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Dec. 20, 2009

This time of year I get alot of great old photos from visitors - for my Toy Memories Page. I guess this time of year we all  just like to look through photos of Christmas Past.  Check it out. 

Dec. 19, 2009

Been really busy here at TimeWarp Toys. Packing & Shipping. Trips to the post office everyday..sometimes twice a day! There's still time to order for Christmas Delivery. East Coast use priority mail.. all others - I suggest Express Mail.  We are expecting 7" Snow tonight. So we are rushing around and will make a post office trip this morning! Have a great week!

Dec. 8, 2009

WOW! Just in time for Christmas! Got a call last night from a local person that had toys in their attic to sell.  So we went down this morning to check it out & came back with some great treasures!  Kenner Sky Rail Monorail set, Bullet Skyliner another space version of a monorail set. Both Mint In Boxes! A Tiger Joe Tank - the large one & working! A Norelco Transistor Electronic Building Kit, Some models, Cool games and the mechanical bird in a cage.. See photo below. I will list everything by tonight on the site.  Check Vehicles, Toys1, Toys3, Games & Building pages! 

Click to enlarge!

Nov. 30, 2009

Well, its that busy time of year! Especially here at TimeWarp Toys. We are rushing around like Santa's Elves! Kinda. But it is busy! Post office trips every day, sometimes twice a day - so I don't get behind! I added a "Holiday Shipping Info" area on the How To Order Page. We live in NY..so if you live in the midwest or west coast be sure to use Priority Mail option - especially the last week before Christmas! Either way, we will get it to you as fast as possible! 

I added the yearly Christmas Countdown Gif to my Index page. That is set to Central Time, USA. 

I have been optimizing some pages of the site ..so they are easier to read on iphones and, on what I have - the Verizon Droid. Birthday present from hubby...and I LOVE IT! so now you can browse and easily buy on Timewarp from anywhere on your smartphone! cool huh? 

Nov. 26, 2009

        Hope Everyone has a   HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Nov. 23, 2009

        Picked up a set of Mint original Missile Jarts in a beautiful box.. usually the boxes are so bad since these sets are played outside and stored away in garages. So it is rare to find a set in such new condition!  Also picked up a mint Emenee Accordian with Mint Case. I will also be putting on a 1960s Table Hockey set this week. 

Nov. 15, 2009

        Just finished getting all the items, pictured below, on the site.. I just have about 5 more items to put on the Building pg. but will do that tomorrow. Have fun looking! 

Nov. 13, 2009

Click To Enlarge!  Click to Enlarge!

        Picked up some great toys and games down here in Virginia today. We will be back home in the Catskills, NY tomorrow and have items up on the site tomorrow night and Sunday.  Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Building, & Space pages. Some of the cool finds: Baby Go Bye Bye in her Bumpety Buggy by Mattel 1968, Playskool Camper, Fisher Price Little People Farm, Give A Show Projector, Prehistoric Scenes Model by Aurora, Battling Tops with Rare Insert, 1971 Wacky Wheel, Careful Game, Lie Detector Game, Mint Original Risk Game with Wood pcs., Mr. Bim Monkey, 4 ft. long Rocket Toy, And many more cool games and stuff! check back! 

Nov. 11, 2009

        We are heading out EARLY Friday morning to Virginia! It's our Fall Toy buying trip. We meet a few toy dealers down there and hopefully come back with some great finds! Check back for updates! Any orders placed on Friday will be shipped on Monday. 

Nov. 6, 2009

        We are up in Maine visiting our daughter & son-in-law.  It was a long trip. On the way, we stopped at several Antique Malls & found some great toys and games! Rebound, Skittle Bowl, Texaco Fire Chief Helmet, A vinyl 1964 MAD Astronaut Looseleaf Binder,  Play Tiles, Space Tilt, Wheel-O, Star Bug Space Toy, and a bunch of other cool games. Everything will be on the site by Sunday night.  We may find more items tomorrow too! *Check Space, Toys, Building, Misc. & Games pages. 

Click to Enlarge

Oct. 31, 2009

        Still putting items on the site from yesterdays trip. About 1/2 done. I'm very excited about finding the ICE CUBE Game by Milton Bradley! Invented by Marvin Glass. It was missing a few items, but I found a another dealer that had extra parts! so now it is just missing the water sprinkler thingey..which can be replaced or I can keep searching for it. Parts are easier to get maybe? anyway, this is some rare game! I have it listed on the Games pg. 1970s section.  You can also view the original commercial below!

1972 Ice Cube Game   

See Original TV Commercial

Oct. 30, 2009

        Picked up some great toys for the site today! Its almost 7pm.. hope to get some on tonight - but most will be on tomorrow and Sunday. 

        Great Games, Marx Play Sets: Navarone & One Million BC.! Pelham Puppet - Little Dragon Mint in Box! Tin Litho Jack O' Lantern, Tin Wind Up Golfing Bear w/Box, Olive Oyl Doll, Ramp Walker Collection by Marx, Beatles Remco Dolls, Kenner Motorized Projector, Race Sets, Monster Colorforms, Nanny & The Professor Colorforms, JUST SOME REALLY COOL ITEMS! See photos below: Check back on Games, Toys, TV, Cartoons, Misc. & of course Toys pages! PS>> drove about 350 miles today! whew! 

Click to Enlarge!  Click to Enlarge 

Oct. 29, 2009

        Tomorrow we are leaving at 7am to see a toy dealer we know in Western NY. Hopefully, will come back with some treasures! Check back! 

Oct. 25, 2009

        Going tomorrow to pick up some old toys for the website! check back.  Last weekend we went to the in-laws for a pre-Halloween weekend! Kids carved pumpkins and then we went to a great Jack O' Lantern Blaze display at Cortlandt Manor down in Croton-On-Hudson NY. Over 5,000 Pumpkins are used! Yearly event - Really Amazing! I took a few photos of our Pumpkin Fun. 

Click to Enlarge!       She didn't help much...but she sure was cute!

Oct. 23, 2009

Soupy Sales 1926-2009

        In Memory of Soupy Sales who died last night at age 83. Kid TV show host 1960s. Famous for Pies in the face, "The Mouse" song - see link on Youtube, having kids send in money from their parents wallets, and other funny antics! 

Oct. 15, 2009

        Yea! All the Games & Toys we purchased this week - are now listed on the site. Check Games, Building, Toys pages! Age Disclaimer :-)  Remember... If there is ever a photo link missing or wrong, or if the shopping cart doesn't work or is messed up.. PLEASE Email me or call.  I do all this myself .. and I am getting old (like most people reading this! lol ).. just let me know and I will fix it FAST! 

        A site visitor was nice enough to send me a photo of the Slurp Stuffed Animal she has.. (not for sale). The tag reads,  "I'm Slurp" with a patent number on one side, and Spectacular Products, Inc. Cannon Falls, MN on the back. 

Click on for Larger View

Oct. 13 & 14, 2009

        Yahoo! The toys that were supposed to be here by end of week... Came TODAY! That post office is fast! I will sort today. . and hopefully get items on tonight.. Right now, we are going up by Albany to look at another Attic full of toys! Busy Busy! Check back!!  

        We are back home, great items today! here are some photos of what will be going on the site tonight and over next few days! I am very thrilled to have picked up the NINE 1950s-60s Dealer Promo Car Models! Items are all in Great clean shape too! Woweeeee!  PS>>10/14>> I put a bunch of items on site last night..but have alot more to do.. PLUS> More coming in today! When it rains it pours! 

Click for larger view!  Click for Larger View!     

Oct. 4, 2009

       Adding some items on the site. Check the Toys1, Toys2, & Games pages. I have 3 sets of Lawn Darts - Jarts coming in toward the end of this week. Check back on Games page

Oct. 2, 2009

        Dopey Dog #2My Pomeranian "Mango" keeps staring up at the stuffed Lassie I have on my shelf in my office. He is not too sure what to make of it. When I brought it down to show him, he hid under my desk! 

Sept. 28, 2009

        Yesterday we picked up a 1962 Charmin' Chatty Doll by Mattel. First one I have ever had! She is like new condition in great box.  Has all her 5 double side records and she works like new! She can say over 120 phrases. Really cool!  She is listed on the Toys2 page. 

1962 Charmin Chatty Doll

Sept. 23, 2009

        All the items we purchased over the weekend are now on the site.. alot of cool stuff! 

Sept. 20, 2009

        We brought back some great toys and games from Massachusetts! We picked up items at an estate..PLUS visited a large shop we know and the man there brought us to his house - where he had some great old games to sell! So the car was pretty full! see photos below.. I will start adding items on site now. Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Building, Vehicles,  & Games pages!

Click to Enlarge!   Click to Enlarge!  1965 American Flyer Train Set

Sept. 18, 2009

        Sunday we are going out to Massachusetts to pick up a load of toys from an attic. 1960s and early 70s. Yippee!

Sept. 14, 2009

        We just returned from MAINE!  Our daughters Wedding was PERFECT. It was just awesome! We are just bursting with happiness! 

Bailey's Island Maine

        On the way back.. we still had enough energy to stop at a HUGE Indoor flea market in Brunswick ME, at the Mill. Picked up a few unique items.. check toys1, games pages. 

Sept. 5, 2009

        What a beautiful day here in the Catskill Mtns. NY!  Our recent purchase of the Davy Crockett Frontier Tent - inspired hubby & I to get a tent for the grandkids to use up in the woods.  He built a platform and we got a used Sears tent (looks like new).. for them to play in.  (No they can't play with the Davy Crockett one!).. Too bad we can't sleep in it, though - too many Bears! 

Click to Enlarge!

Sept. 5, 2009

        Lawn Darts - Jarts are IN STOCK.  I have 4 sets going on the GAMES page right now. All Mint condition! Check in 60s section (I have one first version set) and 70s section for the other 3 sets.  PS>> These sell fast - especially in this condition! I f you don't see them on the Games page.. they are gone, but check back there often - I am always looking for more.. Update 9/17 I have one set left in the 70s section on Games page

4 Sets of Original Lawn Darts

Sept. 4, 2009

        Was hoping the Jarts would be here today.. but they weren't. Hopefully tomorrow! check back!

Sept. 2, 2009

        It's very late, we just returned from an estate Auction about 2.5 hrs. away.. up by the Vermont border! Picked up some unique 50s and 60s toys.  Some items I have never had! 

         A MINT IN BOX Davy Crockett Frontier Kids Tent with all the poles, etc. - An old Keystone wood & cardboard litho "Frontier Town" Target Set with Calvary, Indians, etc. In the box too! Auburn Rubber Farm Animals,  Mint in Box Marx Wild Animal Set. Oh, those cool Barkley Winter Figures made out of lead All MINT!  2 HUGE Motorific Racerific Sets.. and a few other things. I will get everything on the site in the next few days. Check Toys1, Toys3, Vehicles pages. here are some photos: Click to enlarge.

Sept. 1, 2009

        Jarts - Lawn Darts will be in stock this week!!  A customer emailed me and said he was at a toy show and saw a bunch of MINT IN Box Jarts for sale.  He gave me the dealers phone number and I called them.. They had 4 Sets!! I paid them and they are shipping them today! Yippeee! So check back on the games page by Thurs/Friday. They sell fast! 

        We are going to an estate auction tomorrow night - there are alot of toys so we are hoping to return with some treasures - so check back! Exciting here at TimeWarp! 

August 30, 2009

        We left bids on some toys at an auction the other night.  We won the items and picked them up today.  Neat selection! 1960 Mattel Lie Detector Game, Some mini Whitman Games, Wiz-z-zer Top, Dart Board in unopened package, Hot Wheels Sizzler Fat Track Set, Clown Jack In The Box by Mattel, Playskool "Poker Chips", and a unusual Barbie item: Tote Bag 1960s. Putting items on site tonight!

August 28, 2009

        The grandkids really enjoy the Harry Potter movies, so we decided to make our own Wizard Wands - Went to the craft store, bought wood rods, wood balls for ends, leather, copper wire, glue with jewels.. They came out really nice! 


August 13, 2009

        When Summer is here, I can always count on one thing: MANY requests for Jarts - Lawn Darts!  I had quite a few sets available at the beginning of Summer, but those sold VERY fast.  I am always looking for them.  I only sell complete sets with mint fins.. so it is getting harder to find them. Check back on my Games page now and then.. Look in 60s & 70s section.. when I get more, they will be there. I get many requests for these and I am trying.  Also, if anyone has a set to sell, drop me an email! thanks! 

Aug. 12, 2009

        Picked up a Bronx Zoo Elephant Key.. first one I have had in years! it is on the Misc. Page. Hope to go to a toy auction this weekend. 

Bronx Zoo Elephant Key

Aug. 1, 2009

        Finally a day of NO RAIN here in the Catskills!  Looks like thunderstorms again tomorrow though.  Gotta get outside! I added some items on the site, check out Space & Toys1 page. Have a Great Weekend! 

July 30, 2009

        We made a video of the Clackers in action and put it on YouTube.. check it out!


July 28, 2009

        Today I picked up some toys I left bids on at a local auction on Saturday. My FIRST EVER: James Bond 007 Road Race Slot Car Set, and an Odd Ogg, and some other items! Check Toys1, Toys3, & Vehicles pages!

        Evidently the James Bond 007 Road Race Set 1966 is a pretty rare item.. I think it is very cool.. LARGE! I took some time to clean it up.. it was quite dusty.. but all the track looks pretty good. 

1966 James Bond 007 Road Race Slot Car Set 

On another note.. I forgot how exciting it is for a kid to ride a new bike - until I saw my grandkids on their new bikes this weekend! 

 I remember my first "big" bike.. Dad had a used 20" bike  - he painted it blue for me.. Put on a white Banana Seat, Sissy bar, Butterfly handlebars, Tiger grips, and the Tigeroo Siren on it for me.. (later we added a V-ROOM Motor).. It was so cool.. I just loved that thing.. rode it all over! Here's photos of my grandkids: Do you remember that feeling?


July 21, 2009

        A visitor to the site emailed me that he had some cool Remco Army Toys to sell.. The Bazooka & Booby Trap Land Mine.. Well, I bought them and they came today!  They are very cool and mint/working condition. They are on the Toys3 page. 

        I am checking on some estate auctions to go to next week.. One is too far away, so I may have to leave bids.. we'll see. We are always watching for toys!  My husband said tonight, "It's like Christmas Morning here- all the time!"

July 16, 2009 Went to the Post Office & there they were!

 CLACKERS Are In Stock! Go to Clackers Page 

Vintage 1960s Clackers, Klackers, Klick Klacks MANY COLORS AVAILABLE!  Directions & Bag  1960s Original Vintage Clackers

July 16, 2009

    Just about finished getting everything on the site from the recent estate auction purchase. My grand daughter came over yesterday afternoon and we set up the Horse & Sulky Slot Racing Set.  It worked great! She thought it was neat how the horses legs moved and the jockey looked like he was actually moving the reins and whip.  She liked seeing all the old fisher price toys - but she especially liked the Slot Machines! I let her play with a few.

     I only have to get the 70s fisher price lot on the site and the rest of the slot machines... will do that today! I think I will make a special section on the Misc. page for them.. since there are quite a few.. 

Horse & Sulky Slot Racing Set

July 15, 2009

    We got some great items at the toy auction tonight.. I mean last night..since it is now just a little past midnight.  What fun! Some very cool and unique items! I won't list everything.. but here are the highlights: Mint in Box Johnny Spacemobile Dashboard by Topper Toys, RARE Mint in Box HORSE & SULKY Racing Set, Mighty Mouse Drawing Set, Popeye Punching Bag MIB, 1930s Marx Trapeze Man, 22 Fisher Price Toys from the 60s, and 18 Mint & Working Slot Machine Banks - by WACO Japan! Wow! A whole collection! 

    I may get some items on tonight.. since I made the mistake of stopping at Dunkin Donuts on the way home for a Frappuccino.. I am so wide awake! I should know better! 

Click for Larger View Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

July 14, 2009 

    Clackers will be in stock soon.. by the end of this week! Wahoo! They have been shipped and they are on their way to us! Check for updates on the Clackers page!

    We are going to a Toy Auction tonight! Great stuff there.. I will try to bring home some cool toys! check back! 

July 11, 2009

    Bought a bunch of nice 1960s and 70s games today from a local picker I know.. He buys out house contents and calls me when he finds old toys! I am adding them on the site now. Check Games page

July 10, 2009

    Clackers haven't been mailed to me yet.. hopefully Monday! we'll see. About 2-3 days shipping  time.  Maybe be here by Wed or Thurs.  I hate waiting for things.. I am not a patient person, that's for sure! 

    Anyway, I put some items on the site tonight. Check my Building page, Toys1 & Games.  Have a Great Weekend. Weather looks good in the Northeast! 

July 8, 2009

    1970s Original Vintage ClackersCLACKER ALERT! Clackers coming soon! Yahoo! A fellow contacted me yesterday.  An older friend of his told him he had a huge old wood chest full of clackers from the late 1960s.  He bought the chest back then because he liked it and it was filled with clackers.. he kept them ALL THESE YEARS!  (WE LOVE PEOPLE THAT SAVE STUFF!).  Anyway, they did a search on the internet and found TimeWarp Toys.  He contacted me and we made a deal.  He is taking them to ship tomorrow!  So I expect them in by Monday - maybe even Saturday..  I don't want to post anything on the Clackers page until they are actually in the mail - don't want to jinx it! So all you Clacker lovers - check back on the Clackers/Klackers page for updates! 

July 6, 2009

    Hope you all had a great holiday! The weather here in the Catskills couldn't have been any better! 

    We did go yesterday to another Flea Market and some shops we haunt now and then north of here.. we didn't plan to go, we were doing errands and I turned to hubby and said, "How far is it to that Flea Market up by Middleburg that's only open on Sundays?" He said, "Not far at all! - Let's go!"  We hesitated only a moment because we had planned to do yard work and clean out the shed... but toys won out!  It doesn't take much.. we both love to travel anyway! 

    I just added the items: some games in 60s section (A Mint - Sealed 1967 Wildlife Game - where you Hunt wild animals and collect them for a zoo), Snakes In The Grass (Only 2nd one I have ever had!), Gnip Gnop, and some others! Plus I put on the Vehicles page - Mint in Original Pkg. Crashmobile! 

    So let the yard work wait & the shed be messy! On with the toys! 

1960s Crashmobile - Mint On Card!

July 4, 2009

    Picked up a few nice items at the flea market.  MINT & COMPLETE Bing Bang Boing Game - Ideal 1972. Wow! 1950s Robert The Robot by Ideal & he works! Little Audrey Large rubber figure, Dawn Dolls & Beauty Parlor, Chutes Away Game & A Calamity Jiddle Little Kiddle Doll.  All will be on site by tonight! Happy 4th!

Click To Enlarge!

July 3, 2009

    Tomorrow we are going to a flea market about 2 hrs. away. They are only open on holiday weekends.  Last time, we found some cool items.. we are hoping to be lucky this time too! Weather looks good all weekend too! Yahoo! Stay Tuned! 

   When will it stop raining? Here in the Northeast - it has been raining just about every day for weeks! 

June 28, 2009

    We are back home in the Catskill Mtns. NY. We went to the Norman Rockwell Museum today and it was great. We all enjoyed it. 

    We left there around Noon and went to two flea markets and a large antique center. Picked up some great toys.. which I really didn't expect! A nice way to top off the trip! My family is so great when it comes to my toy craziness and they help search too! Ok, at the last place my son stayed in the car and napped - but that's ok. I left the windows open for him. Here's a photo of our booty, will get items on site hopefully by tonight - definitely by tomorrow! 

Click to Enlarge 

PS>> My Grand Daughter said her favorite thing of the trip was using the hair dryer at the hotel! It was one of those cool ones attached to the wall.  Go figure! 

June 27, 2009

    We are in Sturbridge, MA. On a special Son/Grand Daughter Weekend.  We spent the day at OLD STURBRIDGE VILLAGE. What a great day! The weather cooperated just fine too!  Our Grand daughter just loved seeing how people lived in the "olden days" 1830's America.  The buildings and exhibits were so interesting and full of history. She loved making her own tin candle holder & fishing. She is almost 7 yrs. old and very bright and quick. Funny too! Here are some photos from the day. 

Click to Enlarge!

Tomorrow, we are heading to TWO Flea Markets - Looking for Toy Treasures! And, on the way home we are stopping at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA. 

June 23, 2009

    Well, I put most of the items on the site from our great buying weekend! Still have a few 70s games to get on there today.  I updated the TV/Movie page, Games, Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Building, Cartoon & Vehicles pages.  

    The Bear was back last night.  This was the medium size one.. we have 3 that stop by now and then to get into our garbage.  Our dog barked at him and he ran away before I could get photos... maybe next time.  The other day, I was next door watching my grand daughter .. and the bear came up on their back deck!  Luckily the glass door was closed.  They would come in if we were cooking meat or something tasty to them.  He lumbered off - taking his sweet time. 

June 21, 2009

    I put alot of items on the site tonight. Check >>Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Space & Building pages. I have a bunch of games and a few more toys to put on tomorrow. Check back! 

    Some of my unique items found this weekend: Rare Batman Doll, Silly Sponge Building Set, Nesting Blocks, Mouseketeer Doll Mint in Box, Space Ray Gun Mint in Pkg., Garrison's Gorillas TV Show Target & the Derringer Belt Buckle. Cool Stuff!

June 20, 2009

    We are back home with Treasures! Great Toys found on this trip. Some I have never seen before. Grandkids came over to help me set up items to take some sample photos for this page.. I will get everything on the site within the next few days. Click photo to enlarge. 

I also have some items not shown in photos. Remember, newer finds are at the top of each section.. so you don't have to scroll through whole page each time you visit. 


Picked up 2 Sets of Jarts - I get sooo many requests for those things. One is MINT Never Played with! 

June 19, 2009

    We are in Rochester NY.  Picked up those auction items this morning and headed up this way. Plan to go to the Toy Show tomorrow and do more Toy Shopping on the way back home. Today we delivered Blaze the Ride On Horse - Mattel 1961 - to the Strong HOUSE OF PLAY Museum here in Rochester. They purchased Blaze last month & I delivered it today for free.. since he is so expensive and hard to ship!  

    Well, I finally toured the museum. It was FANTASTIC! What a great place. The grandkids would love it.  If you are ever in the Rochester area.. this is a great place to visit. HUGE! A great hands on museum for kids.. alot of fun! Upstairs is the Toy Hall of Fame & The Decades of Toys, Wow! I was really impressed. Quite a few items were purchased from my site over the years.. so it was great seeing them..The original 1950s Silly Putty, Easy Bake Oven, The Green Machine Ride On, etc. There were Barbie Sections, GI Joe, & Antique Toys - Cases of them! Everything looked great. Here are some photos:

Strong Museum Rochester, NY

    I am also putting a few items on the site.. The Mint Motorized Monster Maker by Topper Toys, Neat Friends of Mr. Potato Head, Larry the Lion & Pit Game. 

June 16, 2009

    *Just added photos below of our July 7th trip to Gettysburg PA. Scroll down...

    We have a busy weekend lined up> Friday we will be leaving at 4am to go to up by Watertown NY..way up North. Last month I did phone bidding for an auction up there and won EVERYTHING.. I paid for it all and now we get to pick it up! Here is what is coming in: Larry the Lion, Show N Tell, Astrolite, Magna-Jector, Creeple Peeple Thingmaker, Lite Brite, Creepy Crawlers, Motorized Monster Maker, 2 Old Unusual Sets Mr. Potato Head, Stacking Nesting Blocks Mint in Original Box, Popza Ball, Aurora T-Jet Slot Race Set with Cars & a bunch of games!

    Once we pick up the toys, we are on to Rochester NY. We have to deliver Blaze to the Strong House Of Play Museum. They purchased him last month and since he is so expensive to ship I offered to deliver him for free. In return, we have free passes to see the museum.  We have never been there & I am very excited about finally getting a tour.  We have sold many items to them, they have a special section of decades of toys! I will provide photos when we get back. 

    Friday night there is an auction near Rochester - we hope to go to. Then we will stay over.  Saturday morning we are going to the Annual Antique Toy Show nearby our hotel.  We go every year we can.  There are usually surprises there.. items I can actually afford to buy..hopefully! And it is fun to be around crazy toy people like us! 

    We will leave Rochester after the toy show mid morning. We live about 5 hrs. away.. so we will head back through Central NY.  There is a toy dealer we go to occasionally, and we hope he has some new finds!  On Sunday it is our 34th Wedding Anniversary... so what better way to celebrate? Toy Shopping! 

June 13, 2009    

    Today we went to an on-site estate auction up by Lake George, NY. We had to wait quite awhile until they got to the toys.. but we did it! Won some really nice items: Major Matt Mason Space Station in Box! 1950s Space Lunchbox, Easy Bake Oven, 2 Thingmaker sets with working ovens EEEEKS! & Fun Flowers! Games, Some Hot Wheels Redline Cars in the Super Charger Race Set, Neat Chemistry Lab & Weather Station, Mint In Box - Never Played With - Remco Navy Commando Frogman! and a bunch of other items. See photo below.. will get on site tonight/tomorrow. 

Click To Enlarge!

June 10, 2009

    Would like to thank all the visitors sending me Old Photos lately.. for the Collectors page as well as the Toy Memories page.  They look great - and we love posting them on the site! Keep them coming! 

    I put a Crashmobile on the site today.. Mint condition.. nice early one. It is on the Vehicles page.  Also, when we went to that estate on site auction .. not too long ago, I bought the contents of a kids desk drawer with all the items still intact! I put the whole lot on the Misc. page. Kinda neat to see items - "estate fresh" and found as is, after all these years! I remember when we were kids, we had drawers under our bunkbed.. I had all my treasures in there. I still have a "junk" drawer with all my little favorite stuff in it. 

June 7, 2009

    Spent the weekend in Gettysburg PA on a special son/grandson weekend. We have been there many times (and to many other Civil War Battlefields over the years)..but it was the first visit for our 9 yr. old grandson.  It was a perfect weekend.  He loved exploring Devil's Den & Little Round Top.. and was mesmerized at the Candle Light Ghosts Of Gettysburg Tour on Seminary Ridge. Our guide was a wonderful spooky story teller! In 3 weeks, we are going on a special grand daughter weekend to Sturbridge Village, MA. 

National Military Park Museum, Gettysburg

    On the way home, we stopped at a Huge Flea Market.  Picked up the Roy Rogers' Quick Shooter Hat! I have never had one.. have been searching for years! This works great! It is on the Toys3 page. Also, finally, another set of Jarts, Madcap Molly Doll, Gripidee Gravidee, and Ideal Super City Building Set.  So all around, it was a great weekend! Items will be on site tonight/tomorrow. 

June 1, 2009

Picked up from an estate: The coolest toys from the 60s Spy Era. Check out my Toys3 page! Agent Zero M Snap Shot Camera Gun & The Agent Zero M Pocket Shot Jack Knife Gun both by Mattel. Also another one of my favorites - Six Finger Spy Gun! And THE BEST.. My favorite Toy when I was 9 and 10 years old.. from 1965 The James Bond 007 Attache Case! This is so exciting! I had mine for years and years.. but then my kids played with it.. and we moved..etc.. so it all was all eventually lost. I am really enjoying this one. It is ALL Complete too! Also found Beatles Cake Toppers Nodders - from the same estate. Packed away all these years and they're in Mint Condition. They are on the Misc. page

May 30, 2009    

    Went to an estate auction today. Picked up a few nice items. Marx Tony the Pony Motorized Ride On Horse, Coney Island Penny Machine, Some neat games and a 1970s Daisy BB Pistol mint in box. They will be on the site this weekend!  Just tested Tony & he works great! This is the first tan version I have had. 


    We really enjoy traveling to buy toys but it is getting harder to find these treasures.  If you have items to sell, dropme an email. The closer you live to NY State, the better - since shipping large boxes of items can be expensive! 

        This weekend the clackers I had since last June finally SOLD OUT :-( If anyone has some boxes to sell that they  found in a garage or storage unit.. give me a call. I DID get one set of red clackers out of the estate they are on the Clackers page. 

May 25, 2009

    Picked up a POGO PONY up in Albany, NY today. I have never had one of these guys. He is really cool too! From 1973, and he is a spring action horse.. you can actually ride around on. My grand daughter was alittle wary at first - but after a few tries, she was riding around our carport like a pro. He is mint condition too. 

Pogo Pony 1973

May 17, 2009

    Today we went to an on-site estate Auction about 3 hrs. away. There were some terrific toys there and we got them all! See photos below. Coolest is the Hamilton's Invaders Helmet - Mint in Box! A Mint 1965 Mystery Date Game, Wolf Man Mystery Game, Camp Granada, Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster, 3 Six Shooters & Holsters, Suzy Smart Desk, Swiss Bells, A heavy  Metal Litho Saucer Sled, Marx Targetland in box, Johnny Astro, Marble Raceway, Tracer Gun, Jimmy Jet, Ride on Wood & Metal Train, and a bunch of cool, beautiful condition, games. 

    Also, A  HUGE Creepy Crawler Lot! The boy there made tons of them and kept them all these years! I will be selling the plastigoop, molds & creepies all together! I will start putting items on the site tonight! 

Click to Enlarge!  Click to Enlarge!  HUGE Creepy Crawlers Lot!

May 13, 2009

    Just returned from the Antique Fair. Came home with a great find - A 1960s Marx BOP-A-BEAR Target Toy.  Mint & Working - Complete in Original Box! Also picked up some games and a Monster Magnet by Wham-O. Will put items on site tonight/tomorrow.

1960s Marx Bop A Bear Target Game

May 12, 2009

    Tomorrow we are getting up really early and going up to Massachusetts to the Brimfield Antique Fair. The largest Antique Fair in the Northeast - they have it 3 times a year. There are usually toy dealers there.. so we hope to find some great items! Also, we are leaving bids at an auction that has some nice toys.. so, hope to be busy this week putting new finds on the site.  

    I picked up some cool items this past weekend and hope to get them on tonight.. We were busy this weekend - my daughter and fiancÚ came down from Maine and we went dress shopping for the Wedding.. which was hectic but fun! 

May 4, 2009

    Updating the Top Toys page some neat toys and photos there. Check it out! Also, I am adding more thumbnail photos on the Gallery page.. AND for really popular toys there will be a link from the Gallery page to the Top Toys page for more info.

May 3, 2009

    Left early this morning to go to a flea market about 2 hrs. from home. We also stopped in some antique shops along the way. Found some nice toys. A cool working Bengali Tiger by Marx, A plush Mr. Jinx, Emenee Accordian, Creepy Crawlers, and some games.. I put some on the site tonight.. The rest will be on soon. Check Toys1, Cartoons, Vehicles, TV/Movie pages!

April 26, 2009

    Finished adding all the new finds from this weekend on the site this morning. Whew! 

    This way, I was able to enjoy the day at the LAKE! About 1/2 hr. away from our house - here in the Catskill Mtns. NY, there is a beautiful, State owned.. but "forever wild" lake.. for public use.. NO lifeguards.. dogs are allowed, no motor boats or fires.. and pristine! Just like the old Disney movies!  Weather is perfect this weekend here.. about 85-91 degrees. Foliage is yet to bloom .. but it is starting.. here are some pics.  The grandkids got to swim too! Dogs loved it of course!  

My Golden Retriever - ALFRED - Named after Batman's Butler, of course! Is totally obsessed over the tennis balls! 

There's my Angels    Kids went Swimming!  My Tennis Ball Obsessed Dog - Alfred

April 24, 2009

    Just returned from an auction up in cow country.. here in Upstate, NY. Great Stuff. In addition to the two sets of Jarts - Lawn Darts I picked up today.. we found the following treasures at auction tonight: Mint in Box Barracuda Submarine by Remco, Emenee MONSTER Enlarg-A-Graph, Play N Show by Kenner, Gaylord Dog by Ideal, Space Toys, Booby Trap (the original with wood parts of course!), Crazy Clock by Ideal, The Big Press by Ideal, Motorcycle Race Track, & Vac-U-Form. Wowwee! 

    Everything will be on the site this weekend. Check Toys1 page, Space, Building, Games, & Vehicle pages. OH, and I found ANOTHER set of Jarts at auction. 

Click for larger view!

April 21, 2009

    Went to an auction last night down by New Paltz, NY. Picked up a cool Pedal Scooter: 1957 Super Sonda Scooter. Also, some Peanuts Pocket Dolls. We bid on quite a few items.. but the quality didn't warrant high bids! There were broken parts and missing items. . I try to buy quality. Better luck next time! 

1957 Sonda Pedal Scooter  

    Got a call from a picker we know... meeting him Friday to pick up 2 sets of Jarts - Both Mint condition. They will be on the site Friday night. Check back!

April 18, 2009    

    Just returned from an auction up by the Mass. border.  We went for one thing & we got it! It was the only item I was interested in.. although there were many nice antiques, etc.. but no other toys except: Super RARE 1966 BATMOBILE RIDE ON CAR BY MARX!!  The Holy Grail of Batman Toys.. well, to me, anyway. Measures 36" long and it all works great.. and looks great. This has the Spring Wound motor....No Battery.  You would push backwards and then release the brake, and ZOOOM - you shoot forward about 30 or 40 feet. 

1966 Ride On BATMOBILE   

    It has gauges and knobs that all turn, the steering wheel is shaped like the bat.. the steering wheel beeps .. there is a working storage trunk. It is just too cool. I will list it on the site and a link to the original commercial soon. It will be listed on the TV/Movie page and Vehicles page. 

    We are also planning to go to an auction on Monday.. so check back. Busy, busy busy. 

April 5, 2009

    Went to a very nice auction about 1.5 hr. from home, Up past Albany. A few toys. We picked up a Hasbro Astrolite Building Set, Rebound Game, Bingo - Ultra Nice Set, Combat Command Play N Carry Set.. AND A RARE Disney Fold-A-Way Play World Playset. Really cool. 


April 4, 2009

    Yesterday,  I received a call from a Prop Master of a Movie Production Company. He ordered some toys. He told me he loves our site and he ordered items last year from us and used them in a movie.  I asked what items? what movie?.. and he said the Astronaut Helmet and the Evel Knievel toy for the movie BEDTIME STORIES with Adam Sandler! 

    I was like, WOW, we just watched that with the grand kids! So, of course, we popped in the movie and sure enough.. there - at the beginning of the movie in the flashback sequence when Skeeter was a kid, he was running around with a Astronaut Helmet on .. and on the dresser was the Evel Knievel Toy! The grandkids were pretty impressed!

    We are going to an auction tomorrow! Some vintage toys.. so check back! 

March 25, around midnight!

    We had a great time at the auction. Picked up some wonderful 60s and 70s toys! MY FIRST Ever, Stretch Armstrong AND the Stretch MONSTER.. Both Kenner 1976, 1978. Wowwee! Shogun Warriors by Mattel, In Boxes plus Godzilla. King Kong Stuffed Animal - which I have also had requests for.. Show N Tell Record Player, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, Knights Playset by Marx, A Green Machine Ride On by Marx. The ORIGINAL Atari Game System.. Star Wars items, Super Jock Games, Weebles Honey Tree, Marx Shooting Gallery, AND a U-Drive-It! Plus some more goodies.. Here are some photos. Items will be on site tomorrow. 

Click to Enlarge!   Click To Enlarge!   Click to Enlarge 

March 25, 2009

    We are going to an auction tonight that has alot of 60s and 70s toys! Check back! 

March 19, 2009

    I finished listing all the toys the other day that we purchased from the auction last weekend. Same estate of Cool Toys from the 60s.. ALL in beautiful - hardly used shape.. Dusty boxes - but contents mint or close to it. 

    I have had several emails looking for the Bowl-A-Matic we purchased.. but sorry, that sold the next day. Also I have had people Calling about the Golferino.. sorry, that sold too.. As did the Aurora Slot Cars.. and some of the games. There are still alot of great items.. so peruse the site. 

    This morning I tried the Fighting Lady Battleship again.. and it worked! My batteries were old (duh).. so that is in great shape - ready to go. 

    I am now on a quest to find a replacement Gorilla for the RARE Battery Operated Jungle Hunt game. I have a few places to check out.. Just need a gorilla the same size. A small metal rod would go through his feet and he is attached to the top of the game.. when the spring pops up (when you aim correctly).. he would fall over. Very simple set up, so I am hoping to get lucky. IF any visitors have a replacement.. let me know. 

If you have one to sell - let me know!Here is a photo of original that came with set.. anything close would be great. but he should measure 4" tall, 1.5" wide at bottom of feet to fit the holder. He should be hollow too.. so he will tip over easily from the spring that pops up from underneath. 

March 15, 2009

    We left this morning for Lancaster, PA. Went to a great auction that had Lots of Toys! There were Amish Folk there with horse & buggies .. Kinda neat to see them parked next to big SUVs.  

Click to see larger view!

    We sat for a few hrs.. while they auctioned all the other items.. (I watched tv on my treo smartphone).. hubby read a book. We did pretty well, I think. Traffic was light coming home.. we just got home around midnight. 

    Anyway, below are some photos of what we brought home. Great condition. Very dusty.. but I will clean all up.. I disinfect EVERYTHING!  I don't like dirty toys. 

Here is partial list: Fighting Lady Battleship In box, Frogman In Box, Bowl-A-Matic Mint working, Jungle Hunt Game, Golferino, Bop Baseball, T-Jet Slot cars & Track, Skee-Ball, Sonar Sub Hunt, Mr. Potato Head (the old set where they used real potatoes!), Games, Including all 4 of the American Heritage War Games, Lie Detector, Gladiator Ship Mint in Box. Just some neat stuff. Will get most or all on by tonight.. 

Click for Larger View  Click for Larger View  Click For Larger View

March 12, 2009

    Yesterday, Picked up some toys from the local guy I know that buys out attics.. He calls me when he gets toys. Bought some mint Slider Jarts from the 1970s. A 1960 Bagatelle Game - Three Keys To Treasure, Confucius Say Game and a bunch of cool Slot cars. All will be up by tonight. 

March 7, 2009

    We left at 5:30 this morning, went to an auction 3 hr. away.. Got there in plenty of time. Alot of cool 50s and 60s toys from an attic. My favorite: 

The Official Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! All cardboard  - You can go in it! In excellent shape! The roof is the shipping carton.. and it is pre-zip code (zone) address. So pre 1962. It looks like 1960-61. It was all put together at the auction, so I took photos of it there after I won it. All the cardboard is bright clean and colorful. Large too! 4 feet tall and about 3 feet square. There is just slight tearing on the door bottom - which of course I will fix with new cardboard glued on the back.. It is like new. All the tabs are there and it goes together perfectly.. It has the door and windows in the back. very cool. Also the original directions were there. 

    1960s Mickey Mouse Kid Size Clubhouse    Some of the cool toys we found!

Also won some 1960s Slot Cars, Building sets (American Plastic Bricks & Girder - Panel Set). A Spooky Bank, Battlewagon Works too!, Marx Rabbit Hunt set. Check on my Toys1, Building, Vehicles pages.. etc. Will get items on tonight or tomorrow. 

March 1, 2009

    I purchased a set of the 1960s Lawn Darts today.. Missile Jarts. First version! All excellent with no breaks! Now I have 2 sets in stock.. this set and a 1970s version too. 

February 28, 2009

    Yesterday, we took a ride up past Catskill. Did some antique shopping for toys at some large shops up that way.. Picked up a few cool treasures. Putting on site today.  

February 23, 2009

    Picked up some cool toys this past week. Oscar The Grouch Talking Alarm Clock, some neat Yacker Mattel Pull String Toys, Crazy Clock Game, Make A Face Game, Batman Wallet, Rare Frankenstein Ball Toss Target Game, Addams Family Card Game and The Strange Change Time Machine Toy by Mattel. Fun Stuff! 

1970s Oscar The Grouch Talking Alarm Clock

    I will be glad when Spring is here! Long Winter here in the Catskills! 

February 8, 2009

    Went to an auction today.. picked up some cool toys: Working, Mint TIGER JOE TANK by Deluxe Reading - with the box and all shells! Captain Action Figure In The Original Box.. and some neat 60s games.. Check on my Toys1, Toys3 & Games pages! 

1961 Tiger Joe Tank

January 25, 2009

    Got a call yesterday from a local antique dealer. He buys out house contents and has a local barn sale on his property. Well, he calls me when he finds toys!  So we went down, and he had a few boxes of items... we purchased them and he said they have alot more to pick up on Monday from the attic .. he will call us tomorrow. . so we are keeping our fingers crossed that there are more cool toys for us. There were some neat car toys and old 50s 60s games. There was a MINT 1959 Dealer Promo model of a Lincoln Continental in the box  plus,  a Mint Motorific Racerific set ! Check Back!

January 17, 2009

    We made it home A-OK. Here are some photos of our great finds.. A few items not in photo -- since I didn't un wrap them yet! The Popcar Spacemobile Ride On is super rare and I am thrilled to have found one! Some one called me through my site and we met him to pick it up on the way home. It does work too! Early 1960s made in Japan. It still has the original rechargeable battery (early version).. I am charging it now to see if it will work with that battery, if it doesn't the 6volt at Toys R Us will also work! 

    Among the finds I didn't list last night: Bing Bang Boing, Green Ghost, Bop The Beetle, Balancing Clown, Husker Du, GI Joe Game, Pachinko, Amaze-A-Matics (Two!), Big Mouth Singers, Merlin, Simon, Wild West Checkers (very cool with cowboys & Indian figures!), Poppin Hoppies, Easy Show Projector, Fuzzy Pumper Play-Doh Barber & Beauty Parlor, Lite Brite and all you see in photos.. plus more! I have to go.. I have alot of work ahead of me! 

Some finds not in photo! WOWEE  More Cool Toys We Found!!

     Finally! The weather was stable enough for us to leave to go toy shopping. 

     We left home (Catskill Mtns, NY) at 4 A.M - You heard me right! It was soooo cold - 6 degrees! Drove down to Virginia .. met up with some toy dealers we know and bought some great items.. some, I have never had on the site! Car is almost full. We came back up here to Gettysburg PA and are staying the night. Tomorrow morning there is an auction nearby with toys so we are going there before we head home.   Check back - Items will be on the site this weekend.  Some cool finds today: Agent Zero M - Movie Shot Machine Gun, Suzy Cute Set, Zoom Loom, Jarts, Mousetrap Game, Suzy Homemaker Large Kitchen Appliances, Planet of the Apes Wagon & Catapult, and a large number of fabulous games!

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