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Vintage Toys For Sale - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's - Cool Old Toys, Play Sets, Battery Operated, Pull String Talkers, Projectors, Clackers, & Cool Stuff.

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21701Vintage Soap Box Derby Lot from estate. All for one price. 3 - 1950s Helmets, all excellent. 1937 Metal 5.5" Trophy, 1971 Rule Book from Chevy Dealership, Viewmaster Reels. FREE Shipping in USA1950s$235

21699PANAMA CANAL TOY - Play Set. Water Toy by Renwal. Measures 29" long, 11" wide. All elevators work great, the boats are all intact. Set is complete. Two of the gate doors have the nubs missing on bottom, so door sits fine for display, but come off if you move it. Otherwise all is mint with no cracks or chips. Box shows age and stains. Due to size must order and ship alone.1950s$140

216791950s Stacking Blocks. Each measures about 7" deep. Cardboard litho over thick cardboard. They show age and wear BUT each one has a squeaker under the cardboard! Each one works and is a different tone/sound to match the animal. 1950s$18

21669Marx-A-Score Skee Ball. by Marx. Large Game 32" long, 12" wide, 10" tall. Beautiful Bright, clean tin litho. Looks hardly used. Complete and all works as it should! Comes with original Excellent box too. Must ship alone due to size. FREE shipping in USA. 1950s$250

21614TELEFACES - Early - Made in England - version of Toon-A-Vision! I have never seen this one. Box lid has the tears and tape on sides. But it was so neat, I couldn't pass it up.1950s$20

21603All Star Marx O Matic BASKETBALL. Auto Scoring, Pointer keeps track of shots taken - bells rings at 12. Measures 23" x 14" x 9". Tin Litho is beautiful. Player is Mint. Comes with original balls, directions and BEAUTIFUL box. ALL Works GREAT! FREE Shipping in USA1950s$225

21530Swiss Melode Bells by Knickerbocker. All are MINT condition with no cracks or chips, and sound great. Box is very good & comes with original song book. Due to size must order alone. Cannot combine.1954$60

21508Pinky Lee Build A Cuckoo Clock by Remco. MINT and Complete. Never Assembled. All parts are here! Neat set. Box measures 15" x 10" x 3". All parts mint. Bellow inside clock is all intact too. RARE. I will also include the 1955 Pinky Lee Coloring Book.1955$125

215073 Rempel Rubber Squeak Toys. Goose is 'Mr Squawker" and about 12" tall. Froggy the Gremlin is from 1948 and the lamb. All stand on their own and still squeak. No holes. All for one price1950s$35

215053-D Pixie Viewer. Mint Complete in MINT box. Box is the viewer! 6 Color slides with directions and advertising pamphlet. Grand Canyon scenes. 1950s$30

21370Marx Easy Play Hawaiian Style Banjo. 20" x 6.75" x 1.5". Tin Litho with wood neck with paper litho. Looks all excellent and works great. Comes with the song/directions 12 pg book. and the Metal fret bar. Box shows wear and tear. Nice early item. Late 1930s - 40s.1930s$48

21369Midget Auto Race by Wolverine. Tin litho, crank with spring underneath, which shimmies the cars forward. Works perfectly. No cars. This would take the little cast metal 1.5" ones. Game measures 18" x 6". Excellent. 1950s$35

21368Nora the Nursemaid Ramp Walker by Marx. With tin litho Mint Ramp 12" x 5". Box excellent. 1951$65

21367Dick Tracy Bonnie Braids Ramp Walker. by Marx. 12" x 5" Ramp is tin litho, mint condition. Nora the Nursemaid with Bonnie Braids in carriage. Box looks great, except back side has tear. 1951$85

213565 Rubber Squeak Toys. All from same estate. 3 by Mobley. Lamb & Rabbit are Sun Rubber. All are minty and work. The Cat has sleep eyes, and measures 9" x 9". All for one price. 1950s$30

212591951 UNIMAL. MINT - Complete & Works. This small vintage plastic animal was created by Professor Howard E. Babcock of Cornell University for the purpose of educating children about farm animals and the food they produce. It is an imaginary multi-animal: part chicken, cow, steer, sheep, pig. He apparently first produced a larger plaster "UNIMAL" that traveled to exhibitions, and then this small plastic toy was produced in 1951. There is a compartment on the animal's under side and it's made to hold little food products that these animals produce. This one has all 5 foods: ham, hotdog, milk, egg, butter. About 4" long & 3 1/2" tall. I don't hear a bell ring, but it clicks when you press to release food. Box is beautiful. Designed by Marvin Glass for Topic Toys.

SEE Video of 1951 Unimal

21196Mystery Shooter by Wolverine. Excellent+ Condition. No marbles. Works. 14" x 7". with worn, flattened original box. 1950s$45

211635 Rubber Squeak Toys Lot. All for one price. Includes. Tusky the Elephant by Rempel, Poodle by Kaysam, Scotty Dog by Kaysam, Majorette & Hound Dog are unmarked. Majorette, tallest 8". All excellent, no tears, all squeak and are supple. CLEAN!1950s$35

21124The Three Little Pigs - Once Upon A Time Series. by Emenee. Box 6.5" x 6.5". Mint and complete in good box. 1957$35

20738Hy Speed Metal Red Wagon. Measures 15" x 7". Handle needs to be reattached with nut and bolt. 1950s$45

20462Klik Klak Blox. All excellent. works, in poor box. 1950s$15

20035Paul Bunyan Giant Building Set. Made of 'Sturdy Kraft Board' 58 Giant Logs. They are lithoed strips of cardboard. Long pieces are about 38" long, with many different shaped smaller ones. You can build houses to go in. All in good condition. Box is large and must order alone due to size. 39" x 9" x 5". Made by Train-Rite Toys. Weight is 10 lbs.1950s$40

20004Zipees Slider Skates. All Mint in good box. 1957$15

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1960's Toys

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21771Astrolite by Hasbro. Build Futuristic Cities with Light. Mint and Complete, works. Another great toy invention by Marvin Glass. 1969$40

21761Old King Cole. Friction Action Toy. Press top and he moves along swinging arms. Mint and works great. Excellent Box. Hong Kong1960s$24

21760Viewmaster Lot from estate. Viewer, 4 sets PLUS Album with 6 Reels inside. 1960s$24

21745Vintage Hi-Flier paper kite from the 1960’s features bright colors and a scene of Saturn and a space station in outer space. This vintage kite has never been used. The paper has some wrinkles, but no tears, rips or damage. This kite comes with the two wood sticks that hold it open, giving it a great look. The sticks measure 29" and 24". Directions inside kite. Kite is wrapped up, I opened one to photograph.1960s$10

21744Unusual Ideal 3D Puzzle. Hard Plastic parts with cardboard frames. Both excellent. Both for one price. 10.5" x 13.5"1960s$18

217181964 Kenner Car-Plane. Hard one to find! "YOU PILOT PLANE FROM INSIDE CLOSED CAR WINDOW - YOU MAKE IT CLIMB, DIVE, FLY LEVEL, AND FIRE MACHINE GUNS WITH REMOTE CONTROL STICK" THIS IS 100% COMPLETE! Never Used. Plane and parts are MINT condition. The Fighter plane measures 6 1/4 inches side to side and about the same nose to tail. There is just the backing left as shown. Box was destroyed, but toy intact!1964$125

21714Barnaby Banana Action Toy by Marx. 6" tall. Mint condition & Works great. Push down top and he rolls forward. Tongue and Eyes move too. Box is Good. Made in Hong Kong1968$45

21713Marx A Power Giant Bulldozer. Mint and Works GREAT. Large 18" x 12" x 10". Takes 4 'D' batteries. All movements work as they should. Backward, forward, turning, Front blade goes up and down. The box looks great on one side, the other side I had to repair, best I could. Previous owners cut out the middle. FREE Shipping in USA. Must order and ship alone due to size. 1960s$195

21703Vintage Toy & Game Paper Lot. 46 items. Directions, Advertising, Rules, Assembly Directions, Stickers, 2 Marx playset mats, All for one price! 1960s to 1970s. All in nice shape too!1960s$55

21691WIBBLER Novelty Skill Toy. MINT - Unused. 11" long, you walk on it. I have Blue, Red and Green, if you prefer a certain color, let me know - Otherwise, I will surprise you. 1960$18

21677Shari Lewis Sock Puppets set of 4. Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, Wing Ding & Hush Puppy. All are in excellent condition in their original boxes. Puppets are cloth with straw hat for Charlie Horse and plastic face parts for Wing Ding and Hush Puppy. Each are about 9" long. All for one price! FREE Shipping in USA.1960$165

21600SWEEPSTAKES Electric Pinball Machine Floor Model. by Marx. Measures 45" tall, 16" wide and 32" long. All Excellent and works. Clean. Comes with original box. The 'Sweepstakes' sticker sign needs to be re-glued on front. Plug in, Electric version. Must order and ship alone. FREE shipping included in price, USA only. weighs 25 lbs.1965$250

21593Speed King Kids Metal Skates. MINT - Unused. Complete. Pristine condition in excellent box. Skate key and toe straps too 1960s$35

215921960s Wind Up Yeti - Abominable Snowman. There are no markings but research shows Made in Japan. approx. 4.5" tall. feet,lower jaw, and body made of tin, face and hands made most probably of celluloid. Fur seems to be mostly intact, lifting in some spots. Wind up mechanism works, jaw opens and closes, hands go up and down, feet move. Works fine! 1960s$40

21475Frustration Ball Skill Toy by Remco. MINT in Good Box. No cracks. NOT an easy puzzle to do. 6" diameter.1969$28

21462High Speed Bagatelle Road Race Marble Game by Hasbro. MINT works great, in MINT Box. Box measures 10" x 10". 1969$35

21441Gingerbread House by Auburn. MINT in Excellent box. This is awesome. 19" x 14" x 4". Nursery Rhyme characters toy. All items work! Cow Jumps over the Moon, Moos. etc. MINT condition, no breaks or cracks. Hard Plastic. Can be attached to side of crib.1960s$60

21423SEW BIG by Marx. Sewing Machine & Table. 24" tall, 24" long, 12" deep. Hand crank sewing machine works, mint with mint table. Excellent Box. FREE Shipping in USA. Box measures 26" x 14" x 14". 12 lbs. MUST order & ship alone, cannot combine with other items. 1960s$175

21403Toon-A-Vision. Walt Disney Version. 14" x 14". by Amsco. All very good. works great. Make 38,640 different faces. I have never counted to confirm. lol. Some edge wear. 1960$24

21374Clown & Circus Play Set by Built Rite. Box has slight wear. Inside is Minty and looks hardly used! 1960s$20

21373Miscellaneous Toy Lot. Colorola, 3 Pencil Cases. The state one has a broken hinge, 5 Cent crayons in mint box, PLUS Rare Binney & Smith empty crayon tin. 1960s$18

21372Bullwinkle Slide Puzzle by Roalex. 2.5" square. Mint. 1960s$35

213132 Stick Pony Ride On Toys. 35" long. by AJ Renzi. Mint condition. Plastic head, wood stick. ALSO Little Bronc. Vinyl stuffed head, wood stick. Both for one price! Must ship alone, due to size. 1965$30

21273Magic Lot from estate. Includes all shown, 12 items. All excellent. Cards include set of marked cards. Mostly marked made in Japan. The ball and cup trick, the cups are 'hand made.' Some nice older items.1960s$60

21262Original Large 1-3/8” Rat Fink Gumball Machine Charm - with sharp features, pointy noses, tails intact, and “RF” in front. Dark Blue. AND Small Red Rat Fink with Ring. Both Mint. Ring can be used on either RF. Both for one price. 1960s$45

212432 Metal Ramps for your Ramp Walkers. 12" x 5"1960$18

21228Hippity Hop Pogo Stick. All Minty in Box. by Rapco. Works great. Box measures 42" x 11" x 3". Must ship alone due to size, cannot combine with other items. 1960s$30

21212Deelie Bobbers 1" flower shape building set. Mint in excellent, Full bag.1969$24

21095Crazy Maze by Lakeside. Mint in Excellent Box. 12" diameter. FUN skill game. 1960s$30

20819Disney Character Mold Set. Large box 18" x 14". Has all you need to mold your Disney characters. All molds supple. 2 bags of mix - never opened. Box lid has wear from storage.1966$38

20653Electro-Art Design with light & pegs toy. by Marx. This came out a year after Lite-Brite. Mint condition, complete and works. 1968$35

20566Voodoo Brain Teaser Puzzle by Kohner. Mint and complete with paperwork and Kohner brochure.1960s$18

20526Changeable Charlie. 7.5" x 5.5" wood block puzzle. Excellent in good box. 1960$18

20507Sure-Hit Baseball Bat by Irwin Toys. Flat bat measures 4" wide at top, and is 29" long. All Excellent. Plastic. no cracks.1960s$10

20252Butterfly Ball Toy. 4" diameter. Still sealed in original box. 1960s$18

19740Kids Toy Mower. 24" long. Metal, Wood and plastic. Made by US Metal Toy. 1960s$24

19431Whirlee Twirlee Skill Toy by Wham-O. Mint old store stock. With disk, directions and stick. 9" disk. 2 colors available. BLUE OR YELLOW. Write in shopping cart - under your billing address which color you prefer. Priced each. 1968$28

18454BLAZE - Unique Ride On Pinto Horse made by Mattel. Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses. Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made. When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." His string is no longer there. He is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips. Bright and Clean. Too Large to ship. I can meet Northeast US customers. Email me before ordering. timewarptoys@aol.com1961$150

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21772Powermite Workshop by IDeal. All excellent with all tools shown. Works. Paperwork and very good box. 1971SOLD
217471972 Silly Skiers Asahi-Japan Tomy. MINT - Complete. Never Used. Motorized Lift WORKS GREAT. NO cracks or chips or repairs to tracks. Cardboard parts are pristine! Original instructions. Amazing Condition.

When assembled, measures over 5 feet wide. Has battery operated, motorized mountain lift track to carry your 3 skiing animals (rabbit, bear & monkey), to the top of the mountain. Animals ski down the track (with the help of steel wheels under their skis). Track includes a 360 degree loop, curves and a switchable track to stop them by the ski hut or to ski continuously. Box lid shows some dirt stains. Must order & ship alone! FREE Shipping in USA.

21746Chutes Away! by Gabriel. MINT and Works GREAT. All complete in excellent box. 1977$75

21736Vertibird Astronaut Helicopter #5972. Motor works fine, Controls for speed and pitch work like they should. The rotors hit the control rod, the brace rod wire came off and I am not sure how to attach it again. Battery box clean, all works but I can't get it to fly on it' own. 1971$135

217041971 Mattel Instant Replay Record Player & Records in an unopened - still sealed package. Includes the following records - Bart Starr, Lew Alcinder, Willie Mays, and Rail Dragster. Three all time greats and hall of famers. Sealed no tears to plastic. FREE Shipping in USA.1971$150

21676Canned Wiz-z-zer Top by Mattel. Mint and complete in excellent Minute Maid type container.1970$28

21342Vintage Lucite Clackers. Loose, No bag. Mint Unused. 2 Balls, sturdy string & metal washer to hold onto. Mixed colors, Translucent. If you want more than one set, click the back arrow on browser, and click BUY Button again.

Colors are mostly Pinkish/Yellow, Blue/yellow, Greens, Orange. If you prefer a certain color please email back when you get your automatic receipt. Otherwise, I will surprise you.

210922 Novelty Plastic Toys. Nesting Dolls & Elephant bank. Elephant works, but tail does not hold the trunk in place. Box torn on elephant. Both for one price. 1970$18

210254 Dexterity Puzzles. "Patience Games." Made in Germany, by Pussycat. 3" x 3.5" All Mint in original box. 1970$18

20654Garfield Rookie Roller Skates by National. All excellent in good box. 1978$45

20637Original 1960s/70s ZONKERS - Mint Unused, in original package. NEVER USED! Acrylic balls with sturdy string already attached through each ball and, with a ring to hold onto! These are translucent colors. Very nice. Bags are all excellent. I have several in stock, but quantities are limited. If you would like to order up to 3 bags, click BUY, go back and click BUY again. 1970s$28

20586Etch A Sketch add on accessory. Mint in Box. lays on top of the screen to let you play all kinds of games. 1970s$20

20576Spectograph by Kenner. The makers of spirograph. Makes intricate 3 color designs, all at once. Ink still works. All mint and complete in very good box. 1970s$30

20205See-Action Football Game by Kenner. All looks good. Need a new bulb. Missing the one yellow slide piece. 1973$20

20109Safari Adventure Playset Cage by Marx. All excellent. Measures 13" x 9" x 5". 1970s$18

18897Doodle Balls Magnetic Toy by Smethport Specialty Co. Use the Magnetic Wand to move the balls to draw and make designs. Measures 16" x 11.5". All Excellent. 1976$15

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