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27235Rare! CAMELOT CASTLE Playset BY Gotham Toys. Made of Styrene. 22" tall, 18" wide. Very impressive looking. It came with these soldiers as shown. I have never had this set. Box shows normal age and wear, all is here. Old repair by one doorway to castle, all sturdy. FREE Shipping in USA. Must order and ship alone due to size. 1950s$195

27232Stereo Tru-View Film Viewer Lot. 12 Films which includes Gypsy Rose Lee, Army, Navy, '39 Worlds Fair, etc. All excellent. Viewer is bakelite & has corner damage but works great. Box is also bakelite and has no damage. Also included from same estate is the smaller viewer for smaller films (corner damage) and also included the Stori Views 'Play Scope' slide viewer with 3 slides on Native American Indians. 1940s$75

272231940s Vintage Red MONKEY by NOSCO. Artist Don Manning. Modernist Stylized Figurine.1940s$22

27203BLOCK CITY - Plastic block building set. by Halsam. 15" tall canister. Full.1950s$24

27168Tin Litho Watering Can. 10" tall by Wolverine. Very Good. Bright Clean graphics.1950s$35

27167Old vintage child's tambourine T.N. Japan Great condition Measures 8 1/2 inches round.11950s$30

27162Joe Palooka's Filmatic Movie Viewer Premium Toy. Mint Condition & Complete in excellent box. 3 Films, direcions. box inserts. Works!1950s$45

27147Vintage HOLIDAY DECOR - Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. 1930s - 1960s. Straight from the estate1950sMORE INFO
27143Smith Corona Toy Typewriter by Tigrett Ind. Mint in Very Good+ Box. This is a hard plastic Printing Toy. Measures approx. 7" x 6" x 2.5". Each of the keys is a rubber stamp! The ink pad is on top. Amazingly, all the parts are here. No cracks or chips. Quite cute! First one I have seen.1950s$85

271081930s/1940s Adams' Novelty Tricks, 9 Items All from Same Estate! These are EARLY first versions of their products, before the name was changed to S.S. Adams Co. JOY BUZZER Lot. 1st Patent version in original box with directions. Non working. PLUS working version of 1950s Buzzer. FLYING BUTTERFLY GREETING CARD. Patented 1932. Mint and still works! Paper & Wood Butterfly, with windup rubber band. MAGIC COIN BOX. Mint complete. 3.5" x 2.5" box. TRICK LOCK. Metal on 3.5" x 2.5" card. Adams' SPIDER. Metal 1.5" long. On 4.5" x 3.5" card. HORSE SHOE PUZZLE. Metal on 3.5" x 2.5" card. AUTO AND HAT NAIL. Metal on 3.5" x 2.5" card. Adams' LIAR MEDAL. Tin medal on 4.5" x 3.5" card. INK BOTTLE & BLOT Trick. Glass Bottle with Tin Ink Blot. All Mint. 9 Items All for one price! Free Shipping in USA1940s$150

27060Emenee SILVER SAXOPHONE. Mint Complete in MINT Carrying Case. Also Excellent original shipping box included. Looks Un-used. The plastic 'sanitized' sleeve is still on mouthpiece. Included directions/song book. Saxophone is 18" long and in stunning condition. Case handle & clasp, strap, insert are also mint. Box measures 22" x 9" x 5".1950s$125

27046MOOING COW by Marx. One of a king, hand made Prototype made for the 1959 Wagon Train Play Set. Made with clay & wire. Purchased from Frances Turner - Marx Museum. Also included are 2 plastic cows which were sold with that set. FREE Shipping in USA.1959$195

27021Vintage 1941 Fisher Price General Hauling No 733 Horse Drawn Wooden Wagon. All intact. Wood with paper litho & metal rods. 16" long, horse 5" tall. 1941$45

26995MEABEAB RUSSIAN BEAR TOY MECHANICAL WIND UP KEY MIB 1950's Works Great It comes in its' Original Box. This Russian Windup Bear measures about 9 inches and it looks as though it was never removed from the box! The Bear stands up and does a little dance moving his front legs and head in a circle. Works Perfectly! 1950s$95

26912BIG TIME ALARM BELL Toy Watch by Line Mar. Marx Toys. Works! 11" long. Watch is 2.5" diameter. Doesn't keep real time of course, it's a toy. Wind it, and hands move, it rings. Japan1950s$30

26763Vintage Steiff Germany Mohair hand puppet Manni Rabbit Hare. The ribbon around his neck is original. This rabbit has excellent coloring, can see tiny paws, ears have wonderful dark tint & he has brown glass eyes. Made from 1959 to 1964. The mohair is soft and velvety, a wonderful golden color. He stands 12 inches tall to the top of his ears. There are no tags on him.1949$60

26750JINGLE CUPS by Wolverine. Tin Litho Target type toy. Comes with the wooden disks. Works great. Measures 14" x 7.5". Shows some age, but pretty rare to find! Original box too, end flaps gone. Bells make a cool ringing sound when hit.1950s$60

267481950s ROCKET SHIP BOX KITE. Paper & Wood 29" tall, 12" x 12". Very Nice condition. by Alox Co. Will ship rolled up. Must ship alone due to size. 1950s$35

26634JUNIOR DYNAMITE BLASTER. Looks in Good shape. It's doesn't pump up all the way, as it should. Could need a new tube. Box shows wear and tear. Large box. by Kilgore. Will have to order and ship along1958$40

26592SCRAMBOLO Metal Spinning Top with stand & metal egg. 'The Magnetic Egg Race' Toy. RARE. Patented 1913. Works great.

See example of newer version of this type Toy in ActionScrambolo Top

26589HOOT-NANNY Magic Designer Drawing Toy. Metal apparatus. Mint & Complete with extra supplies in very good box.1950s$28

265771950s YOUNG MAGICIAN'S BOX OF TRICKS by Saalfield. All complete and Excellent. Cardboard Puzzle Tricks. Devils,Witches, Chinese Tickets, Etc. VG box. 1950s$60

265761930s KRAZY IKES BUILDING SET. Wooden Parts! Missing just one piece with original insert and box. by Knapp Electric Co.1930s$40

265741950s SNIPPY SCISSORS by Ungar. Red Bakelite Fish design. The still work too!1950s$18

26515HAP & HOP US ARMY Ramp Walkers & Ramp. by Marx. 12" x 5" ramp. Hap/Hap are mint. Ramp shows slight age to tin litho. 1950s$60

26500DISNEY TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE. Tin Litho Stage. 18" x 8.5" x 6" Made by Marx Fabulous Artwork. 2 Wear/light rust on front edge of stage.1950s$45

26492MELODE BELLS By Knickerbocker. All bells are mint with no cracks or chips. Each 4" tall. Excellent Box. Endorsed by DING DONG SCHOOL1950s$35

26157Early Tin Litho Drum & stick. Found in estate with note attached. Selling as just a drum, since I could find no reference to a Campbell's Soup Drum online. 1930s$20

26153Drunken Man Wood Push Puppet. 6" tall. Works great. 1940s$28

26148Chirping Flapping Tin Litho Bird. Mint Condition. cardboard under wings, all intact underneath. Works Great!1950s$30

26029Butterfly - Tin Litho Push Toy. by J. Chein. Excellent and works. Wings flap when pushed along floor. 9" wing span. Wood stick is 30" long. 1950s$35

25969Betty Brunette Magnetic Hair Styling Kit. Drawing Toy. 9" x 7" by Smethport. Very Good. No magnet1950s$18

25868PIC brand Microscope. #T-51. 100x, 200x & 300x. Missing one of the stage holder arms. Nice wood box measures 8.5" x 5" x 3". 1950s$30

254831915 United States Puzzle Map. Wood with paper litho. MINT & Complete. 20" x 12". Box is good. by Parker Brothers.1915$22

22155WADDLE WALKER - 1950s Novelty - Walking Toy. Bent wood. Very solid. 37" long x 3 3/4" wide. By Nu-Cushion Products. Due to size, must order and ship alone, cannot combine with other items for free shipping.1950s$28

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1960's Toys

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272381963 Mary Mag-Powrs (Powers) Magic Doll House. This is the FIRST Version of this type of doll house. 2 Magnetic Wands move people and pets throughout the house. This Rare Playset is large 26" x 20". Base for house is excellent with no wear or tears, as is the cardboard roof. Walls are all excellent with all windows and doors intact. The pegs are all here to attach walls to base. All is clean and excellent. 4 corner legs all solid & raise up the house about 4" for you to insert magnets under to move items around. Includes all shown: Man, Woman, Dog, Cat Mouse which can all move with magnetic wands. Woman has magnet on hand to hold the iron, There is a small magnet which can go on mans hand in with the items, but he can push he cart without it. There are also 2 magnetic rods? tools?, Cardboard 'Fifi' dog house, Outdoor lamp post with the name 'The Magpowrs' who live at '1 Fun St.', Iron & board, Fireplace, chairs, tables, oven, magnetic foods, Liquor cabinet, sink, Bed. I believe the only furniture piece missing is the yellow kitchen table. Box lid has a few storage stains and tears. Images on inside lid, shows how to put walls together. Original instructions with ad for their other magnetic games they made. by Mag Powr Games. FREE Shipping in USA - Must order & ship alone due to size. (glare in photos from flash, cardboard surfaces are like new)1963$275

272361960s Viewmaster Lot. All for one price. All VG+ to Excellent. All complete in envelopes as shown plus some loose Travel & Animal sets. Land of Giants tape on one edge, the rest all fine. Star Trec, Mod Squad, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Santa's Workshop, Daniel Boone (slight age), Bonanza, ABC Sports Auto Racing. Comes with Mint box & Mint working Viewer.1960s$95

27229Mr. Machine Robot by Ideal. The original 1960 version - you can take apart & rebuild. This guy does not work. He may have been put together wrong, I am not trying to fix it. All parts look to be there. Selling As Is.1960$60

272281962 Duncan Wood Yo-Yo & official Trick Book. 24pgs. 7" x 5". Excellent.1964$30

27225Vintage Rubber Balls & Swiss Miss Mug. All found in estate together. selling together. 1960s$28

27212Rare Vintage 1962 SPIN AROUND PLANET Mechanical Bank by Astro Mfg. Inc. East Detroit, Mich. A Berzac Creation- also called the Plan-It Bank to promote planning/saving money. It has 9 planets on the Plastic disk around the Silver Chrome Sun. You place coin in slot and spin the disk to load the coins safely inside. Bank is in working condition and has original key to open the round disk on the bottom of the bank to retrieve your money. Comes with map of Outer Space 22.5" x 17.5", directions, order form for parts, and 4 red rubber feet for the bottom of the bank that is usually missing on this bank. Measure 9" x 9" x5". Box is Excellent+ Condition. Small tear by flap, which I repaired from back. This was a savings bank give-away, the sticker can easily be removed. Contents are All Mint Condition. Amazing, Like New condition! FREE Priority Mail Shipping in USA.1962$300

27206Erector set by Gilbert. Nice large metal, 2 tier box. Filled with metal parts, motor etc. Weights 14 lb shipped. IF price seems high to your area, email me & can ship cheaper by UPS. Must order & ship alone. 1965$60

27200CHANGEABLE CHARLIE - Puzzle Wood Blocks. Made 4,194,304 different combinations! Minty in excellent box. 7" x 5.5". by Halsam1960$30

27195ASTROLITE By Hasbro. 'Make Futuristic Cities with Light." Invented by Marvin Glass. Large 19" x 16" x 7". box with Neat color changing wheel in base. Light works. Comes with the bag of all the plastic parts to build on the base. All great shape. Box shows some age and wear. Must order & ship alone due to size. 1969$55

271151964 THINGMAKER By Mattel PLASTIGOOP Bottles. 4.5" tall. Labels intact. Each about 1/4 to 1/3 full. Can be refilled. 1964$40

27052AUBURN RUBBER BARN. Mint Never Opened. 25 Animals Inside. 5" x 3.5" x 3.5". 1960s$30

270361960s ZOO SET - 66 Pieces. Mint Never opened. All complete. Paper mat measures 20" x 15". Box is Mint and measures 10" x 7". All cages, animals, trees & bushes are still sealed in bags! Made in Hong Kong.1960s$30

270031960s ROCK'EM SOCK'EM Robots by Marx. Invented by Marvin Glass. All excellent! No breaks or Cracks. Both work great. All Bright & Clean. Box shows some storage wear. Free Shipping in USA. May have to order alone due to size1960s$195

270011965 DANTE'S MAGIC SHOW. Very Rare Set to find! LARGE SET! Bright Clean box measures 26" x 16" x 3". ALL ITEMS ARE HERE! Even the Secret Book! All tricks are MINT Condition, no breaks or repairs. Box has corner repairs. Free shipping in USA. Must order alone due to size. 1965$185

269791965 Little Snoopy Pull Toy by Fisher Price. #693. As Mint as you will find. Wood with paper litho. Previous owner tied a thread spool on end for child to grab better. I left it on, you can easily remove.1965$28

26946SHOWBOAT by Remco. River Paddleboat & Theatre. 25" long, 14" tall! The stage is approx. 12" wide & you can act out 4 different plays, Heidi, Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, and Pinnochio. Each play has characters, stands, and backdrops. Script book is included. All Complete. No breaks or chips. Box is good. Due to size, must order alone. Might ship by UPS if you live further away from NYS. FREE Shipping in USA. 1962$185

26897Vintage 1960s Vending Machine Charms & Prizes. 1960sMORE INFO
26893Vintage 1968 Hoppity Hop by Sun Rubber. Large Ride On Bouncing Ball Toy. Original, Patent Pending. Ball part measures about 16" tall.1968$60

26880MARBLE MAZE BY Hasbro. 11" diameter. No cracks or chips. slight litho tears on back edge. This is the USA Map version.1960s$18

26814Pluto Push Puppet by Kohner. All excellent. Works Great. 3.5" x 4.5". Walt Disney1960s$18

267911960s Kids Chalkboard. 37" x 25" x 1.5". Wood frame. Great graphics on green side. by ATF. Weighs about 5 lbs. Must order & ship alone. 1960s$30

26786Kittie in the Kegs by Child Guidance. All Mint and complete. 1960s$28

26694Emenee CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Mint, Complete, Never Used. 20" x 14" x 4". Must order & ship alone due to size 1966$145

26693MOLD MASTER by Kenner - BOX ONLY. Measure 22" x 16" x 4". Must order and ship alone. 1963$30

26563Marx BOP A BEAR Motorized Bump & Go Target. Battery Operated, Works perfectly! I had to use aluminum foil over the one piece of metal to finish the circuit & he works like a charm. Original used as a target, when you hit him with rubber dart, he stops and changes direction. He is a large, 12" x 8" x 8". No cracks or chips. He looks Perfect.

See This Toy In ActionBop A Bear

26445DEELIE BOBBERS Building Toy. Little flower shaped pieces you can build with. All Mint Condition. FIRST Version!1960s$18

26414THREE KEYS TO TREASURE Bagatelle Game by Marx. Shoot the 3 marbles into the 4 slots to be able to open the door for a prize! Works perfectly. All Minty and complete. No cracks, chips or breaks. FULL of original charms. Box is beautiful and in excellent shape. Must order and ship alone due to size. 22" x 11" x 11"1960$75

26406VAC-U-FORM by Mattel. Vacuum Molding Set. WORKS! Comes with original molds, directions and nice box. ALSO included is a pkg of NEW Unused, original 45 Plastic Sheets. 1963$85

26373Toy Plastic Cash Register. Works! Has small plastic coins too, still sealed in bag. Measures 3.25" x 3.25" x 3". Box is excellent. Hong Kong1960s$22

26366PRETZEL JETZEL BY Transogram. 30" long. All Minty condition. No cracks or chips. Light works. No accessories. Just beautiful unit in a really, really nice box!1965$60

26322Liverpool Compact Snare Drum Set by Remco. 12" diameter. Has the sticks, brushes. No stand. Nice box. 1966$75

26250Rare Original 1967 Wham-O Moonlighter Frisbee, first Glow In Dark version! Irwin Toys. Tearing of plastic from storage. Frisbee NEVER USED. center sticker intact. Raised lettering around center: 'Wham-O Frisbee Official Pro Model'. Original Frisbee Assoc. sign-up card included. Patent 3,359,678. Glows in dark perfectly! 1967$95

26224Little Pixie Toy Phone. MINT in Sealed Package. Measures 5" wide. Pink1960s$18

262071960s Kid's Golf Club Set. Metal Clubs all Mint. Comes with original case and wooden tees. Stainless Steel clubs are 28" long. Names of clubs embossed on each. Purchased from original owner, they used real balls back then. None included. Canvas Bag is excellent. Mfg by E+L Co. 5lbs. shipped. May have to order alone1960s$45

26206TOON-A-Vision by Amsco. Excellent. Works great. You can make 38,640 different face combinations. This is the Mickey Mouse Disney version. 1960s$30

26181Windup Flapping, Rolling Butterfly - 7.5" wingspan. Tin body, plastic wings Japan. PLUS friction Lady Bug by Lehmann W.Germany. works. Both Minty. Both for one price.1960s$30

26065Deelie Bobbers Flower shaped interlocking building set. Mint in Mint 5" x 3" groovy drawstring bag. 1960s$24

25884SHAPEES Building Set by Kohner. Box has wear and tear, but inside all complete with MINT parts1960s$22

258821 Package KUNG FU Action Figures. Mint In Bag. Plastic about 2". Made by Sutton Plastics. An obscure set. I have seen it dated late 1960s, early 1970s. There are 16 different poses. I had one open bag, so I used that to show all the figures. You will receive a sealed - never opened bag. OLD STORE STOCK. Clean! Header card is 6" x 2.75". The magic marker price of 25 cents is only written on one side. *Buy more & save below! FREE SHIPPING!1960s$18

258812 Packages KUNG FU Action Figures. Mint In Sealed Bag. Plastic about 2". Made by Sutton Plastics. FREE Shipping.1960s$32

258803 Packages KUNG FU Action Figures. Mint In Sealed Bag. Plastic about 2". Made by Sutton Plastics. FREE Shipping.1960s$45

25867Playskool Wood Puzzle. 11.5" x 7.5". Very good. 1960s$18

25785Sketch O Matic Drawing Toy by Kohner. Mint in Excellent Box with directions. Works Great!1961$30

25655SWEEPSTAKES Electric Pinball Machine Floor Model. by Marx. Measures 45" tall, 16" wide and 32" long. All Excellent and works. Clean. Comes with original box. The 'Sweepstakes' sticker sign needs to be re-glued on front. Plug in, Electric version. Must order and ship alone. FREE shipping included in price, USA only. weighs 25 lbs.1965$175

25627GYROSCOPE by Stevens. Large 4" Metal. Minty. Need to add string. In original box.1960s$18

25612Tickle Bee Larger box version. 8.5" x 12". All mint in Very Good Box1960s$30

25481SNEAKY PETE'S PROFESSIONAL MAGIC SHOW. This is the Medium set! 22" x 15" x 5". Looks all mint condition and complete except for the 3 cotton pom poms. Must ship alone due to size. Cannot combine with other items. 1960s$95

248191960s Drum - Tin Litho Groovy Sides with paper. Images of 60s Teens playing instruments. Staining as shown. Still a cool display piece. No tears! 20" diameter. Due to size - must order and ship alone.1960$28

23224Deelie Bobbers by Parker Brothers. Mint condition. Little 1" flower shaped discs you build with. 1969$20

22452Kids Vintage Roller Skates. 7.5" long. Excellent1960s$18

18454BLAZE - Unique Ride On Pinto Horse made by Mattel. Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses. Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made. When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." His string is no longer there. He is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips. Bright and Clean. Too Large to ship. I can meet Northeast US customers. Email me before ordering. timewarptoys@aol.com1961$150

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27221Radio Shack Robot. Inaflatable. Mint Condition and works! Takes 4 'c' batteries and remote takes 2 9volt batteries. Measures over 3 feet tall. Looks hardly used!1970s$75

27196MY-PET Bird Marionette. All excellent+ condition. BLUE version. Measures approximately 3 feet long. All intact. One leg has the nylong string tangled. Box is very good. 1970$75

27192MUSIC BOX POCKET RADIO by Fisher Price. MINT Never Used. Original Guarantee paperwork attached to radio. Pristine condition radio, works! Comes with box & catalog of the FP toys that year!1972$75

27182Vintage Bird Marionette, 'Funny Pet.' Approximately 3 feet long. Beautiful, colorful, clean condition. Fish line string are tangled by the feet area. Feet are some kind of heavy clay material. Very well made, Original box has end flap tears. 1970$75

27165SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC by Rapco. Art craft project. Neat colored plastic beads and metal piece you hang in window, etc. MINT and Complete. Never Used. Sealed beads.1970s$45

271371977 SUPER HEROES Color Your Own Mugs. Minty in Excellent box, with insert. Clean & bright box. Previous owner colored one. All the other parts are there! 1977$60

27033Crystal Climbers Building Set. Interlocking Lucite Plastic Circles. 33 pieces. 1 with break but usable. Box measures 14" x 10" 1970s$30

26925CASINO CROWN Slot Machine. Large 16" x 10" x 9" Toy, not for gambling purposes. Metal & Plastic. by Waco. JAPAN. Works! Bell rings. I didn't try the batteries in light, but all is clean. Metal face part has darkened from age. Must order & ship alone. Weighs 13 lbs.1970s$60

26868FLIP YOUR TOP by Kenner. Fun Skill Toy. Spinning Top & Large paddle. Works great! VG Box. 1970$35

26866THUMBALL by Marx. All Minty & Works Great! Cool Rubber ball & 2 Suction Cups. Play & Catch Toy.1971$30

26523PISTOL POLO by Marx. I believe this is the first one I have had. We set it up and tested! Works great. What Fun! It has a pistol on each side & shoots the steel balls. Each person tries to hit the yellow plastic ball and keep it on the other person's side. There is a timer which pops up a stop sign in the center to signal players to stop. If the ball ends up on your opponent's side, you Win! All parts are there and work great! there is a old, repaired crack in one spot, which does not affect play. Box shows wear, tear, water damage from storage. Must order & ship alone. Due to size. 1973$75

26517KIDDIE FONDUE Cooking Set. by Kenner. Mint Complete. 10" tall. Very Good+ Box.1974$30

26444SUPER BALLOON by Wham-O. Never Used. Mint in original package. Slight age and bending to package. 1970$30

26275AUSSIE BOOMERANG by Wham-O. 16.5" wide. Directions on embossed on back. 1975$48

262011971 Marxie Wind Up Walking Figure. 3" works. 1971$18

25911SPIROFOIL By Kenner. Mint and Complete in Excellent Box.1970$18

25261Mosaic Peg Pictures by Play Hour. All Mint and complete in excellent box. 1970$18

24932KEEP IT UP Skill Toy by Kenner. Only 2nd one I have had. Mint complete in good box. FUN!1970$24

22515POGO PONY Ride on Horse. 31" tall and long, 17" wide. Looks great. Works great too. Complete. No cracks or chips. Due to size, must order and ship alone.I can ship this by UPS - email me your zip code & will let you know amount. 1970$85

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