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Dec. 30, 2008

    Hope you all had a great holiday!  We all did. Now that the holidays are just about over, we will be getting back on a toy buying schedule. We are going to an auction this weekend.. And next week - if the weather is cooperative - we're planning a buying trip down to Virginia. We know a few toy dealers down there and we hope to come back with some great inventory for the site! Check Back! 

Dec. 18, 2008

    Still busy here at TimeWarp Toys. We are going to the post office twice a day to ship items out as soon as the orders come in.  Still time to order for East coast customers - to arrive in time for Christmas. Others should use express shipping. 

    Last weekend our new grand daughter arrived. 9lb. 13 oz. ! Mother and baby are doing great!  

Dec. 3, 2008

    It's been crazy busy here at TimeWarp Toys. Our busiest time of the year, of course!  Items are removed from site as soon as they sell.. and packed right away. Orders are shipped same or next day. I am using priority mail - even when customers choose parcel post.. I pay the extra - just so the orders get there fast! 

I know there are alot of toys people are looking for that aren't there.. Popular 60s toys.. if you use the search engine.. and it only shows up on the Gallery or Top Toys page.. that means it isn't in stock. If it shows up on Toys1, Games, etc. pages.. then yes, it is in stock. Hey, check back after Christmas, you can still give the toy as a post Christmas gift or Birthday present! I am ALWAYS looking for the toys you ask for. They are sometimes hard to find.. but I eventually find them. Sorry about not emailing when items come in.. remember if you ask for something.. chances are - about 50 people have asked before you.. and first come, first serve is our policy. So check the site now and then. 

    My Favorite Christmas toy memories: Firebird 99 Dashboard by Remco, My Spring Horse, Fred on Dino by Marx, Casper Pull String Talker by Mattel, Snub Nose Revolver Detective Set by Mattel, Aurora Thunderjet Slot Car Set, Creepy Crawlers, James Bond 007 Attache Case, My first BB Gun, The Tin Litho Battery Operated Car with the retractable roof to make it a convertible, Emenee Trumpet, Hot Wheels Set, Get Smart Radio Pen, Disguise Kit, Magic Sets, Chemistry Set - to name a few.  I hated getting dolls, and clothes for Christmas! Here are some of my Photos from Christmas Past! (Note how thrilled I look with the Barbie dolls! - My sister played with them, I used to drive my hamster around in the Barbie Car).

1957 Remco Firebird 99 1960 Cowboy Drum Set Me on my Spring Horse 1962 1960 Marx Tin Doll House 1962 Emenee Trumpet 1964 Barbie Dolls 1968 Hot Wheels

More Cool Old Christmas & Toy Photos from Visitors on our Toy Memories Page!

Nov. 21, 2008

    All the items we purchased last night at the toy auction are now on the site. Whew!  Trying to not get behind.. since we have a new grand-daughter arriving within the next 2 weeks! We are waiting patiently! 

    My site was down for 50 minutes this morning.. the people that host our site "Sharkspace.com" evidently had problems with one of their servers.. Of course they talk like we all graduated MIT.. but I guess it's working now.. I miss the good old days of the internet when you didn't have to "submit a ticket" when you had a site problem and you actually could speak to a person and not wait for a response.. or, worse yet, an automatic response. But site is all ok now. 

    I added items on the Toys1 page, Toys2, Toys3, Games, Vehicles, & Building pages. All new finds are listed at top of each section! 

Nov. 20, 2008

    Went to another great toy auction down by Newburgh, NY tonight. Not a big crowd! Picked up some great and rare items. Our buy of the night 1960s Ohio Art Tin Litho Dish Set with the ORIGINAL Corner Cupboard IN THE ORIGINAL BOX! Never Played! Fantastic! Also an Agent Zero M Snap Shot Camera Cap Gun, Twirl O Paint - you know, the spin art toy Ohio Art.. Never Opened!, Decoder Set, Old Airplane Set, Great Lots of 50s and 60s Dime Store Items, Tipsy Towers motorized building skill game, Johnny Speed Finish Line, Mr. Joggi Wall Walker - mint in package!, Old Balls & Metal Jacks Sets, Presto Paints, and lots of nifty items. Check out photo below - click to enlarge. Will get some on tonight.. all on tomorrow! 

Nov. 14, 2008    

    Just got home from an estate auction about 1.5 hr. away. We got a late start and got stopped by a cop for having a headlight out.. no ticket! But I really didn't know! Still made it in time to auction - whew! Anyway, auction went well.. moved right along. Picked up a great selection of toys! 

    1960s Marx Cape Canaveral Play Set, Remco Barracuda Submarine - Working and Excellent!, Give A Show Projector, Chemistry Set, Electronics Set, Nylint Crane, Some cool 1950s Friction Dealer Promo Cars, Play Phones, Building Sets, 2 1960s NY Yankees Calendars! Will get everything on the site tomorrow! Remember: Newer inventory goes at the TOP of each section. Here is a photo - Click to enlarge. 

Click to Enlarge!

Oct. 20, 2008

    Left early this morning to go to western NY toy shopping. We met a toy dealer out there that we usually purchase from. Picked up some great items. 1966 Rockem Sockem Robots MINT in Box. Some Evel Knievel Items, some cool games, slot car set, etc. See photo - click to enlarge! Listing items tonight and tomorrow. 

Oct. 10, 2008

    Went to a great toy auction tonight. More mint in box toys. Items from an old Variety Store - Packed away and stored all these years! Old Store Stock.  Starting to sort and list some on the site tonight. Mint in package Wham-O Monster Magnet, Eldon World Maker Globe Set, Pig In The Garden Game (First one I have ever had!), Mint on Card Roalex Space Slide Puzzle, Sealed Johnny Speed Accessories, Kenner Change A Channel. 

Just Cool - Unique Items. Here is a photo of some of it: click to enlarge..

Estate Toys From Auction! Wowee!

Oct. 5, 2008    

    This weekend I worked on the site. I finally alphabetized and organized the Gallery Page! It had really gotten away from me.. over the years I added so many items.. it was just a big paragraph in no order. So I finally sat down and made it easier to read through and find items. A few items don't have photos, but will get them eventually. Some items have  a link to the original tv commercial for it. I also updated the Index page to show link buttons for the inventory pages. The text hyperlinks were just too hard to see on some browsers.

Sept. 28, 2008

    Same Day, after many hours of typing! The Shopping Cart is done! www.shoppingcartgurus.com is fabulous! They were so helpful.. they even helped me with a mess I made in my Front Page software. It works ok on my end. If you see any glitches.. . give me a call. 

Sept. 29, 2008

    I've been typing away all weekend adding new html code to the site for the new shopping cart. I am very excited to have a cart that works reliably! It should be up tonight.. I just have some fine tuning to do on the settings. I have also lowered some prices on inventory that has been on the site for awhile. 

Sept. 26, 2008    

    Purchased some neat 1950s & 1960s Toys this week.. Many Mint - Never Played with. Stored away all these years. Posting them on site today. Old Space Rockets, Doll Clothing Sets, Kids Kitchen Utensils, Car items.. Will have more on next weekend too. Stay Tuned!

Sept. 6, 2008    

    We left early this morning for an auction up by Oneonta, NY. Cow Country. About 1.5 hr. away. It was a onsite auction with many old 50s and 60s toys. Most looked to have never been played.. some still in original boxes. Wow. We had to wait awhile.. but they finally got to the toys and did them all before they did the house items. We came away with some really nice ones. 2 1960s Tonka Trucks in boxes, some fisher price items, games, Telephone Bank mint in box, and other neat items.. Everything will go on site tonight. All from same estate - Inventory Items #8070-8089. Here is a photo:

Toys We Got Today!

Sept. 1, 2008

    Its been a busy week here at Timewarp Toys. Always on the lookout for cool toys. Our daughter lives up in Maine and she called a few times asking about items she saw at yard sales and flea markets. What a good kid! We left some phone bids at an auction this week down by Newburgh, NY and won! We have a Remco Frogman on the site! Mint in box and working. Wowee.. Its been a long time since I have seen one all complete. I have never even seen the spear gun before. Also got a Big Jim Kung Fu Studio - Never Used! A Jon Gnagy Drawing Kit. I used to love watching his show on tv. This set is MINT never used. A Daniel Boone Trail Blazer Game - again, MINT Never Played. A Playskool Texaco Gas Station - IN THE BOX. A cool croquet set. And two - Sets of Jarts! I also listed my 1966 Batman Standee on the site. It is time to sell him so I can buy more cool toys. This is a rare cardboard life size movie lobby standee from the first Batman  Movie. Last one at auction sold for $1,100.00. So I priced him resonably- to sell. Here are some photos of our finds. 

1961 Remco Navy Frogman  1974 Big Jim Kung Fu Studio by Mattel  1960s Jon Gnagy Drawing Kit    

1966 Batman Movie Standee


August 23, 2008

    We picked up the coolest toy today - The Kenner SPIROMAN from 1968. I have never seen this thing. It is large! Cool type of Spirograph toy. It is absolutely mint and complete. It just really amazed me to see it all put together. Also found a 1950s Sand Toy by Wolverine, Just about mint in box. with Pirates! Putting on site now.

 1968 Spiroman by Kenner

August 10, 2008

    Here is a photo of some of the toys we picked up yesterday in Western NY. We were on the road for about 9hrs. total! a really nice selection. Some items aren't in the photo: Mint 1981 Dark Tower Game, Marx Presidents Set, 2 rubber bendie Monsters & Honey Hill Bunch Set.  I will be putting items on the site today! What Fun! 

Neat Selection of 1960s & 70s Toys & Games

August 8, 2008

     Today we were called by one of our local antique dealers.. He found some old games in a house they purchased. So we bought all the games and found some neat items. Another set of Jarts - just about mint in the box. Also, some neat old games. I put them on the site tonight. Tomorrow we are going out to western NY to one of our antique dealers storage area.. where there is a goldmine of old toys and games. Hope to come home with some great stuff. Check back! 

Clancy The Great by IdealNext week will be Monkey week at Timewarp. I have a Clancy the Great - Roller Skating Chimp coming in, Plus a Zippy the Monkey AND a Mr. Bim Monkey! Sorry, I don't take pre-orders. Everything is first come, first serve. 

They will be listed on the Toys1 page, So check back. (newer inventory is listed at the top of each category).

August 3, 2008

    Went toy buying down by Newburgh NY. Stopped by a toy dealer we know. He had some nice toys. Hands up Harry, King Kong Cane Water Gun by Wham-O, Marx 3 Keys to Treasure, Panasonic TNT 8 Track Player & Huckle Chuck Target set.        

    Also, when we got home we had a call on the machine from a local dealer who had a bunch of 1960s games for us! So we went back out and picked them up. Best find - 1964 Challenge The Yankees Baseball Board Game! Wow. First one I have had! Box is alittle rough but the rest is just fine! 

1964 Challenge The Yankees Game. WOWEE!

    Everything should be on the site by tonight. The grandkids will be over soon to help me sort & photograph items. Oh, I also found some early Smurf figures. I know, I have to take them off my sorry page.. (list of 80s toys I don't sell). I will sell early Smurf items when I can find them! 

July 20, 2008

    Picked up some neat rare toys in fantastic condition today! 1964 Monster Lab by Ideal, Operation X-500 Playset and Red Raven Movie Records Set. In addition to some cool games and a Remco Showboat. 

Click to Enlarge  Click To Enlarge  Click to Enlarge 

July 14, 2008

    Returned tonight from our family vacation to Niagara Falls, Canada. We left 5am on Friday and came home tonight. My Son & Daughter In Law, her Mom & the two grandkids. Hubby had to stay home to cover work and take care of the doggies :-(  We all had a BLAST! While we were away, I was able to access my email and update the website when items sold.. so the site is ALWAYS up to date! Any orders that came in over the weekend will be shipped tomorrow. 

Niagara Falls Canada - My son, his wife, her mom & 2 grandkids.  Eating lunch in Skylon Tower overlooking Falls.  Grandkids Feeding & Petting Baluga Whale at Marineland  My son with Catwoman at the Wax Museum  My Son & Grandson with Grandpa Munster at Wax Museum

On the way back -  by Rochester, NY we stopped at the Ontario Antique Mall - One of our favorite places to shop. The grandkids helped me spot toys and carry to the desk. We found some nice items. Monster items from the 60s, A fantastic Chinese Checkers set, Vincent Price Shrunken Head Set, some cool games and another of those neat friction spinning toys. Everything will be on the site tomorrow. 

July 8, 2008

    Tonight we went to an auction up by Saratoga, NY. About 2 hrs. away, but mostly thruway driving. Picked up some great toys. Older 1950s, up to 1970s items. My favorite and the main reason for going>> Mint in Box 1963 Wham-O Air Blaster. So Cool with the Gorilla Target! Since we drove so far, the owner was nice enough to put the toys up first for us. So we were only there an hour. Really nice auction. Putting items on site now. 

July 6, 2008

    This weekend we picked up a mint set of Lawn Darts Jarts. Also, at Stormville Flea Market, some cool Vintage 1969 Hot Wheels Accessories Sets, Suzy Homemaker Oven, and some games. The rain kinda put a damper on number of dealers.. weren't as many as there usually are. But we did well. 

July 4, 2008

    Last night the hit counter on my index page hit One Million Visitors! Wowee. I know there have been more visitors to the site.. since I added the hit counter at least a year after I started the site in 1996.. but it is still cool to see. Hey, I remember when McDonalds hit the "1 million served" mark. 

We are off to local flea markets, church  and yard sales. 

June 29, 2008

    We took a ride down to Sullivan Co, NY today. The "Catskill Valley." Traveled alot of roads we have never been on. We went to some flea markets, and antique shops. Picked up a few interesting items: 1960s Gilbert Telescope, A Colorforms set from the 1969 TV show Julia, and some games. This coming weekend we are planning to go to two large flea markets in the area. Check back!

June 21, 2008

    The bears have been back here in the Catskills, NY, for a few weeks now. The other afternoon we got a few photos of one that has been stealing garbage from our dumpster. He is quite large. The other day, there were 4 in the yard, but hubby couldn't find the camera..     

June 12, 2008

    Went to a nice estate auction the other night. Alot of nice early 50s and 60s toys. Picked up a Technofix Coney Island Roller Coaster and other cool items. It was so hot.. that people were leaving early.. but we stayed and got some bargains! 

    A site visitor solved the mystery of the name of the "Pink Fuzzy Guy" I use for my email link & favorite places icon on my site. I had one also as a kid.. but didn't remember any info.. here it is:

    "I am actually looking for the toy you have pictured just above your email link, that you wanted to know the name of.  I remember having several of them, of various sizes and eye styles.  They were called "Slurps" and came with combs and a styling booklet.  I had a very large yellow one with bloodshot eyes (about 18" high), and a small fuschia one (maybe 12") with long eyelashes called "La petite slurp."  You can't find them using a search engine - you get all kinds of weird results.  I'm pretty sure they were from the 1960s, maybe mid-decade." 

May 31, 2008

    Left the Catskills at 7am. We traveled about 200 miles up by the Finger Lakes Region of NY. Purchased a great estate of toys! So over 400 miles traveled in about 14 hrs.. (few stops along the way).. we came back with a car load! Drove through torrential rain the last 1 1/2 hr! yikes.. trees down, heavy wind.. flooding.. but we made it back safe. 

A few of my favorites: Eldon Bowl-A-Matic, Spacenik Space Helmet, Andy Gard Jousting Knights - Mint in Box! A bunch of cool games, toys, Car stuff, Monsters, wow.. .. I will putting items on the site over the weekend. Check Back. 

Remember New additions to each section are placed at the top. You can also tell by the inventory numbers. Also, if you need toy parts check out Redvenomrepros.com there is a link on my toys2 page. He makes great stuff! 

May 28, 2008

    Clackers - Klackers will be available for sale again soon - here at TimeWarp Toys. I purchased a large lot of Original 1970s Acrylic Clackers from a seller who had old store stock. These have been stored away for over 30 years. Unused & Mint! These are the nice quality ones! They have the pair of large acrylic balls with the sturdy string attached and paddle/handle. Mint in original bag with directions. Lots of cool colors too. They will be here first week of June. Check in my Clackers For Sale Section to order. 

May 24, 2008

    Shopping Cart Aggravation! So, today, I  wasted about 10 hrs. working on the shopping cart problem. I could not get in to test the cart through my website. The ecartsoft.com website would not load. PLUS, I couldn't go directly into their site to view any customer baskets! I had not made any changes to my computer, etc. I could get to all other sites on the web.

 I called the cart people, and he said they were working fine .. their server was "serving" etc. Of course it was.. hmmm. So he suggested I call Road Runner since it MUST be MY computer.. hmm. So after hours of being on the phone with Road Runner and other techs.. Checking my Security settings and changing my Internet Explorer settings, doing a virus scan..etc.. I finally called one of those online techs. I asked him to try to click the BUY button on my site.. and also try to go directly to the ecartsoft site.. Well, he couldn't do either! So he called and left a message at  ecartsoft.. That is was them.. not my computer. Seems like some people could get in.. some couldn't. Just fantastic huh? Why is it whenever you call techs.. it is always your fault.. or your computer.. never them! 

It seems to be working fine now.. I hope it stays that way. I test it all the time for this reason. In the online world .. when there is a problem, most customers just move on to another site & not take the time to tell you.. they assume you know.  And I am paying for a service and I assume it is all working fine.. Now I know better.

May 7, 2008

    A local antique picker called us today. He had some vintage games and stuff to sell. We purchased a bunch of neat old games, some I have never seen. Check out the Games page.. Newer finds are put at the top of each section. One was a mint Crossfire Game. Neat, large game with all the parts intact! 

April 24, 2008

    Went to a nice auction in western NY yesterday. We have been there before & it was very enjoyable. Many auctions drag or are just annoying to be at.. but this one was quick and easy to take. We were only there 1/2 hr. since they sold the toys first! Great! Picked up a Bazooka Gun in original box. Some  Battery Operated & Windup Toys from the 50s. My favorite is the Dandy Drumming Dog. He has his original box too.. even though it is very worn and torn. Also, something vistors have been asking for but I haven't found any in all these years - A Spinning Friction Sparkling Toy. Not sure what the official name of it is, but I had these all the time in the 60s and I loved them. Prices were good, so I am able to mark items at a reasonable price. Yeah!

April 8, 2008

    We are back in the Catskills, NY.. Got back from our toy buying trip about 7:30 tonight. What a great time. We shopped and picked up items we purchased over the internet.. Went to Pennsylvania, Virginia, North & South Carolina. 

Alot of neat stuff! Car was packed. I added some items while we were still on the trip.. took photos and added items to site from there.. but now I can really make some progress. I will be adding new items over the next few days. REMEMBER - New inventory is placed at the TOP of each category. Best finds: the Silly Skiers Set, Crackers the Parrot by Mattel, 3 Slot Car Sets, some very interesting - rare games, Playskool Take Apart Car - mint in box! 

April 4, 2008

     We are in South Carolina on our Spring Toy Buying Trip! It is great to be in 80 degree weather! When we left the Catskills NY, it was 16 degrees!!! Love it down here. We are partial to the South. And what great toys we have found! We drove through Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and now South Carolina. I am adding items tonight! I can't wait they are so great! Here is a partial list, (Newer items will be at the top of each section): 1972 Motorized Silly Skiers by Tomy Mint/Working/Complete. This is the first set I have ever seen! Johnny Reb Cannon, Some nice rare Games, Jump Shoes, Remco Bazooka, Slot Car Sets, Strange Change Machine, and a bunch of cool stuff. Check back! 

March 12, 2008

    Took a trip up to Portland, Maine to visit our daughter.. It was colder up there than here in the Catskills! but we had a great visit. Antiqued on the way home through New Hampshire and Vermont. Stopped at some antique places and shops. Found some nice toys! A Marx Doll House, still in original box. A Cap gun collection. Nice bunch of Liddle Kiddles, Suzy Smart Doll - that works! Girder & Panel Set by Kenner, Phantom Raider Battleship, and a Barbie Hot Rod Roadster from 1963 in Superb condition. We are planning to go down south to Virginia &  South Carolina at the end of the month for a buying trip & some warm weather! Can't wait!

March 1, 2008

    Today we drove up by Albany. Purchased some items from an estate. Picked up some really nice 50s and 60s Marx Play Sets. Medieval Castle, Fort Apache, Cape Canaveral.. etc. Fun putting them together for the photos. The grandkids helped alittle. Also picked up a Marx President Set in the Box. Oh, And a Mint set of Missile Jarts, I just sold the set I had, so I was glad to get another in stock.. this set has extra fins with it. Fun day. 

February 18, 2008

    Went to an auction this past weekend. Picked up a few toys and old marbles from an estate. Weather is warmer. no ice! 

February 9, 2008

    SNOW, FREEZING RAIN, ICE! This Catskill Mt. weather is ruining our toy travels! Went to an auction last week. Picked up some toys. Motorific Detroit Set, and some games. Other than that.. the weather has been too nasty to go far. We hope to go this coming week .. so check back! 

January 20, 2008

    Added a new page on the site! A page devoted to TimeWarp Toys Visitors - photos of their own collections. "The Collectors Room." Very cool - Click on the picture to go there>

January 13, 2008

    Got up at 4:30 A.M! We are crazy. Left the house at 5:30, decided to go up to the Finger Lakes Region (NY) to find toys! And Boy, did we! We filled the car! My prize finds for the day: Zeroid Robot Zintar Mint In Box - Complete! Some cool Tree Tots Sets in Original Boxes: Sky Coaster & Lighthouse. And alot of other neat stuff for the site. I put some on tonight.. will do more tomorrow. (New finds are at the top of each catagory). We got home at 7pm.. it is midnight. Fun work, but tiring. We beat the storm though.. it is now snowing and we are supposed to get 12" overnight into tomorrow here in the Catskills. 

January 6, 2008

    We left the house at 6am for the auction in Western NY. 3hrs. later.. we were there. Roads were fine. Very nice auction. ALOT of people though. Luckily, not many toy buyers. Picked up some nice items! A working Clancy The Skating Chimp, Some OLD Slot Cars - Cox, K&B, 1/32 & 1/24 Scale. Also a Chester O'Chimp by Mattel - Mint & working. And the best find, Marx Stutz Bearcat Ride on Car. Red Color! wow. Really Minty too. Works great. Doing photos now and adding items tonight. 

January 1, 2008

    Happy New Year! We hope you have a safe and healthy year ahead of you. Now that the holidays are over, we can get back on track finding toys! We have about 14" of new snow here in the Catskills Mts. NY, but that won't stop us! We have plans to go to a toy auction up by Syracuse this weekend. Check back!

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