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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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28641LIONEL BLACK CATTLE In original box. #3656. Cows are Mint, box shows age. These are for the Train set Cattle Car.1950s$15

28602Smith Corona Toy Typewriter by Tigrett Ind. Mint in Very Good+ Box. This is a hard plastic Printing Toy. Measures approx. 7" x 6" x 2.5". Each of the keys is a rubber stamp! The ink pad is on top. Amazingly, all the parts are here. No cracks or chips. Quite cute! First one I have seen.1950s$60

28600SNAP-IN CHARMS & CHAINS by Hassenfeld (Hasbro). Minty in Very good 10" x 9" box. With all the plastic charms and little pieces to make bracelets. Instructions too. Looks all complete.1950s$60

285891956 VIKING SHIP Model by Aurora. MINT & Complete. Contents still sealed. Box is excellent with no split corner. Bright. 1956$35

285701954 Gilbert ERECTOR SET In Sturdy Cardboard Box. All excellent. Looks complete. 18" x 10" x 2". Weighs 5.5 lb. 1954$60

285641940s VOICE PHONE By Gong Bell Mfg. Pressed Steel. Blue color. Rings when you dial. Measures 8" wide, 6" long. 1940s$28

285631925 Gilbert ERECTOR SET. Early set in the wood box with brass inset handles. Looks complete to me! It even has the orginal screwdriver, which you can't see in photo. Used and box shows age. The Instruction Booklet was rolled up inside.. so it suffered edge tears. Weighs 13 lbs. Must order & Ship alone. Cannot combine with other items. 1925$125

285621936 GILBERT CHEMISTRY SET. Nice Blue wooden case 14.5" x 13" x 2.5". Early set! Looks like it has all it's parts. Canisters are wood with paper labels. Each container has contents, doesn't look like it was used much. All the envelopes have their contents also. Both books are included, the Experiment booklet & Glass Blowing! Weighs 7 lbs. Cannot combine for free shipping. 1936$95

285271930s SKOOTER SKATE By Brinkman. Early version of skateboard! Handle part is removable, which helps with shipping. All metal. handle is 24" tall. All intact. Base measures 13" x 6". Must order & ship alone, due to size.1930s$60

28459Vintage HOLIDAY DECOR - Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. 1930s - 1960s. Straight from the estate1950sMORE INFO
284581954 WHIRLIGIG Merry Go Round Yard Toy by Taylor Wyman Co. Pat. 2,680,616. All intact & works great! Push & Pull action makes it spin. Measures 62" end to end. All bolts & parts are intact. All rubber hand & foot pieces are excellent & fully intact, as well as the base rubber ends! Light surface rust. Decal is there! I am not taking apart, will meet local Northeast US Customers. We live near exit 19 off NYS Thruway. Email me to arrange. Price is Firm. Not eligible for futue sales. 1954$425

28424JET SHOT REPEATER AIRPLANE Water Pistol by Marx. Mint Condition & Works! Hard Plastic 10" long. 9" wing span. No cracks, chips or repairs. Box is good. 1 end flap, mostly missing. Decal, was found in box. 1950s$85

284231930-40s Composition Castle Fortification for Soldiers and Knights. 9 1/2 Inches Long, 4 Inches Tall. Marked Made in Japan on the Bottom. All excellent - no damage! All found together in estate, selling together. Soldiers are also composition material. 1940s$40

282971933 The Magic Blackboard by The Rippon Company New York, NY. Game in which you insert wooden pieces into the Magic Blackboard and the animal illustrated on the piece "spells its own name" The pieces have prongs of various lengths. With sixteen wooden pieces and color magic blackboard. 7½x11, beautiful pictorial box. Works perfectly & is complete. 1933$125

282661920 PUZZLE PARTIES By AC Gilbert #1032. Metal Dexterity Puzzles. All are here! Also included is the book with all solutions. box is large 18" x 10". Terrific graphics on box. Lid is really nice condition. A few edge tears. Nice rare set. Estate Fresh.1920$60

282461950s Vintage Kohner Lucky the Cat Wood Press Action Toy with Box. EARLY One! Later on, they were called 'Push Puppets.' It is about 4.75" high to the top of the head. Looks beautiful but the 2 front strings have broken. I don't know what kind of skill you would need to fix it, but I don't have it. All the parts are there. The bellows underneath is intact. If you can't re-string, you can always glue it for display only. Box is very nice, 3 end flaps are off, but here.1950s$24

282441950s Marx Mechanical Friction Cat. 6" long. Estate Fresh. Pull down the tail and the cat rolls forward. Works. Missing one ear. Can be replaced.1950s$30

28240Emenee SILVER SAXOPHONE. Mint Complete in MINT Carrying Case. Also Excellent original shipping box included. Looks Un-used. The plastic 'sanitized' sleeve is still on mouthpiece. Included directions/song book. Saxophone is 18" long and in stunning condition. Case handle & clasp, strap, inserts are also mint condition. Box measures 22" x 9" x 5".1950s$85

281801958 Mattel H20 Two Stage Missile Rocket # 605 in the original box with insert, All the parts & Directions. No breaks or repairs. All Minty condition. Dusty from storage. But all looks intact! Very Impressive. Large 32" x 10" x 3" box. Must order & Ship alone due to size. Cannot combine with other items. 1958$125

27901STRONG BOY Body Building Set. Mint - Never Opened. 11" x 7" card. 1950s$24

27900WHOOPS - Novelty Trick Vomit by H.Fishlove. Mint on 6" x 7" card. First version!1959$22

278191950s Zebra Ride On by The Gong Bell Mfg. Body is wooden with lithographed paper, Legs are pressed steel with Thick litho cardboard over them, and wheels are rubber. Bell attached underneath& works. He measures 17" x 14" x 22" long. First one I have had. Due to size. Order & Ship Alone.1950s$38

27763MOOING COW by Marx. One of a kind, hand made Prototype made for the 1959 Wagon Train Play Set. Sculpted at the Marx factory, with clay & wire. Purchased from Frances Turner - Marx Museum. Also included are 2 plastic cows which were sold with that set. 1959$95

27270Walking Bear Windup. Key included. Works Great. He measures 3.5" long. Nice excellent condition. Box shows wear, tear, repair. Original paper sticker still intact on him, MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN. 1940s$35

26750JINGLE CUPS by Wolverine. Tin Litho Target type toy. Comes with the wooden disks. Works great. Measures 14" x 7.5". Shows some age, but pretty rare to find! Original box too, end flaps gone. Bells make a cool ringing sound when hit.1950s$60

26634JUNIOR DYNAMITE BLASTER. Looks in Good shape. It's doesn't pump up all the way, as it should. Could need a new tube. Box shows wear and tear. Large box. by Kilgore. Will have to order and ship along1958$40

26492MELODE BELLS By Knickerbocker. All bells are mint with no cracks or chips. Each 4" tall. Excellent Box. Endorsed by DING DONG SCHOOL1950s$35

26148Chirping Flapping Tin Litho Bird. Mint Condition. cardboard under wings, all intact underneath. Works Great!1950s$30

26029Butterfly - Tin Litho Push Toy. by J. Chein. Excellent and works. Wings flap when pushed along floor. 9" wing span. Wood stick is 30" long. 1950s$35

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1960's Toys

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28655MAXWELL THE COFFEE LOVING BEAR. Made in Japan by Rosko. Stunning Condition. Looks un-played with. Bright Clean, Like NEW! 2 'D' Batteries to operate. The bottom of coffee pot lights up, red. As he lifts to pour, steam comes out of top of pot. There is brown paint in cup to look like coffee. He lifts to drink & starts over! So cool. Plush body & tin base looks like new. Measures about 11" tall. All inserts in box, which is bright & clean. (Video of him working, on our youtube channel!). Free Priority Mail Shipping in USA.1960s$250

28654MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. Napoleon Solo Gun Set. All from same estate. NO cracks, chips or repairs. Fabulous condition. Includes all you see: The conversion kit, Bipod, Scope, Silencer & Shoulder Stock. PLUS 2 Pistols & 1 Holster. *One pistol works perfectly, the other - trigger moves, but hammer doesn't. Selling all together. FREE Priority Mail Shipping in USA1965$300

28653BUTTONS - THE PUPPY WITH A BRAIN by Marx. Beautiful Condition. So Clean! All the push buttons work! I put batteries in, but didn't get him to bark. Battery box looks like new! Measures 12" tall, 9" x 7". Tin Litho base is Minty also. 1960$95

285881966 Aurora BOEING 737 SHORT RANGE COMMERCIAL JET Model. Kit No. 359-198. All Complete. Never assembled. All looks great, except the base has a piece that broke off, it is all there to repair. Box is bright clean, with sharp corners. No splits. Box Measures 18" x 6.5" x 1.75"1966$40

28568Vintage BASEBALL PLAYER Figures. 2.5" - 2.75". All Mint in Still Sealed Package. Hong Kong.1960s$20

28495TEACH-ME ABOUT INSECTS Flash Cards Set. Fifty 6" x 3" Color cards with descriptions on back. Terrific artwork. All near mint with directions.1962$40

28437Vintage Pocket Slide Puzzle. Bible Old Testament. Mint condition. 1960s$12

284271965 DANTE'S MAGIC SHOW. Very Rare Set to find! LARGE SET! Bright Clean box measures 26" x 16" x 3". ALL ITEMS ARE HERE! Even the Secret Book! All tricks are MINT Condition, no breaks or repairs. Box has corner repairs. Must order alone due to size. 1965$95

28404EMENEE TRUMPET - Mint in Very Good+ Box. Comes with the extra mouthpiece, directions & song book. Works Great.1962$60

284001960s WILD & WEIRD Picture Puzzle by Jaymar. Weird-Oh 'Delinquent Dan' 10" x 7" Box. Some age, 1 corner piece missing 1960s$24

28372WHIRLEY BIRD Catch & Throw Game. Mint in Store Display Bag. Two Tin litho targets and the Rubber suction cup birdie.1960$18

283501964 Miss Cookie's FLOWER GARDEN - Colorforms #2179 Extremely Rare Un-used Mint Condition. A Highly Sought After Colorform Set. High Gloss is still on box cover. No damage, all like new. Inside Never used. Old Store Stock! Parts never removed, plastic pieces still firmly attached. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, Stunning Art, Graphic's are vivid colors, all Original. Box approx size 16" x 12" x 1" FREE Priority Shipping in USA. Price Firm. Not eligible for any future sales.1964$225

283491961 Come Into Miss Cookie's Playroom Colorforms #2108 Extremely Rare Un-used Mint Condition. A Highly Sought After Colorform Set. High Gloss is still on box cover. Small crinkle on one corner. No splits. Inside Never used. Parts never removed, plastic pieces still firmly attached, doors NEVER opened! OLD Store Stock! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, Stunning Art, Graphic's are vivid colors, all Original. Box approx size 16" x 12" x 1" FREE Priority Shipping in USA. Price Firm. Not eligible for any future sales.1961$225

28347SWING & PLAY TAMBOURINE By Emenee. Very good in original box. Missing one set of the clangers on side.1960s$20

28292Wham-O PLUTO PLATTER. Shows some wear, plus previous owner wrote name on inside.1960s$20

282671966 Emenee CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Mint, Complete, Never Used. 20" x 14" x 4". Must order & ship alone due to size 1966$95

28208BIG LOCK by Kusan. Plastic Lock. MINT, Sealed on Original Card.1960s$20

28183Original 1960s Aurora Model Motoring Dealer (blank on back) PLUS Building sets Sheets (double sided). From their sales catalogs back then. 8.5" x 11". All 4 Mint Condition.1960s$18

280631960s The Trippensee Planetarium - Orrery. Beautiful demonstration model of the movement of the Earth, Moon and Venus relative to each other and to the sun. It shows such phenomena as the succession of seasons, and solar and lunar eclipses. Measures 29" fully extended, 7.5" tall. Bakelite arm and weighted base. Shows small chip in base, wear spots on globes. All chains and gears are intact & work perfectly. Small compass in arm works also. Weighs about 8 lbs. FREE Shipping in USA. Must order & ship alone. *Price is Firm, Not eligible for any future sales. 1960s$525

280111960s vintage Marx windup rabbit. It measures 8" x 4 3/4" tall x 3 1/2" wide". Works GREAT!1960s$24

279791960s Honda 50 Sit n' Ride by Irwin. All excellent condition. 26" x 15" x 8". Must order & ship alone due to size. Cannot combine for free shipping. *Price is Firm, excluded from any future sales.1960s$105

27957THE BEATING HEART Model Kit. by Educational Products. Looks complete. Partially Assembled.1961$28

27858Vintage Novelty Toy Lot. All Mint and still sealed. Checkers, Beetle, Purse, Disguise Kit. All for one price. 1960s$30

27782Marx ANIMAL KINGDOM Lot. 2 Animals & the cage. All Mint in mint boxes. 1960s$20

27740COLOROLA by Norstar. Portable Drawing & Game Toy. Erasable surface. 10" x 8". Mint in excellent box. 1960s$24

27652Vtg. Dexterity Puzzle Lot. Slide Puzzle, Snake Twisty Puzzle & other. 1960s$18

276493 Packages KUNG FU Action Figures. Mint In Sealed Bag. Plastic about 2". Made by Sutton Plastics. FREE Shipping.1960s$30

27646SNEAKY PETE'S PROFESSIONAL MAGIC SHOW. This is the Medium set! 22" x 15" x 5". Looks all mint condition and complete except for the 3 cotton pom poms. Must ship alone due to size. Cannot combine with other items. 1960s$75

27623Vintage MAGIC SNAKES & GLOW WORMS Mint in Boxes. 2.5" x 1.5". All Intact, Never Used. Tokyo, Japan. Both for one price!1960s$40

27495ASTROLITE By Hasbro. 'Make Futuristic Cities with Light." Invented by Marvin Glass. Large 19" x 16" x 7". box with Neat color changing wheel in base. Light works. Comes with the bag of all the plastic parts to build on the base. All great shape. Box shows some age and wear. Must order & ship alone due to size. 1969$55

27397SUPER SPIROGRAPH By Kenner. Large beautiful box. 18" x 13" x 2". All excellent inside. Missing one of those 1/2 curve pieces. All the rest, intact. Directions, etc.1969$45

27385Remco TRANSISTOR RADIO Kit. All complete and Mint in Very Good Box. 19" x 13" x 3"1960s$48

27376Vintage Wooden Car Elevator. 15" tall. 8.5" x 6". All works. Excellent Condition! Made by Rite-Time Toys.1960s$30

27258JON GNAGY Artist Paper Lot. Excellent box holds about 40 sheets of orignal Drawing paper, directions & Drawing Board! 1960s$24

27206Erector set by Gilbert. Nice large metal, 2 tier box. Filled with metal parts, motor etc. Weights 14 lb shipped. IF price seems high to your area, email me & can ship cheaper by UPS. Must order & ship alone. 1965$60

26893Vintage 1968 Hoppity Hop by Sun Rubber. Large Ride On Bouncing Ball Toy. Original, Patent Pending. Ball part measures about 16" tall.1968$60

267911960s Kids Chalkboard. 37" x 25" x 1.5". Wood frame. Great graphics on green side. by ATF. Weighs about 5 lbs. Must order & ship alone. 1960s$30

26786Kittie in the Kegs by Child Guidance. All Mint and complete. 1960s$28

26322Liverpool Compact Snare Drum Set by Remco. 12" diameter. Has the sticks, brushes. No stand. Nice box. 1966$65

25655SWEEPSTAKES Electric Pinball Machine Floor Model. by Marx. Measures 45" tall, 16" wide and 32" long. All Excellent and works. Clean. Comes with original box. The 'Sweepstakes' sticker sign needs to be re-glued on front. Plug in, Electric version. Must order and ship alone. FREE shipping included in price, USA only. weighs 25 lbs.1965$175

248191960s Drum - Tin Litho Groovy Sides with paper. Images of 60s Teens playing instruments. Staining as shown. Still a cool display piece. No tears! 20" diameter. Due to size - must order and ship alone.1960$28

23224Deelie Bobbers by Parker Brothers. Mint condition. Little 1" flower shaped discs you build with. 1969$20

22452Kids Vintage Roller Skates. 7.5" long. Excellent1960s$18

18454BLAZE - Unique Ride On Pinto Horse made by Mattel. Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses. Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made. When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." His string is no longer there. He is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips. Bright and Clean. Too Large to ship. I can meet Northeast US customers. Email me before ordering. timewarptoys@aol.com1961$150

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28646Two Pez Trucks. Made in Slovenia. 4" long. Both mint condition & work fine.1970s$15

28592WIZ-Z-ZER Top Super Competition Set. by Mattel. All complete. Tops work. Box shows age and wear. 1970$45

28430CASINO CROWN Slot Machine. Large 16" x 10" x 9" Toy, not for gambling purposes. Metal & Plastic. by Waco. JAPAN. Works! Bell rings. I didn't try the batteries in light, but all is clean. Metal face part has darkened from age. Must order & ship alone. Weighs 13 lbs.1970s$45

28429Crystal Climbers Building Set. Interlocking Lucite Plastic Circles. 33 pieces. 1 with break but usable. Box measures 14" x 10" 1970s$24

278181970s SHOOP SHOOP HULA HOOP by Wham-O. 32" diameter. Original sticker still on it. Must order & ship alone.1978$45

276691974 HAT FULL OF MAGIC by Reiss. All in great condition. There may be a few items missing. 1974$24

27196MY-PET Bird Marionette. All excellent+ condition. BLUE version. Measures approximately 3 feet long. All intact. One leg has the nylon string tangled. Box is very good. 1970$60

26868FLIP YOUR TOP by Kenner. Fun Skill Toy. Spinning Top & Large paddle. Works great! VG Box. 1970$35

25261Mosaic Peg Pictures by Play Hour. All Mint and complete in excellent box. 1970$18

24932KEEP IT UP Skill Toy by Kenner. Only 2nd one I have had. Mint complete in good box. FUN!1970$24

22515POGO PONY Ride on Horse. 31" tall and long, 17" wide. Looks great. Works great too. Complete. No cracks or chips. Due to size, must order and ship alone.I can ship this by UPS - email me your zip code & will let you know amount. 1970$85

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