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Our 27th Year! 1996-2023

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We are located in Upstate NY. We Ship WORLDWIDE

Welcome to TimeWarp Toys! Your online source for Vintage Toys & Collectibles. We have been selling toys online since 1996! We Update inventory Every Weekend! Our Items for sale are listed on these inventory pages:

1950s 60s 70s Cool Toys For Sale Girls Toys  Dolls, Housekeeping, etc. For SaleBoys Toys Guns, Army, GI Joe, etc. For SaleBuilding Sets - Models - Science Sets - Crafts For SaleVintage Board Games & Outdoor Games For Sale  Cars - Trucks - Trains - Slot Cars - Ride On Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s Cartoon Character Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s Space Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s Cowboys Cowgirl Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s TV & Movie Toys For Sale1964/65 NY Worlds Fair Collectibles For SaleMiscellaneous Vintage Advertising - Decor - Radios - Banks Etc. For Sale

All Items on these pages are In Stock! 

You can shop at  TimeWarpToys.com online with confidence. We have been using Paypal since we started in 1996,  to offer safe and secure credit card  transactions for our customers. We use Cart32 Shopping Cart & www.timewarptoys.com has been validated to have a secure SSL certificate which provides industry standard data encryption of information transferred from your computer to the website. 


*Each item has a button next to it. Just click it  and it will add it to your shopping cart.  Then you will go right to the cart page. You can check out or continue shopping. When you are finished shopping, just click on the button located at top, middle or bottom of each page. 

You will be taken to the secure shopping cart page to review your order. When you click "Checkout" you will fill out shipping info. Then you will fill out type of payment and type of shipping you prefer.   

You may use any credit/debit card  or  use your  Paypal account. 

 I no longer have "check or MO" as a payment option, all payments are through website BUY Button.

We prefer Priority Mail through the Post Office - but can ship Standard/Retail Ground, if you choose.  In the shopping cart, Standard (Retail Ground) will not show up if it is the same price as Priority.  Also, cost of shipping won't show up in cart until after you input your shipping address, cost is determined by zip code.  We also ship Large boxes by UPS.

My Grandson on a very serious call!If you don't wish to use shopping cart --- I will take your order over the phone! 

Call 845-688-2221 Eastern Time 9am-9pm. No calls after 9pm EST Please!

Orders only! Items that are actually in stock only - (Items with inventory number and price & BUY Button).  Please DO NOT call based on items you see on the Gallery or Top Toys pg.. I will only return "order" calls.. for items in stock. 

 If you have ANY inquiries, questions, toys to sell..>>> EMAIL ONLY!  I get my emails immediately. 

Attention: Sales & Marketing People >>NO Soliciting calls!!!  Thanks,  Joyce

Please Email all inquiries. Thanks! timewarptoys@aol.com

If you are looking for a specific toy, check out my Top Favorite Toys Page. Most likely your toy is listed there and it will tell you where to look on the site to see if I have one in stock.

*There will be no receipt in your package. Your receipt will be the "Order Confirmation" that you automatically receive from my shopping cart by email after your order is completed. You will also receive an email from my credit card terminal bank if you paid by ccard, or a paypal receipt if you use paypal. So you need not receive another email from me! 

*You will  get an email notification when order is shipped with tracking number through Post Office. Orders are usually shipped out the next business day. Sometimes a day or two later due to life circumstances... but I try to ship out FAST! If you need it really quick due to a deadline or birthday, etc..let me know!

Shipping for international orders are determined by weight. Only items less than 24" long, and  4 lbs and under can be shipped by International First Class Mail. All other items now have to be shipped by priority mail.  So please select Priority International Mail for items orders over 24" long. If the weight of your order is less - and shipping is less - I will refund any overages! If the shopping cart doesn't show shipping charge - could be a glitch with the post office server, I will let you know charges.

Note: I have named certain pages "Girls" & "Boys" only to help in search of items specific to a certain gender for 1950s-1960s era. Not being sexist.. According to our era, War toys belonged to boys, homemaking and dolls - to girls. I was a tomboy and hated dolls & always preferred the "boys toys" so feel free to explore both pages! 

*Newer additions to each category are put at top of category - so you don't have to scroll if you have already checked the category/section previously! 

Now you can catch our updates on Facebook:

  * I have had so many requests for toys, I no longer keep a "want list". Everything is first come, first serve.  

Why I don't send emails when items are in stock

*Shipping is extra unless otherwise noted. Orders over $150 are shipped free within the US. Some items may be marked Oversize or Large and 'must order & ship alone' which means due to the size or weight it can't be combined with other items..and does not qualify for a shipping discount. 

 *On items marked Large Oversize items, like ride-on toys, shipping is not included. Item may be too large to figure shipping without a zip code. I  can meet Northeast USA Customers or deliver.

*Gift Service Available: We will gift wrap a purchase for you & send to the person you request at no extra charge! 

*Our Privacy Policy: TimeWarp Toys respects your privacy. TimeWarp Toys does not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information regarding its customers to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security, and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented.

About Us

"Dear Joyce: There are toys here I have not seen or thought about since I was a kid, and when the images slowly appear I almost cry. I am at an age where I often think of times past, pets I use to have, the home I grew up in and and the long lost toys I used to have.....Your web-site looks cool, the music is perfect, photos about as good as I've seen and it's obvious that you have terrific pride in what you're doing. I can navigate around TimeWarp easier than any other site and it's way more fun too. And let us not forget the best thing to note...your toys rule! Condition, selection and pricing are out-standing..." *See more letters from customers on Comments Page.

*Hi. My name is Joyce Grant. If you haven't noticed yet, I love vintage toys! My husband & I  have been in the collectibles business for 27 years & have operated TimeWarp Toys Website since 1996.  We owned and operated the Phoenicia Antique Center for 8 years here in the Catskill Mtns. NY. When the internet took off - we decided to devote our time online selling toys. 

 I wrote the collectibles book on 1964/65 NY Worlds Fair items. You can see info about it on my Worlds Fair page. I grew up in Queens and loved going to the Fair and really felt there should be a book about it. What fun seeing and photographing all the cool items from the Fair for the book! Amazon Link to my WF Book 

2016- I just finished my book on Marvin Glass Toys, which will is available for sale through Amazon.com 

See 2015 Woodstock Times article about Joyce & TimeWarp Toys Here!

See Local News Article About Joyce & TimeWarp Toys Here!

We travel all over finding treasures to put on the site. It is alot of fun and we sometimes take our grandkids with us - they are good spotters! Plus, we get to play with all the toys before I sell them! 

Check out our NEWS Page - Toy Travels & Site News

I always wanted to have a cool 60's looking office. So my daughter in law and I went to work. Replaced the carpet, some paint and cool office supplies and details.. and here you go. 

Check out my office photos below - click on to enlarge. 

after1.jpg (93554 bytes)

Its always Christmas morning here at TimeWarp. Everyone loves to see a toy that made them happy when they were kids. Toys bring out the best in us.. reminds of us simpler happy times. 

Our customers satisfaction is our first concern! We always offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Full Refund - Return Policy.  We take our business seriously and do not want disappointed customers! 

Note: I don't refund shipping charges.

When we buy toys, we try to buy in excellent or complete condition. But, since some toys are so rare, we may have to settle for less than excellent choices - its just the way it is with old toys - many didn't survive in great condition. Be assured though, that we try hard to buy as excellent or complete as possible! 

We have added a "Toy Upgrade Policy" to our site. If, in the future, you ever want to buy a better version of a toy you purchased from us, you can UPGRADE to the better version and just pay the difference. What a Great option. I think we are the first collectibles or retail store to offer this option. Check it out TimeWarp's Toy Upgrade Policy

Also, We Never, EVER sell reproductions! Everything is an original vintage toy or collectible item. Not many of these items were reproduced in the first place.. but now and then you see items that were made in the 80s or even today.. that look like toys we had as kids.. On this site you will find only original items from our childhood. 

After we purchase toys we clean them and disinfect if possible! I don't want to send you dirty toys! Lysol, Windex, Mr. Clean Eraser does miracles on old toys. Our Grandchildren help us with setting up and photographing the inventory and you will see their photos here and there. They have been taught to respect old toys and are very careful little helpers!

We  try to grade toys honestly & your happiness means a lot to us. Read what other customers have said on the "Feedback/Comments" page. 

I try to take a few photos of each item. If the photo link is wrong or not working - it just means I messed up.. NOT that the item is out of stock. Again, just email me & I will fix it. Or if you need more photos, let me know. I am happy to oblige. 

Another thing I thought I should mention.. We are a SPAM FREE Site.. When you email me, I will of course email you back, to answer any questions.  But you won't be added on any annoying mailing lists. I hate when sites do that! So we definitely don't. 

We will be coming up on our 22 year anniversary on the net. It has been great! Hopefully, we have many more years ahead of us. 

We have sold toys to Museums as well as TV Shows and Movie Production Depts. for props. Such as: Drew Carey Show - (Jarts), Oprah - (Doll), The Today Show (Pet Rock), The new King Kong Movie - (Camera Case),  and The Rachel Ray Show (pair of Clackers). Its always fun seeing our toys on TV!

We love toys & love working on our site. Last year, we added the Photo Memories page and the Top Toys Page - which really is a nice resource tool for all you toy collectors. If you have a photo to add - please send it! 

How to Use a Multi Voltage Adapter instead of Batteries

I learned a long time ago to always test old toys before I bought them. Unfortunately, most people don't have batteries available to let you try out in a toy. I would try to remember to bring batteries when we went on buying trips - but would have the wrong amount or voltage. Also, if the toy didn't work - how would you know if it wasn't  just weak batteries?

   Multi Voltage Power Adapter A friend gave us a neat idea. We went to Radio Shack and purchased a "Multi Voltage Power Adapter - up to 1000mA current." These are the adapters you would use in normal items that took batteries and could also be plugged in. Well, I don't use the plugs they come with, I cut those off and attach two alligator clips (red for positive side, black for negative). This is a multi voltage unit so it can be used for a multitude of toy types. If you need just a 9volt battery equivalent, 2 "C" or AA, or even 4 "D" cells.. I am covered Up to 12 volts total! I just check to see how many and what voltage the toy takes (ex: 4 D batteries @ 1.5 volts each = 6 volts), I set the switch to 6, and attach the alligator clips to the respective contacts on the toy and you are good to go. They come in different voltage combos, I use the 3-12 Volt model.. It covers everything I have ever needed it for. 

This saves alot of time - wondering if your batteries are bad or if the motor on the toy is bad.  Plus the adapter can be used instead of batteries.. which is a lot easier and cheaper in the long run. Of course this is plugged into an outlet .. so you can't use it on really mobile toys.. but it can replace batteries in many cases. Also, if you have a bad battery box on the toy, it can be attached directly to the motor to work.  A very handy gadget!

If you want to be prepared for flea markets and such.. here is another nifty gadget - a Portable Power Inverter - They convert the power from your vehicle battery into household AC power, so you can operate electronics, appliances, or tools, or use the toy tester! You can also charge multiple portable electronics with the usb ports. 


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1950s 60s 70s Cool Toys For Sale Girls Toys  Dolls, Housekeeping, etc. For SaleBoys Toys Guns, Army, GI Joe, etc. For SaleBuilding Sets - Models - Science Sets - Crafts For SaleVintage Board Games & Outdoor Games For Sale  Cars - Trucks - Trains - Slot Cars - Ride On Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s Cartoon Character Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s Space Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s Cowboys Cowgirl Toys For Sale1950s 60s 70s TV & Movie Toys For Sale1964/65 NY Worlds Fair Collectibles For SaleMiscellaneous Vintage Advertising - Decor - Radios - Banks Etc. For Sale

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