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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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24032JIG-A-RAMA Puzzle Building Toy Sets by Child Guidance. DOG HOUSE & GIRAFFE. Both excellent and complete in original envelopes (one torn). Each measures 12" x 10". First ones I have had!1950s$30

24031DAPPER DAN Magnetic Drawing Toy by Smethport. First Version, Patent Pending. Large 17.5" x 14.5". Complete with magnetic wand. 1950s$24

240121930s "Falcon" Building Lumber set. by the American Manufacturing Concern of Falconer New York. It appears to be complete and is in excellent condition. Might not have ever been played with. The manual is included, but the binding (if there ever was any) is gone, the manual is loose leaf now. The box is beautiful dovetailed wood and the label on the inside is exceptional. Box is 11.5" x 16". 2 layers of wood lumber. Dovetailed solid wood with latch intact. Weighs 7lb. cannot be combined for free shipping. 1930s$85

240111950s JOG-O The Climbing Monkey. Wood with tin, weighted Monkey. MINT and works. On original card. 18" long. 1950s$30

239911940s Halloween Fortune Telling Set. These metal charms would be baked into a cake by your party hostess. The chart shows what your fortune would be if you 'found' one of these charms. 12 original charms & chart. The dice is glass.1940s$38

23950TINY TEDDY By Fisher Price. #636. Pull Toy. 8" tall, 6" long. All Excellent paper litho on wood. 1950s$45

23946Vintage 1956 Christmas Toy Catalog. Brown Bros Supply. 32 pages. MINT Condition. Terrific selection from: Hubley, Emenee, Remco, Wyandotte,Nylint, Amsco, Transogram, Wolverine, Gilbert, Auburn and MORE! 1956$45

23940Antique Wooden Spinning Tops. All from same estate. All excellent. 2.5" to 4.5". All for one price. 1950s$40

23849Donald Duck Fisher Price Majorette Pull Toy. Wood & Paper Litho. All excellent. 10" tall, 11" long. #400-5001946$60

23847Zippo Climbing Monkey by Marx. Tin Litho Mechanical Toy works perfectly. He actually climbs up the string and slides down. He is 10" long. 1930s$60

23837BESSIE The Talking Cow. Cardboard Barn with Cow and little 'Mooing Can' inside. When you pull the string it used to moo.. now it just squeaks. All Minty looking. 5" x 3" x 2.5". Made in Japan1950s$18

238171950s MINT on Cards & Sealed. Kit's toy watches. All Made in Japan.1950s$28

238121950s Howdy Doody Chief Thunderthud and Princess Summerfall Winterspring Tin litho Indian Drum, Tom-Tom with leather top and bottom. MINT Condition. 4.5" wide, 3.5" tall.1950s$24

23802Bird In Cage Windup. Works. Mint cage, etc in excellent box. 1950s$40

237491930s-40s Railroad Layout Buildings. Made in Japan Set of 7 Buildings Set Includes: School, Bank, Tel.Office, Gasoline Station, RR Station, Church, Homes. Chalkware, composition. 3 buildings have cracks. O Gauge for train sets, American FLyer & Lionel. They were meant to be illuminated with a bulb in back on cord. Measure about 4" x 3" x 2.5". Nice lot includes the old signs. 1940s$45

237271930s Bisque Circus Figures Set. MINT in Excellent litho box. Figures are 1.5" to 2.5". Made in Japan. Figures NEVER removed from box! Box measures approx. 5.5" x 5.5". Beautiful paper litho over cardboard.1930s$45

23687Antique Kid's Metal & Wood Tools set - all from same estate. 1930s/1940s1930s$28

236832 Spinning Humming Tops. Both work GREAT. 7" & 5" diameter. Very Good tin litho. Both for one price.1950s$24

236781948 Fortune Teller Supernatural League Baseball. Excellent Condition! It measures 5.5" diameter. The ball is fully operational & is filled with a dark liquid. Prediction triangles with silver or white writing pop up after you turn the ball over. It works on the same principle of today’s Magic 8 Ball. Glass encased in a hard plastic material. And, you CAN read the fortunes!1948$75

23677AMERICA IN ACTION 'The Patriotic Action Play Book.' 9" x 12" 14pgs. Many pop ups and great artwork. Very Good.1942$60

23651GONG BELL Co. Circus Type Pull Toy. Excellent. Wood and Metal. 11" long, 9" tall. 1950s$60

23650TEDDY ZILO by Fisher Price #777. Excellent! Condition. 12" tall. Wood and metal. 1950s$60

23649LOOKY FIRE TRUCK by Fisher Price #7. Wood 12" long. When it rolls, front eyes move, bell rings and firemen in back go up and down. Works great. 1950s$45

23648PONY CHIME Pull Toy. Fisher Price Wood & Tin. Patent Pending #758. 14" long, 10" wide. Excellent!1950s$60

23646Antique Cast Iron Locomotive with Coal Tender 5", with Passenger Car 4". Both excellent. Straight from estate! OLD. Guaranteed original.1930s$24

23642Vintage Tin Litho Bucket. 4" x 3". Shows wear and surface rust. Inside is cardboard lined. Ohio Art. 1950s$10

236391940s Hard Rubber Farm Animals Lot. Included is a Pot Metal Brown Horse, Marked 'GERMANY'. Some others marked Arcor Toys, White Horse marked BERGEN TOYS. All for one price1940s$18

23609Alaska & Hawaii - New States Puzzle Stickers. All Excellent. Unused. 7.5" x 11" excellent box.1959$15

23504BAZOOKA Bagatelle Game by Marx. All Minty. 12" x 6" Works great. Pinball. Nice Box. 1950s$30

23394FLY THE GYRO - Atomic Jet Flying O Saucer. Store Counter Display Box with 17 Saucers! Box approx. 10" x 8" x 5". Contents all MINT. 6" diameter metal saucers with all parts and paperwork for each! FREE Shipping in USA1950s$175

23385BOZO The Clown HIP BALL Toy. Attach to your waist & flip the ball back and forth. Toy is mint and complete with original ball. On Original good card. 13" x 11". After extensive search, could not find any photos or info of this anywhere on internet. RARE! FREE Shipping in USA1950s$175

23232Conveyor by Banner Toys. Plastic & Rubber. 3" tall. Works. Mint condition.1950s$18

23095ATOMIC WHIRLER Felt Beanie Cap. Space Ships on Spinners. All excellent. 6.5" diameter. 1950s$28

22953Vintage 1940s Tuway Talky Walky Toy Radio. Cardboard. 10" x 7" x 3". Pretty simple with wood knobs. Doesn't really do anything. I could not find any other examples of this after an extensive search. One wood knob is missing part of it. the knobs do turn.1940s$40

22892ACROSS THE USA - Marble Labyrinth Maze. May need a new marble. Made by American Toy & Furniture Co. First one like this I have seen! Solid Wood. works great.1950s$45

22814Mr. Wizard's Junior Science Show. Nice little Elf Book. Excellent! 1957$15

227411950s Dream Refrigerator. Picked this up from a collectors estate. Could not find anything like it on the internet, after extensive searching. Wood, appears to be handmade, by someone very talented. I thought maybe a store display, but I have no clue. It is very unique. Measures 37" tall, 18" wide & 11" deep. The "Dream" logo on front is metal & has been painted. All VERY Sturdy, solid. No cracks or breaks. It has the two metal racks, I would think a clear plexi or acrylic sheet could be cut for bottom shelf and freezer shelf. There is a light installed, but I do not have a bulb to replace. *Cannot ship - LOCAL Pickup only. Weight is 35 lbs! I live in NY, near Thruway exit 19, but can meet buyers in surrounding states. email me. timewarptoys@aol.com1950s$200

221561950s BALLA-ROLLA Balance Board by CARROM. All Excellent+ Condition, Decal looks great. The wood board measures 31.5" x 9.5". The roller measures 8.25 x 5" diameter.1950s$45

22155WADDLE WALKER - 1950s Novelty - Walking Toy. Bent wood. Very solid. 37" long x 3 3/4" wide. By Nu-Cushion Products. Due to size, must order and ship alone, cannot combine with other items. 1950s$28

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1960's Toys

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24083The Drinking Captain. Japan. MINT Looking. Battery box like new, etc. BUT I could not get him to work. Good box. 1960s$30

24079Lite Brite by Hasbro - Made designs with colored pegs and light board. Mint condition and works. Plenty of sheets and pegs. Invented by Marvin Glass!1967$45

24029Disney Wood Puzzle Blocks. Paper over wood. Overall size is 6" x 7.5". 6 sides wood block with 6 Scenes. with box. All Minty.1960s$24

24021Deluxe Lite Brite by Hasbro. Nice Large Set. All Complete. Works. Comes with many blank sheets and of course many pegs. Designed by Marvin Glass1968$55

24020Lite Brite Alphabet Accessory Kit. Letter. All Mint in 10" x 6" minty box. by Hasbro1968$28

24019GEMINI 10 Walkie Talkie. 5.5" x 2.5" x 2". For Display1960s$10

24018Vintage Viewmaster Lot of 7. Apollo Moon Landing, United Nations, Tennis with Dennis Ralston, Queen Elizabeth Visit, New York, Expo 67, Smithsonian. All have 3 reels and booklets. Except Expo 67 and Smithsonian - just 3 reels. 1960s$35

240175 Vintage Viewmasters Lot. Mary Poppins, Christmas Carol, Lassie, Hawaii 5-0, William Tell. All with 3 reels & Booklets, except William Tell- just 3 reels1960s$18

24010FUN N MAGIC CATALOGUE. All Very Good+ 174 pages of magic tricks you could buy back then. PLUS> 3 Vintage Magic Booklets 8.5" x 5". First one signed. 1960 & 1978. All for one price!1960s$24

239884 'Ceramic Like' Dogs by Marx. Boxes are Fair to Good and measure 2.5" x 2" x .75". Dogs are Mint condition! Pointer, French Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Airedale.1960s$28

23974Vintage 60s 70s View-Master Cartoon Lot. Aristocats - just front of envelope, Pebbles just envelope & Booklet. Superman - just front of envelope & 3 reels. Others have all 3 reels and booklets with envelopes.1960s$18

23969Vintage 1964 THE BIG PRESS - printing press. Measures about 2 feet long. Still in box and in working condition! No breaks! The press has the original contents of rubber stamps, ink roller,and ink pad (but dried up). IDEAL sponsored the Magilla Gorilla TV show and advertises this on the box. The set has the Magilla Gorilla and related character stamps along with Monsters, "Rat Fink" and other sayings from the 60's PLUS all the lettering that previous owner put in envelopes. Also: This is the set used on Andy Griffith Show, when Opie did the 'Newspaper' episode. (last photo). Box shows age, wear tear. Due to size, must order & ship alone.1964$40

23947WITCHES, GHOSTS & GOBLINS Coloring Book. Never colored. Cover shows some age and creases. No writing inside. 1965$18

23944Vintage Fisherman Windup. Tin & Plastic. Mint condition. Works great. Measures 3.5" tall. By Yone, Japan.1960s$18

239341962 CLANCY THE GREAT Chimpanzee by Ideal. 22" tall Battery Operated. All MINT CONDITION> But I could not get him to work. Battery Box is like new. He comes with his, often missing hat & coins. Box is very good. FREE SHIPPING In USA. Must order & ship alone due to size!1962$220

239241960 POLARIS-ATOMIC SUB Inflatable Water Toy. It measures 52" long, 12" tall, 7" wide when inflated. When you squeeze the top part, it squeaks! Made by the KESTRAL Corp. Mass. Holds air for awhile. I found one tiny hole & taped. When I collected, I used to fill the inflatable toys with fine sand. Solved any deflating problems. Awesome looking & rare! 1960$95

23921Super Foam Machine by Wham-O. Mint & still sealed on original card, 11" x 8". 1968$30

23882MINI WHIZ RINGS Toy. 3 Rings - Mint with header card. Never Used. 6" diameter1960s$28

23841Roly Poly Chiming Bear by Fisher Price. Minty. Large 9" x 9". works perfectly. 1969$18

23791POCKET TOOLS By Marx. Nice 14" x 11" box. Missing only the Pliers, but there are 2 saws.1960s$45

236651961 Dino Flintstone Ride On by Buddy L. Large 22" tall, 25" long. Head turns. Rolls great. Color is bright & vibrant. No fading! Stress crack by tail and bottom of neck. Must order alone due to size. Shipping will be extra on this. Since it is so large, price fluctuates by location. After you order I will send you an invoice for exact shipping amount. Shipping examples for Dino 10 lbs 26" x 23" x 13":CA $105,MI - PA - OH $45,TX-FL $75, NY Area & Northeast $30.1961$300

235721960s Plush Purple Snake 5 1/2 feet long. No holes. All intact. 1960s$30

23555Golden Trumpet by Emenee. Works great. 13" long with song book and great case. Missing the lyre stand for song book. 1960s$30

23505COLORGRAPH - 4 Color Printing Set by Eberhard Faber. MINT inside & out. Never Used & Complete. Beautiful. Measures 16" x 12" x 3".1960$30

23320SHOOP SHOOP Hula Hoop by Wham-O. MINT Condition. Measures 32" diameter. Makes noise when you use it. Must order alone due to size. 1962$35

23278Plush Fuzzy Hand Puppet. Very Clean. 18" long, 6" wide. Large Eyes. Ding in one of the eyes. 1960s$28

23224Deelie Bobbers by Parker Brothers. Mint condition. Little 1" flower shaped discs you build with. 1969$20

23150Jon Gnagy Tile Painting Set. Inside looks great. Has the 2 Ceramic 4" tiles are mint. There is some paint, brush and directions. Box shows slight age 14" x 6". RARE set!1960$30

229428 Ball Yo-Yo. Mint. 2.25" diameter. by Festival1960s$18

228961967 Vintage Creative Playthings CRAWLIGATOR - Baby Crawling Toy. 24" long, 10" wide. All excellent. No cracks or chips. Wheels all intact and work great. Marked on bottom 'Creative Playthings - Patented' RARE!1967$65

22751Jet Target Gun by Marx. Measures 8" x 6". Mint condition & works perfectly. Shoot 3 regular rubber tips darts at once. Box - wear and tear. *Comes with 1 original dart! (not shown in photos)1960s$35

22658Air Force RADAR BASE Tent by Playtime. Canvas - All Mint. 4 1/2' Square floor. No poles.1960s$60

22514SWEEPSTAKES Electric Pinball Machine Floor Model. by Marx. Measures 45" tall, 16" wide and 32" long. All Excellent and works. Clean. Comes with original box. The 'Sweepstakes' sticker sign needs to be re-glued on front. Plug in, Electric version. Must order and ship alone. FREE shipping included in price, USA only. weighs 25 lbs.1965$225

22512HOOPCYCLE - Novelty Stick & Ring Skill Toy. MINT in Original Package. Never used. 25" long. 1963$30

22452Kids Vintage Roller Skates. 7.5" long. Excellent1960s$18

22276Deluxe Shoe Shine Kit by Hasbro. 12" x 12" Display box. Complete. Polish has dried out.1968$24

212432 Metal Ramps for your Ramp Walkers. 12" x 5"1960$18

18454BLAZE - Unique Ride On Pinto Horse made by Mattel. Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses. Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made. When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." His string is no longer there. He is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips. Bright and Clean. Too Large to ship. I can meet Northeast US customers. Email me before ordering. timewarptoys@aol.com1961$150

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24009Totem Candy Dispenser Lot. Baseball Player & Panda. 4" tall each. All MINT. with original boxes, PLUS box with extra candy refills. All for one price!1970$45

23973Wonderful Waterful Fishing Skill Game by Tomy. MINT - NEVER Used. Parts still sealed. Very Good box. 1978$30

23945Gooey Green Dragon Blood made by Imagineering in 1975. The tube is still sealed on an un-punched 7" x 2" card. Clean. 1975$85

23894Groovy 1970s Lot. Little Phone Address Book Keychain (Hong Kong), Suction Cup Rubber items, LOVE IS Puzzle (mint & complete in 3.5" x 2.5" x 1" box). All for one price. 1970$24

23886SUPERMAN Hard Plastic Rattle Ball. 2.5" diameter. All Minty.1978$18

23822COMPUTER BASEBALL by Epoch. MINT and Works Perfectly! Made in Japan. Bagatelle, Pachinko type game. 21" x 10" x 5". Excellent Box. 1975$45

23793VINTAGE Plastic Acrylic Lucite Toy Figures Snoopy, etc. The large Snoopy measures 2.75 inches tall. 1970$18

23705Wacky Jigsaw Puzzle BRICK SHAMPOO in Unopened Can. APC (American Publishing Corp.) of Watertown, Mass. put out a set of Wacky Jigsaw Puzzles in 1975. The four known titles are Corn Cobs, Brick Shampoo, Croke, and Up Chucks. Parody item on the Wacky Packages. Tin Container is 5.5" tall, 4" diameter. Paper label is excellent. Can Still Sealed! NEVER Opened. FREE Shipping in USA1975$175

23659KWAZY QUILT by Kohner. Solitaire Puzzle Game. Mint and complete. 1975$10

23227Spongy Fun Ball. 4" diameter. MINT in Package. Never opened.1970s$15

22515POGO PONY Ride on Horse. 31" tall and long, 17" wide. Looks great. Works great too. Complete. No cracks or chips. Due to size, must order and ship alone. Depending on where you live, there may be an additional balloon shipping fee, email me your zip code. 1970$85

22431The Mop Tops - Magnetic Drawing Toy. Large 14" x 10". All complete with magnetic wand. A little warped but still works. Made by Smethport.1971$22

20637Original 1960s/70s ZONKERS - Mint Unused, in original Sealed package. NEVER USED! Acrylic balls with sturdy string already attached through each ball and, with a ring to hold onto! These are Light translucent colors. Mostly yellow, pinkish, orange. Mixed. Very nice. Bags are all excellent. I have several in stock, but quantities are limited. If you would like to order up to 6 bags, click BUY, go back and click BUY again. 1970s$30

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