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Vintage Toys We Love! 1950s 1960s 1970s

Big Loo -Great Garloo - Clackers, Klick Klacks, Klackers - Zippy Chimp, Mr. Bim - Johnny Reb Cannon - Inchworm & Ride On Toys - Magnetic Garage or  Dollhouse - Frogman US Navy Commando - SSP Racers - Mattel Pull String Yackers - Elly & Andy, Mr & Mrs. Mouse Treehouse - Clancy Skating Chimp - Hugo Man of Thousand Faces - Vertibird - Johnny Seven OMA - Gaylord Dog - 007 Attache Case & Spy Toys - Odd Ogg, King Zor - Tony The Pony, Stutz Bearcat - Crashmobile - Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap - Robot Commando - Jet Cockpits - Monster Stuff - Car Dashboards, Driving Toys  - Johnny Astro - Show N Tell - Cooking, Food Toys - Troll Village - Kenner Projectors - Rock'em Sock'em Robots - Jarts, Lawn Darts - Magic Window - Lemon Twist, Jingle Jump, Footsie - Mr Kelly's Car Wash - Fred Flintstone on Dino - Ships & Subs - Thingmaker, Vac-U-Form, Strange Change - Silly Skiers - Bowl-A-Matic - Air Blaster - Slot Car Sets - Tigeroo - Tiger Joe Tank - Hanna Barbera Plush - Emenee Instruments - Hands Up HarryBop A Bear - Bing Bang Boing Game - Mighty Mo Cannon - Blaze Ride On Horse - Billy Blastoff - 1965 James Bond 007 Aston Martin Car by Gilbert - GeTAWAY CHASE SLOt CAR GAME - Chatty Cathy - Mr. Machine - GeT SmarT Pen Radio

 Each Item Below has a link at end to show where to look on site for that item. If not in stock, check back now and then on That page. I am always looking for more! 

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Big Loo Moon Robot by Marx. 1963 Hard Plastic 37" tall. 

1963 Big Loo by Marx Vintage ToyHe takes 2 "D" batteries to make his eyes light up. All other actions are done manually. He shoots a Rocket from his base. He also shoots balls from his arm. You can pull the ring in his shoulder to open and close his hand. Lift in back to have him bend over and pick up things too. He has a grenade he can drop. There is a crosshair site in his head, you can aim & fire the two large darts from his chest, there is a whistle you can blow while it is in the back of his head, or take it out to blow. He has a bell in his back.  There is a Morse code chart and clicker in his back - to send messages to other Moon Men. There is a crank on his back to make him talk & say phrases. The balls & rockets are stored in his base and there is a Compass down there too. There was a small squeeze plastic bottle in his chest so that you could squirt water out of his chest. His head turns in a full circle. He has wheels on his base so you can roll him around. 

Click to see Original TV Commercial!

When Big Loo is in stock - He can be found on the Toys1 page - 1960s section

1961 Great Garloo  by Marx Toy RobotGreat Garloo by Marx. 1961  Hard Plastic 24" tall. Battery Operated. 

Goes Forward or backward, turns left & right. Arms open & close, he can bend over to pick up items & carry. Originally came with "Garloo" medallion, wrist chains, cardboard tray, shoulder pads, palms pads & leopard print loin cloth. 

I remember one of the original commercials showed Garloo carrying a glass of water to the kid.  I thought that was just the greatest thing! Boy, did I want him. My mom wouldn't buy him though, because she thought he was too ugly! 

Click to see Original TV Commercial!

When Garloo is in stock - He can be found on the Toys1 page - 1960s section


Clackers, Klackers, Clackers, Klik Klaks, Toy Clacker Balls VintageKlackers, Click Clacks, Klappers, Klik Klaks, etc. Known by many names. But basically all the same.  Two acrylic balls, usually about 1.5" in diameter connected with a string. Made in late 60s to mid 1970s. The idea was to hold the string, ring or paddle,  and get the balls klacking each other - to eventually get the balls to travel in an upward arc to hit  each other at a 12:00 position. Pretty hard to do!  Taken off the market due to accidents with kids hitting each other with the hard balls.. or the acrylic chipping and flying off into kids eyes. A newer version came out that was basically hard plastic balls that won't chip and they were about 1/2 the size of the originals. I only have original 1970s Clackers for sale on my site. 

* I have had requests for Glass Klackers. They were NEVER made out of glass. Acrylic looks kinda like glass and breaks apart like glass after heavy use. That's why they discontinued them! 

When Clackers are in stock, they can be found on the The Clackers For Sale page.

Zippy The Chimp - 1950s Vintage Stuffed ToyZippy the Monkey or Chimp. 16" tall. Originally had red & white hat. Shirt with "ZIP" printed on front. Red Corduroy pants with suspenders. Black plush body with rubber face, hands and shoes. "Rushton Co" printed on bottom of shoe. No Banana.  His arm squeeked too. Zippy was re-introduced to the market in the 1960s & 70s again, by the Rushton Co.  He looks the same as the original 1950s version - except the 50s Zippy had Howdy Doody on his hat. 

Zip the Monkey stuffed animal was derived from the famous real tv chimp of the 1950s.  He made many appearances including the Howdy Doody Show. 

Zippy's girlfriend was Tippy - she looks just like him except her fur is white and she wore a dress. Tippy the Monkey by Rushton

Vintage Toy - Mr. Bim Monkey with BananaAnother popular 1950s - 1960s monkey was Mr. Bim. He came in 2 sizes. He holds a banana. 

When Zippy or his friends are in stock, they would be on Toys1 page 1950s section. 


1961 Johnny Reb Cannon by Remco - Vintage Toy Johnny Reb Cannon by Remco. 1961. Big 31" Civil War type plastic cannon. Fires plastic cannonballs 35 feet when lanyard is pulled. Originally included 6 cannon balls, Rebel flag & ramrod. Was introduced during the year of the Civil War Centennial. 

Click to see Original TV Commercial!

When in stock, the Johnny Reb Cannon would be on the Toys 3 Page

1970s Inchworm Ride On by Hasbro - ToyInchworm or Inch Worm Ride On Toy by Hasbro. 1970s. Approx 3 feet long. Child basically bounces up and down on it to make inchworm "inch" forward. Makes a clicking noise when wheels turn. Wheels will not go backwards - it was a safety feature. Inchworm by Hasbro One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass

Click to see Original TV Commercial!

When in stock, Inchworm can be found on Vehicles page - Ride On section.

Other Cool Ride On Toys: 1960s & 1970s

1960s Heinz Pickle Ride On  1960s Chiquita Banana Ride On Toy  1970 Silly Sammy by Marx  1970s Fisher Price Pony  

Magnetic Play Sets

Magnetic Doll House 1960s Vintage ToyMagnetic Doll House by Child Guidance. 1964. Large masonite board with paper litho - measures 26" x 20". House had plastic walls you assembled. There was a clear plastic roof. 4 Plastic corner legs. Originally came with  people with magnets under them. There was also a non-magnetic sitting woman and a plastic car with a magnet on front axle. Two plastic wands were included with magnets on them which would allow you to move the people and car about the house. Set included stickers you would put on the walls to depict 1960s decor. Over 45 pieces of plastic furniture in various colors came with the house. There were two different versions that I know of - One with the clear plastic roof and the other without. 

  Magnetic Doll House Instructions  Magnetic Doll House Assembled  6 People Provided with Doll House

There was also another set called the Mary Mag Powrs Magic Dollhouse Doll House, which was basically the same but also included a dog and cat with the family.  Most people think it is spelled Mary Mag Powers. 

Other  Magnetic Playsets: 1964 Thimble City by Remco "Cars & People Move Like Magic"

Thimble City by Remco  

1964 Magnetic Service Station Car Wash by Child Guidance

1964 Magnetic Service Station

When in stock they can be found on Toys1  or Toys2 Girls pg.  or Vehicles pg.

1961 Frogman - US Navy Commando - Remco ToyFrogman - U.S. Navy Commando - Remco 1961

Large 24" Battery Operated Motorized Waterproof Motor Frogman. Adjustable arms, legs & flippers. Includes: Adjustable Ballast, Snorkel, Air Hose, Face Mask, Depth Gauge Watch, Weight Belt, Knife, Flashlight, Spear Gun, Rifle, Helmet & Walkie Talkie. 

Box measures 28" x 13" x 8", display cardboard with all items affixed. 

When Frogman is in stock - He can be found on the Toys1 page - 1960s section.

SSP Super Stocker Mint in Box KennerSSP - Super Sonic Powered Racers & Smash Up Derby Set by Kenner. 

 Early 70s cars with "ripcord" pulls that make the wheels go super fast. The smash up derby set had ripcord racers that also smashed apart upon impact & then were able to be put back together each time.  One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass

1973 Smash Up Derby Stunt Set by Kenner      Click to see Original TV Commercial!

When in stock, SSP's can be found on the Vehicles pg. - 1970s section.

Larry the Lion - Chester O'Chimp -  Bernie St. Bernard - Crackers the Parrot - T-Bone 

Mattel Yackers Pull String Talkers. 1962 - 1965. Yertle the Turtle 1970

Larry the Lion by Mattel - Vintage 1960s Toy    Chester O'Chimp by Mattel    Bernie Bernard by Mattel    Crackers the Parrot by Mattel    1962 T-Bone by Mattel - Vintage Toy   1970 Yertle The Turtle

Plush animals say several cute phrases when strings are pulled. Crackers had his own perch! Their mouths would move when they talked. Mattel made many more dolls and stuffed animals that were pull string talkers, such as, T-Bone, Mrs. Beasley and Casper the Friendly Ghost. 

When in stock, Mattel Yackers & Pull String Talkers would be on the Toys1 pg - 1960s section.

Elly & Andy Tree HouseElly & Andy Baby Mouse Tree House & Mr. & Mrs. Mouse House by Remco. 1967

Tree house is tin and plastic 3 story round house. Elevator, swing, built in beds, cabinet, table, 2 chairs and 2 cheese slices. 2 twin mice. Mr. & Mrs. Mouse House was a two story house, with beds tables, chairs and the Mother & Father mice with night gowns. Sorry, I don't have a decent photo of the M&M Mouse House. 

When in stock, the mouse houses would be on the Toys 2 page.

Clancy The Great by Ideal 1963 - VintageClancy (Clancey) the Great Roller Skating Chimpanzee by Ideal - 1963

One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass.  22" tall. Battery Operated. 3 D cells in his shoe. Mechanism in hand allows him to skate forward when you press switch. Also, if you attach his special hat in the same hand and throw a coin in it - the electrical circuit  is completed and he will skate forward. He originally came with 2 metal coins - which were plain metal "slugs" about the size of a half dollar coin. He will also work with quarters or dimes. His head turns side to side when skating forward. One problem with Clancy, When you find one that "works" it doesn't necessarily mean he will walk/skate forward. He has a special part in his leg that makes him actually skate forward, but over time, this thin rubber part would disintegrate  and crumble - and he won't go forward (he will just skate in place). I have found that a small plastic ball 3/4" inserted by front of foot by gear mechanism will help him move forward. 

See Movie of Clancy in action!

When in stock, Clancy would be on the Toys1 page - 1960s section.

Hugo Man of A Thousand Faces by KennerHugo Man of A Thousand Faces - Kenner 1975

"Easily changed disguises create thousands of pretend friends, disguises fit on Hugo as well as youngsters" - Kenner ad. 12" upper body figure. Vinyl - he comes with a blue denim shirt and the following accessories:  2 Glue Sticks, 2 Sideburns, 2 Eyebrows, 2 Noses, 2 Chins, 4 Scars, 4 Warts, Eyeglasses, Eyes, Eye Patch, Fangs, Goatee, Head Bandage, Mask, Mustache (2 pcs), Sunglasses, Wig. One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass

When in stock, Hugo would be on the Toys1 page - 1970s section.

Vertibird by Mattel    Vertibird by Mattel

Vertibird Rescue Helicopter & Rescue Ship by Mattel. 1971 - early 1980s

Helicopter is attached to 21" rod which goes in central spinning hub, & takes 4 "D" cells. You would use the controller to fly  the copter around in a circle and have it swoop down to retrieve items or figures with the hook beneath the helicopter.  Mattel made several versions, mostly with a rescue theme. Verdi or Verde Verdy Bird - some search spellings.

When in stock, Vertibird would be on the Vehicles page - 1970s section.

Johnny Seven OMA - One Man Army Assault Gun

Johnny Seven 7 O.M.A. - One Man Army Gun - Topper Toys 1964

The best selling boys toy of 1964! Seven guns in one, which included: Grenade Launcher, Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher, Anti Bunker Missile Launcher, Armor Piercing Shell, Rifle fires 10 Bullets, Slide Bolt Action Machine Gun, Detachable Cap Pistol which fires shells. Detachable Stock & built in Bi-Pod. Over 3 feet long!

When in stock, Johnny 7 Seven O.M.A would be on the Toys3 page

Gaylord the Dog by Ideal 1963 - ToyGaylord The Walking Bloodhound - Ideal 1963

One of Ideal's cool "battery operated animal series" toys.  Another cool toy invention by Marvin Glass.  Gaylord will walk forward when his leash is pulled once, stop when pulled second time and go backwards when pulled again!  He also was designed to walk up shallow stairs.  He came with a leash and bone.  His nose has a magnet in it which would allow him to "pick up" the bone when his nose is by it. 

Click to see Original TV Commercial!

When in stock, Gaylord would be on the Toys1 pg. - 1960s section. 

James Bond 007 Attache Case 1965 - Toy GunJames Bond 007 Shooting Attaché Case - Multiple Toys 1965

The most popular 1960s 007 toy made and one of my favorites. I still have my original gun from the set I had as a kid. Black plastic briefcase measures 18" x 12". Contains shell-firing pistol with attachments: stock, scope, silencer - which all converts into a rifle. Secret message decoder, code book with booby trap, wallet, passport, currency and business cards. These is a hidden dagger that slides in the one side. Latches are combination type. Case can be booby trapped to explode (fire a cap) if opened incorrectly -  and it will shoot a shell when you press secret trigger. Sixfinger Spy Gun 1965 Topper Toys

PS> Originally the case came with a piece of black tape in the inside of each hinge of the case. I guess to protect the hinges or to keep them from rubbing against the insert? But I specifically remember my Dad telling me to leave the tape on the hinges since, "They must have been put there for a reason." Funny, I don't remember much I learned in school.. but I remember that! 

Agent Zero M Radio RifleThe 007 Attaché Case, Sixfinger, Six Finger,  Secret Sam Case & other cool spy toys such as Man from U.N.C.L.E &  Agent Zero M  would be on the Toys 3 pg.


Odd Ogg by Ideal 1962 - Vintage ToyOdd Ogg - Half Turtle Half Frog by Ideal 1962

I've had so many people tell me they were scared of this guy when they were kids! He can be pretty intimidating. He comes with 4 colorful balls. The object is to roll the ball in the center of him. If you hit it right in the center - he rolls toward you, if you miss - he backs up and starts "razzing" you - showing his big red tongue. One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass.

Odd Ogg would sometimes lose a leg or arm. And usually the balls are missing. The worst is when you lose his battery cover, since its a weird shape and he won't work without one. A handy person, though could fabricate one. 

Another cool Monster type toy from Ideal was KING ZOR. He would shoot small plastic balls from his back and you could shoot darts (with gun provided) at his tail to make him change direction.  also, One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass

King Zor by Ideal

When in stock, Odd Ogg or King Zor can be found on the Toys1 page, 1960s section.

Tony The Pony Battery Operated Ride On by Marx 1961

Light Color Version of Tony the PonyLarge 32" long and 23" tall Battery Operated Ride On Horse. I have seen two color variations. Light Tan & Light Brown. Tony The Pony is one of the best! Turn his head toTony The Pony Box change directions - Go forward AND Backwards by pressing his foot pedal. Wow. 6Volt Battery is needed and can be purchased at any Radio Shack. These are the large Tony The Pony by Marx - Vintage Ride On Toy lantern type batteries. A door under him swings open for the battery "shelf". With any of these old Batop Ride Ons, you can also use the rechargeable batteries available at toy stores, you just need to add little clips to the end of Tony's wires. Another great Ride On by Marx was the:

Stutz Bearcat Car - Marx 1961Stutz Bearcat by Marx

Replica of 1914 Stutz Bearcat. Very Large Measuring 42" long. Works on the same principle as Tony. Forward & Backward control with a steering wheel. Nice design & details. Crank in front, fake gas tank & tool box. Very cool. 

Merry-Go-Round by Marx 1960s

Large Carousel type ride on toy for two riders. No batteries or electricity needed. 

When in Stock, Tony The Pony, Stutz Bearcat & other ride-ons 

would be on the Vehicles page in "Ride On" section. 


Crashmobile 1960s by Tri-Play ToysCrashmobile by Tri-Play Toys - 1960s

These were cars that you wound up and let go - when it crashed against something, you could just put them together and start all over again.  They came in the smaller 3" junior version - or the larger 7" version as shown in my photo. 

When in Stock, Crashmobile can be found on the Vehicles page in 1960s section.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap 1966Fuzzy Wuzzy Bath Soap - Aerosol Corp. 1966

Ok, so maybe not your normal toy - but a great way to get a kid to take a bath! Not sure of the chemical makeup of this stuff, but we are still alive - so I guess there were no adverse effects. Get the soap wet, let it sit a few days, the air makes him grow a fungus like? fur. Then use it again and again until you get down to the middle where there is a surprise inside. I remember Rat Fink charms, not sure if there were different surprises inside. 

I remember this circus type box and there were 5 different animals available: Cat, Poodle, Bear, Lion and Monkey. The back of the box had a press out area to use as a stand. There was also a color photo box they came in. Another great bath soap was Crazy Foam - made in the 1960s, 70s and still today. 

When in stock, Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap & Crazy Foam can be found on the Misc. Page. 

Robot Commando - Ideal Toy Co. 1961

Robot Commando by Ideal"The Amazing Mike Controlled Robot." Large 20" tall Battery Operated Robot. You could use the remote control (remember: the 60s remotes were actually attached by a wire - No radio controls yet!), that was shaped like a microphone - either manually or with "voice activation." Robot Commando moves forward and fires missiles from his head and throws balls from his arms. His eyeballs rotate. Another one of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass.

When in stock, Robot Commando can be found on the Toys1 page - 1960s section. 


Jet Cockpits & Airplane Flight Simulators

1960 Jimmy Jet - TV Jet   Fighter Jet 1959   Flying Fox 1959  Pan Am Dual Control Cockpit   Johnny Spacemobile Topper Toys 1960s 

Jimmy Jet - TV Jet -  Deluxe Reading 1960 - 21" x 15" x 14". Moving flight simulator screen, silhouette of plane shows on screen and can be controlled by steering wheel. Sold only in grocery stores. 

Fighter Jet - Ideal 1959 - Neat cockpit with radar type screen that lights up when you are "on target". Images project out of the back of toy and you can aim and fire darts that are on top of console. 

Flying Fox - Remco 1959 - Dual control simulator. You can control throttle, steering, right & left turns, takeoff and landings. Plane has lights & moving propellers. Measures 18" x 18" x 11". 

Pan Am Dual Control Jet Cockpit - Remco 1969 - Allows Pilot & co-pilot to both "fly" and they can communicate through the two headsets. Toy also features neat engine sounds.

Johnny Spacemobile - Topper Toys 1960s - Nifty Space theme dashboard console.  Measures 14" x 11" x 8".  Lunar scenery moves when you steer, crank on top, faux microphone, bat-op foot pedal for accelerator sounds.

B-52 Ball Turret Machine Gun by Remco 1961  -  Takes "D" Batteries. 22" long. Incudes oxygen mask. Ammo Belt feeds automatically blasts light. 

When in stock, jet cockpits & simulators can be found on Vehicles page - 1960s section. 

Spooky Games & Monsters 

1960's Universal Monsters & Horror Items. Trading Cards, Games, etc.

Ka-Bala Game  Haunted House Game Ideal  Green Ghost Game Transogram  Mystic Skull Game  Which Witch?1964 Monster Lab by Ideal 1964 Space Orb Eye In The Sky

Ka-Bala Game - Transogram 1967. Fortune Telling Game - Glows in the Dark

Haunted House by Ideal 1962. Trap doors, secret passages on the way to the jewel in the attic.

Green Ghost - Transogram 1965. Glow in the dark game with creepy snakes, bones, bat wings.

Mystic Skull - Ideal  1964. Mystic Skull determines which voodoo dolls get the pins.

Which Witch? Milton Bradley 1970. Travel through the witch's house without turning into a mouse. 

Monster Lab by Ideal 1964. I have info here: Monster Lab

Motorized Monster Maker - Topper Toys. Like a Thingmaker to make your own Monsters. Info

Space Orb - Eye In The Sky Space Monster Kaleidoscope by Stevens Mfg. Shows Monsters from each Planet.

When in stock, Spooky games can be found on the Games pg. 1960s section.

Haunted House, Which Witch, Mystic Skull, Monster Lab ALL >cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass

1960s Monster Trolls Hong Kong Monster Old Maid Cards 1964 Aurora Gigantic Frankie Model 1964 1960s 3" Dracula Pin  The Munsters LP 1961 Monster Horror Trading Cards Creature From Black Lagoon Soaky Wolfman Soaky  

1960s Universal Monster Toys - Model Kits, & TV Monster Items can be found on TV/Movie Page 1960s section.

Car Dashboards - Driving Toys

Wow!1960s Emenee Skill DriveClose UpSkill Drive by Emenee. 1960s  Measures 33" long 17" wide and 9" tall.  You plug it in. Has a foot pedal accelerator.  There is a large lithographed plastic - heavy cellophane sheet that goes around the two rollers underneath.. It has a colorful - dual roadway design on it. Motor attached to roller. The car is a cool 60s Corvette attached to the rod with also electrical wire attached under it. Also, under the car is a roller in the middle that can move up and down.. Well, when you turn the wheel a little, it aims the car - right or left. When you turn the steering wheel more.. it moves the whole car along the rod - left or right to get on one of the roads.  On each road - in the middle.. the plastic is raised with a bumpy surface..so when you drive exactly in the middle - as you should, it presses up on that wheel in the middle of your car to allow the screen bulb to light up! The further you press on the pedal the faster the scrolling road moves. 

Remco Firbird 99 Dashboard ToyFirebird 99 - Remco 1958-1962 - Featured motorized wiper blade, beeping horn and directional signal lights. Approx. 13" wide. Came with a key and drivers license. Glove box door broke off the hinge easily. Powered by 2 "D" batteries. 


Deluxe Reading Playmobile DashboardPlaymobile Dashboard - Deluxe Reading 1961 - Much larger than the Firebird 99. Very detailed. Battery powered. Working motor, 2 wiper blades, sun visors, directional signals & horn. Gauges and key for ignition.  Large windshield has a tendency to warp from age. 


Crusader 101 by Deluxe ReadingCrusader 101 - Deluxe Reading 1960s - "Remote" Control Battery Operated 28" long Car with Driver inside. Car was a very impressive size. It can go forward or backward - turn left & right. Inside the trunk - spare tire & jack. 

1966 Johnny Speed Topper ToysJohnny Speed Jaguar - Topper Toys 1966 - "Remote" Control Battery Operated on 6volt lantern battery. 22" long - 9" wide. Very cool looking. Forward, backward, left or right control. Accessories could be purchased. 

U Drive ItU Drive It - Schaper Toys 1974 - Battery Operated Tabletop Driving Toy. You steer to maneuver car over rolling road with obstacles. Foot pedal accelerator/brake. 

When in stock, Car Dashboards & Remote Cars can be found on Vehicles page - 1960s section


Johnny Astro - Topper Toys 1967

1967 Johnny Astro - Vintage 1960s Toy"Launch & Fly your own space craft with no wires or connections." Neat Air powered device that maneuvers your spaceship around the room. Hard to get the hang of at first - takes some practice. Battery operated Control Center with a fan attached on the end that you can move  with control stick. You can also control the power or thrust of the fan. 

Originally came with the Control Center, Launching Station, 3 Space Vehicle Balloons, 2 Under carriages, Astronaut and Capsule and Space Vehicle Template. You could also buy a molded plastic lunar landing base accessory. Johnny Explorer by Topper Toys

Topper Toys also made the portable version that you could carry around - Johnny Astro Explorer. 

When in stock, Johnny Astro  can be found on the Space page.

1960s Show N Tell - Vintage ToyShow N Tell Record Player/Slide Show - General Electric 1964-1970s

GE Show and Tell. Very cool record player with a tv screen to view slide movies. Record Player plays 45 or 33 rpm records. Also played slides from Picturesound Program sets which were records and slides telling various children's stories. While the record was playing, the slide would move up to the next scene. Many different Picturesound sets were made: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales,  History, Science, Religion, Disney, later Sesame Street, etc. 

The record player came in different colors and  versions. Later, Child Guidance also manufactured a record player much like the show n tell. Photo to right showing rare  1964 Show N Tell display stand. 

When in stock, Show N Tell  - Show and Tell - would be on the Toys1 pg - 1960s section.

Cooking & Food Related Toys

Suzy Homemaker - Topper ToysSuzy Homemaker - Topper Toys 1966-1970's - Susie, Suzie.  Topper Toys made many different cooking toys under the name Suzy Homemaker. Toys that worked just like Mom's! Most items plugged into the household outlet to operated lights such as the oven,  dish washer, grill, or the corn popper which really worked. With the sinks and dishwasher - you could actually pump water through them! Smaller items such as mixers, and hair dryers used batteries to operate them. Also, the kitchen appliances such as the ovens and washers came in 3 sizes. 

Kenner Easy Bake Oven 1964Easy Bake Oven - Kenner 1964 - Now. - The most popular of them all - ever - and still! Kenner's Easy Bake oven. Original issue was turquoise blue and later included other colors. Set came in large box which included cake mix packages, trays, mixing bowls, utensils and cookbook. It really cooked! Very safe too. The secret was the 100 watt light bulb that got the job done. I can still remember baking our first cake and icing it. Yes it was small but yummy! 

1968 Toot Sweet Candy Whistle MakerToot Sweet Tastitoy Tootsweet Candy Whistle Maker - Tastitoy - Mattel - 1968 - Inspired by the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." This is a very desirable and highly sought toy. Make real candy whistles with Tootsie Rolls.  Set includes 8 molds, a mold making machine, instructions and of course Tootsie Rolls. Of course, you can still buy Tootsie Rolls today to use! 

Chocolate Factory by EmeneeChocolate Factory - Emenee 1966. Nice large set includes many molds including holiday molds. Make candy with melted chocolate bars using the molds and machine provided. 


Lollypop Factory by Emenee 1965 - Another nice set by Emenee.  Measures 22" long. Cook your syrup mixture on a mini electric burner. 

1965 Lollypop Factory by Emenee   

Pretzel Jetzel by Transogram 1965Pretzel Jetzel Pretzel Factory - Transogram 1965 - Large factory looking toy with conveyor belt. You make the pretzel mix and shape it into the molds on the conveyor belt, turn crank slowly to allow pretzels to cook in the "oven" with light bulb. Set came with mix, paper holders, utensils, mustard container shaped like a man and instructions. 

Kandy Kitchen 1966 TransogramKandy Kitchen. Candy Kitchen - Transogram 1966 - Marshmallow & Gumdrop Maker. 

Mr. Mixit

Mr. Mixit Drink Mixer - Ideal Toys 1960s. Press down on mans hat to mix contents of cup. Ovaltine, Chocolate Milk drinks, etc. Put your straw through his mouth to drink. 9" tall. Mr. Mix It. 

IceBird  IceBird - Kenner 1970s. Make your own flavored ice balls. 

Other popular food related toys: Incredible Edibles Sooper Gooper - Kooky Kakes by Mattel, Lollypop  Factory by Emenee

When in stock, Cooking - Food Related Toys would be on the Toys2 page.

Troll Village - Miniature Play Set by Marx 1965

1965 Marx Troll VillageMarx was famous for it's fabulous, detailed play sets! They made many dating back into the 1950s up to the 1970s. Cowboys, Space, Army, you name it - they made it. Terrific sets with tin litho buildings and miniature figures, weapons and vehicles. It would take pages to describe all the wonderful sets they made, so I will just feature MY favorite.

1965 Marx Troll Village Play SetThe 1965 Marx Troll Village. This set originally came with over 75 pieces. Relatively small box measured approx. 8" x 10". Colorful graphics on the box. Pieces inside were: 1 Paper Play mat, 12 - 1" Trolls, 10 animals, 12 trees-bushes and hedges which included coconuts you attached on the palm trees, fishing pole, 2 gray small barrels, 3 kegs, 2 tree stumps, 2 brown fences, 4 blue walls, "wild horses canyon" sign, gray table, wagon, 16 rock formations, house, hut and 2 part cave. 

The set was hand painted by artists and made in British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. 

When in stock - Marx Play sets can be found in Toys1 pg - 1960s section. or 1950s section.

Give A Show & Other Kenner Projectors 1959-1970s

Kenner Give A Show ProjectorKenner made some great toys but one of their most popular was the Give A Show Projector. It was battery operated and used short strips of cartoon cels with narration written on them, set in cardboard so that they could slide in & out of the front of projector. The light was behind the slides and you could focus the lens in front. Slides were of popular cartoon & tv characters of the time. 

Other projectors Kenner made that were also big hits were:

Super Give A Show 1962 - Larger version of the Give A Show with accessories - also was electrically operated. 

 Super show Projector  Box - This was a projector that you used to project images from books and such on the wall, View slides & do a puppet show. 

Easy Show Movie Projector 1967 - Used a movie film in round canister that you could pop in and crank by hand to see moving pictures.

Real Sound Projector - 1968 - Had an optical soundtrack right on the film (like professional film).

Motorized Easy Show Projector 1970 - Same as above but battery operated. 

Change A Channel TV  1966 - Same type movie film used but in a TV type projector

Play N Show Projector 1970 - Phonograph with records and slides combined

Cassette Movie Projector 1970 - Fully enclosed cassette movie - like the easy show but easier to use

See A Show 1965 - Handheld Stereo Viewer with small slides

When in stock - Kenner Projectors can be found on Toys1 pg - 1960s section. or 1970s section.

Rock'em Sock'em Robots by Marx 1964 & 1970s

1966 Rockem Sockem Robots - Original Vintage ToyOne of the all time favorites from the 1960s & 70s. Marx first introduced this set in 1966. It came in a large display box with a boxing ring scene insert and score cards. Ring measures approx. 15" square. "Red Rocker" & "Blue Bomber" were the two robots names. Later in the 1970s Marx re-introduced the robots. They were the same ring and robots but in a smaller box. You had to put this set together yourself. One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass

Recently this toy has been re-introduced to the toy market.. but the ring and robots are much smaller. 

When in stock - Rockem Sockem can be found on Toys1 pg - 1960s section. or 1970s section. 

Jarts - Lawn Darts Jarts - Lawn Darts Jarts - Lawn Darts..Jarts - Lawn Darts - Yard Darts

Magic Window by Wham-O 1973

Magic Window by Wham-O 1973 The Magic Window was about 10" diameter plastic frame 3/4" thick. Inside consisted of a type of sand, “MILLIONS OF MICRODIUM CRYSTALS.” The cool thing about this toy was that the two colors of “crystals” would not mix, but stayed separated somehow to create “magic action,” “lacy flower patterns,” and “foaming, swirling effects!”
You could create moving changing pictures with fascinating "Volcanic Action".

When In Stock, Wham-O Whammo Magic Window can be found on the Toys1 page - 1970s section.

Lemon Twist by Chemtoy 1970s

Lemon Twist by Chemtoy 1970sPlastic lemon is connected to a plastic tube and ring that you put around your ankle. "Swing It - Swirl It - Spin It - Twirl It - Hop - Skip" Get A Lemon Twist! Ankle Toys. 

When in Stock Lemon Twist would be on Toys1 page - 1970s section.

A similar 1960s Toy was Jingle Jump which also connected to your ankle but had a jingle bell inside. There was also a similar toy called Footsie

When in Stock Jingle Jump would be on Toys1 pg - 1960s section.


Mr. Kelly's Car Wash - Remco 1964

Large battery operated motorized car wash. Originally came with 2 cars, cloths, cans of wax, signs. Chain would pull cars through the wash. The water tank above had a switch hanging below it - the passing car would move it & release the water. Sponges on the rollers would usually disintegrate over time. 

When in Stock, Mr. Kelly's Car Wash would be on Toys1 pg - 1960s section.


Fred Flintstone On Dino - Marx 1962

1962 Fred Flintstone on Dino Large Tin Litho & Plush Dinosaur measures 22" long and 11" tall. Battery Operated Mechanical Toy takes 3 "D" batteries. Dino goes forward & when he bumps into something he backs up and turns around and keeps going.  Dino's neck moves as well as his  tail, head and mouth! Fred rocks back and forth while holding reigns as Dino moves, so it looks like Fred is actually controlling him! Toy makes a cool whistling noise too. 

When in Stock, Fred on Dino would be on Toys1 pg - 1960s section.

Ships & Submarines

Phantom Raider - 1963 - Ideal  Looks like a normal cargo ship but flip the switch, it extends from 28.5" to 38" into a battleship. Depth charges & missile firing. Battery Operated.

Mighty Matilda - 1963 - Remco Large 33" Aircraft Carrier Battleship. 2 working elevators, moving radar antenna, Battle Alarm, Plane launcher, Crew.  Motorized forward movement. Battery Operated. 

Battlewagon B-400 Battleship - 1963 - Deluxe Reading 34" long. Missiles, Rockets, Plane Launcher, Depth Chargers, Crew. Battery Operated - Motorized.

Barracuda Submarine - 1962 - Remco Large 36" Long. Missile firing, Rocket Launchers, Crew, Motorized forward movement with alarm. Battery Operated. Clear plastic cover usually warped from age.

Big Caesar Ship - 1963 - Remco Over 30" long, Catapults, Rocks, Crew. Motorized. Battery Operated.

Fighting Lady Battleship - 1960 - Remco 33" long. Motorized Battery Operated. Jet Launchers, Rocket Firing, Depth Charges, Shell firing guns, crew. 

Power Sub by Kenner 1960s-70s 12" long - Powered by Baking soda pellets. 

When in stock, Ships & Subs can be found on Vehicles page - 1960s section

Thingmaker & Vac-U-Form by Mattel 1963 - 1964

Creepy Crawlers was the first Thing Maker set made by Mattel in 1964. Set consisted of die cast metal molds. You filled these molds with different colors of a liquid substance called "Plastigoop." Then, heat the mold on a open electric hot plate - which was included in most sets. When the mold cooled you would have a neat rubbery figure. I can still remember what the cooking plastigoop smelled like - very distinctive! 

Other sets included: Creeple Peeple, Fighting Men, Fright Factory, Jillions of Jewels, Incredible Edibles, Fun Flowers, Mini-Dragons, Picadoos. 

1963 Vac-u-FormIn 1963 Mattel developed the Vac-U-Form set which molded items by heating thin sheets of plastic and then using a vacuum pump to form and cover over the molded forms. Different items could be made, vehicles, animals, figures, etc. Vacuform. 

1967 Strange Change by MattelAnother cool Heat Machine toy by Mattel was the 1967 Strange Change Machine.The Lost World. This included a molded plastic mountain to hold your Heat Machine/Compression Chamber Apparatus. The set came with Plastic cubes called Astropod Capsules. When you inserted them in the heat chamber, slowly a creature would emerge. After you finished playing with them, you would heat them again and then compress them back into a flat cube. 

1969 Motorized Monster MakerAnother cool type of Thingmaker set was made by Topper Toys - 1969 Motorized Monster Maker. Set came with a windup motorized figure and body parts. You would mold your own extra parts for your figure. Head, arms, legs and accessories. Topper Toys also made Rings N Things with the same type heat machine. 

When in Stock, Thing makers & Vac-u-forms, etc. can be found on the Hobbies Page.


Silly Skiers by Tomy Asahi Japan 1972

Silly Skiers 1972Very innovative toy for the time! When assembled, measures over 5 feet wide. Has battery operated, motorized mountain lift track to carry your 3 skiing animals (rabbit, bear & monkey), to the top of the mountain. Animals ski down the track (with the help of steel wheels under their skis). Track includes a 360 degree loop, curves and a switchable track to stop them by the ski hut or to ski continuously. 

See Silly Skiers in Action!

Silly Skiers - Click for Larger View!

When in Stock, Silly Skiers can be found on the Vehicles pg. or Toys1 pg

Bowl-A-Matic Bowling Game - Eldon 1962

1962 Bowl A Matic by Eldon ToysBowl-A-Matic Automatic Bowling Game by Eldon Toys. Game measures over 4 feet long. Has realistic arm & wrist action on bowling man you control. Innovative gear mechanism allows realistic actions: Automatic pin setter resets pins. Automatic ball return. You can also sweep alley of pins. Bell rings too. No batteries needed. 

When in Stock, Bowlamatic Bowl-A-Matic can be found on Games page 1960s section. 


Air Blaster Gun - Wham-O 1962-1970s

1963 Air Blaster by Wham-OAir Blaster Gun by Wham-O. Whamo. Large gun with wide opening in front. Pump by pulling lever on top of gun, up and back down. A big blast of air shoots 40 feet. The closer the target the better the action of course. It came at first in a regular box. In 1963 Wham-O included a target of a gorilla - built right into the box. The Gorilla Target was printed on a plastic sheet that was then partially shredded - to allow it to go back to its original shape after blasting it. Once you shoot an air blaster - you never forget the sound.  

In The late 60s-early 70s, Wham-O made the Air Blaster in a Blue/White version. 

Another very popular "Air Gun" was the Sonic Air Blaster by Mattel. Sold in their Agent Zero M line of toys in 1966. A Long Rifle like-blaster which was louder and more powerful. 

When in Stock, Air Blaster & other toy guns can be found on the Toys3 page.

1960s Aurora Slot Cars & Race Sets 

During the  1960s slot car craze, some of the coolest HO Slot Cars were introduced by Aurora. There were many different tracks and accessories to choose from. Thunderjet or T-Jet tracks and cars were (and still are) my favorite. In the late 60s to 70s Aurora introduced the AFX Slot cars and tracks. 

    Aurora T-Jet Lot  AFX Lot

1971 Aurora Snowmobile HO T-Jet Slot Car Set

1971 Aurora Snowmobile Slot Car Set 1971 Aurora Snowmobile Slot Car Set 1971 Aurora Snowmobile Slot Car Set 1971 Aurora Snowmobile Slot Car Set  


When in Stock Aurora HO Slot cars (and 1/32 or 1/24 Slots) will be found on the Vehicles pg. 

1965 Tigeroo Bike Siren by IdealTigeroo Tiger Bike Siren - Ideal 1965

 "Put A Tiger On Your Bike - Squeeze The Lever - Hear Him ROAR!"  Neat Bicycle Accessory. Came with a Plush Tiger Tail that you could hang on your back reflector. Very colorful hard plastic. No batteries needed. Another cool toy design by Marvin Glass

When in Stock - Tigeroo will be found on the Vehicles pg.

1961 Tiger Joe Tank by Deluxe ReadingTiger Joe Army Tank - Deluxe Reading 1961

Large motorized Tank measures over 2 feet long. Take 4 "D" batteries for forward & backward motion. Originally came with 6 shells you could load into barrel and shoot.  

When in Stock - Tiger Joe Tank can be found on the Vehicles pg.

Hanna-Barbera Plush Cartoon Characters 1959

Hanna-Barbera Plush CharactersI've had many stuffed animals over the years.. but the most memorable were my Hanna-Barbera friends. My favorite was Quick Draw McGraw.  There were many made from 1959 into the early 1960s.  They were manufactured by Knickerbocker Toys.  Plush bodies with hard rubber heads ranging in size from 7" to over 2 feet tall. I have seen three different markings on the tags: Quick Draw McGraw, Huckleberry Hound, or The Flintstones.. depending on which show their character was on.  

When In Stock - Cartoon Character Toys can be found on the Cartoons Page. 


Emenee Musical Instruments 1960s

Emenee AccordionEmenee made some really nice toys, but they were mostly known for their Musical Instruments.  They were very cool smaller versions of Adult instruments that us kids could actually play AND sound pretty good too.  

Each instrument was made with great detail and nice extras (music book holders, tassels, removable mouthpieces, etc). The cases they came in resembled the old 1950s alligator skin suitcases - but they were really cardboard of course.  Some instruments I have seen: Trumpet, Trombone, Glockenspiel, Accordion, Organ, Guitars, Saxophone and Tuba! 

Emenee Trumpet

For the really cool kids, Emenee made an actual Juke Box! Well it played one record at a time but it was very groovy with lights and speakers in it.  Jukebox Jamboree was large - over 3 feet tall and made in the late 60s. 

When In Stock - Emenee Instruments can be found on the Toys1 page. 

Hands Up Harry - Transogram 1964

1964 Hands Up Harry by TransogramCowboy Target Game -Sturdy fiber board with great paper litho -  over 2 feet tall. Harry came with a six shooter type dart gun and darts.  He had two small soft plastic guns in each hand. 

When you shot his plastic belt buckle his pants would fall down exposing polka dot shorts and dollar bills hidden. Then, when you shot his hat off (it would stay attached but fall backwards), his arms would go up.  Then, if you were a really good shot, you could shoot his guns out of his hands.  

When in Stock - Hands Up Harry can be found on the Toys3 page

Bop A Bear Motorized Target Game - Marx 1960s

Bop A Bear Target Game by MarxLarge 14" long, 10" tall, 7" wide Motorized Bear takes 4 "D" batteries. He has "bump & go" action. When you shoot him with the dart, he changes direction, growls and moves on. Also when he hits something, he changes direction. Most are missing the battery cover, which is large and covers the whole motor compartment. Set originally came with a double barrel shotgun type dart gun and the 6 rubber tipped darts.  Box is large display type with great graphics. 

Marx also made a Rabbit Target game called Rabbit Hunt. This was a windup rabbit. 

When in Stock - Bop A Bear can be found on the Toys3 page.

Bing Bang Boing Game - Ideal 1972

The "Bounce-A-Dilly Whatchamagame with The Bingaroony Sound."

1972 Bing Bang Boing Game by IdealBing Bang Boing GameOne the coolest and most requested games.  The first "Open Ended Action Game."  You set it up yourself.  Steel balls go down the ramp or "Bingleflinger," bounce on one or more of the "Hum Drums," go through the "Flickerticker," bounce on more "Hum Drums" through/around the "Banglevator" and eventually into the "Boinglebucket" to raise the IDEAL flag. The directions have several games you can actually play against someone and score.. so this is considered a game but I think of it as a toy too! Very fun! One of Ideal's best. 

Came in two sizes: Skill Set - Ramp, 3 Drums, Flickerticker & Cup. Super Action Set - larger - with all items listed above & shown in photos. 

To see original Bing Bang Boing Commercial >> Click to see Original TV Commercial!

When in Stock - Bing Bang Boing can be found on the Games pg. 1970s section

Mighty Mo Cannon - Deluxe Reading 1963

1963 Mighty Mo Cannon by Deluxe ReadingLarge Cannon Ball Firing Toy measures 27" long.  Needs NO Batteries! Features Breech Loading & Spring Action Remote Control Firing.  Comes with 3 Cannon Balls.  To Operate: Open Breech door, remove Cartridge - Place Cannonball on rod, Push Down with Plunger. Load the Cartridge into breech (there is a tab that matches the slot), Close door. Cannon is ready to fire by remote control or manually.  The spring action remote is held on by two screws - one in each side - if that is broken - cannon can still be fired by pressing the button. Cannon can also be elevated or lowered in different positions. 

When in Stock - Mighty Mo can be found on Toys3 page.


Blaze Ride On Horse - Mattel 1961

1961 Blaze Ride On HorseUnique Ride On Pinto Horse made by Mattel.  Large 41" tall, 35" long. Base is 1" tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses.  Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion! Blaze was also a Pull String Talker - like other toys Mattel made.  When you pulled the magic ring he would whinny like a horse and say phrases like "I want hay." 

When in Stock - Blaze can be found on the Vehicles pg. In the Ride On Section.


Billy Blastoff Space Scout 1971Billy Blastoff - Adventurer by Eldon 1969-1971

Billy is a 4" plastic boy figure. Made in Japan. Tomy product. His power pack on back takes 2 "AA" batteries. The power pack would allow him to operate his many vehicles & accessories. He also had a friend, Robbie Robot. Billy Blastoff came in a few versions: Space Scout, Fire Fighter, Scuba Scout, Construction Set, Snowmobile Set, Cargo Jet Set, with a nice selection of vehicles & accessories for each set. Inside of Space Scout Set - Fire Fighter Set

                       When In Stock - Billy Blastoff can be found on the Toys1 pg. 1960s or 1970s sections. 

007 Aston Martin DB5 Car by Gilber 1965James Bond 007 - Aston Martin DB5 Car by Gilbert 1965

The most famous 007 Car!  From Goldfinger (1964) & Thunderball (1965) Movies.  Takes 2 "D" batteries. Goes forward, stops, Rear Bullet Shield goes up and down, The Wheel Spinner spins, Front Bumper Guards push out, Red Front Machine Guns go out, light up  & make a LOUD Shooting sound. When you pull up and down on antennae, the license plate changes. The Ejector Man is spring loaded. Push him in, close the sun roof, Slide the switch on the outside of window & he ejects out of the roof . 

When In Stock - 007 Aston Martin can be found on the TV/Movies pg. 

        Getaway Chase Game by Sunray DX & AMF - 1968

A fast action slot car chase game with the Gangster Car & Police Car.  

In its original (red box) release, Getaway Chase was a simple battery-powered slot car chase game. One player took the getaway car and the other took the police car. Each player then used switching stations to control the cars as they chased each other around the board, trying to bump one another.  A later edition (yellow box) added a sheet of cards to the other punch out materials, essentially adding a card-driven game to the overall package.

First Version      

Chatty Cathy by Mattel 1959 - 1965

The doll was first released in stores and appeared in television commercials beginning in 1960. Chatty Cathy was on the market for six years and was the second most popular doll of the 1960s after Barbie (also made by Mattel)After the success of Chatty Cathy, Mattel introduced Chatty Baby in 1962 and Tiny Chatty Baby, Tiny Chatty Brother and Charmin' Chatty in 1963. The last doll to have the word chatty in its name in the 1960s was Singin' Chatty in 1965.
1st body produced 1959- released 1960. Cloth covered speaker, no markings on back. blond or brunette soft face. 11 phrases 
2nd body produced 1960. Blond or brunette. Cloth covered speaker. blue or brown decal eyes. Mattel patent pending mark on back. 11 phrases. 
3rd body Produced 1961. Blond or Brown bob hair or pigtail. Hex shaped speaker no cloth cover. Hard or soft face. 11 phrases.

When in Stock, Chatty Cathy & other Dolls can be located on the Toys2 page

Mr. Machine by Ideal - 1960

Mr. Machine was invented in 1960 by Marvin Glass, the famous toy designer. The story goes that Marvin's wife at the time, said that he worked so much he was like a machine. Soon after, he invented Mr. Machine. The license was sold to Ideal Toys.

The original 1960 version Has a big metal windup key in back and the metal screw nose. This version can be taken apart and put back together. He is 18" tall.. he walks forward and you can move a dial in back to change direction or have him walk in a circle. His arms swing and his mouth opens and he emits a mechanical sounding, "AH", like he is speaking. Mr. Machine was re-issued in the 70s, he has a plastic screw nose & that version cannot be taken apart. He came with a wrench to remove the nuts, which are easily removed without it. PHOTO2 - PHOTO3. When in stock, Mr. Machine would be on Toys1 pg. 

Get Smart Pen-Radio by Multiple Toymakers - 1966

Actual Working Radio Receives AM Stations, No Electricity Needed! No Batteries Needed! This is a Crystal Radio (Germanium Diode),  receiver disguised as a fountain pen. 

1966 Get Smart Pen Radio by Multiple Toymakers

Pie Face Game by Hasbro - 1968 

Pie Face Game 1968 by Hasbro

Designed by Marvin Glass - Originally came with a foam piece you put whipped cream on and a spinner to determine number of times you would turn the handle. The player never knew when they would get a "Pie in the Face." Due to the messiness factor of this game, Moms threw them out as soon as they could. 

1960s Spy Pen Crystal Radio - Purchased through Johnson-Smith Catalog

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