Medical Model of Human Knee Joint by Merck Pharmaceuticals. 7" x 4". Complete in plastic case. Excellent!1962$45

256134 Vintage EC Comic Book Cover Art Posters. Copies of 1950s WEIRD SCIENCE & WEIRD FANTASY. #9,10,12,16. All Mint. Measures 9 1/4" x 13 3/8". Suitable for framing.1980s$20

255593 Vintage Detective Magazines. 1958,59,60. One has tears on cover. All for one price.1950s$10

25557Indianapolis 500 Speedway Seat Cushion. 14" x 13". Worn and Torn. 1960s$20

25425Official BOY SCOUTS Signal Set. Mint & Complete in Box. 1950s$18

253012 Boxing Films. 8mm Home Movies. MINT, Still Sealed. Sugar Ray Robinson, Forman, Frazier, etc. 1970s$20

25300Vintage Desktop Radio & Pen Holders. All excellent. Radio works when you press the bar and top pops up. Solid wood base. 11" x 6". 1960s$30

25034Vintage Desk Pen Cup with Calendar. Mint. 1960s$24

249671960s Lucite Acrylic Jewelry Tower with Drawer. When drawer is opened, music box plays, MY FAVORITE THINGS. 8" tall. MINT Condition. made by Sankyo, JAPAN. 1960s$60

24795Vintage 1970s Stars & Stripes Glass Tumblers. 6.5" tall. All are MINT condition.1970s$24

24773Vintage 1960s Firemen & Truck Wall Plaque Clothes hanger. Nice Litho heavy duty Cardboard material. 20" x 18". Excellent. Must order & ship along due to size. 1960s$28

24421TIG'RRR Soap on A Rope. Never Used. Mint in original package. Hole in box on one side. Measures approx 4" tall1960s$18

243143 Vintage Lighters. Silver Keywoodie brand, frozen needs oil, Punch sparks, needs fluid. And the best one BUGATTI Lighter with Cigar Punch. Works! Still has gas in it. The Bugatti B-1 Single Flame Torch Lighter with Punch Cutter. Includes fold-out punch cutter with two gauge options, an ergonomic side-squeeze trigger, large fuel tank, a flip top lid for protection and a blazing hot, single-flame. All for one price! 1970s, 1980s.1970s$28

23955PROFITABLE HOBBIES Magazine Lot. All EXCELLENT> 11" x 8.5". All 8 for one price. Dating from 1948 to 19511950s$20

23878SURFER BOY Ceramic Statue. Dated 1977. approx. 12" tall. All Excellent+ no cracks. small area in back on edge, needs touch up. 1977$35

23395Vintage Strawberry Milk Shake - Restaurant Counter - Fake Food Display. 9" tall. Mint Condition in Glass. 1960s$65

23326Vietnam Era - Jane Fonda Protest Bumper Sticker. Minty and Unused. Backing is intact. 11" x 3".1972$28

22936Chocolate Cream Pie - Store Display. 9" Diameter. Mint. 1960s$28

22885Vintage NYC Restaurants Advertising Item. Tin tambourine, missing one clang part. 6" diameter. Flash glare in photo1960s$28

22765Learn Spanish at Home. All from same estate. All excellent. Records, flash cards, workbooks. 1960s$18


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