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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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263011914 Candy Containers by West Brothers Co. 6 Detailed tin litho buildings, measuring approx. 2.5" x 2.5" x 2". Purchased from estate. All are Excellent Condition! Nice Lot. FREE Priority Mail Shipping in US.1914$185

262651930s/1940s Adams' Novelty Tricks, All from Same Estate! These are EARLY first versions of their products, before the name was changed to S.S. Adams Co. JOY BUZZER Lot. 1st Patent version in original box with directions. Non working. PLUS working version of 1950s Buzzer. FLYING BUTTERFLY GREETING CARD. Patented 1932. Mint and still works! Paper & Wood Butterfly, with windup rubber band. MAGIC COIN BOX. Mint complete. 3.5" x 2.5" box. TRICK LOCK. Metal on 3.5" x 2.5" card. Adams' SPIDER. Metal 1.5" long. On 4.5" x 3.5" card. HORSE SHOE PUZZLE. Metal on 3.5" x 2.5" card. AUTO AND HAT NAIL. Metal on 3.5" x 2.5" card. Adams' LIAR MEDAL. Tin medal on 4.5" x 3.5" card. INK BOTTLE & BLOT Trick. Glass Bottle with Tin Ink Blot. All Mint. 9 Tricks All for one price! Free Shipping in USA1940s$185

26264SCRAMBOLO Metal Spinning Top with stand & metal egg. 'The Magnetic Egg Race' Toy. RARE. Patented 1913. Works great.

See example of newer version of this type Toy in ActionScrambolo Top

26225View-Master Lot. Over 40 Reels, Travel, Cowboy, Disney, Space, etc. 1950s and 1960s. Bakelite viewer is Mint in Mint Box. 1950s$60

261762 Tin Litho Windup Ducks. 4" tall J.Chein & RF ALPS Japan 5.5" long. Both Work! Both for one price1950s$40

26157Early Tin Litho Drum & stick. Found in estate with note attached. Selling as just a drum, since I could find no reference to a Campbell's Soup Drum online. 1930s$20

26155ABC 'Beauty Board'. 1930s Teaching Toy. Thick cardboard 7" diameter, with wood sliding letters. All intact! Excellent condition. 1930s$24

26153Drunken Man Wood Push Puppet. 6" tall. Works great. 1940s$28

26148Chirping Flapping Tin Litho Bird. Mint Condition. cardboard under wings, all intact underneath. Works Great!1950s$30

26029Butterfly - Tin Litho Push Toy. by J. Chein. Excellent and works. Wings flap when pushed along floor. 9" wing span. Wood stick is 30" long. 1950s$35

26023Music Box - Litho Cardboard & Tin. 6" x 5.5" x 3". Works. Shows some age. Neat Winter Scenes all around.1950s$18

259901953 Winky Dink WINKO MAGIC SET. Based on the CBS TV Show. All Minty and complete in beautiful display box. All Tricks are here! Instruction booklet, cover page is loose from staple. No breaks to any parts. Made by Pressman. Measures 16" x 14". Slight corner edge wear on box, no splits. 1953$85

25969Betty Brunette Magnetic Hair Styling Kit. Drawing Toy. 9" x 7" by Smethport. Very Good. No magnet1950s$18

259201950s ROCKET RIDER By Teeterbabe Toys. RARE! Tricycle Riding Toy for a Toddler. 24" long, 14" wide, 16" tall. Metal with curved, chrome handle bar, Neat wooden sign on side. Seat is particle board with small corner chip off. Wheels are big metal balls, painted red, white and blue. The rubber tread is even on the wheels and all intact! FREE Shipping In USA. Due To Size, must order & Ship Alone. 1950s$225

25869Lafayette Stereo Microscope 50x. 6.5" tall. w/box of insect slides. Japan. Wood box measures 8.5" x 5.5" x 5". 1950s$40

25868PIC brand Microscope. #T-51. 100x, 200x & 300x. Missing one of the stage holder arms. Nice wood box measures 8.5" x 5" x 3". 1950s$40

25825BUTTERFLY Tin Litho Mechanical Friction Toy. ALPS Japan. 5" wing span. Wings flap when moving. Works! All excellent condition! 1950s$28

25675Medieval Knight Armor Set by Marx. Nice set of tin litho shields. Some slight age and use. Helmet is hard plastic and mint condition. 1955$75

25548Marx SEA WITCH Model Parts - Captain & Crew Members. Complete. Figures measure approx 3/4" tall. Box is 5" x 3.5". Minty1955$18

254831915 United States Puzzle Map. Wood with paper litho. MINT & Complete. 20" x 12". Box is good. by Parker Brothers.1915$22

253451950s Child Guidance BUILD A HOUSE Toy. Mint, Complete in Box. There is also a catalogue of toys they sold that year, included.1953$18

253441950s Playskool Pounding Toy. 10" tall. All intact. Works great!1950s$18

253411940s Store Display GOOD LUCK CHARMS by Samuel Eppy Co. Jamaica, NY. Display board is 14 1/2" x 14". These are plastic with a silver tone on top. The longest measurement of each piece is between 3/4 to 1". Most are around 7/8". Samuel Eppy introduced the first plastic charm in America to replace the metal ones then in use. He then came up with a way to plate plastic with metal using a vacuum plating process. 1940s$95

25187Tom Thumb Metal Cash Register. All excellent and works great. 7" x 7" x 6". Original box too!1950s$40

24636HOOT-NANNY Magic Designer Drawing Toy. Metal apparatus. Mint & Complete with extra supplies in very good box.1950s$30

24432Zippo Climbing Monkey by Marx. Tin Litho Mechanical Toy works perfectly. He actually climbs up the string and slides down. He is 10" long. 1930s$45

227411950s Dream Refrigerator. Picked this up from a collectors estate. Could not find anything like it on the internet, after extensive searching. Wood, appears to be handmade, by someone very talented. I thought maybe a store display, but I have no clue. It is very unique. Measures 37" tall, 18" wide & 11" deep. The "Dream" logo on front is metal & has been painted. All VERY Sturdy, solid. No cracks or breaks. It has the two metal racks, I would think a clear plexi or acrylic sheet could be cut for bottom shelf and freezer shelf. There is a light installed, but I do not have a bulb to replace. *Cannot ship - LOCAL Pickup only. Weight is 35 lbs! I live in NY, near Thruway exit 19, but can meet buyers in surrounding states. email me. timewarptoys@aol.com1950s$200

22155WADDLE WALKER - 1950s Novelty - Walking Toy. Bent wood. Very solid. 37" long x 3 3/4" wide. By Nu-Cushion Products. Due to size, must order and ship alone, cannot combine with other items for free shipping.1950s$28

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1960's Toys

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263291965 SECRET SAM Attache Spy Case by Topper Toys. All Excellent Condition. NO cracks or chips. Missile works great. Bullets shoot as they should. All looks great. Almost complete, except missing some bullets. 1965$125

26326VAC-U-FORM 45 Plastic Sheets Refill Pak. Mint Never Used. 1962$30

26325SHOWBOAT by Remco. River Paddleboat & Theatre. 25" long, 14" tall! The stage is approx. 12" wide & you can act out 4 different plays, Heidi, Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, and Pinnochio. Each play has characters, stands, and backdrops. Script book is included. All Complete. No breaks or chips. Box is good. Due to size, must order alone. Might ship by UPS if you live further away from NYS. FREE Shipping in USA. 1962$195

2632418 Vintage 1960s, early 70s MAGIC TRICKS. Some made in Japan. ALL are MINT and Complete with all directions and parts. Awesome set. 1960s$75

26322Liverpool Compact Snare Drum Set by Remco. 12" diameter. Has the sticks, brushes. No stand. Nice box. 1966$75

263211960 Mr. Machine by Ideal. Designed by Marvin Glass. This is the first version, that can be taken apart, 18" tall. He looks great. I found him partially apart and had to attach all the outer parts. He is all there except for the direction knob in back. (He can still be turned). He rolls freely all parts move fine. The metal winding key does not catch every time, I didn't want to open him up. Selling as is. 1960$60

263201966 Major Matt Mason Lot. All for one price, from same estate. All in good shape. Moon Crawler, didn't work when I tried it and missing one 'foot'. Satellite launcher works, one launcher is torn on a spoke, but all there. 1966$75

26302ROCKEM' SOCKEM' Robots by Marx. 1960s Large Version. Ring measures about 15" square. All intact. Robots work great. No issue, no cracks or chips. Ropes and Posts are original and look great. Heads work great. Very nice set. Comes with the original box, which has wear and tear on one end, as shown. 1960s$150

26250Rare Original 1967 Wham-O Moonlighter Frisbee, first Glow In Dark version! Irwin Toys. Tearing of plastic from storage. Frisbee NEVER USED. center sticker intact. Raised lettering around center: 'Wham-O Frisbee Official Pro Model'. Original Frisbee Assoc. sign-up card included. Patent 3,359,678. Glows in dark perfectly! 1967$95

262491960s Smoking Dog Novelty with Miniature Cigarettes. The painted clay? dog is almost 2" long, there is a hole to hold a cigarette. These special cigarettes automatically blow smoke rings. Mint in sealed envelope. I used a google photo to show what contents look like, mine is still sealed. Free Shipping. 1960s$20

26244Sand Pail Set. Plastic Set. 10" bag is still sealed. Mint inside. by Vera Toys1960s$28

26243Garden & Beach Sand Toy Set. Plastic Sifter, Shovel & Molds. Mint. Still Sealed on 16" x 10" card. by Vera Toys, NYC1960s$28

262268 Animal Cardboard Blocks. 3" x 3". by Lakeside Toys. Excellent. Mix and Match animal parts.1962$22

26224Little Pixie Toy Phone. MINT in Sealed Package. Measures 5" wide. Pink1960s$18

26223Little Pixie Toy Phone. MINT in Sealed Package. Measures 5" wide. Blue.1960s$18

26217Two Plastic friction Space Guns. 6" and 4.5" neither spark anymore. 6" one was mint in package. No cracks or chips on either one. Both for one price!1960s$24

262101960s ZOO SET - 66 Pieces. Mint Never opened. All complete. Paper mat measures 20" x 15". Box is Mint and measures 10" x 7". All cages, animals, trees & bushes are still sealed in bags! Made in Hong Kong.1960s$40

262071960s Kid's Golf Club Set. Metal Clubs all Mint. Comes with original case and wooden tees. Stainless Steel clubs are 28" long. Names of clubs embossed on each. Purchased from original owner, they used real balls back then. None included. Canvas Bag is excellent. Mfg by E+L Co. 5lbs. shipped. May have to order alone1960s$45

26206TOON-A-Vision by Amsco. Excellent. Works great. You can make 38,640 different face combinations. This is the Mickey Mouse Disney version. 1960s$30

26203Vintage Marbles & Bag. Suede Leather. All Excellent. Bag measures 5.5" x 4.5"1960s$24

26186RED EYE Ball by Sun Rubber. 12" long. All Excellent. 1965$65

26181Windup Flapping, Rolling Butterfly - 7.5" wingspan. Tin body, plastic wings Japan. PLUS friction Lady Bug by Lehmann W.Germany. works. Both Minty. Both for one price.1960s$45

26123Captain Kidd brand BLACK MAGIC SNAKES. 6 Mint in Mint Box. 1960s$24

26106Miscellaneous Vintage Toy Lot - Cigar Box Full. Includes (all Mint). Renwal Red Car, Unmarked Fire Truck, Plastic 3" Boxer Dog with 15cent price stamp underneath, Bozo toy watch part, Giraffe metal pin, NYC Necklace, Baptist Church Achievement Pin, White Knob Windup Robot works,2 Magnetic Scottie Dogs, Space Ship, Tiki Earrings, Plastic Horses on chain bracelet, Hot Dog on key chain w/capsule, UN-used PAL Orange Bubble Gum, Halloween Cup Cake decor (newer?), Cowboy Hankie, and the 6.5" x 6" old cigar box. 1960s$45

26097Super Helmet Seven by Topper Toys. 7 Actions. Flashlight, blinkers, etc. All is there. The front lens on flash light is held in with tape. 1960s$60

26065Deelie Bobbers Flower shaped interlocking building set. Mint in Mint 5" x 3" groovy drawstring bag. 1960s$24

26058I'M YOUR BIPPY Stuffed Plush Animal. 14" x 8". Missing a felt hand, otherwise all intact, his name ribbon is half gone. Laugh In TV show related. PLUS BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY Gumball Machine Ring. Minty. 1960s$45

26054American Indian Lot from same estate. Headdress with real feathers & Vinyl band 12" tall, Writing Set - sealed, Drum 6" x 5" Rubber & Litho Cardboard. 1960s$40

26053Jupiter Jyro Flying Saucer Deluxe Set with original box. by Tomy JAPAN. I tested with old batteries and worked. I will include 2 new 'C' batteries inside, before shipping. This is the DELUXE set with all the parts and directions. Battery operated Gyroscope toy & it does some amazing things. Saucer measures 5" diameter. Box shows wear and tear.

See this toy in Action Jupiter Jyro

26052Wood Paddles & Rubber Balls & Rubber String replacement lot. All Minty. All rubber is soft and supple! Fli-Back & Bolo. Skill, Action toy1960s$24

26024Push Puppet - Jumping Horse. Works Great! 4.5" tall. 1960s$15

25884SHAPEES Building Set by Kohner. Box has wear and tear, but inside all complete with MINT parts1960s$22

258821 Package KUNG FU Action Figures. Mint In Bag. Plastic about 2". Made by Sutton Plastics. An obscure set. I have seen it dated late 1960s, early 1970s. There are 16 different poses. I had one open bag, so I used that to show all the figures. You will receive a sealed - never opened bag. OLD STORE STOCK. Clean! Header card is 6" x 2.75". The magic marker price of 25 cents is only written on one side. *Buy more & save below! FREE SHIPPING!1960s$18

258812 Packages KUNG FU Action Figures. Mint In Sealed Bag. Plastic about 2". Made by Sutton Plastics. FREE Shipping.1960s$32

258803 Packages KUNG FU Action Figures. Mint In Sealed Bag. Plastic about 2". Made by Sutton Plastics. FREE Shipping.1960s$45

25867Playskool Wood Puzzle. 11.5" x 7.5". Very good. 1960s$18

25818PERISCOPE 18" long. Plastic & Cardboard. Mirrors intact & works as it should. Shows some age & small chip by eye piece.1960s$18

25808Cowboy & Indian Tin Litho Clickers. All are MINT and Japan. 2.5"1960s$15

25785Sketch O Matic Drawing Toy by Kohner. Mint in Excellent Box with directions. Works Great!1961$30

25751LUCKY SHNOOK Troll Doll. 3". Mint in sealed bag. 1960s$18

25655SWEEPSTAKES Electric Pinball Machine Floor Model. by Marx. Measures 45" tall, 16" wide and 32" long. All Excellent and works. Clean. Comes with original box. The 'Sweepstakes' sticker sign needs to be re-glued on front. Plug in, Electric version. Must order and ship alone. FREE shipping included in price, USA only. weighs 25 lbs.1965$175

25645SAXOPHONE by Emenee. Plastic 18" long. No breaks. Comes with partial booklet and poor box. 1960$30

25627GYROSCOPE by Stevens. Large 4" Metal. Minty. Need to add string. In original box.1960s$18

25612Tickle Bee Larger box version. 8.5" x 12". All mint in Very Good Box1960s$30

25481SNEAKY PETE'S PROFESSIONAL MAGIC SHOW. This is the Large set! 22" x 15" x 5". Looks all mint condition and complete except for the 3 cotton pom poms. Must ship alone due to size. Cannot combine with other items. 1960s$95

25475ELF Roly Poly Toy. 13" tall, 6.5" wide. All intact. Head squeaks when you squeeze it. Rubber & Plastic.1960s$18

254313 Vintage SLIDE PUZZLES, one on original card by Roalex. 1960s$35

25424ROCK 'N ROLL Harmonica by Auburn Rubber. 4" long, Plastic & Metal. Flash glare in photo. Mint in original box. Missing end flap.1960s$18

25351MINI WHIZ RINGS Toy. 3 Rings - Mint with header card. Never Used. 6" diameter1960s$18

25350Air Force RADAR BASE Tent by Playtime. Canvas - All Mint. 4 1/2' Square floor. No poles.1960s$20

248191960s Drum - Tin Litho Groovy Sides with paper. Images of 60s Teens playing instruments. Staining as shown. Still a cool display piece. No tears! 20" diameter. Due to size - must order and ship alone.1960$28

23224Deelie Bobbers by Parker Brothers. Mint condition. Little 1" flower shaped discs you build with. 1969$20

22452Kids Vintage Roller Skates. 7.5" long. Excellent1960s$18

18454BLAZE - Unique Ride On Pinto Horse made by Mattel. Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses. Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made. When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." His string is no longer there. He is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips. Bright and Clean. Too Large to ship. I can meet Northeast US customers. Email me before ordering. timewarptoys@aol.com1961$150

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26275AUSSIE BOOMERANG by Wham-O. 16.5" wide. Directions on embossed on back. 1975$48

26267PISTOL POLO by Marx. I believe this is the first one I have had. We set it up and tested! Works great. What Fun! It has a pistol on each side & shoots the steel balls. Each person tries to hit the yellow plastic ball and keep it on the other person's side. There is a timer which pops up a stop sign in the center to signal players to stop. If the ball ends up on your opponent's side, you Win! All parts are there and work great! there is a old, repaired crack in one spot, which does not affect play. Box shows wear, tear, water damage from storage. Must order & ship alone. Due to size. 1973$85

262011971 Marxie Wind Up Walking Figure. 3" works. 1971$18

26167Vintage Remco 1971 Scree-Mees Mad RED BARON Bike Horn Siren WORKS! Measures 6" x 4" x 3". Slight paint wear - no breaks.1971$75

26117Crystal Climbers Building Set. Interlocking Lucite Plastic Circles. 33 pieces. 1 with break but usable. Box measures 14" x 10" 1970s$30

26071Inchworm Ride On by Empire. All excellent. Works great. No breaks. 24" long. 16" tall, 9" wide. Due to size must order and ship alone. 1970s$60

25911SPIROFOIL By Kenner. Mint and Complete in Excellent Box.1970$18

25592Wizard of Oz Emerald City by MEGO. Parts set. Castle shows bending but all is there. Wizard's arm is broken. Box shows age, wear and tear. 1974$40

25504THUMBALL by Marx. All Minty & Works Great! Cool Rubber ball & 2 Suction Cups. Play & Catch Toy.1971$30

25432WATER WIENNIE by Wham-O. Minty with original Card1972$35

253961974 GHOST GUN Target Strips Refill Books for the Ghost Gun by Hasbro. This is for One Refill book: 16 pages, 4 strips per page, 17 targets per strip. 1,088 Targets (Plus some blanks at end of book). NEVER USED! Absolutely Mint. I have 6 available, if you want more than one: Use your back arrow on browser - click BUY again. Free Shipping in US.1974$30

25313FLIP YOUR TOP by Kenner. Fun Skill Toy. Spinning Top & Large paddle. Works great! VG Box. 1970$40

25261Mosaic Peg Pictures by Play Hour. All Mint and complete in excellent box. 1970$18

24932KEEP IT UP Skill Toy by Kenner. Only 2nd one I have had. Mint complete in good box. FUN!1970$24

24930TOP THE TOP by Ideal. Spinning tops and magnetic wand skill toy. SO much fun. MINT and Complete in very good box. 1971$30

24492Two GAF Talking Viewmaster Reels Wild Worlds of Animals and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. All Mint complete in good boxes. Both for one price!1970s$12

22515POGO PONY Ride on Horse. 31" tall and long, 17" wide. Looks great. Works great too. Complete. No cracks or chips. Due to size, must order and ship alone. Depending on where you live, there may be an additional balloon shipping fee, email me your zip code. 1970$85

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