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26Lot 26 - 2 1950s Balsa Wood Plane Model Boxes with partial contents. Bidding Starts at $1
27Lot 27 - 2 Cars & Garage by Ideal. One car missing front axle. Cars are 5" long. Bidding Starts at $1
28Lot 28 'Coffin Nails' Cigarette Box. Hard Plastic. Mint Condition No chips or cracks. 7" long, 4" wide. Marked on back 'Plastiform 1960' Bidding Starts at $1
29Lot 29 Vintage ALL Wood Van. Cheese decal on both sides. All wood, even the wheels (which roll). Handmade? All excellent. 8" x 4.5" x 4". Very Solid. Bidding Starts at $1
30Lot 30 Mattel STRANGE CHANGE - Lost World Creatures Lot & Tongs. All excellent. 1967. Bidding Starts at $1
31Lot 31- 3 Rempel Rubber Squeak Toys. Goose is 'Mr Squawker" and about 12" tall. Froggy the Gremlin is from 1948 and the lamb is 1960s. All stand on their own and still squeak. No holes. Bidding Starts at $1 for ALL.
32Lot 32 Tin Noisemaker Lot. All for one price! They all work except the horn. New Years Eve ones too. Bidding Starts at $1
33Lot 33 Hasbro GI Joe Lot. Clothes are marked either Japan or Hong Kong. Tear under arm. Wear on one blue jacket. 1960s. I added in green sleeping bag after photo taken. Bidding Starts at $1
34Lot 34 Marble King - Canvas Bag. 10" x 8". No marbles. Bidding Starts at $1
35Lot 35 Vintage Birch Bark Canoe 18" long. Excellent with the two wood paddles. Bidding Starts at $1
361960s TEEN TIME GAME by Built-Rite toys. Mint in Excellent box. Great Graphics. Bidding Starts at $1
37Lot 37 Two 1954 Tom Swift Adventure Books. Both Very Good. No tears or writing. "Jetmarine' & 'Flying Lab' Hard Cover. Bidding Starts at $1
38Lot 38 Marble Roll by Amsco. Neat simple marble game, lots of fun. Original marbles from estate. Box has wear, end flaps missing on one side. Bidding Starts at $1
39Lot 39 Swiss Warble Bird Calls Lot of 25, Mint in original envelopes. Novelty item. Bird Whistles. 1960s. Bidding Starts at $1 for ALL
40Lot 40 Donald Duck Grapefruit Juice Can. 7" x 4" Tin with paper label. Shows age. Bidding Starts at $1
41Lot 41 -1957 OUTER SPACE Coloring Book. 10" x 7". Uncolored. All Excellent. Premium for 'Jim Solar Space Sheriff.' ALSO included, Salesman's flyer. No tears. Bidding Starts at $1
42Lot 42 Vintage Kid's Military Cap. Excellent Condition. 7" diameter.
43Lot 43 Vintage 1960s Desk Item. Metal. 4" long. Holds your Pen, Mail & Notes. Bidding Starts at $1
44Lot 44 - 1960s Quick Draw McGraw Rubber Hat. Large 13" x 11" wide. Squirter is missing inside. for display. Bidding Starts at $1
45Lot 45 Kid's Space Cap on Card. Never removed. 12" long. 'Rocket Rocky'. This would wrap around like a head band. Whirligig! Bidding Starts at $1
46Lot 46 1950s Secret Agent Hideaway Pistol. by Hamilton. Die cast metal with plastic grips. Works great! 6" long with box. One box end flap is missing. 1950s. Bid starts at $1.
47Lot 47- 4 Vintage Kids Handkerchiefs. All Mint. Approx. 8" x 8". Animals, Cowboys, Bunny & Baseball. Bidding starts at $1 for ALL
48Lot 48 -1950s 1960s Paper Lot from Estate. Includes all shown. All excellent or mint condition. Mail ad for Ringling Brothers Circus, Smokey Bear, 10 Prints of Baby Animals, Booklets, etc. Start bid at $1 for ALL
49Lot 49 Star Wars Lot. 2 1977 Puzzle Boxes with partial contents. 1979 Book About Space (Mint). 2 1979 Marvel Star Wars Comics, both excellent. Also Star Wars Plastic Pitcher. 8.5" tall. Mint but missing the blue plastic lid. Bidding starts at $1 for ALL
50Lot 50 Vintage Playboy Beach Towel. 56" x 28". Looks like new. Bright, clean. No wear or fading. Bidding starts at $1
51Lot 51 Marx A Score Skee Ball. BOX ONLY! Large 32" x 13" x 4". 1960s. Nice display item! Bidding starts at $1
52Bonus Surprise Item - To be Determined