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23207Juke Box Stars Magazine & FABIAN 45rpm Record SLEEVES. No records. Nice Early one with no tears, writing. Excellent+1959$15

23137Bark Canoe Souvenir - Schroon Lake, NY. 3" long. Mint with mailing card, dated 1947. 1947$24

22939Green Giant Promo Item. Happy Birthday Record in mailer from 1940s 20th anniversary. Record is like new. Also has the sheet music for 'Happy Birthday'. No record speed shown on record. but research shows 78rpm. 1949$15

22930INTRODUCTION TO COLOR T.V. by M. Kaufman. Softcover 5" x 8" 140 pg. Explains NTSC color theory, circuitry necessary for color reception, chroma demodulation, and construction of tri color picture tubes, RCA 15GP22 and CBS Colortron. Has a chapter describing the Lawrence single gun Chromatron system. Fold out schematics for prototype CBS and General Electric color receivers.1954$24

22898Bell Telephone Booklets. 2 for kids & Adult. How to use the Telephone. 9" x 7". 3 for one price. 1962, 1953, 1940s.1950s$24

22838Vintage 1950s Bakelite TV Antenna Atomic Mid Century. Rembrandt rabbit ears type TV antenna with atomic wire design. It measures about 15" in height without the antenna being extended to their 42". No cracks or chips.1950s$28

22825Disney & Kleenex Poster from the film, HOW TO CATCH A COLD. Mint condition. 20" x 14". 1951$30

227951948 AVON Sales Lady - Kit. Nice Bag. Excellent! I think it's vinyl? Paperwork, Booklets, Sales Catalogue of ALL their products that year. Her membership card & contract. Order booklet, Face Powder Palette with 3 missing, the rest are full. with torn envelope it came in. Case measures 12" x 9" x 4". 1948$24

226221950s Telephone Clock. with Alarm too. All works. Keeps great time. Phone is ceramic. 8.5" x 5.5" x 5". No cracks or chips1950s$48

22562Vintage & Rare HOTEL ALGIERS Miami Beach, Florida BRASS KEY TAG c.1950's Famous hotel was located on Collins Ave., Miami Beach 1 3/4" x 2"1950s$30

225572 Vintage IBM Items from estate. Perpetual Calendar Disk 1963. Key Chain Fob 1956 'Military Products Division' Kingston, NY. with item on plastic attached. All for one price.1950s$18

22365Howard Johnson's Restaurant. Cloth with vinyl piping Airline Bag. Excellent. 7" x 4". Zipper intact and works fine.1950s$15

22302Wooden Soldiers Coaster Set. Approx 4" diameter. All wood.1950s$18

22265Vintage Lady Remington Princess Electric Razor. Mint and complete in excellent box. Works perfectly. Clean. and has little brush.1950s$18

18148Baby Butler Child's Folding Chair. All excellent & sturdy. Wooden and metal. 21" tall, 12" x 12". Seat is 12" from floor. Nice to display a large doll in. 1950s$24


23262Air Raid Instruction Card. All excellent. 12" x 9". 1960s$24

232591968 Vintage Psssssst Spray Powder - Instant Shampoo, to clean and refresh your hair without water. A spray powder that was also good for falls and hairpieces. This is the first version of can. 6 3/4" x 2" 7oz can. Full & still sprays! (Flash Glare in photo)1968$28

23241Vintage Fabulous Pair of Tropical Tiki Hawaiian Beach Paint by Number Paintings. PBN. 18" x 14". Solid Wood Frames. Purchased straight from estate. Beautiful Set. May have to ship alone.1960s$60

232192 Kids Cloth Patches, Found together in estate. 3.5" long. NRA 1968 & Army1960s$10

23208Vintage Chalkware Shaggy Dog Bank. Large 18" tall, 6" wide. by Silvestri Brothers. Some dings here and there. Due to size, may have to order & ship along. weighs 7 lbs. 1965$30

231977Up Pinback "NOTHING DOES IT LIKE SEVEN-UP!" 1.5" diameter. Good. Complete1960s$12

23128Vintage 1960s Paperback Lot from Same Estate. 3 FU-MANCHU & 1 Edgar Allen Poe. All excellent 1960s$15

23112Vintage 1960s LARGE Stuffed Plush Poodle. 25" tall, 10" x 8" wide. Stands great on it's own. No stains, CLEAN, Like new. Purchased straight from original estate. Made in Japan tag intact. Stunning! This may need to be shipped alone, due to size & depending where you live. 1960s$60

23094BETTY BUBBLES Doll Head Bubble Bath Glass Container. Minty, NO cracks or chip in glass. Doll looks great. 10" tall. 1960s$30

23092Vintage Campbell's Soup & Salad Promo Display. Tomato soup in a bowl, salad on a plate with croutons, cucumber, onions, radish and tomatoes. All is attached to a Prolon Ware plate, which is a 1960s Melmac Melamine casual tableware. The bowl is glued to the plate as well as salad and spoon. Plate measures approx. 12" x 8". All Mint Condition! 1960s$145

23086FONE FLOWER - Cover for you Phone. "Make Dialing Fun, Flowerfy your Fone." 1960s$15

22949Trimline Phone Desk Pen Holder. Neat Telephone Co. Promo item. 4 X 6.5 inch plastic desk set Pen Holder has attached plastic 4 X 1 inch trimline phone. Bottom is covered in green felt. No cracks or chips. I am adding in the neat 60s girl figure with purse. She looks good sitting on it! 1960s$45

22941Fresca Diet Soda Stretched Bottle. Mint condition. 17" tall. Mint1960s$24

22936Chocolate Cream Pie - Store Display. 9" Diameter. Mint. 1960s$28

22932Instant Graphics. Vinyl Room Decoration Stickers. by Vija Nelson Designs. MOD. Box measures 18" 3" x 3"1960$30

228941960s W. Germany Jasba Keramik Pottery Ceramic Vase 6" Mid Century Modernist.Very Nice Estate Find! Vase is 6" Tall. Marked GERMANY 602/15. Stamped Western Germany 37. Research shows this to be by Jasba Keramik. No cracks or chips 1960s$30

22887Schick Varsity Electric Razor. All mint, complete and works. 1960s$22

22885Vintage NYC Restaurants Advertising Item. Tin tambourine, missing one clang part. 6" diameter. Flash glare in photo1960s$28

22882Vintage Circus Type Posters. Unique! Found in an estate. Heavy stock posters. Monkey measures 28" x 20". the Banners are each 39" x 18" and I think they folded over a stick to hang. All have tape residue. But the graphics are great. All for one price1960s$85

22857Original Peace Sign - Wall Decor. 11" Diameter. Hard Plastic. Made by Audio-Visual. Mint.1960s$12

22842THE KENNEDY WIT Lp Record Album. Still Sealed! PLUS JFK - Kennedy Jr Golden Guide Book 1966 & 1961 Presidential Matchbook. Unused but stained. ALL for one price1964$30

22839THE KENNEDYS GAME. Mint & Complete. Never Played. Box lid has slight edge wear and tear. 1962$45

22799Invented in 1968. Sport Soda by Canada Dry. This is a 14" diameter metal Delivery Truck Hubcap. Shows some age and scuffs. Nice bright graphics. 1960s$40

22777HANDBOOK FOR THE WOMAN DRIVER - Paperback from Phillips 66. Excellent. 238 pages. 1960$15

22765Learn Spanish at Home. All from same estate. All excellent. Records, flash cards, workbooks. 1960s$18

22764Mini Desk Phone Transistor AM Radio. Made in Japan. Mint condition! Works! Pick up handset to hear through earpiece, or leave on to hear through speaker! Measures 5.5" x 3.5" x 3" tall. OKI Japan. 1960s$60

22763Micro 7 Wrist AM Radio. Made in Japan. Radio measures 2" x 2" x 1.25" on Leather band 13" long. No battery to test, but all clean inside. 1960s$28

22744ELECTRONS AWAY or Tales of A Government Scientist. Hardcover with dust jacket. 8" x 5.5" 152 pgs by Harold A Zahl. First Edition. Entertaining, often humorous biographical account of American physicist Harold Zahl (1905-1973). Zahl began his professional career as a member of the Signal Corps Laboratories at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey where he developed thermal radiation detection systems and radar systems for military use.1968$35

22689Lady Remington Electric Hair Curler. Works perfectly. Groovy sides. MINT Condition. Booklet too. Measures 12" x 8" x 4"1969$40

22546Vintage Airline Lot. 2 Adult Plastic Pins (American Airlines & Eastern) & Metal Pan American Airlines Pocket Knife, made in Germany. Vintage Pan Am Playing Cards, sealed, made in Hong Kong & Vintage American Airlines luggage tag. All Metal: Jr. Pilot Wings TWA, Jr. Pilot Ring AA, Jr. Stewardess Pin AA, Jr. Stewardess AA Metal Pin, United Airlines Metal Future Pilot Pin Mint on card. 1960s$60

2248545 rpm Record Adapter Inserts Lot. 6 sealed on card and 16 loose. 1960s$18

22464RARE 1950s - early 1960s Coke Bottle Plush Pillow. Measures 22" tall, 7" wide. Made by Art Anson, Inc. Original tag intact. Bright and clean graphics. No tears. Neat.1960s$60

22445KODAK Metal Film Box Store Display. Measures 28" x 10.5" x 10.5". Weighs 13 lbs. Very nice, normal scratches and some side holes from when it was hung on a chain. Bright and clean. Due to size and weight, must order and ship alone.1960s$95

22389Vintage 8 Transistor Flashlight Radio. Non working. Could use contacts cleaned. Japan. 1960s$24

22087Wonders of the Animal Kingdom Pictures. 12 sets Mint on Cards, 1 pkg loose and some extra pictures. 1960s$18

219813 Vintage 1960s Souvenir Scarfs. All Mint condtion. approx. 28" x 28". Gettysburg PA, Florida & NYC.1960s$15

21964Dakkochan Doll. Inflatable. 11" tall. MINT Condition. No holes or tears. Vari-Vue Flasher Eyes, The arms can wrap around your upper arm to carry around. These were a big thing in the 1960s. see last photo.1960s$30

21840Plan-It Kit. 3 Dimensional Furniture Arranging Kit. Nice set with all the styrofoam furniture, graph paper, instructions. Excellent.1965$30

218341962 Civil Defense Fallout Shelter Supply Drum. Holds Sanitation supplies. All complete with un-used items. Except originally there were 10 rolls of toilet paper, now there is 3. Commode Set, Sanitary Napkins, Can opener, tie, water hose, Iodine, Cups and covers, plastic bags, paperwork. Drum measures 23" tall, 17" diameter. Weighs 17 lbs. shipped. Must order and ship alone.1962$130

21363Tip-N-Rok Kid's Plastic Egg Shaped Chair. Approx. 24" tall. All excellent. Normal scratches. Rocking Swivel Action Chair. Must order and ship alone due to size. 1960s$75

21346Civil War Centennial Items: Kids Hat, Confederate Bills Reproductions, Civil War CSA - Cartridge Holder for kid's belt & Civil War Centennial Pin Back. 3.5" diameter. 1960s$28


23288A Rare Vintage Pop Art: LOVE Tin Bucket, printed with the famous LOVE graphic by pop culture artist Robert Indiana. The LOVE graphic appears on both sides of the tin This metal tin/pail was used in early 1970’s as a lunch pail & purse. Measures 10" tall, 7" wide, not counting handle.1970$45

23261Super Rare! BIG SOUNDER CB SCANNER Wrist Radio. MINT in Box. Unused. 1976 Janex - Hong Kong. Box Measures approx. 12" long. Wowza! 1976$95

23200Vintage Groovy Flowered Contact Paper from estate. 2 MINT Unused, Sealed Rolls. Each are 4 yards long, 18" wide. 1970s$28

231897Up Soda Bottle Bank. 24.5" tall. All excellent condition.1970s$35

23168Vintage Alka Seltzer Cooler. Bright and clean. Seam in back has separated, I will leave to new owner to re-glue. Measures 8" diameter, 11" tall not counting handle. 1970s$35

23166Vintage Heldak Amber with clear Spaghetti Lamp Light Globe 8" Fixture. New in Box Heldak Plastic 'Todays Look'. Can be used as a ceiling fixture, in a lamp or add a chain & socket to make a hanging lamp! Tested and works! Perfect - Mint condition in minty box!1970s$85

23116SHIT Cloth Patch. Mint Condition. 3" x 3". 1970s$20

23115Vintage Perfume Lot. All from same estate. XANADU Milk Bath bottle, empty. Round XANADU Cologne Full, and Max Factor SOPHISTICAT but no perfume. All1970s$18

230821976 VINTAGE McDONALD'S "PUNKIN MAKINS" THIS IS THE SET OF 3. All decoration pieces are here. Only tear is on Grimace's one eye white. Some of paper to left of tie is gone. I put in in plastic sleeves to keep flat. They were rolled up and stored all these years. A few parts have come apart where they tear off.. but again all intact. Each sheet measures approx. 17" x 12" . Will ship flat. They would be nice framed. *There is flash glare in some photos due to plastic. There is NO fading. All bright, like new graphics. 1976$30

230632 Pop Inflatable Hangers. Mint in Package. Each is 16" long. Never Used. Glare in photo1970$24

23050FLAG Popcorn - Melted Plastic Decoration. Mint condition. 16" x 12".1970s$30

23027Mod Vinyl Stickers - MInt in Sealed Package. pkg measures 12" x 9"1970$24

23025Mod Popstickles - FLower Stickers. Mint in Sealed Package. Large flowers are 7" diameter. *Last One in stock!1970$24

22940Nice Rare Budweiser Beer 6 pack Bank. Measures real size. 8" x 5" x 5". Minty. Plastic, no chips. Official Anhauser item.1970s$60

22935Vintage Centurion Digitor Electronic match quiz game Neat space age orb design on 4-legged stand. It lights up, but not sure how to work it.. or if it works. Missing knob on right, but can still be turned. No instructions. 1974$30

22929VW SMALL WONDER - Amazing Story of the Volkswagen. Paperback book. 1970$10

22921Hot Wheels Sizzler Advertisement. Excellent. Mattel. 11" x 9" 1970$15

22917Real working Vintage Telephone Purse. Just find an outlet and plug in your phone and dial your number. Made by Dallas Handbags back in 1970s Measures 11" high from the top of phone to the bottom of purse with a shoulder strap. Measures 10" wide by 3" wide across bottom. Excellent and works well. No tears. Nice! Made in Hong Kong. Rare!1970s$125

22909STARS & THEIR CARS Paperback from Tiger Beat Magazine. 143 pages. Great photos. 1973$18

22907Vintage 1972 *Rare* ZENITH Owl 'My Radio,' Ultra Miniature ROYAL AM Transistor Pendant Radio. Model RD-14. Measures 2" x 1.5" x .5". Made in Hong Kong. All excellent. Has wire you wear around neck with attached earphone. Uses 1.5v silver oxide battery, ZS76-G. I went to local store and purchased the equivalent, which I am including. I put in the battery & got static - We do not get AM stations here in the Catskill Mountains. But static is a good sign. But with all old electronics, no guarantee. Original instruction pamphlet included. Originally, these came with a pin you could slide in back, to wear as a brooch. it is missing. Amazing Yellow/Orange color. 1972$95

22906Mod Wide Watchband. Minty and beautiful green color. 8.5" long, 1.5" wide.1970$18

22886Dreamy Color Promotional Item. Hair Color Advertising Toiletries Vinyl Case. Mint, complete with all original contents & Unused. about 9" long, 3" wide. Zipper works.1970s$24

22873LOVE DICE Adult Game. Measures 6" x 2". No directions. Has box. 1970$18

22868Fire Extinguisher Lighter. 5" tall. Takes gas.1970s$28

228001982 GourMets - New York Mets Cookbook - with 1983 Supplemental. Mint 9" x 6" with 125+ pages! No tears, no pages missing, no writing! Sponsored by The Lady Mets Club. Filled with favorite recipes from team ownership, players, coaches, and staff, like Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner.A really fantastic piece of Mets memorabilia!1982$45

22773Panasonic FM Stereo Headset. All Very Good & Works. Scratches and some age.1970s$48

22668WILD WATCH by Big Time. Neat one. Mint in box with extra strap. Needs new battery. Box has storage wear. 1970s$24

22534Winnie The Pooh Record Player - Phonograph. MINT in Excellent Box. Works great! Looks like it was hardly used! Measures 13" x 12" x 6". 1970s$40

22440POP OUT SANDAL SKATES. MINT Condition. They work Perfectly! Bottom is real hard wood. Size 8. Mint in very good box. 1970s$40

223844 Vintage 1970s TAB Soda Glasses. Developed in 1963, Tab was marketed to consumers who wanted to "keep tabs" on their weight - Hence the 'Hourglass' designed glass to show you could lose weight drinking TAB. All are Mint condition.1970$18

22292Vintage 1980s Paper Lot: 3 items. 1982 National Lampoon Magazine, Zippy Magazine 1980 & Gay Comix #3 1982. All excellent. No tears or writing. 1980s$30

21680Vintage Glassware Lot #1. 1970s- 2 CB Radio glasses 7" tall, 3" wide. 1 Large 7-Up, 1 7-Up Uncola, 4 Stars & Stripes. All MINT Condition, All for one price1970s$28

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