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November 24, 2007

    Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We were busy with food prep, family and grandkids. The grandkids played with the Marx Pinball Machine (that we bought a few weeks ago), most of the weekend. They also loved the 1960s Medieval Castle we picked up last week. 

    Even though it was a busy weekend, it didn't stop us from tracking down toys.  We previewed a local auction and left some bids for items. We won a Marx Rabbit Hunt Target Set and a cool 60s wind up toy mint in box. Also Racerific Motorific Set. Those items will be on the site today. We have to go pick them up soon. 

November 19, 2007

    Went to that toy auction up by Walton, NY this weekend. Picked up some nice items. A 1950s Medieval Castle with knights made by Elastolin. Texaco Fire Chief Helmet, some Evel Knievel items in original boxes. Some cool racing cars sets and accessories. Oh and the Educator Chess Set.. these were the ones from the 70s that had the directions and number of moves for each piece printed on the side of each piece. 

November 13, 2007    

    Very busy this past weekend! Had both grandkids over to help with the toys! At an estate sale we found some great items! Had to drive 2 hrs. through our first snow storm of the season.. but it was worth it! Amsco Baby Doll Changing & Washing Table.. nice old one in just about perfect condition, King Zor Dinosaur in working condition.. and I happened to have one of his original balls.. My grandsons 1/2 brother just had his 3rd birthday.. and was here with us,  so when I brought King Zor into the room, he got all excited and yelled, "WOW, IS THAT FOR ME?" (no sorry, kiddo, going on grandmas site), but we spent about an hour playing with him! Played with the cool Marx Sweepstakes Pinball Machine, which worked perfectly! Johnny Seven O.M.A Gun. Got some nice old Girl Scout Items. Also, picked up a Mattel 1971 Vertibird. I just had to fix the one wire going into the helicopter and it took right off. That is only the 2nd working one I have had! Another neat item was the Tabletop Basketball Game - like the Hockey games I usually get.. this was all complete and really fun to test out! We also picked up a MINT Motorific Action Highway Set with mint/working vehicles, etc. This was never played with.. I set out and photographed before the grandkids came, it would just take too long to set up. And, I needed to pre-pack it so it is ready to go out when ordered. Looking forward to a toy auction coming up this weekend. Check back! Joyce

November 11, 2007

    We went to a nice estate auction Sunday. We got back before the ice storm, which was nice. Picked up a great collection of Vintage GI Joe items! Plus some cool toys: Doggie Daddy Stuffed Dog, Old Boy Scout FireStarting Set, a Fisher Price Teaching Clock and some other cool items. 

November 6, 2007

    Left bids on some toys at a local auction. I won some items and picked them up yesterday. A Show N Tell!! (Show and Tell). Just about mint and worked great.. with a huge lot of record/slide sets.. I put it on the site last night and it was sold by morning.. Wow. Sorry, to all you folks searching for one.. I AM looking all the time for these cool toys. We also picked up some Hot Wheels items, some games, Lite Brite, and a Playskool wood phone. Hope to go to another toy auction this weekend, weather looks bad. We will keep our fingers crossed.. I don't mind snow.. but I hate ice storms! 

November 2, 2007

    Just got home from an antique auction about 2 hrs. away. There were mostly antiques and furniture.. but also a nice selection of 1960s & 70s toys! We picked up a 1962 Fred Flintstone on Dino by Marx. MINT and working. Wowee.. I can still remember when I got mine when I was 6 years old. It is the coolest. I can't wait to show it to the grandkids this weekend. No damage or fading! Also tonight we got some Aurora Monster Models .. Mint never assembled in great boxes. The cool thing about these.. they are the first version of the GLOW IN THE DARK Monsters..... the long box - before they switched to the 8" x 8" x 3" box. Called the Frightening Lightening Series. 

Got some cool games and stuff. Oh, and a MINT in box Panasonic Plunger type 8-Track Tape Player - NEVER USED.. I just dug out some old 8 tracks to test it.. Disco Hits - groovy!  So I will be busy this weekend adding items on the site.. Remember new finds go to the TOP of a category.. so you don't have to scan the whole page each visit.  You can also tell by the inventory numbers. 

October 13, 2007

     Last night we went to an estate auction up by Albany. About 1.5 hr. away. There were some nice popular toys there.. so it was really worth the trip. We picked up a Johnny Express truck in the original box, Rockem Sockem Robots in the large 60s box, Nylint Pepsi truck in the box, Gaylord the Dog, Some fantastic Redline Hot Wheels Cars.. mint condition! Also a mint in box, never used Panasonic Parapet. Those are the cool round radios from the 70s, this was still wrapped in the plastic with all the inserts, etc. cool. Oh, and a Matchbox Build A Road. So the grandkids were over this morning and helped me check them all out and clean any dust, etc. Will get those on this weekend. 

Sept 29, 2007

    Went to an actual 1950s 60s TOY Auction last night! It was so great. We didn't have to sit around for all the furniture and tools and house stuff.. just toys! This auction was 2.5 hours away.. in central New York. Toys were fantastic! Most mint in boxes and never played with. Prices were high on many items, but we managed to pick up a few cool items: MINT in Box Wham-O Air Blaster (sorry it sold today! it was on the site less than 10 hrs!), Marx soldiers mint in box, Tin litho tea set mint in box, Marx dollhouse furniture still on display cards - never opened, 1965 GI Joe Coloring Set - again, never opened! 1957 Colorforms sets (sorry, no Miss Cookie's Kitchen), and a bunch of cool games. Got home after midnight.. we were exhausted.. but what fun we had.

Sept 8, 2007 

    We are back home in the Catskill Mtns. NY! Arrived at 8pm. My poor hubby had to ride for the last 4 hrs. with toys in his lap..The kids and grandkids came over to help us unload. They were shocked to see how many toys fit in our Subaru Forester! What a great car. The roof container held at least 60 games. Look at my granddaughters face in the photo below. Our grandson was here too and he just loved seeing all the cool boys toys. My house looks like a 60s toy store exploded.. I am working on the site taking photos, testing toys, cleaning and writing descriptions.. it is fun.. but alot of work! 

Wow Grandma - What a load of Toys!                  Subaru Packed with Vintage Toys!

Sept. 6, 2007

     We are here in Winchester Virginia. Left home (Upstate NY) at 5am. Got down to  the the house in West Virginia at 12:30. We picked up a full load of great boys toys from the 1950s & 1960s that I purchased. Heading home tomorrow.. and items will start to be listed on the site  this weekend! What a great collection of toys! The car is packed full! There is also a roof container on top with about 60 games in it! We have a Subaru Forester.. very roomy.. good thing!

Sept. 5, 2007

    We purchased a huge estate of 1950s-60s toys in West Virginia. About 400 miles away. We will be leaving tomorrow morning and driving the 8 hrs to arrive there early afternoon. We expect to be back friday night and list items on the site then! Some of the great items will be: Marx play sets, Fighting Lady Battleship, Mighty Matilda, Flying Fox, Flying Boxcar, Girder & Panel Building Sets, Whirlybird by Remco, Amazeamatic Car, Mr. Kelly's Car Wash, lots of games, Old Fisher price & Playskool, Jarts, And lots of other `cool stuff! So check back!

August 17, 2007

    Hey, if anyone knows the name of the 60s "Pink Fuzzy Guy" shown below- please let me know.. Alot of people have asked. I will post the answer here.  He is about 10" tall. Fuzzy in front, satin on back. Big plastic eyes with veins on the white part. Little black felt feet.  We had them as kids.  I think he was a carnival prize.. but I could be wrong. He has a white cloth loop on top. No tag on this one. Definitely 60's.. probably 1966-68 time frame. 

August 11, 2007

    Took me awhile, but I figured out how to make a "favorites icon" for my website.  These are the little icons that show up when you use Internet Explorer.  When my site is loaded, my site icon shows up next to the address in the browser window.. plus, when the site is saved it shows next to the name (instead of the IE emblem). So with the help of a few sites, especially this one: Favorites Icon Site,  and a few hours messing around with it - It finally works. whoopee.. I chose the fuzzy stuffed animal from the 60s as the icon. He is also my email link on the site. I call him "fuzzy guy." *New visitors that use Internet Explorer will see the icon right away.. If you have been here before.. You will need to delete any Timewarp Toys Bookmark, and clear your site "browser history".. Then when you load TimeWarp Toys again, "fuzzy guy" will be there.. And when you save the site.. he will be there in your favorite places - which makes it alot easier to find the site. 

July 28, 2007

    Just got back from mini vacation up to Maine with family plus the Grandkids, no toy shopping this trip though. Great beach & Kite flying weather! Scarborough Beach, Maine     My daughter is so lucky to live up there.. 

 But today we went down by Newburgh and hit some antique shops. Picked up an authentic Beatles Poster from their Royal Command Performance at the Palladium in 1963.. Nice shape too. Found a neat unusual game, UPS 'N DOWNS. This game consists of this molded plastic race track and the racers are plastic pill capsules with a little lead ball inside. It is fun. Also a great find >> JOHNNY REB CANNON! wowee. I walked right by it - but my husband saw it right away. I cleaned it up and tested it, worked perfectly and not a bit of damage anywhere. wow. 

    Some pickers I know from down south found me 2 sets of Jarts! Lawn darts. One with box, one without. So they will be mailing them up to me. Should have them on site next week. I get so many requests for them.. and they are one of the top items people search for with the search engine.. so it will be nice to get those! *If you have any to sell, let me know. 

July 8, 2007

    Busy weekend. Yesterday we left at 6am to go to a huge flea market about 2 hrs South from home. Hoping to find some Lawn Darts - Jarts. Last year I found 3 sets there! 

   Found a few toy booths. Purchased a Kiddie Drivette. Mint in box. This is a 1950s car seat. The child sits in it, it is attached over the car seat in front next to the driver. Remember, we had the bench seats back then with low seat backs. There is a steering wheel, horn and gear shift. So it is like you are driving too. Very cool, but not legal to use nowadays. There is a flimsy safety strap though. Also picked up a Switch N Go, Expand-O-Car, some games and such. NO luck finding Jarts! We checked out 2 local auctions, no toys to speak of. 

    Today we drove another 2 hrs. to western NY. Another flea market, not as big. No Jarts there either! But did pick up a mechanical monster hand bank and some cool games. 

We drove down to Liberty, NY. Nice town. Found a fantastic shop there! Intelligent Design Antiques on South Main Street. Great retro items from 1930s - 1960s. Fabulous mid century designer furniture, clocks, decorative items, TV's, lamps, kitchen items, just very cool stuff and great prices. And, of course some cool toys. Check their site, and if you get a chance to see their shop - it is definitely worth the trip! It's the best shop I have seen in a long time! 

July 1, 2007

    Today we drove way up to Lake Champlain, NY. Took about 4 hrs. Found a few toys on the way. Loony Links and Shapees. 

    We drove over to Vermont and up across to Port Henry NY. It was nice taking the ferry across Lake Champlain. They did a random security search on our vehicle.. guess we looked suspicious. ha ha. We didn't see any sign of "Champ," but we were hoping. (had the camera ready just in case).  Champ is the supposed sea serpent that lives in Lake Champlain. Like the American version of the Loch Ness Monster. Sightings of him started back in 1609. I took a pic of part of the sign - listing all the people who have seen him.  For info on Lake Champlain's Champ, check out www.champmonster.com

June 25, 2007

    We just got back from Portland Maine! Visited our daughter that lives up there. What a great weekend! 5 hrs. drive.. but it goes pretty fast. . thank goodness for XM radio! We shopped for toys on the way of course. Stopped on rt. 1 in southern Maine. Found some neat items.. Spent the rest of weekend visiting and at the Beach. We cooked out with a beautiful view of the ocean  and Portland Headlight at Fort Williams. Got a nice shot of a rainbow over the Portland Headlight. I snapped a pic of something cool we saw in South Portland.. They welded a VW Bug top onto the VW Bus. 

Looks like 1970s Beetle attached to VW Van

    On the trip back today, we drove through New Hampshire & Vermont.. Rt. 4 is Antique Alley.. Found a great shop somewhere in NH that had 60s toys! Picked up some 1960s Aurora Monster Models, Dracula, Creature & Phantom of Opera.. they are built up and Mint condition. Also found a nice Sears Fire Truck, some games, Amaze-A-Matic, U Drive It, Mighty Mouse Watch, Peter Max Pillow, Snippie Scissors mint in the box. We stopped at Bentley's in Woodstock Vt. for lunch. We drove about 9 hrs. today.. whew. Good to be home. 

June 15, 2007

    Finally have the new shopping cart all finished! yahoo. Works perfectly. I am impressed with it. Now we can concentrate on finding more cool toys! 

June 14, 2007

    SO, I gave up waiting for the Pageville shopping cart to be fixed.. I have gone with another company.. Much more professional.. In the business for 8 years.. AND it works with AOL browsers! whoopee! I have been working last few days late into evenings.. re-doing ALL my pages. Over 900 items have to have the buy buttons inserted and the info has to be typed in for each, single item. I figure about 12 hours of typing! YIKES. Alot of work, but it will be much better of course..(since many of my customers have AOL - as I do!).  

    The great thing about THIS cart is: (besides it working),  it can do so much more. It even has a cool feature where, when you buy, you get points towards CASH OFF on your next purchase! so you can join and get money back. How cool is that?. the more you buy- the more of a credit you get. I think it will just be great.. I am almost done updating the pages - I have a few more pages to type in.. should have it done by tonight! Let me know how you like it - Feedback is always welcome! joyce

June 4, 2007 

    Still waiting for the Pageville shopping cart people to get my shopping cart working properly.. Guess they are pretty busy... If it wasn't so easy to use and to integrate into the site.. I would have used something else! Problem with it: when AOL people use it, it shows nothing in the shopping cart after they click on to buy and put in their zip code. AOL changes the IP addresses constantly.. so when you click to continue.. it looks to AOL like a new person is there.. at least that is the gist, (I think) of the problem. 

It works perfectly with every other browser though.. ALSO, some of the sample sites they have listed on the Pageville site, they work  great on AOL.. so I don't know what the deal is with that! Maybe they will get around to it next week. I liked it since they were really nice to deal with and didn't treat me like a dummy - and I didn't need a real fancy setup to begin with. It is the only site where you had a plugin for Front Page editing software.. and you didn't have to use html language. All the info for the item goes in the BUY button.. and I could keep the site looking mostly the same without changing my look of the site. 

Well, we will keep our fingers crossed! 

June 2, 2007

    Purchased a local estate of toys and games. Late 60s to mid 70s. Neat Games like: Battling Tops, Don't Bug Me and Happiness and a bunch more. Also found a nice 1965 Batman Model - Aurora - Built up and painted nice.  Another Dealer called me this week.. she lives down in PA. They came across two sets of Jarts and some other cool games, so she is shipping them up.. They should be here by Monday June 11th. I have had so many requests for Jarts.. getting harder to find! Also found a 1974 Fisher Price Family Play Castle. My grandkids ages 41/2 & 7 played for hours with that thing.. They loved it! 

May 20, 2007

    We left the house at 6:30 am. Drove up toward Rochester NY. It is about 4.5 hrs. away from our house. We arrived at about 11am. Hubby & I shopped at 11 Antique Centers and shops in the area. We finished at our last one at about 5pm. Headed home. Arrived back here at 9.30. Had a great time finding cool stuff. Picked up a MINT in Box 1952 Mattel Hickory Dickory Clock. Musical Toy. I have never even seen one of those. Also, some Aurora accessories, Mint - Never opened Human Body Model Kits, Some very cool games including the Lucky Star Gumball Game, and my favorite find of the day, the 1960s Secret Book Safe - I had one back in the 60s.. I have been looking for years for another one of those! Can't wait to show the grandkids. 

    It was a great day! We drove 570 miles and hit 11 shops - all in  about 14 hrs. We are pooped!

May 12, 2007

    Drove 2.5 hours today up to Brimfield, Mass. Found a toy booth at the antique show there. GREAT STUFF. Picked up some rare items and very popular toys... such as a JOHNNY ASTRO in MINT working condition! Wow! wish I had one last fall when the person from the NY Times called looking for one for her husband.. well here it is! Also picked up 2 slot car race sets, Creeple Peeple complete with working oven, Vac-u-form, Flying Dutchman, Johnny Eagle Red River Rifle and some cool games. ALSO, the guy we bought from has a few garages full of vintage toys.. so next month we will be hopefully connecting with him and get some more great toys! stay tuned. 

May 1, 2007

    Just finishing up adding the Shopping Cart feature to the site! Should be up today. ALOT of typing. Whew. Last night we picked up some great items at an estate auction. Slot cars - Thunderjets and AFX.  2 great Aurora AFX Slot Car Race Sets too. Will have them up on the Vehicles page by tonight. Also a nice tin litho child's Blue Willow Tea Set. That will be on the Toys2 page. 

April 29, 2007

    Today we went to an estate sale up near Saratoga.  Picked up some nice 1960s Monster items. Trading cards and some magazines as well as some misc. toys. The cards are in really great shape. All Universal & other Horror items will be on the TV/Movies page. 

April 12, 2007

We're off to a busy start this year at TimeWarp Toys! Just installed the search engine. I have mixed feelings on it. But even if the item you are looking for isn't in stock on the site, at least you can see that we HAVE sold it in the past and will certainly keep looking for that item to sell again!

Last month hubby & I went on a toy buying trip.. way up in Central NY. We live in the Catskills and we traveled for hours in search of Toys! We found some great shops and picked up some treasures.. On the site.. they are item numbers 6884-6924. Alot of great finds that day. A mint - Give A Show, Super Jock Football, some great games, Kozmic Kiddle.. just a nice selection.

It was boring drive most of the day.. alot of farms and such. On the way, we passed an old school bus in a field with a fence around it.. we had to turn around and get a better look.  I took a picture with my Treo to share with you... It was a "School Bus Pig Pen."... Only in Upstate NY!

Pigs In A Bus

Last week we went to a live auction nearby and purchased 3 Fisher Price Play Sets. 1970-1972 Airport, Garage & Houseboat! All first year of issue - excellent condition - complete and with Boxes! They are listed on the Toys page.. 1970s section. 

The other day we got one of those calls we love.  It was from a local guy we know who purchases estates and house contents.  He calls us when he has toys. Nothing past 1980 of course. Vintage toys only. This batch is mostly mid 50s to early 60s  toys. 

There were Hoppy items, Capt. Midnight, Space Cadet, dolls, Old games and stuff. A Marx Dinosaur set on the original card! A Rin Tin Tin Canteen, Mint/Sealed Civil War Game, Fascination Game, Antique Erector Sets, 50s Cowboy & Indian figures, Over 90 old marbles, some neat stuff. 

I am still going through it all. I did list the 7 cap guns I found .. sold them after they were on the site only a day and a half. I never call or email anyone about toys.. Everything is first come, first serve. Much more fair that way.  They are  items #6935-6973. 

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