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When were the popular 1960s Vintage Toys made?

Photos of many of these items can be found on the Gallery Page!


1960 - Mr. Machine, Aurora Slot Cars, Etch A Sketch, Give A Show Projector, Game of Life, Flying Fox, Jimmy Jet, Astro Base, Firebird '99, Fascination Maze Game, Project Yankee Doodle Rocket Launch Center, Fighter Jet, Fast Draw Target, Playmobile Dashboard, Magic Rocks, Kookie Kombo by Marx.

1961- Rockem Sockem Robots, Monkey Division Toys, Crashmobile, Great Garloo, Toon A Vision, Lie Detector, Little Red Spinning Wheel, Remco Frogman, Johnny Reb Cannon, Robot Commando, Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat, Buttons the Pup, Blaze The Galloping Horse, Bop Baseball, Ball Turret Gunner, Bengali Tiger, Remco Mortar Set,  Tiger Joe Tank, Casper Talking Ghost Doll, Toon-A-Vision, Stratego, 

1962 - Lego Building Sets, King Zor, Barracuda Sub, Big Loo Robot, Fascination, Haunted House Game, Showboat, Odd Ogg, Fred Flintstone on Dino, Tic Toy Clock, Mystery Space Ship, Dick Tracy Copmobile, Remco Monkey Division Toys, Remco Bazooka, 

1963 - Monster Craze, Aurora Plastic Models, Rat Fink & Weird-Ohs, Booby Trap, Mousetrap, Dandy The Lion, Bowl A Matic, Gaylord the Dog, Battlewagon, Phantom Raider, Clancy the Great Chimpanzee, Sky Diver Jet Plane, Bop the Beetle, Vacuform, Air Blaster, Ford Thunderbird Convertible, Mighty Mo Cannon,  Jungle Hunt by Hubley, Frosty Sno Cone Machine, Golferino

1964 - GI Joe, Agent Zero-M, Johnny West, Johnny Seven O.M.A. Gun, Easy Bake Oven, Thingmaker Sets, Hamilton Invaders, Beatles Craze, Crazy Clock, Thimble City - magnetic play set, Smarty Bird, Monster Magnet by Wham-O, Monster Lab by Ideal,  Magnetic Service Station & Car Wash, Big Job Dump Truck, Hands Up Harry, Show N Tell, Mystic Skull Game, V-R-ROOM Bike Motor, Johnny Seven Micro Helmet, Cragstan's Wacky Windup toys.

1965 - Spy Craze, Man From U.N.C.L.E., 007 Attaché Case, Time Bomb, Superball, Tip-It, Fish Bait Game, Hands Down, Green Ghost, Operation, Secret Sam Attache, Six Finger Gun, Battleship, Spys A Poppin, Show N' Tell Record Player, Pretzel Jetzel, Getaway Chase Game, Tigeroo Bike Siren, Sticky Finger

1966 - Batman Craze, Silly Sand, Silly Safari, Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap, Mystery Date, Kaboom, Tiger Island, Snakes Alive, Twister, TV Jones, Captain Action, Agent Zero M, Johnny Speed, Liddle Kiddles,  American Character Bonanza.

1967 - Major Matt Mason, Monkees Craze, Slap Trap, Feeley Meeley, Kerplunk, Slapstick, Mrs. Beasley, Strange Change Machine, Stutz Bearcat, Captain Action, Johnny Astro, Ka-Bala Game, Elly & Andy Treehouse

1968 - Zeroid Robots, Billy Blastoff, Johnny Astro, Game of Risk, The Big Sneeze, Camp Grenada, Toot Sweet Candy Machine, Suzy Homemaker, Battling Tops, Voice Control Kennedy Airport, Spirograph,

1969 - Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels, Kooky Carnival, Limbo Legs, Marblehead, Wizzzer Tops, Frustration Ball, Astrolite, Pan Am Dual Control Cockpit, 

If you don't see your favorite toy here, and you know the year it came out  and I will add it to the list. Check out the Gallery Page for photos!

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