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Dec. 31, 2010

Our thanks to all our wonderful customers who made this a very successful year. Hoping you all have a Happy, Healthy, Toy-Filled New Year! 

 Looking back over this page, I can't believe all the great treasures of toys we discovered! Hoping this year will be just as satisfying!

 Now that the holidays are just about over, we can get on the road and dig up more great stuff!  We will be away the end of next week - on the road - to some toy hot spots we visit.  Wish us luck! 

Here's one of my favorite Beatles songs.. nice end of year one.


Dec. 29, 2010

Added a video of the 1963 Ford Thunderbird by Cragstan I have for sale on the Vehicles page.  Looks great. I had one of these when I was 7 & can remember sitting on the living room floor playing with it.. I thought it was so cool and still do! 

I uploaded the video to you tube: click on below.


Dec. 26, 2010

Putting a few items on site right now! Check Games, Toys3 & TV/Movie pages!

Dec. 25, 2010

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We didn't have a White Christmas today.. but it looks like tomorrow a Huge snowstorm is heading our way.. 7-14" expected.  

We spent the day with family & friends.. here are a few shots of our grandkids with their cool toys!  Didn't get a shot of grandsons spy watch..(which takes photos and video), that thing is cool.. I would have loved that when I was 10! 

My favorite "Toy" I rec'd for Christmas? The Amazon Kindle Book Reader.. from my hubby. I Love it! What an amazing piece of technology!


Dec. 23, 2010

Christmas is almost here! YEA! Can't wait - it is so much fun having Grandkids - especially at Christmas.  My husband asked our 2 yr. old Grand daughter what she wanted for Christmas.. and she said, "Cocoa".. ! haha.  One cool item we bought our 11 yr. old grandson was a Daisy BB Rifle! He will love it.  Also for our older, 8 yr old grand daughter, a Barbie doll with a built in Video Camera! and for our little grand daughter, this cool Fisher Price - Little People Zoo! (Don't worry, they don't read Grandma's News page).

Dec. 20, 2010

We are keeping busy here at TimeWarp.. Packing & Shipping 2x a day! There is still time to order for Christmas delivery.. East Coast use Priority Mail.. all others Express Mail. (Express Mail gets delivered On Christmas Day too!).  A few neat Puppet items came in today. Listing on site now. Includes a Neat Mechanical Lion Marionette toy - I have never had.. and 2 Mint Pufnstuff Puppets! Listing on site now! Check Toys1 pg. 60s & 70s sections. 


Dec. 17, 2010

Here's a nice Christmas song clip from one of my favorite cartoons!


Dec. 16, 2010

I added some neat links on my new Books/DVDs page.  You can buy DVDs of Vintage Toy Commercials & 1960s - 1970s Cartoons.  Click on to go directly to Amazon.com for info & to purchase!

DVDs - Toy Commercials & Cartoons!

1940s - 1970s Toy Commercials 1960s Toy Commercials 1960s Cartoons 1970s Cartoons

Dec. 15, 2010

Site was down today for 2 hours.. This RARELY happens! my Server people at Sharkspace.com said it was "Network Issues".. Not sure what that is - I'm sure I wouldn't understand it if they told me anyway.  But all is OK now. Everything working great. sorry for any inconvenience. 

Neat estate purchase! Listing on site today. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Vehicles, Mego Batcave - vehicles & figures. Stony Smith, Geromino from Best of the West & More!

Estate Toys

Dec. 14, 2010

Plenty of time to order for Christmas gifts, if in doubt - use Priority Mail.. check our HOW TO ORDER page for info on cut off dates through the US Post Office. We ship same day during the holiday season! 

Here's a neat video of the Andy Griffith Show Theme Song .. with words to the song! I had never heard this before.. thought you might enjoy hearing it. 


Well, our little town here in the Catskill Mtns. NY has just about recovered from the major flooding we had here  last week.  2nd such flood within last 2 months!  The Esopus creek that runs into town (usually not literally!), just can't hold the water anymore.. needs to be dredged or something.. but due to it being in the NYC watershed (we are 2 hrs. from NY City), and controlled by DEP and DEC (dept. of Environmental Protection and Environmental Conservation).. its complicated as to when this problem will be fixed! 

Anyway.. Our shipping of items was still on schedule - even with major flooding. HEY we take our toy business seriously! We still were able to travel to another post office in the opposite direction of all the flooding.. So Fear not, even flooding won't keep you from getting your toys on time for the holidays! 

Here's the link to the Video of the Flood - Incredible footage!

The #1 Bestselling & Most-Gifted Item on TimeWarp Toys!

 CLACKERS Are In Stock! Go To Clackers Page.

Vintage 1960s Clackers, Klackers, Klick Klacks MANY COLORS AVAILABLE!  1960s Original Vintage Clackers

Another GREAT Holiday Gift Idea! Not sure what kind of gift to buy?.. but you know your fellow baby boomer likes Vintage Toys.. But they are hard to find, not sure which to buy >> and some are EXPENSIVE  >> ! 

How about a cool book SHOWING all the vintage toys they grew up with? Some of my favorite books to peruse and to use as a reference book for the site are the "Boys & Girls Toys of the 1950s & 1960s" They are actual re-printed Sears Christmas Wish Catalogs from when we were kids! Its all there - The best toys ever. I also love the Baby Boomer Games Book, SPY Toys and 100/101 Baby Boomer Toys. 

I have links at the bottom of all my site pages..  But here are all the links below for you to check them out. 

TimeWarp Toys has been an Amazon.com Associate for 10 years.. So you can just click on any book below and it will take you to Amazon.com to get all the info and buy directly from them. They ship fast too.  I also added a "BOOKS" page to the site.. where I will have all these listed & I will add more as I find them!

Its a really fun gift to give to a friend ..or for yourself. 

Boys Toys of 50s & 60s Sears Wishbook!  Girls Toys of 50s & 60s Sears Wish Book! Baby Boomer Games: Identification and Value Guide           

          Cartoon & Character Toys  Cartoon & Figural Toys

       Boys Toys of Fifties & Sixties  


Dec. 6, 2010

A few neat items came in today, will be listing on the site today! Moving Monster Gun - The one where you project monster images on the wall and shoot "holes" in them. Kinda cool, have never had one.. but lots of requests, Hen In The Hatch Nesting Toy by Child Guidance, Downfall Game, Qubic 3D Checkers, Last Straw Break the Camels Back - First Version! Wiggly Weirdies, Junkyard Target game (not in photo) & Bermuda Triangle Game. I have more cool items coming in at end of week too! 


Dec. 5, 2010

Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Holiday Shipping of Toys is keeping us busy.  Plenty of time to order for Christmas delivery. Check our HOLIDAY SHIPPING INFO area if in doubt. We ship same day during holiday season. I am shipping everything priority mail in US this month. 

Here's a nice clip - an oldie & one of my favorites!


Nov. 29, 2010

We are keeping busy here at TimeWarp! Its our busy season. Items are taken to the post office twice a day! I posted the Shipping Cutoff dates from the post office on my How To Order page.. check there if you have any doubts.. but basically, I would say use Priority mail. 

I added a few neat toys on the Toys1 page.. My favorite - Little Orby Space Alien Wall Walker. Mint in Package! Wow. It is so hard just to find them at all! .. and this is complete with all the suction cups AND in the pkg! Neato! I bought 3 of these.. have already sold two.. Have ONE left!! 

1960 Little Orby  Cool!

During the Holiday Season - we will ship your order same day IF you order by 3pm Eastern Time. Otherwise will ship next day. We are in Upstate NY - zip code 12464.  

Priority shipping is 2 days to East Coast Customers, 3-4 days to Mid West, 4-5 West Coast. Parcel Post is pretty slow. To the west coast, it takes at least a week!  (Parcel Post=Pony Express!)


To ensure delivery in time for Christmas - order on or before dates below - by 3pm Eastern time.

US Domestic Mail 
Priority Mail     Dec 21- 22nd (East Coast)
Express Mail*    Dec 22 or 23 (cities)
Parcel Post       Dec 15

Express Dec 17 
Priority Dec 13 
First Class Dec 10

International Mail 
Express Dec 16 
Priority Dec 13 
First Class Dec 10

Nov. 25, 2010

Nov. 23, 2010

As the holiday season approaches.. I get alot of calls and emails about toys we remember as kids.  I hear many stories of old toys (many can't remember the name.. and I try to help as much as I can), but I get the greatest stories about these toys and how much they meant to them as kids.  Many stories involve a sister breaking her older brothers' favorite toy and wanting to replace it now that they are all grown up.. or a parent breaking it by accident or giving it away to the kid next door when they thought their child was too old for it! And now wanting to replace it.. etc.

So, if you have a Vintage Toy story.. EMAIL ME.. and I will post it on the Feedback page.. WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT!

PS>> Some Fab 1970s Games came in today! and a cool Skeleton Pelham Puppet Marionette! Putting all on site now. Check Toys1 pg. 60s & Games 70s sections. 

Nov. 19, 2010

 Check Out My Timeline page! When were the popular 1960s Vintage Toys made?

Nov. 16, 2010

Did you know that Mel Blanc did the voice for Larry the Lion by Mattel? Mel Blanc (1908-1989) was a American voice actor and comedian who did the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Barney Rubble & HUNDREDS of other characters! He also did voices for a few toys! Larry was one of them. 

Larry The Lion Pull String Talker by Mattel 1962 - For Sale on Toys1 page

1962 Larry The Lion by Mattel

Nov. 14, 2010

I am looking for the two little drawers shown below.. They are from the 1960s & they measure approx. 2" x 2" x 3".  Top drawer was the nose area, bottom drawer - the chin area. They would fit into a box.. and it was just a novelty item back then. I have the box, but not the drawers shown to fit in it.. if anyone finds any, let me know. thanks! joyce

1960s Face Drawers

NOV. 12, 2010

Cool 1960s Rings from Estate Auction! These were in the jar with all the charms & little toys (see last nights post below).  I listed them on the Toys1 pg. & the TV character ones are on the TV/Movie page. All are complete with no breaks! wowee.

Rat Fink Superman Green Hornet Ring Whistle Ring 23 Kids Rings Lot

Nov. 11, 2020 pm

Picked up a few items at Estate Auction! Mint in Box Cragstan Ford Thunderbird.. Battery Operated with the retractable roof - that works! I actually remember having this toy. I loved it and thought it was so neat the way it worked. Also a Battery Operated Army Tank, Mattel Tommy-Burst Army Machine Gun, 1960s Kids Umbrella with Gun Handle, Marx Jungle Shooting Gallery - Complete - Works in Box! Accordion Playing Bear IN BOX, 

And the most fun item>> A Glass Jar. Yes, A 5" x 6" Glass Jar. Straight from the estate, FILLED with 1960s Charms, kids Rings, Little Toys, Flicker Rings, Gumball Charms, Cracker Jack Prizes, etc. Looks to be over 200 items. I am having a ball looking and sorting them. I found a Green Hornet Ring, Superman Flicker Ring, 3 Stooges Larry Flicker Ring, Rat Fink (the large one!), Pop Beads!! and so many other cool little things. I am going to break it all up into lots and sell that way. Here are photos, click to enlarge! Check Toys1, Toys3, TV/Movie & Vehicles pages. . Will be on site soon.

Items #9972-9993 All from Same Estate

Cool Stuff!  Gumball Charms!!

Nov. 11, 2010

In remembrance of our Veterans

My Son & Grandson at Gettysburg National Monument. PA. 

Nov. 10, 2010

   Left some bids on some cool 60s toys at an auction.. we did win most of the items! Picking them up tomorrow afternoon. Will list them early tomorrow evening: CHECK BACK! 

Nov. 8, 2010

My, How times have changed!


Nov. 3, 2010

Wow! It's getting busy here at TimeWarp Toys.. Alot of early holiday shoppers are stopping by already!  But> I refuse to put the "countdown to Christmas" banner on the home page until after Thanksgiving! It is just too early! But you are smart to shop now for vintage toys.. you wouldn't believe how many people I told in December last year - "Sorry, I don't have that in stock.. I just sold one last month though!" 

Large items are pre-packed and ready to go.. to save time during our busy season. From now until January.. I will ship orders out next day.. sometimes SAME day if you order before 11am eastern time. If you have any questions on Anything, feel free to email me! thanks, Joyce 

Happy Halloween from TimeWarp Toys!

Oct. 28, 2010

Very nice estate of toys we purchased today! Everything complete and CLEAN! See photo below.. adding items on site tonight and over weekend. 

Estate Toys!

Oct. 29, 2010

Going to check out an estate of vintage toys for sale today! check back this afternoon for updates! 

Oct. 25, 2010

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I am still putting items on the site from this weekend.. should be finished by tonight.   

Oct. 23, 2010

We did really well at the On-Site Estate Auction! Picked up some nice items!  I really love buying directly from estates.. You KNOW where the toy has been and it only had one owner.. hasn't been passed around getting damaged and such.. PLUS >> they have been stored away ALL these years just waiting for me to buy them for YOU! It's kinda cool, like a Toy Treasure Hunt! 

Best item, I think: The 1963 Marx Battle of The Blue & Gray Civil War Playset. Complete and Just about as MINT as you will find! Very exciting to find that! Also, an Ideal Fire Boat Mint in Box, Hasbro Atomic Submarine Torpedo Toy, Yankee Doodle Secret Rocket Test Center, NHL Table Hockey, 1950s Bike License Plates, AND a Double Holster with Both Cap Guns from the 1950s TV Show RANGE RIDERS! YA-HOO. and more.. see photo below.. working on site now.. PLUS I still have more to get on from yesterday's buying trip. WHEW! 

1950s & 60s Toys FRESH From the Estate!

Oct. 22, 2010

We went up to the finger lakes region of NY today.. about 3.5 hr. away! We purchased a nice lot of toys from a picker we know up there.. He buys house contents & we buy the toys from him. I am putting some items on the site tonight. The rest will be on over the weekend. 

Tomorrow morning we are going to an On-Site Estate Auction - WAY up in farm country.. alot of nice old toys. We hope to get some treasures for the site. Check back.. here are photos of today's purchases:

Click to enlarge!

Oct. 19, 2010

We are back home in Upstate NY - From our trip to Maine! Everything that we purchased over the weekend is now on the site. Check Games, Toys1, Toys2, Building & TV/Movies pages.  Remember, new finds are at the TOP of each section so you don't have to scroll the whole page. The VW Beetle Pedal Car we bought was a BIG hit with our almost-2-year old grand daughter!

1970s VW Beetle Pedal Car

Friday we are going to look at a collection of vintage toys to buy & Saturday - an Estate Auction with TOYS! Yahoo.

Oct. 17, 2010

We are still up in Maine visiting our Daughter & Son-In Law. Found some great toys all along the way too! Here are some nice shots of Maine and SOME of the toys we found this weekend. We will be home tomorrow - back in the Catskills NY - We have a few more places to stop at tomorrow.  Everything will be on the site by Monday night. Any orders for toys that came in over weekend will be shipped on Tuesday (I will ship by Priority Mail!). 

Toys from MAINE!        Near Bailey Island ME

Oct. 16, 2010

"Where do you find all your cool toys?" - One of the most frequently asked questions on my site.. Well, we are up here in Maine visiting our daughter & son-in-law.. Here are some photos of the neat places we visited today! Wow. What fun! Treasure hunting! We did find some really neat stuff.. I will post items on the site tonight and tomorrow! Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Space, Games pages. 

Someplace near Bangor Maine Maine This place was HUGE>> WOW! Maine Antique Barn

Oct. 12, 2010

Haven't had this in awhile! Picked up the other day - Mint w/ 4 Figures & Accessories. 1975 Star Trek USS Enterprise Bridge Play Set by Mego. Listed on TV/Movie Pg. & Space Pg. 

1975 Star Trek USS Enterprise Bridge by Mego

Oct. 8, 2010

   Will be listing a bunch of Pull String Talking & other Dolls by Mattel later this afternoon! All professionally re-conditioned and cleaned - so they talk & LOOK like new! Check Toys1, Cartoon, TV/Movie & Misc. pages. 

Beany & Cecil 1960  1966 Monkees Talking Hand Puppet  1964 Woody Woodpecker by Mattel  1962 Larry The Lion Talker by Mattel  1970s WC Fields Talking Doll

Also, we are going to an Estate Auction Sunday - TOYS!! check back. 

Oct. 4, 2010

Hope you all had a great weekend! We picked up an item the other day I have never had.. but have been seeking for years! The ultimate Cap Gun Rifle collectible - 1958 Rifleman Flip Special by Hubley.  A big hit with my grandson! Measures 32" long, metal & plastic with fantastic detailing all over. Works all as it should too! 

1958 The Rifleman Flip Special Cap Gun Rifle

Special trigger allows Rapid Fire Shots.. just like the Gun Chuck Connors used on the TV Show "The Rifleman". Here>> is a clip from the opening of "The Rifleman" showing his gun in action!  Our Rifleman gun is on the Toys3 pg. with other Toy Guns, etc. 

Oct. 2, 2010

Finally got a photo of the grandkids with Big Loo!

3 Crazy Kids & Big Loo - Grandson has Batgloves on.

Sep. 29, 2010

We are back from our LONG trek down to southern NJ.  Some great toys! MY FIRST EVER.. BIG LOO MOON ROBOT! I have only seen two in person.. and that was at a toy museum in VT.. and the "House of Play" Museum in Rochester, NY.  He is SPECTACULAR! Measures a whopping 37" tall. Made by Marx for one year only in 1963. I will post more info on the toys1 pg. when I list him tonight. Also, MINT Working In Box Deluxe Reading Playmobile, Marx Mystery Space Ship Mint in Box. Mr. Machine IN BOX, Johnny Reb Cannon, Tiger Joe Tank Works too! Huckleberry Hound Break-A-Plate Target (first one I have had of that too!), Bop the Beetle and another favorite of mine> MINT Complete 1965 James Bond 007 Attache Case by Multiple Toys. WOW! I better get busy. We have an auction to go to tonight too. Here's a shot of the toys!


Sep. 28, 2010

TimeWarp Toys has been in business since 1996! We started in the early days of the internet.  I was feeling nostalgic, so I went to this cool website I use now and then: https://web.archive.org  It archives websites! So, you can type in a site and see what it looked like way back when! here is the link to the early days of Timewarp!

TimeWarp's Index page back in 1997 You can even click most of the links to see some old inventory.. Nothing there is in stock..sold long ago. 

WOW! We've come a long way! Hey, tomorrow we are picking up some spectacular 60s toys! I don't want to spoil the surprise.. so check back! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More Great items:

1972 Bing Bang Boing MINT>COMPLETE  1960s early 70s Cubes & Tubes Building Set  1959 First Version - RISK!  1965 Fish Bait Game by Ideal Mint & Complete  1960s Whee-lo Magnetic Spinning Wheel Toy Mint in Box

Sep. 24, 2010>Update

Game Extravaganza here at TimeWarp!  Some great games I have NEVER had & some I have wanted for a Long time.  A few cool toys mixed in there too! Foo Chu Fortune Sticks! Remember those? Some neat TV show games (remember, those will be on the TV/Movie page), Smess Chess Game by Parker Brothers - WOW. . I have wanted that for a long time..first one! Addams Family, BEATLES Flip Your Wig Game! Kreskin! Madame Planchette! Ouija Board! My era of games>60s! Plus some cool 50s & 70s ones. Will be getting items on all weekend. Check back! 

Here is my grand daughter helping - holding up my display.


Sep. 24, 2010

Picking up some 1960s Games today! And Next Week > some Spectacular Toys! check back!

Sep. 22, 2010 - Update

1 pm. Just finished adding to the Vehicles page & Misc. pages! Yahoo. Still have alot to add to the site. Will finish up by tonight. Here are some more cool items! 

Original 1960s Goldfish Crackers Bank!  1960s Kittie In The Kegs   1948 Froggy The Gremlin - Buster Brown Shoes

Sep. 22, 2010

Well it's about 1:30 a.m. We returned from the Estate Toy Auction in Pennsylvania at about midnight! I arranged and photographed it all so you could get a Sneak Peak. Some great stuff here! I will be listing tomorrow.. I mean later TODAY. . Please>> no calls or emails to order until items are actually on the site for sale.. I still have to test toys and check condition, etc. All looks really good though! Check back! Items will be listed on  Toys1, Toys2, Misc, Vehicles, Cartoon & Games pgs.

Click to Enlarge!     


Sep. 19, 2010

We are home here in the Catskills.. back from our weekend in Massachusetts.  Found 2 more Flea Markets today. Picked up some more neat items! A MINT IN BOX>> Pan Am Dual Control Cockpit, 2 unique Motorific Racing sets with working cars!, Linoprinter Set by Mattel, and a RARE Tie 'N Tangle Game MINT>Never Used. Will get items on site tonight.. Looking forward to the toy auction on Tuesday! 

More Neat 60s Toys for the site!

Sep. 18, 2010

Our Flea Market finds here up by Sturbridge MA.  Checking out 2 more flea markets tomorrow.  Will get some items on site tonight. Check Games, Toys1, Toys2 pgs

Our Finds today!

Sep. 17, 2010

Spending the weekend up by Sturbridge Mass. with our Grand daughter!  Going to Old Sturbridge Village for the day (an 1800's Living History Village).. Also have 2 flea markets to go to!  Looking for toys! 

We also have an auction to go to on Tuesday - 1960s TOYS!! 

Sep. 16, 2010

My Grand Daughter is in 3rd grade.  The other day, in school, the teacher read the class a "Judy Moody" book.  Well my grand daughter has learned quite a bit about vintage toys - by helping me with my website.. Well, imagine her surprise when Judy Moody mentioned in the book.. she had a "Hedda Get Betta" Doll! The 1960 Whimsie Doll with the 3 faces.  I have sold a few.. and my grand daughter knew exactly what it was!  The author, Megan McDonald, was born in 1959.. so I would imagine she had a Hedda doll back then! Of course, the real name is Hedda Get Bedda.. but that's ok. Close enough. Here is the photo in the book and the write up! How cool! 

 New Book   Click to Enlarge 

SEPT. 11, 2010

Posting items on the site now from our busy weekend of "Toy Treasure Hunting."  We went to the On-Site Estate Auction this morning.. about 1.5 hr. from our home here in the Catskills, NY. Alot of great, old RARE items! We picked up some really nice things. Here is a partial list & a few photos below:

RARE 1930s Walt Disney Silly Symphony Christmas Lights, 1950s Lone Ranger Magic Code Silver Bullet Pen Set - MINT! (My favorite of the day), Lone Ranger Comics from 1949, 5 Super Hero Comics from 1942, Puzzle Keychains Mint on Card, Accessories for the Marx Hi-Test Service Center, Military Playset Mint in Box by T. Cohn (1960s), and a few other cool items. 

What Artwork! MINT!  

SEPT. 10, 2010

Wow! GREAT Finds today! Not only did we go to the Flea Market in Massachusetts, but we looped around below Albany NY to an Estate Auction tonight! Spur of the moment thing! Wow..Great stuff! 1960s>>A Giant TinkerToy Set! (I have never had one).. Rockem Sockem Robots, Shark Car, Cowboy & Indian Playset, Military Playset MINT, Two 1/24 Scale Rannalli Slot Cars, Models, Games, MINT/Still Sealed Magnetel Game, And MORE> see photo below! Just wonderful toys! 

Click to ENLARGE!

Have to get up early to go to the Onsite Estate Auction.. so won't get anything on the site tonight.. but will definitely get items on tomorrow evening and Monday! 

SEPT. 9, 2010

We are going to a huge Antique Flea Market tomorrow! On Saturday Morning, we are going to an Onsite Estate Auction - with lots of unique 1950s toys! We're crossing our fingers that we will return with lots of cool stuff for the site! I will post any updates here and on our Facebook page. Check back! Here are the photos of some of what we found the other day at auction: In addition to the Great Garloo!

1962 Vac-U-Form 1964 NY Worlds Fair Sinclair Dinosaurs  

SEPT. 6, 2010

We left home at 6am - went to an estate auction in Pennsylvania about 2.5 hrs. away.  There were some nice toys & we were happy with our purchases! 

Best of ALL>> 1961 Marx Great Garloo Monster Robot. All working and looks great! Also picked up some neat 50s items! All the photos are on our FACEBOOK page..click the link at top of this page.  I will have everything on the site by tonight. Check Toys1 & Misc. Pages!

1961 Great Garloo by Marx

SEPT. 5, 2010

Hubby & I took a ride around the Catskills, here in NY today. Checking out yard sales. Picked up a few items & it was a great day for a drive through the country! Found a 1970s Fisher Price Ride on Horse, Mint & Unused 1971 Gilbert Geocraft Mineralogy laboratory, A Kenner Girder & Panel Set 1960 & the coolest Sesame Street Big Bird Item: 

An early  Bouncy Type Ride On - Big Bird! He measures almost 2 feet tall & is heavy duty rubber.. Looks just about NEW!  No leaks, you can add air with a pump and those little needle thingeys you use for footballs..But the air amt. seems just fine as is. There is a handle in the back & I guess his tail feather area would hold a little kid on there. Great item for a Big Bird collector! He is marked on the bottom: "MUPPETS INC." which is the earliest (first) copyright mark for Sesame Street/Jim Henson items.. dating it from 1958-1974. I'm thinking it is 1970s. Very bright, colorful & detailed. Here is a photo: 

 Vintage Big Bird Bouncy - Hoppity - Ride On Toy

SEPT. 4, 2010

Picked up a nice lot of toys at the flea market this morning! 

Click to Enlarge!

Two items are MINT & Still Factory Sealed! 1965 Trik-Trak Dare Devil Set by Transogram & the Set Shot Basketball set by Marx. Unbelievable finds! Wow! Can't get them any better than that! Also, 1961 Original Mr. Machine by Ideal, Multiple Toys Mobile Missile Attack Force Playset, 2 OLD Colorforms sets, Give A Show, Time Bomb, Whee-lo & Early Marx version of the Whee-lo called "Mysterious Magnetic Yo Yo" In the box! 

I should have everything on the site by tonight. Check Toys1, Toys3, Vehicles & Games pages. 

SEPT. 3, 2010

Hoping to pick up some Vintage Toys tomorrow at the Flea Market! Check Back! 

AUG. 31, 2010

Had a wonderful weekend with the kids & grandkids. Sunday at the NY Aquarium & Monday at Compo Beach in Connecticut!  We purchased some kid-safe JARTS at KMart to play on the beach.  

I do have more great sets of original sets for sale on the Games page - which are for Adults ONLY! They have metal tips.. but the kids had fun with this new set we bought. 

New kid-safe Jarts

AUG. 21, 2010

We picked up some nice items at the Antique Flea Market today! Will be getting all the items on the site by tomorrow. Check Toys1, Toys3 & Games pgs. One unusual item I have never had: 1950s Kids Dueling Set, Mint & complete! 

8/21/10 Toy Finds!

AUG. 20, 2010

Leaving early tomorrow morning to go to a HUGE Antique Flea Market about 2.5 hrs. away here in Upstate NY! Hope to find some great vintage toys.  Check Back! I will post any updates & photos directly to our FACEBOOK page from the Flea Market! 

Last week one of our customers purchased the 1971 Trouble Bubble by Kohner (we had purchased from that On Site Estate Auction a few weeks ago). Well this is a neat  Pop-O-Matic Skill Toy Kohner made back then.. one of their best - I think.  You hold this ball shape and on the bottom you press the button to make it 'POP' the balls up onto the little round tees.. you want to get the correct color on each tee also.  Well, I couldn't even get the ball to STAY on the tee! This was the second or third one I have had on the site.. so I have tried before.. It was so hard, for me anyway! I could NOT do it!  So, the customer sent me the photo of the Trouble Bubble SOLVED.. thought I would share it.. GOOD JOB, Layla! 

1971 Trouble Bubble by Kohner

AUG. 16, 2010

Purchased a nice little collection of toys through the mail.  Putting on site now. Liddle Kiddles & Tiny Doll Lot > check Toys2 page. And some really cool, unique toys Marx Prowling Growling Tiger in Box, Whee-lo, Close N Play Record Player, Telzall Fortune Teller.. etc.. check on Toys1 page! 

AUG. 15, 2010

Yesterday, we purchased a bunch of games & some toys from a local picker. I'm getting everything on the site now! Check Games, Misc. & TV/Movie pages. 

AUG. 10, 2010

SSP - Super Sonic Powered Cars by Kenner! Just listed a collection of 15 - purchased from original owner - All Excellent & Work Great! On Vehicles page

1970s SSP Race Cars by Kenner

AUG. 8, 2010

Hope you are having a GREAT Weekend!

Just finished putting our finds from today on the site! Picked up a 1938 Mysto Magic Set, 1955 Merry Milkman Game, Suzy Homemaker Oven, & some other 60s games! Check Toys1, Toys2 & Games pgs. 

AUG. 7, 2010

Just finished listing the toys I purchased through the mail! GREAT collection of 1950s & 1960s toys. All MINT and in Original Boxes. In this collection: Original 1956 Wiffle Ball, Original Crystal Ball Fortune Teller, 1962 Lesney Models of Yesteryear Cars, and more! Inventory numbers are 9645-9656. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games & Vehicles pgs. Going to Flea Market tomorrow! Check back!

1950s 1960s Toy Collection

AUG. 6, 2010

Getting items on site now.. check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Misc. & TV/Movie pages! 

AUG. 5, 2010

We just returned from an On Site Estate Auction 3 hrs. away in Connecticut. Picked up some nice 60s & 70s toys! So all items are from the ORIGINAL OWNERS.. I love buying from Estates.. you know the history of the toys by talking to the owners & they tell stories about the toys they grew up with and their memories. It is so thrilling to buy like this! 

First of all - the most obvious item in the photo below.. a 3 ft. 2 inch tall 1960s Plush Stuffed Monkey! With Rubber Face, Hands, Ears & Tennis Sneakers. He is all intact! He looks great! Also 3 Vintage 1970s Fisher Price Little People Sets Minty in Boxes.. House, School & Fire Station! A really cool looking 45rpm record case MINT with groovy graphics all over -- filled with records from the Estate! A Bee Gees Rhythm Machine - That works! Mint in Box! 1970s Suzy Homemaker Juicer, Easy Bake Oven, Screamin Demon Bike Siren, And my favorite: (after the Monkey), A RARE 1964 Mary Poppins Purse! YOWZA! Everything will be on the site by tomorrow! Click photo below to enlarge. 

PS>> Cool stuff coming in the next few days.. I bought a collection of 50s, 60s toys through email>phone> and mail. Also we are going to a HUGE Flea Market on Sunday. 

Our items from On Site Estate Auction! WOWEE!

AUG. 2, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy... Picking up toys!  Over the weekend we went to one local auction, left a bid at another and went to a flea market 2 hrs. away.. Haven't had time to update this page or FACEBOOK. Finally, have a chance! Picked up some cool games which will of course be on the Games page.. AND the best of all for all you Monster lovers... A 1964 Aurora Gigantic Frankenstein Model! woo-hoo.  He is the famous RARE one. 

Back in 1964 Aurora made many models.. they all cost about 98 cents back then. Well, when they made this Frankie (Face was designed by Marvin Glass, by the way), they charged $4.98. which was ALOT for a kid back then. Remember comics were 12 cents! SO, poor Gigantic Frankenstein was discontinued after just a year of production. 

He is Large! 19" tall and 12" wide! He has movable arms..which are attached inside with a large rubber band. Whoever built this one did a pretty good job.. Only the face and hands were painted.. And I like it! If the buyer doesn't, I found out you can easily remove the old paint (with a car degreaser - google it for more info).. and repaint it. He is missing his rope belt, chain and rock.. but hey, this is only the 2nd one I have had in 14 yrs. of having this site! so who am I to complain? 

He is marked inside his back panel 1964 Aurora - Universal Copyright. He is too cool.

1964 Gigantic Frankenstein by Aurora 

JULY 30, 2010

Just added a Clancy The Great by Ideal on the Toys1 page. He looks & works Great!

1963 Clancy The Great by Ideal

JULY 29, 2010

Just added a really nice Hot Wheels 1968 Double Dare Race Set with Cars on the Vehicles pg,  Plus added some neat items on the Misc. page!

JULY 27, 2010

We are back from our 3 day family trip to Boston/Salem. Had a great time - saw some Whales, Ate seafood, Learned about Pirates & Witches.. Great Weather too! Glad to be home.. Had alot of packing & shipping to do this morning. All orders that came in over the weekend are on their way! I mailed most by Prioirty Mail (at no additional charge)..to make up for any lag in shipping time! 

I just posted the Troll Shanty, Tutti House Mate & Fisher Price Milk Truck on the site.. I bid on these at a local auction by phone while I was away. Trolls & Tutti are on the Toys2 pg. Milk Wagon, Toys1 pg. 

Here are some photos of my Grandkids on our trip!

    Pickering Wharf Salem MA        Pirate Museum Salem MA    

We saw 2 Humpback Whales!  

JULY 24, 2010

We are away on a short family vacation for the weekend. Before we left, we went up yesterday to a local auction house that happened to have some toys up for auction tonight.. well, I was amazed to see a 1967 Mini Martians Star House by Ideal. Looked MINT and it had two Mint In Boxes Martians with it!! wow! I have never had one.. Well, we were leaving on this trip.. but I was able to call tonight and do bidding for it over the phone - and I won it! I am away now but posting it on the site.. with the photos from the auction.. I will take better photos when we get home Monday Night. 

It is amazing condition looks great. And so great to find 2 Mint Dolls! It will be listed on the Toys1 pg 60s section as well as the Toys2 pg. I also bid on & won some other cool items.. Troll Shack w/60s trolls, Tutti House & Rare Fisher Price toy.. will get those on Monday night!

1967 Martian Star House by Ideal w/ 2 MIB Dolls!  Inside Mint too!

JULY 18, 2010

Picked up some GREAT items today! Some 60s games which will be listed tomorrow.. But the best was the MINT >> Never Played with >>Never removed from Box 1961 Remco Frogman U.S. Navy Commando. All the parts are here - he looks great! He will be on the Toys1 & Toys3 pages. Also check Cartoon, Vehicles and Games pgs. for more new finds!

1961 NAVY FROGMAN COMMANDO  Toy Finds 7/18/2010

JULY 17, 2010

Tomorrow we are driving 3+ hrs. into Pennsylvania to pick up some 60s toys we purchased from an estate!  Original owner. Mint in Box Remco Frogman and other cool toys! Check back.. we will look for other toys along the way too.

JULY 14, 2010

Adding some items on Toys2 page, Toy1 & Toys3 page today! 

July 11, 2010

Getting items on the site from our buying trip yesterday. 60s games are all on there... and some toys. Also on the Cowboys page, I added the Janice & Jamie West Figures by Marx. both mint & for one price! 

July 9, 2010

Wow this heat is something! But it doesn't deter us from our goal to provide you with cool toys! Tomorrow we are on the road again searching for vintage toys! Check back!

I just listed the Johnny Reb Cannon on the Toys3 page. Looks great & fires like new! wow those cannon balls can really fly! 

1961 Johnny Reb Cannon by Remco

July 5, 2010

Hope you all had a great July 4th weekend! We did! I worked on the site in between all the family stuff.. and just about finished putting all our recent finds on the site.  I thought I was finished and realized I forgot one of my coolest finds... the set of tin litho Globes! Depicting Earth, Moon & Heavens.. Mint set by Replogle. Guess I am getting old :-) but they are on the site now.. Toys1 pg. 70s section

Remember, if by chance you try to click the BUY button and it doesn't work... it doesn't mean the item is out of stock! It means I messed up on the html language for the cart.. Everything on the inventory pages SHOULD be in stock.. so just drop me an email and I will fix it pronto. Same with the photos.. if they don't work, the link may be wrong. I do this all myself and sometime I mess up! 

JULY 3, 2010

We went to a Flea Market this morning with the Grandkids. It was about 1.5 hr. away. They had a great time helping us search for old toys! We found some great items: Johnny Reb Cannon, Beany & Cecil Disguise Kit, Replogle Moon & Heavens Globes Mint in Box! Cheerful Tearful Doll, Sunshine Family Farm, Mystic Skull Game, Professor Wonderfuls Wonder Lab Set (Mint/Complete!), Funny Face Pot Holders Unopened! and some other cool games. 

Grandkids really help us alot!  

JUNE 29, 2010

Working away here adding items on the site! The Jarts - Lawn Darts Collection I purchased came today! Seven Sets! All are just about MINT and Unused. I added them on the Games page.. 60s and 70s section. I still have some items to add from the Estate sale yesterday. Hope to finish up tomorrow. 

JUNE 28, 2010

We are back home safe & sound from our LOOONG drive down to the On-Site Estate Auction in Pennsylvania! Made the trip worthwhile... bought some fantastic items! A Mint and I mean Mint Blaze Galloping Ride on Horse by Mattel. He looks like he just came out of the store in 1961! He is a beauty. AND he has his pull string intact and works! I pulled the string a few times and he did his whinny sound! This was obviously the largest pull string talking toy Mattel ever made. It was up in the attic all these years.. safe and sound! Amazing! Best I have ever seen! 

Also, picked up a Great looking.. dare I say Mint again? Yes, Mint! Patti Playpal Doll.  I am not much of a doll person.. but I did have a few back then.. and Patty was one of them.. So I knew her right away when I saw her! Made by Ideal. I believe she is the largest 60s doll at least we ever had back then.. 35" tall, Life Size Doll - She was made to the size of a 3 yr. old. She is in amazing condition.. with all original clothes and shoes too. 

Some neat games.. Original Candyland, Tony The Pony, Clancy The Great, Twirl O Paint, Spinning Wheel by Remco..again, Mint/Complete.. and just some interesting estate items. Oh, and some neat kids dishes from the 60s.. I will start adding items tomorrow on the site.. check Toys1, Toys2, Cartoon, Games, Misc. pages.

Toys Finds!

JUNE 26, 2010

Today> Picked up a MINT Set of Jarts Lawn Darts (see Games page) also a Mint Complete SILLY SAND Set! That is on the Building page and Toys1 pg. its the first complete - Unused set I have had in a really long time!

1966 Silly Sand 

Tomorrow> We are picking up a Marx Tony the Pony Ride On & Monday we are going to an On-Site Estate Auction with some cool toys from the 60s! Wowee! Check Back. Have a Great Weekend. 

JUNE 24, 2010

Large Toy Gun Collection Purchase! Mattel Snub Nose .38's, Bandolier Belt, Fanner 50, and more! Check Toys3 & Space pages! 

JUNE 21, 2010

   Hope you had a great weekend. We picked up a few items for the site.. Including a Mr. & Mrs. Mouse House by Remco. Items are on the Toys1 pg. 60s section and the Misc. page.  Sold out of the Jarts over the weekend.. but we have 7 sets coming in soon! Also next weekend, we are picking up a Tony The Pony Ride on by Marx. Check back! We never know What we will find.

JUNE 13, 2010    

Found one item today. But what a great find it was. Only the second one I have had.. and the first I have had in the Original box!  1966 LOST IN SPACE Robot by Remco.  All Excellent & working too! It is listed on the Space and TV/Movie page. Exciting! 

1966 Lost In Space Robot by Remco

JUNE 8, 2010

We are back home in the Catskills.  Sunday we picked up some neat items at that flea market on the way home. 2 sets of the 1960s Jarts  - Mint Condition! Some neat games like Swivel & Hip Flip, A beautiful large plush Monkey from the 50s, Kenner Motorized Easy Show Projector.. and the best was the RARE OLD DUTCH MELODY MILL by Kusan. It is a Bell Tower in the shape of a Windmill! MINT condition. You can play it manually as well as automatically. Wowee! 

So everything is on the site. Check Toys1 & Games pages. 

JUNE 5, 2010

We had a GREAT day down here in Gettysburg Pennsylvania with our Son & Grandson. Tomorrow we will explore more of the battlefield & head back up North to the Catskills.. but on the way we are stopping at a Huge Flea Market and some other stops where we hope to find some Vintage Toys - Stay Tuned! 

Here's a photo of our Grandson on Little Round Top - Overlooking Devils Den. 

JUNE 3, 2010

This weekend we are going to Gettysburg Penn. with our Son & Grandson for a quick getaway.  Our grandson is 10 yrs. old and really loved it last year when we went.. so we are going again! He especially liked the Ghost Tours @ Ghosts of Gettysburg! So we are definitely doing that again... anyway, on the way back on Sunday we are going to a HUGE Flea Market.. we always find Something cool there.. hoping to again!  Stay Tuned!

Here are some recent pics of our Bear visitors here at our home in the Catskill Mtns. NY.. The first two I took with my phone.. I was coming home - and there he was in our driveway.. he just wanted to ignore me and kept walking away to my son & daughter-in-laws house next door (2nd pic).. The 3rd photo is one my daughter in law took out her kitchen window!  Click to enlarge. 


JUNE 1, 2010

Returned from our buying trip with some nice finds! See photo below. I will start listing tonight.. I was very excited to find a collection of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND Magazines from the 60s! so cool. Some great games and some neat - interesting items, Suzy Smart Desk, Planet of the Apes figure, Soakies, ....!  Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Building, TV/Movie pgs. 

Click to Enlarge!  MONSTERS!

May 29, 2010

Found some nice items at the Flea Market today! 3 Sets of Jarts, Mint - Huckleberry Hound Plush Doll w/Original Tag! Mint Hedda Get Bedda Doll with box & Hard to Find Thermometer! Johnny Express Troop Carrier, Aurora Powerslicks Slot Set & Scan game. Will get items on site today! 

Today's Finds!

We didn't go to Western NY for our buying trip the other day - One of the fan belts on my Subaru Forester was hanging under the car .. and I noticed it just before we were going to leave.. I couldn't get it repaired in time to go, since we needed to leave by 6am! But we will be going this coming Tuesday! Check back. 

May 26, 2010

 On Saturday, we are going to another HUGE Flea Market where we usually have good luck buying vintage toys! AND it is opening day! so check back! 

May 24, 2010

Packing up some toys that sold over the weekend.. going to Post Office later (I ship just about everyday!). Taking a short break -- sitting on my front porch watching Hummingbirds come & go! 

May 22, 2010

Nice Toy Find Day! Not only did we pick up the Super Cool Marx Merry Go Round.. but we stopped at an estate sale and bought some fab old toys and games, 1950s old lead soldiers and a 1970s Fisher Price Ride On Horse! I will be listing items this weekend on the site.. check item numbers 9450-9467. Yippee!

My littlest Grand daughter finally got to try out some toys!

1960s Marx Merry Go Round! 

May 19, 2010

Saturday, we are going to pick up this 1960s Marx Merry-Go-Round Carousel Ride On Toy! Huge! Two kids can ride at one time.  These horses are made from the same mold that Marx used for Tony the Pony. From an estate in Pennsylvania - straight out of the attic. Can't wait till my grandkids see this! 

1960s Marx Merry-Go-Round

May 17, 2010

Picked up some nice toys & games in Albany today! All mint or excellent condition. Still Sealed Balancing Clown game by Hasbro, 2 sets of Lawn Darts - Jarts, Dialmaster Phones, Aurora Derby Horse Racing Game and more.. see photo. click to enlarge. 

Hey, if you are on facebook, don't forget to add us to your sites.. you will get these automatic updates directly on your facebook page.. plus when we are out and about .. I put some photos on there while we are traveling. click the link at top of page. 

 Neat Stuff!

May 15, 2010

We are back from Massachusetts - Brimfield Flea Market. Found some fantastic items! 1962 Clancy MINT IN BOX! King Zor Dinosaur by Ideal, Tiger Joe Motorized Tank, Monkey Division Bulldog Tank & Light Bulldog Tank, Marx Fireball Express Train, Playmobile Car Dashboard by Deluxe Reading! Bop The Beetle Game MINT, JARTS! Some more cool games and doo dads! Will post some items tonight.. will have it all done by tomorrow. See photos - click to enlarge. 

Cool 60s Toys!  Click to Enlarge!

May 14, 2010

Just a note to let you know.. I don't always post HERE when I add new items to the site.. usually only mention it here if we pick up large collections.. so be sure to check the Inventory pgs. now and then.. I always post items at the TOP of the category so you don't have to scroll the whole page.  Today I am listing a few items.. A Mint Jane West by Marx on Cowboys pg. and I added a Aurora Race Track to the slot car lot I have on the Vehicles pg. plus some other cool items. 

May 13, 2010

This coming Saturday, we are leaving @ 5am to go to a HUGE Antique Flea Market about 2.5 hrs. away. We hope to find some great old toys for the site.. PLUS on Monday we are checking out an estate of toys to buy. Check back! 

May 7, 2010

My 17 month old Grand Daughter playing with my 1950s Playskool Blocks - Same ones I had as a kid!

May 2, 2010

Hope you are all having a GREAT Weekend! What beautiful weather here in the Catskills!  

        Putting this great weather to good use by cleaning out my toy storage area.. my "shop" off my carport. (No, I don't have a physical store.. everything is online).  My grand daughter helped me alot! cleaning, straightening.. I found some items that weren't on the site too!  Some cool Man & Girl from U.N.C.L.E. items .. so I will just add them to the gun set I have listed on TV/Movie page and Toys3 pg.  Also, another RISK game - the original version with wood parts! and The 1970s Puzzletown Medical Center. Adding all that now. In fact - I brought my laptop out to my shop to work.. doors are open nice breeze and 82 degrees! Wish the ladybugs would stay off the screen though. lol.

May 1, 2010

Update: Just sold my 2nd 007 Attache Case! But check back now and then - I am ALWAYS looking for more of these cool toys we grew up with!

Update on JB 007 Attache Case - Sold it already! but good news. I had purchased two 007 Attaché Cases from the same estate. The two brothers EACH had one! And neither were played with. Only difference: the second one (I am listing this weekend) - doesn't have the original directions. BUT thanks to our friends at redvenomrepros.com he has sent me a copy of the original directions! This is one large sheet - double sided JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL! There are so many cool features on this toy that since we are all getting so old (ha ha) you may need to see how to keep from discharging the booby trap when you open the case - and other tidbits like that!  

April 30, 2010

I just acquired one of my favorite toys of all time! The 1965 James Bond 007 Attache Case by Multiple Products. This is MINT>>COMPLETE>>UN PLAYED WITH CONDITION! Best one I have seen. I just listed it on the Toys1 pg. and Toys3 pg. Added a photo of my 10 yr. old Grandson testing out the set! He's the same age I was when I got mine - way back when!

1965 James Bond 007 Attache Case 

April 24, 2010

One of my Website models, my 7 1/2 yr. old Grand Daughter - Modeling the 1950s Childs Suede Fringed Western Jacket (listed on Cowboy & Misc. Pages), and holding the 1959 Daisy Cheyenne Rifle. Our little Annie Oakley! 

1950s Suede Western Jacket & 1959 Daisy Cheyenne

April 23, 2010

I added some close up photos of the TV Tinykins by Marx. Listed on the Cartoons page. It is just so amazing to see the workmanship in each individual "window" or shadow box for each Hanna Barbera character. They have the background for each one, (Top Cat's is a Pool Hall!), plus little plastic accessories for each one. i.e.: Quick Draw has a Bank and Wishing Well, Cindy Bear has a Bucket and a "Don't feed the Bears" sign. Really cool. Like little works of art. Marx made some amazing toys!

1961 TV Tinykins by Marx  Close up of Quick Draw McGraw 1961

April 22, 2010

Finished listing all the new finds on the site! Inventory Numbers are 9372, 9374-9409. All from same estate! Now its time to plan our next excursion!

April 21, 2010

It is now 2:30 in the afternoon. Got to bed late - up early. I have about 1/2 of the items listed that we won at the Estate Auction last night. Slowly but surely moving along. Anyway, I wanted to share this! Found in the estate lot from last night - A MINT 1964 Jonny Quest (Not spelled Johnny), Magic Ring - PF Flyer Sneakers Premium. RARE! I listed it on the Cartoon page and Misc. page. I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid! I love this business! It is like a treasure hunt! 

1964 Jonny Quest Magic Ring PF Flyer Premium

April 20, 2010

Just returned home from an auction out in Central N.Y.  A great estate with fantastic 60s toys! Top of my list of favs: Man from U.N.C.L.E. Guns with badges, wallet, a Mint - Working & IN BOX >Big Caesar Roman Warship by Remco! Cool Army toys by Marx, Marx Tinykins in the Boxes! 5 Mint Aurora T-Jet Slot Cars in the Pit Case with Accessories, Buttons & Pinbacks from 60s, Original Legos (by Samsonite) in Boxes, Magic items, Barbie items, Gladiator Dress Up Set, Original Jarts, and more cool stuff. Will be posting items tomorrow! Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Misc, Games & Vehicles pages! yahoo!

Click to Enlarge!     

April 18, 2010

Adding some Johnny West items on the Cowboy page PLUS the 1963 Remco Monkey Division Army Helmet.

1965 Johnny West - Complete!  1963 Monkey Division Army Helmet by Remco

April 12, 2010

Back home! Had a great visit with our Daughter & Son In Law up in Maine.  On the way back, left early this morning, took the longer way home through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont to NY. Hoping to see some MOOSE! But no luck. Did get a cool photo of a Moose sign though! We don't have these in the Catskills!


In Vermont, we stopped at Queechee Village. These is a huge Antique Center there.  We met the owner who is also opening a TOY Museum.. He gave us a peek while they were working on it. There were displays for each decade, robots display and on the ceiling..get this.. there were games! It was a really cool idea. He allowed me to take photos too!  Click to Enlarge!

Toy Museum in Vermont  Toy Museum in Vermont  Toy Museum displa of Robots  GAMES Attached to Ceiling! Awesome!

    It was a thrill getting to see this museum in the making! Next time we are up that way.. we will definitely stop back.  So I picked up more great items in addition to the ones shown on the April 9th post below.  Some neat games and toys, Rudy the Robot by Remco, and a Mint working, Mighty Mo Cannon by Deluxe Reading! I will post some items tonight and get the rest on by tomorrow. 

More Toy Finds from this weekend! yowee!

April 9, 2010

We are up at our Daughters & Son-In-Laws house up by Augusta Maine.. for a 4 day visit! Seven hour drive from our home in the Catskills, NY. But we made it safe and sound! On the way, we stopped to see a man who contacted me through the website.. to buy his childhood toys.  We purchased a Johnny Speed Jaguar In the Box, Texaco Fire Chief Helmet, Pan Am Dual Control Cockpit, A Remco Long John Fire Engine In the Box - This thing is HUGE! Also picked up a Collection of Johnny West Action Figures & Horses. Games, and more. PLUS my daughter .. being the genius she is, has the weekend planned for flea markets, auction, and estate sales for us to go to! Check back! Hope to find more great items this weekend  - also, will try to list some items over the weekend.. 

Click to Enlarge WOW!

April 4, 2010

Left the house at 7am. to go to the Flea Market 2 hrs. away on the Connecticut border. Alot of dealers! Picked up some nice toys! Marx Mechanical Bop A Bear Target, Hedda Get Bedda Doll, Some Science kits, 2 space guns, Turtle Ride On by Marx. Listing items now! 

April 3, 2010

Today we went to an Estate Auction. We didn't have to get up at 3:00 a.m. or drive 4 hrs to get there either! It was 1/2 hr. from our house here in the Catskill Mtns. NY.. it was so easy! (for a change). We won everything we went for! Nice items too. I will be listing over the weekend. Tomorrow, we are getting up early to go to a flea market 2 hrs. away - it is their opening day.. so we hope to find some treasures! 

Here's photos of today's catch: I couldn't resist trying on my favorite of the day - The MINT In Box Steve Canyon U.S. Air Force Jet Helmet with Visor & Speaker Mask. What Fun!

Click to Enlarge! Nice Games - Mostly Unplayed with! That's right I didn't let the grandkids try it on this time!

March 28, 2010

Busy listing items on the site.. from the estate auction yesterday. Mostly doing the toys page today.. then will proceed to games, building, toys3 & space pages. Inventory number from this estate: 9257 - 9307.

One interesting thing I came across: A Toy Store bag with the original toys still in it. Evidently - this collector bought items and sometimes just left them in the bag! Well, the really interesting thing: This bag is from Taber's Toy-A-Rama Toy Store.. located in Atlantic City, NJ.  I have heard of it.. it was quite a famous store on the Boardwalk back then. No longer in business,  So I kept all 3 items together. .. didn't want to break it up.. and will sell them together! Neato! I love stuff like that!

1960s Taber's Toy-A-Rama Lot

March 27, 2010

We left home at 4am! to get to the Estate Auction down in Pennsylvania on time.. we like to arrive early to look over everything! After a few hours, they finally got to the toys! Wow! and what a great selection. We bought everything we went for and more! 

Items I have never seen and others that I have been trying to find forever! Games, Toys, Puzzles, Tricks. Mostly all are MINT in packages! This person was some collector. All circa late 50s early 60s. Some earlier items that are very rare. A Tom Mix Blow Dart Target Game! Some Keychain Puzzles Mint in Package, A Moon Ball, I could go on and on.. but I am really tired. There is so much. Here are some photos for you to peruse (Click to Enlarge). I will get items on tomorrow and over the next few days. Check Toys, Games, Space, Toys3 & Building pages. Inventory numbers for this estate start at 9257 - TBD.

WOWEE!  MORE Great Treasures! 

March 26, 2010

We are leaving EARLY tomorrow morning to go to an estate auction a few hours away.  There are many cool toys and vintage items in the sale.  We hope to come home with more unique treasures! Check back! 

March 22, 2010

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We are off with a Bang this week at TimeWarp.  I have purchased a MINT > Never - I Mean NEVER Played with Tony The Pony Ride On by Marx! Wowee Zowee!  He is like a work of art. Beautiful & Pristine.. Well, I won't bore you here with the description - check out Toys1 or Vehicles - Ride On Section pages.  But he is SHARP! I am listing him now!

Tony The Pony by Marx

Also, for all you Jart - Lawn Dart Fans: I picked up 4 MINT Sets this weekend! One already sold.. so act fast! They are listed on the Games page. One set just came in today.. and will get that on site soon.. 

1970s Lawn Darts - Jarts

First Day of Spring! March 20, 2010

Today I went with kids & Grandkids on a picnic by the Ashokan Reservoir here in the Catskill Mtns. NY. Then we went biking around the Reservoir! What a View.. if you notice in the photo below.. there is still snow in the Mountains in background! But it was 70 degrees today!

Biking by Ashokan Reservoir, Catskills, NY 

Adding more items to website tonight. Some games, A rare Shmoo item (check Cartoons page), and a 1970s Greenhouse Plant Card Set - on Misc. page. 

March 18, 2010

We found some nice toys for the site at that estate! Cool Space & Robot toys Ideal Satellite Launcher MIB & Conveyer Big Max Robot, 1970s Greenhouse Card Set,  Jarts (2 Sets! Mint), NY Worlds Fair Switchboard, Incredible Edibles, Simon, some games AND the KING DING Robot by Topper Toys - First one I have had! This is the Ultimate Ding-A-Ling Robot - the little ones go in this big one! I will check it all over and list all these toys hopefully by tonight. Check Toys1, Space, Misc. & Games pages! 

March 17, 2010

Tomorrow, we are going up by Albany, NY to look at some toys for sale at an estate. We are hoping to get some treasures! check back! 

March 8, 2010

This weekend we drove up to an auction house about 2 hrs. away, where we left bids on some games the week before. Won some nice items. I just finished putting on some games in the 1960s and 1970s sections. Also, I put on the 1930s Gilbert Microscope Set - on the Building page. 

Our Server through Sharkspace.com has been updated. They say that it just about doubled my bandwidth and will make loading of my website much faster!  If you ever have trouble loading anything on my page.. please feel free to let me know. or if I mess up and put on the wrong photo, etc... tell me - and I will fix it right away! Any positive feedback is always appreciated! 

Feb 28, 2010

No snow.. so we left early to go to an estate auction about 2 hrs. away.  Picked up some unique items.. some I haven't had in awhile, some I have never seen.What fun! Like a treasure hunt. I will get a few items on tonight.. more tomorrow. Check, Toys1, Toys3, Games, TV Movie pages. 1961 Playmobile Dashboard - One of my most requested Driving toys! Johnny Reb Cannon - MINT in Box. Joey Stivic Doll from All In The Family (the first anatomically correct boy doll!), Marx Presidents & Capitol Model Kit - Mint Unused, The THING Bank from Addams Family, & More! See photo below - click to enlarge. 

I love Toys!

Feb 26, 2010

Well I think I have seen the worse snowstorm ever in all my 54 years! Since Tues. night the snow has accumulated to 53 inches!!! Unbelievable! Very uncommon for the Catskills, NY to get that much snow in one storm! We had a few power outages.. the longest one today from 10am till about 8pm tonight. I was able to answer emails by logging on with my laptop through AOL dial up service. Wow.. I forgot how slow the dial up service was! But I think the worst is over! Thank goodness we have a woodstove! Funny thing, about 20 miles down the road from us - in Woodstock NY, they got mostly RAIN! weird weather thats for sure.  I have some photos below. Sunday we are planning to go to an estate auction about 2 hrs. away, they have alot of cool toys listed from the 50s and 60s. Check back!     Hubby shoveling our kids roof - Their Jeep Buried!

Feb 21, 2010

Yippee! Weather was clear so we headed out early this morning to Penn. to toy shop! We came back with a really nice batch of toys and games.  Some neat games, which includes MINT - Sealed contents Finders Keepers as well as Booby Trap! Also, Mint - parts still sealed, 3 Keys To Treasure Bagatelle game by Marx! Tiger Electric Guitar MINT by Emenee (First one I have ever had!-and it's cool), and the Emenee Banjo! Food Scale & Mixer combo by Gilbert NEATO. Grand Prix Race Track, Hot Wheels Fat Track, Johnny Lightning Stunt Set, Phantom Raider Ship, Remco Spinning Wheel ALSO Mint & Complete! Some cool girls rings on original cards and Soap Box derby mini cars in original pkgs. .and MORE! Will start getting things on site tonight. Check Games, Toys1, Toys2, Vehicles pages. 

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Feb 14, 2010

We didn't get to go to Pennsylvania.. it was snowing down that way. We will try again next Sunday. Instead, we picked up some cool games toys  that we left bids on at a local auction.  McDonalds playset by Playskool, Aurora Derby Horse Racing Game, and Chutes Away game. Putting them on site now!

Feb. 13, 2010

We are leaving early tomorrow morning to go Toy shopping down in Pennsylvania! We are hoping to come back with more treasures for the site.. haven't been down that way since last Spring when we took our Grandson to Gettysburg.. so hopefully we will find some cool toys and games. Check back!  YES, my hubby asked what I wanted to do for Valentines Day - - and I said.. "GO TOY SHOPPING!".

Feb. 6, 2010

Found a MINT in Box, Still Factory Sealed! Electronic 2-Man Skeet Shooting Target Game by Idea 1978.  Wow. What a fantastic Game. This is the best one I have ever played! We have sold a few of these and they are very fun and challenging to play!  It is listed on the Toys3 page. Also picked up a Marx Johnny West Jeep & Horse Trailer in Original box.. that is on the Cowboys page

2 Man Skeet Target by Ideal 1978

Feb. 4, 2010

I get MANY requests for toys. More than you can imagine!  

We have been selling from this website since 1996. Believe me when I tell you... if you are looking for a certain Vintage 50s 60s or 70s toy, there are about 200 people that have asked me for it ahead of you!  In the beginning of our TimeWarp Toys site, I DID actually keep a "Want List".. and Yes, when a visitor emailed me, I kept a list on my computer Notepad with item name and their email address... SO, when I finally got the item in, I would email the person.. Problem: eventually the list for that ONE item grew to Ten to Twenty+ people or more to email.. do I do a mass emailing? or email the first person on the list .. wait the customary 3 days, and then email the next.. Well of course someone will get mad that they missed out.. or a few people will email back at the same time, expecting to get it.. And by the time YOU asked for a toy.. you would be WAY down on the list anyway and never have a shot at it!  It just did NOT work out at all! Really, I have thought of all the angles to work this the fairest and simplest way.. SO, that is why we don't email when items are in stock.. The items are put on the inventory pages = first come, first serve. 

I have had people email or call saying they would pay TOP DOLLAR or double my usual asking price for a certain toy! WOW.. Or they want me to "find them" a certain toy.. Sorry, I don't work that way.. and I am NOT a personal shopper.  I am in the Toy business because I LOVE TOYS and the joy they bring to people reliving their childhood memories.  I don't want to seem lazy or mean.. by NOT emailing when items are in stock.. it just is the fairest and easiest way to deal with it.  Also, when I say to "check back" on the Toys1 page (for example). that means to just click to that page to check for the item.. New finds are put at the top of each category so that  you don't have to scroll the whole page. 

I started the TOP TOYS & Gallery pages to basically show the items we love AND the most requested toys on our site - so you get an idea of what we are selling here - and that we are always looking for more of the same great toys we have had over the years. I really enjoy the Gallery and Top Toys pages..(And Yes, they are the original photos of toys we have actually sold on our site!), but they have created a slight problem whereas visitors get so excited seeing their long-lost toy.. they think that the toy shown  there is the actual one for sale.. and they don't read the top of the page explaining where the actual INVENTORY pages are.. and they email or Call wanting to buy from those pages.. But that's ok.. I don't mind the emails at all..  I just don't want you to feel I am keeping you from your long lost toys for some random reason.. I Want you to have a happy experience here at TimeWarp.  Also, I know what you are looking for! SO check back on those inventory pages on the Index page.. or check the NEWS page for updates of when we are out at Auctions, estate sales, etc.. We are always looking! Thanks! joyce

Jan, 29, 2010

A visitor to my site just made my day! She has a 1960s THE CORNER STORE ! - the cool kids size cardboard Grocery Store Activity Toy! When I was about 6 or so.. this was my favorite thing in the world! I played with that for years. Loved it so much. Has the sturdy corner grocery shelves, a counter with attached fake cash register (with toy money),  and a phone receiver on the side.  I can still remember pressing those fake buttons on the register like they were real.   Well, the woman's grandkids are really enjoying it and it looks like new! She had purchased it years ago in an old store.. still mint in the box! Unfortunately, it is Not for sale.. but I am so grateful to see photos of it.. I just had to share them with you! Here they are: Click to Enlarge!

  Click to Enlarge      Lucky Kid!

Jan. 23, 2010

Went to an Estate Auction up by Albany today.  There were some very cool toys there and we got them! Picked up a neat 60s kids punching bag, Mandrake Magician Kit, Skyport Super City girder & panel Building set, Project-O-Scope, Mint/Never Used Emenee Slide Trombone, A Mint and COMPLETE Showboat by Remco and one of the COOLEST toys  I have ever seen  -- 1971 Water Spryte Motor Boat by Eldon. This is an actual kid size Blow up boat with electric OUTBOARD MOTOR! Mint/Complete with box, And it works. so cool. 

1971 Ride On Motor Boat by Eldon  Box too!

I will be putting items on tonight. Check Toys, Building & Vehicles pages! 


Jan. 14, 2010

It is almost 1 a.m. We are back home from a long day of  Travel & Toy Buying!  Hubby & I went down to Pennsylvania for a Vintage Toy & Game Auction. What a great one too! And what a fantastic collection to kick off the New Year here at TimeWarp! Prices were good too.  I set items up for some sneak peak photos for you. I will start putting items on the site tomorrow. 

Some nice - rare and unusual items - plus some old favorites. 3 Mint in Original Mail-Away Boxes: Motorized Flintstone Cars plus some parts to the Marx Flintstone Playset. Mr. Potato Head Spud-ettes, Dick Tracy Target Game, Jolly Chimp, Troll House with Trolls, 1960 Mr. Machine (yes the original! I don't sell the 70s ones), Frantic Frogs Game, Think-A-Tron. .. I could go on and on.. but I have to get to bed - I have a lot of work for tomorrow. 

Click to Enlarge!

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Jan. 9, 2010

Picked up a Great Garloo Robot 1961 by Marx today! One of my All Time Favorite Toys! Cleaning him up now.. he was dusty. Will put him on the site tomorrow.  All his functions work too! 

Jan. 4, 2010

Hoping all my customers and visitors to the site had a great Holiday & New Year! Wishing you all the best in the year to come!  Now that the holidays are over - we will get back on track to buying more treasures for the site. .. keep checking back here for updates! 

We were busy with family & friends visiting this past week.  Grandkids were off school of course.. so we filled the days with Snow Sledding, dogs, and good food! My daughter & new son-in law came down from Maine for the long weekend. We had some snow here in the Catskills NY which was nice but is was bitter cold & windy!  Yesterday I took my daughter & her hubby to NYC for a quick tour.  He had never been and was alittle leery but enjoyed it very much.  He wanted to get REAL NYC Pizza & we found a great place to eat by Times Square. We also went to the Museum of Natural History & stopped to see the tree & skaters at Rockefeller Center. It was a great time! Here are some of our holiday photos:

Our 3 Grand Kids ages 9, 7 & 1.    My two dogs Mango & Alfred - Daughter & Son In Laws Dog Hudson (black dog).  My son & daughter In Laws dog Parker, My Retriever Alfred with Son In Law Chris.   

  My Hubby Brian w/ Grand daughter    Museum of Natural History NYC  Times Square NYC

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