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Dec. 30, 2011

We are back home in the Catskills NY. Miss our new grandson already!  We did stop on the way back at some huge antique malls.. and found some cool toys. I will be listing on site tonight and tomorrow.  Remember, all new finds are at the top of each section!  I'll be listing on Toys1, Toys2, Games & Misc. pages.  

Dec. 28, 2011

PS> Update: just sold the Vertibird! But check back - I am always looking for more!

Found a 1973 Mattel VERTIBIRD Air Police Helicopter Today!  Brought it back.. put in 4 "D" batteries & it took right off! Wow! haven't had one in quite awhile. I have it listed for sale on the Vehicles page. I uploaded a video of me playing.. er, I mean testing it. Fantastic! Also found a rare 1960s Game> Bug House! 

Dec. 27, 2011

We are up in Maine visiting our New grandson! and our daughter & son in law too.  Took an hour today to visit some local Antique Malls..Picked up a few items..listing now. Toys1, Misc & Games page. 

The two shops we went to were cool..as they were old buildings refurbished to be Antique Malls! The first one, Roller Rink Antique Mall - Detroit Maine - was an old Roller Skating Rink..still has the cool wood floors! The next was an early 1900s School House! Great architecture! 

Roller Rink Antique Mall  Detroit ME School House Antique Mall Brewer ME.


Warm Christmas & Holiday Wishes to all our wonderful followers, customers & friends! We will be spending a few days up in Maine visiting our brand new grandson w/daughter & son in law! Will be posting from there. Here are some photos of all our grandkids. 

Alena 3, meeting Santa first time!  It took alot to get a 12 yr. old to pose with Santa! lol  2 days old Sebastian!

Dec. 23, 2011

Craziness is slowing down here at Timewarp.  All orders were shipped right out.. if you need items by Dec. 25th, you can still order by this afternoon to get it on Christmas Day.. only if you use Express Mail and you live near us on the East Coast.  Express mail does deliver on holidays. 

Yesterday >> our newest Grandson was born! Sebastian.  He was 9lb 2oz & 20" long.  Both he and our daughter are doing fine.  Our son-in-law has been sending us some great photos of him.. They live about 7 hrs. away up in Maine..so hubby & I are going up Monday to see them for a few days! so exciting! 

My daughter in law - Who lives next door - will be doing the shipping while I am gone.. so business will run as always! fear not! And, of course, I will have my laptop for emails and such. I love the computer age!

So, Sebastian is our 4th grandchild.. the other 3 live close by.. taking them into town later for the Christmas Festivities.. taking the 3 yr. old to see Santa for the FIRST time.. looking forward to that.. although, past visits with Santa have never gone well.. lol. I will post photos later!

Today listed a few items on the site.. Rare Underdog item on Cartoons pg.. A neat Bonanza item on the TV/Movies pg.. and 2 Smokey Bear items on Misc. page. and a few other things..here and there on the site. 

Dec. 20, 2011

Wow! Check out the Games page >> 1970s section! I just "bundled" a bunch of cool 70s games together to sell as lots!  To save you money & to keep my inventory fresh - this is a great opportunity to buy a mini collection at a great price. I will see how it works out and do some more occasionally! 

Also added some "new" games in the 1960s & 1970s sections.

Dec. 19, 2011

Still busy packing & shipping items right away!  Plenty of time to order in time for Christmas! 

I have a FREE Clacker Giveaway Contest going on today on FACEBOOK! click the link above to join! You may win a free set of Vintage Clackers.  We are out of stock on the site.. this is the LAST set until I find more! 

Holiday Order Deadline: Order by Dec. 21st Priority Mail, Dec. 20th (West Coast). By Dec. 23 for Express Mail

Dec. 14, 2011

Added a few items on the site tonight!  Toys1 page: 2 Space Toys- battery operated, Show N Tell Projector Record Player and a Lite Brite.  I also added the one pair of clackers I had left on the Clackers page.. it is a rare translucent Orange pair. Found it in an estate auction. 

Busy packing & shipping. Getting toys out same day..sometimes twice a day! 

Wow! We have a busy little site!

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December 13, 2011

We are shipping items SAME Day until Dec. 24th.  Priority shipping is required if you order after Dec. 20th to get item by Dec. 24th. If you use EXPRESS Overnight option.. they will deliver on Christmas Day..in most areas. We are located in upstate NY ..so items shipped to Eastern part of country take 2-3 days.. 3-4 for west coast. 

I added on the site today one of my favorites: Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap! Located on Toys1 pg. 

Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap! 1966

December 9, 2011

Clackers that were back ordered are now back in stock & were shipped Priority Mail yesterday!  Sorry for the delay.  Here's a pic of my grand daughters helping assemble boxes to ship clackers in. Also - Large items (like the Deluxe Reading Playmobile - listed on Toys1 pg.), are pre-wrapped to allow immediate shipping around the holidays!

Grand daughters! Deluxe Reading Playmobile Playmobile by Deluxe Reading - Ready to Ship! 

I just listed on the CARTOONS page a Cool (Never had one before), Flintstones Hoppy Hoparoo Pogo Stick! 

Jarts are in stock on the Games page!

DEC. 6, 2011

Very Busy here! Shipping same day, sometimes twice a day. Getting items out as fast as possible.. As the holidays approach..remember to use Priority mail for shipping to ensure it gets to you in time. figure 3 days to west coast. 

Today I am adding a few items on the site. Picked up a Cool LARGE 61" x 51" Disney Mickey Mouse Window Shade.  Beautiful condition! Would make a great backdrop for a Mickey Collection!  

Also have a General Electric Replica Dishwasher. Listing on Toys2 pg.. also some games. 

Dec. 2, 2011

Added the rest of the Vintage Gumball Charms Lots on the Misc. page.. sold some and added the rest - from same estate! Also added some novelty items there too! 

Gifts from our website make people cry! Growing up, some of my fondest memories were playing with toys I received.  It opened a world of fun and imagination!  Now that we are older, with all our stress and responsibilities, it can be very emotional to see a toy from our childhood.  It brings us back to a simpler, happy time!  Read some of the letters from our customers.. who purchased for themselves or a loved one.  Great stories!

Letters from customers

NOV. 30, 2011

Updated the site..everything is listed.. except, still have a few games to put on..will get them on this afternoon!

NOV. 29, 2011

Just returned from the estate auction down in New Jersey.  Nice unique items! here is a group photo below.. You may not see them, but there are a few hundred 1950s early 60's Gumball Vending Machine Charms!  I will put them in groups and sell them that way.  Nice old 1949 Straight Arrow Neckerchief. Rare Johnny In The Barber Shop by Remco COMPLETE!, 1971 Playskool Zoo, Pan Am Game, Shell Art Never Used.. and the Marx President Sets MINT IN BOXES, 32 Dolls set, and more! will list items tomorrow. 

Great Stuff!

NOV. 26, 2011

Clackers are officially back in stock!  These are the OLD Original. Unused Clackers from the 1960s, early 70s!  They are acrylic.  This batch was stored away all these years.  Translucent (Light passes through them), Blue.  No ring to hold onto..but you can always add your own.  Order on CLACKERS page! Photos below.  

Also, we are going to an Estate Auction Monday night..many cool old toys..hope to come home with some. check back!  

Hope you all have a great weekend.. We are having 60 degree weather here in the Catskills, NY! Wow!


To all our wonderful friends have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

NOV. 22, 2011

Good News to Clacker fans! Clackers will be IN STOCK again at end of this week. I just ordered a batch from someone that had some stored away. The balls are translucent Blue with string attached. No ring..but you can always add a small curtain ring yourself. Anyway.. you can pre-order on the Clackers pg and will ship when they are in. 


They make great stocking stuffers!

Nov. 19, 2011

Getting to be that busy time of year here at TimeWarp!  We are just about OUT of clackers!  Don't know when we will get more in.. Last year, I purchased a few hundred from someone who had them since the late 60s, stored away in an old trunk.. If you know of anyone that has a large quantity to sell,  Contact Me!  Clackers were one of the favorite novelty toys of the late 60s and early 70s! 

One of MY favorite novelty toys from the early 60s was the Whee-Lo..Here is my grand daughter playing with ours:


Nov. 12, 2011

I purchased some nice items from an attic of a home a family was selling.  Found some nice early items too! Check out Toys1, Toys3, Cowboys, Misc. & TV/Movie pages! Also have more toys to look at tomorrow! Check back. I am always on the look out for cool old toys. Have a GREAT weekend.

NOV. 6, 2011

Picked up a nice lot of toys from the auction last night! I have listed new items on just about every page. Here is a photo. Items are already listed.

1960s Toys & Games

Oct. 29, 2011

SNOW is expected to reach 12 - 15" here in the Catskills, NY today! It just started! We are all ready.. stopped at the store to stock up. Have lanterns, candles, etc. I stopped this morning at a local auction to leave bids for their auction tonight.. but it will most likely be cancelled.  

I just added some items on the site. Check out Misc, Games, Toys, Cartoons, & Building pages. Have a GREAT Weekend. 

Oct. 23, 2011

Picked up the collection of Games today! What a nice selection! The woman was the same age as me ..so I recognized ALL of them. Condition is terrific too. Very clean.  Some nice rare items in the batch too.. many I haven't had in a long time. Listing on the site now!  Check the TV/Movies, Games & Cartoons pgs. My Favorite find> The "It's About Time" TV Show Game. Never have had that one!

This Just IN!

Oct. 21, 2011

Picking up a collection of 60s games Sunday morning. From the original owner!  Almost as good as owning your original game!  Check back on Sunday.. I will post photos here! 

Oct. 16, 2011

Not too much going on "toy wise" - Last two weekends..busy with family events, etc. I have some people lately contacting me about selling their old toys.. so keeping fingers crossed!  

Took our grandson to his first Turkey Shoot in town.. He has become quite good with a .22 rifle.  I told him I would teach him how to shoot as long as he didn't hunt, and he promised he wouldn't.  My mom and dad were hunters.. but I could never bring myself to do it.. to each their own. but shooting is a nice sport I enjoy. 

Turkey Shoot.. No they don't shoot actual turkeys!  Just targets.

Oct. 14, 2011

Just listed some games on the Games pg. - 1960s and 70s sections.  One rare find, " Denny from the Deep" game - First one I have ever had.. kinda like "Cootie" but an octopus! Also listed on the Cartoon pg. a rare Snow White & Seven Dwarfs set. Neato!

 Have a great weekend! 

Our daughter is coming down this weekend from Maine.. her baby shower is this weekend.. Another grand child coming in December! 

Oct. 6, 2011

Ok. Just about everything we bought yesterday is on the site.. Check Toys1, 2 & 3, Games, Cartoons, TV/Movies & Building. I just have a few more games to put on..hopefully by tomorrow night. Have a GREAT Holiday Weekend.

Oct. 5, 2011

Went out to the Finger Lakes region of NY today. Met our toy picker out there.. Came back with a nice selection!  Will start listing on site tomorrow.  Here are preview photos! 

cool stuff Marx Happi Time Farm Set! with box!

SEPT. 26, 2011

Adding some nice ESTATE Toys on the site tonight. Original Complete Original Easy Bake Oven, Mystery Date Game, Ka-Bala Game, Suzy Homemaker Washer/Dryer (the LARGE version), and more cool items. Check back later. 

Toys from Estate

Sept. 20, 2011

Added the neat Handy Andy Tool Set to Toys1 pg. 

Many people ask, "How do you know the year a toy was made?" Many of the old toys aren't marked.  If I write the actual date i.e.: 1965 - I found the date somewhere on the packaging.. OR, I looked the toy up in one of the old Sears "Wish Book" catalog and found the first yr. it was sold.. many toys were made for a few yrs.. but I try to note the first yr it was made. 

Also, I may calculate the date by who I purchased from.. for example, the last estate I purchased from the original owner was born in 1958.. so I KNEW that the metal tool set, for example was a "1960s" toy.  Many times I can determine the date from the packaging.. what the kids in the photo on box were wearing.. 70s clothes were very distinct! And, also I may be able to tell by the materials used for the toy.. and also the patent number is a good clue.. but a patent covers a few yrs.. I can also tell from where a toy was made.. Japan - 1950s, Hong Kong - 1960s. and lastly, can judge the age - from toys I actually had as a kid or remember being advertised in a certain time period. If I am stumped .. I will usually note it in the description. 

Sept. 13, 2011

We picked up a 1960s Stutz Bearcat Batop Ride On at that estate the other day. Beautiful condition & in the Original Box!  I had my littlest grand daughter (2 1/2 yr. old) come over to test it out and do a video. It worked great. It is as clean as a whistle in and out! She really enjoyed it & I had a hard time getting her off it! lol. See Video Here!

Sept. 12, 2011

UPDATE: 10am Finished adding all items from estate onto the site! They are inventory #10763-10784. The only items I have left to put on is a "Handy Andy" Tool Set & the Stutz Bearcat Ride On Car by Marx. with original box! Waiting for my littlest grand daughter to come over and help me test it out! She loves that! So, will get that on soon.  It will be on the Toys1 pg & Vehicles pg. thanks! joyce

Updating the website right now. 9am. Getting everything on the site today! 

Life is slowly getting back to normal after the Hurrican Irene destruction here in the Catskills & upstate NY. Alot more recovery in our future.. but work is moving at a steady pace. I found a great video showing an overview of ALL the destruction. I know alot of my visitors have been following this.. so posting it below. Our town is Phoenicia.. the surrounding towns are shown in the video. 

Sept. 11, 2011

Just returned from a long drive down to farm country in Pennsylvania.  Picked up a bunch of great toys from the original owner.. cleaning out his parents house. He was born in 1958.. so the toys were ones I surely recognized.. being born myself in 1956!  Nice selection. Going through items now..will be listing on Toys1, Toys3, Cartoons, Vehicles & Games pg. hopefully, all will be on by tomorrow! check back. thanks!

Sept. 8, 2011

Still coping with flood clean up in our area from Hurricane Irene. We have been busy helping out many of the people whose homes have been affected by the floods & mud! It's horrible. 

Continuous rain this week.. has brought Town of Shandaken, NY back up to flood stage. Schools have been closed all week, grandkids haven't even had their "first day of school" yet!  Many roads still partially eroded by the overflowing streams, town & state highway trucks trying to repair, bridges down.. what a mess! Our home is thankfully on high ground. All electricity, Internet & stores (post offices) are operating in area.. so business is up and running.. Hoping rain will end soon! If you search on youtube for "Catskill flooding" ..you can see some videos of the damage in our area. We are located near Phoenicia. 1/2 hr. up the road is Prattsville - the whole town was basically destroyed by 20 foot  flood water. Our town has been hit 3 times in the last year and a half.. We NEVER used to have flooding like this!

If the roads hold, we are planning to go down to Pennsylvania on Sunday to pick up estate toys!  We can use a break from all this mud! 

SEPT. 3, 2011

Found some neat items at the huge flea market today!  Some games: Javelin Lawn Darts, Space Maze Labyrinth, Chutes Away!, also some Cool 1959 Bat Masterson TV Show items, Bendy Figures, HR Puff N Stuff Puppet, Peter Max Borden Yogurt Container! (wow), Super Crane by Sears MINT IN Box! and  a Super RARE Mr. Potato Head Set. (One I have NEVER had!.. Check Toy1, Games, Cartoon, TV/Movie pg and Misc. pg. Posted a few items tonight - will get the rest on tomorrow morning.  

Neat Stuff!

We are still busy during the day helping with cleanup around town after Irene. There are surrounding towns here in the Catskills NY that got hit much harder than Phoenicia. It is bad everywhere we look!  Here is another video I found on Youtube showing Main st. Phoenicia flooding.   Our town has started dredging the creek by Phoenicia - they are taking advantage of the DEC's disaster permit waivers.  Alittle late - but better than nothing! 

Sept. 2, 2011

UPDATE 8:00 PM >>> We have ELECTRICITY! Yea! Cable is still out.. but that is A-OK with me.. I can use the dial up service. woo-hoo.. Like Christmas morning..haha. Hoping to find toys tomorrow at flea market. >> ps.It's so bright  in here.. lol! 

Still no power in town or here at our home..6.5 days and counting..  But saw alot more utility trucks and many from states far away! Great Teamwork today & all over our town. Teams of people shoveled the sludge that the loaders couldn't remove.. cleaned up the bridge too.. and along rt. 214 going out of town. Very proud of my town. and It was nice to accomplish something! All but one of the town drains was cleared..so that when the electric comes back on, the shop owners will be able to hose down the sidewalks..

During the month of Sept. We will donate 20% of all Timewarp sales toward relief for our little town  - Phoenicia NY.  I added another news clip here showing the hamlet - and the aftermath from Hurricane Irene.  Remember all sales over $125 are shipped free in the US. Thanks for all your emails and concerns. 

We are doing fine..Our home and Toys are intact!  Going into the 6th day of no electric. Business is still running . I have dial up service through AOL & we are shipping from the next town over. 

SEPT. 1, 2011

Day 5 of no electricity thanks to Hurrican Irene, but the borrowed generator has made this all much more bearable.. and I can get online through AOL dial up service! I am adding some items on the site today..  and lowering some prices to make room for items coming in next week! so check out Toys1, Vehicles, Building, Games pgs.,. Going to flea market Saturday too!

AUGUST 31, 2011

We ran into an old friend at the hardware store over in the next town.. trying to find "D" batteries.. there are none for sale within at least a 30 mile radius! so.. he has electricity over there.. and mentioned he had an EXTRA generator we could use!! WOW. So, we are home now.. have laptop hooked up to generator.. (battery was long dead).. and using my AOL dial up service.. luckily my laptop is old enough it has a phone wire plug in it..(the new laptops do not!).. Internet is slow.. but HEY, better than nothing! We have lights hooked up and the fridge! trying to juggle food around from freezer to coolers with ice. now we can get the food at a safe temp! It will be nice to have lights on for a little while at least. We will try to get the water hooked up to it too. so its getting better.  We saw many NYSEG trucks up the road about 10 miles.. so they are getting closer. Phoenicia is still a mess. No electricity, major flood damage, etc. I will load photos above this post as soon as I get them on the computer. 

HERE IS A LINK to the NYC ABC News story about our town PHOENICIA, NY after Irene

On a happy note, we are going TOY Shopping on Saturday to a huge flea market about 1.5 hr. away.  So something to look forward to.. that and maybe getting electricity again..lol. Ooh, and cable, and tv.. and wi-fi.. hot water.. working electric stove.. hahah. 

AUGUST 30, 2011

Hi Folks! I hate to sound like a broken record.. but WE Still Don't Have Electricity..! We are at a friends house in Woodstock NY using their internet. What a treat - at this point.. 2.5 days without power. We are hoping soon though. I did shipping today from Woodstock area.. our post office is still closed.. as are all the stores in Phoenicia NY.. The water came right down main street and filled most of the stores with creek sand and sludge.. One bridge out of town was destroyed..etc.Clean-up is slow.. storekeepers are trying to get in shape for the holiday weekend.. a weekend they all look forward to .. to get them out of the "red".. but things are cleaning up nicely.. I saw a few generators working to have water hoses going..and wet/dry vacs for the stores.. 

Will update tomorrow.. Will still go toy shopping this weekend.. and I have an estate lined up the following weekend to look at.. so we are still on the toy track! 

AUGUST 29, 2011

Hi Everyone! We are safe & sound here in the Catskills NY. Flooding, Roads closed & Power outages - compliments of hurricane Irene. We are still without power & it may take days.. to get back. We do not have cell service at home.. but will be going to Woodstock (20 miles away) daily, so I can check my cellphone for emails and orders. Business will still continue! & items will be shipped when our post office opens..We are a rugged bunch! Our town, Phoenicia is a mess & again, no Power. but recovering slowly.. Hope to get back on normal track soon! Our grand daughter says it must be how Laura (Little House on The Prairie) lived.. hmm , maybe. lol. It's not too bad.. It could be MUCH worse! Have a Good week! enjoy that electricity. .. grrr.  

Here is a link with some pictures of our area.. Many trees down & flash floods!  luckily, alot was cleaned up today.. and we were able to travel to a friends house to use our computers.. 25 miles away..

August 28, 2011

Thanks to all who emailed concern.. we are fine! Roads are all closed to town.. Major flooding expected. We still have Electricity & Cable.. but probably not for long. Website will still be up of course & I have backup dial up access through AOL to answer emails - if the land lines stay intact. We have no cell service where we live here in the mountains.  
Keep Safe! We will ride out the storm.

August 26, 2011

To all my East Cost visitors - Keep Safe this weekend! We are expecting flooding & high winds this weekend here in the Catskills. May be power outages. I hope Irene goes out to sea!

AUGUST 20, 2011

Went to an estate auction about 2 hr. north of here..came home with some neat items. 1968 Remco United Airlines Motorized Airplane, King Kong Bank, Feeley Meeley, Football Chess, 1950s Toy Piano, and some other cool items. Photo below. Will add all items on site by tomorrow! 

Toy Finds !

AUGUST 16, 2011

Listed 2 sets of Super Jock Sets on Toys1 pg. Both for one price. We are heading to an auction Saturday morning.. There are some toys & hope to get them all! check back!

AUGUST 8, 2011

Picked up some unique items tonight at estate auction! 
RARE Gilbert Sets: Star Finder, Physics Set & Tool Chest. Plus some neat games, Melode Bells, Ballistic Missile, Rare Skyline Freight Station Set, old toy vehicles, toy soldiers, Misc. Toy Lot, etc. will post on site tomorrow!

TOYS!! Mostly 1950s - some 60s

AUGUST 3, 2011

This just in! Gemini Rocket Project by Park Plastics. RARE Water Rocket Launching Station. Mint ~ Complete in Excellent box. Photos & Video of Grandson Testing it! COOL! Oh >> and check out the RARE cool Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Helmet & Goggles I put on the TV/Movie page! Also added more items to Toys1 & Toys3

Gemini Rocket Project 1960s Wowee!

AUGUST 2, 2011

This just in! 1968 Rudy The Robot by Remco. He looks great & works great! In beautiful box. He is listed for sale on our Toys1 pg.  I uploaded a video onto our Youtube account: 


JULY 31, 2011

It's hard to work when your retriever brings you a ball!

Alfred - Named after Batman's butler!

July 30, 2011

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Great weather here in the Catskill Mtns. NY! If you are looking for Jarts - Lawn Darts, check out the bunch I have for sale on my Games pg. They are listed HERE.  Today I picked up a RARE set >> Regent Master Jarts - The Black & White Competition Set!  This set was never opened! Wow

Master Jarts NEVER OPENED!

JULY 27, 2011

Here's Photos & the original commercial from the Pie Face game I picked up yesterday! First one I have had!

1968 Pie Face by Hasbro Another Marvin Glass Invention!


July 26, 2011

Got a call from our local picker friend.. He cleaned out a house & found a bunch of games. Some nice ones here! Which includes Mr. Ree Detective game from 1946 & the original 1948 Clue Game! Also, PIE FACE Game by Hasbro.. Have NEVER had one. Very rare. Nice condition.

 Games are, of course listed on the Games pg.. I also listed on TV/Movie page & Misc. page. Monkees Puzzle! I will get the rest on tomorrow. 

PS> Shenanigans was in pretty rough shape..but if you need parts, let me know! 


July 23, 2011

Just returned from an estate auction with some pretty cool toys! My favorite: Line Mar (early Marx) 1950s Sleeping Baby Bear. Works perfectly. Mint condition in beautiful box. Here is a video I uploaded to youtube: I will be listing on the Toys1 pg shortly. 


I also picked up a few games plus, a Mint Lie Detector Game, Tip It, Ouija, Some Jarts, Mirro cookware set "Just Like Mothers". Will get them on site tomorrow! Check Games, Toys1 & Toys2 pgs.

July 19, 2011

Returned last night from a 4 day vacation up in Portland Maine.  It was my annual "Grandmother Weekend".. Myself & my daughter-in-laws mom take our two kids and 3 grandkids on a long weekend each year.. This year Portland area! About 5.5 hrs. away. We took two cars & their long time friend Jess came too! We met my daughter & son in law up there too..(they live up there).. Weather was perfect.. we are all good travelers and get along really well - we took 2 cars and did everything we planned to so.. so we had a grand old time! My hubby stayed home to take care of business and their cats & dog and our two dogs.. but we brought him home gifts! lol.  We went to Scarborough Beach, Yarmouth Clam Festival, Wildlife Preserve, Boat tour, Shopping, LL Bean in Freeport, and of course, ate lots of great seafood! Some photos below. 

Will ship all orders that came in over weekend today! Getting caught up. 

Portland Head Light Portland Harbor Freeport ME. 3 Grnadkids Son, daughter in law & 3 grandkids She did not want togo in the water! lol.

My Grandson & I Portland Bug Light Yarmouth Clam Festival Candy Store in Portland Lobster Rolls! YUMMY!! Shopping in Old Port - with the Pirates!

July 9, 2011

Went to an estate auction today! Picked up some great old toys!  Will get everything on the site by tomorrow. Neat stuff! 3 sets Jarts, Marx Imagination Doll House, The Chief Fireman Playset, 1950s Red Rocket Sled, 60s Rocket Ship Coat Rack, Power Mite Workshop, Bop The Beetle, Big Burger Grill & More! 

Estate Toys!

July 3, 2011

Thanks for all the inquiries about my grand daughter, Faiths, Margie game she bought yesterday to put on the site.. she sold it right away! This has inspired her to go toy shopping with me even more! Thanks so much!

I have more items to get on the site from yesterday's flea market finds.. We have severe thunderstorms here in the Catskill Mtns.. and intermittent power outages..but will get it done asap. Have a great 4th!

July 2, 2011

Hope you are all having a nice Holiday weekend!  We found some nice items at the Flea Market today!  Rare BOP BASEBALL by Remco, Fascination Maze Game also by Remco, Lawn Darts, Derry Daring Female Daredevil & Wheelie car, Rare>> Margie TV Show Game &  Lucan 1977 TV Show Game (still sealed inside), , and some other neato items. I am getting some games on now and will get more on over the weekend..

 OH..PS>> The other day I listed the Mini-M.A.G. Shooting X-200 Multi-Matic Rifle by Multiple Toymakers, Cool Spy Gun! On Toys3 pg

 Fireworks Tonight with Grandkids!  

Speaking of Grandkids, the 2 grandkids went with us today. My 8.5 yr. old Grand daughter, Faith, has taken an interest in the toy business.. In fact - I pay her per page - (on a regular basis), for her to check all my links and shopping cart buttons, etc.. (she has found a few mistakes I have made too!).. well anyway, she asked if she could buy something for the site.. as an investment.. to save up for spending money to use on our big trip to Maine in a few weeks.. I, of course, said yes.. 

SO>>> she bought the Margie TV Show game.. (which will be listed tomorrow on the TV/Movie page). She found it.. she liked it.. she negotiated the price with the guy.. bought it with money she had saved.. and, tomorrow.. she will take the photos and I will show her how to list it on the site.. and she will get the money when it sells.. Pretty cool huh?

Our Finds Today! 

She is very smart - especially with money.. so, who knows.. maybe someday, she can take over the business! 

June 28, 2011

Got a call from our local antique picker.. he had two cool items for me.  Missile Jarts (the original version Lawn Darts), and the 1950s Ohio Art TOE JOE - Mechanical Trapeze Clown. Jarts are on the Games pg & Toe Joe on the Toys pg. You can also view a video of the clown working! first one I have ever had mint in box! 

Missile Jarts Lawn Darts 1960s  1950s Toe Joe Clown by Ohio Art

Here are some pics from our Grand daughter weekend in Vermont :

JUNE 26, 2011

We are away in Vermont until Monday night - on our annual "Grand Daughter Weekend".. This year we are visiting Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (tomorrow), and today we visited Shelburne Farm (1800's working farm with animals, etc & lots to do) and Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour.  What a great area here by Burlington Vermont! will post photos later. 

BUT>> Here is amazing TOY NEWS.. Are you sitting down? haha. Well, We stopped at an Estate sale on the way and purchased my FIRST EVER >> Blythe Doll by Kenner!   (Another great Invention by Marvin Glass!)  Wowee.  Now, I am not a doll person, but I know all about Blythe. Groovy looking doll, you pull the cord in back and each time you pull it changes her eye color and expression. Neato. I have never seen one in person. 

She works great and looks great. Original dress, panties, one shoe, body perfect.. and did I say she works great..? LOL. Very Cool. Original VERY NICE Box too.  I will be posting her tonight on the site.. I have to research more.. I know she is very dear in price.. but she is RARE! Here are some pics:

1972 Blythe Doll by Kenner  Cool Eyes! Blue

June 23, 2011

We ship everyday through the Post Office.  We take our littlest grand daughter ( 2 1/2 yr. old) to help.  She really looks forward to it and is quite the little helper!

My Little Shipping Helper!

June 18, 2011

Just got back home from a LOCAL Estate Auction. With Toys! It was so nice to NOT have to drive for 3 hrs to get there and back!  What a treat.. saved lots of gas money too! haha. Some nice treasures.. photo below. Will start getting items on the site tomorrow.  Check Toys, Games, TV/Movies, Toys3 pgs. 

The best was the MINTY MINT 1962 Showboat by Remco. Wow. All complete.  Some fab TV Games from the 60s All MINT.. Battery Operated Poodles, Johnny Reb Cannon, Steve Canyon Jet Helmet, Mattel Fanner 50 Capgun, Race Sets, oh - and of course the Troll House with Trolls. Love those little guys! 

Estate Auction Items I won!

JUNE 13, 2011

Hope you all had a nice weekend. We had rain, rain & rain here in the Catskill Mtns. NY!  Not much luck going to estate sales or flea markets in this weather!  I did add a few items on the site today.  Check out Misc. page & Vehicles page.  

JUNE 7, 2011

Picked up some cool items we left bids on at an estate auction.. A cool Gun, Mice & Martians! 

Hubley Rifleman Rifle 1959

Mr. & Mrs. Mouse 1967 Remco  Mini Martians Star House 1967 Ideal - J. Swedlin 2 Mini Martians J. Swedlin Ideal Toys

JUNE 4, 2011

Got a call this afternoon from a local picker friend of ours! WE Love these calls.. We went right down & Picked up two big boxes of toys he found in an attic! All 1960s. Nice little collection of items.  Mother Hen Target Game by Eldon, Heidi Doll Accessories, Marble Raceway by Amsco, Play Tiles by Halsam, 2 Peter Max No Smoking Posters, Skyroplane, and some popular games! Will get items listed tonight & tomorrow. 


May 28, 2011

Went to a huge Flea Market 1.5 hr. from home. Picked up some fun items! Mint and working IN Superb box>> Marx Electro Shot Gallery 1960s version. WOW. A Frankenstein Soaky Container with the original packaging and RARE hang tag. Neat 1960s Pyrex kids cookware set "Just Like Mommy's."  Two sets of Jarts, Tru-Vue Slide Set, Princess Phone Transistor Radio..and more.. see photo. Will get items on site tonight & tomorrow.  

Toy Finds !

May 27, 2011

WE RECYCLE! In all our 15 yrs. of selling on the Web, we have NEVER purchased new shipping materials.. SO, when your order comes you may see a box like this below: (from the grandkids stuff), Diaper boxes, Nerf gun boxes, etc. Good - Clean - Used - FREE boxes. I also get free bubble wrap & peanuts.. 
Saves money & helps the environment!

I have actually had customers call me when their package comes and say, "I didn't order a baby swing".. I tell them to go ahead and open it..it's not a baby swing.. lol. 

>>> Nice weekend coming up for Flea Marketing! Hope to find Toy Treasures!!

May 22, 2011

Went to a local Antique Center the other day. I found a few neat toys for the site.  Put them on Toys1, Toys2, Toys3 pgs. Found Original Wibbler Balancing Toys Mint in Package! Added some 1970s Games today too. 

1960 Wibbler Toy  1970s Games

May 17, 2011

This rain in the Catskills is getting crazy.. Days and days of rain with no end in sight!  We had so much, it knocked out the electric, (no internet access!) for hours last night & this morning.. This morning my hubby & I drove 10 miles to the next town to get coffee and so I could check & answer emails on my phone.. Yes, I am dedicated (or crazy? .. hmm). Anyway, got home, Electric on, but then Time Warner was out! yikes. We have no cell service here at our home.. in the mountains - but it is getting closer. lol.  Everything is working now.. so I posted a few items on the site. 

Would love to see some sunshine soon! Hoping to get out this weekend toy hunting! rain or shine!

He Arrived Today!! Stretch X-Ray Figure Mego 1979Stretch X-Ray Figure by Kenner. The Red Alien - Friend of Stretch Armstrong.  This is a RARE find! In all our 15 yrs. of selling on the web, we have only had/sold 1 Stretch Armstrong & 1 Stretch Green Monster! So I am thrilled to have acquired this for the site.  

Purchased from the ORIGINAL Owner. Not passed around.. kept safe & stored away ALL these years.  This was not played with or handled much at All.  He is still transparent and you can see his internal "Life Support Organs" just fine. Body is soft and supple. Moves all fine..and body goes back into shape as it should.  (I won't stretch him!). 

These X-Ray versions were made alittle stiffer than the Stretch Armstrongs.. and this guy looks fantastic. 12" tall. NO Cracks, Tears or Leaks Anywhere.  Head is perfect!  He comes with his original styrofoam coffin. There are no breaks or chips and it also looks great. Bright & clean. Alittle age on the top lid - but not bad. He is marked GMFG 1979 on neck. (General Mills Food Group). A really fine specimen! Listed on Toys1 Pg. 1970s section

May 13, 2011

Yea! Finished getting everything on the site from the NJ Estate purchase! This last batch can be found on the Vehicles, Toys & Games pages.. here are a few highlights: 1968 Mighty Mike set by Remco - Box was still factory sealed - I opened the one staple to get inside photo - everything MINT PRISTINE! Zoomer Boomer Garage & Truck by Topper Box Still Factory Sealed, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Mint Complete, Pathfinder Game Mint Complete, Monday Night Football Mint Complete Works! and more!!

1968 Mighty Mike - Factory Sealed before photos!    

MAY 12, 2011

Still listing items from the NJ Estate.. Mostly All unplayed with items! I just posted a few and have more to list tonigh! here are some pics. Check Vehicles & Toys pgs. 

Also, I have a RARE Stretch Armstrong X-Ray coming in! Check back in a few days! 

   1973 Big Jim  

May 10, 2011

Busy getting items on the site from estate we purchased yesterday.. what a nice selection. And many are still factory sealed! UNBELIEVABLE! So, check Building, Toys2, Toys1, Vehicles & Games pages. Cool Stuff! 

RARE Mattel Hot Birds Set 1970 Factory Sealed Mint complete! Wowee  

MAY 9, 2011

Just purchased a wonderful estate of  toys from NJ. Many items are MINT Unused in the Box! Wow. 1960s.. mostly 70s. But spectacular! here is a photo below. some of my favs: Ready Ranger Mobile Field Pack Mint Unused, Billy Blastoff Space Scout SET >>Mint Never Removed From Box!, KING DING Robot (Ding A Lings) With Brain Robot MINT IN STILL Factory Sealed Box! Motorized Monster Maker by Topper Toys MINT Pristine > Never PLayed with - parts sealed! ZEROID Robot ZOGG with The Large Commander Action SET > STILL Factory Sealed!  A 1968 MARX Garage Westgate Auto Center Tin Litho Playset MINT Never Assembled! OH>> and the HUGE United 727 Jumbo Airliner by Remco. Motorized & Works! yowee! Items from this estate start with inventory # 10508. Getting items on tonight tomorrow & ....

Toys!  and MORE Toys!

May 6, 2011

Jarts are in! 1970s Slider Jarts by Regent are on the Games page. They are MINT - Pristine - Unused in Very Good Box. Also, I also added a Space Fidgit on the site.  Alot of requests for this item! Here's the description & photo below:

Cool little hand held toy. It is a thin, clear lucite plastic, octagon, 3" diameter, resembling a drink coaster. It has a "space age" colorful liquid material inside. When the bottom of the octagon is touched or rubbed, the material inside changes colors. Even the warmth of your fingers can make the colors change! All Mint & works perfectly.  Groovy! I have a photo of the original packaging it came in on my Gallery page.. This one is loose but Mint!  Located on Toys1 pg. 

1970s Space Fidgit

May 4, 2011

Adding a few more items from the Connecticut estate auction we went to 2 weeks ago..! Alot of great stuff.  Found a Huff N Puff - 3 Little Pigs game, Crystal Radio Lot, Popeye Sparkle Paints, MINT Still Sealed 1977 Shrinky Dinks Set, and more. 

Today I moved the PUZZLES/MAZES section on my site from the Games page to the Toys1 page. It is now located under the 1960s section.  The mechanical puzzles really aren't considered Games.. I define games as anything you can play to score either with an opponent or without.. so now those items will be on the Toys1 pg.

May 3, 2011

We are back home in the Catskill Mtns, NY! Spent the morning catching up on packing & shipping orders that came in over the weekend! Everything is on its way. 

Will be listing more neato items on the site.. I always try to keep the site fresh!  I am always updating.. If items are on the site toooo long - I do drop the price to MOVE IT! This isn't a museum, I do want to sell it! haha. So check things now and then. Have a good week! 

April 30, 2011

We are up in Maine visiting daughter & son-in-law. Weather is great! We did some toy hunting today.. Picked up a few items.. Plus> not shown : some 1960s & 70s Monster magazines, which I already put on the TV/Movie pg and Misc. pages.  Should get more items on the site by tomorrow.. but definitely when we get home monday night.

April 29, 2011

Well, we finally have our carport back!  I have just about all the Estate games & toys listed on the site!  There are a few left ..but will get to those next week.  We are leaving early tomorrow morning to see our daughter & son in law in Maine for the weekend!  And, of course, will antique along the way. Hope to find more Toy Treasures! 

April 28, 2011

Added MORE items this morning. Check Games, Toys & Vehicles page.  Cool stuff.  I have not found ANY games or toys from this estate with ANY broken or missing parts.. These all look like they were hardly or ever played with.  This is the most amazing collection I have ever had! Still more to add.. check back. 

April 26, 2011

Yes, I am still listing items on the site from the huge estate of Toys & Games we purchased last week! Here is a quick glimpse of some of my favorite items so far: (A few aren't on the site yet.. but will be by tomorrow morn).




April 25, 2011

Hoping you all had a great Easter or Passover Holiday!  We had rain on & off here in the Catskills.. but the grandkids still got to do their Easter Egg hunt.. I think the whole thing confused the little 2yr. old. But she ate the candy! lol. 

Yesterday - spent the day sorting - cleaning - checking - testing more items from the estate.. I am about 1/2 through all the items we purchased last week! Alot of stuff!  This morning, I just finished listing those items on Building, Toys & Games pgs. There are some really cool Building/Craft toys here!  I have combined items when I can, ie: I took all the Paint by Numbers sets and put them in 1 lot. I found 6 sets - all but 1 unused! Also combined games here and there. 

I am still amazed at the condition of these toys - from a family with NINE kids.  Mostly look un-played with.. And they kept all the boxes.  More to Come! Check back. Wowee - Enjoy!

April 23, 2011

Getting some cool items on the site!  Having fun setting up and testing them.. here are 2 of the cool battery operated toys from the estate we added today.  There are quite a few of the late 1960s/early 1970s  TOMY  Toys - Japan .. These two are my favorites! I uploaded videos to youtube.. See below. They are listed for sale on Vehicles pg.


April 22, 2011

Sidetracked today.. so catching up on getting the Estate Toys on the site. Put on a few tonight. Check Games page, Toys2.  The Rock'em Sock'em Robots are Fantastic. Absolutely Mint in the Excellent box. Listed on the Games page.. Amazing! Looks like they hardly played with it!! Hard to believe the condition of some of these toys - and they saved all the boxes.. The family had 9 kids! Evidently they were taught to take care of their toys and they didn't fight over them and break them.. (like some kids I know..haha). 

So will get on track over the weekend. Takes awhile .. sorting, checking contents, cleaning, photos, listing. .doing the shopping cart gobble-de-goop,  then I pre pack large items.. and with most items I bubble wrap inside of box and loose parts ahead of time.. so they are good to go when I ship. 

But it is FUN!! What a great job!

April 20, 2011

So we made another 6 hr. trip down to CT. & back - today to pick up the remainder of the toys we purchased yesterday at the Estate Action. Whew! Everything is in our carport I have a picture below of everything together.. Starting to get a few things on the site.. slowly but surely. 

 These items marked "Estate Fresh" Or "from Estate" were purchased right from the house where they were found.. It is so cool to buy items "Estate Fresh"  you know you are purchasing from the original owner.. the next best thing to owning your original toy!  It hasn't been passed around or messed with.. intact, the way the kid left it 40 or 50 yrs ago! Amazing! Most of the toys I sell on my site ARE Estate Fresh.. I just added it on the descriptions to differentiate the items of this estate purchase from others..  Items from this Estate will start with inventory # 10333 - (Not finished listing yet)

So I still don't know all that is here.. there is sooo much to go through. Found some cool items though.  Mint Monster Pez's. The rare soft heads! Those will be on the Toys1 pg soon.. Also purchased the RARE 1964 Helios 21 Space Ship from Lionel>> Here is some info I found about it on the Web. The one I have looks great.. and all intact in nice box. Toys, Games, Shooting Games, Motorized Japan toys.. Wow.. I think this is our biggest purchase ever! 

Wowee Zowee

April 19, 2011

Went to our best estate auction ever!!  We purchased a HUGE amount of toys & games from a family estate.. where they had 9 children! yes NINE kids.. And they saved ALL of their 1960s & 1970s Toys! It was amazing! 

Below are photos of what we brought home today.. but guess what?  That is only 1/2 of what we purchased.. We could not fit it all.. so tomorrow morning we are going back to get the rest!  So Double of what you see below!  And the condition is just fantastic! Some Amazing toys I haven't seen in over the 15 years that we have been selling!  These items will be on the site .. over the next few weeks.. I will do some each day.. so check back regularly.. Great items like this won't stick around long. Click pic to enlarge. 

April 18, 2011

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." -George Bernard Shaw

APRIL 13, 2011

 Added the toys from the auction the other day on the site.  Also added some games I had here.  Hoping to find another auction to go to this weekend!  Weather has been nice.. maybe some Estate sales coming up soon! 

     If you are on Facebook, click on our link above to find us and "LIKE" us as a fan.  I sometimes post there earlier than on this page.. since it is so easy and can post there while we are on the road. We also have contests on there to win stuff! It is fun. 

April 10, 2011

We had a great day in NYC - Times Square. We went to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Discovery Times Square. They didn't allow photography inside.. (they were very serious!) I was only able to get one shot of my Grandson pulling a Mandrake Root - It squealed just like in the movie!  There was a fantastic display of costumes, props and rooms from the movies! We had an awesome time. We also went to Toys R Us (Barbie House & Lego display with Empire State Bldg & King Kong..both made of legos) & the Disney Store.. Oh, and real New York Pizza! We  had a great day. 

Barbie! @ Toys R Us - Times Square NYC Now, THAT'S A PIZZA!

April 9, 2011

Purchased some nice toys at the Estate Auction tonight!  1960s Marx Big Bruiser Tow Truck in really nice shape & works! 1962 Remco Barracuda Submarine, 1962 Remco Sky Diver Jet Plane, some old comics, Fisher Price Hospital, & Structo Auto Hauler with trucks!  Should get everything on by Monday. Check back! 


APRIL 8, 2011

Busy weekend coming up! Tomorrow afternoon we are going to an estate auction that has "many 1960s & 1970s toys".  Then on Sunday - my daughter in laws Mom & I are taking the kids & grandkids down to NYC.  Our main purpose: to see the Harry Potter Exhibition at Discovery Times Square!  We are all big HP fans & will have a most awesome time - I am sure.  Then we will, of course, go to the worlds largest Toys R Us & stop by the Disney store there on Times Square (for our littlest grand daughter) who loves "Mick" - as she calls him. LOL. 

Will post photos! Check back, hope you all have a great weekend! 

April 6, 2011

    Exciting: We just sold a bunch of 1960s Games to the production people at this new movie coming out! "Moonrise Kingdom".  The movie is set in 1965.. so watch for the Flea Circus Game, Table Tennis, Pro Shot Golf Game, Scrabble, Avalanche, Spill & Spell, Space Tilt, Space Checkers, Tiddley Winks, etc. 
      It is always exciting to see our toys on TV & movies! We have sold to Oprah (doll), Rachel Ray (clackers), Drew Carey Show (Jarts),  the Adam Sandler movie, "Bedtime Stories".. and more..  Can't wait to see this movie!

April 3, 2011

Yea! April is here! Hopefully snow is finished here in the Catskills!  

Today, I added a Clancy The Great Skating Chimpanzee on the Toys1 pg.  He looks fantastic and I got the motor working just fine.. His leg mechanism isn't working as it should and he will need help to skate forward. Inside on his leg -- originally, there was a soft plastic hollow ball.. about 3/4" diameter.  There is a plastic piece that pushes against it to give resistance and make him go forward. 

Well, over time, the balls dry out and disintegrate.  I usually just replace them and he works just fine.. I tried that.. but he still has a stubborn leg.. so rather than go crazy trying to fix it and possibly break him, I will sell as is.. and priced at about 1/2 of what I usually price these for. 

1963 Clancy The Great by Ideal

March 31, 2011

We just returned from a day trip out to the Finger Lakes Region of NY.  Went toy hunting! met a few dealers and pickers we know.. found some interesting items. Will have it all listed on the site by tomorrow! Some highlights: RARE 1962 Revell Slant Six Motorized Engine Model - Never Assembled! Jackie Kennedy Magic Paper Doll Set, Marx Golf Sets, 1950s Childs Dish Set in Litho Cardboard Cabinet, Skee Ball by Marx, Fisher Price Movie Viewer & Theatre, and more.. Click on photos to enlarge.

Toy Finds Today!   

March 27, 2011

We celebrated our grandsons 11th birthday this weekend. Time sure does fly! His favorite gift (he says), is the Red Ryder BB Gun we gave him. It's the 70th anniversary version.  Target shooting only! No animals! He loves animals and would never harm one.. but just wanted you all to know :-)

Grandson & his Red Ryder BB Gun

March 26, 2011

Just finished listing all the neat Old & Vintage (1900s - 1970s) games I purchased the other day! Wow. They are really nice. I can't believe the great condition of those early ones especially.. There are some dated from 1919-1930s. I bundled some together.. and really had fun going through them.

 I LOVE the 1950s Orbit Solitaire Game.. all with the original 1950s Marble King marbles.. wowee zowee. All items are listed on the Games pg.. also added to Misc. & Cowboys pgs.

1950s Orbit Solitaire Game - Marbles!!

March 25, 2011

Yesterday a local picker called me.. I have purchased alot of great items from him before.. so we ran right down.. He had a large box of games! All from same estate. Dating from late 1930s to early 1970s. wowee.. All complete too & nice shape. Here is a photo below of the items. Neat items..some I have had ..some I have never had. Check out the Marble Solitaire game.. all original OLD marbles.. Yeah! and that Contack Card game.. have had ALOT of request for that one. 1970s Waterworks.. the original Blockhead, Racko.. oh and the old Checkers set with Old book about Checkers.. Will get everything on site by tomorrow. 

March 21, 2011

Whew! Finished -  all our purchases from the weekend are listed on the Inventory pages!  Nice to be caught up. It took alittle longer.. I had to assemble the Flea Circus Game.. of course, to check for items missing etc.. (all was there), but it was just so much fun.. I just had to play with it awhile. lol. 

1965 Flea Circus by Mattel

March 20, 2011

Today we took a drive up to Woodstock Vermont area. Specifically, Quechee Antique Village..About 4 hrs. away from home. Visited the Toy Museum there & purchased some great toys also! We were at the museum last yr when they were first setting up.. but there was much more to see this time! Love the games on the ceiling. lol

Love the Games on the Ceiling!

Picked up some Nice items! Mint & Complete 1965 Flea Circus Game, Roy Rogers Telephones, Trik Trak Set, Mint Spin Art Set, Frenzy Game, Mint Microscope Set w/Box, 1958 Pristine Sea Shell Kit, Mint Unused Marx Typewriter, 1950s Kids Gun Rack.. and more.. I will get everything on the site by tomorrow. Check Toys1, Misc, Games, Vehicles pages



Here are some nice shots of Woodstock VT area. 

They are all statues..

March 18, 2011

Translucent Clackers are in stock!  I have been buying all these clackers from an older gentleman that bought a large wooden chest back in the late 1960s.. well, inside where all these - sealed - never used - Clacker Balls! He didn't know what to do with them.. so he stored them away.. 

Last year,  a younger friend of his offered to find someone to buy them.. and he found my site! Well, the rest is history, he had hundreds! I have been buying a small portion every month since. This month he sent a bunch of cool light blue ones, some orange AND>> the highly requested TRANSLUCENT ! These are all different colors and they are not the solid color ones.. these are more see through - kinda - you can see light pass through them and they look pretty cool.. So check them out on the CLACKERS PAGE


March 17, 2011

Probably, many visitors to my site say, "WHERE ARE ALL THE DOLLS?" .. Well, I do have some dolls for sale on the Toys2 page.. and I have sold some pretty cool ones.. I just don't know as much about them as other toys.. I gravitate more toward the generic toys we all remember or the so called "BOY Toys".. 

Growing up, my sister played with all the dolls and I was more of a "Driving Toys, Soldier - Gun, Spy, Astronaut, Batman & Monster Toy" kid! I DID like Trolls, Kiddles, Kozmic Kiddles, Heidi & Friends, Mrs. Beasley, Hedda Get Bedda, Suzy Smart & my Hanna Barbara Stuffed Animals through. 

My dislike of dolls was apparent in the photo below - lol

What do I do now?

I would be more likely found Playing - some kind of driving toy (like my Firebird 99 below), my Emenee trumpet, Drums, riding my spring horse (with six shooters close by), soldier, spy, or racing hot wheels (see photos below)

Loved driving at a very young age. lol

But I really do make an effort to find dolls.  I am always looking.. and will certainly buy them for the site when I can!

March 16, 2011

Added a cool 1960s Disguise Kit on the Toys1 pg.  Mint - Unused Set! These sets were made by Franco Co (who sold many magic tricks & novelty items back then).  The Disguise Kits  sold through stores including FAO Schwarz Toy Store.  All kinds of novelty disguise items inside. Box is also MINT & measures approx. 15" x 12" x 3".  I had one like this one - way back when.. 

1960s Disguise Kit 

March 13, 2011

Picked up a few neat items at a local auction today! Set of 1960s Missile Jarts - Lawn Darts, Hubley Flintlock Pirate Pistol & A neat old 1950s Microscope set w/slides! Check Games, Toys3 & Toys1 pgs.

March 8, 2011

Here's a short video I uploaded of our littlest - 2 yr. old Grand Daughter testing our 1961 Tony The Pony - for sale on Toys1 pg! He also goes in reverse & turns. Everything works great. Click here to see Video

1961 Tony The Pony by Marx

March 7, 2011

I finished listing all the items on the site from our Toy Buying weekend! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Misc, Cartoons & Vehicles pages! So glad I cleaned out my toy storage area before we went! Now I have room.

March 6, 2011

Still listing items on the site from our great toy hunting excursion. I just have to finish the Misc. & Games page. I uploaded a Video of the Juke Box Jamboree working. FANTASTIC! CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO

1960s Juke Box Jamboree WOW!

March 5, 2011

We are back! Found some great treasures.. I know, I always say that.. but this time I really mean it!  Friday, stopped at a few places, met some people with toys.. Today went to an auction, then we stopped at two other places and found The Emenee Juke Box Jamboree (Mint)..and the next stop: Tony The Pony (Mint). Both, VERY large items! We had to repack the car two more times! But it all fit.. I don't think we could have fit a shoe box in the car after those items!  

We have a Subaru Forester.. (the smaller model, not the new bigger ones)..so it was quite an amazing packing job - if I do say so myself. haha. Didn't think we needed the roof carrier - left it home! 

So, Here are the photos from our toy hunting weekend.. Everything is clean and in great shape.. Will start getting items on site tomorrow. (I did list a few items on the site last night from the hotel .. and the Chocolate Factory already sold! but I'm always looking for more!)

Toys - Click to enlarge!  Juke Box Jamboree!!! Can you believe it??  Tony The Pony - Mint & Works!  Nice & Clean items!  more!

March 4, 2011

We left home - Catskills NY - at 3am. Traveled way down to Pennsylvania.. Hunting for Toys! Found some great items.. will be posting on the site this weekend..sampling: Mint in Box (never used) Emenee Chocolate Factory, Astro Phones In the Box, Fintstone Circus Figures, Marx Keys to Treasure Pinball Machine, Feeley Meeley Game, Limbo Legs, Sure Shot Hockey, Johnny Lightning Set, Puzzle Games, Snakes in The Grass, Vac-U-Form, Wiz-z-zer Trick Set, and just a BUNCH of more cool items.. Car isn't filled yet.. so we are staying overnight down here! 

Found out, on our way to the hotel.. there is an auction nearby.. at 9am tomorrow! and there are some toys! wow, what luck. So we are definitely going there before we leave for home. 

March 3, 2011

Leaving EARLY tomorrow morning on a toy buying trip.. check back tomorrow night for updates!!

March 1, 2011

Picked up a nice vintage original Morris Katz oil painting at a local auction!  Morris Katz was well known as the "Worlds Fastest Artist" & holds Guinness World Records! More info on Wikipedia

1979 Morris Katz Oil on Board Painting Signed & Dated Label on back from studio

I have it listed on the Misc. page.  I also added a Bernie Bernard by Mattel on the Toys1 pg.

Feb. 25, 2011

Adding some neat games on the site tonight.. check back. 

PLUS>> A RARE pair of 1965 super cool, thin wraparound Sunglasses by Sea & Ski. Only the 2nd time I have had these on the site. Had them when I was a kid in the 60s. They are fab! Here is my son modeling them. They are Adult size & Unisex. Listed on Misc. page. 

1965 Sea&Ski Thin Wraparound Sunglasses

Feb. 21, 2011

I love puzzles and mazes.. Not really a fan of the interlocking cardboard puzzles, more like the Mechanical Puzzles, such as slides, dexterity, & mazes.   So,   I have devoted a section on the Games page just for these type of toys! Check here!

1969 Frustration Ball Headache

Feb. 20, 2011

So, got up early.. traveled 1.5 hrs. to an auction ... only to get there and they cancelled it!! Weather is fine.. just most of the workers have the flu! ARGHHH! so, headed back home, stopped at an antique center on the way, picked up a few cool games & stuff.. so the day wasn't a TOTAL loss.  Better luck next week. Check Games, Toys, Misc. pages. 

Feb. 15, 2011

If you are ever near Rochester NY.. be sure to stop into the Museum of Play! What a fantastic museum of toys.. old and new. We just sold the Giant Tinkertoy set to them.. as well as other cool toys over the yrs.. They have a wonderful Vintage Toy Section!!

Feb. 13, 2011

Went to an auction today.. Mostly new stuff.. but there were a few cool old items there we were able to buy. Original Rat Finks! (In with all the toys from the toy chest!), Tin Litho Texaco Gas Station Building, Tin Farm, Misc. Toy - Charms, etc. lot.. which includes a Kozmic Kiddle!, Vac-U-Form Machine, Arnold Palmer Tin Golf Game by Ohio Art, and some other unique items! I found another 1966 Windup Pokey to go with the Gumby I have on the Cartoons page.. The Pokey I had didn't work.. this one does! So now I have a working set! Check Toys1, Cartoons, Building, Games, & Vehicles pgs.

 I should have everything on the site by tomorrow. 

Toy Finds Today! More stuff RAT FINKS!! 2 of them!

Feb. 12, 2011

Picked up a few items at a local auction.. left bids and picked up the items yesterday. Sometimes, it is really hard sitting through hours of household and glassware items! Luckily there weren't many toy buyers in the audience!  So, check Toys1, TV/Movies, Games pg. We have an auction to check out tomorrow.. maybe more toys? 

Feb. 5, 2011

Hope you are having a nice weekend!  Added a few items to the site. Check Toys1 pg. - Games & Misc. If you are on FACEBOOK - be sure to "like" us! I have a free Clackers Giveaway going on.. but you can only access the contest on our Facebook page.  Click link at top of page.

Feb. 2, 2011

Did you know about our UPGRADE Policy?  I think we are the only Collectibles Store or any that I know of, that does this! read below:

When you buy toys from TimeWarp, you have the option to always upgrade the same toy at any time in the future! Keep track of when you buy your toy, so that later I can find your record. Trade it in toward a better version of the same toy!

In the future, say you find the same toy on my site for sale -  in better condition than the first one you purchased from TimeWarp. If you choose, you can send back the original toy and I will give you the credit (of what it originally cost you), toward the purchase of the new upgraded version of your toy. 

Example: Lets say you buy a Mr. Machine from  Timewarp for $300. He works fine, but there is no wrench or box. Then a year later, you see another Mr. Machine on my site with a box and wrench for $450. WOW. You really want a better one. So contact me to save the toy, send your Mr. Machine back to me (in same condition you originally purchased him in), and the new Mr. Machine will cost you only $150. You pay the difference. Get it? 

I know it's hard to find toys in "like new" condition and I we all have to settle sometimes for something a little less than what we expected. Hey, better to have a Mr. Machine working with no box rather than NO Mr. Machine at all!  But now, when you see your "dream toy" in better condition, you can upgrade! 

So now you have more options. We love Toys and we know you do too! We are getting older and soon our grandchildren will be playing with the toys we used to play with. (Mine already are!).  Keep your toys in good shape. Keep a record of your purchase. Check my site periodically & later on, upgrade if you want to. 

But remember -  share with your grandchildren! 

Jan. 29, 2011

Well the two crazy toy people left home at 3am to go to the Estate Toy Auction in Pennsylvania this morning. We got there at 7am.. Whew.. roads were good but not great.  Picked up some neat - unusual - Scarce items I have never had! One of the coolest - the 1963 Wing Thing by Gilbert.. it is the first ready-to-fly gas powered Flex-Wing airplane model. Looks like a hang glider.. about 3 feet long. 

Also The Mego Navarone Play Set Mint/Complete, Johnny Eagle Red River Rifle & Pistol, Wolverine Dish Set - still sealed, Shaving Set - still sealed, 1965 Amsco Supermarket, Texaco Fire Chief Helmet Mint in Box, Original 1964 Worlds Fair Poster, Original Plastigoop! And some really neat games.. Will get everything on the site over the weekend. 

Click to Enlarge

Feb. 27, 2011

We are feeling like we are in hibernation here in the snow encrusted Catskills! So, Saturday morning we are leaving at 3am to attend a estate toy auction down in Pennsylvania.  Weather looks good.. Hope to bring back some nice treasures for the website..I will upload photos from the auction up to our FACEBOOK page while we are there & of course, post photos of our finds here when we get home Saturday Night!

Jan. 22, 2011

Adding a few items on site today. Check Toys1, Space & Misc. pages! We have in stock the FACE Drawers circa 1969! We had these as kids.. and these are the first I have seen since then. So cool. They are on Misc. page. 

Face Drawers 1960s

Jan. 17, 2011

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  Adding a few items on the site today.  Check Toys1, Toys3, Misc. & Games pages. 

Jan. 9, 2011

We are back with some great items from our trip down to Pennsylvania! 4 hrs. drive each way!  Picked up some unique items. Will try to get some on tonight.. but most likely all tomorrow.  A beautiful Poosh-M-Up Pinball Game. Electric Version! MINT in Original Box. All works! Lights up, etc. PLUS this is the rare Pirate, Neptune version with Mermaids! Clancy the Great, Johnny Reb Cannon IN the box! Suzy Homemaker Vanity Mirror in the Box, Replogle Moon Globe, Friction Police car, Playskool Take Apart Car - Mint in Box, Marx Football Game MIB, Shmo Game with Moon Men figures, and just cool stuff.. Click photos to enlarge! 

Toys!!  More toys!  Mint in Box!   Mint ! Mint ! Mint!

Jan. 7, 2011

Well, we had hoped to be on the road hunting for vintage toys today.. but the 12" of snow put a huge crimp in our plans!  The storm will end by tomorrow and roads should be all clear for us to leave early Sunday morning. ! 

We did go out yesterday, I picked up a few NY Worlds Fair items & a 1960s NY Mets Felt Pennant. Check Worlds Fair and Misc. pages

Jan. 1, 2011

Putting some cool items on site today! Check Toys1, Games, Misc. & TV/Movie pages!

In between working on the site.. we are enjoying all this great snow in the Catskill Mtns. The grandkids love sledding.  When we were kids, we had the wooden sleds with metal runners - wow they went fast!  

SNOW    I like going down.. but not the walk back up!   

Our thanks to all our wonderful customers who made this a very successful year. Hoping you all have a Happy, Healthy, Toy-Filled New Year! 

 Looking back over this page, I can't believe all the great treasures of toys we discovered! Hoping this year will be just as satisfying!

 Now that the holidays are just about over, we can get on the road and dig up more great stuff!  We will be away the end of next week - on the road - to some toy hot spots we visit.  Wish us luck!

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