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Why I don't email when items are in stock:

I get MANY requests for toys. More than you can imagine!  

We have been selling from this website since 1996. Believe me when I tell you... if you are looking for a certain Vintage 50s 60s or 70s toy, there are about 200 people that have asked me for it ahead of you!  Visitors always ask me to email them when I get a certain toy in stock...and I say, "sorry - I don't email when items are in stock."

In the beginning of our TimeWarp Toys site, I DID actually keep a "Want List".. and Yes, when a visitor emailed me asking for a certain toy, I kept a list on my computer Notepad with item name and their email address... SO, when I finally got the item in, I would email the person and let them know.. Problem: eventually the list for that ONE item grew to Ten to Twenty+ people or more to email.. do I do a mass emailing? or email the first person on the list .. wait the customary 3 days, and then email the next.. Well of course someone will get mad that they missed out.. or a few people will email back at the same time, expecting to get it.. And by the time YOU asked for a toy.. you would be WAY down on the list anyway and never have a shot at it!  It just did NOT work out at all!

 Really, I have thought of all the angles to work this the fairest and simplest way.. SO, that is why we don't send an email to let you know when certain items are in stock.. The items are put on the inventory pages = first come, first serve. 

I have had people email or call saying they would pay TOP DOLLAR or double my usual asking price for a certain toy! WOW.. Or they want me to "find them" a certain toy.. Sorry, I don't work that way.. and I am NOT a personal shopper.  I am in the Toy business because I LOVE TOYS and the joy they bring to people reliving their childhood memories.  I don't want to seem lazy or mean.. by NOT emailing to let you know when items are in stock.. it just is the fairest and easiest way to deal with it.  Also, when I say to "check back" on the Toys1 page (for example). that means to just click to that page to check for the item.. New finds are put at the top of each category so that  you don't have to scroll the whole page. 

I started the TOP TOYS & Gallery pages to basically show the items we love AND the most requested toys on our site - so you get an idea of what we are selling here - and that we are always looking for more of the same great toys we have had over the years. I really enjoy the Gallery and Top Toys pages..(And Yes, they are the original photos of toys we have actually sold on our site!), but they have created a slight problem whereas visitors get so excited seeing their long-lost toy.. they think that the toy shown  there is the actual one for sale.. and they don't read the top of the page explaining where the actual INVENTORY pages are.. and they email or Call wanting to buy from those pages.. But that's ok.. I don't mind the emails at all..  I just don't want you to feel I am keeping you from your long lost toys for some random reason.. 

Also when I post preview photos of our finds.. do not ask me to hold an item for you! I have to check condition, etc - then will post full description on website.. where you can decide if you want it and then click the BUY button.  I have had people do this.. and had to stop everything (Large batches of toys takes days to go through and post on the site), and send a photo to see if they still want it despite any flaws I found.. 

I Want you to have a happy experience here at TimeWarp.  Also, I know what you are looking for! SO check back on those inventory pages on the Index page.. or check the NEWS page for updates of when we are out at Auctions, estate sales, etc.. Also now you can save our FACEBOOK page.. you will get immediate updates of our toy travels - with a photo of our latest discoveries! 

We are always looking! Thanks! joyce

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Joyce Grant
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