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Next Auction --> Sunday October 4, 2020 - 6pm Eastern Time USA

An Online Chat Room Auction is a live - real time auction that takes place in a chat window on a website. Bidders register ahead of time and login a few minutes before the auction.  

 If you are new, you will need to register first. Click where it says, "Register." Once you finish that, you will be back on this page.  (Chat room window will open magically once you register or log in) 

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Photos & descriptions will be loaded below Chat Window in advance of auction. 

During an auction, you would bid or comment by clicking on the bottom line of the chat window, where it says 'Type a message." and type there, hit enter or send.  Items are offered in order of number, photos and descriptions will be loaded.  

Bids start at $1. Increments $1 to $10 ($1 or more) - $11 to $50 ($2 or more) - $51 or over $5 increments.

Auctioneer will start bidding & after it appears bidding is done, will type 'Last Call' - the auctioneer waits 15 seconds, if no further bids, item is SOLD to high bidder. There is NO reserve!
At the end of auction, you will be sent an invoice, with shipping added in, which can be paid by credit card or paypal. There is no buyers premium.
 Satisfaction Always Guaranteed!
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1Lot 1 - 1960s Playful Pups Vinyl Case. 5" x 5" x 2.5". Mint condition. Zipper works. no tears. by SPP Products. Bid starts at $1
2Lot 2 - 1960s BETTY BUBBLES Doll Head Bubble Bath Glass Container. Minty, NO cracks or chip in glass. Doll looks great. 10" tall. Bid starts at $1
3Lot 3 - Vintage 45 rpm Record Adapter Inserts Lot. 6 still sealed on card and 16 loose. Bid starts at $1
4Lot 4 - 1970s FLAG Popcorn - Melted, Fused Plastic Decoration. Mint condition. 16" x 12". Bid starts at $1
5Lot 5 - 1970s Mighty Mouse Chalkboard. Excellent. 17" x 12". Bid starts at $1
6Lot 6 - 1950s Vintage Lady Remington Princess Electric Razor. Mint and complete in excellent box. Works perfectly. Clean. and has the little brush. Bid starts at $1
7Lot 7 - Vintage 1960s Paperback Lot from Same Estate. 3 FU-MANCHU & 1 Edgar Allen Poe. All excellent . Bid starts at $1
8Lot 8 - 1950s Betty Crocker Baking Kit by Ideal. All complete except missing the scraper utensil. 18" x 16" x 4". Box has side flap tears. Bid starts at $1
91960 The Rebel TV Guide. Excellent condition. PLUS 1961 The Rebel TV Show. Hardcover Book. Excellent condition. 7 3/4" x 5 3/4". Bid starts at $1 for BOTH
10Lot 10 - 1950s Game Lot. Chess & Checkers Set with wood Checkers still sealed. Another box of wood checkers, 1950 Scrabble, Bingo. All Mint and complete. All for one price. Bid starts at $1.
11Lot 11 - 1960s Uncle Milton's Ant Farm. 12" x 8" Box. All Mint in Excellent box. No ants. Bid starts at $1
12Lot 12 - 1960s THE SAINT - 2 Paperback books. Both Excellent+. No issues. Based on the TV Show. Bid starts at $1 for Both!
13Lot 13 - 1960s 23 GIANTS brand WW2 Green Army Figures. All MINT, approx. 1" tall. Hong Kong. All found in 3" tin, which is included. Bid starts at $1
15Lot 15 - Original Peace Sign - Wall Decor. 11" Diameter. Hard Plastic. Made by Audio-Visual. Mint. Bid starts at $1
16Lot 16 - Surprise Cigar Box with contents!
17Lot 17 - Two Vintage Tractors. Each 8" long. Die Cast Metal. One on left marked 'Massey Harris', other unmarked. Both for one bid. Start bid $1.
18Lot 18- 1970 Peter Max Hardcover Book, PEACE. Artwork by Peter Max. Beautiful condition. 5.5" x 5.5". Bid starts at $1
19Lot 19 - 1941 AMERICAN ON GUARD. Hardcover 7" x 5". Showing info on our WW2 Armed Forces. Cover wear, but all pages intact. Bid starts at $1
20Lot 20 - Vintage PEZ TRUCK. MINT condition. Made in Yugoslavia. 4" long. Bid starts at $1
21Lot 21 - Vintage Original 1980 Strawberry Shortcake Halloween Costume and Mask. Mask has edge tears, but Vinyl Costume is Minty condition! Nice display. Bid starts at $1
22Lot 22 - Vintage Original ALF Lot by Coleco. 18" Stuffed Doll PLUS the Burger King Premiums Lot with original tags. All Minty condition! Bid starts at $1
23Lot 23 - Vintage PEANUTS Lot. All in great shape, some of the tin lids for milk glass mugs have wear/rust. Otherwise all like new. AVON Mugs with boxes, Snoopy Pilot Container, Snoopy Soap Dish & Charlie Brown Figure. PLUS 1963 Hardcover Book, SECURITY IS A THUMB AND A BLANKET. Bid starts at $1 FOR ALL.
24Lot 24 - Surprise #2 - More Peanuts.
25Lot 25 - 1980s Kids Watch Lot. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Watch & Ball Bearing Toy, Honey Comb Cereal Premium, New Kids On The Block, Kraft Mac & Cheese. All look great & need new batteries. Bid starts at $1 for ALL!
26Lot 26 - SLUGGO from Nancy & Sluggo Comics - Fridge Magnets. MINT/Never Used. This is a newer item. Bid starts at $1
27Lot 27 - Dated 1938. Planters Peanut's Tin with Nut Chopper on top. Excellent & Works. 4" tall. Great Color & graphics. Bid starts at $1
28LOT 28 - 1950s Mixer Salt & Pepper. Marked 'Patent Pending.' Small chip on edge of bowl, but the rest looks fine. Bid starts at $1
29LOT 29 - 1950s Kid's Watering Can. 9" tall. Tin Litho by Ohio Art. Rust and wear. Bid starts at $1
30LOT 30 - 3 Coloring Books from same estate. Three Stooges 1961, Mary Poppins 1963, Lassie 1959. All have partial coloring in them. Bid starts at $1 for All.
31Lot 31 - 1970s Smiley Glasses Lot. MINT Condition! 4" tall. Bid starts at $1 for all 4.
32LOT 32- Vintage Halloween Decoration. Fused, Melted Plastic. 'Popcorn Decor' 18" tall, MINT condition. Bid starts at $1
33Lot 33 - Talking Fairy Queen Phone. Vintage 1960s/early 1970s. MINT, Still factory Sealed! Box pushed in on one side. Phone is approx. 9" long. Bid starts at $1
34LOT 34 - Vintage Original SMURF Lot. Wall Decor Watch 21" long & WORKS. Transistor Radio WORKS. (Both missing battery covers), Smurf Book & Garfield book thrown in. Bid starts at $1 for ALL
35LOT 35 - 1974 Ben Cooper Spook Town WITCH COSTUME. Mint, Looks un-used. Mask & costume Mint. Cellowphane window- neatly taped. Bid Starts at $1
36Lot 36 - Cat Clock - Mattel 1952. Plays sporadically 'Hickory Dickory Dock'. Nice Tin Litho, front & back. Some age and rust, sides are paper litho. Displays nice. 9.5" tall. Bids starts at $1
37Lot 37 - Vintage Witch Popcorn - Fused Melted Plastic Display. Approx. 19" tall. Mint. Bid Starts at $1
38Lot 38 - Surprise Item