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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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298651943 BOMBS AWAY Target Game. Board measures 18" x 18" with nice box. BOMB SIGHT is excellent, mirror intact. Bombs are wood and metal, all perfect and work great when dropped from Bomb Sight. Box for bomb sight is worn and torn.1943$135

29823DOG WITH SHOE Windup - Japan. Bandai. 8" long. Works great. Tail spins, he moves side to side, and backwards while pulling at the tin litho shoe. All is Mint condition. Video on our youtube channel.1950s$65

29821RABBIT With BIKE. Tin Windup - JAPAN. Works great. Mint in Box.1950s$40

29820MISS BUSY BEE TYPIST - Tin Litho Windup. 5" tall, 3" x 3". Her head moves and arms move up and down. She is Mint & Works Great, Minty Box. JAPAN - Kanto Toys.1950s$85

297921940s WHIRLING WHISTLER Metal Spinning Toy. 4" long. Patented 1939. MINT on Original Card PLUS another Mint loose one.1940s$24

297411950s Sawyer's VIEWMASTER - Plug in - Junior Projector. Bakelite. Works! Comes with Box, paperwork AND Still Sealed NEW YORK CITY Viewmaster set. Box lid missing.1950s$38

296971950s MELODY BELLS. Hard Plastic. Mint condition with wood mallet. 11.5" tall. Works great. Box shows wear, tear & repair. 1950s$20

29696FARM VEHICLES Lot by Ohio Art. Neat Box with some of the original parts, PLUS I found these 1951 Hopalong Cassidy Cards inside, which I will included. 1950s$20

296481950s Tin & Plastic MOUSE TRAP Toy. 6.25" diameter trap made in Germany. Missing the swinging door. Came with this 3" friction mouse (works), made in Japan. Not the original mouse. 1950s$22

29640MECHANICAL PLAYGROUND By Lee Toys. Tin Litho 14" x 9.5". Wind up with On/Off switch, works great. The Merry Go Round does not spin. But looks repairable. 1950s$48

294961950s DAVY CROCKETT Plush 21" Doll. by My-Toy Co. Excellent condition. Rubber hands, Vacuum molded plastic face/hair. Original tag & his coonskin cap too! Clean!1950s$60

29454FLAMINGO UKULELE By Emenee. Endorsed by Arthur Godfrey. All excellent. 21" long. No breaks. Has the chord attachment too. Box shows wear and tear. 1959$60

293121958 CARTOON-O-SCOPE by Product Miniature Co. Rare projector toy that allows you to dial up 542,000 different images. by Marvin Glass. The door over where you insert the nite lite bulb, was melted at some point, previous owner attached a spring to hold it on. It does not affect the play. Power cord has been spliced. All works. Measures 15" x 8" x 9". Box shows age. 1958$75

29309FIGURES OF THE WORLD by VanBode Co. Plastic. 1950s$15

29264GEE WEE ACTION TOY. Two 8" baskets with metal springs inside. All excellent condition. No breaks or cracks. Works. Box shows some age. Extra Balls. 1950s$45

29231HOOT-NANNY Magic Designer Drawing Toy. Metal apparatus. Mint & Complete with extra supplies in very good box.1950s$24

291621958 JUNIOR DYNAMITE BLASTER. Looks in Good shape. It's doesn't pump up all the way, as it should. Could need a new tube. Box shows wear and tear. Large box. by Kilgore. Will have to order and ship alone.1958$24

29091Emenee SILVER SAXOPHONE. Mint Complete in MINT Carrying Case. Also Excellent original shipping box included. Looks Un-used. The plastic 'sanitized' sleeve is still on mouthpiece. Included directions/song book. Saxophone is 18" long and in stunning condition. Case handle & clasp, strap, inserts are also mint condition. Box measures 22" x 9" x 5".1950s$60

290901950s Mr. Potato Head Box 10.5" x 7.5" - Bright & Clean, no corner splits. Contents as shown. Hands have been re-glued on body. All other parts are mint plus directions. Box is beautiful - inside & out. No vehicles found. This one of the early sets, you used an actual potato for the body!1950s$24

28983Vintage HOLIDAY DECOR - Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. 1930s - 1970s. Straight from the estates1950sMORE INFO
285271930s SKOOTER SKATE By Brinkman. Early version of skateboard! Handle part is removable, which helps with shipping. All metal. handle is 24" tall. All intact. Base measures 13" x 6". Must order & ship alone, due to size.1930s$60

284581954 WHIRLIGIG Merry Go Round Yard Toy by Taylor Wyman Co. Pat. 2,680,616. All intact & works great! Push & Pull action makes it spin. Measures 62" end to end. All bolts & parts are intact. All rubber hand & foot pieces are excellent & fully intact, as well as the base rubber ends! Light surface rust. Decal is there! I am not taking apart, will meet local Northeast US Customers. We live near exit 19 off NYS Thruway. Email me to arrange. Price is Firm. Not eligible for future sales. 1954$425

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1960's Toys

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298781963 CAMPBELL'S SOUP KIDS - DUNCAN Yo-Yo Play Kit. Complete, Mint Yo-Yo, Spinning Top & Handball. Tricks Booklet & original bag it all came in!1963$48

298671963 Musical Railroad Xylophone Train Child Guidance Toys WORKS Great! Has one joiner broken - but track works fine. Part is included. Nice Box, directions & all parts. Takes 1 'D' battery. Made in Japan.1963$60

29861MONSTER MAGNET By Wham-O. 9" tall. MINT Condition.1964$20

29829WALKING GIBBON APE - Mechanical Windup Fur Covered. 8" tall. All excellent & works. He has his berries in his right hand. Small smudge, dirt? on face. Marked Japan on key. T.T.T. Patent 389966 on box. Box shows some wear, tear,repair. 1960$95

29825LITE BRITE Lot by Hasbro. Designed by Marvin Glass. First Version. Mint and Works in Excellent 1967 Box. ALSO Refill boxes. Template & Blanks pages (sealed), box of MANY Colored Pegs plus the Letter & shape pegs! Beautiful extensive set. 1967$75

29819Tin Windup LADY BUG FAMILY PARADE. 13" long. All works great. Excellent Box. Made in Korea1960s$24

298171967 STRANGE CHANGE MACHINE - The Lost World. Mint & WORKS! Comes with the 13 Cube/Monsters. Heat up to expand them, then squish them back down to a square! Box has big torn area. No paper mat. 1967$65

29794PLASTIGOOP Lot By Mattel. 4.5" Black bottle mostly full. 2.5" bottle partially full. All excellent1964$38

29793SNAIL Pull Toy by Kusan. 12" long, 6" tall. Colored balls roll around when you pull him. cute.1960s$24

297811966 GREEN HORNET Viewmaster Set - No booklet1966$18

29776YO Gun by Ideal. Mint on original store card. 8" retractable ball on gun. Card is 18" long. Patent 2,763,483. Works perfectly1960s$75

297081960s Play Money - 80 pieces. NEVER Played with! Mint. I have 3 available. 1960s$10

297071960 Yogi Bear MODELCAST Set. All excellent and looks complete in nice 13" x 8.5" x .75" box. PLUS 2 plaster casts the previous owner made! 1960$45

297041965 MONSTER MAGNET - by Wham-O. Original First Issue. Dead MINT - Old Store Stock - Sealed on Mint 12" x 8.5" card. Cellophane is perfect.1965$125

297001962 PHONY ARM CAST Sold by H.Fishlove (the master of novelty toys). Still sealed. Hard material, looks like a real cast, bandage and pin inside too. Header card looks great. Cast measures 15" long.1962$30

296661960s EBONY CLARINET By Emenee. MINT CONDITION and Complete. Measures 17" long. Box has some water stains. All intact1960s$28

296601967 MINI DRAGON Mold Set & WORKING Heat Machine by Mattel. Plus directions. Goop is available online.1967$45

29651GINGERBREAD HOUSE By Auburn TOY Co. MINT IN MINT BOX> All parts work. Like New! 19" long, 14" tall. Nursery rhyme theme. Booklet included with all rhymes. Mouse runs up clock, Fox chases Gingerbread Man, Jack climbs Beanstalk, Cuckoo Pops Out, COW does a MOO sound when you turn crank for him to Jump over the Moon. This Toy is pristine condition. Attaches to crib or just display.1960s$95

296271969 DARK SHADOWS BARNABAS ABC TV - Model Kit by MPC. ORIGINAL ISSUE. Never Assembled. The bag is still sealed. And the other items are still mostly on sprues. The set is missing the spider. Otherwise looks all complete and parts are in mint condition. Box shows only the slightest edge wear. Box is clean, bright, no fading. FREE Priority Mail Shipping in USA.1969$150

296251960s SMALL BEAR SCHOOL. Shackman Novelty Co. Made in Japan. Measures about 11" x 10", desk area for the 3" jointed bears. Plus Teacher 4.5" with desk, apple and blackboard. There are 2 slates which are just black cardboard. All in Mint condition! Box is excellent with tear on one flap. Looks to have hardly been played with. 1960s$75

29618MOON CRAWLER By Marx. Air Force 4" x 3.5" x 2.5". Little motion toy. Missing the wheel or gear mechanism underneath to wind up the string. 1960s$28

29602CHALK & SLATE SET by Pressman. All Excellent & Complete. Stencils, Chalk Slate, Pencils, Crayons, Eraser & Directions.1960s$24

295861968 SHRINK MACHINE BY Wham-O. All excellent & Works! Comes in the neat box with cool graphics, directions, Original Pencils, Glue, Clips. and some old items the previous owner made with some un-used pieces. 1968$55

295721968 Play-Doh COIN MAKER Set. Mint and works. Has the 9 molds. ALSO included is an original 1965 Can by Rainbow Crafts, original Play-Doh company. Contents inside are dried up.1960s$28

29571MAGNETIC DOGGIE and SPINNING BALL. Plastic Novelty Toy. Mint & Works. Dog is 2.25" tall. box is torn on end.1960$20

295601968 Wham-O MINI FRISBEES. 4". with original card, directions.1968$28

29515NOAH'S ARK COLORFORMS. Larger box 16" x 12.5" x 1". Inside MINT, Complete & NEVER Played with. Excellent Box1960s$48

295131962 LETS PLAY SCHOOL - Colorforms Game. #704. Inside MINT, Complete & NEVER Played with.Excellent Box1962$40

295111963 LETS PLAY TRAIN - Colorforms Game. #708. Inside MINT, Complete & NEVER Played with. Box lid has corner tape.1963$30

29503WOODEN SPINNING TOP. Mint Never Used.1960s$12

29477NY World's Fair 3D MUSICAL SPINNING TOP. 9" tall. 8" wide. LBZ W.Germany. Two 'AA' batteries for music - works great! 'She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain,' plays. Plastic with tin litho base, which depicts WF building - GM, Kodak, etc. No cracks or chips, normal scratches. Missing one of the battery covers, but stays in just fine. FREE Shipping in USA.

See how this toy worksNY Worlds Fair Spinning Musical Top

29456Vintage Kaleidoscope from Corning Glass Center, NY. Shows some age. Works as it should. by Stevens.1960s$18

29418STICKY FINGER - Throw & Catch Skill Game. Each finger is about 14" long. The release triggers do work. The rubber suction cups are hardened from age. Selling for parts or display. by Mascon.1965$35

29395FUNNY FACE School Crayons (pencils). Complete & Un-used in 6.25" x 4" box. Minty! Another item straight from the estate!1960$12

29392JR. LABYRINTH. Mint in Excellent Box. Labyrinth Puzzle. Steel balls go through as you manipulate the direction with knobs. Works perfectly. All Wood. 9.5" x 7" by Creative Playthings, Japan. Excellent box too. Fresh from the estate!1960s$30

293851960s Playskool Wood Blocks. 15" canister. 40 of the original blocks inside. No lid to canister1960s$18

293131969 MOON WAGON This rare space-age toy from 1969 takes the little red wagon and transforms it to an exciting outer-space flying saucer. Designed and made by Big Boy Manufacturing Co. from Burbank, CA it has a round body, a handle to pull or steer with, a wheelie bar, double rear wheels, and sissy bar/ backrest. This example is entirely original and in good vintage condition with surface rust in bucket. Wheels & hardware are all intact. *I know a place you can purchase a replacement decal. Dimensions 18"tall (not counting sissy bar), 24" wide & overall length is 34". Shipping will be extra. Email me your zip code & can give you a UPS price quote. I will also meet Northeast customers. *Estimated Ship Prices CA $87, FL $65, TX $75, GA $55, OH $46. (Box measures 30" x 24" x 15" 24lb.) 1969$200

29306Mini Working Dart Gun & Tin Litho Target set by Marx. Gun is 3.25". Target 4" diameter. 2 Darts, the rubber is hardened on one.1960s$18

293021960s POPEYE LAWN & GARDEN SPRINKLER. by Wilson Plastics. Excellent Condition! 54" long. Bright, Clean, Straight, no cracks. Due to size, Must order & ship alone. Cannot combine.1960s$95

292991960s BOZO THE CLOWN LOT. Cartoon Kit - 1963 Colorforms. Mint and Complete. Beautiful, Clean, bright condition. Box is all tight & sharp corners. No edge wear. Very Nice set. Original Ink stamped price of 89cents! PLUS BOZO 1960s Bath Towel by Wamsutta. Minty - Beautiful, Bright, Clean Condition! 42" x 24". PLUS> 1966 BOZO Press Out Book. Excellent. Un-Used. 8.5" x 11"1963$75

292721960s Periscope. Excellent 18" long by Archer. Neat graphics.1960s$18

29252JUPITER JYRO Set - Battery Operated (2 'C') Gyroscope by Tomy Japan. Mint condition & works. Complete with all the add on parts. Box has wear, & tear. 1960s$60

292491960s Emenee Americana Folk Guitar. Excellent & Complete. Sounds great. 31" long. Glare in photo. Must order & ship alone due to size..(small flat items are ok to add).1960s$24

29230JON GNAGY Artist Lot. LEARN TO DRAW OUTFIT. Has most of supplies, pencils, charcoal, Instruction Book, Board, Paper, stub. Very Good Box. (corner tear) PLUS Box of Jon Gnagy Paper. Excellent box holds about 40 sheets of orignal Drawing paper, directions & Drawing Board! 1960s$30

290241967 MARVEL THE MUSTANG Ride On by Marx. 24" tall & wide. He is in Mint Condition. No cracks or repairs. Has original Saddle & RARE TO FIND SPURS! Box shows wear & tear. Local Delivery or Meet Up - Northeast USA Only. Email me your location. Price firm, not eligible for future sales.1967$300

289101960s Dime Store Toy - Bat & Ball Set. Bat is 18" long. By Tico Toys. Mint with original display card. Never Used.1960s$18

28866Vintage 1968 Hoppity Hop by Sun Rubber. Large Ride On Bouncing Ball Toy. Original, Patent Pending. Ball part measures about 16" tall.1968$45

28864ASTROLITE By Hasbro. 'Make Futuristic Cities with Light." Invented by Marvin Glass. Large 19" x 16" x 7". box with Neat color changing wheel in base. Light works. Comes with the bag of all the plastic parts to build on the base. All great shape. Box shows some age and wear. Must order & ship alone due to size. 1969$55

28404EMENEE TRUMPET - Mint in Very Good+ Box. Comes with the extra mouthpiece, directions & song book. Works Great.1962$48

28347SWING & PLAY TAMBOURINE By Emenee. Very good in original box. Missing one set of the clangers on side.1960s$20

28292Wham-O PLUTO PLATTER. Shows some wear, plus previous owner wrote name on inside.1960s$20

282081960s BIG LOCK by Kusan. Plastic Lock. MINT, Sealed on Original Card. Lock measures about 5".1960s$10

26786Kittie in the Kegs by Child Guidance. All Mint and complete. 1960s$28

26322Liverpool Compact Snare Drum Set by Remco. 12" diameter. Has the sticks, brushes. No stand. Nice box. 1966$65

248191960s Drum - Tin Litho Groovy Sides with paper. Images of 60s Teens playing instruments. Staining as shown. Still a cool display piece. No tears! 20" diameter. Due to size - must order and ship alone.1960$28

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298731970 Flip Wilson/Geraldine Pull-String Talking Doll, 15" tall - Double sided, by Mattel/Shindana. Professionally Restored! Clean and in MINT condition with no damage. He/she talks and will say when the string is pulled "What you see is what you get honey Wooo" "The devil made me buy this dress" " if I’d a known you were comin I’d a stayed at home” He will say several other phrases as well. Sounds great. Box is good with wear & age. *FREE Shipping in USA.1970$200

29863Solid Wood TRAFFIC SIGNS Lot. 6 Signs & Box. Traffic Light is 8" tall. 1970$22

297861972 ADAM-12 Viewmaster. Excellent. 1972$22

297851973 EMERGENCY VIEWMASTER Sealed. Circle of plastic missing on front. Never opened1973$24

297841973 EMERGENCY Viewmaster Set. Excellent1973$15

29783SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN Viewmaster Set. Still Sealed.1976$24

297311975 PRAIRIE WAGON By Gabriel. Lone Ranger Set. All excellent. Missing a few accessories. 1975$40

29677JOHNSON SMITH'S BAG OF TRICKS. Drawstring cloth bag 11" x 7", excellent had these 6 original items in it. Snake/Can of Nuts all intact inside. All made in Taiwan. 1970s$45

29623PAC-MAN PANIC Toy. 6" diameter, plastic. You move it around to try and get all the balls in Pac-Man's mouth. dated 1980.1979$18

29613SPACE WARRIORS 'OUTER SPACE MEN' Set by Colorforms. Board looks great, there are 24 pieces here and 14 missing. Box measures 16" x 20". Shows wear and tear. Neat artwork.1977$30

29583SKATEBOARD Yellow 77K. 23" long, 6" wide. 1970s$40

295821970s SKATEBOARD Red No. 15P. 19" long. 5.5" wide.1970s$30

28943Playskool Wood Color Cubes. Box measures 7" x 8". Very Good condition. 1970$18

28430CASINO CROWN Slot Machine. Large 16" x 10" x 9" Toy, not for gambling purposes. Metal & Plastic. by Waco. JAPAN. Works! Bell rings. I didn't try the batteries in light, but all is clean. Metal face part has darkened from age. Must order & ship alone. Weighs 13 lbs.1970s$45

278181970s SHOOP SHOOP HULA HOOP by Wham-O. 32" diameter. Original sticker still on it. Must order & ship alone.1978$45

276691974 HAT FULL OF MAGIC by Reiss. All in great condition. There may be a few items missing. 1974$20

27196MY-PET Bird Marionette. All excellent+ condition. BLUE version. Measures approximately 3 feet long. All intact. One leg has the nylon string tangled. Box is very good. 1970$60

26868FLIP YOUR TOP by Kenner. Fun Skill Toy. Spinning Top & Large paddle. Works great! VG Box. 1970$35

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