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TimeWarp's Vintage 1950s 1960s 1970s  Toys - Emails from Customers:

When I was a small child my dad gave me a stuffed monkey I loved that monkey I took it everywhere with me , when I got older and moved out  my dad had already passed and  I went back for my monkey as it was so special between my dad and I but it was gone I never thought I would see it again but just the other day my fiancé found it on your web sight and purchased it for me as a surprise I WAS SURPRISED  I HAD MY MONKEY BACK I cant thank you enough it means so much to me thank you again

A note from one of my customers, lol.
"My games arrived today - excellent condition, exactly as advertised - great price, super fast delivery. Thanks for helping with the collection.
My wife hates you."

Hello Time Warp,

I was so impressed with your company I had to send you an email. I was at a family Thanksgiving last week and my little cousins were playing Trouble. It was a new version I did not recognize. It had a cheap cardboard game board and there were 5 game pieces that I did not remember from my youth. I kept thinking, this is not right. I did an internet search and found your website. I found the exact game that I used to play when I was 5. Around 1967.  I didn’t have high expectations for a game that was that old. But to my surprise, the game had all the pieces and the popper actually worked! I am thrilled. It’s not perfect but I believe that is exactly how a game like this should be after 45 years. Well-loved and played.  I am going to wrap the entire shipping packaging for my son for Christmas. Thank you so much for finding these cherished childhood games and making them affordable for those wishing for a blast to the past!


"I am so happy to have found this monkey....I got one for My First Christmas in 1959 at 3 months old ...

I am 54 and just like a kid again - I am waiting for my Monkey to join me for Christmas  this year....Thank You and have a Merry Christmas!!! Christina. Attached is a pic of me with the Monkey in 1959"

Hi Joyce,

My Unga Bunga arrived safely today and when I opened it I was immediately taken back to my 8th birthday. I was very proud of how I made him up from the kit and have always regretted allowing my mother to give him away during those teenage years when toys don't seem so important any more. Occasionally, I have 'Googled' him in the hope of getting a picture, but not for over a year now, so I could not believe it when a chance 'Google' brought up your website and there he was, complete and ready to be brought to life again. I just could not believe my luck and have been like a kid again waiting for the parcel to arrive. This time he'll be staying.


Many thanks for the quick postage and safe packaging. Many, many thanks for having such a great website and bringing out the child that's always in us, no matter what age we are on the outside.

Hi Joyce, The Snippy scissors arrived today. Well, you should have seen my wifes' face when I opened the box. She was so delighted and had to stifle a scream when she saw them. She had the same thing as a child but of course they are long gone. I always wanted a pair but my parants would not buy them. We're both happy to have this wonderful childs' tool at last. The box is just as wonderful as the scissors too! When our granddaughter gets a couple of years older she will have the same fun with this as we did.


Hi Joyce, Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived. Thank you very much for your help with this! I run an online store too, and it amazes me how poor customer service can be with some other stores. Your quick response and pleasant manner was very much appreciated! You do business the way a store should!


Joyce; hello again!
WOW! The postman delivered just a few hours ago the Matchbox Set Build A Road.
I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH IT!; in such a nice condition and so many things to "play" with.
I will tell you very briefly: my mother couldn't afford this set almost 40 years ago, and I always wanted to have one...I guess now, that I am close to my 50's I had to give the satisfaction to my inner child. It was a long wait, and even though my imagination is not the same one of those days I'll still play a little. But this time: carefully. I want to keep it mi


 I grew up in the 60’s 70’s ( born in 59 ) and your website really brings back some memories. Who woulda ever thought that a girl would have remembered so many cool things? J   Thanks for the memories!


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-----My response.. Sorry we don't sell advertising space on the site or link to Non Toy sites.. I find the ads annoying to viewers.. especially pop up ads.. but thanks anyway. Joyce Grant

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Joyce, Like other people who email you, some of the toys I saw on your site made me cry, like the Flintstone Building Boulders.  I remember sitting on our living room floor playing with them on Christmas Day all those years ago, with my parents and grandparents enjoying the holiday and patiently waiting for dinner. be that age again - no cares, no worries.  Your website almost makes it possible.  Thank you!


   We had a chat last week on the phone and I ordered a few things from you- the WF parasol, the tour bag and the blow up Unisphere.....I received them all the other day and am THRILLED with glad I found the website and you- I will check often to see if there are any more exciting things.

Hi Joyce-  I received my Thumbelina doll today. Thank you so much for the quick and efficient service! I ordered her on Sunday and got her in three days. Wow! That was quick!

She is in amazing condition, as promised. You will never know how much she means to me--I'm fifty years old and it was like Christmas when I was five all over again. I absolutely love her, as I did the one I had originally. I am so happy right now!  I would have no qualms about ordering from you again. You provided quick service and produced a product that was everything you said it would be.


    Joyce:  I just wanted you to know that I ordered your Medieval Castle as an anniversary gift for my husband.  In all the years we have been married I have NEVER gotten a reaction like this to a gift.  We both had one of these as kids and he has been reminiscing about it since he started watching the old Robin Hood DVD's.  The fact that I was able to find this when he is in a real nostalgia phase was wonderful.  He's had a rough year and this was the perfect pick me up.  Thanks for your prompt service and such a fun business.  Keep up the good work.   --------------------------

 Dear Joyce,
I think your site is amazing! I am probably your youngest customer you've ever had.
One toy my dad had as a kid is The great garloo. It is good you are letting some parents get their old stuff back that their parents threw out. the phantom raider battleships is so cool! when I go on your site it makes me feel like my parents as kids. you are the best! keep up the good work.


    I received the Jarts today and wanted to thank you!  (I only ordered them 2 1/2 days ago ~ the service was extremely prompt!)  They are just as they were described.



    Many of the items names did not ring a bell, but when you see the picture, memories just flood back. It reminded me of many beautiful Christmas's I have had and what a wonderful childhood I had. I just wanted to thank you very, very much!

Joyce. i have bought stuff from you before and i just love your site. i have told many people about your  web site. i will def be back to shop. thanks so much for having such wonderful stuff.

I gave my mom the Troll house I ordered from you, she loved it. As it happens, one of the trolls that was included looked just like one that she had when she was little.  It brought back a lot of happy memories for her and she was surprised at the condition of it as well for as old as it is.  Thank you so much!


re: Mobile Crime Lab  Joyce,  Just wanted you to know that I just gave him the toy and he was overwhelmed with joy.  It was his favorite toy was a child and he is amazed to have this again.  Thanks for your help and I hope to do business with you again.


re: Toy Memories Photo. Dear Joyce – thank you so much! We’ve all had a great time looking at the site and seeing my old pictures on the web! They seem to jolt old memories and then the family begins to swap stories - so it is just a wonderful experience for all concerned. Again, many thanks.

The 1970 Ideal house (#6299) arrived today!!! On CHRISTMAS DAY! I was very surprised I didn’t expect it until Wednesday! Thanks so much!!!  It was exactly as promised and I love it! (The trolls love it too  ^_^ ) Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours!! a very satisfied customer,

Hi Joyce
I just felt the need to write and tell you, not only is your website the best I have ever seen ,but your prices are exceptional! Not like many today its all about price gauging. I guess coming from our generation things were so much different then. I will be for sure a customer of yours for life!  The spinning wheel is for my sister for xmas, when we were kids my sister and me came down with chicken pox so my Mom bought us both one while we were sick in bed, it will bring tears to her eyes when she sees it! I cant wait! And the saw is for my brother he had the same one too when he was little, today he builds wall units and all kinds of wood work! So I am going to give this to him also on xmas and tell him this is where he must have got the talent that he has today! Sorry if I went on but I am really happy I found you! Have a Wonderful Holiday:>) I know you made mine Happy already! Many Thanks,

I just purchased some 1940's Fortune Telling Cards from the site, and received them in less than two days! The price of the item and the shipping costs were very reasonable.  It's a pleasure doing business with folks like you. Time Warp Toys is top notch and has become one of my favorite sites.   THANK YOU!  (d. in Louisville, KY).


Just wanted to let you know I did receive the Toot Sweet machine on Tuesday.  It came into the post office Monday.  Quick shipping!  Works better than I remember and I didn't remember how easy it was to clean up and take apart.  I have made whistles for everyone I workout with, my daughter of course and my staff.  Everyone thinks it's pretty great.  


(re: Dodge City Game) Thank You so much for your prompt reply, Just seeing the game again really brought a smile to my face.  I have ordered it and will keep an eye out for a replacement in better condition (your upgrade policy is amazing, thanks)  I look forward to receiving it so that my son and I can play together.  Thanks Again

I wish you could have seen the face of my 45 year old son when he opened the box with Larry the Lion inside.  He looked like a three year old.  Said it was the best present every since the last one.  My 36 year old daughter regressed with him and they played with Larry for the longest time.  Thank you for helping to make that possible.


(In reference to the 007 Pistol purchased to complete hubby's 007 Attaché Case). rWell, you wouldn't believe the surprise ! He was so amazed ! The kids said they'd never seen Daddy cry before. It was quite a fun Christmas morning ! Thanks so much ! I'll send a picture, if you like, when I get them on the computer. I'm sure you experience many happy moments reuniting "children" with their toys ! He is a happy man.

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me find these things, and wanted you to know I even told my daughter about you and how I was able to get her one after she opened it yesterday.   You are a kind and wonderful person and I hope you have a very blessed year!  

In reference to Little Orby Wall Walker:  Thanks! I am geeked my older brother has been searching for one for 30 years, his Christmas will be made!  What a great website, thank you!


I received my Bop the Beetle yesterday.  Thank you for sending it out right away!!  I had one when I was a little girl, and loved playing that silly game!!  Funny though, I remember the frog being larger than what it is. :)  That is what happens when we "grow up" .....I cannot wait to take it outside, and play with it, with my nine year old.  It will be well worth the money.....for the memory that I cherish!!!

Thanks Joyce, the Tip N Rock arrived just fine.  My husband and his siblings used to fight over who would sit in the Tip N Rock.. they will all be here for Christmas, so we will see if there is still a fight to see who gets to sit in it!!


I received the package in good order the other day and just wanted to thank you for your prompt service, and for being sure that the quality of the items sent matched the quality advertised.
Both items have already been "tested" by my son and me, and we are enjoying them immensely!

Thanks Joyce. I'm curious, where on earth did you find this toy in such good

Joyce, I got Clancy.  He’s ugly he’s so cute!  Thank you so much!  You made the kid in me very happy J  Keep spreading your joy to others.  

Thanks Joyce - much appreciated. You are efficient, fair and true to your word. I just kept checking twice a day ........ and Clancy was there this morning. 

My wife saw something about a retro house on HGTV and, in the corner, was Clancy. I could not understand her excitement, not having grown up in this country and never having heard of this toy. But she told me, very emotionally, about how much she LOVED that toy and does not know what happened to it after she left home.

It seemed to mean so much to her and to evoke such strong nostalgic emotions, that I could not resist trying to find one for her, for her birthday in July!! Hope I can find the self-control to restrain myself from giving it to her before then!


Hi...just wanted to let you know that the poster arrived safely.

Thanks for the sensible packaging. [I just received and empty mailing tube from a seller--it was supposed to contain a painting, but the seller didn't bother to seal the ends. So, thanks for having some common sense!] Thanks, also, for an (other) EXCELLENT item.

(In reference to Bernie Bernard); I can't tell you what this toy means to me.  I had received one when I was in kindergarten and when I had brought him in for show and tell he was stolen.  I was extremely traumatized by this.  You have made my Christmas the most special one ever!

(In reference to finding replacement parts for a game): Joyce
I am totally flabbergasted that you did this. You went beyond being fair and took the extra mile. I will buy from you again anytime and if you ever need a reference, you will get an excellent one from me. Thank you again Joyce, I am very happy that I will be able to play my childhood game again.

(In reference to Give A Show Projector): YOU HAVE ALLOWED US TO PROVIDE SOMEONE WITH THE TOY SHE ALWAYS WANTED, BUT NEVER GOT!  ...and just in time to celebrate her 50th birthday and a Return to Childhood!  Thanks again.  You've made my day in finding it, let alone the smile we anticipate when she opens this. 

*My wife's favorite childhood possession was a Keds Supersonic Space Whistle. As always happens with these wonderful trinkets, it was lost in a move, and she never found it. Just for fun, I jumped on the net, and found your site--I bought it instantly, and then printed out the picture. I put the pic into an envelope, and brought it upstairs to present to her--she was so overjoyed, that she started to cry! :)
Thanks again for your website, and for the opportunity to make my wife's childhood memories brighter!

*I just wanted to let you know the Silly Sammy arrived last night. I am very happy with it. I was so overjoyed when it arrived, I was shaking all over. You see....I had one when I was very young. I totally adored it. He was my favorite toy. Sadly, a neighbor kid wanted a part on it and smashed it to pieces. I cried for weeks. I vowed that if I ever saw another one, I would do anything to get it. The one I bought from you is only the second one I have ever seen. All those years I dreamed of finding another one. So, I want to let you know that you made my dream come true. For that, I am eternally thankful. God bless you Joyce!!!!

*Dear Joyce:
I just wanted to let you know that my sister has told everyone she knows that she got "Tony the Pony" for Christmas! Everyone is amazed and the family cannot believe that found him.  He works beautifully and after a damp cloth and a little Armor-All he looks like new. He was under the tree with a big red bow, and the look on her face was priceless. She is so thrilled. It was the best Christmas! thank you!

*It's the best website for toys that I've seen!  Imagine my surprise to find Silly Sand, Booby Trap and Mouse Trap!  I loved them all...and I'd been looking for a Battle Ship game from the '60s, like the one I used to have -- not for showcasing, but for playing again, and you had it!  I can't tell you how much fun I had going through your site.  It brought back so many memories...I may come back and buy the Mouse Trap game...

*Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I received Clancy, and I couldn't be happier!! My stepmother has talked about Clancy as long as I've known her (22 years), and how that's the only toy she every *really* wanted as a child - and she never got it! I am about to give her the best Christmas she's ever had! THANK YOU!!!!! I am letting all of my friends and family know about your website!!

*Sometime ago, I purchased my favorite toy from you. It was the Caravelle radio if you recall. I spent many hours broadcasting and listening to the radio as a child, 38 years ago. I wanted to thank you, the radio was as described. My 9 year old son is puzzled that his dad would have such interest in this old toy! Thanks and I will be watching for more toys from my generation.

*Dear Joyce at TimeWarp,
I want to thank you for filling my order.
I also want to thank TimeWarp for having Stadium Checkers in their inventory. I've been looking for that one for YEARS. Have a GREAT day.

*Hi! I found your site while trying to look for a toy which I remembered as a child...hahaha...the Topper Toy six finger. As fate would have it, I met and married the man who did the TV commercial for this toy!!! Thanks for the great memory


*Joyce ; Got the pet rock today. My grandmother bought all of the grandkids pet rocks for Christmas some 25 years ago. We laughed 'till we cried at the manual that came with it. I shared the manual with the rock you sent with my family and again we laughed until we could not breathe any more! Thanks for the great memories not to mention the great service

*I was going to write and tell you your site is THE BEST i've ever seen, but then i see you won an award least i know i have good taste... it is just awesome!!

*Joyce, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have already recommended your site to two other people; you have some great items and the service is top notch. It was very nice of you to throw in the extra ball. Thank you. In New Orleans, that would be called a "lagniappe" (lan'-yap) which means "a little something extra" (sort of like the extra donut in a baker's dozen). So, thanks for the lagniappe!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Life Game today (that was fast!) and I can't tell you what a delight it was seeing that board game again that I had many years ago and used to enjoy playing with for hours! It was even better seeing all the pieces there (even some of the pegs that hadn't been removed yet!) It is in excellent condition! It brought back alot of memories for me. I am looking forward to playing it again.

*I would recommend your company to anyone. You were prompt and efficient in filling my order, even answering the questions (honestly) that I had about the game. You are a very reputable and reliable dealer!

*Hi Joyce. Well, my Firebird 99 arrived today, boy was that quick. I know it was your favorite toy, mine too. After I wore my first one out, my parents bought me a second one. But all that's left today is the box that for years was used to store Christmas decorations. My box is plain brown with green letters that say "REMCO FIREBIRD 99 Model 209," the same model as the one I just received. I can't get over the condition of it. It looks absolutely brand new, and just how I remembered it except a little smaller, Hmm. Thank you very much. I have enjoyed everything that I have bought from you.

*Joyce- Just wanted to let you know, I gave Lou Christie the 'Ice Cream Disc' last week that I bought from you a few weeks ago. He recognized it right away as being from England, and loved it! Wanted to know right away how on earth I found something like that after all these years. So I told him about your site. Got me a hug and kiss, best 2.00 I ever spent in my life!!!!! Please let me know if you come up with any new (old) items of Lou's. Would love to pass those on also! Thanks so much!

*re: Mrs. Beasley
Joyce, she is fabulous! Expensive (!!!) but just as I remembered her. The first time I pulled the string my daughters' jaw dropped. I even called my mom and put her on speaker phone and she said, " I haven't heard that for 30 years!" Her voice is in absolutely perfect condition, which is so rare with the string pull toys. My mother is a serious doll collector, and she was very impressed. Thank you so much for everything!

*You took me way back !! i cant believe all the toys you have for sale that i had as a kid I'm impressed !!

*This is the grooviest website I've ever visited! Thanks for the blast!

*Dear Joyce - I just had to tell you that i got the package today, and that you have a great web site !!!! I love it and (hate it) as now i can't stay away. Everything reminds me of when i was a kid, even though many say i still am.

*Miss Popularity was a board game my cousin had in the sixties. My mom couldn't buy one for me, because they stopped making them. I got Mystery Date instead, and hated it. It was a dud.

*Joyce, I just wanted to write a quick thank you for Blaze The Riding Horse. Its been my husbands dream to have him back. Shortly after his fathers death (When my husband was eight), his Blaze was broken and taken away. Losing a dad and his prized possesion was a lot at 8 yrs. old. At least I can get Blaze back. Thank-You!

*Joyce, I love the Worlds Fair T-Shirt you had made! I wear it all the time.

*I'm new to the Internet and this is my first look at your website. It is the wildest one I've logged on to yet. The music is terrific especiallly the "time warp" music from "Rocky Horror". You've got a great selection of items.

how excited i was to finally find this toy! we bought one for our daughter for christmas back in the early 70's. i either sold it or threw it away! how stupid of me!! we bought this one from you for her 26th birthday. when it arrived it was like seeing an old friend. she almost cried when she opened it. thank you so much for posting these items,
because they really are more than just toys-- they're memories!!

*Dear Joyce,
I don't think I've ever had so much fun at a web site. I love the music (very funny, and catchy too) and the graphics. The photo's are wonderful. I found your site via the 64-65 world's Fair home page. I am a collector of memorabilia from that fair. Like you, I was a young girl when my parents took me to the fair. I am also a toy collector, and found your sale items interesting and nostalgic (SUPERBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!). I love your site and plan to visit again soon. With a smile on my face

*Joyce, Your book on NY Worlds Fair collectibles is wonderful. You did a great job! I never knew they made so many brings back great memories of when I was at the fair.. I love it!

*Hi Joyce, I just got the Worlds Fair book in the mail! It's really great - I'm enjoying my trip down memory lane! And so that's what you look like (on the back cover)! You did a great job on this book - thank you so much!

*Joyce, Thanks so much for your great service, you certainly know how to grade toys!

*Great website, well organized, photos are great, and the downloads fast! Nice Job! Read about your website in a recent article in Business Week on collectibles and websites that cater to such.

"Dear Joyce: There are toys here I have not seen or thought about since I was a kid, and when the images slowly appear I almost cry. I am at an age where I often think of times past, pets I use to have, the home I grew up in and and the long lost toys I used to have.....Your web-site looks cool, the music is perfect, photos about as good as I've seen and it's obvious that you have terrific pride in what you're doing. I can navigate around TimeWarp easier than any other site and it's way more fun too. And let us not forget the best thing to note...your toys rule! Condition, selection and pricing are out-standing..."

*Saw your site listed on Netscapes "Cool Sites" - they were right!

*Thanks, we had a lot of fun perusing your website.
We especially love the music! Great stuff - some of which we had as kids! We'll be back -- and will tell our friends.

*You have the absolute cooolist music i have heard on a web site, thanks

*Great Site! Great Music - Keep It up

*Just wanted to let you know I think your website is very cool!

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