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Friday, December 30, 2016. Another year almost over! Wow times goes fast - when you are 60! Hope you all have a safe & happy New Year's! We're making some plans for some estate auctions in near future.. depends on weather. Meanwhile, the 20% off sale is active until midnight on Monday, January 2nd! 


Wishing you all a safe & happy holiday! Enjoy our Sale! 

Update > 4:30 pm All is listed on Website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Misc, TV/Movies pages.  Friday, December 23, 2016. Went to a local estate auction last night! Picked up some nifty items. All will be posted by tonight on the website! Enjoy. 

Monday December 19, 2016 - Got a call last night from a friend, who found this in a relatives attic! They lived nearby.. so picked it up this afternoon. I have never had this early version! 1957 Prehistoric Times Playset by Marx. I just love the Marx play sets! Listed for sale on Toys1 pg. 

1957 Marx Prehistoric Times Playset 

Saturday December 17, 2016 - Sloppy, wet snow storm here in the Catskills NY this morning. I still made it to the Post Office to ship. Luckily, I have a very reliable Subaru Forester with studded snow tires! All orders go out super fast!  Have a great weekend! 

December 15, 2016. Busy packing & shipping. All is going out super fast! I also email you tracking after I ship.. it comes from the shopping cart, so check your spam folder. And YES > there is still time to order. If I ship by priority mail by 12/20 and you live in USA.. you will get package by 12/24. 

    So, I did some research on the Whirl-Away Store Display I picked up the other night, and it was sold in the 1950s by the company RL Alberts & Son. Well this company is STILL in business.. and they started as a Candy Store in NYC.. in the 1950s they added novelty toys, (like what I have for sale on Toys1 pg).. They are known for their distribution of Ice Cube Candy! Still selling them too. Pretty interesting. 


UPDATE 6pm >All on website! Monday December 12, 2016.. actually after midnight.. so Dec. 13th. Just got back from a great toy auction - 3 hrs. away. Weather was cleared up.. so we went. Glad we did. Picked up some really nice items.. Some, I have never had or knew existed! Will post on site by tomorrow/tomorrow night. Here is a sneak peak: That Grandfathers tall clock is by Marx & called "THE GRANDCHILD" It's 41" tall, electric and Works! Never seen one before! 



Saturday December 10, 2016 - Busy weekend doing holiday things with grand kids. Our small town here in the Catskills, NY is pretty busy.. PLUS 2 of our 4 grand kids have birthdays in December. We are watching the weather for Monday and hopefully going to an estate auction.. which is all toys! Very exciting. So will keep you posted. 

Sunday December 4, 2016 - We did take a drive today and checked out a local picker's place. Found this wonderful HUGE 1950s Mesh Christmas Stocking filled with toys. NEVER Opened! All intact!  4 feet long! Listed on Toys1 pg.


Saturday December 3, 2016 - No travel plans this weekend. We have been very busy packing & shipping items due to the Holiday Season, of course - but also due to our week long holiday sale! It ends tonight - midnight, Central US Time. So get your orders in now! We ship next day! check this out:

November 28 through Dec. 3rd  20% off Holiday Sale!

Update> 11/27/16  5:30 pm - All items from last night are on the website! Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Building, Games, TV/Movies, Cartoons, Vehicles & Misc. pages. Enjoy. 

November 27, 2016 I'm going to be interviewed this morning at 9:30, on the Harry Rinker Radio Show "Whatcha Got?" About my new book AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS - It's a nationally syndicated antiques and collectibles call-in radio show that airs on Sunday mornings between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

My New Book!

Update>11/26/16  11:45 pm>We are home! Picked up some nice vintage toys & games at the estate auction! Complete set of 1953/54 Wheaties Bike License Plates, Nice lot of old charms, Complete 1971 Fisher Price Play Family Play Rooms and minty games! Here are sneak peak photos. All will be on the site by tomorrow afternoon. I will update here when all in on the site. 

Vintage Toys For Sale 1950s 1960s 1970s Vintage Toys For Sale 1950s 1960s 1970s

Saturday, November 26, 2016 - Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We did. 

Now that we are all rested up, we are heading out later to an estate auction! Vintage Toys! will post sneak peak photos tonight when we get back! Have a great day. 

Update! All listed on Website. Saturday, November 19, 2016 - Sneak Peak photos. All will be on site by tonight! Check Toys1, Games, Cartoons, Misc, TV/Movies, Cowboys pages. Enjoy!


Friday November 18, 2016 - We are up in Maine visiting our daughter, son-in-law and grandson. On the way, we met a really nice woman.. who emailed me she had toys for sale.. so we stopped by! Really had a nice visit and picked up some cool items.. I will get some photos on tomorrow.. and hopefully list by tomorrow night. yahoo! 

Have a great weekend! will catch up with you later. -Joyce

Update Saturday 11/12/16 >> - 1:30 pm.. All is on the website! Friday, November 11, 2016 - We are back from the estate auction down in Pennsylvania.. about 3 hr. away. It was outside, weather was perfect. Very enjoyable AND they did the toys first.. YAHOO> it is sooo hard to sit through household stuff sometimes. So we did get home this afternoon at a decent time. I just finished checking everything, doing the descriptions and uploading the photos. Tomorrow I will start listing and should have all on the site by early afternoon. I will update here when done. Here are sneak peak photos:

Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys For Sale

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 - Heading out to an estate auction tomorrow! Check back! We never know what we will find!

Update 7:00pm. All on Website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, Cowboys, Space, TV/Movies & Misc. pages.

Saturday November 5, 2016 - We are back home from our excursion down to Pennsylvania. Picked up some unique items! All should be listed by this weekend.. I don't have my helper today.. my grand daughter. I will update here and on Faceback when all is on the website! Here are sneak peak photos.. some rare items here! 

Friday, November 4th, 2016 - Hope you all had a great week. Well, the weekend is here and we are heading out early tomorrow morning to Pennsylvania. Meeting up with some pickers and toy dealers we know.. Will update tomorrow when we get home! Or check our Facebook page for instant updates! 

Saturday October 29th, 2016.> This weekend's additions: Nice Mint Jarts & Volleyball Set.. located on Games. page.. And some nice German Items.. Toys, Games, Misc. pages

Had our first snow here in the Catskill Mtns. NY the other day! Just a dusting... but still, seems a little early. I left some bids on some toys last night at a local auction.. will know today if I won anything. Also, this week I received some old toys and games from a gentleman in Germany.  An old 1920s teddy bear, some games and misc. items. Hope to get a few items listed by tonight. check on Toys1, Games & Misc. pages. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - Today is WACKY WEDNESDAY! All day until Midnight Central US time. This may be the last one until January! 


Sunday October 23 2016 - 4pm The rest of the items from the estate auction are now on the website! Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, Cowboys, Space & Misc. Pages. Enjoy!

Update 10/22/16 7pm. The first batch from last night toy auction is listed for sale on the website! Tomorrow, the 2nd half of the batch. Check Toys1, Toys3, Games, Building, Cowboys, TV/Movies, Vehicles & Misc. pages. 

SNEAK PEEK PHOTOS from yesterday's Toy Auction. I will post these all in 2 lots. First photo is lot 1, & hope to get most or all on by tonight. Second photo and the extra items shown, are lot 2, will get those on tomorrow. 

Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale!

Saturday, October 22, 2016. Hi everyone. Sorry I am so late with a weekend update. We got home very late last night from a great TOY auction in Pennsylvania last night.. Slept a little, up early.. been working like crazy to get things listed. I will post sneak peek photos soon.. thanks! Joyce. PS> some cool toys & games I have never seen!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - Today is WACKY WEDNESDAY! All day until Midnight Central US time. 

MONDAY 10/17/16 Update! All is listed on website. Check Toys1, 2, 3, Games, Building, TV/Movies. Vehicles & Misc. page. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 16, 2016 - 8pm We are home from our very long day! Left the house at 4 am to get to a 10am auction up past Lake Placid.. by the Canadian Border. We came home with some nice treasures! The rare Marx Space Ranger (first one I have had). A partial 007 Attache Case, some rare items and some old favorites. I will most likely the Space Ranger & 007 Case  on tonight.. the rest sometime tomorrow. Here is a sneak peak. 


Saturday, October 15, 2016 - We are heading out tomorrow morning, very early.. to an onsite estate auction with many cool toys! I will update when I get home sometime tomorrow afternoon. Check back! 

Friday, October 14, 2016 -  Here's one of my all-time favorite toys! Ideal Yo-Gun circa 1963. Had one of these as a kid.. have sold quite a few over the yrs.. and just recently found another! Not for sale yet.. still playing with it. lol.  you throw out the ball and press the trigger to retract.. simple! Interesting toy, This was patented as "an exercise toy" in 1956. Here is the description the inventor provided : "There is always a need for an inexpensive device which will challenge the skill of or otherwise amuse a child so as to occupy his time and provide him with pleasant recreation. The value of such a device is further enhanced if it provides physical action and exercise as well as requiring some measure of skill since growing children seek an outlet for large amounts of energy."

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - Today is WACKY WEDNESDAY! All day until Midnight Central US time. 

October 8, 2016 - We went to a flea market early this morning! Picked up a few neat items. All is listed on website. 

Update>> 9:08pm All listed on Website. Check Toys1, Games, Misc. & TV/Movies pages. Enjoy! Friday, October 7, 2016 - Sneak peak photos of our Estate Auction Finds from last night! I hope to have all up on the website by tonight. Nice  1930s & 1940s  - early estate items plus some awesome 60s items. These items are top notch and I am so happy I snagged them. I don't come across this quality of OLDER toys very often. And of course, Odd Ogg is one of my favorite Marvin Glass toys! Also an awesome 1937 Chemistry set & 1930s magic collection! All from same estate.

Thursdsay, October 6, 2016. We hope all of our friends down in Florida & Eastern seaboard are safe from Hurricane Matthew! We are thinking about you. 

Wednesday October 5, 2016 - It's WACKY Wednesday! Until Midnight tonight - Central Time US.

If you are a kid of the 50s 60s like me, Check out my new book on Marvin Glass toys, you will be amazed of how many toys this man's company is responsible for! Most of our iconic toys of the 60s and early 70s! Mystery Date, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, Haunted House, Which Witch?, Operation, Time Bomb, Mr. Machine, Odd Ogg, Great Garloo, to name a few.  

We traveled all over to do the book.. Over to Ohio to see an amazing collection and get some rare photos, up to Rochester NY to the Strong House Of Play Museum and had full access to their archives of PLAYTHINGS MAGAZINE a monthly toy trade magazine - chock full of old ads for all kinds of toys with many Marvin Glass references. We traveled over to Vermont - to the Vermont Toy Museum to photograph, down to New Jersey to see a huge collection of board games and get photos of two rare games I had never seen.. and could not find anywhere else.. It was a great time. So here is my book, It is on sale at & I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  PS> if you already have the book.. feel free to do a review on Amazon. Thanks! - joyce

Monday, October 3, 2016 - Good Morning! Hope you all had a great weekend!  The dust has settled here and my house is back to normal.. It no longer looks like a 60s Christmas Morning. (what my grand daughter called it). We are scoping out where to go this weekend to find toys! Meanwhile, check out all the great items we picked up Saturday. We did get a lot of orders over the weekend and those will be shipped today!  I keep "SOLD" on items after a big buy so that folks don't go crazy looking for them.  If you missed out on something that you wanted.. don't worry, I will eventually find another. Just check back here over the weekend.. I always give folks a heads up with sneak peak photos of our finds. Have a great week!  -joyce

Update 4:10 pm 10/2/16 - All 3 lots of toys are listed on the website! YEA! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, TV, Misc. & Building pages. 

Update 2:30pm 10/2/16 - Lot #2 of 3 is all up on the website for your shopping pleasure! Check Toys1, Toys2 Games, Building, Cartoons & Misc. Pages. Will get Lot #3 - the final lot, up by this afternoon! ENJOY!  

Update - Noon - Sunday October 2, 2016 - All items are sorted, processed, photographed, will get 2nd batch up soon.. and hopefully 3rd batch by tonight... Here are photos of all 3 lots together below plus close ups of Lot 3

Takes awhile to process all these items & list.. but really a FUN job. Grand daughter Faith, (14 yr. old), helped ... it really speeds things up. ALL these items are from same estate. WOW! Faith said it looks like a 1960's Christmas Morning. A really nice, clean collection showing a timeline of a 60s kid's collection of favorite things!



Sunday, October 2, 2016. 7:30 am. Ok first batch from estate is listed on website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Space, TV/Movies & Misc. pages. Here is sneak peak of 2nd batch of toys (all from same estate folks!), which will be listed this afternoon. There will also be a third batch coming. Its like a toy factory exploded here! Luckily, my 14 yr old grand daughter is coming over to help soon. It takes awhile to process all these items. Lot2 Photos:

Update -10/1/16 - 10:30 pm - Sneak Peak Photos of first batch of toys from estate. There will be 2 more batches after this! I hope to have this batch listed for sale on website,  sometime early tomorrow.. Enjoy! Lot1 Photos:

Saturday October 1, 2016 - We are back home in the Catskills NY! We drove about 5 hrs away down in Pennsylvania.. to an estate auction.. One last night and one this morning same auction.. all from SAME estate! Photos below don't show all the toys there.. I just snapped a few. The auction was in this old Roller Skating Rink from the 50s, 60s. Very cool. People were great.. I got a lot of what I wanted and more! The car was packed. 

It's 6:30 pm, just started sorting and arranging. This may take awhile. lol. I think I will split it up into two groups and list that way. Will have sneak peak photos of the first group on by tonight. 

Thursday, Sept 29, 2016 - Tomorrow, we are heading out to go toy buying..Will be traveling about 5 hrs.. and actually staying over & heading home Saturday night.  I will be listing items Sunday on the website. So all orders placed on Friday or Saturday won't be shipped until Monday.  We hope to come home with some great items for the website. I will update along the way! It's a good thing I like to drive! 

Tuesday Sept. 27, 2016 - Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday! Starting Midnight tonight Central Time US. 

Sunday Sept. 25, 2016 - Picked up a few items today at a nearby Flea Market. All is on website. Check Toys2, Building, Vehicles, Space & Miscellaneous pages. Have a great week! Don't forget WACKY WEDNESDAY IS COMING AGAIN!

Vintage Toys For Sale

Friday, Sept. 23nd. - Another batch of awesome estate finds! Estate Fresh! From original owner, doesn't get much better than this. Here is a sneak peak below, all is on the website for sale. Check Toys 1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Misc. & Vehicles pages. 

Enjoy! Have a great weekend.. not much going on toy hunting wise this weekend, we are taking the littlest grandkids to Lego Land Saturday! 


Wednesday, Sept. 21- Today is Wacky Wednesday Sale Day!

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016. 3pm. The website has been updated with estate fresh items from yesterday! There are a few items I didn't get to.. those will be listed at end of week. Today, we purchased some more unique items.. those also will be listed on Friday. Enjoy!

Update 9/17/16 - Below is a sneak peak of today's finds! A very exciting day. I will get most on site by tomorrow. We have another auction tomorrow to go to! yahoo ! 

Vintage 1950s & 1960s Toys for Sale 

Saturday, Sept.  17, 2016 - We are heading out to an onsite estate auction! Check back later. I hope to bring home some great items. My book on Marvin Glass Toys is now available at! It is earlier than the October 28 release date! Click :

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016 - Heads up! Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday!

COMING SOON! Books are all printed and on their way to!.. My book will soon be released. This was such a fun book to do. I met some really great people, saw some wonderful collections. Thoroughly enjoyed it all. It wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful people that took time to take a photo or two of some rare items to send me.. and the ones that let my husband and I into their houses to photograph items. And for all the support from my collector friends and loyal customers - I am so grateful for all your kindness to me. It is greatly appreciated.. so to all you.. OUR book will be out next month.. woo hoo!!

UPDATE 10:24. All on the website. 7:30 pm Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016. Back home! picked up some great items today. Photos & descriptions are done, I just have to list. Hope to have all listed tonight. Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, TV/Movies, Cartoons & Misc. pgs. I will be listing the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Items now. They are SUPER RARE! I could find NO photos of the card for the gun.. and nothing on the flashlight. wow. Well worth the drive yesterday! Here are pics of all our weekend finds! 

Sunday Sept. 11, 2016 6am. We are up and heading out to Pennsylvania soon. Will be meeting up with some pickers we know down there. yesterday, we went to a an estate auction in Rhode Island! I drove the 3 hrs.. JUST for two rare items (which I got!) see photo below, Plus, I picked up some other neat items. I will post photos of all our finds this afternoon when we are back home. Check back! 

Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 - Good morning all!  If you missed yesterday's WACKY WEDNESDAY Sale, don't worry! I will be doing it next Wednesday also, will do it for the fall and then again after the holidays! A fun - mid week - thing to do! It was very successful, so definitely looking forward to another. When you click on BUY, items are added in your cart and if you look under the subtotal, you will see the 20% deducted. Another neat option my shopping cart has!   We have a big weekend planned for toy hunting so check back later!

A fun thing to try! All items 20% Off - Today Only!


Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016 - Hope you all had a great weekend. I did actually pick up a few more items yesterday in our travels. The Sneaky Pete LARGE Magic Set, listed on Toys1 pg.. two Cartoon items, Pogo lot & "The Gospel According to Peanuts" book, two Barbie Fan Club Mags (on Toys2 pg), and a cool metal 1950s Roman Soldier Helmet - listed on Toys3 pg. 

Monday, Sept. 5, 2016 - Here's what I have been doing all morning! All weekend orders are ready to go out tomorrow. All tracking numbers are sent by my shopping cart (very cool software), and remember after a big buy, I leave items on site as SOLD..for two you're not going crazy hunting for them. I update EVERY Weekend. Check THIS PAGE now and then, ..I update here first (before Facebook), with sneak peak photos. -Joyce

UPDATE> 8pm - All for sale on website! September 4, 2016 - 8 am -We are back home in the Catskill Mtns. NY,  Traffic was great - no problems considering this is a holiday weekend! Went to an onsite estate auction - about 4 hrs. from home - MANY vintage toys! 

We came away with some great items! Estate fresh - from original owner! Condition is just fantastic too! Sneak peak photos below. It will take me most of day to get these on the website..but when I finish & upload, I will post at top of this page..and of course, on our Facebook page. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, TV/Movies, Vehicles, Building & Misc. pages. 

Update>Found in the 1960s Gilbert Chem Lab we just purchased from an estate. (See below). Left there by the previous owner, in the 60s. (back when they weren't aware that this stuff is toxic), A nice glass vile about 1.5" tall .. filled with Mercury. It will NOT be included in the chemistry set. But it was cool to find. Once I am done playing with it, I will dispose of it in an environmentally safe way.

Sept. 1, 2016 - All Listed on Website. Went to a great estate auction! Here is what we came home with.. Worth the 2.5 hr. drive! Check Toys1, 2, 3, Games, Building, TV/Movies & Misc. Pages. 

 Have a great weekend. We have flea markets to explore.

August 28, 2016 - Some neat items for you tonight! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Misc. & Vehicles pages. Some nice old 1940s - 1950s Glass Candy Containers. These were sold with cardboard bottoms, sometimes tin. The Peter Rabbit one still has the cardboard, Plus picked up a rare Split Window VW Beetle one! Fun Stuff. Some pics:


August 26, 2016 > Heading to an auction late Sunday.. will be posting finds Sunday night. 

Tomorrow is our Annual Town Event SHANDAKEN DAY. Here in our hometown in the heart of the Catskill Mtns., Shandaken NY. Weather looks great, There will be live music all day, games, vendors and great food. I will be helping in the parking lot. I sure love this town.. guess that's why I love my job here as the Shandaken Town Clerk! (My second term), so during the week & sometimes on weekends... my town duties take precedence. But fear not, we did get to an auction the other night.. and will be posting those items, with any new finds - on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

And if you are traveling in the Catskills, on Rt. 28 in Big Indian, stop by our Shandaken Day event - at Big Indian Park.

August 24, 2016 >>NEW Software on my site enables me to easily add, edit, mark sold or delete items from any computer or cell phone! WOWEE. You will notice some older items moving into the new inventory areas to the top of each section, don't be alarmed! lol. I am also SLASHING PRICES on the older inventory. This is not a museum.. haha. I want to sell it. IF you see an item that has been around awhile, make an offer. I want to sell, and make you happy .. Win/Win!

Update> 4:45. All on website! - August 21, 2016 - We are back from our buying  trip! Went up by Finger Lake region of NY about 4 hrs away. Met up with some dealers we know.. one had some great old store stock items, never opened. Went to some flea markets and shops. A VERY nice haul, if I do say so myself. lol. 

Our oldest grand daughter (14 yr), helped me sort and set up, so much faster and easier.. We have TWO sets of Flintstones Building Boulders - minty in really nice boxes - Faith helped me check, count,  sort and arrange them all neatly in each box.. (that took awhile). She is the best! Here are some sneak peak pics, will get all on site by this afternoon. OH! I found ANOTHER Marvin Glass Toy - that I didn't know about (will put in my updated book), The Phony Baloney Puzzle by Parker Brothers 1970. I saw his logo.. there is was! I had no clue. Awesome! 

August 18, 2016 - Yea, the week is almost over and we can seriously go out toy hunting! We are leaving very early Saturday morning.. and heading to north western NY area to hit a huge flea market.. and stay over up in Rochester, to go to more shops and flea markets. I also plan to stop by the Strong House of Play Museum (amazing place), to show them my advance copy of my book on Marvin Glass toys. The ladies at the museum there were extremely helpful with my research.. in digging up some old ads and history of Marvin Glass & Associates. They plan to sell my book there in the gift shop, when it is released in October.  So it may be an exiting weekend!

Also, in mid June, my computer tech family friend suggested a cool new PHP software for my website, that would enable me to EASILY add or delete items off the website or just mark "Sold" - from any computer device/cell phone/tablet.  Plus no more long hours spent editing photos, inserting shopping cart html, etc. All would be easy to input in pre programmed fields! I would actually log in from anywhere on  the PHP software he would put on my host server. Well, we enabled it at the end of June, and I just love it. At the beginning, we didn't move all the older inventory to the new file, and I am just making progress in moving items into the new software. 

You will notice some older items moving into the new inventory areas to the top of each section, don't be alarmed! lol. I am also SLASHING PRICES on the older inventory. This is not a museum.. haha. I want to sell it. IF you see an item that has been around awhile, make an offer. I want to sell, and make you happy .. Win/Win! 

Check back for updates! I always update here before our facebook page. 

August 14, 2016- Picked up a few items at a flea market today. Everything is listed on the website! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

UPDATE> All should be on website by 8pm. Check Toys1, Space, Cartoons, TV/Movies, Vehicles & Misc. pages. 

August 13, 2016 - Went to an estate auction nearby this morning. Will be posting items on the site by tonight. Here is a sneak peak. will update here when all on site! Keep Cool! Very HOT here in the Catskills!

August 6, 2016 - Headed out early to an Antique-Flea Market about 2 hrs away, up past Albany.  Threatened to rain, but all ok! Found some nice dealers that had quite a few toys! YEA FOR US!  Picked up some cool items, (I know, I always say that..but it's true!). I am very proud of "capturing" the Nauga Monster! MY FIRST!! Twenty years looking for one. I would keep him, but someone will want him more than me, I guess. 

These were made in the late 1960s to advertise the new Naugahyde material furniture, Invented by Uniroyal. In fact, this is one of the first ones, has the Uniroyal name AND dated 1967. WOWEE!! Naugahyde (what we now call 'Pleather', was "an artificial material to resemble leather made from fabric coated with a vinyl resin"). Once I found him, I was ready to go.. but I stuck around and found more treasures..Here is sneak peak. All items will be up soon..within the hour. 

All items first come, first serve through the website.. I know it gets alittle crazy when I list.. and things sell fast. I go by time stamp of shopping cart email to determine the first come, first serve orders, So I keep it all fair. Sometimes I mess up.. an may list a $120 item for $20.. I do the pictures, shopping cart, etc. all myself.. and sometimes a keystroke may get missed..but customers understand and  I haven't had any problems in 20 yrs.. so all is good. I also remove the items myself when they sell.. and may not get to it right away.  But thanks to my new software 'product manager', I can mark items sold or deactivate from any computer or cell phone.. so that is a great headache saver! 

Anyway, Thanks to you all for all your support over the yrs. ! We'll keep the toys coming! Today's finds: Check Toys1, Games, Hobbies, Misc., 1980s pages. 

Update 8:43 pm >>ALL Items are on the website! August 5, 2016 - Last night we went to an auction over in Massachusetts.. about 3 hrs. away. Nice and organized one.. we were home by 11. Picked up some great estate fresh items! Here is a sneak peak. I hope to have all on site by late tonight. I will post here, on top when all is on the website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Space, Games, TV/Movies, Misc. & Vehicles pages. Enjoy! 

Hope you all have a great weekend.

July 30, 2016 >Update--All listed on Website! We went to an estate auction last night about 3.5 hrs away. Got home before midnight! Yea! I love how the google map app on my phone warns you of traffic delays and now gives you the option to re-direct your route. There was an accident on the NYS thruway, so we got off on the exit before - saved 'an hour and 10 minutes of wait time'. wow. 

So here is what I acquired at the auction! some nice items I have never had.. or haven't had in a very long time! Love the Derry Daring Stunt Cycle Set - Mint never used! Dawn Dolls items Mint in Packages - sealed, 3 Mint in package Herman Squirman's! and other cool games! All will be listed for sale on website by this afternoon. Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Vehicles & Misc. pages

July 27, 2016> The Advance Copy of my book I wrote/photographed on Marvin Glass toys - came to my office by Fedex today! I am very excited. My publisher sent a bottle of wine too! The book looks great. Love the photos of my grandkids, wearing the Marvin Glass super large sunglasses! It was worth it just to have those photos lol. The book will be released in October by Schiffer Books, on now for pre-order.

July 22, 2016 > Posting from up in Maine at our daughters house! We brought the littlest grand daughter up with us (7yr) to play with her cousin (4yr). They are having a great time! They live 7 hrs away.. so we don't come up as often as we would like. On the way, of course, we shopped for vintage toys. Found some cool items.. Here are pics of  some of our finds.. MORE on website. Sorry, didn't do a group shot. Check Toys1, Toys3, Games, Vehicles, 1980s & Misc. pages. 

July 19, 2016 - We are heading up to Maine this weekend.. if you live in Massachusetts or anywhere on the way to Newport Maine - and have toys to sell, drop me an email. Last time, we did hook up with a woman selling some vintage 50s toys. We are always looking to buy! EMAIL ME - joyce

We Buy Vintage 1950s 1960s 1970s Toys! We Buy Old Vintage Toys! 1950s 1960s 1970s

July 15, 2016 - Added 2 very old toys on the top of Toys1 pg.  A 1930s "Pete the Pup" wood jointed figure and the Modern Toys windup bear. Found them at an estate sale yesterday. Hoping to go to a flea market Sunday, if it doesn't rain! 

July 10, 2016 - 8am. All items from yesterday are listed on the site! Enjoy!

July 9, 2016 - We headed out VERY early this morning.. 5am! Went to an onsite estate auction down in Pennsylvania. Rained all the way down.. but was fine when we got there. Yea! Picked up some great vintage toys and a few great decorative items. A 1960s Aluminum Taper Tree & the Color Wheel! The people used it once! Fantastic! 

Here is a sneak peak - will get everything on the website tomorrow morning. Check Toys1, Toys3, Games, TV/Movies,  Vehicles & Misc. pages. 

Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale! Vintage Toys for sale!

UPDATE>> July 5, 2016. 7am All Items are on the site. <<   July 4, 2016 - Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. Here in the Northeast US, the weather was perfect.  We used the extra day off to travel down to Pennsylvania. The other day I got an email from a woman down there, about 3 hrs. away. We were both free today- so hubby and I went down to see her. She was very nice and gracious &  had some great toys from her childhood! Everything was so clean and organized. Makes my job easier! I filled the back of the car! So here are some sneak peak photos - All will be on the site by tomorrow.. Jarts are on now. I will update on top of this page when they are ready. Enjoy!

Sunday July 3, 2016- Busy two days! Alot of driving, but traffic not bad, and weather perfect. Found some cool items - hope you all like them. We love treasure hunting! All is on the website. Check> Toys1, Toys2, Cartoons, Space, TV/Movies, Games & Misc. pages. 

July 1, 2016 >> We have great weather ahead of us all weekend.. so we will go trudge through some huge flea markets this weekend! Also, on Sunday I will visiting someone selling their childhood toys - he is moving and sent me an email.. he is about 3 hrs away - hope we come back with treasures! 

Yesterday, I took our 13 yr. old grand daughter to NYC for the day.  We visited the Museum of Modern Art, The Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side, South Street Seaport, China Town, and I showed her my old neighborhood in Astoria Queens.. To top off the wonderful day, I showed her the Unisphere -(built for the 1964-65 NY World's Fair), out in Flushing Meadows Park - Corona Queens. I just love that thing! Below are some pics from our day.. and a old pic of me at the Unisphere. 

Update 9:16 pm All on site. Check Toys1, Toys3, Space, Cowboys, Hobbies, TV/Movies, Misc. pages<<June 28, 2016 > We went to an estate auction last night 3 hrs. away, in Pennsylvania (the State of perpetual road repair). There was some great items.. got just about all I wanted too! I am especially excited about the 1971 Aurora Snowmobile Slot Set. RARE! Here is a sneak peak - I hope to get all on website by tonight. All is first come, first serve through the website. enjoy!

Sunday, June 26, 2016> Packed these all this morning.. all weekend orders are ready to go out tomorrow morning! When I say, we ship fast- I mean it. lol.

Vintage 1950s 1960s Toys going to their new homes!

Update> 9:30pm All is listed on website! Have a Great Weekend!

6/25/16 - Left early this morning, went up by Saratoga region, there was a big antique/flea market. Picked up a few neat items. Will get all items on site tonight! 

Update>> 10pm All Items are listed on site! Enjoy! June 24, 2016 - We went to an estate yesterday, 4 hrs. from home! We didn't get home until midnight, but it was well worth the trip. Great stuff! Here are some quick preview shots of some of the items.. will start the process of listed all on website tonight! Remember all is first come, first serve through website. Please don't email asking prices, etc.. Will post here when all is on site! Click photos below to enlarge. 

June 22, 2016 - Rat Fink Rings! In stock. These are the LARGE 1 3/8". 5 different colors. Located on Toys1 pg

1960s Rat Fink Ring 1960s Rat Fink Ring 1960s Rat Fink Ring 1960s Rat Fink Ring 1960s Rat Fink Ring

Update 11:25> All items on website. (PS: I notice the TV/Movie pg is wonky..font and background will be fixed..) June 19, 2016 - Left house at 5:30 am returned home 5:37. Not bad time! Look at all we found! Met up with some pickers we know down in Pennsylvania.. hit some flea markets.. and .. viola!  Taking photos now - hope to list some items tonight. Check Toys1, Cartoons, Space, TV/Movies, Vehicles & Misc. pages. 

June 18, 2016 > Got up super early to leave at 5:30 to go to flea markets... went out in carport FLAT TIRE! so, of course we don't have a full size spare.. have to get it tire repaired today.. Plan to head out tomorrow to a different area to shop. Check back. wish us luck. lol. .

June 16, 2016 > All items from last night's estate sale is listed on the website. (Halloween Decorations lot has sold). 

June 15, 2016 - Updating website now. 10am. Check Toys1, Toys3 & Misc. page. I will get the Science Kits and games on later tonight. ENJOY!

June 14, 2016 - This afternoon we drove 2.5 hr. to an estate auction. There were some nice items I couldn't resist. We are home late, so will only be able to get the Halloween decorations on the site. Check Misc. page for them. I will be selling all as one lot - they are very cool! I don't come across nice early ones like this very often! The rest of the items should be on in the next day or so. Check back! I will update here when all is on the site. 


Update> Found some items this weekend. Check Toys1, Games, Misc. pages Weather didn't help. 

June 11, 2016 - Heavy rain this morning cancelled out a nearby town-wide yardsale. Heading out tomorrow to a flea market and then an auction in afternoon! check back! -joyce

June 6, 2016 - Another cool find from yesterday! First one I have had. I forgot to get it on the site last night. so posted this morning on the Toys1 - 1960s section. The Big Ear Electronic Listening Device. Made by Gabriel-Bell a Futura Product. Japan. Measures 30" tall, but can extend further when you pull out the tripod more. Complete,comes with all you see. The dish is 18" diameter. It takes a 9volt battery and works. I heard static, not sure how well it actually worked. A nice early spy toy. transistorized. Address on box is zone not a zip dated pre 1962. Box shows wear, stains. Free shipping in US.

June 5, 2016 >> More Finds Today! We left some bids at another auction.and picked up today, Plus visited some pickers we know. Came home with some cool items! All is listed for sale on the website. Check Hobbies, Toys1, Game, Misc., TV/Movies. & Vehicles pages. 

Update>>6pm - All is listed for sale on website. Check Toys2, Cartoons, Vehicles, Misc. pages.

June 4, 2016 - Went to an estate auction this morning. Below are sneak peak photos.. Getting all on site by tonight! 

5/29/16 - Another busy morning. Up at 5:30 am! I am in the process of uploading all on the site. . Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Misc. Cartoons pages.  

5/28 Sneak Peak photos of yesterday's & today's finds! I hope to start listing items on the site by tomorrow afternoon.  

Vintage 1950s 1960s 1970s Toys & Games For Sale!

5/28/16 Saturday - Picked up some great items yesterday. Also, we left the house at 6am for a huge flea market about 2 hrs. away. We have some great items to put on the site. Will get sneak peak photos on this afternoon.. will be heading out early tomorrow too! So check back

5/27/16 - Friday - Leaving at 6am to shop for toys! Check back! 

5/25/16 - Website seems to be running great. All links are where they should be. I converted over to a new server/web host. (  - really  great reviews). They have 24/7 live support and you can call them - anytime, even weekends!! My site was running slow over the past weekend..and not always loading,  plus I had a hard time updating & sending content to the server.. no support at all.. I tried monday & tuesday to get ahold of someone... all day. I gave up and went with a company I can rely on. What a relief! You should notice faster loading too. It will take another day for all to catch up on the new server..  If you see any glitches, feel free to email me! thanks. - joyce

5/24/16> We are updating to new server = sorry for any glitches...some photos still need to be updated.. will be done by tonight..joyce 

Update > 7:30 pm 5/22/16. All our finds from yesterday are on the website! Check Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Misc. & Vehicles pages. Enjoy!

Update - Almost Midnight 5/21/16 - We are home from the auction. Took some quick sneak peak photos. Will have everything on the site tomorrow. Some Great toys here! Tomorrow afternoon, check Toys1, Toys2, Cartoons, Vehicles & 1980s page. and Yes, All the Fisher Price Toys are Mint in Mint Boxes. The Wolverine Pirate Treasure Chest is Mint in Sealed Box.. wowee! 

May 21, 2016 - We are heading out to an estate auction this afternoon -check back!

May 16, 2016 - We had ALL 4 of our grand children here this weekend! Ages ranging from 4 to 16. The best thing about having grand parents that sell vintage toys is, there is always something to play with! They played with few different games.. but had the most fun with the large tabletop Hockey game as well as the smaller Sure Shot Hockey game - 1971 by Ideal. (We just sold the larger one)... and both worked great and provided hours of entertainment for the grand kids!

May 14, 2016 - We went to the huge Brimfield Flea Market yesterday, picked up a few items. Here are some pics. Everything is listed on the inventory pages for sale. Check Games, Cartoons, Vehicles, Toys2, Hobbies & NY Worlds Fair pages. Enjoy your weekend! 


Picked up the items today at Comic Con (see below): All is for sale on the website. Monster items are on the TV/Movies pg 1960s section. Check also Toys1, Toys2, Cartoons, Space & Games pages. Enjoy!

Rare The Munsters Targets from 1964 Ideal Target Game   Frankenstein Monster Nik Troll 1960s Wolfman Monster Nik Troll 1960s 5 1960s Monster Pins 2" 1967 VooDoo Doll Game by Schaper 1960s Air Blaster Gun by Wham-O

May 8, 2016 - Happy Mother's Day! Our son treated me to the Hudson Valley Comic Con today. Poughkeepsie, NY. We met Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters and the man that does the voice of Mort on FAMILY GUY.. forgot his name.  There were also some great displays.. PLUS>> Guess what? I found a booth with vintage toys! And made a connection to see the seller in Pennsylvania on our next trip there. So I had a great time. Here are some photos below. Our littlest grand daughter who is 7, went with us also. I will be posting pics of the toys I found today soon! 

May 6, 2016 - Picked up some nice estate items today. All is listed on the site! Check Toys1, Toys3, Games, Cartoons, Misc & TV/Movies pg.  Also picked up a really nice Marx Electro Shot Shooting Gallery - see video below I uploaded of me testing it.. Have a great weekend All! 


May 4, 2016 - Clackers are in stock.. don't get too excited. Only 4 sets. but better than nothing. I have 2 in original package, 2 loose. They are on the Clackers page!


April 30, 2016 - Last night, we went to an estate auction nearby.. picked up a few things. Today we left the house at 6am to go to a flea market 2 hrs. away.. we found some awesome items! The weather was great so we went over to explore the Saratoga Battlefield which was not too far away. I just finished listed all our finds - All is on the site! Enjoy. -joyce

April 23, 2016 - We went to an estate auction 4 hrs away this morning. Found some great 1950s, 60s ATTIC FRESH Toys! The car was packed! Took over 2 hrs just to get everything checked over and arranged for the photos below. Tomorrow I will photograph and start listing individual items on the site. Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, TV/Movies, Building, Cartoons, Games & Misc. pages. I love hunting for treasures! All will be on site by Sunday evening!

April 17, 2016 - Went to a flea market EARLY this morning. Weather is great here in the Catskills NY.. so we enjoyed the morning. Found some nice items. EVERYTHING is listed on the site. Check Toys1, Cartoons, Hobbies, TV/Movies, Games & Misc. pages. I was thrilled to find an early MONO version of "Meet The Beatles" wowee! 

Update>10:40 pm All is on the website. Check out Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Vehicles & Misc. page. Enjoy!

April 14, 2014 - Tonight we were able to go to an auction about 1.5 hr. away. Just got home, but wanted to give you a sneak peak. All will be listed sometime tomorrow evening. The Flintstone Playset looks Mint and Complete. Looks like it was never played with! The cars are awesome bump and go.. still have to test them, The Moon Rocket works but the box is very rough.. I am repairing it to at least have as an extra display for the toy. 2 Suzy Homemaker sets, Early Croquet Set, and of course the cool Big Max Robot Conveyor belt! will update tomorrow when all is on the site! Toys1 & Toys2 pages 

April 12, 2016 - My upcoming book on Marvin Glass Toys & Games is now on!  It is coming out in the Fall, but can be pre-ordered - click on my sample book cover below to go to link on Amazon. Exciting!

April 10, 2016 - Left the house at 5am drove about 2 hr. to a flea market.. picked up some items.. then headed to another market on way home. It was chilly this morning.. but at least it wasn't snowing like last weekend! Got home by Noon.  Here is a peek below of what we picked up. Everything is on the site. Check Toys1,Toys2, Toys3, Cartoons, TV/Movies, Games & Vehicles. 

April 9, 2016 - 10am >All our finds from yesterday are listed on the website. Enjoy! 

April 8, 2016 - Last weekend we met a picker in Western NY.. who buys out houses.. he had a bunch of toys in his shed so we went today to go see them. Picked up some really nice things. Working on site now.. will update top of this page when all is on the website. Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, TV/Movies & Cartoons, Building pages. 

PS> The Haunted House game is JUST THE BOX. 

April 2, 2016 - Update 9pm - All is listed on website! Enjoy. 

Left the house at 6am. Headed out to western NY. Went to some dealers we know and flea market. Here is  a sneak peak of our finds! All should be on the site by tonight. I will update on top of this page when pages are done.  Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, Cartoons, Vehicles, TV/Movies, Space & Misc. pages

March 28, 2016. A few more additions. Games & Toys pg. 

1973 Magic Window by Wham-O

March 26, 2016 UPDATE NOON Everything is on the site! - Saturday morning Guess I am used to getting up early after the past 2 days of craziness... so I started updating the website early this morning. Everything from yesterday's estate sale will be on the website at NOON today! Check Toys1, Games, Toys3, Misc., Cartoons, 1964 Worlds Fair & TV/Movies pages. Remember if a link doesn't work.. email me  - it is in stock if on the page and not marked SOLD.. it means I messed up with the html in shopping cart, which does happen now an then.. getting old, you know! -joyce

March 25, 2016 - So, yesterday we got up early, left he house at 6:30 am. We drove 2 hrs. down to New Jersey to register for an onsite Estate Sale there. We had to park in a central location - then at 9am, they list the address online. We were only 5 minutes away! so we scooted over there... and we were number 26 & 27. Not bad.. but very surprising! Since it supposedly was a "secret location".. someone must have leaked the info.. We were literally there at 9:04. But besides that.. we were happy to be on the list and in the 2nd group to get in the house (15 at a time). So, we got in the car and drove the 2 hrs back home.. Just to get up early this morning and do it all over again! It was so exciting.. first time I have done an estate sale where you registered like this.  I was nervous and worried that items would be crappy or too high priced. .. or the group ahead of me would buy all the good stuff.. I didn't need to worry....

The house was a two story 1950s.. packed with items. Large room of toys.. they only let 7 people in at a time by the toys.. since there wasn't much room to move around. (Other household items too... but I stuck with the toys, naturally).  It was fantastic.. they had some great stuff.. and I got everything I set my sights on.  There were some Large Overpriced toys.. which I stayed away from. I got alot of great items that I have never seen before.. and some old favorites I haven't had in many years. Condition  is great.. I just had a fantastic time! We were home by Noon! So I have sorted everything, checked & cleaned.. Took 3 hrs.. Still have to photograph individual items and list .. so I hope to have everything on the site  by tomorrow sometime in  afternoon.. I will update top of  this page when all is on the site.. Also if items sell - after a big buying trip - I keep it on the site for a few days marked  as SOLD - so you're not wondering if it is on the site yet or sold or what.. ENJOY! Click Photos to enlarge.

March 19, 2016 - Did our toy shopping last night! There was a local auction that had some great estate toys!  Everything is on the Website for sale! Check Toys1, Space, Games, Misc, TV/Movies & Cartoons pages. Enjoy!


March 14, 2016 - Made it safely home from Maine it's a 7 hr drive to our home here in Catkill Mtns. NY. Not too much traffic, weather ok. No crazy drivers. YEA! 

Last night while at our daughters, a woman emailed me that she had some older toys to sell.. she sent me some photos and even though I don't go out of my way to buy pre 1950s items, I could not resist these items!  And - best of all - she lives in Maine.. and I could pick the items on the way home.. which I did this morning! win-win! (I love when things just fall into place).  Nice OLD minty games which includes a 1905 Gypsy Fortune Telling Game by Milton Bradley and also a Beautiful 1955 Fisher Price Donald Duck! The 3 games are on the Games page & Donald is on Cartoons page. Also below is photo of our car (treasure trunk), when we arrived home.. what a great haul

Nice Antique & Vintage Items we bought today!

UPDATE 9pm Everything we found yesterday & today is on the website. Check Toys1, 2, 3, Games, TV/Movies, Cartoons, Misc & Hobbies pages. ENJOY!

March 12, 2016>Still updating, we went out today and found MORE treasures. see 2nd photo below. MY favorite from yesterday is the rare TINY TIM The Game of Beautiful Things 1970 by Marvin Glass. I included it in my Marvin Glass book (coming out this September), but this is only the 2nd one I have had in 20 yrs. . so no photo available when I did the book - I had to pay the Rochester Toy Museum to take a photo for me of the one they had! So that is exciting.. and Today: I found a RARE 1950s Slinky Satellite Beanie - by James Industries. so awesome! Never have seen one. Can't find any on internet.. just an ad which I will show also below. Wow! What a fun business! 

We are up in Maine visiting our daughter & her family.  We left Catskill Mtns. NY early yesterday and got here around 5. We made some stops along the way and found some neat items! We are going out today.. who knows what we will find? here is a sneak peak of yesterday's finds, will be posting on the website tonight. Toys1, Toys2, Games, Cartoons, Hobbies & Misc pages. 


UPDATE> Everything below is listed on Toys1 pg. March 6, 2016 - Picked up a few old toys this week.. and went to an auction yesterday nearby for some cool space toys. Here is a sneak peak below. PS> the boxed novelties are early Marvin Glass! Wow! I will get all listed this afternoon. Check Toys1 pg.


February 28, 2016 - Not much luck today.. picked up a few games. Both are by Marvin Glass.. Billionaire & Situation 4. 

February 26, 2016 - Long week here with the crazy weather here in the Catskills NY.. We had torrential rain.over the last few days.. and it knocked out our Verizon land line. We have repair coming Monday! So, no land line at all until then. And to top it off, there is no cell service here in the Town of Shandaken.. not enough population I guess for the cell service companies.  Last time this happened the repair man said that one of the boxes for wires on their pole had a squirrels nest in it and the rain saturated it an did something to the wires.. JEEZ. It's nice living in the country but sometimes a real pain!  Don't get me started on how hard it is to get a repair ticket online.. I tried calling but was on hold for 25 minutes and then got disconnected! .But will have it fixed soon - I hope. Meanwhile.. we are going out Sunday looking for toys.. heading up towards Vermont. Will post photos of our finds.. (keeping fingers crossed!)

Packed up a big order this afternoon, all ready to ship tomorrow morning. I love to ship fast and pack well.  I have plenty of bubble wrap and I am not afraid to use it! I have access to free clean boxes and bubble wrap.. It keeps my prices down and allows free shipping for orders over $125!  

February 22, 2016 - Noon. >> All our finds from yesterday are on the website. ENJOY!

February 21, 2016  Sunday - We left early - 6am.. went to a huge flea market and visited a few dealers we know.. we called ahead, and we were happy with the toys they brought for us! Great stuff. I will get everything listed by tomorrow mid morning. Check Toys1, Games, Space, Cartoon, TV/Movies, Vehicles & Misc. pages.  Here is a sneak preview:


February 13, 2016 - Bitter Cold here.. not much going on this weekend. I did add another page to the site, stating that WE BUY TOYS! Just letting folks know we do travel to buy from private estates.. have been doing it for 20 years! If you live in the Northeastern part of US  and have items to sell Email US, Click below for more info:

February 7, 2016 - Drove 520 miles yesterday.. we headed over to Rhode Island to an estate auction. We picked up a few interesting items.. check on the Misc. Toys1 & Toys2 pgs. While you're waiting .. here is a neat video for you, 

I had this song in my head all morning! lol. Here's a rare color version of the original "Mickey Mouse Club" opening. Although the show aired on ABC stations from 1955 to 1959 in black and white, Disney filmed the credits in color.

January 31, 2016 - Stopped at a local pickers place today.. picked up some estate finds. Some great old books and a bunch of HO Train items. Check Miscellaneous page & Vehicles page.  

January 30, 2016 - Added some cool items on the site. Some nice Marvin Glass finds and Hands Up Harry.. as well as the very cool Kreiss Psycho Ceramics! Check Toys1 & Misc page for the following!

1959 Fake Vomit - H. Fishlove & Co. 1964 Hands Up Harry by Transogram Kreiss Psycho Ceremic  

January 25, 2016 -  All Fixed Now! Small glitch in my shopping cart.. seems like on 1/17 the USPS changed the name Standard Mail to "Retail Ground" well, until my cart techs (Cart32), fix this by adding the correct name to the pull down menu in my cart configuration.... it will not calculate the standard price shipping on orders.. IF you tried to order and you live far enough from NY State..for the price to be very only showing Priority Mail, email me and I will adjust the price for you. thanks! Joyce

January 24, 2016 > No snow here in the Catkills.. but snow all south of us.. so any flea markets or auctions we were planning to go to were cancelled. I did pick up a cool item today. One of the nicest Microscope Biology Kits I have ever seen. here is the info below: 

January 21, 2016 >> I finally have the OK from my editor at Schiffer Books to show the cover of my upcoming book on Marvin Glass Toys! It will be released this year.. and I will post a link here to pre-order, when available. 

Amazing Toys of Marvin Glass by Joyce Grant

UPDATE>> January 18th. 1pm - all items from yesterday are on the website.  items can be found on Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games,Vehicles & 1980s pages. Enjoy!

January 17, 2016 - A nice day in our little toy world today! Got up at 6am, drove 3 hrs.. to an estate auction. Only had to stay about 3 hrs.. got everything I wanted and MORE! Got home by 4:30. Nice to be home for once before dark. 

Boy did I get a shock while looking over the toys before the auction started.. I found a RARE Marvin Glass Toy - that won't be in my book.. (too late to add it).. but I will save it, for my updated book, (Schiffer usually offers to authors to do updated books after a year or two), Anyway it is the Penny Shooting Gallery Bank, I vaguely remember it. It is from 1968. All my research.. never saw it. but there it is, Marvin Glass's logo on the box. ACK! 

But we did really great. Everything will be on the site by tomorrow afternoon. Check Toys1, Toys2, Toys3, Games, Vehicles & 1980s  pages. Here is a sneak peak. Everything is first come, first serve on the site. 


January 9, 2016. Quiet weekend.. nothing happening auction or estate sale wise. Hanging around home this weekend. Nice time to catch up on chores, straighten out my toy storage area, and make room for new inventory. January is usually pretty quiet. I made this picture up to put on index page of site:

Update 3pm - Everything is listed on Website! Enjoy January 3, 2016 >> Made it back home last night at about 10. Drove almost 4 hrs. each way to an auction down in Pennsylvania. Roads were good traffic was fine.. and thank goodness for xm radio! Listened to 60s and 70s tunes all the way! Of course, the toys were brought up toward end of auction.. so we had to sit there for 3 hrs.. watching & waiting - but its still fun and entertaining. My hubby brings a book to read and I watch movies on my kindle in between the toys.. he usually nudges me when they come up. So will be taking photos of items and listing all day today.. will get everything up on site by this afternoon.. I will update here when all is on. Here is a sneak peak:

January 1, 2016 - Hope you are all enjoying your holiday. Not much going on here today. We are gearing up for a road trip tomorrow to an estate sale a few hours away. I did get a set of Missile Jarts yesterday from a local picker.. they are on the Games page. I am looking forward to this new year.. not only does it mark our 20th year selling from our website, but my new book AMAZING TOYS OF MARVIN GLASS  will be released in September through Schiffer Books! Soon, I will be able to post a cover photo.. and link to pre-order,  can't wait.  Anyway, we wish you all a wonderful happy, healthy new year- and thanks to you all  for your support over the years!  It keeps us going! -joyce

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