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December 31, 2015 >> Another year online, where has the time gone? What a blast selling toys from the past. lol. 

As we enter our 20th year as timewarptoys, Brian and I wish you all a Happy, Healthy & Toy - Filled New Year!  

We are heading out Saturday to an estate auction.. We hope to come home with great toy treasures to start off the New Year right! See you next year. yuk, yuk.  -Joyce

December 27, 2015 - Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend! Weather is almost balmy here in the Catskills, NY. We haven't gotten any real snow accumulation this season yet.. but a storm is expected Monday night into Wednesday.  Today, I marked a bunch of items at 1/2 price -  SALE on the Miscellaneous page. When items sit too long, I price them down to sell.. sometimes I mark at 1/2 price (check bottom of each catagory), The MISC Sale items are >>HERE

Christmas Eve, 2015 - Warm Christmas & Holiday Wishes to all our wonderful followers, customers & friends! We hope you have a Safe & Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2015 >> Shipping items like crazy.. all items ordered through shopping cart have an option for me to forward tracking info.. which I started doing this month. Love it! so easy and really helps put customers minds at ease.. IF you don't receive a tracking email after an order.. let me know! 

Also, I will be going through and lowering some prices on items that have been on the site longer than usual..if it is an older item, it may be put in the 1/2 price area under each section. be sure to check it out! 

Update on my upcoming book AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS>> the cover is in the editing phase - I did decline their cover sample, and asked that Rock'em Sock'em Robots be featured on the cover ..the fixed it and it looks great. I am on schedule to be in their Fall 2016 catalog. As soon as they allow, I will post cover photo and more info to pre-order through Schiffer Publishing.  They don't allow authors to advertise or show  book covers before their catalog is released because: "Sharing covers and book data at this time could be a significant detriment to our upcoming sales and marketing efforts and may cause confusion, delay, or cancellation of the project." Bummer. It really looks awesome too! lol.   SO.. if you were born in the 50s or 60s, you definitely played with a Marvin Glass toy.. if you DON'T know who he is.. here is the info on him. 

DECEMBER 20, 2015 >> All our finds from yesterday, are on the site! 

December 19, 2015 - Our busiest time of the year! Packing shipping.. sometimes 2 trips to post office in one day. Remember you can still order by Dec. 20 and get items by the 24th.. if you use priority mail in the US.  

We still made time to go to an estate auction. Picked up some neat rare items! A working, 1960s Horikawa Tin Robot. Battery operated "Attacking Martian Fighting Shooting Robot." (video below), The 1966 Chein Tin Litho Peanuts Talking Bus. Very cool, first one I have had! The motor for the voice cylinder works.. and when I play with it.. I do hear voices.. can't make it out.. but may need to be played with.. it has been sitting for many, many years. Seaview Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, working Larry the Lion.. Jaguar XKE Radio,  and other cool items. Everything will be listed by tomorrow about Noon. Enjoy!


December 13, 2015 - Picked up some cool items today. Check  on Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, Vehicles, Misc. Cartoons pages. Everything is on the website. Enjoy!


UPDATE 8pm 12/6 > Everything is on the Website, except the comics. They will be on Misc pg. later.. 

December 6, 2015 - We went to a great Estate Auction last night! Picked up some wonderful rare items! Everything  will be on the site by this afternoon. Check Toys1, Toys2, Cartoons, TV/Movies & Misc. pages. Here is a sneak peak. Everything is first come, first serve on the site. 

Vintage 1950s 1960s 1970s Toys for Sale

UPDATE>11/30/15 -  All items below are listed on Website! 

November 29, 2015 - We left at 6am and returned home at 5:30 this afternoon. Called ahead down in Pennsylvania.. met up with some dealers and pickers.. found some nice items! Everything will be listed on the site by tomorrow before Noon. Just too late to get to it tonight.. (11pm). Long day. I was thrilled to find the 1964 Show N' Tell (works great).. and also the RARE Display Stand to go with it!! WOWEE! I have never seen or heard of these. Amazing. The 1965 Hoppy Hoperoo Pogo Stick from The Flintstones - this is only the 2nd one I have found in 20 yrs of buying.. what a fun day! 

Items will be on Toys1, Games, Cartoons, TV/Movies & Misc. pages. 

PS>> Just added the yearly 20% Off Sale to Shopping Cart! 20% taken off total of items. Until Dec. 5th

Saturday, November 28, 2015 - Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday. Weather here in Catskills, NY has been unseasonably warm and no snow yet. Studded tires were put on our Subaru this week.. so we are ready - just in case!  Tomorrow we are leaving at 6am to a huge flea market about 3.5 hrs away.. I called a few pickers/dealers down there to let them know we were coming.. hopefully they will have treasures I can buy for the website.. with us luck! -joyce

November 24, 2015 - It's our busy season here at TimeWarp.. car is packed for another load to go to post office first thing tomorrow.. We ship next day.. sometimes same day, if order comes in before 8am. This year, I also learned how to send tracking number emails through the shopping cart after I ship... what a relief! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! If you have any questions.. feel free to email me at I get my emails immediately - everywhere. -joyce

November 22, 2015 - Added a few neat items on the website.. Check Toys1, Games, Space, & Misc pages. Have a great weekend! 

Sunday November 15, 2015 - Met up with some local pickers today.. picked up a few items for the website! Check Games, Toys1, Cartoons, TV/Movies & Misc. page. A diverse selection! Have a GREAT Week!


We are gearing up for our busiest time of year here at TimeWarp Toys! Remember, we ship NEXT business day, sometimes Same day if you order early in morning! Shipping guidelines through US Post Office are as follows: (For Canada & Europe suggested shipping date is Dec. 11th)


UPDATE 10:09pm >> Everything is posted on the website. Enjoy! Saturday, November 7, 2015 - We are back home from our buying trip. We had a great time! Found some cool stuff.. hope you like it as much as we do.  It is almost midnight.. so will start photographing the individual items and listing/posting on website by afternoon. Hope to have it all up on site by tomorrow -Sunday night. Here is a sneak peak:

Friday, November 6, 2015, We left the house at 5:30 am today.. drove for about 500 miles down to Virginia. We met up with a picker we know down here.. who has great toys we buy from yearly. Great stuff again this year too! We also stopped at some shops and flea markets.. staying over tonight and heading home tomorrow. We have more places we plan to go on way back. Here is a peek at the inside of our car so far.. this is still room so we will keep buying. Will get better photos on when we get home. 


October 31st, 2015 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope you have a great time tonight. Just added a few items on the site.. here is what I found:



October 26, 2015 - It is always great fun going though estate fresh items like the other day (see all the items on 10/24), a fellow picker snapped a photo of me in the midst of diggin' for treasures.. here I am:


I also add on the site tonight the elusive Silly Skiers by Tomy 1972, what a great set this is! Works great and complete! 



October 24, 2015 - Stopped by a picker's house today.. he had an estate he cleaned out.. I was able to get all the toys I could find! Some neat, old stuff here! Everything is listed on the site. Check: Toys1, Toys2, Misc. & Games pgs. Have a Great Weekend!


October 18, 2015 - We are back home in the Catskills,NY.  Stopped on the way home and picked up a few cool items. Everything is on the site. Check Toys1, Games, TV/Movies pages. The Craps Table  is made in Japan by Waco & has this cool Fully Automatic dice shooter.. see video below!



October 17, 2015 - We are still up in Maine visiting family. Picked up some more items for the site today.. and listed some items on the site today. Check back. (both items below are on Space page!). Everything from yesterday and today is listed on website!


October 16, 2015 - We are up in Maine visiting our daughter, son in law and littlest grandson. 7 hr. drive ..on the way we did stop at some flea markets and shops. Picked up some neat items.. if I do say so myself. lol. Everything will be posted for sale on the website by the end of weekend. My favorite find was the LARGE Sneaky Pete Magic Set.. I don't think I have ever had the large one (I have a smaller version on the site now).. and the Space Lunch Box and Thermos from the 60s, love that! PS> found some other small items..not shown in photo. Check Toys1, Games, Space, Cartoons & Misc. pgs


October 12, 2015 - Here are our finds from yesterday.. plus the Mighty Casey set below. Everything is on the site. Check Toys, Games, TV/Movies, 1980s and Toys3 pgs. 

October 11, 2015 - Got up early and hit a flea market. Glad it was close by after the busy day we had yesterday in NYC. Picked up a few neat items.. I only have the one item photographed so far>> Mighty Casey Ride 'Em Railroad.  1970 by Remco. 12volt battery operated ride on train. Haven't had one in awhile and this is the best one I have seen! All works. NO breaks, just awesome. It has 27 tracks, 2 box cars and a flat car. Here are some pics & a video of our littlest grand daughter (7 yr old Alena), testing it out. It is listed on the Toys1 pg


October 10, 2015 - Went with the family to NYC for the day. about 2.5 hr. away. We visited the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan - Trinity Church, 911 Memorial, and ate at the "Seinfeld" Diner. We all had a great day and the weather was perfect. We had to buy the tickets 4 months ago to get tickets to the  crown of statue. two security checks and small lines.. First time for the grand kids and we all had an awesome day.. here are some pics. 

October 3, 2015 - Started out this morning to a local estate auction.. that advertised "Many Attic Found Toys - Mid Century".. well it was raining.. auction held outside in a tent.. 47 degrees out.. and the toys were either all broken or missing pieces.. and not really things that are fun to buy.. mostly puzzles or blocks..some beat up trains.  There were a few little things, but not worth freezing for hours and waiting for. So we heading out into the Catskills - saw a sign for a flea market wayyy at the top of a mountain, about 2.5 miles up and they had vintage toys! So here is what we found, everything will be on the site tonight! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games & TV/Movies page. 

September 30, 2015 - I am going through the pages and marking some items 1/2 price at the bottom of each section (1950s, 1960s, 1970s). I am starting with the Toys1 pg.. and will continue through the site. I want to move old inventory and make room for new stuff.. Now you can pay dirt cheap for items that you have been wanting! Check it out. 

You will see my With the tag next to each item - Price is already 1/2 of original price

September 27, 2015 - Got up early.. had a great breakfast at our local fire house..fundraiser. Then on the road for a few hrs. to a Flea Market in Connecticut, and one on way back. Picked up some nice items.. Everything is on the site. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, TV Movies pg & 1980s page. See sneak peak photos below! 


September 20 2015 - Flea Market Finds! Everything is on the website. Check Toys1, Games, Misc. & TV/Movies pg.

September 19, 2015 - Look who came to the Catskills! My daughter found this guy at an estate sale  in Maine.. and brought him down for my website. He is listed on the Toys1 pg. 

This is the  original 1960 version - Designed by Marvin Glass & licensed to Ideal Toys.  He has a big metal windup key in back and the metal screw nose. This first version can be taken apart and put back together. He is 18" tall.. he walks forward and you can move a dial in back to change direction or have him walk in a circle. His arms swing and his mouth opens and he emits a mechanical sounding, "AH", like he is speaking. He has no chips, cracks or missing parts - he looks great & works! He comes with a very good box, the wrench and large directions brochure.

September 12, 2015 - Today's flea market finds! Everything is on the site.. Found a few things I have never seen before too. Check Toys1, Games & Vehicles pages! Have a great weekend. Here is a video of my Son & Grand daughter testing the Pie Face game for me:


Vintage 1950s, 1960s & 1970s Toys For Sale 1968 Pie Face Game by Hasbro - Marvin Glass

September 6 & 7th 2015 - We hit another flea market today.. picked up some items. Everything is on the site, check Toys3, Games & Misc. pages. & Toys1


September 5, 2015 - Found a few items at the flea market today. I have never had the Jungle Safari Game.. that is pretty cool, and how neat is the Witch friction gun? Here is a group shot. Everything is on the website.  Check Toys1, Games, TV/Movies pages. Enjoy. Have a safe weekend!

Update>> 8/31/15  3pm - Everything is on the website from yesterday!

August 31, 2015 - Had a great day finding toys yesterday! We left here at 6:30 am, went down to Pennsylvania & got home at 6:30 pm. Nice and easy! Will be working on adding items to site all morning.. will update here and on our Facebook page when done. Here is a sneak peak - Items will be on Toys1, Games, Misc, Cartoons. NY World's Fair & TV/Movie pages>>

August 22, 2015 - Estate Finds! All from same estate. Everything is in great condition! Clean & well cared for! All is listed on the site. Check Toys1, Games & Vehicles pages. Have a GREAT Weekend! 


August 15, 2015 - Yesterday we drove about 2.5 hours North.. to a huge flea market. Picked up some neat items, some I have never seen before! (I love when that happens). Everything is on the website.. Check Toys1, Games, Cartoons, TV/Movies & Misc. pages. Enjoy!


August 9, 2015 >>> Everything we purchased yesterday - is now on the site! Check Building, Cartoons, Games, Toys1, TV/Movies & Misc. pages! 

August 8, 2015 - We are up in the Fingers Lake Region of NY.. about 4 hrs. from our home in the Catskills.. We are on our yearly "grand parents trip" with our oldest grand daughter (and our son comes along too).  Up in Seneca Falls. On the way, we stopped at a Picker/Dealer we know and visit each year.  He always has some great stuff for us, and this year was another winner.  Here is a shot of everything laid out in the back of my Subaru.. Everything will be posted on the website by tomorrow night..when we get home. Also here are some shots from our day's adventures..Have a Great weekend all!

August 2, 2015 - Beautiful weather here in the Catskills this weekend. We did find some nice items for the site! Check Toys, TV/Movies, Cartoon & Misc. pages. Remember: New finds are always placed at the top of each catagory - so you don't have to go through the whole page. 

1971 Trouble BubbleMani-Yack Iron On Transfer 1963 Kaumagraph Co.1960s Keds Supersonic Space Whistle

Update 7/26/15 at 7pm "Sometimes your order may be held up due to packing delays"..caused by Bears! lol. 

My toy storage/packing area is a room attached to our car port.. I decided to shut the door after I saw the bear..( didn't want to get trapped in there with him).. He was pretty small - a yearling, he hung around awhile.. so I was able to get some nice shots.. finished packing.. all orders will go out tomorrow as planned! Life in the Catskill Mountains!

7/26/15 - Today Hubby & I went with our son & oldest Grand daughter down to the Comic Book Trade Show in Poughkeepsie, NY. It was fun. No old stuff for me to buy.. but we got to see the 1966 Batmobile - which is always awesome to see! ..and  we met Sam Jones who played the new Flash Gordon & was in the TED movie. 

7/25/15 - Estate Sale Finds Today!  Everything is on the site! Picked up some great items this morning.. here in the Catskill Mtns. NY.  I love when we don't have to travel too far.  GREAT Garloo! My all time favorite. He works too! Looks great. 2 small holes in the body..but can be repaired. A great 1950s Boy Scout Collection. A 1950s Model Boxes lot - All empty except one. Early Skyline Building Sets.. and more. 

Here is a sneak peak, and a video I took of my Garloo (yes, the wheel turns him while he moves - I just forgot to do it while filming.. I was so excited!). Check Games, Toys1, Toys3 & Misc. pages. 


7/18/15 - Got a call this morning from a local picker.. he runs a barn sale every weekend.. He had toys for me! SO, drove right down.. picked up a bunch of cool items - should have them on the site tonight. Zeroid stuff.. but no robots.. also Johnny Lightning sets, 3 nice vintage Beatles posters, and other items shown. Love getting calls like that!

7/17/15 update >> Great day Traipsing through Brimfield Flea Market today in Mass. with our Grand daughter. PLUS>> We met Eddie Munster aka Butch Patrick. Got a photo.. an autograph and shots of The Munster Koach & Grandpa's Drag-u-la Dragster. Pretty Fun day.. of course, our grand daughter wasn't as impressed as us. lol . 

Picked up some neat items will post on site soon! 

7/17/15 - Heading out to huge flea market this morning! Hoping to find some toy treasures. Check back.. meanwhile, JUST IN! >> Quick Klack Solid Color CLACKERS >>> Very Limited Quantity. These are slightly larger than the Klatter Balls I have listed and most are without original packaging.. I only have 10 sets of these as shown in photo below. Colors are bright and balls all mint. These have the string permanently attached and a paddle to hold onto - which can be removed. Listed on Clackers page.  

7/12/15 - Went out this weekend and found some items for the site.. everything should be on by tonight.  Quirky thing happened today.. we were driving home and saw a Barn Sale sign.. so of course, we went. It was a house of someone who used to sell toys years ago and I used to have many dealings with him.. haven't seen him in many yrs.. so I am looking around.. no toys... except this one colorful game box. I see a "Hippity Hop" game by Ohio art, It's a game I have never seen or heard of ! A large tin litho target and skill game with this 5" kangaroo in it that you put the dice in his pouch and push his tail to flip the dice.. pretty cool and all minty in old box.. So I pick it up.. to buy and I am talking to the guy & telling him about my book I submitted to Schiffer Books  .. about Marvin Glass. I glance at the box and there I see THE MARVIN GLASS LOGO!! I was shocked.. and thrilled.. Here I found - basically in my own neighborhood - an obviously RARE game by Marvin that I have never seen or heard of! I was so excited.. 

When I got home I researched like crazy.. only thing I found was an old newspaper advertising it for sale (no photo), in 1968. So I have the year! There are NO photos that I could find anywhere.. ALSO, my editor sent me an email on Friday.. seems like this is my LAST chance to send in any late additions for the book! How lucky is that!? Funny how things work out!  Here is what I found this weekend plus closeups of Hippity Hop Game. 

7/5/15 - Picked up a few items today in our Toy Travels.. everything will be on the site today. I love Disneykins! 

HAPPY Independence DAY!   We did get out and hit some flea markets, see preview photos below. Everything is on the Website. Check Toys1, Toys3, Games, Vehicles, TV/Movies & Space pages. Enjoy your holiday!

JUNE 28, 2015 >> Update Everything is on the website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Cartoons, Games & Misc. pages. Enjoy!

June 27, 2015 >> Drove about 300 miles round trip today.. Central NY area. Flea Mkt, etc. finds! Everything will be on website by this weekend

June 21, 2015 >> Update - Everything shown below is listed on website. 

June 20, 2015 - Picked this all up today.. Well worth getting up at 4 am & driving 4 hrs. each way! Everything will be on the site by this weekend!  Check Toys1, Games, TV/Movies, Toys3, Building, Cartoons, Vehicles, Misc. & WF pages.

Vintage Toys for sale 1961 B-52 Ball Turret Gun by Remco

UPDATE >> Monday June 15th 11ish.. EVERYTHING IS ON WEBSITE<<<

June 14, 2015 - Had a great weekend - we took our littlest grand daughter on her first "Grandparents weekend" When our grandkids graduate kindergarten, each summer.. we take them on an overnight stay somewhere in the Northeast.. so It was Alena's turn.. she is 6. Her dad came with us.. We went up to Vermont. Yesterday, we visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream tour, Shelburne Farms,  then, today we  zipped over to Lake George, NY to spend time at the beach. She was a delight! and we all had a great time.. Well, on the way of course we stopped to find toys.. here is a sneak peak - will get everything on the site by tomorrow! Enjoy



June 7, 2014 - UPDATE>> 4:25 pm Everything is on the Website! enjoy. 

We left the house yesterday at 5am.. arrived at the Estate Auction at 8:30. Picked up some great items! Well worth the long trip! Everything should be on the site by this afternoon.. Check Toys1, Games, TV/Movies, Cartoons, Space & Misc. pages.  Nice 1963 Fireball XL5 Play Set by Multiple Products. Amazing! 



May 31, 2015 - Went to an estate auction in Central NY.. It was run by Amish folks.. and there were a lot of Amish there buying.. parking lot had a lot of buggies. They used a "hit & miss" engine to cook the chicken. Don't see this too much in NY.. mostly in PA. It was a nice auction.. Here is a sneak peak of our finds.. Everything is on the site! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Vehicles, Misc. pages. I am very excited about The Corner Store Play Set - Mint Complete & Never Assembled! Below is a stock photo of what it looks like assembled. 

5/25/15 More Finds Today>>> Miscellaneous  and Toys3 pages..


May 24, 2015 - Just taking a minute to update everyone on the status of my book.. "THE AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS".. which you may know includes.. Lite Brite, Mystery Date, Great Garloo, Which Witch, Blythe Doll, SSP Racers, Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, Moustrap, Crazy Clock, Mr. Machine, Operation, Tip-It, Hands Down, Time Bomb, Rockem Sockem Robots, Haunted House, and a slew of other wonderful toys and games.. we grew up with.. The Book has been finished for a few weeks .. It is at Schiffer Publishing.. going through the steps.. now we wait.. It will take a few months.. would love to have it out by Christmas.. but who knows.?

May 23, 2015 - Our flea market finds today! A little bit of everything.  Fun stuff! I will get it all on site by tomorrow morning.. Check Toys1, Games, TV/Movies, Misc pages. Enjoy the long weekend!



May 19, 2015 - Picked up another set of Jarts yesterday on way home from Maine. These look hardly used in fabulous box. They are listed on the Games pg.

May 16, 2015 - More great finds today! Everything is on the website! Check out the MINT Unused 1953 Perfume Making Kit- and other mint/unused sets.  Wowee. And > the Marx Troll Village.. I loved that as a kid.. I also have some extra trolls at home to add to the set. 

May 15, 2015 - We are up in Maine visiting our daughter & family. Left early this morning. Stopped at flea markets along the way.. Made a nice haul! Great to be back shopping. We have more flea markets to visit tomorrow.. I already posted on the site our finds from today- check Toys1, Games, Cartoons & Space page. Enjoy your weekend! 

1950s & 1960s Vintage Toys for Sale

May 10, 2015. We went to a flea market today.. but there were no toys.. darn!  Well, more money for next weekend.. we are going on a trip up to Maine will hit some large flea markets on the way! Clackers are in stock.. I added some cool 1950s-1970s Car Magazines on the Vehicles pg. , Also added 2 MINT Unused tile craft sets on the Toys1 pg. . Have a great week!

May 2, 2015 - Spring is here! Yea! Bears are back too. Love living in the Catskill Mtns! I bought a cool item from a site visitor - arrived in mail today.. Circa 1965 Transogram Flintstones - Pebbles & Bamm Bamm See Saw Pull Toy.  I very rarely even see P&BB items.. so this is a great find! I listed on Cartoons page.. 

1965 Pebbles & Bamm Bamm Pull Toy See Saw by Transogram

AND to all you Clacker people asking when I will get Clackers in again - good news, there will be a new batch in later this week! These are mint in original package with header card and dated 1971. Various colors will be available..this version is called "Klatter Balls" - check the clackers page in a few days. 

1970s Clackers

Sunday April 26, 2015 - Finally got on the road again to hunt for toys! Went to an estate auction & bought everything we went there for! Picked up an awesome Jimmy Jet, Firebird 99, and the 1960 Mr. Machine! Also a nice surprise - a Vintage 1960s/70s Christmas Stocking filled with toys - These were sold that way - pre packed with novelty toys and such.. Measures about 4 feet long.  Never Opened! Awesome right? Everything is on Toys1 pg. 

Vintage Toys For Sale 1950s 1960s

Friday April 24, 2015. Busy this past week. Weather has been nice but didn't get out to shop.. I priced down some items so they would move.. if something sits too long on the site, I cut the price. Check it out.  We are planning to go this weekend to search for toys! 

Had the littlest Grandson here from Maine this past weekend - so I was able to finish up the pics of the 4 grandkids. I am putting little thumbnail photos of them on my dedication page in my book on Marvin Glass Toys.  - and of course, I photographed them all with the SUPER SPECS designed by him in 1960! My Author photo will also be with the glasses on. lol 

Monday April 13, 2014. What a great weekend it was. (see below). Anyway, I just finished posting the items I found this past weekend in my travels. All are on Toy1 page.. made it easy for you. lol. Have a great week!

Saturday April 11, 2015. We are back home! 11pm. We drove home the 600 miles rather than stay another night in a motel. We were at our Collector friend Mona & Bills house this morning at 9am in Ohio (600 Miles away). Let me say this first - Mona & Bill were the greatest. We felt so welcomed and they were so nice and helpful.. and when I first saw her finished off basement - full of vintage toys I was AWESTRUCK! It was more than I imagined.. yes, I have seen the pictures.. but in person it was just amazing. Looking around, I was filled with such JOY! Everywhere I looked, it just made all these great memories flood through my body..Just a terrific experience.. 

We got right to work... photographing toys and sorting, putting back.. but each time I stopped and looked around, I saw something else that was just so exciting to see.. It would bring all these great memories back.. it was just so great!  It was such a privilege to be there. 

 On the way home (driving the length of Pennsylvania.. boy that's a long state), I thought more about Mona's collection - and it helped me remember why I drive for hundreds of miles at a time and sit through hours of boring auctions - it's so I can make someone feel the way I felt today in Mona's room.. Now that's a great job! (Thank you Mona, for the great experience I will never forget! )  I have added more updated photos of Mona's collection on the COLLECTORS PAGE, Her collection has grown since the first batch she sent..!  - Joyce

April 10, 2015. Well we are about 600+ miles from home (Catskill Mtns. NY).. in Ohio. We are doing our last photo session tomorrow at a Collectors house (Mona). Long drive, but not bad after it stopped raining. We left 30 degree temp and when we arrived here.. 60 degrees and green grass! wow.  Roads were great.. we stopped at a few places. 

We especially enjoyed The Toys Time Forgot - a vintage Toy Store in Canal Fulton Ohio.  Had a great time.. bought some treasures to put on the site and got two needed photos of toys for my book! Can't beat that!  So up early tomorrow.. I get to see Mona's collection, do fun work, and shop on way home.. don't be jealous.. lol

April 9, 2015 - Here's one of the gems going in my "Amazing Toys of Marvin Glass" Book. A piece of toy history. 1953 MOODY MUTT, with intact label! A cool little novelty toy he designed in his early days. Looks like an innocent sweet puppy until you pull back his forelegs - he barks and bares his fangs! Listed on Toys1 pg


Also we are just about OUT of Clackers! I am always looking for more to buy>> If you have a quantity of clackers to sell, Email Me! 

April 4, 2015 - Added some nice items on the site today. Check Toys, Games & Misc. page. Gearing up to visit a toy collector we know.. Mona, (see her collection on our Collectors page). She is allowing me to come and photograph the last batch of items I will need to finish off my Marvin Glass Toys book. It is like a dream come true to finally see her collection in person! Many people have written me over the years saying that her room has been an inspiration to them, and I can't wait! Here are our latest acquisitions:

The Big Parade Marx 1963 

April 1, 2015  Hi all! I am making great progress on my book on Marvin Glass Toys, but need a few games I am having trouble finding.  I would need a photo of the game taken with a real camera - not cell phone - set at highest resolution. With plain white background, Saved as a jpg - at the largest setting and best quality. If you can help me out - would be sooo grateful & mention you in my book.  here is the list of items I need:  Also old ads of these items would suffice. 

Updated my want list: 4/1/15 also: Big Thanks to Tracy, Nelson, John, Jeff, Dave, Steve, Brian, Judith, Deborah & Paul, & Amy for the great photos they have sent me already!

Message From M - 007 Game Ideal

Totem Game - Schaper

Get In That Tub Hasbro 1969

Jack Be Nimble Schaper 1974

Pivot Pool 1972 Milton Bradley

March 30, 2015 - Good Morning! Woke up to 2" of snow here in the Catskills.. I am so over the snow.. Come on Spring! (for real). 

So we had a successful trip yesterday at the Vermont Toy Museum. Gary was great.. and so helpful we were able to photograph items he had on display.. plus he found more items I needed on my list. Got some great shots. We also shopped while we were there... so check the Toys1, Games, Building & Misc. pages. Have a great week! 

March 28, 2015 - Added a few items on the Toys1 & Games pages. Heading out tomorrow to toy shop and to photograph some more toys for my Marvin Glass book.  Going up to the Vermont Toy Museum at Quechee.  Here are some items on the site today:

Cartoon-O-Scope 1958 Projector

March 27, 2015 - Thank you Deborah & Paul for the awesome photo of Astro-Sound! Hi all! I am making great progress on my book on Marvin Glass Toys, but need a few games I am having trouble finding.  I would need a photo of the game taken with a real camera - not cell phone - set at highest resolution. With plain white background, Saved as a jpg - at the largest setting and best quality. If you can help me out - would be sooo grateful & mention you in my book.  here is the list of items I need:  Also old ads of these items would suffice. 

Updated my want list: 4/1/15 also: Big Thanks to Tracy, Nelson, John, Jeff, Dave, Judith, Deborah & Paul, & Amy for the great photos they have sent me already!

Message From M - 007 Game Ideal

Totem Game - Schaper

Get In That Tub Hasbro 1969

Jack Be Nimble Schaper 1974

Here is a sneak peak of the items we picked up over the weekend! Will get everything on the site by this afternoon! 

Vintage 1960s and 1970s Toys for Sale

Monday March 24, 2015. We are up in Rochester NY about 4 hrs from home.. We are going to the The Strong -National Museum of Play soon, to do research on my book. We did pick up some items for the website yesterday. I will post photos and list them when I get home tonight. Have a great day!

Saturday March 21, 2015 - Well, it snowed yesterday.. so didn't get up to the Strong Museum.. but we are going Monday.  No snow forecasted!  I added a few cool items on the site today.. see photos below. Will be out searching for more toy treasures tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

  1970 Moon Blast Off Game by Schaper

Sunday March 15, 2015 - Spring feels like it is on it's way.. No real snow this week here in the Catskills.. and weather ahead looks clear. Heading out Friday to Rochester, NY to The Strong -National Museum of Play,  for research on my book. . What a great place.. can't wait. And of course, will shop for toys while we are up there! I added a few items on the website.. check Toys1, Games -70s section & Misc. page. - Have a GREAT week All! 

Oh, and don't forget to "like" us on Facebook..I post there daily. 

Sunday March 8, 2015  - Everything from Friday night's auction is now on the site.. See group shot below. Check Toys1, Toys2, & Games pages. Have a great day! 

Saturday March 7, 2015 - We are busy here in out little Toy world!  Last night we hit a local auction.. came away with some neat treasures.. will post sometime this weekend. 

THEN>> got up early this morning and traveled a few hours to see a Game Collector who has 3,000 games! Yes, three thousand.  Nelson was a wonderful and gracious host to these two "crazy toy people" and we had a wonderful time!  What a collection!  I wish I could have photographed more.. but alas, only doing Marvin Glass Games for the book... so we moved along quite well.. Saw some great items.. some very rare ones - a few I have never seen in all my years of collecting/buying & selling.. I can't even find PHOTOS of these games on Google! So that was very exciting.. and no I won't tell you what they are - you will have to wait for the book.. lol. 

I did take a few photos of Nelson's  collection - posted below - just the tip of the iceberg folks.  *I will also post his photos on our COLLECTORS PAGE. Everything was so clean and neatly packed.. he knew his whole inventory too.. so it made it so easy - since I am a little rusty at this photog stuff.  My first book on 1964/65 Worlds Fair Collectibles was done in 1998.  So we did pretty well  and accomplished alot - not bad for two OLD Crazy Toy People. *Thanks again, Nelson for everything!  If you are ever in Phoenicia.. give us a call, We are in the tiny (small-town)  phone book.. or just ask anyone in town to look up our number! 

Here's a montage I made up of some of the cool toys/games that will be in my new book.. 

Sunday March 1, 2015- My Sunday breakfast: Nice scrambled egg wrap & OJ in my vintage Davy Crockett glass

Breakfast with Davy Crockett

Saturday February 28, 2015 - More progress on my book about Marvin Glass Toys & Games this week.  Thanks to all the great folks that have offered me photos that I am lacking.. I have a few appts. to visit some collectors in the coming weeks, but still lacking a photo of 

JUNGLE HUNT - Hubley 1963 & MONSTER LAB - Ideal 1964 & KING ZOR 1962 Ideal

I would need newer photos of what I have - largest setting on camera - taken with a plain white background, and saved at highest quality & largest  size. If you have one let me know.. or if you live in the Northeast US - I will come and photograph. You will get a mention in my upcoming book and a free copy! 

As I go through items I have here, I will be listing some cool items on the Toys & Games pg. after I photograph them.. so check back on those pages. Here are a few items:


Monday February 23, 2015 - Not too much going on this past weekend.. Made some progress on my book.. I have a few appts. to meet collectors in the NY & surrounding area to photograph specific items..designed by Marvin Glass.  If you live in the Northeast area of the US.. and have a large 60s, 70s collection - let me know.. 

If you live too far away & would like to contribute photos of any of the following toys.. you will get a mention in my upcoming book & free copy of THE AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS. I need largest resolution taken with a digital camera - not phone, plain background, and saved at the 100% largest setting. If you can help out, let me know. 

Prefer with original box - but not absolutely necessary.
Blythe Doll 1972 Kenner
Monster Lab Ideal 1964
Tigeroo Ideal 1965
Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle 1973
Ricochet Racers Hasbro 1974
Hugo Man of Thousand Faces Kenner 1974
Golferino Milton Bradley 1962
Jungle Hunt Hubley 1963
Brink Ball Lakeside 1970

thanks - Joyce - email me at

2/16/15 12:45 pm Update> Everything is on the website. Enjoy!

February 15, 2015 - We braved the snowy, icy roads this morning.. in 6 degree weather to go to an estate auction! We are glad we did.  The ride home wasn't as dicey.. but blowing snow was still annoying.. anyway - we are home safe and just crazy over all this great stuff!  WOW!  

I will be listing tonight & tomorrow.. I spent the last 1.5 hour going through the 1950s Magic Tricks Collection.. over 150 items. All great - like new but OLD. Amazing. I will have to sell as one lot - it is just to great to break up. Here are some sneak peek photos below.  Items will be on Toys1, TV/Movies, Toys2, Toys3, Cowboys & Cartoons pgs. I am also including a photo of my old Official SAM Membership Card > Society of American Magicians!

1950s & 1960s Vintage Toys

Feb. 14, 2015 - It's "Scary Cold" here in the Northeast - time to dig out the Gortex!


2/8/15 Nice article about us in our local newspaper! 

 UPDATE>>EVERYTHING is on the Website ! Check Building, Games, Toys, Misc. pages. 

February 7, 2014 - Went out to an estate auction this morning - there was a nice selection to toys and games we picked up.. Should have everything on the site by tomorrow - sneak peak below. Have a great weekend!

1950s 60s & 70s Toys from auction today!

FUN NEWS! We did an interview with the Wall Street Journal - the article was in yesterday's edition in the Market section. HERE IS THE LINK

I am still looking for collectors that live in the Northeast to allow me to photograph a few items for my upcoming book on 1960s & 70s toys & games. I need updated High Resolution photos of the following: Robot Commando, King Zor, Rockem Sockem Robots, Penny the Poodle Smarty Bird and a few more .. would appreciate any help.  Drop me an email for more info!  -joyce

Sunday February 1, 2015 - Update - Everything from yesterday's auction is on the website. Enjoy! 

Saturday January 31, 2015 - Busy day! We left here - Catskill Mtns NY - at 7am. Drove 3 hrs. to Connecticut for an estate auction.. Sat through the glassware, crocks, furniture...finally TOYS! YEA! We got just about everything we went for, and more.  See sneak photos below. Everything will be on the site by tomorrow afternoon. 

My favorite finds, were the 1968 Doctor Dolittle Medical Kit, 1960s Nash Ski Surfing "Skifer" Snow Board. Real wood - 51" long and 6 3/4" wide. It no cracks & has grippy tread. Also, they had three 1950s Stick Ponies - Loved them as a kid, still do. 


Friday January 30th, 2015 - Attention Toy Collectors in Northeast: I am looking to photograph some items for my new book on 1960s & 70s toys.. There are a few more items that I need to get high resolution photos of., Great Garloo, Rockem Sockem Robots, and a few games.. if you can help me out and you live in the Northeast  of USA..( Pennsylvania to Maine). please email me at and will give specifics.. Thanks! Joyce (HELP PLEASE.. lol). 

Also, we are heading out to an auction tomorrow! yea! I love looking for treasures. 

Sunday - January 25, 2015. Not much going on this weekend.. Hope to get out next week to toy shop!  I added a neat TV/Movie Lot of Collectibles on the TV/Movie page.. Eleven items for $30. A bargain.  Also, every now and then.. I go in and lower prices on items that have been sitting on the site too long. Usually items toward the bottom of each catagory.  I want to sell - it isn't a museum. lol. If you ever see something that has been in the inventory awhile, email me and make an offer.  Doesn't hurt to ask! 

We are getting ready for a Nor'easter to hit the Catskills tomorrow night into tuesday.. Glad I have studded snows on the car.. so we can get out and back in.. but still - other drivers don't always have good tires or drive slow enough.  We live in a touristy area - with a alot of skiers coming here on weekends.. so we always dread driving during weekends when it snows.. I have been hit before by inexperienced drivers who were taking the curves too fast.  So, have a good week- Keep warm.. to all you folks like me who live in a COLD region.

Monday 1/19/15 - Update - Everything from yesterday's auction is now on the website. Enjoy!

Updated> We are back from estate auction. Picked up some nice choice items. Great estate! A lot of nice early items too. Here is a sneak peak. I should have everything on the site by tomorrow.. Check TV/Movies, Cartoons, Games, Vehicles, Misc., Space, Toys1 & Toys3 pgs. 

Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys

January 18, 2015. Added a few items on site we got in this week.. Some vintage magic tricks, a Flippity Flyer, Jarts. Check the Games & Toys pages. Hopefully will have more to add we are heading out to an estate auction this morning. Check back! 

Vintage 1950s Magic Lot

January 10, 2015 - We went to an auction today. Picked up some items from an estate. Everything will be on the site by tomorrow afternoon. 


  1/10/15 CLACKERS - KNOCKERS ARE IN STOCK! ORIGINAL OLD>> Vintage  1970s  Knockers - Clackers! - Bright Solid colors - very cool looking. Acrylic Plastic B alls.  Found in a storage building.. kept there all these years! 

Also>Guaranteed to be original! 

Mint UNUSED! These are the solid bright colors.   These have the string tied through them with a metal ring to hold onto.  Package includes 2 balls & string with metal ring.  Buy on Clackers page  >> Go to Clackers pg. 

I am always looking to buy more -if you have a quantity to sell, email us!

January 6, 2014>> New additions on site.. Cap Gun Derringers see Toys3 pg

1960s Comics from estate see TV/Movies page. 

UPDATE >> Everything from yesterday's auction is on the Website. Check TV/Movies, Cartoons, Games, Toys & Misc. pages

January 2, 2015 - Here is a sneak peak of the items we picked up at the Estate Auction yesterday! 

Everything will be on the site by this afternoon-ish. 

Hello 2015!  Wishing all our site visitors & customers a Safe & Excellent New Year! 

 We had a great year in our little Toy World as well as our personal - family life!  We are looking forward to more great trips next year to buy toys as well. We really love the Hunt for the toys! We are heading out this morning to an auction. Check back here for updates.  

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